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tv   Sex Slaves Polk County  MSNBC  June 8, 2015 12:00am-1:01am PDT

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in the shadows of orlando, florida, the business of sex for sale is booming. but prosecutors are fighting back. >> the message is clear. we're going to lock you up. welcome to polk county. >> aside from the fact that it's a public health problem. aside from the fact that it's morally corrupt, the reality is
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these girls aren't choosing to do this on their own. tonight, msnbc goes undercover with the men and women of the polk county
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pimps, juvenile, and youth minister who came looking for sex from a 14-year-old girl. >> it is scary. if you are naive enough to think it is just here, you're wrong. we dig it out here. so it is what kind of community do you want. what kind of community do you want to live in?
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she's property to be bar teared with, to be sold.
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i didn't handcuff him and drag him through that hotel lobby and throw him into that room with a prostitute and say pay her and have sex. you did that on your own. you sought that girl out. well, buddy, you're going to get the full effect and force of the law. complete with a trip to the county jail, and your picture on our jail website, and a media release done about you.
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quite frankly, maybe for every john i embarrass, i scare off a hundred more from doing what they shouldn't do, at least in this county. heroes charge!
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on a warm evening in central florida, polk county sheriff's police have turned an ordinary roadside hotel into a trap for buyers and sellers of sex. >> yeah, they are our girls. >> these women have a date with a man in room 207, unaware that he is an undercover cop and their every word and deed are being recorded by police. >> i'm cool with everything. no aim. >> no aim? >> yeah. >> as soon as the ground rules
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for sex are set and the money changes hands, sheriff's deputies move in for the arrested. 20-year-old al action endegreea and 20-year-old renee came up from tampa. both have lengthy rap sheets with arrests for assault and battery, and unlawful possession of a firearm. tonight is their first arrest for prostitution. >> where did you put the money? >> in recovering the decoy money police notice the women are flush with additional cash, an indication this was probably not their first appointment of the evening. >> he is in the parking lot closest to the building. >> meanwhile n the parking lot, deputies spot a man sitting in the car that delivered the women. they suspect he may be their pump. >> hands up. >> the 34-year-old appears to be stunned by the arrest. >> whoa! >> police suspect he may be high.
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>> you rolling a blunt? >> no, no. >> you know k-2 is illegal in the state of florida, right. >> he admits to smoking spice, also known as k-2, a legal marijuana, but unlegal in polk county. like the women, he sports a criminal history, including car theft, drug trafficking and domestic violence. >> take down -- edison is bringing the parking lot guy up. >> police march him upstairs to join his female friends for processing. alexandria, also known as ms. lady, tells police she was unaware anything sexual was to occur. >> let me get it straight. you came up here to do what for $300. >> just for time. supposed to be hanging out. >> she says she was just tagging along with her friend renee to makes arrangements to hang out with men for phenomenon money. >> some people want to do that. some people want the company of a beautiful female.
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>> i never specifically agreed. i never said -- ask him, he'll tell you, i never said anything sexual out of my mouth. >> i did ask him. both of you agreed to come up here for sex, both of you offered $300. >> alexandria refuses to admit the real purpose of her visit. >> iio you dope want to talk to me but i still need to get your name and address. >> her partner admits she is five weeks pregnant and claims that her traveling companion wesley is the father. >> is that your baby? >> yes, yes. >> footman confirms renee's claim but says he has no idea what is happening or why they are all under arrest. >> easy going, open mind, 100% real and determined to please. >> i don't know. i don't know what they put on there. >> how many times have you ever given your girlfriend or these girls rides to hotels to meet guys.
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just random. i'm saying you know it's prostitution, but how many times have you done that. >> i don't know. >> why would they need you to be security for them. >> like the women, he gives up nothing. fess profiting from their labor he is not about to admit it tonight. instead, he tries to disconnect himself from the women and their actions. >> you saying did i know what that was doing? okay. no. all, they asked me do i want a ride? yes, i want a ride. >> wesley, do you know that makes no sense whatsoever. >> without the women, police have not enough evidence to arrest wesley tonight. >> when you drive somebody, whether you are paid or not and you are providing security for them, it's call aiding and awetting. that's illegal. that's where you are going to jail. >> even if i'm just the ride.
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>> not knowing where they was going. >> you knew where they were going. >> i was asleep in the car. i'm being with you all. >> no, you are not being real. >> footman and his female friends are bound for the county jail. >> look at these beautiful ladies. look at these beautiful ladies. but not before our producer has a chance to ask them a few questions. what are you doing here? you are pregnant. >> renee is clearly not ready for her close up but alexandria does have a few things she wants to make clear. >> you are so pretty, i'm sure you didn't get into this on your own. first and foremost she insists that she is a free agent. have you ever had a pump? >> no. >> never? >> no, never had a pimp.
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never going to have one. never going to have one. >> investigators believe that alexandria may be telling the truth about never having a pimp before. >> do you know what a popcorn pump is? >> nope. i don't know what none of that is. >> but they also suspect she is being recruited and groomed by footman and his girlfriend, renee. >> i have no idea. i'm not human pimping, woman pumping, trafficking, nothing. >> that's not you? >> i don't. that's not in my blood. my mom -- my mom didn't raise me that way. >> footman insist that he is not a pimp but he admits to a troubling history of domestic violence. >> oh, domestic violence. with your wife? >> yeah. we had problems. yeah. been with her four and half years. >> but you did hit her? >> yeah -- but that was like in the past. but not -- no time recently, no. >> have you ever hit a woman besides your wife? >> yeah. i've been accused of it. >> yeah? >> yeah. >> who accused you of hitting? >> i can't say. quite a few females. but it only hand like once or twice.
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>> yeah. >> yeah. >> none of the females in the other room, though, right is this? >> no. >> whatever her arrange men with wesley and renee, alexandria is not asking for help. headstrong and bound for the county jail she shows little sympathy for other girls and women caught up on the sex trade. >> do you have sympathy for them. >> i think they make decisions. >> you say they are all responsible. >> i'm not saying they are responsible but some of them are gullible and naive to put themselves in that situation. so that's what happened. >> i knew it. and we're on tv. >> ain't that but a bitch. >> tv? oh, my god! visit tripadvisor orlando tripadvisor not only has millions of real travelers reviews and opinions
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is anybody coming right now. >> sheriff's investigators in polk county, florida, are in the middle of a massive human trafficking sting. >> is that you in the pictures? >> this uncover is in contact with two women posting ads for what is known in the trade as a two-girl show.
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>> coming up now. >> shortly before 8:00 p.m. they arrive. >> two girls are coming up now. >> after some small talk, a business deal is struck. $350 in exchange for half an hour of three-way sex. >> you got charges now, on both of them. >> i knew it. i [ muted ] knew it. >> and we're on tv. >> ain't that but a bitch. oh, my god. >> 20-year-old hayley and 19-year-old julie each have prior arrests for marijuana possession, but none for soliciting. hayley sports a sizable tattoo, a type of branding emblazoned on her right thigh, a typical indication she might be working for a pump and ironically holds elevated status in his stable of women.
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>> we're going to go to jail is what you are saying. >> hayley seems to take the arrest harder than julie because perhaps she anticipates her pump will exact a toll upon her for tonight's lost business. >> how am i going to be able to get out. >> she scrambles into the bathroom to vomit. >> is she on any medication? >> interestingly, it's the younger who seem to possess the cool to calm hayley down. the women are walked across the hall and processed for charges. >> what was the deal for over there? >> he asked if he could touch us and we could touch each other. and we said yeah. >> for how much? >> $350. >> so basically sex for $350. >> yeah. yes. >> okay. >> hayley doesn't say much to detectives but she does respond to our producer's questions about her tattoo and her apparent pride in working for a pump. >> this is what i don't understand. you are working so hard for your money, why would you let
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somebody else have night because you feel like you are part of something. >> her companion on the other hand is more forth coming detectives especially when she learns she has landed in poke county. >> why did you come all the way up here to polk county? >> is this polk county? ain't that but a bitch? >> what's that mean? >> tell me what you know about polk county. >> why is that. >> you were always on tv for arresting. >> julie says she is not proud of what she is doing but right now, she says it's paying the bills. >> it's not a hobby. it make ends meet. i'm only 19. i wasn't planning on doing this forever. >> i know. and now is your time to stop. it's time to turn around and go a different direction. >> like hayley, she doesn't divulge much to the police.
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>> that's my baby right there. she got my name tatooed on her finger and everything. >> once in the holding room they relax and announce more details. >> this was our last one, our last [ muted ] one, bro. >> they say they were working without their pump's knowledge because they were trying to raise enough gas to ditch him. >> the $350 would have paid for gals and tolls and we would be at her mother's house not having to worry about any of it and we were going to leave him. >> they say they first met about a year prior when hayley's pump sold her her friend's pump. >> he was going to sell me to her pump. they had this whole ulterior motive and nobody told me on the way. >> really? >> and then i get there and he is like okay, bye. and i'm like wait, where are you going? >> he was selling you for money?
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>> yeah. >> how much money. >> he was going to get $5,000 every monday for me. >> the women became fast friends when they moved into the pump's mansion. it is an experience they seem to recall fondly almost like time in a sorority. >> how many were in the stable with you? >> at one time. >> there were 11. >> eight to 12 girls at a time. >> you weren't all living together, were you? >> no. but we all had our own rooms and everything. >> we had our own rooms. >> i had a tv. a temp your pedic. >> nice cars in the driveway. >> a clothe factory to make the stripper outfits. we owned stores. >> owned two stores. >> it might seem odd to some that these two women are so candid about their situation. but one thing becomes clear. their bond of sisterhood is genuine. on one occasion they were arrested for marijuana possession and their pump refused to post bond with
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hayley, and the other chose to stay in jail rather than bond out and leave her friend alone. >> both of you were in jail for 17 days. >> she stayed with me. i have seizures. she witnesses my seizures a lot. >> you have epilepsy. >> this seem like a silly question but this life-style doesn't seem like it would be good for somebody with epilepsy. >> i mean -- >> life-style is not good for anyone. >> it's not good for anyone. that's why i'm sitting here. if the government didn't give a [ muted ] about what i did with my body this would be a good-ass comer. >> at 19 and 21, they are both high earners and still too steeped in the trappings that often decorate life in the early stages of the game. >> what are your top five possessions.
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>> my red bottom heels. >> which are how much? >> they cost $2800. >> no way. >> you don't know what christian louis vuitton heels are? >> yes, i do. >> okay. those. >> it's like well you can make a lot of money, it's tax free and. it's real easy. and you can work your way through college. that's just the hook. >> what do you do to get somebody to buy you $2800 louis vuitton. >> you don't say no. >> you don't say no. >> that's probably the best thing. >> they groom them in this glitzy life-style. and this is how you get to be, you know, a movie star. and this is how you get to be in the lights. and this is how you get to start your career in music. and this is how you end up living in the two-story mansion with the big cars in the garage. it's all a facade.
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it's all a facade. >> here it comes. stand up. >> listen what's going to happen to us? >> it's not the end of the world. lots of good people make bad decisions. >> i have a bad feeling. heroes charge! ♪ ♪ (explosion) ♪
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here's the hour's top stories. there is a $100,000 reward being offered for information leading to the capture of two convicted killers who broke out of a maximum security prison in upstate new york. a mckinney texas police officer has been placed on administrative leaveafter a video showed him pushing a teenage girl to the ground outside a pool and then pointing his gun at other teens. officers were responding to a call about a disturbance friday when in incident took place. now back to msnbc under cover. if you come to polk county,
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florida, looking to buy or sell sex, chances are good that you will get a personal tour of the county jail. and if you are lucky, you may even get to meet the sheriff in person. >> welcome to polk county. >> one thing's for sure in this jurisdiction. you will never know when the woman you are buying or the man you are soliciting is actually an uncover cop. this undercover is in contact with a woman who calls herself nikki and advertises that she is ready to play. it's 8:45 when she arrives and makes her way up to the sting room. while nikki and the uncover make small talk, a would be john arrives at the hotel, creating an all-to-common traffic problem for investigators. >> there is a white male with a long sleeved plaid shirt and dark pants walking to the front desk. >> lt, you might have a couple on top of each other. >> this would be john is unusually cautious. before committing himself, he
12:34 am
stops outside the room and listens through the door. >> he is listening. >> do we have charges on him. >> we can only assume that what he hears through the door is enough to rattle him and scare him away. >> do we have charges on him? >> unfortunately investigatedors do not have charges on him yet so they must let him walk. meanwhile the uncover and nikki agree to swap money for sex. >> all right. >> go, go, go. >> and arresting officers move in for the collar. >> stand up. hands back. >> the woman selling herself as nikki is actually serena a 23-year-old from the suburbs of detroit. >> listen, like, what's going to happen, guys? >> she has prior arrests in michigan for prostitution and possession of narcotics. >> it's not the end of the world. lots of good people make bad decisions. >> oh, my god. i knew it. i had a feeling. he was too cute.
12:35 am
he's not going to pay for -- it's too cute. he can go get it. >> how much did you catch? a lot? >> serena is moved into the processing room where she reluctantly gives up the details of her deal with the uncover. >> the guy called me and wanted me to come hang out with him. >> okay. >> so i came. he didn't give me any money or nothing. >> what did he say he was going to give you? >> he said he was going to give me money. >> how much? >> like $220. >> okay, what was he wanting in exchange for that? >> he -- well, he didn't say. >> you didn't talk about having sex and aim sex with him. >> he brought up the aim sex with me when we were at the room. >> did you say that you were -- you would do that? >> i was like just go pay the tab driver i told him. >> getting the truth is difficult but slowly she begins to reveal more about her troubled history in the underground sex trade. >> how many times have you done this before? >> i mean, how many times have i got caught?
12:36 am
>> no, no. how many times have you done it? >> i don't know. >> how many times have you got caught? >> this is the third time. >> third time? >> yes. do you think the judge is going to give me time? >> i'm pretty sure. >> as reality begins to set in the thought of a return to jail prompts serena's first expression of remorse, not for soliciting but for disappointing her mother. >> what is she going to say? her heart is going to be broke again. >> why do you keep doing it? >> because it's such easy money. >> because it's easy money? >> at the same time, detectives combing through serena's purse discover something resembling a crack pipe. they swab it with a regent that tests for narcotics. >> that's not mine. i don't smoke crack. >> how do you know there is crack in there. >> i know it is a crack pipe.
12:37 am
>> the results only take minutes and it's not good for serena. >> a positive reaction for crack cocaine. >> i don't care. i'm going to let you know. i am a drug addict. i'm in recovery. [ muted ] relapsed. put myself up on back page and my mom is going to kill me. >> relapsed on cocaine? >> i did smoke crack before, yeah. >> and just like that, serena picks up one more charge, for narcotics. >> so i'm getting a possession of cocaine? >> why do you act so surprised and you do the things and then you get caught for it you talk to me like it's somebody else's fault but your own. >> it's not. it's my fault. >> just frustrated? >> yes. >> i can understand that. >> do you know how many times i've been down this road? do you have any clue? >> why do you keep going back down it? >> so long. >> why do you keep going down
12:38 am
that road. >> i can't tell you how many times i've been arrested. i can't begin to tell you. >> when does it stop. >> i can't begin to -- >> when does it stop? how does it stop? is that maybe a decision you need to take for yourself. >> oh, my god. i need to talk to my mom. >> her predicament is too common in the underground sex trade. many women work simply to finance a drug habit. and many use drugs to numb the psychological pain of selling themselves. it becomes a vicious and tragic cycle. serena is placed in the holding tank with the others arrested tonight. the michigan native tells our producer that her attempts to restart her life in florida have failed. >> so you came out here to start all over? >> yep. >> what happened? you ended up in the same thing. >> i know. my mom's going to kill me. i don't even know where the [ muted ] i'm at right now. i haven't even been here three weeks. >> why did you do it? >> it's easy money. >> like like the women before
12:39 am
her, she was first lured into the game with a promise of easy money. but after multiple run-ins with the law she is grinning to learn there is no such thing in the underground sex trade. >> okay, he is coming in the front doors. you should have him in the lobby. >> okay. take him. >> go. >> so what do you think is going to happen to him? i hope he goes to prison. you have someone that's going to travel to have sex with a child, they need to go to prison for a long time. look at that beautiful hotel on tripadvisor wait. why leave the site? don't you know the tripadvisor you've always trusted for reviews, book! now checks over 200 websites to find the best price?
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i got a guy here. >> in a typical human trafficking sting, undercover officers troll the internet to lure johns and women for hire into a dragnet. >> can you come now? >> but this uncover is taking a slightly different tack.
12:43 am
he is posing online as a pump with juveniles to sell or trade. >> are you running an ad? >> yeah. >> what's the substance of it? >> kind of that i have experienced girls, but i'm looking to bring in new girls. or if you are looking for girls, you know, that we can trade out, basically. my goal is to find girls who are being sex trafficked and essentially bait the people who are holding them. >> i'm going to try to focus on trading girls. >> it'san unusual strategy that first occurred to him during a previous operation when dealing with a john what was looking for sex with a minor. >> i explained to him that she was 14 years old of then i get approached with him saying something to the effect of, have you ever thought of selling her? >> the man on the other end of the phone in that operation was 30-year-old warren white an active duty naval officer looking to procure his very own sex slave. >> he wanted to spend i believe it was $1500 and he didn't have the money right then.
12:44 am
and i jokingly said well you can make a blank check out to cash and i'll deposit it later. thinking surely this conversation would end because he was joking. and he came up with the alternative of basically what about a payment plan? so in essence he was financing a human being for sex trafficking. we ended up agreeing on an installment plan, that he would come to the residence, and he would basically try her out, have sex with her, make sure it is what he wanted. and from there, he would take possession of her and give me a down payment and we would arrange for future payments. >> on june 12th, 2012, white showed up at an uncover location thinking he was going to purchase a minor for sexual servitude. instead, he was confronted by polk county sheriff's deputies and placed under arrest. >> what brought you here tonight mr. white? >> i came here because i
12:45 am
frequently answer ads on back page. >> the case was jude kated in court where a judge send white to prison for 15 years. still the would be predator went down without expressing any remorse for his scheme. >> while he was being held awaiting sentencing he kept a journal talking about -- basically confessing everything he did and how he didn't feel what he had done was all that wrong. >> these investigators routinely troll the internet setting traps for any and all who would prey upon children. >> yeah, yeah. >> it's about 5 '03 p.m. when sergeant daniel gets a call from an interested party. >> typically, what i do i've got experienced girls that are pretty young. and i've got a couple of them. i didn't know if you were looking to try to try to take possession or you are looking for a one night thing.
12:46 am
>> the caller doesn't express interest in taking possession of a girl but he is definitely curious about one young girl pictured in an online ad. >> you saw the girl. that's amy. she is my adopted niece. she is 14. i know what she does, but i try to give her some protection and everything. >> in speaking with him, i told him, hey, the girl in the ad, she is 14 years old. and the conversation went from there as to what services he wanted. he agreed. he asked for the address. we agreed on a price. >> here's the address of the hotel. i can give you the address if you want so you can figure out how much it would be for a cab. >> a price of $300 is set in exchange for an hour of sex with a juvenile. the would be john says he will think it over and call back. >> he may just be wanting to come get a blow job from her. but -- >> from a 14 yearly? >> yeah. >> it's not shocking. it kind of is the routine, if
12:47 am
you will, when we do one of these operations. it's just a matter of time before you have that person that you are talking to that wants to enter into that type of relationship. >> he is calling. >> it's just before 9:30 p.m. when sergeant daniel finally hears back from the would-be john. >> hey. >> and this time he means business. >> he is walking around the front of the building. asian male. >> outside, the surveillance team spots a man talking on his phone. >> facing looking up at the second floor. >> we are up in room 207. >> it's the john. and he is asking for the room number. >> we'll see you in a minute. >> he is coming in the front doors. you should have him in the lobby. >> police already have evidence for charges against the man because of his conversations with the undercover. >> we are going to let him in the room and just take him? >> yes. >> as soon as he enters room 207, the trap will spring shut. >> that's your guy. >> i opened the door for him. and he walked in. and because everything -- all of our conversations prior to him
12:48 am
arriving amounted to probable cause for his arrest, once he entered the room, the takedown team took him into custody without incident. >> okay. take him. go. >> have you got anything on you, any guns? >> the man in custody is 45-year-old samuel eun from the san francisco bay area. eun initially claims he works in computers. >> what brings you to florida? >> a business trip. >> what kind of business do you do? >> just talking to people, computer and stuff. >> i gotcha. >> as it happens, msnbc learns that he is no businessman. he is, in fact, a korean youth minister attending a baptist ministry conference in orlando where he gave a presentation about using social media to connect with young people. a quick check of his pockets yields this crumpled admission ticket. >> holy land. >> evidence that the youth minister spent his afternoon in a nearby religious theme park
12:49 am
before allegedly coming here to buy sex with a minor. police also recover $332 cash from eun's pocket, more than enough to cover the $300 price for sex that he negotiated over the phone with the undercover. >> is there any doubt in your mind when you made that date that he knew she was 14 and she was a minor? >> there was not doubt in my mind. i started that conversation off that way. i said that's amy. she is 14. she is my adopted niece. i have custody of her. and he said okay, okay. and i kind of reiterated throughout my conversation with him, she's in 8th grade i need to you wear a condom, i don't need her getting pregnant. >> as a youth minister, samuel eun spend his days teaching youth about heaven. today he is getting a taste of jail. bound for the polk county jail, eun he will be forced to answer for his crime. first he must answer to grace congress, our producer.
12:50 am
>> do you want to know what i do? >> oh, no. >> what were you -- >> police please, i don't want to be ruined. i don't want my life to be ruined like this. i made a mistake. and that was a one-time mistake.
12:51 am
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12:53 am
okay. take him. go. >> sheriff's police in polk county, florida, are can you going a human trafficking sting. >> any guns, any weapons -- >> no, nothing. >> the man in custody is samuel eun, a 45-year-old youth pastor from san leandro, california. he was arrested for making a deal with an uncover officer posing as a pump selling underaged girls. the deal was $300 in exchange for sex with a minor.
12:54 am
>> is there any doubt in your mind when he made that date that he knew she was 14 and she was a minor. >> there was no doubt in my mind just because i started the conversation off that way and reiterated throughout the conversation saying what grade she was in and the fact that i didn't need to get her pregnant because she was known 8th grade. >> after processing, eun is placed in the holding room to await transport to jail. there he finds him on the hot seat with our producer and some of the other women arrested of the other women arrested tonight >> can you ask you what you were doing trolling back pages and readings ads looking for underaged girls. >> please, i don't want to be ruined. i don't know my life to be ruined like this. i made a mistake. and that was a one-time mistake. >> wait a minute. so you don't want your life to be ruined, but you were coming here to have sex with an 8th grader. >> no, no, i already talked to -- i didn't hear what he was
12:55 am
talking about. and i didn't hear that that was the case. >> eun claims he didn't understand the deal he was making for $300. and he says he was only browsing sex ads on back page because he wanted a massage. >> today i come back to my own hotel. and i was looking for a massage. >> the other women in the room aren't buying it. >> okay. let's take this to a jury. you guys are professionals. dew do you believe this man. >> this isn't his first time. >> this is not his first time. >> is this your first time paying for [ muted ]. >> yeah, it's my first time. >> yeah, right. >> but that's -- but that's true. i -- i had one experience in a massage place. >> aha. >> a happy ending. >> i got a happy ending, but that's my experience. >> is this normal for you. >> eun admits to one prior sexual experience in a massage parlor and goes on toed a mismitt he was hoping for something similar tonight. >> initially i wanted was massage.
12:56 am
and then i got curious and i got curious and remember one time i got happy ending. i thought okay i could get a happy ending. >> and you wanted a minor at that, kids, man. >> i never do that kind of stuff. >> he admits he was going to buy sex for money but denies he knew it was with a minor. >> you assumed she was 18 or 19 years old, right. >>eck yeah. >> why is it okay for a 45-year-old guy to have sex with a 18 or 19-year-old girl. that's the age of a child that you could have. >> i just wanted to get a massage. i don't think that was a really big problem. >> have you ever had sex with a minor before. >> no, never, never. look in my eyes. i would never do that kind of thing. >> did you want to have sex with a minor. >> no, no. >> what do you think of men who go on line and deliberately buy a 14-year-old girl. i'll asking you. >> severe punishment.
12:57 am
>> severe? what punishment would you suggest. >> eun says he is married and has two young daughters. when asked what he would do if someone were to prey on his own daughters. eun suggests -- >> i would probably kill him. >> the girls who are giving you a happy ending, they are not doing it because they want to. they are doing it because they have to. >> grace then urges mr. eun to stop and think. >> do you have any sympathy for ladies like in who have ended up selling themselves or do you think they do it willingly because it is a career choice. >> i don't think that they are career choice. >> did you know that on back pages they sell women who have been tattooed and who are exploited and have to bring in a quota for men and who beat them and subject them to all kinds of violence? you can understand where the sheriff of this county takes --
12:58 am
>> i'm not -- >> the buying and selling of girls and women very seriously. >> that's good job. you should do that. >> do you think he is doing a god job. >> yeah, i think so. that's an important job to do. >> samuel eun's arrest is one of 22 tonight. the way ward minister is a significant catch. >> there are girls. to me, if we had not gotten anybody else but the guy that came wanting the 14-year-old, that was successful to me. >> what do you think is going to happen to him. >> i hope he goes to prison. he was coming for a child. and he was told several times that she was 14. if you have someone who has got to travel to have sex request a child they need to go to prison for a long time. >> the poster child is samuel eun. >> shortly after his arrest sam umm eun was front and center in the sheriff's press conference.
12:59 am
to alert authorities and the public out in california where eun where eun had been working as a youth minister prior to his arrest. >> so the question is -- and we don't have the answer -- is if he was willing to have sex with a child here, was he grooming and trying to have sex with children either in his church or in his community in california? >> you have the right to remain silent, simple anything you say can be used against you. >> on may 12, 2013, eun posted bail and returned to the san francisco bay area. pending trial and further investigation, he was relieved of his duties by the church and prohibited from contact with minors. eun and the congregation refused our requests for further comment.
1:00 am
in the suburbs of orlando, florida, and all across america, the business of sex for sale is ruining young lives. >> i've heard a lot of people say that prostitution is a victimless crime. but it's not a victimless crime. if it was your daughter there, you would not be saying it's a victimless crime. >> girls and young women trapped in a world of despair and degradation. >> this is not some concepting adult having sex with another consenting adult for exception. these property. she's property to be bar teared with, to be sold. >> tonight, msnbc returns to the


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