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tv   Meet the Press  MSNBC  June 15, 2015 1:00am-2:01am PDT

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this sunday the dynasty candidates. hillary kicks off her campaign again. >> i'm not run for some americans but for all americans. >> tomorrow it's jeb. >> it's going to be an exciting time. i'm really excited about this. >> after rough starts clinton and bush 2.0. i'll be joined by hillary clinton's campaign chair and then mitt romney who may be the republican king-maker in 2016. also challenges for president obama at home on trade where democrats defy him and abroad on iraq and isis. >> we don't yet have a complete strategy.
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>> is the u.s. losing the war against isis? i'm chuck todd and joining me for insight and analysis this morning are conservative radio talk hoe hose hugh hugh yitd nbc's andrea mitchell former adviser to president obama stephanie cutter and historian and journalist evan thomas. welcome to sunday. it's "meet the press." >> announcer: from nbc news in washington, this the "meet the press" with chuck todd. good morning. it is dynasty weekend. they came from the two most powerful political families in american politics today. but neither jeb bush nor hillary clinton wants to be defined by their last names, and this morning both campaigns are hard at work jeb bush back from europe is in miami preparing for his anointment tomorrow and his campaign has released a little teaser today. it's a video that also happens to unveil the name of the campaign and logo and look what's missing, one key word bush. hillary clinton woke up in iowa this morning, and for those who wondered if she will start taking questions from the media well we've learned that she
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will. it will be local tv interviews all this week throughout the early states. yesterday though in her big speech in new york she made clear that she wants to tell the story of her life and achievements rather than be defined by her previous campaigns or by her husband's legacy. >> america can't succeed unless you succeed. that is why i am running for president of the united states! >> on new york's roosevelt island hillary clinton attempted to answer a question that she never effectively addressed in her last campaign for the white house. why does she want to be president? >> for everyone who has ever been knocked down but refused to be knocked out. >> she's intent to persuade voters she's a progressive champion, roar rodham than clinton but her campaign has been dogged by reminders of so-called clinton baggage and the perception that her new
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progressive positions are ones of convenience, not conviction. she delivered a state of the union style laundry list of proposals, managing to check every interest group within the democratic party. >> immigrants young people lbgt community, union leaders, silicon valley, poor people, people with disabilities and people of color. >> clinton also decided to take on the issue of age head on. >> well, i may not be the youngest candidate in this race but i will be the youngest woman president in the history of the united states. >> another famous last name who has had a rocky rollout will finally make his campaign official on monday at miami-dade college. he's selling himself as more jeb than bush but he is borrowing one thing from his brother, compassionate conservatism. >> my core beliefs start with the premies that the most vulnerable in the society should be at the front of the line and back and as governor i had a
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chance to act on that core belief. >> back in december when bush first hinted he might run his campaign was expected to be a jugger nautd, generating shock and awe, vacuuming up money, pushing out candidates left and right. instead, he's barely clinging to front-runner status with 15 republicans battling him to lead the party and bush is struggling with conservatives, thanks in part to two issues common core and immigration, and then there's his brother's legacy. some republicans believe he has to find a way to distance himself. >> this is going to be a change election, and at the end of the day republican voters want somebody who can prosecute a case without being wrapped up in these debates for the past. >> well let's talk about the hillary clinton rollout. i'm joined by john podesta, chair of the hillary clinton presidential campaign. of course he was most recently president obama's senior adviser in the white house and president bill clinton's last chief of staff so you really encompass everything about the last two administrations. welcome to democratic administration's, welcome pack to "meet the press,"
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mr. podesta. >> good morning, chuck. >> there was an exhaustive list of issues that hillary clinton rolled out ideas, proposals, but there was one issue she ducked almost completely veiled reference to the issue of trade. she has not wanted to step into this fight between house democrats and president obama. why? why was there no mention of the riff inside the party, and why did she not take a position on whatted is the foremost debate inside the democratic party right now in. >> chuck, she's been very clear on where she stands on trade. laid out a two-pronged test on how to look at trade agreements. first, as a gross jobs grow wages and protect american workers, and, secretary, does it protect our national security? that's her position. she said that she wants to wait to see what the final deal is with the transpacific partnership which is the substance of the trade agreement. what we've seen the last couple of days is skirmishes around the process for considering that
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agreement, but the agreement is not final, so when it is final, she will render a judgment about that, and she stated her concerns but she has a clear standard that it's got to be good for american workers or she thinks the united states should walk away from it. >> well, let me stop there you. >> there's no tougher negotiator with both our trading partners or with republicans in congress than hillary clinton if she's elected to office. >> can we credibly assume she would walk away from tpp something in 2010 she called an exciting opportunity in, 2011 a bench marc for future agreement and in 2012 a gold standard for trade agreement, and in 2013 really enhance our relationship with asia. this does not sound like somebody who is against this deal, yet you're implying she might be. sounds like you're trying to please labor here. >> chuck, she's also stayed that had she has problems with the provisions that wait -- give special privileges to corporations and not similar treatment to workers and their
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representatives. she stated her concerns about strong environmental standards, worker protections. the deal is not done. the deal has some good things. it has some concerns but when the deal is done she will render -- she will render her final judgment. i think what she's saying is that this is one issue amongst -- and it's an important issue amongst a lot of issues about how we're going to build -- rebuild our economy, bring it back make sure it works for working people and see wages rising again, and that's what she laid out in an ambitious agenda along with her vision for what we need to do to stop the deck from being stacked for those at the top and, of course, the values that have motivated her her entire career and her entire life since she left law school >> i want to ask you about some of those because the trade issue actually fits in with a whole bunch of changes. over the last decade she shifted her position on same-sex marriage, on immigration, on nafta, on the iraq war, on cuba policy, on criminal justice reform, just a few that she's
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done recently. these -- and they are all to the left all to the progressive side of things. how should progressives believe that these are changes of conviction and not simple police changes of convenience because the democratic electorate has changed? >> chuck, i don't think there's anybody who has been more consistent in their entire career from the day she left law school, went to work for the children's defense fund from her work in arkansas to first lady of the united states. she's fought for children for families. she's made her priorities clear, her values clear. you know times change. a decade ago i think a lot of people had a different view on marriage equality. today the country has shifted. she's at forefront of saying thats that a right that every american should have. she's gone further and said we need to protect the lbgt community in the workplace, so i think circumstances change. this isn't 1992. it's not 2008. it's 2015. >> right. >> and she will take positions
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that are consistent with a long-term -- longtime set of values that have made her a progressive in the best sense of the word fighting for working families, fighting for children fighting for women across this country and across the world. >> you know it's interesting. both progressive columnists and conservative columnists came to the same conclusion watching that speech yesterday which is she seems to be embracing the obama economic agenda that was outlined by the president frankly in his last two state of the unions something you were very much a part of. republicans are deriding it as the obama third term progressives are embracing it as hillary clinton is signing on to the obama economic agenda. is that a fair description that she is sort of hugging the president here on his economic agenda? >> look i think she thinks that the president brought the country back from what could have been a depression from certainly a great recession, and has created a lot of private sector jobs but we still haven't seen enough wage growth in this country, and so she wants -- this is not 2008.
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this is 2015. the election will be in 2016. she's projecting into the future what the country needs, whether that's paid leave, child care, the kinds of policies that will both strengthen families improve the economy. >> right. >> and -- and really when american workers succeed, as she said yesterday, america will succeed. it's a very different economic philosophy than the republicans so she's going to build on that work and take the country forward. >> very quickly on the clinton foundation. whenned is the campaign going to officially outline exactly a president hillary clinton's relationship would be with the clinton foundation? do you feel like you're going to actually formally have to put that out, now how it would work during the campaign but how it would work if she were elected president? >> well, look i think that she has got off the foundation board and severed her relationship with the foundation because she's focused on running for president and getting elected president of the united states. if she is successful and we get the nomination which we're
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fighting for every vote for and she's elected president, then we'll put in place appropriate separation. >> but after she's elected this. wouldn't be something you would do before to assuage any concerns? >> i think if there are concerns we'd be happy to address those at an appropriate time but right now she's separated from the foundation and i think that as she did as secretary of state she will put in place anything that's appropriate to make sure that the work of the foundation which has been excellent across the country and across the world can continue but without any question about undue influence. >> john poed starks i know you go from here straight to iowa busy work on the early states. we'll be watching. thanks for coming on "meet the press." >> thanks chuck. >> let me bring in the panel, hugh huitt, i think you've interviewed more of the republican field than any person in radio or tell investigation and you've got a new book oum, "the queen, epic ambition of hillary and semgd coming of the
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clinton era, ""andrea mitchell stephanie cutter served as deputy campaign manager for president obama's 2012 re-election campaign knows allotted about these things and evan thomas former washington bureau chief of "newsweek" with a new book coming out on nixon and an interesting nixon-hillary comparison. you were there andrea. you were there yesterday. there's been an interesting debate among democratic operatives about whether it felt like a good event but it didn't ever feel like an obama event. >> hillary clinton is never going to be barack obama. you're not going to see the kind of speech. in his springfield launch in '07 which was so tremendous had a bigger crowd, bigger than it seemed on the ground when you looked at the high television shots. not a soaring speaker but she is projecting the fighter which is the name of the new video. that's what they want to show. that's the strategy. she will fight for you, and that's their answer to the
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progressive criticism that she's not, you know out in on economic issues. they are trying to say that she will be, you know your champion. that's the language they are use. used that language over and over again, and i think that there is something to the gender issue, as we recall back in '07-'08. >> she hid from it. >> she was -- >> she almost thought it was a liability. >> right. >> now they have checked that box, and, boy, you know not talking about foreign policy that's for sure but is she talking about the women her connection, the first woman president, i mat nobody the youngest but i'll be the youngest woman president, and i picked that up from people i talked to in the crowd. men, fathers, children, the -- the history-making thing is a big deal. >> stephanie, i'm curious, dan ba bals who rights the great day after analyses, subtle differences she wanted to project with president obama in style. if the obama who defeated her
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eight years ago, the candidate of soaring rhetoric of hope and inspiration, clinton is runninged a a dogged determined fighter with people who are looking at achieve and results. the implication being president obama doesn't finish the job. she's the task master. fair? >> as andrea said she's not barack obama in terms of how she can deliver speeches very few people are, and what we saw yesterday is very true to who hillary, is and she -- you know she achieved what she nighted to achieve, that she's a fighter and will restore that basic economic bargain and laid out a series of economic proposals that she will fight for so she achieved what she needed to achieve. i think, you know looking for that soaring rhetoric and grandiose high hissing remarks i don't think we'll see that through the course of this campaign. that's not who she is and not where the republican field is either. >> hugh, let's get a conservative point of view here. phil klein in "the washington examiner" wrote something fascinating. he said hillary clinton
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displayed her tremendous weaknesses as a candidate. all she has going for her is hope that pushing the right buttons on identity politics and promise willing new government benefits that americans will overlook what they don't like but in 2016 republicans have the ability to nominate a norm dabble candidate to put up against a democrats with lots of baggage. if they below it it may be their time to throw in the tunnel. do you buy it if they can't beat the hillary clinton presented yesterday, the republican party should just change course big time? >> well she is a prohibited favorite but i noted in your conversation with mr. podesta her cat traffic tenure at state did not come up did not come up yesterday in her speech libya, egypt, the reset button the failure to reorient towards the pacific, so that was all missing from her otherwise state of the union sort of thing and when she brought up ages i thought andrea made an interesting point. head on but her cultural reference, one cultural reference in the speech was to the baetdles song yesterday which was recorded 50 years ago today which is not exactly hitting all the buttons of the
1:16 am
culture. >> well, i was waiting for "yesterday's gone don't stop thinking about tomorrow." evan funny you point that out. let me show marco rubio was quick to pounce on this. take a look. >> they believe in yesterday. >> yesterday is over. >> evan i don't know there's a lot of people who think some of that beginning part of her speech about the republicans meant marco rubio is in her head. what do you think? >> marco rubio is new. she is old. he's a new story. she's an old story, and she's got to cast herself in a new way. a lot of people remember the old hillary, and you can -- you can re-brand yourself in politics. it can be done. >> just written about a guy 17,000 times. >> the new nixon. >>led new new nixon. >> this is the new new hillary. >> every politician does this, but you can't entirely escape the past. i mean, nixon couldn't.
1:17 am
nixon ran as a moderate but people remember the old nixon, and the old nixon had a way of coming back. hillary is not nixon, that's not -- not the case but hillary has some nixon tendencies. she has a sense of aggrievement. she thinks that the press is out to get her. she's not wrong about that. but that over the long run, that sense of aggrievement and that sort of petulance can get you into trouble. >> yeah. it also seems to sometimes power her interestingly enough. >> powered nixon, too. >> all right. we're going to pause her. when we come back we'll turn to the republican side of the race. a lot of them lined up this weekend to win over the financial donors to this man, n,
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welcome back. last time four years ago our next guest was running for the general race and lost to president obama. half a dozen republican hopeful gathered at an event organized by former governor romney in utah. they did a little skeet shooting but they aimed for big pockets and donors from supported governor romney last time. welcome back to "meet the press." >> thanks, chuck.
1:21 am
your main powerpoint to the donors and the candidates and their aides that were there, you spent about i think it was 20, 30, 40 minutes all about foreign policy and national security. yesterday we heard secretary clinton do a speech that was 97% about domestic policy. your campaign four years ago was about the economy first. do you believe that the republican nominee in 2016 needs to make this about national security first, that this is a national security election? >> well that's certainly an important issue. the fact that secretary clinton was the secretary of state during a period of time where america's interests around the world have been badly damaged that's an issue. i think the heart of the campaign in 2016 will be about who has the poechlz most able to lift people out of poverty and help people in the middle class have rising incomes again. because over the last seven years we've seen policies that have led to record numbers of
1:22 am
people that are poor, wage stagnation, greater income inequality. it has not worked. when secretary clinton is giving a speech saying she's basically going to do the same thing president obama promised, that didn't work. we had a test of that. i think that will be the heart of the campaign this 2016. >> still more domestic first than national security as far as you're concerned. let me move on a couple interesting nuggets that have been attributed to you. there have been reports you and sheldon addleson, the casino mogul, you want to avoid the chaos you went through in 016. what was the chaos of 2012 you don't to want see repeated in 2016? >> that's a comment i'll make broadly, which i think it's harmful in a process if you have democrats backing republicans. i think it's important to say we the differences between our
1:23 am
views help people in the middle class and help the poor, versus the views of our opposition. as opposed to going after one another. i wasn't perfect in that regard either but going back to ronald reagan, that makes a lot of senses. >> a lot of people are trying to read your mind and have this assumption that somehow you're a marco rubio guy. know you've been denying this left and right, that you're fiercely neutral in all of this. but do you believe his time as a senator is a liability that actually you -- before you used to advocate the next nominee has to be a governor. do you still believe that? >> well, i think it's very helpful to have someone who has had experience in leadership. as you look at the people running on the republican side, almost every single one of them has had the opportunity to lead to manage to help direct something. marco rubio for instance, was speaker of the house in his state. >> that counts --
1:24 am
>> a whole series of plans -- >> that counts as executive experience? >> well people have different types of experience. jeb bush, of course, was a superb governor, did a great job. was the education governor people across the country looked to. he's a very strong contender in this, of course. scott walker has taken on tough issues in wisconsin. has proven his leadership chops. john kasich, governor of ohio, you see extraordinary gob growthjob growth. the thing that surprised most folks that came to this conference we were holding out here in utah is how many strong contenders there are in our party. it's a real blessing for the american people to get a look at the capable people. >> a lot of backeseat drivers on the republican race take a look at jeb bush's campaign saying, he has a similar progress with conservative that you had in your last two campaigns. you had to convince conservatives you were one of
1:25 am
them. what is your advice? >> i think governor bush is well known his record on education is what we're counting on. people understand he cut taxes time and time again in florida. he fought very hard to get more schools, grade school choice, in such a way students were able to go to other students of their choice if he was failing. he has a very strong record. he doesn't have to speak his way into conservatism. and i think that will hold him in good stead. >> why hasn't he been the juggernaut at this point in time everyone thought he would be. at this time you were the leader financially, and maybe we're classifying your status as front-runner but you were that guy. jeb bush is not that guy. what happened? >> actually, if you go back to 2012 i remember it well. rick perry led me, herman cain
1:26 am
led in the polls, newt led in the polls. what jeb bush has been doing before launching his came pain which apparently is coming tomorrow, he does what's critical at this precampaign stage, which is lining up supporters, building your team in the early states, raising money, getting people who will be with you. i think he's done that extraordinarily well. i think you'll find when all the reports come out he's been doing what has to be done to launch an effective campaign. >> let me ask you this question i know you've been asked before what mistakes do you feel like you made you would tell a jeb bush, scott walker if they're the nominee, what to avoid? >> in my case the biggest mistake i made was not focusing very early on on minority voters. our policies as a conservative group of people, and our policies are designed to help
1:27 am
people get out of poverty and see rising incomes. the policies of the opposition party are to talk. that but they don't help people get out of poverty. we have seen that. they don't create jobs. hillary clinton said famously that businesses don't create jobs. how in the world can you be so out of touch as to not realize if we want to have better jobs for people we want small businesses to grow and thrive. that's what we'll do. each of our candidates needs to communication that to minority voters. a lot more will say, i've seen the rhetoric. >> governor romney, i'm going to leave it there. our friends think you should be the next head of fifa. will you be the next head of fifa and fix soccer for the world? >> frankly i'm focused on making sure we get this country going in the right directions so we can help the people who need it most. >> thanks very much governor
1:28 am
walker. do we have the wrong strategy to fight isis? do we have any strategy that's going to work? >> announcer: "meet the press" is brought to you by morgan body pain? motrin helps you be an unstoppable, i-can-totally-do-this- all-in-one-trip kind of woman. when pain tries to stop you, there's motrin. motrin works fast to stop pain where it starts. make it happen with new motrin liquid gels. heroes charge! ♪ ♪ (lightning strike) ♪ (kiss) ♪ lead your heroes in the hit mobile game download heroes charge now!
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welcome back. whoever wins the presidency in 2016 is sure to inherit the war against isis. wednesday president obama unveiled plans to deploy an additional 450 troops to help train some fighters. chairman of the joint chiefs of staff revealed the pentagon is establishing what he called lilypad basis in the front lines in iraq, moves that may require even more u.s. troops. the heads lineslines have been damning many democrats being highly critical of their own party's approach to the war. >> we don't yet have a complete strategy. >> waiting on the pentagon for a plan is not where it should begin. where it needs to be begin is it needs to begin at the white house. >> could i put 150,000 soldiers on the ground and defeat isis
1:32 am
yes, but then what? >> i'm very concerned about mission creep. >> there's a real fear about mission creep. >> i'd be much more comfortable supporting that mission if i knew what the limits were. >> we have a lot of questions. >> enough is enough. this is how we got started in vietnam. >> i'm talking to the president's diplomatic eyes on the ground in iraq and expert these day, title deputy special presidential envoy to counter isis/isil and a key adviser for george w. bush and just returned from iraq on thursday. welcome to "meet the press." >> thank you. honor to be here. obviously the president's plan really depends on a functioning iraqi military. what are 450 advisers going to do with $20 billion in training of the iraqi army hasn't done? >> chuck we're of course nine months into what's going to be a long-term campaign. the announcement the president made this week is designed -- we looked at what really works. we have a training plan and
1:33 am
advise and assist. we have found out every time we advise and assist the iraqi forces kurds, have been very effective. after ramadi fell about three weeks ago we saw iraqi forces consolidate. a year ago when mosul fell, five iraqi divisions completely disintegrated. ramadi is different. prime minister asked us to come to help him to train, plan, to take back sunni territory. we've had good work in anbar province we've been working there with three tribes, mobilize and fighting and the first iraqi army division is out there fighting. they've had real success. what the nashl council team said, what has worked? the advise and assist strategy has worked. we think we can make a
1:34 am
difference. >> if you describe this plan and saying taking what works. the common denominator is as long as united states is there, iraq can be cobbled together. the minute you try to with draus draw american presence, iraq falls apart. it's been that way for 14 years. how is that going to change? >> let's keep in mind what the enemy isis is. main assessment last holes is better in every respect. they're better manned better equipped, better fighters. it's also a real threat to the united states. this is something we've never seen before. the number of jihadist fighters coming into syria about 4,000, but twice as many that went into afghanistan ten years to fight the soviet union. we know what that led to. that's why we built a global mission to defeat it. in iraq, we're not trying to make iraq a jeffersonian
1:35 am
workplace. it will be a functional federalism, consistent with their constitution and we've been working with them -- i was in iraq last week -- >> the three partition with a little federal -- >> they're constitutional federalist framework. we were talking to the central government leaders but a governor of anbar province, local tribal leaders. now we're based with the tribal committee in an nbar, we'll see more fighters coming in. >> former president george bush said this week in an interview a fair number of people in our country were saying it was impossible to defeat iraq, which is isis as far as i'm concerned. they said, i must get out of iraq. i chose the opposite. i sent 30,000 more troops as opposed to 30000 fewer. i think history will show if al qaeda was defeated. he's essentially -- first time weaver heard him directly
1:36 am
criticize the strategy. he thinks there has to be boots on the ground. why is he wrong? >> i worked closely with two presidents the strategy now was at a different time. we were there. we had real authority. we're there at the inhave i sags of the iraqi government. the decision the president made was specifically tailored to what works. to advise and assist, get sunni fighters into the assist. every time we've advised and assisted ang iraqi operation it's been successful. no northern syria, the kurds with organized free fighter units u they're giving a beating to isis and very close to cutting off the main supply route into the capital. once they move from raqqa to fallujah -- >> success or failure -- >> specifically in anbar province is where we're focused. >> i know you've done this for multiple administrations. thanks for coming on.
1:37 am
>> thanks. a huge loss for president obama on trade. he's never had the congressional republicans on his side on many issues. now why is he losing democrats, too? also something new coming up. "meet the next," in this case, the next big idea. what you'll be asked to debate. >> announcer: "meet the press" is brought to you by morgan s if your purse is starting to look more like a tissue box... you may be muddling through allergies. try zyrtec® for powerful allergy relief. and zyrtec® is different than claritin®. because it starts working faster on the first day you take it. zyrtec®. muddle no more™ .
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it's hard not to get down on the government when we see dysfunction play out on our tvs frankly every day, frankly at every level of government. we want to take a moment to start a new feature here on "meet the press,"",," "meet the next." how are they trying to solve some vexing problems? one idea that caught our eye comes out of the seattle area. back in march king county transit started a program called or orca lift. if it's below max income you get reduced fare. more than 10,000 people have signed up for the program since it started. san francisco has had it for
1:41 am
years. we're surprised more cities haven't tried it. is this a good way of doing things, by the way? what do you think of this idea? is it the right or wrong approach? we'll bring you more ideas in the coming months so share your thoughts about this idea on our facebook page and also give us ideas you think we should be featuring on the show. so, go check it out on our facebook page and you can find it. coming up, we're going to geek out a little bit on whether the how do you get to the top of your game? give it everything you've got and leave those sticky sunscreens behind. new neutrogena cooldry sport. powerful protectio designed to feel good. micromesh technology lets sweat pass through and evaporate so skin stays comfortable, while clinically proven protection keeps going strong. don't get stuck with a sticky sunscreen. stay protected and comfortable with every move. new cooldry sport. neutrogena.
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well, it was an embarrassing defeat friday for president obama when many of his fellow democrats voted against a bill that would have made it easier for him to negotiate a huge international trade deal. specifically one with asia. this came on after the president turned on the last-minute charm offensive hours before his vote. making his annual appearance at baseball game, shook hands and also walked the hallways of congress the next morning with democratic leader nancy pelosi before she took to the floor to pull the rug out from under him and explained why she would not be supporting a key part of his trade plan. while the trade deal isn't dead it shows cracks in his relationship with own party on capitol hill and now possibly his legacy. joining me, someone who knows a lot about president obama's dealings on congress, his former chief of staff bill daley you
1:45 am
were president clinton's point man on nafta. i want to start with this amazing set of numbers. house democratic support for trade agreements over the last 20-plus years. in 1993 when you did nafta, you got 102 house democrats to support it. in 1998 that number on trade agreement support was down to 29. i think that was for a couple of central american trade agreements. 2015 yesterday we saw 28 democrats do it. what has happened here? the democratic party almost unanimously anti-trade agreement. >> obviously, the influence of labor who have been consistent forever that trade deals are bad and they think they're at the root of all the loss of jobs that may have occurred over the last 30 40 years. i feel strongly both from a policy sense and a political senses it is -- it is very wrong for the democrats to undercut the president. this deal, though, can still get done in the next couple of days. >> it's interesting. he wasn't successful.
1:46 am
you were brought in to help fix this. george condin said, at the heart of the disconsent is the belief by many members of the house. so when the president tried that late flurry of personal activity it looked panicky. why has this been such a conundrum? >> putting trade aside, i think there's been a consistent message by some people the president isn't engaged. a spent a year with him. at this stage, after 6 1/2 years this president has met with, spoken to democrats, especially over, and over and over again. was he one of them 7 1/2 years ago when he ran for president? no. but to pass this vote off because he wasn't nice to people or have a beer with them or go to the baseball game enough with them is silly, especially when you consider the seriousness of this issue. in my eyes for democrat,
1:47 am
republicans in late president bush's term who turned on him and hurt him, it hurt them in 2008. they're only shooting themselves in the foot because it's weakening the party. >> in that case hillary clinton. let me get the panel a couple of questions for you. andrea mitchell. >> thanks. you can say it's silly that he has schmoozed enough with members but instead of golfing with members, he's on the golf course with friends. he hasn't done anything with members of congress that he wants anything to do with them until it's too late. i spoke to a house member at roosevelt island said anyone from the chamber of commerce tried to offset -- >> the cham per are very much in favor of the trade deal. they have been out there. there's advertising on tv, pro
1:48 am
trade pro ttp. that's coming from business not -- >> they haven't been -- there hasn't been real arm-twisting by arm to -- >> business doesn't have a lot of power to arm-twist democrats. republicans, this can be done. just the authority to get a deal. i think john podesta said something really smart about hillary clinton's position. there's no trade deal yet. all we're talking about at this point is giving the president authority to get a deal done. first president, other than richard nixon, since franklin roosevelt, who wouldn't have any authority. >> hugh hewitt. >> you were the president's right arm during the time secretary of state clinton was in the state department. how surprised were you to learn she had a private server? had you known about that at the time would you require it be removed from her home? >> i don't know i would have required it to be rye moved from her home because that's more than just her server.
1:49 am
obviously, it was something that i did not know and others didn't but she followed the rules of the state department. we're beyond that -- >> you had no idea at all that there was a server at the clinton's residence? >> no. how would i know that? >> i thought the chief of staff might. >> no, they know a lot but they don't know everything. >> let me wrap it on this front. if he doesn't get this trade agreement, trade authority, how much does this damage him on the world stage? >> oh, i think it's a serious blow to the country. you have iranian negotiations being finished. he doesn't have to bring that -- if all of a sudden people around the world are saying he has less of a chance of getting something in congress, that's a serious blow. >> he can't get a deal. this trade authority, it's senting a message to iranians -- czink it's sending a whole bunch of things. i think democrats again are sending a serious political mistake going into an election. he's not on the ballot but he's
1:50 am
their leader. he'll be out there making their case. if they weaken him, it's a politically stupid thing to do. >> a lot more partisan redistricting than when you were dealing with them. >> and a lot fewer. this is the smallest number of house democrats -- >> they're more afraid -- >> because of a primary vote if you want to grow your numbers you don't go into a crouch. have you to be aggressive. and president obama has said, the party that is -- looks frightened and wants to go back is not a party that's going to be victorious. you have to go forward and you have to be out there fighting the fight in trade and around the world. >> bill daley, thank you for sharing your views and experience. we'll see if the cubs might keep your hometown -- >> before we go to break, we know you lead busy lives.
1:51 am
sometimes you can't be in front of the tv to watch "meet the press" on demand, so give us the season pass to do so. if it's not "meet the press," i'm ducking it. >> a big remembrance day for us yesterday
1:52 am
1:53 am
1:54 am
time now for "meet the press" "end game" brought to you by boeing with a drive to build something better inspires us every day. >> we're going to start our "end game" segment today with the nerd screen. with the two big announcements taking place hillary yesterday jeb bush tomorrow, we decided to examine every word in the first 13 announcements given so far to find out if candidates were focused on the issues that matters most to voters. in our latest nbc news/wall street journal poll for republicans their top issue was job creation and economic growth and democrats is national security. turns out candidates are listening so far. bernie sanders voted 45% of his speech to issue of economy. republican senator lindsey graham running as republican, dedicated 42% of his speech to
1:55 am
foreign affairs and national security. candidates spent other time on issues important to them. for instance rand paul spent a loetable amount of time on surveillance. that's how candidates can make themselves stand out in a crowd. find little smaller issues that make them different. let's geek out and take a look at hillary clinton's speech yesterday. she spent 27% of her time on calls for action. 27% of her speech was on the economy and 3% was on foreign policy. pretty interesting. a former secretary of state announces for president and spends 3% on foreign policy. here's the line that i think best sums up what issue she would like to have her presidency defined by. >> i'm running to make our economy work for you and for every american.
1:56 am
for the successful and the struggling. for the innovators and inventors. for everyone who's ever been knocked down but refused to be knocked out. >> her why as we were pointing out. evan, i want to start with pu. as you can see, the two parties have different views of what the 2016 is election going to be. mitt romney waffled on that. he spent all his time with donors on national security but then he went, whoa, whoa, no it's about the economy. >> i think each issue -- i don't think voters think we'll do much about the economy. they would like to lessen the gap between rich and poor but they don't have much faith we will. on foreign policy they sure don't like isis but they don't want to get into a war with isis, so i think both parties
1:57 am
kind of know that. they know in the end it's going to be personality and character that drives us more than the issue. >> you buy that? >> i think personality and character are extremely important in presidential races but i don't buy that the american people believe nothing will get done on both topics. i think foreign policy is a republican-based issue which is why you see republicans coming out of the gate -- >> never used to be. this is an extra base issue. >> the republican establishment issue and always has been. i think the problem is that what they're talking about is all critique of the president. the problem for them is the policies their establishment wants is commitment of truth. that's a loser for the american people. mitt romney did say it best, and had he had this belief in 2012 he might have been a better candidate, that it is the economy, it is the sense that everybody's going to get a fair chance and everybody's going to be lifted up. and that is what you saw in hillary clinton's speech
1:58 am
yesterday. the basic economic bargaining. you work hard, do your part, then you can partake. >> let's turn to tomorrow and jeb bush. i watched the whole video, the little teaser. he really is running on compassionate conservativism, and he's not going to be a republican that leads with national security first. >> right. andrea pointed out mike murphy, his campaign consultant, is tweeting out he hasn't been rebranded. jeb bush is going to run on everything because he can run on his great name as florida of governor. stanley mcchrystal was in my studio for nearly two hours friday. isis makes 400 media contacts a day. it takes only a small percentage to radicalize significant numbers. >> is jeb bush conservative enough for today's republican
1:59 am
party? >> he's very, very important. you pointed out at the -- he needs to address that with the base. >> and maybe flip? >> distance himself from what was commoner to. another word for flip. before we before we go yesterday marked seven years since this program and our washington bureau lost its leader tim russert. i didn't feel we should let this weekend go by without mentioning it. i can't believe it's been that long. seven years feels like seven minutes, seven days. that's for sure. isn't it? >> he's in my head every day, every interview. >> wwtd, what would tim do. >> the loss is so profound for his family for our viewers and for us here. >> his presence is felt obviously, everywhere whenever we're thinking about this. but his presence and his legacy lives on in one particular moment you hear all the time. probably his most enduring
2:00 am
legacy, the catch phrase he came up with at the last minute on a saturday night before the first show he ever did. it goes like this. if it's sunday, it's "meet the press." it's monday june 15th. right now on first look two separate shark attacks less than two hours apart leaves two teens severely injured along the north carolina shore. it's day 10 in the desperate manhunt for the escaped murderers. >> we don't know if they are still in the immediate area or if they are in mexico by now. >> and who else may have helped in the escape? jeb bush officially enters the race as hillary clinton gets critical with president obama. plus it truly is a "jurassic world" as the