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tv   Way Too Early  MSNBC  June 9, 2015 2:30am-3:01am PDT

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multination search. campaign shakeup. once front runner, now middle of the pack. jeb bush brings in a campaign manager before his official launch next week. and pig lets on the loose. we've got the details. this is "way too early." ♪ ♪ >> good morning. it's tuesday, june 9th. welcome to "way too early." i'm amy holmes. now for the prison break that has the new york community on edge. the search continues for two convicted murderers on the run after escaping a maximum state prison in new york. two separate law enforcement pa
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facilities believe the getaway car came too early, too late not at all. this leads police to believe the escaped convicts are on foot. another law enforcement source say investigators are looking at whether a female employee helped. miguel has this report. >> reporter: amy, good morning. we're learning more about the inmates that escaped using power tools. msnbc news learn they were in the honor a block of the prison where the two had more freedom. this leads investigators to wongder wonder if they got help from the inside. the international search to catch two killers widening across u.s. mexico canada where border patrol agents are
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zeroing in searching tractor trailers. police swat teams and fbi with largest presence outside the maximum security prison walls. 34-year-old david sweat and 49-year-old richard matt were discovered missing 5:30 andrea mitchell saturday during routine cell check. for the first time we're hearing the emergency dispatch. >> both subjects escape ed from the clinton country correction facility in dannemora. unknown direction of travel. >> governor andrew cuomo retraced their steps saying there are indications the prisoners may have had help from the inside. according to news reports, that help may have come from a woman working with the convicts. >> they're interviewing every inmate looking through logs to see who visited these guys. they're looking through telephone records to see who
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these guys called. >> a source with knowledge of the situation said the convicts were in the honor section where there's fewer restrictions on their movements. authorities say the prisoners in sides by side cells stuffed bunks with clothes to avoid protection and used power tools to cut holes behind the steel walls. they broke through the brick wall two feet thick cutting in and out of the steam pipe. they shimmied out breaking out of a manhole a block away. the convicts leaving behind a racially charged post-it note reading have a nice day. this man spent years on convicted weapons charges. >> maximum security. it's very tight security very tight movement farce when you're allowed out of your cell. you watched all the time. >> with 250 heavily armed
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officers scouring farm and forest land the city of dannemora is a fortress. within a 15 mile radius there are four colleges and 23 schools. >> they have a hard time sleeping at night. they're afraid every noise they hear somebody is here. >> two killers on the run as the desperate search to find them could lead authorities anywhere. investigators are combing over 300 leads. so far today, they say they're no closer to catching the suspects. >> we appreciate it. president obama is back at memo home at the white house this morning. washington is buzzing over comments made at the g-7 summit about the fight against isis. >> we want to get more iraqi security forces trained, fresh, well equipped and focused. when a finalized plan is
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presented by the pentagon i'll share with the american people. we don't yet have a complete strategy because it requires commitments on the part of iraqis as well about how recruitment takes place, how that training takes place. the details are not yet worked out. >> the pentagon later clarifying president obama was referring to training and equipping of american forces. senator lindsey graham called it commander in chief malpractice and john mccain delivered a skathing response on the senate floor. >> i'd like to see something. one has to wonder whether this president just wants to wait out the next year and a half and
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basically do nothing to stop this genocide, blood allowing horrible things happening in the middle east. >> and an apparent jab at the supreme court as the decision looms for challenge for obama care. he said the justices were wrong to hear the case to decide if it's legal for federal government to subsidize insurance plans on federally run exchanges. >> this should be an easy case. frank frankly, probably shouldn't have been taken up. and since we're going to get a ruling pretty quick, i think it's important for us to go ahead and assume that this supreme court is going to do what most legal scholars who looked that the would expect them to do. i should mention if it didn't congress could fix this whole
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thing with a one sentence prevision. i'm not going to go into a long speculation anticipating disaster. >> but the number three republican in the senate said congressional action won't happen adding in part quote, instead of bullying the supreme court t the president should spend his time preparing for reality the court may -- just a week before his scheduled announcement, jeb bush is shaking up his campaign for the white house in a surprise move. the former florida governor tapped central gist danny diaz is his campaign measure.
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the decision suggests that bush's exploratory phase has not met expectations. his aggressive fund raising and network of powerful family friends has not kept rivals out of the race something his opponents acknowledge. >> among the donors he's mick jagger and beetles rolled into one. you've got to get primary votes. if you look since world war ii no one has won the nomination without winning one of the first three. that's certainly been history. it's an interesting challenge for a number of other candidates. look at media describing jeb bush has the front runner. you ask, which of those states does he win? >> frankly i thought jeb would suck all the air out of the room. it just hasn't happened. no hit on you jeb. >> jeb is making policy speech
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today. he's slated to officially launch his campaign in miami monday. in just a few hours, dennis hastert will make his first public appearance since being indicted for lying to fbi and breaking banking laws for agreeing to pay $3.5 million in hush money. the longest serving speaker in house u.s.history will be arraigned today. the money was allegedly to hush a prior sexual misconducts. now to town of mckinney, texas where hundreds gathered to protest the actions a police officer caught on camera
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wrestling a girl to the ground and pulling a gun on teenagers at a party. it raises questions about excessive force. some are saying the footage doesn't tell the whole story. here's nbc janet sham bli with more. >> police are called to a community pool in mckinney. what's seen here has been watched 6 million times. officer casebolt is seen pulling a girl in a by kingny to the ground and pulling his gun on two other young people. the seven minute profanity lease video was shot by brandon brooks. >> i did get frighten at one point. the aufszer pulled his gun on kids. that was frightening. >> there's outrage over the officer's actions. >> i'm not indicting the entire
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police department because i saw some people doing the right thing. i saw officers actually trying to keep the matter right this. guy was out of control. >> accounts vary of how it started. people who were there say the video doesn't reflect all that went on. >> the neighbors did not call the police because there was a big african-american party. security called police because there were fighting and people jumping over the fence and things of that nature. >> what he calls a diverse and harmonious neighborhood defends the officer's actions. scott is a use of force expert tomorrowly with the los angeles police department. >> you're looking at a bunch of teenagers at a pool party. >> the officer is on administrative leave pending an internal investigation. >> thanks to nbc for that report. as for officer casebolt he was
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questioned by internal police investigators monday after being placed on administrative leave. the grand jury produced an indictment on the scott case from back in april. sleigher was caught on video firing eight shots at scott who was unarmed. sleigher has been in prison since his arrest which came after the video surfaced publicly in the days following the shooting. one of scott's brothers said quote, we're very happy and pleased. sleigher will face 30 years to life in prison. time for business as investigators appear to be spooked. the anxiety drove the dow to negative territory of almost 83 points this. comes on the report from the associated press, a warning to
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informs investors. steve joins us from london. this story what the ap calls phony numbers concerning profits. tell us more about it. >> yeah just a warning to all our viewers. you've got to do due diligence and don't necessarily listen to analysts. you've got adjusted profits that look rose zi. more often than not, they're more worthy than base income or net profit. interestingly one said it was higher than income by 50%. do your work and take a look at net income line. interesting story out of hong kong and london. one of the biggest banks in the world, cutting huge numbers of staff. 25,000 staff. cutting back in turkey and brazil by 12%. they've got at the moment 260,000 workers.
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another big story everyone is looking at that couches both sides, apple. they've announced big things including their own music streaming service, 24 global internet radio, new service for artists to connect with listeners. rivals are saying this is interesting. ceo of spotify put on twitter before it was tweeted, oh, okay. alex young, the boss of sound cloud said this could benefit more of us as we become aware of streaming services. >> steve people are taking note of who was on stage during apple's presentation. we're talking gender diversity. tell us more. >> there's impression that silicon valley is dominated by men and that the science industry is dominated by men. a apple is trying hard to address
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that. a second woman, susan prescott gave a pitch about the news a app. that's the first time in five years that a female representative of the company has been on stage at the key presentation. last time was jenn in 2010 presentation on farmville. long overdue. >> hard to believe it was five years. as you say, long overdue. steve, live from london we thank you. still ahead on "way too early." two mega stars leading their team to a win each in overtime. seems the nba finals is living up to the hype. look at record ratings ahead of tonight's game three. when it comes to fashion, lady gaga has never been known to keep it simple. that was the case yesterday with when she met prince harry at a charity concert in london. we'll show you the outfit she wore next.
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no artificial flavors, and it's gluten-free. mom, brian threw a ball in the house! nba finals are now tied up 1-1 they've been great with both coming down to the wire. both games. it's taking a toll on players. take a listen to what they're saying. listen says i'm exhausted. this is the nba finals. this takes everything you've got. referee bill doyle says one more overtime i'm ejecting myself. >> that was the "tonight show" jimmy fallon having fun talking about last two games of nba finals each decided in overtime. they've been long and very popular. according to kneelson this
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year's finals is most watched and highest rated ever. 18 million viewers for the first two games. game three is tonight. too late bill? >> it's like midnight tonight. we can't even watch. >> we can stay up a little bit maybe. now let's turn to game three of stanley cup playoffs. in chicago, lightning and black hawks tied at two in the third period. the go ahead goal with over three minutes to play. lightning goalie bishop was rock solid down the stretch making 36 saves on the night. let's get a check on the weather from the guy talking over there, your meteorologist. >> i get mad because our schedules do not allow us to stay up to watch great sporting events. i get the highlights from you. that's good. let's talk about the weather. we mentioned the flooding in the shreveport area continues to be
2:51 am
a problem. numerous homes submerged. it's going to take a while for river levels to go down. last night, severe weather many places. wind damage but did not have tornados. numerous areas with showers and storms ahead of this front. still humid out there. central new england and southern new england be ready for showers and storms any portion of the day. mid atlantic heavy rain around norfolk this morning. that will be passing over delaware throughout the next half hour or so. from atlanta down to mississippi, couple of thunderstorm complexes. one good one between jackson and meridian. 16 million at risk of severe storms today. isolated in capital district hartford and north ward. massachusetts and new hampshire also.
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big story next couple day, heat. 90s across the country. d.c. could be 96 thursday. >> whoa. quite a heat wave. bill did you see this? cute little piglets in ohio? >> it has a side ending. >> hundreds of pigs passed from one person to another. we'll hear what officials say happened. >> look bill how cute. >> 440 didn't make it.
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. now let's get a check on morning's other headlines. for that we head to the control room. lewis, i hear the piglet story doesn't have the happy ending for all of them? >> kind of happy, not for all of them. authorities raced to help baby pigs loose on an ohio highway after a truck carrying estimate d 2200 of them. piglets scattered to the wooded area near the highway. 400 didn't make it. 1500 were rescued and taken to a fairground where they were given water. the driver was reportedly uninjured. pop royalty met real
2:56 am
royalty. she did so in a particular fashion. lady gaga wore a sequin dress when she and tony bennett met the prince in london. it was all for a good cause. bennett and gaga's performance benefitted a charity for children receiving medical care. let's now turn to different royalty. king james in the first two games of nba finals. he's given his cleveland cavalier teammates more. lebron reportedly rented a private hotel lounge and called in the team for a pep talk before food and music. he gave each of his teammates apple watches. soon to be free agent jr smith told the paper, i don't know how he does it. every day it's something
2:57 am
different. watches, sneakers beats hoodies, backpacks. i guess it's good to be lebron james's teammate. >> he sounds like a great guy. now let's bring many in meeka for a preview of "morning joe." >> hi. the administration does not have a complete strategy when it comes to training iraqis to fight isis. reaction from the pentagon and republican presidential contenders now taking advantage of the opportunity to say i told you so. plus new information on the search for two escaped convicted killers. this morning, new reports that suggest the fugitives may not have made it far from the maximum security prison in which they escaped. amazing story. that and more coming up next on "morning joe."
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