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tv   Andrea Mitchell Reports  MSNBC  June 8, 2015 9:00am-10:01am PDT

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done this in one day. pool party outrage. a texas police officer pulls his gun on a group of teens and pushes a 14-year-old girl to the ground. >> our initial reaction was to place the officer on administrative leave so we can conduct a complete and thorough investigation. and odd man out. putin isn't invited to the party but everyone is talking about him. good day. i'm andrea mitchell in washington. the manhunt continues for a third day for two convicted killers who escaped from a maximum security prison in upstate new york in a plot straight out of a hollywood movie. officials are searching from an
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canada to mexico and said they had to have inside help to power their way out. nbc's john yang has more now on the elaborate escape. >> reporter: from separate cells each used power tools to cut through a steel wall to reach a catwalk six stories high. they shimmied down to a tunnel below, broke through a brick wall, and cut an entrance and an exit from a two foot wide pipe before breaking a steel lock on a manhole a block away from the prison wall. work officials say took a matter of days to carry out. they left behind a racially offensive post-it note reading, have a nice day. >> more than 250 law enforcement officers are involved in this massive hunt man hunt. john yang joins me now from new york. john, it's just an incredible story. what's the latest on the
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investigation? >> reporter: it is incredible andrea. they are -- they say they developed about 150 leads as to the whereabouts of these two guys. tips they've gotten called in. but in spite of that they are no closer to figuring out where they are. that it don't know whether they're still together, whether they split up. this town is only 25 miles from the canadian border right on the vermont border. they don't know -- and also one of the escapees had previously escaped after a previous crime in the 1990s to mexico. so he spent time there. they've notified authorities in canada, in mexico in the southwest united states. but they say they are no closer to figuring out where they are. and they continue the investigation into how they did it. talking, as you heard governor cuomo say, looking first agencivilleagency ville agencivillian and contract employees.
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they are scouring the area. they don't know if they've hold up here, moved on. they have checkpoints around the little community. there's only one main road in and out and there are checkpoints along as they search for these two killers on the run. andrea? >> and john you talked to people in the community. knowing some of the small towns up there in the adirondacks, people must be terrified. i wanted to play a little bit of that. >> what was your reaction when you heard the news? >> oh, my god. is this a drill or is this for real? it's very scary. this is my backyard. >> i had my doors locked first time in 30 years. >> what really is so stunning about this is how did they get the power tools? i know contractors are being looked at. people must have heard them drilling through steel and knocking down bricks. and how did they have the map of these tunnels to know exactly where to go? >> i think that's why they're
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looking at -- they're talking to contractors. the prison immediately went and accounted for all their tools in the prison. but contractors can bring tools in and out. and i think that they're looking at that. the contractors obviously would have been also familiar with sort of the bowels of the building, as it were, these pipes and tunnels. this is a building that's more than 150 years old. has to have a lot of maintenance, a lot of upkeep a lot of sort of refurbishment and renewal that has contractors in and out. that is one big question, as the governor said. this work took more than just a day or more than just a couple of hours. it probably took a matter of several days to accomplish. and you're right. it would have made noise. it would have created sparks. it would have made -- created odor odors.
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someone must have heard it. i think all that investigation is going on right now. but they say that their main focus is getting these guys back behind bars but then try to figure out what happened andrea. >> thanks so much to john yang. state police say they have more than 300 tips. they're in contact with canadian officials as well. breaking news out of boston today. police just released the surveillance video showing the shooting of terror suspect usaama rahim who they say he was plotting to kill police before confronted in a parking lot a week ago. justice correspondent pete williams joins me now to help take us through the video of what we're seeing. pete? >> what you just saw is twice enlarged. the authorities in boston showed a segment of it and then our cameras zoomed in on it. but if you see the entire surveillance video you can see how tiny mr. rahim is in this frame. this is from the top of a fast food restaurant. that's a big water droplet on the lens. and the yellow circle is where
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usaama rahim is, the man charged with plotting to kill boston police officers who was shot as he moved. you see the yellow circle now. he's in the parking lot moving toward a bus stop on the street. and after he gets to that point, police officers and fbi agents who were waiting, who had heard just two hours ago according to authorities, that he plotted to kill police that he was going to do it either that day or the next, then walk up and confront him. that's the cvs sign. there's a drugstore parking lot he was walking through to get to the bus stop where he is now. somewhat concealed behind a tree. then and you're watching the police officer, the suffolk county investigator who is pointing to the screen. he's walking people in the room through this. this video was shown last week twice, not publicly. once to community leaders and then again to the family members
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of usaama rahim. you see entering the frame the police officers and the fbi agents. they're coming from a couple of directions. they walk up to him. what authorities say is that at this point they have no weapons drawn. that they went up to him and now what you will see unfold is according to authorities, that the officers walked up tried to talk to him, and that they backed up as he came at them. so you can see the authorities now backing away. you see right there that's rahim in the yellow circle. that yellow circle added by the authorities. it's impossible to tell at this point, because the video is just not clear enough, whether in fact he has anything in his hands. the authorities had claimed he had a large knife in his hards and that they say he wouldn't put it down. so they say that this is a still frame now. that as they back away he comes toward them. he keeps coming toward them and then you will see those two just to the left of the pole you see one officer with his hands up now holding a -- apparently
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holding a weapon trying to get him to put it down and that's where the shooting takes place and he falls to the ground. so the family says you can't tell what he had in his hand. the video was not shown publicly while investigators were still talking to witnesses who had seen this event because they didn't want their memory to be contaminated. but the authorities say clearly follows the narrative they had earlier, which is they didn't shoot until he refused to stop and came at them. >> and of course this is a case where they claim that they had 24/7 surveillance on him, that they moved in and broke cover because they overheard him talking about going after police officers, that they were easier targets than an earlier proposal that wasn't really operational to go after a high-profile person in new york. i want to also ask you about a major decision today that came down from the supreme court. 5-4 decision i believe, with justice kennedy riding in the
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majority, which upheld the president's right over congress' right to make certain foreign policy decisions. >> right. this is right in your wheelhouse. this is the sensitive issue of who has sovereignty over jerusalem. this is a family that had a son born in jerusalem and they wanted his passport to say jerusalem, israel. longstanding practice of both democratic and republican administrations is just to put jerusalem, not israel. congress passed a law in 2002 saying well, if the -- you see relatives here. if congress passed the law saying if the relatives want the passport to say israel it should. today the supreme court said no congress had no right to say that. that this sort of deciding who is sovereign and who isn't, that's a strictly a presidential power. >> interesting case indeed. it's been a tough issue, sensitive issue because jerusalem, of course, is, as you've been reporting, is one of the chief disputes between israel and the palestinians over who controls jerusalem and both republican and democratic white
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houses have refused to take sides in that. congress has stepped in at various stages. thank you very much pete williams, on both stories. >> thank you. a video that surfaced over the weekend from mckenney, texas. terribly disturbing showing a police officer throwing a teen girl to the ground pulling a gun on two boys in a neighborhood pool party. nbc news identified that officer as eric casebalt. he has been placed on paid administrative leave as the department there investigates the incident. nbc filed this report. >> the video shows a mckenney, texas, police officer throwing down a 14-year-old girl in a bikini. then pulling his service weapon on two boys. three officers initially responded to a disturbance call it a party at a community pool. cameras didn't capture what led up to this fistfight or anything else before police arrived but
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when they did -- >> [ bleep ]. >> one officer seen trying to reason with the crowd. >> don't take off running when the cops get here. what's up man. thank you. >> reporter: another takes a much more direct approach. >> get on the ground. i told you, stay! [ bleep ]. get on the ground ground! >> reporter: after warning a group of girls to get back the officer had enough. bakar icap chured a different angle. >> what are you holding her down for? >> i was surprised really surprised. i didn't even like -- i didn't comprehend it. >> our initial reaction was to place the officer on administrative leave so we could conduct a complete and thorough investigation of the incident. >> reporter: internal affairs now taking the case deciding the fate of an officer who is caught on camera antics may have crashed more than just a party.
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>> i'm joined by msnbc national correspondent joy reid. joy, take us through the video. i've heard reports. you've watched the video more closely perhaps, that the officer tripped, dropped a flashlight and that some of the kids were trying to hand him back his flashlight when this thing got out of control. but tell me if that's correct. >> i don't know about dropping the flashlight. but you do see that officer is running towards some of the kids, does trip and sort of do a roll. and then later on he is seen berating a group of the kids there seated on the ground. and basically saying that they shouldn't have made him have to run after them. other people that i've talked to in mckinney have accused that officer of using profanity with the kids. remember these are kids who ranged in age from 14 to 18 years old. >> and what do we know about the
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initial incident? there was a report of a party or the kids didn't have the right, i don't know the right entry to the pool? i don't know how this all started and got into a police case in the first place. is there a 911. >> what i do understand just from talking to people down there, including the next generation action network which is going to hold a protest in less than an hour. a news conference in which they're going to make sesht demands including the firing of that officer, they also want to see him charged. they are also asking for two adult women to be charged with a crime because according to their narrative a young woman who is 18 years old and her younger sister threw the party, end of the school year, sort of start of summer party for their friends, the woman who is their mother and the two girls live in the complex. they're actually residents of this complex which is called case north, which is sort of an upscale planned community. about 30 miles north of dallas. so the young women who threw the
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party say that there were some women, particularly two white adult women who objected to the number of african-american children, kids, who were at the party. it was an integrated party with kids of multiple races, but that two girls in particular were berated by adult women. now, the young women claim that at one point one of the women struck a 14-year-old after berating her and the young woman who threw the party intervened -- i'm sorry, berated a young girl who was 14 and the young woman who threw the party who was 18 years old was struck by one of the women when she tried to intervene. there was a second fight which you've seen little clips of. yes don't know how it started. but it was an altercation between another adult woman and a 19-year-old young woman. at some point 911 was called and when the police came you saw their response. >> obviously the police in mckinney are going to have to deal with this. we don't know what precipitated it but what we've seen on the video itself seems to be a real issue, a challenging issue for the police to explain why that
9:15 am
young -- why the teen was knocked down. >> andrea one of the other questions that i spoke with the attorney for the one young man who was actually arrested. only one person was arrested. his question is why only his client was taken into custody and what would have precipitated that when there were so many kids at the part of the incident. >> and i just want to ask you about what happened now with the walter scott case because there has been an indictment handed down from the grand jury against the officer there in that charleston south carolina, shooting. >> yes indeed. michael sclager has been erslate slager has been indicted. the fact that there was just the one charge later on the prosecutor can ask for lesser included offenses when this case goes to trial. as of now one solo count, walter scott was fired at eight times by this officer -- former officer, who at the time claimed he feared for his life because he claimed that walter scott had
9:16 am
attempted to grab his taser. the video from a bystander came out that contradicted his account. he was then fired from the police department there in north charleston and now is facing this single charge of murder. >> joy reid on all things, very much. and up next breaking news. dozens of tsa agents and the connection they may have to people on the terror list. and later, a look inside one of the most storied and secretive units in the u.s. military. you're watching "andrea mitchell reports" only on msnbc. vo: with beyond natural dry pet food, you can trust our labels. when we say real meat is the first ingredient, it is number one. when we say there's no corn, wheat or soy it's not there. learn more at
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we have breaking news on a new goa reports on how they vet airport employees and vendors finding the agency failed to identify more than 70 individuals with possible
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connections with terrorism. tom costello joins me now. this is not the tsa ats but the fact the tsa does not have their -- their agents don't have the access to the information to be able to adequately screen for aviation workers who may not -- who should not have the right -- these clearances. >> that's right. this is the gao report. what we're talking about is employees who work at the airport. in other words, not tsa employees but airport employee airline employee vendor employees, all of these individuals. the tsa's job is to make sure that none of those people is on a terror watch list. but the government investigative report, gao report found 73 individuals had some sort of a link to terrorism. what does that mean? it could mean that an uncle who is overseas has a link to terrorism. it doesn't mean that individual does. but the concern here is that the tsa does not always getting access to all of the intergovernment alda a and the
9:21 am
information about terror watch lists and as a result some individuals may slip through. overall, this report is pretty complimentary about how thorough the tsa is in vetting people in trying to stay up on the terror watch list, on constantly rechecking a inging million names whenever there's an update to the terror watch list. overall, pretty complementary but it does say i found some deficiencies and the tsa need to be looped in more efficiently and effectively with all this intelligence so that they are getting the full and the latest bits of information. and in addition it needs to also be able to access the full criminal background on individuals to ensure that it has a full understanding of whether somebody might have a criminal background, unrelated to terror. the tsa has says it agrees with the findings, it agrees with the remedies that are laid out in this gao report to try to include the ts andrew young more effectively in information sharing both on the criminal level and the terror watch list
9:22 am
level. >> another weak link in the screening process though. thank you very much. tom costello. next up here why there is so much talk about this scene from the g-7 economic conference today. who is the odd man out? and dennis hastert not seen since his indictment is about to be seen in court. more coming up. you're watching "andrea mitchell reports" only on msnbc. the kids went to nana's house... for the whole weekend! [ snoring ] [ male announcer ] zzzquil, the non habit forming sleep aid that helps you sleep easily and wake refreshed. because sleep is a beautiful thing. your pet... could you love him any more? probably not. but now you can give them even more when you save with sentry® fiproguard® plus. with sentry® fiproguard® plus, your pet is just as protected against fleas and ticks as with frontline® plus. because sentry® fiproguard® plus has the same active ingredients but costs less than vet prices. and saving money helps you buy... (laughs happily) more tennis balls. sentry® fiproguard® plus - available at these retailers.
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president obama has just left munich germany, after wrapping up a meeting with fellow g-7 world leaders on the threat of isis iraq and syria and russia and ukraine among other subjects. >> he's got to make a decision does he continue to wreck his country's economy and continue russia's isolation in pursuit of a wrong-headed desire to recreate the glories of the
9:26 am
soviet empire. >> nbc's senior white house correspondent chris jansing joins me now from the beautiful alps. chris, what a setting for this meeting and so interesting that this is the g7, not the g8. it took russia so long to get into the g7 and now kicked out for two yoers because of ukraine. did the president get what he needed regarding putin and ukraine in terms of a commitment to continue the sanctions even though putin has got a lot of hold cards here. >> you made the critical point here. you heard how dismissive the president was in that statement about vladimir putin and as you said the entire g7 literally dismissed vladimir putin and so this is the second time he's been persona agrata here. the bottom line is would they be able to put more pressure on him. the president made a point in his press conference before leaving here that, you know these sanctions have had a real impact on the economy but they
9:27 am
haven't changed the calculus we've still seen over the last couple of weeks, aggressive moves by russia into ukraine. he got a very positive statement. what he really came here looking for from these g7 leaders that they are not only willing to continue this sanctions and push for the continuation of sanctions against vladimir putin and russia but also that they are willing toes ask late them if he doesn't show some sign of essentially backing off. so that was the key priority for the president coming here. he wanted the show of unity and he got it andrea. >> and speaking of show of unity, he was asked about isis and what they can do in iraq embody the iraq prime minister was there. there was some extraordinary video of the leaders on a bench after the meeting and you see him coming up and he's kind of completely isolated from them. i think the earlier scene was when they were all sitting on the bench and he's just kind of
9:28 am
sitting there trying to get into the conversation. but, you know did he get anything of what he wanted? >> well, that video is so uncomfortable to watch right? he looks like the ultimate outsider trying to get in to this group of seven of the most powerful leaders in the world but the bottom line was that he came here kind of hat in hand looking for help. he says i need more help to fight isis. and in the end, the president announced that that news conference a shift in strategy that he has told the pentagon we need another plan to speed up the training and essentially the deployment of iraqi forces. now, he had already heard from david cameron of great britain that he was going to send another 125 brits over there to continue training. now the president putting preshaur sure on the pentagon to give more help as well. what form that will exactly take, he said as soon as he gets a plan from the pentagon he will share it with the american people. this is definitely a shift in
9:29 am
strategy and an acknowledgement, as you know andrea, that what's in place now isn't working. >> indeed it isn't. chris jansing, thanks so much very much. and for more on this michael is a contributor to msnbc and msnbc news former ambassador to russia and joins me now. vladimir putin sort of the silent presence there overshadowing this g7 even though he was disinvited. >> yeah by some accounts over half of the time was spent over the different bilateral meetings over how to deal with russia. president obama talked about satisfaction with unity in his press statement. that they're going to continue the sanctions but without any illusion that putin is going to change his behavior any time soon. >> mike what about what's happening on the ground in ukraine, because from my reading of recent weeks the fighting issesis es escalating and the train of
9:30 am
ukrainian troops is just beginning. so how does ukraine forestall further incursions from russian-backed separatists? >> there have been increased kinetic activity right, in the border places. it's clear that putin has decided that he doesn't need to settle and adhere to the mensk agreements now. he needs to put pressure on the key of government he needs puts pressure on the key economy and hopes that it will collapse. just by letting this war fester in eastern ukraine he hopes to achieve that objective. >> and as far as the president's objective of reconnecting with angela merkel most important woman in europe or indeed in the world economy, how is that relationship going? >> well, obviously it has a rocky time in the last two years. i think it's in pretty good shape right now. driven principally by interest.
9:31 am
you know there's lots of talk about personalities, who is whose friend but here at the core the united states and germany have a core set of interests, particularly with respect to russia. and i think the real message of this meeting was, stay the course. remember imagine two years ago, two years after the adoption of containment. if we had 24/7 newscasters including people like you and me saying is the policy working, is the policy working? it took four decades for that policy to work. i hope this one won't have to be as long but we need to stay the course and i think this meeting today was an affirmation that at least the g7 agrees with that strategy. >> ambassador michael mcfaul, thank you for being with us from stanford. happy 90th birthday to the silver fox and the bush family's final word on 206. and later, the best known as unit that took down bin laden but officially s.e.a.l. team 6
9:32 am
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new cooldry sport. neutrogena. so where in the world is dennis hastert? tomorrow he will make his first public appearance since the indictment alleging he lied to fbi agents attempts to evade federal banking requirements while paying $1 million in hush money to conceal prior misconduct. tuesday's federal court appearance is the next step. nbc's gabe gutierrez is live in yorkville, illinois. you've been talking to people about the mystery of dennis hastert and this hidden past the allegations of misconduct in the past. >> yes. that's exactly right, andrea. it's now been 11 days since the indictment and we have not heard from hastert, we have not seen him.
9:36 am
many people in this small town are still expressing shock and disbelief at the allegations. as you mentioned, that federal indictment says that hastert agreed to pay someone referred to only as individual "a" $3.5 million to con seem past misconduct and law enforcement officials tell nbc news that misconduct was sexual in nature with a male student. this is a mystery that many people here are -- the mystery is deepening and many people here are wondering exactly what happened decades ago at yorkville high school. but many of hastert's former students are coming forward to express disbelief at the allegations. we spoke with his former student vic gower. hastert was his wrestling coach and scout leader. >> shocked. i mean very very surprised because absolutely my four years of school there wrestling, absolutely no rumors whatsoever. and never did i see any
9:37 am
indication of something was going on nothing. >> would it be correct to say you were baffled by all of this? >> yes, yes. >> again, hastert has not commented, neither has the attorney listed in court records. right now it's still unclear even who will represent him at his first scheduled court appearance in federal court tomorrow in chicago. back to you. >> gabe gutierrez in yorkville, illinois. thanks gabe. and back here this weekend beau biden. beau biden was memorialized as an original nicknamed the sheriff because the other kids could always count on him. in an a. moving funeral mass saturday the biden family president obama, and more than 1,000 mourners all paying tribute to beau biden. saying good-bye to the former delaware attorney general, son, father of two, husband, brother
9:38 am
an iraq war veteran and a friend to so many. he died at the age of 46 a week ago after a battle with brain cancer. president obama delivering the eulogy said that's what our country was built on men like beau. >> he did in 46 years what most of us couldn't do in 146. he left nothing in the tank. he was a man who led a life where the means were as important as the ends. and the example he set made you want to be a better dad or a better son or a better brother or sister, better at your job, better soldier. he made you want to be a better person person. isn't that finally the measure of a man? the way he lives, how he treats
9:39 am
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ge software. get connected. get insights. get optimized. intell on the ground? >> no. >> no? okay. how do you know it's bin laden? because the truth is we've been on the op before, '07, and it wasn't bin laden and we lost a couple of guys. >> totally understand. by locating the courier we located ben lad den. >> it's really the intel. that's it. >> quite frankly, i didn't even want to use your guys with your dipnd velcro and gear. i wanted to drop the bomb but people didn't believe in this lead enough to drop a bomb so they're using you guys as canaries in a theory if bin lod den isn't lad den isn't there you can speak away. >> "zero dark 30" that s.e.a.l. team 6 played. now "the new york times" has investigated the real history of
9:43 am
the elite special forces group and reports that quote, it's one of the most -- nace's most secretive and least scrutinized military organizations. once a small group reserved for specialized but rare missions. the unit best known for killing osama bin laden has been transformed by more than a decade of combat into a global manhunting machine. joining me now is mark national security correspondent for the "new york times" part of the team on this exclusive report. mark it was very striking that embedded in this story is the comparison to the phoenix group during the vietnam years. this secretive, highly classified mission where they are used for things that cannot ever be revealed. >> right. so one of the aspects of this story is the role that the unit s.e.a.l. team 6 had in what was called the omega program formed early on in the afghan war and it was a joint partnership with the cia. similar to what happened to the phoenix program in vietnam where
9:44 am
they initially were going to do a lot of cross border missions into pakistan but then that really was dialed back quickly and it was really then focused more on afghanistan and the s.e.a.l. team 6 joining the cia and afghan paramilitary troops on the night raids. that is something that lasted for years. we go into several of those missions and it's one interesting aspect of how s.e.a.l. team 6, you know blurred into an intelligence mission as much as a military unit. >> and basically there's no oversight other than joint special operations team that oversees them. so basically they're investigating themselves. how do we know, you know who is watching out for -- against possible abuses? >> well, we looked into that issue. and, you know there were a number of instances where jsot did investigate and it was not outsourced to other elements. we didn't say in the story
9:45 am
there's no oversight but that there is compared to some oversight that happens elsewhere in the military it's limited. even the congressional overseers we found don't dig really deeply into the operations in part because they've got a lot of other things to do and in part because they may not think they have reason to. but, i mean, really the over arching thrust of the story is this is american warfare today and so much of it a greater percentage of it is carried out in secret than it ever has been in it before in american history. and this unit sort of embodies this new kind of american warfare and the fact that so little of it is really known in public. to the extent the public nose about s.e.a.l. team 6, they're the people who killed bin laden and rescued captain philips. we wanted to take a deeper look. >> they've been glorified in film and in books but they also have paid some terrible a terrible price according to your reporting. more members of the unit have
9:46 am
dpid died over the past 14 years in all previous history, repeated assault, parachute jumps, rugged climbs and blasts from explosives that left many battered physically and mentally. they have taken an awful beating through the service. >> that's right. it's not even close in terms of the amount that they are used pre 9/11 post. 9/11. one of the striking things we found was how little they were used in the 20 years they existed before 9/11. they were used in grenada, panama balkans and other discreet missions. if you compare that to is what has happened in the year 9/11 night after night after night of the night raids and hostage rescue missions it has not only led to a great expansion of the unit but it's taken its toll physically mentally the people we talk to in the command and former members said that really the nature of the organization has changed dramatically. >> fascinating reporting from the "new york times." thank you very much. >> thank you. and coming up it's a big
9:47 am
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two years after telling matt lauer america's had enough bushes in the white house barbara bush is celebrating her 90th birthday today. happy birthday to barbara bush. she's surrounded by her family at the compound in kennebunkport, maine telling grand daughter she will try to keep a low profile in 2016. good luck with that. >> during this next campaign season i will not talk. >> you won't talking about all? >> no i won't give any interviews. >> what about tweeting? >> no i don't tweet. >> no instagram? >> no instagram. i'm not going to be amusing about someone who does something stupid in the campaign. >> you're going to keep it quiet. >> yes. >> one of the things i've admired about you is that you've stuck up for the things that you thought are right. and voiced your opinion.
9:51 am
>> i'm going to stop voicing my opinion and sticking up for things that i think are right except my boy. i think he's brilliant. >> i assume you mean jeb. >> right. >> now, the only missing family member from the celebration, adopted son bill clinton. according to their shared joke who tweeted, joining all of america in wishing a very happy birthday to barbara bush. love bill and the other kids. joining me now for our daily fix, chris alexa, founder of the "washington post" fix blog and molly at the atlantic. molly, so this gave jeb a very good excuse not to go to iowa for joni ernst due this weekend. iowa which is not that hospitable to jeb bush compared to scott walker. >> you could hardly fault him unlike some of the others not in iowa this weekend. rand paul ted cruz that's more inexpolitics i believe since we expect both of them to be
9:52 am
competing for iowa. this interview with barbara bush she has this wonderful spontaneity. i think i'm not the only journalist who sheds a little tear when she says she's not going to do any more interviews this campaign season. as much as people decry the bush dynasty, she is someone who i think there is a lot of affection for. >> and chris, the affection for barbara bush is so real. she had you know memorableably said the country had enough bushes when she talked to matt lauer but very clear that she is now pulling for jeb. what about the jeb bush campaign and the state of play right now? >> well, look you know, i can't imagine and they won't see it but i can't imagine they thought they would be where they are today. of course because of the ridiculousness of campaign finance law there isn't a campaign for jeb bush right now. we'll get that soon. it's been happening for six months or so. look, i think iowa was always going to be a hard slog for him given the dominance of social
9:53 am
conservatives there. i think it continues to be. i think they thought they would be ahead in more things than just the money race. i think the strength of scott walker might surprise them. i think the. strength of marco rubio surprises them maybe the strength of ted cruz. he's by no means out of it but not even close to the front-runner that i think everyone thought he would be when he made clear he was running. >> molly, when we talk about the republican field right now, jeb bush still has big party connections, he's got, you know money. but there are others who seem to have been running laps around him. >> well, yes and no. i mean i think if you look at a lot of the polling he's still in or tied for first place. it's such a muddled field. it's true that he's not running away with it. in that way he is losing the expectations game because people expected him to come out of the gate so strongly. but, yes, someone like scott walker is obviously the man to beat in iowa these days and possibly in new hampshire as well and so i do think there's a
9:54 am
little bit of an ulcer in the pits of the stomach of some jeb bush supporters about his ability to close the deal. >> and, chris, who did well at joni ernst roast and ride what were the take-aways from iowa? >> first of all molly is right about walker in iowa. it's a neighboring state. midwestern governor good on fiscal stuff, hero to national conservatives because of the fight he had with unions in the recall effort. also you never knew that being able to ride a motorcycle might endear you too people. he had a 40-mile ride into where the event was going to be. you could if you wanted to as presidential candidate take part in that. walker was the only one who did. obviously harley-davidson is based in wisconsin. he owns his own motorcycle. again, is that a policy issue or ability to ride a motorcycle and look credible doing it? no. but there's an association. hey, this guy seems like us. he seems to fit iowa. i would say he's quite clearly the front-runner there.
9:55 am
he is acting like it. he's putting lots of resources into the small erngts. his booth is always the booth giving out the best stuff at all of these events. so i think they see iowa as the place they win first. >> and molly, before we go the hillary clinton campaign, they're going to have their big rollout on roosevelt island next saturday and then do four states, at least four states. but there's a lot of concern among democrats right now. not sure if -- what the strategy is. >> yeah, it's interesting that this is almost like hillary's famous reset button from when she was secretary of state. i've heard grumbling from people in clinton world this listening tour stage has gone on too long and it's weird to have this second announcement so they are hoping that she really makes a forceful argument for her candidacy that sort of ties together a lot of the strands that she's been sort of putting down here and there over the last few weeks. >> molly and chris, thanks. and we also want to say a
9:56 am
final hoorah and congratulations to the first triple crown winner in 37 years, it was such a glorious moment american pharoah winning on saturday. this morning his owner spoke to matt lauer on the "today" show. >> before anything i'm a fan. i love the sport. i love my horses. and he belongs to all of us right now. everybody had been waiting for such a long time. and this sport without any star is not a sport. >> and speaking of a star that does it for our edition of "andrea mitchell reports" but remember to follow the show online, on facebook and on twitter and the real star "msnbc live" is thomas reports. it needs to be earned... every day... using wellness to keep away illness... and believing that a single life can be made better by millions of others. healthier takes somebody who can power modern health care... by connecting every single part of it.
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10:00 am
bikini clad teen. it goes viral. on the loose. >> i would be shocked if a correction officer was involved but someone assisted them at least with equipment. >> two convicted killers still at large days after a brazen jail break. details on how they were able to get out and where the manhunt is focused now. and boston terror plot. we're getting our first look at the surveillance video of the shooting death of a boston terror suspect, usaama rahim. we'll get to that but it really is the disturbing video that has everybody talking today. this happened in mckinney, texas. it is thrust that town into the national spotlight. right now we are awaiting a news conference from the next generation action network. it was all after this video. take a look, surprised showing a mckinney officer throwing down a 13-year-old girl in a mckinney, then seen pulling his service weapon on two other boys. nbc news learned the