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tv   NOW With Alex Wagner  MSNBC  June 11, 2015 1:00pm-2:01pm PDT

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mitt romney is hosting the 2016 republican field. jeb bush's time as governor is coming back to haunt him, even while he's in poland. >> mitt romney is hosting several 2016 gop candidates over the weekend. >> jeb bush is it not there. ♪ >> more tough headlines for jeb bush. >> obviously, it's something he'll have to deal with head on. >> i don't think another bush can get elected. i think there's bush fatigue. >> just to be clear here we don't have an organization for candidate for president until the candidate announces. >> there is trouble in paradise. >> he may not be running for president yet -- well no he already did. mitt romney is rustling up his own gop cattle call making his
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mark on the 2016 race. mitt romney's third annual policy summit is getting underway in deer valley utah. those on the list include chris christie, john kasich and carly fiorina. but wait there is more. in addition to being dazzled by the likes of scott walker donors can enjoy flag football with marco rubio, skeet shooting with lindsay graham and horseback riding with known equestrian ann romney. bush is over in warsaw poland the same city where mitt romney was asked about his gaffes in 2012. and where today jeb faced questions about a 1995 book in which he advocated public shaming for out of wedlock births. >> my views about the importance
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of dads being involved in the lives of children hasn't changed at all. >> i was speaking of it in the policy context and the focus was on men. >> joining me now, a correspondent for the up shot at the new york times. reporter for the fix, janelle ross. national political correspondent phil mattingly. and with us from warsaw benji sarlin. jeb bush being asked about his public shaming of unwed mothers to juveniles in jail to folks on public assistance. how out of left field was that today? you were presumably there, you know about the sort of climate jeb bush has met with in poland tell us a little. set the scene for us, to begin.
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>> well just to start off, mitt romney caused a lot of trouble in poland. everyone was expecting there to be a lot of potential for things to go wrong. things could not go smoother in europe. this is one of stories that troubles him back home. this concerns a 1995 book that has since resurfaced especially with a widely shared article from the huffington post on it. bush talked about a restoration of shame. he specifically mentioned unwed mothers and absent fathers. today you notice in the clip there, he only trained his remarks on fathers. he was speaking specifically down to men, which is a much more acceptable thing to do generally, politically, plays a lot easier. in the book he was less specific and seemed to specifically identify both unwed mothers and
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men who abandon their children as targets for ridicule. he may need to go further in explaining what he meant. however, bush has and says he will continue to talk generally about the importance of a stable two parent home to a child's general success. >> yeah well janelle, the shame shame, if you can call it that bush has vetoed something known as a scarlet letter law, he declined to veto a controversial bill that required single mothers who did not know the identity of the father to publish their sexual histories in a newspaper before they could legally put their babies up for adoption. i will note he later signed an appeal of it after it was challenged in court. however, initially he did not veto that law. >> i guess i was rather stunned to hear that these things had been written in a book at a time when the governor had his
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own issues that he was struggling with in his personal life. it seems like a strange time in your life to suggest that public shaming is a good way to address problems. >> explain. you're intimating something there. >> i'm trying to be as delicate as possible. the governor has some own issues in his own family that some might argue are worthy of public -- >> none of those have been corroborated. we have no reporting on that nbc news cannot report on that. you are a reporter for the washington post. if you have independent reporting on that what we know of jeb bush's life, he declined to veto a bill that required single mothers to post their sexual histories in the newspaper. this never went into effect that's a question that jeb bush is undoubtedly going to be asked in further months and weeks ahead. >> jeb bush is a different politician than he was 20 years ago, when he started out his political career i remember his
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first run for governor which he lost in 1994 a black voter asked him, what would you do for african americans and his answer was, probably nothing. he was going to be a governor for everyone. he didn't want to look at people by race. he changed, certainly in the way he talked. and i think to the extent where he governed, he became substantially more inclusive. there was a real harshness to jeb bush's tone at the beginning of his political career. he was asked about comments he made about gays in the 1990s. those are things the governor said 20 years ago, they don't reflect his views today. people can change a lot over 20 years. the difference in what you saw from jeb bush 20 years ago and what you saw now, genuine change in him or is it a change that's a political change? trying to appeal to a different set of people than he was appealing to at the time. >> i'm struck by the comparison of where george w. bush was on issues and where jeb bush.
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for a lot of folks that are meeting jeb bush for the first time, there's talk of him being a moderate. for people who know the governor, they say, this guy is truly a conservative much more so than george w. bush. >> jeb bush's conservatism. you talk to anyone who dealt with him on that side of the aisle, his tone was sharp, get things done, very very conservative. what i thought was the most interesting thing today, he talked about trying to figure out what kind of politician he's going to be running as now. that question may have seemed out of left field, he was ready for that very ready for that. >> you think that -- >> i think when ben gentlemen asked him that question he knew what was coming he had the spin off that he was only talking about men. was not in the book at all. he was prepped and ready for the question. when he wasn't ready for the iraq question, he got a lot of
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heat. how he is as a politician is one question. whether or not they're getting their act together and starting to prep him for questions could be difficult for him. i think this may have been an answer -- >> benjy, the i've evolved echos president obama's change on gay marriage. publicly shaming unwed mothers were not analogous to where the country was on gay marriage. i think there's been a broad evolution of americans on gay marriage. i'm not sure the same is in play on the shaming of unwed mothers. >> let's also remember when obama said he was evolving on gay marriage leading up to his actual position. it didn't satisfy anyone. we kept asking what's your position already until finally he came out for gay marriage.
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similarly here jeb bush said he evolved. he made some room for saying that his views have changed. perhaps his tone has changed. he didn't distance himself from what he said at the time. it probably will take another round of this just to figure out exactly what he meant right there, when he said he evolved, because he didn't specifically really display anything while he did at the same time trying to turn the focus to the more politically manageable issue of keeping fathers from leaving the mothers of their children. >> it comes at a time when the republican party in washington too, is treading on some tricky ground when it comes to social issues. lindsey graham today introduced the 20 week a.m. portion ban. that may go to the vote in the senate which is not the place where a lot of swing state republican senators want to be ahead of the 2016 elections. >> i think there are two things here.
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this in some ways links to the bush situation. we have to remember that in the early 1990s, teenaged pregnancy rate was something like 68 69 per 1,000 girls. that's a lot of teen pregnancy. the conversation around teen pregnancy was very different today the conversation around reproductive rights is influenced by broader trends. the abortion rate is down considerably. the rate of use of more reliable long term contraception is way, way up. and that doesn't mean that people aren't going to be willing to have those conversations or they're not going to be uncomfortable in various voting districts or that those aren't going to create problems for people who are seeking re-election. to congress. but it does change the conversation. >> there's been a raft of legislation across the country aimed at limiting women's reproductive choices.
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you need to look no further than texas. the climate has changes i will go back to the idea of public humiliation for unwed mothers, juveniles who went to court and got punished and put into jail. he seemed to co sign making juveniles wear pink frilly jumpsuits or sweeping the streets of their own neighborhoods. ed brain behind that punishment said i'm not a fan of making unwed mothers public shame. >> he was endorseing the frilly pink jumpsuits kids who thought it was cool to go to jail. the unwed mothers. >> that's a nutty thing. what social issues are a problem for republicans. i think this has a tendency to
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get lost on msnbc. 20 week abortion bans hold well. do they favor a prohibition. you get somewhere between 55 and 65%. republicans have gotten into trouble on these, the specifics around rules of rape and that sort of thing, these sort of middle positions on abortion where it's legal. >> in large part where we delve into why restrictions are onerous and aimed at stopping a woman's right to choose it's because most people agree, the women who are getting 20 week abortions are getting them largely for medical purposes. and that is rarely explained when you talk about limiting a woman's option to terminate a pregnancy at 20 weeks. >> you were saying that you think that republican members of the senate are going to be nervous -- >> specifically rob portman, kelly ayotte and pat toomey. >> i think some democrats may be nervous about taking this vote. >> for the 2016 senate map,
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there is a real concern for republicans in particular given the seats that are up for grabs. that they don't want to wait. this is reporting from reputable news outlets, that they don't want to wade into social issues like this or have mitch mcconnell bring it to a vote on the senate floor in advance of 2016. >> this season the a floor vote they want to take. they're all on the record supporting this. >> yes. >> it's bad if you do if you don't. it's top line it's late term i get all that. you talk to lindsey graham about this. can you choose to do that or not do that. >> lindsey graham is staking out all kinds of political positions. >> he looks at the polling and thinks it makes it okay. if you talk to republicans, not necessarily political republicans who are looking at different races in different
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states. you talk to different anti-abortion activists in general. they're more than willing to have the fight, i think democrats are -- >> democrats in the senate are very willing to have the vote go to the floor in the senate. benjy, thank you for your time we'll see more of you on the trail. after the break, police blood hounds picked up the scent of at least one prisoner who escaped from prison six days ago. can your make up do this? covergirl introduces makeup with super powers. new outlast lipstick. long wear super powered by moisture. the super sizer the new mascara you twirl on to super size your lashes and your eyes. and new stay luminous foundation stay naturally luminous all day. makeup super powered. from easy, breezy, beautiful covergirl. sunday dinners at my house... it's a full day for me, and i love it.
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she thought it was love. joyce mitchell a seam stress at the clinton correction facility planned to be the getaway driver for this weekend's prison break until she got cold feet at the last minute.
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this was confirmed to nbc news earlier today. on saturday morning instead of playing her role in the escape. mitchell went to the hospital and checked herself in with a case of the nerves. according to the sources, one of the inmates established a relationship with mitchell over a period of months and mitchell eventually fell in love with him. joining me now with the latest on the search effort is john yang. john do we have any more information about where the inmates might be? >> reporter: well, alex i can tell you where they think they are. i mean investigators have been spending all day since dawn in the woods about three miles behind me. we're about eight miles away from where the presidenten is. they have been there all day long. last night there was a tip from that location and then blood hounds picked up the scent of one or both of the escaped convicts. now there are about 500 state and federal officers in that
1:19 pm
area going grid by grid, inch by inch as officials say, looking under every rock behind every tree. they've been doing it all day long, it takes time. that area is very heavily wooded. they have nothing, they have helicopters in the skies helping. so far they have nothing, they have gotten a lot of light stands delivered. so it could be a long night. alex? >> john yang thanks for that update. prosecutors seek the death penalty for the man suspected in killing 12 people in a colorado movie theater, what other impacts could his trial have. we'll look at the debate around mental health and good safety next.
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today on the 30th day of the trial of james holmes data took to the stand for the second day.
1:23 pm
she was asked about g chats he sent saying he wanted to do something evil. survivors of the movie theater attack also testified today. jasmine kennedy, who was 19 years old at the time was shot in the leg. >> i remember a man walking outside and then coming back in and throwing something over the crowd. i thought it was somebody playing a joke on us. >> i remember gunshots. the next thing i know i'm on the ground and the floor is completely wet. and all i can think of is i want to call my mom. >> for some of the victims families, the testimony this week was too much. sandy and lonnie phillips who lost their 24-year-old daughter had to leave the courtroom yesterday. >> the ballistics expert started talking about the bullet he took out of one of the victims.
1:24 pm
we weren't prepared it was jesse. it came from her. so natural, the order is don't be audible. when she stops sobbing, we have to leave. >> if i can cry quietly, i can stay, i couldn't cry quietly today. it's too much. i don't know if you ever pick yourself back up from it. but somehow you get up the next day and show up. >> james holmes is accused of killing 12 people and injuring several others in the july 2012 attack. he's pleaded not guilty by reason of instanity, and could face the death penalty if convicted. joining me now, shannon watts, and former intern for gabby giffords daniel hernandez. daniel, let me start with you as a victim of one of these horrific incidents, for the
1:25 pm
moment captured the attention of the nation and seemed like real inflexion points. it feels like here we have a trial which focuses on two important issues. it does not feel like the national conversation is in either place. what do you make of it? >> it's really disappointing that mental health is one of the big issues that's happening here in aurora. very similar to what happened to jared loughner in tucson. there were red flags, the problem is we're not spending any money in a lot of places to really make sure that those red flags have done something with them we have people who are mentally ill, who could be prevented from doing awful things to themselves and others if they had help. there aren't resources available to them. the congress isn't doing anything to address this issue. it's really disappointing the conversation is on the mental health aspect. we need to be careful it doesn't become a smoke screen. they use mental health as a
1:26 pm
smoke screen and say if you deal with mental health that's it. it's not enough. we need to work on mental health, provide resources for those who need it but also prevent some of these laws from keeping the guns out of the hands of those who shouldn't have them, who are mentally ill and criminals, that's where i think we need to be careful that while we focus on mental health we don't let that become a smoke screen as it's used too often by the other side on this issue. >> james holmes had 100 pounds of ammunition shipped to his home. he had four guns a remmington 12 gauge, and two 40 caliber glocks. when we talk about whether or not this kind of weaponry has its place until internet sales or gun sales around the country. there was once a robust debate. tell me about the efforts you're seeing on the local level, the state level and whether we're
1:27 pm
moving the ball forward. >> we're absolutely moving the ball forward. if you talk to moms on the ground, we are winning. 18 states have closed their background check. we have gotten 14 states to say no to campus security those are laws that would have saled right through the state houses in the past. after sandy hook and now aurora, moms in this country have said no more we're not going to let the gun lobly write this country's gun laws. too often mental health is used as a strong man. we have the same rates of mental illness in this country as every other nation, the difference is the way we regulate our guns. >> that soundses like progress. you hear about texas where you can have concealed weapons on college campuses. you hear about what's even happening in colorado, where
1:28 pm
the -- they're trying to roll back some of the reforms that were made in the wake of the aurora shooting or wisconsin, the republican legislature passed the bill. those things matter too. where do you think we are on gun safety? >> there's a lot of steps that need to be made. if after gabby got shot in tucson there's a lot that's been done. we can't say that and remember all the successes we've had. we blocked campus carrie. we're blocking it across the country. in arizona, they were going to try to do something similar to that this last year they didn't get through. we're seeing now people are becoming active and engaged, before there weren't places for
1:29 pm
people to be actively involved. people who are involved with every town the brady campaign, all over the country you're seeing more and more people talking about this issue, which i think is great, now it's not just the victims as we saw in the video a few seconds ago, sandy phillips is someone who is a victim. it's not enough to have those of us who have been affected by gun violence, we need to bring in people and make this a wider conversation than what's happening right now, we've done a lot of great things and moving the ball forward in a lot of places, even if we have minor set backs in places like texas. >> to that end, the fact that the idea of moms coming together on this, feels like and at the moment, when the organization started. felt like the answer to getting this out of the partisan black and forth. here everyone has a mother right? mothers generally are just concerned about the welfare of their children of course. society at large. i'm sure fathers are too, this is not meant to be exclusionary.
1:30 pm
how successful do you feel like your efforts have been in taking this off the table as again a partisan political thing and making it about safety in society? do you think we're moving in that direction? >> saving lives is bipartisan, we are not democrats or republicans. we are completely nonpartisan when it comes to stopping gun violence in this country. our moms have risen up in that state, a state where it's not super popular to talk about gun violence prevention and they actually, those two bills you talk about were hugely watered down. the organization students for concealed carry said they lost. they were outplayed and outmaneuvered they didn't get the bill they wanted. that is because of our moms on the ground. bills that would have saled through the state house last session. we're going toe to toe with the gun lobby and we're winning. >> moms versus the nra. shannon watts and daniel hernandez, thank you for your
1:31 pm
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bill clinton is speaking out about his rolling in a future hillary clinton white house. >> that will be not an easy decision, should she be elected president. she'll have so decide what's my eyes and ears. including be around to buck her up every morning. already, for all the records since now i'm getting ready, this little dry run on the foundation has pumped me up. >> don't you love how he has an aw schucks way. >> if i get in the white house and there's something i can do and hillary would like me to do
1:35 pm
something, i guess i can do something. >> i don't have any plans. >> i have a 65 70% approval rating. is there anything i can do in the white house? >> the dry run on the foundation encapsulates what the clintons think of? aw it's silly season in politics. i guess i wondered you think that's -- obviously, he's going to publicly minimize it. do you think it has more staying power than a dry run? >> first of all, i think it has more staying power than a dry run. >> there are -- you look at hillary clinton's numbers an trust and truth telling. there are numbers voters seem to have for her around these areas. i'm not sure you can say the constant drip of stories about her e-mails and the various payments that she and her
1:36 pm
husband had received. or donations to the foundation that you can say those things don't in some way contribute to that narrative or erode people's sense. >> it's interesting. bill clinton addressed the foundation scandal. has anyone proved we've done anything objectionable. no. nobody can prove anything objectionable about what happened. therefore, we've done here. >> the clintons are right about something politically, everything is priced in with bill and hillary clinton. we're approaching four decades, going back to the cattle futures of 1978. everyone has an opinion about whether or not the clintons are shady. you trust them or don't. hillary looked at the landscape and says enough people trust me for me to get a majority of the vote. and the people who were going to be upset about things the clinton foundation did, are already upset over x, y, thing the president has done.
1:37 pm
why not take foreign government donations to the foundation? why not go out and collect these big speaking fees? >> i don't know that it's coming from well -- as long as it's not, let's go take money in -- >> i don't think they're doing anything bad. >> they decided that the media is out to get them and republicans are out to get them. i think they've decided the world is against them they don't really believe there is such a thing as legitimate criticism of what the clintons are up to. >> that leads to go nuts whatever. >> there's a fair point to be made josh may be right about all this. he did say, has anyone proven we've done anything objectionable? no. i think objectionable is that yes, at least a debatable term no one has proven anything illegal, no. >> there are some things that many people would object to in the stories that have filtered out about what's going on outside that town taking.
1:38 pm
>> it points to clinton -- the clinton foundation is bill clinton's thing. it is a bill hillary and chelsea foundation, it is fundamentally bill's thing. what we've seen thus far is a reluctance to really give us a plan of what is going to happen to the foundation should hillary clinton be elected president. clinton said he would give up paid speeches if hillary clinton wins the white house. which is par for -- michelle obama gave up her whole career. >> who knew he was going to be so popular on the world speaking circuit. i feel like this is always the question, has bill come to terms with the sacrifices that are going to be asked of bill if his wife actually wins the white house? >> i was struck by his tone yesterday. we saw the 1200 word letter that he put out to donors the clinton foundation. we are working to address them i thought that was the start of an offensive by them. the tone yesterday was kind of what josh is hinting at.
1:39 pm
you guys are crazy, come on look at this. sure it looks weird, the secretary of state would be lobbied by a country that's giving money to my foundation. why? not really. i was surprised knowing what his wife's entering into right now, and knowing the role he will have to play, that he would still have a flippant you guys just don't get it attitude. >> i think that's probably pretty calculated. i don't mean to ascribe sort of lizard like qualities to it i think that's sort of like it's not a coronation right? >> sure. >> we're is not going to get this. this isn't baked in the cake having a sort of genuinely curious attitude to what you might do in the white house is probably part of that. i must move on to another story that i know is firing up josh barrow at the end of this table. there is more misery afoot potentially for frequent flyers. boeing will squeeze 14 more
1:40 pm
seats on its 737s. and new rules to make your carry on bag even smaller. >> i've spent much of my day today talking to airlines and luggage manufacturers about this. i don't think this is a real thing. there have been all these headlines about how they're going to have new smaller rules for your carry on. you're going to have to get a slightly smaller suitcase to conform to these rules. >> are they saying they won't? >> never say never. >> no plans to to me in airline speak, airlines have been $3.5 billion on luggage fees. >> they don't enforce their existing rules. i took a measuring tape to my carry on bag, it's an inch wider than is allowed on any airlines. they allow me to bring it on board. the airlines don't enforce their rules so customers keep buying the biggest bags they can get because they will be allowed to bring them on the plane.
1:41 pm
>> what airline are you flying on? >> delta. >> every flight i am on there's like five people who rush on because they're diamond plus members and they get their bags in the over head bins and everyone else has to gate check them. there's some reason to do this but it seems like a gimme if the airlines can charge more money. >> we've identified the one individual in the entire world who is defending the kwon assumer practices of the airlines. >> you should stop everything. >> you're the reason my bag won't fit. >> the oversized hanging bag that takes up all the room. >> they're not enforcing the rules, people like me who are boarding the plane early because i'm not a diamond plus flyer. it's taking up all the space that your bag was supposed to take up. >> there's no way this is going to happen. after 9/11 when the airlines had a real steep decline in profits, they were sort of given this
1:42 pm
license to do whatever they needed to do to raise he revenue. now they are financially solvent. they have made the -- profits will almost double in 2015 to $29.3 billion. leer's another way to make some more bucks. and i can't imagine they're not going to do it. >> they have been exceedingly creative in identifying profit centers, this seems to be one of them. i would fully anticipate this. whether it will be enforced i don't know fp what it will do is get people like me you are a person that has a carry on that's an inch too large. i measure my bag before i go. i'm a rules person. for people like me, i'll just pay. josh is getting them all on record now. >> you better print that. >> like they're going to care. they do whatever they want. side note how do you take 14 seats out, how do you make a bathroom smaller and then put 14 seats in. we'll talk about it another day. thank you, josh and phil hang
1:43 pm
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plus, it's the only brand with progel technology proven to reduce fish burps. new bayer pro ultra omega-3. court officials in north carolina have the right to refuse to perform same sex marriages. the state house voted to override the governor's veto bill to opt out of performing unions if they have a sincerely held religious objection. the senate already overrode pat mccrory's veto. meaning the bill is now law. >> stocks in rally mode for a second straight day. big after hours news. dick costello stepping down july 1st. checking the major averages heading into tomorrow. the dow heading up by 40 points. the s&p 500 adding nearly 4, the
1:47 pm
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earlier this week the new york times detailed the questionable financial decisions of senator marco rubio including an $80,000 speed boat purchase. the story turned out to be a success for marco rubio. his presidential campaign has raised a reported $100,000 in online donations this week. warning elitist liberal media tacks again. now that rubio's spending habits at the times editorial direction. >> it wasn't long before the rub ye's were splurging on a whole house, with an inground pool manicured trucks and oversized windows. oversized windows. oh, what's the matter senator? the normal amount of light isn't
1:51 pm
good enough for you? i'm senator marco rubio, i like to roll around in giant patches of sunlight like i'm a big old kitty cat. >> rubio's latest fund-raising plea, if you agree with jon stewart, donate $7 today. joining us now is staff writer for slate, i will admit i thought the parking ticket story was maybe a bridge too far. but to be fair the new york times investigates the finances of a lot of candidates. may 15th clintons earned $30 million in 16 months. a four-car garage for romney with its own elevator. this is -- i won't say -- it's not just the game it's a function of political journalism. >> this has been a longstanding issue with the senator, back in
1:52 pm
2012 the romney campaign probably decided to pass because of his finances. the real issue is how readers interpret this. i don't think rubio has had troubles. i think what's relevant is that rubio's financial troubles were alleviated in part by a billionaire donor who helped them get past that and it's very odd to see a presidential candidate with that kind of billionaire help push for cuts of the social safety net. the fact that the guy isn't great with money. abraham lincoln wasn't good with money. i'm not saying -- you. >> wrote about this that marco rubio was given a second chance. and he wants to build a country where people aren't given a second chance in the form of
1:53 pm
block granting food assistance and housing assistance. ending the capital gains taxes ending the estate taxes for heirs and heiresses. that leaves a hole. >> that's what troubles me that rubio sort of has been given a second chance. it may be -- if that's tu strong, has at least had his finances bolstered, and the kinds of programs we have to do that for ordinary americans. rubio wants to slash for the sake of upper income tax cuts. for me that's the big problem with this. the fact that he bought a boat who cares. >> you work for the new york times? >> i do. what's the talk in the newsroom like. what did you think when you saw this? >> i'm not here to be a spokesperson for the new york times and talk about -- >> nor a spokesperson for msnbc? >> yes. >> i would note that it's a news story. and it's up to the reader to look at it and decide what they think is important and not important in terms of how to vote for a candidate.
1:54 pm
i'm not especially concerned that marco rubio took out a fair amount of debt. he's right when he points out, a lot of people that run for president are rich. we have this culture around running for the presidency if you're not rich it's difficult to do the sorts of things you might do. he's setting out young to have his political career in order to make the life choices he needed to make to take on debt. i think that's a fair response on his part. if they make $800,000. they may go out and buy 80,000 boat with 10% of that money. the other thing i think is concerning in this article is the thing about the 401(k) that the senator cashed out. >> he liquidated his 401(k). >> you have to pay a penalty. >> $24,000 on a $67,000 401(k). >> it's only something you're supposed to do if there's an
1:55 pm
emergency. there's no indication that he had a cash reason to take that money out. >> let me stop you for a second. i think there's some points to be made about marco rubio's shepparding of his finances. there's some stuff that raises eyebrows if not red flags for people including the romney campaign. he used a republican party credit card to pay for stone pavers at his house. and traveling to the reunion. he blamed a travel agent for using the wrong card. there's the relationship with the florida billionaire, there's enough there's stuff there independent of the speed boat and the audi that's going to come out as the course of the campaign goes on. >> i think the speed boat has taken all of the kind of heat and light here when there are legitimate issues. when you look back at his 2010 senate campaign came up. i do think how somebody handles their money, particularly when
1:56 pm
it's dealing with part of your taxpayer dollars are absolutely relevant to whatever the conversation is if somebody's looking for who they want to vote for. every candyidate is going to have their finances dug into in a big way. what i do on the flip side is give rubio's team additional credit. >> they have definitely raised that serious cash those gifs we have to give our hats off to that. thank you for your time. we'll have more after the break. we cut the rates on personal income taxes. we enacted the lowest corporate tax rate since 1968. we eliminated the income tax on manufacturers altogether. with startup-ny, qualified businesses that start, expand or relocate to new york state pay no taxes for 10 years. all to grow our economy and create jobs. see how new york can give your business the opportunity to grow at
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2:00 pm
when the officers responded to a dispatch call after a caller reported that a male was pointing a pistol at people. lowman shot rice within seconds of arriving on the scene. rice died the next day. earlier this week a group of activists filed the citizen's affidavit aimed at forcing the arrest of two police officers. it remains up to the prosecutor to decide if charges will be filed. that's all for now, the ed show is up next. good evening, americans, welcome to the ed show i'm michael eric dyson and we're live from washington, d.c.. i'm in for ed schultz, let's get to work. tonight, trade war. >> president obama's trade agenda. >> i intend to get it done. >> hope does continue to spring eternal. >> i'm not in the guaranteeing business. >> still out there, day six of the manhunt. >> she worked here at the