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tv   The Cycle  MSNBC  June 15, 2015 12:00pm-1:01pm PDT

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what do you think? >> reporter: toure, good afternoon. we are waiting for jeb to finally make it official. we have known for so long now really that he was going to get into this to the point he was slipping up and saying i'm running for president and having to backtrack so i think in some ways this is a little bit of a relief for him. i'm going to be watching for how he performs delivering this speech. we have seen excerpts. we know he hits on a lot of themes he has been talking about on the campaign trail including the slogan a right to rise. the podium is not his best venue and especially off a teleprompter and interesting to see if he can rise to the occasion and whether or not this excited crowd here is able to get him to the point where he comes across as more comfortable and relaxed than he usually does. >> casey, the big story last week was the shake-up in campaign managers for jeb which is something that a lot of folks at home wouldn't see the difference but communicated to a lot of folks in the media that
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the campaign was not going the right direction. it had a poor start. and now that has become a media narrative. how does jeb deal with that today? >> reporter: well i think, toure. you saw the beginnings of what's going to be a kind of difficult arrangement here. the way that jeb bush is preparing to organize the campaign unlike anything we have seen and a consequence of the new campaign finance rules and two close top advisers. sally bradshaw and mike murphy and basically going to split because mike murphy is running the super pac and sally bradshaw is involved in the campaign based here in miami and not allowed to talk to each other and i think some of what you saw in the shake-up was a result of disagreements between them and among them about how exactly to run the campaign what was important, they put danny diaz in charge of the campaign known to be aggressive and the perception maybe scott walker or
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marco rubio getting away from the bush campaign and doing too well and were not being aggressively gone after enough but i think that there's a serious potential here for the two sides of this campaign to not be always operating on the same page and when they cannot talk to each other, the consequences unpredictable and potentially dangerous. >> the field continues to grow. jeb bush is becoming the 11th on the right to be the candidate for 2016. and as we know, he's got the advantage with money and the advantage on the ground. with team around him. the next question though is can he excite people? can he speak a message to resonate with the voters? you are there on the ground. is there a sense people are excited about jeb bush? asking them why they're voting for him, what do they say? >> reporter: i would say first of all the crowd is very excited. they know him, all remember him, they all view him as many ways as one of their own and lived here for a long time. in places like iowa and new hampshire, when i covered
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campaign events with people there are just a lot of questions. obviously, the main thing that they know about him is that his brother was president. so they obviously remember george w. bush. he also consistently gets questions on immigration and common core and which are the two issues potentially an issue with the republican base. so i think the big question is here is going to be talking about finances and money meaning that the bush campaign will have a chance to sell their version of their candidate on the air waves and i think at this point it's unpredictable how that goes -- that advertising ultimately will impact how voters feel about bush. right now, the main question for him is as you look at this early state map, where can he win? iowa? maybe, probably not. new hampshire seems to be the most important piece. south carolina usually votes for southerners. florida, of course depends on whether or not he faces off with marco rubio. >> all right. casey hunt in miami, thank you for that report. we'll take you back there to miami-dade college shortly. now to the other side of the aisle, and another big
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announcement hillary clinton made her presidential bid official this weekend on new york's roosevelt island and today she's back in new hampshire. that's where we find msnbc reporter alex psychs-wald. what do you got? >> hillary clinton just finished the first press conference of the presidential campaign. she's done occasional availabilities talking to members of the press for a couple of minutes and this is the first time with a podium, spoke for 18 minutes with reporters taking about 8 or 9 questions and including one from me. i asked her if he thought president obama did enough to address economic equality. here's what she said. >> the president has done an extraordinary job in dealing with a terrible set of issues that he inherited. he also has given the american people for the first time through the affordable care act the promise of health insurance.
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now, are there things that need to be fixed? yes. i'll be talking more about that. are there now opportunities for us to do more about income inequality and try to do both you know growth and fairness simultaneously? absolutely. let's not forget where we started from. >> so that was clearly not a yes in the of question of whether obama did enough to address economic equality. she was asked about the fast track that president obama wants from congress. still has not taken a yes or no position on that saying only that she thinks that the defeat last week in the house should be used to get a better trade deal. asked about other several things not making a lot of news and it's notable improvement to see her taking questions from the media and i'm sure a lot more to come. >> a great question from you there, alex. we'll shift now to the tenth day of the mass i have manhunt for two escaped murderers from a new
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york state prison. this morning, joyce mitchell the prison worker accused of helping the convicts escape she arrived in court in shackles for the second hearing in the allegations against her like something out of a very strange lifetime movie. multiple sources familiar with the investigation telling nbc news escapee matt charmed mitchell to where she thought she was in love with him and mitchell investigated for a prior sexual incident with david suite. that's the other escapee. meanwhile, the search for the two convicts expanded further east of the prison. more than 800 law enforcement officials are scouring the woods in upstate new york. nearby schools reopened today but students are kept inside. msnbc national reporter adam reiss on the scene for us near the search area. what do we know about joyce's involvement with these men? >> reporter: good afternoon, krystal. the district attorney saying she had a most unusual relationship
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with the two convicted murderers. nbc news reporting an investigation of a sexual incident she had with david suite and she thought she was romantically involved with richard matt as well. this is why she was not only going to be the getaway driver but run away with them long term. the plan was the night of the escape when they got out of the manhole, they would meet her at the power station near the prison and they would drive for seven hours. we don't know where. they could have gone as far west as ohio north to canada or maine, south to philly or washington. we don't know where. but we do know she got cold feet decided she couldn't do it to her husband. she loved him too much and didn't want to hurt him. krystal? >> all right. thank you for that update. let's bring in joseph jackalone, retired detective sergeant bringing his experience to john jay college of criminal justice. >> nice to be back. >> they have expanded the search area but are still really focusing primarily in the nearby
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surrounding area. if the guys were there wouldn't we see more sign of them at this point? >> speculation grows. there is no evidence of them being around there. there's no break-ins, no report of stolen cars no asaults. nothing. so from an invest gatdive stand point, you have to start thinking outside the circle saying did they sneak through our lines even? >> we have 800 men and women searching for them. clearly this is a group of people who are coming from neighboring police jurisdictions. departments. saying help us. we need more help here. so this is 800 people tied up on one thing. police resources are finite and other things not happening, not just in this city in other neighboring towns. how long can we keep aloe katding this large number of folks to this one problem? >> they're going to have to keep going until they find them or get them. >> that changes policing and the living in the surrounding towns,
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right? >> absolutely. this is a drain on law enforcement like you said and the other problem is can you imagine the immense pressure on the people. the governor breathing down your neck. there's a fallout for everybody if they don't get caught. one thing i learned, when other people are involved politicians involved things can get very, you know, lack of a better term very hairy for you. you know? this is -- you don't want to be in that position. everyone wants to be in charge until something bad happens. >> absolutely right. really, the best lead they had, not lead but source is joyce mitchell. this prison worker. she's now been arraigned. so if they were to get anything from her, they would have spoken to her and got as much as they can and from what we heard, sounds like they had some sort of plan in place to get in the car once they got out. she had a panic attack. do you think the guys were smart enough to have a plan "b" to sense maybe something would happen to her and we have to figure out something else? >> they might have hoped for
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that to happen and a total red herring. listen. as investigators, they're going to -- listen. joyce mitchell is an easy one. they knew that she was going to be found and sometimes you have to look and say, did they set her up totally so the police focus in on her and forget exactly what else they were looking for at that point. >> it's very easy to do a lot of second guessing of the authorities in these situations. we have seen some of that in the media. my own personal view is that these escapes are unusual. collaborating, you never get it down to zero. right? guards who want to be criminal and want to help people break out, i'm not sure there's any perfect system. with that kind of hopeful context in mind what do you think of governor cuomo coming out now saying another priority will be having an inspector general independent investigation of how this all happened? >> yeah. absolutely. i mean this is about policy. it's about procedure and the people. and we're going to look to see
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where it broke down. we are hearing that these prisoners doing, had everything from boom boxes to barbecues. this is a maximum security prison. they're there basically for life. i don't know what the inspector general -- >> re-up. >> how did they have this lavish life style inside prison walls? and did -- did the music block all this noise that these guys were making? was this a whole collaborative effort on everybody's part? people in the prison know an they're not going to help you out because it's a death sentence for them if somebody else even thinks they talked to the cops. >> gave any information. >> right. they're not going anywhere. we'll move you to another prison. they're like what are you doing here? >> that's exactly right. they figure it out soon enough. >> the only hope is some anonymous tip to lead on to something or that this -- these cell phone records and all the other things they find more links than just joyce mitchell. >> what do you do if it turns out they're not in this area they have been really focused on and heavily searching and the
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assumption they couldn't leave that immediate vicinity turns out not to be correct, then what do you do next? >> well like i said one thing about law enforcement, hope is not a plan. you can't ever say that word. hope this or hope that. you have to look at the planes trains, the cars the cabs everything else that could be involved and how they can go. you're not going to just walk away from this forest and not have another form of transportation to get you out of there. >> we don't usually think about police officers feel but obviously that has an impact on how they do their job. they're human beings like everyone else. there seems to be two major mistakes here in terms of being able to get out of a maximum security prison and being on the lam for ten days. do you think that this police department and the ones helping out, are they just embarrassed at this point? >> well i don't know so much that the police are going to be 'emembarrassed at this. they had about an eight-hour head start and the cops trying to play catch up.
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listen. the bad guys are playing checkers. the cops have to think chess. think three or four moves ahead. that's the only way. you have to think like them and figure out the next move. >> are you surprised it's taken this long? >> absolutely. >> why? >> it's such a dense forest an you're not survivalists. they survived prison but what about food water? we're finding no -- >> who what are the chances they're not alive? >> there's that possibility. until you find the bodies and prove it you have to keep on searching. and there are so many areas, i mean maybe in the fall when the trees are losing the leaves and the foliage rolls back to find something. >> you have to think overall the cops do have the odds in their favor. they have the numbers, the technology. these guys have to do everything right over and over and over. one mistake, the cops can make a lot of mistakes and catch them. these guys make one mistake and they're through. >> the stakes are higher. they're running for their lives. >> right.
12:14 pm
>> yeah. they're going full tilt. they're going to try to do anything they can to be able to get away. >> but in a way, the cops are also fighting for their respect, right? they certainly wouldn't want the message to get out in new york in america that well you can get out and run away. i my most prisoners think you can get out and can't get anywhere. they'll catch you. no. you can get away. that's a frightening message to send. >> absolutely. and i've been in this position and hunting people down. you don't rest or sleep. you want to get the guy, especially if hurt somebody and the potential of hurting somebody else is so great. number one goal for cops to find the guys and bring them in. hopefully peacefully. >> talk to us about the technology that law enforcement does have to help them be able to track these guys down. >> well they have both high-tech, you know, the drones the helicopters, the infrared and then they use the low-tech of the bloodhounds and what have you. they're also if you leer looking at the videos that they're showing, crime scene searches shoulder to shoulder looking for evidence to find that would
12:15 pm
be, you know lead them to where the guys were. i mean that's the bottom line right now. figure out where the trail is and get the dogs on top of them. >> unbelievable story. >> it is unbelievable. >> joe, thank you for your time once again. we'll monitor the twists and turns of that story as well as developments out of north carolina where two teens remanl in the hospital after two separate shark attacks. and up next jeb bush's about to take the stage and make it official. he's running for president if you haven't heard. you'll hear him speak right here live on "the cycle" as we roll on. it's monday, june 15.
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it is a big 2016 day here in "the cycle." we are waiting for former florida governor jeb bush to come out and officially announce he is running for president at miami-dade community college in, of course, miami-dade florida. something that is a surprise to no one and will be interesting to see, nonetheless. let's bring back casey hunt in miami for the announcement and also joining us now is shira center from "the boston globe." >> thanks for having us. >> casey, we heard before hillary clinton speaking over the weekend. we heard a lot about how she needed to explain why she's running for president. why will jeb bush say that he is running for president? >> reporter: well, i think the argument for governor bush that they're going to put forward is this right to rise idea. he says that he is in government to help the most vulnerable
12:20 pm
populations and you saw that with that video he put out with minority communities, with children. he's focused on education, with disabled people. the question is whether or not he can convince voters that the policies that he's backing are ultimately going to result in helping those communities. i think there are a lot of democrats to say, you know what? it's one thing to say that that's what you care about and what you're for but the policy that is you're implementing aren't necessarily going to help those populations. >> what kind of music are they playing there? sounds like kind of soul casey? >> reporter: it's a little bit of low key, soul seems like a good word for it. it's all in spanish so far. that's definitely the message that governor bush is trying to send with all of the staging for this event. we areality at miami-dade community college, one of the largest hispanic populations of any campus in the country and food trucks outside and there are rumors floating around that governor bush might cook outside. >> things are getting crazy over
12:21 pm
there. >> reporter: i know. >> looks fun. and, obviously, looking for a big dose of pageant tri here. we don't see a lot of live musicians in these events. usually a deejay. this is a big day for jeb. tell us a little bit about his record as governor and how that figures in because when governors run for president there's often a lot of debate over what they did in their state. we have seen massachusetts ranking fairly high on a lot of different indications of government services dog candidates of both parties when they were nominees and clinton did well with arkansas. how does jeb bush use his record in florida if at all do you think? >> he'll use the record in florida as proof of conservative bona fides through the republican primary. he'll talk about, for example, the work for people with disabilities and talk as well, about the work medicaid and fixing with problems within the state of florida and he might talk about education, especially as republicans continue to
12:22 pm
criticize him for support of common core and finally the economy, of course he'll tout the record on the economy in the state of florida but i think it's important to note that jeb bush left office several years ago and oversaw an economy that for the most part especially towards the end of the term was pretty good up until the very end so many ways it is not really -- comparingeing apples to oranges with the governor in office still there. >> the music there. awaiting to hear from jeb bush we have been waiting for this to say why he wants to run for president and the man to fix this country. you know casey, you don't get a second chance for a first impression, especially when you are running for president. this is a day that many people will remember, sets the tone for your campaign. as you know usually after the announcement day a lot of people talking, was it a success, not a success? what does he have to do when he gets on tanlg there for us all to be talking about this as a successful day for jeb bush making it official? >> reporter: i'm going to kick it back the you because they
12:23 pm
have just started the national anthem here. i hope you can continue the conversation. >> i'm take that question to you. things are picking up there at miami-dade college. what does he have to do to talk about for a successful announcement? >> emote something. jeb bush is known for being really good in q and an or policy. i think people described him as cerebral kind of politician and needs to show empathy to the crowd. talk about real issues. this is a hard thing for jeb bush because he comes from a political family and his -- and the reputations of his brother as president is obviously controversial. less so among the republican primary electorate and think he needs to show he cares and understands issues that the republican party's not necessarily known for having a -- say a deep understanding -- excuse me a deep appeal for amongst the general elect rat. >> i want to take advantage of the fact you're in boston
12:24 pm
working for a -- >> true story. >> working for "the boston globe." >> thank you. >> new hampshire is not far away. i believe they're neighbors states. i haven't checked in a while. jeb is not doing well in iowa. we would expect new hampshire he would do very well in new hampshire. that should be one of his sort of sweet spots if he is going to end up taking this thing and not doing well in new hampshire says more to methane than not doing well in iowa. >> yeah. i think you're bringing up a really great point. new hampshire is our neighbor to the north here, or one of them. jeb bush isn't doing that well in new hampshire. i think because he carrying the benefit and burden of the last name in new hampshire and throughout the country. but in this case the bush family doesn't have an organized network. he didn't inherit a system that that could help him fund raise and get out the vote in new hampshire. like i think -- like the clintons do frankly.
12:25 pm
that's the best comparison. that's a problem for jeb bush and the republican field as a whole. it is so large a lot of those moderate republicans that you think would initially gravitate towards jeb bush have a host of other choices from scott walker to george pataki and back again to rand paul and a large field he is not the default moderate candidate the way romney could run there in 2012. >> so many to choose from krystal. >> absolutely. i want to get you back in here, casey. he hasn't locked up the number of endorsements and really locked that down in the way that many observers expected he would previously. why do you think he struggled in that arena? >> well if you compare it to where his brother sat at this campaign, he has fewer senators. his brother had dozens. and i think they're hearing it from the other candidates.
12:26 pm
john kasich of ohio said hey, i expected jeb bush to taken all of the air out of the room so far and it's pretty clear that jeb bush hasn't done that. they're trying to create an aura of inevitability if you will around this announcement today and a list of florida officials who were supporting him and seems particularly marco rubio and one of his top advisers acknowledged to me pretty tough opponent if the two of them came into a florida primary, for example. >> casey we're covering the big story today which is jeb bush where you are. but we shifted some plans to cover the first press conference of hillary clinton just last hour and i saw you put up in a post on twitter saying it's no coincidence trying to steal a little bit of jeb bush's thunder. i wanted to read from the points she's making yesterday. she said look we are not supposed to remember that 12 years proceeding clinton quadrupled the debt of our country and left office we had a
12:27 pm
balanced balance with a surplus and obama inherited the biggest financial crisis since the depression and pull us out of the ditch. walk us through any reverberations you're seeing from hillary clinton not giving jeb bush his own day here. >> reporter: well i raise that point with top jeb official and said, oh well hillary clinton does, in fact have use for the press now considering that jeb is up here on the stage and a little bit of sarcasm i would say from the bush campaign on that particular point. but yeah you know i think they know that that's what they're expecting to go into it and i think republicans concerned about jeb bush say he's the only one in the field that can't go after clinton on -- with a generational or new face argument and bush versus clinton, it takes away one of the major potential advantages that the republican party might have. >> all right. casey hunt reporting from
12:28 pm
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on. it's a safe bet. like a gold-plated soybean. reliably fast internet starts at $69.95 a month. comcast business. built for business. also top of the news cycle right now, two teenagers suffered separate shark attacks on the beaches of north carolina yesterday have been upgraded to stable condition. both of them lost their left arms. the first attack happened on oak island beach, a popular place for swimming, fishing and boating. it was there that a 12-year-old girl attacked in waist-high water. and then just one hour later, a 16-year-old boy was attacked two miles down the road. officials don't know if the same shark was responsible. the calls documented the shock of onlookers.
12:32 pm
>> we have somebody a shark, a shark attack. >> where are you at? >> oak island. >> are any of the fingers completely amputated? >> it looks like her entire hand is gone. >> it bit a man's arm off. >> okay. it bit a man's arm off? >> yeah. he is bleeding now. we need an ambulance. >> nbc's david wagner is there with the latest. >> reporter: hello from oak island, north carolina. the beaches are very much open here, just a day after two kids were attacked. it was a 12-year-old girl who was attacked very close to this pier right here. and a 16-year-old boy also attacked just about 50 blocks away. both of those kids, unfortunately, have had to have their arms amputated. i should mention here that this is kind of the i-95 of shark areas here. sharks make a trek all the way from the northeast united states all the way down to florida from here. you see everything from tiger sharks to hammerhead sharks to
12:33 pm
great white sharks and unclear at this point what type of sharks attacked these kids. what i will say is that shark researchers point out that there's no such thing as a rogue shark. no scientific evidence of one. like you see in the movie "jaws" and trying to determine what type of shark attacked these kids. they're both in stable condition. that is the latest from oak island north carolina. back do you. >> all right. david wagner thank you for that update. we continue to wait for jeb bush's formal 2016 campaign announcement any minute now. we'll bring it to you here live. that is, of course ahead. we'll be right back.
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heart attack, stroke or dementia. ask your doctor about premarin vaginal cream. welcome back everyone. time now for the storm cycle. unfortunately, texas getting ready for the potential of tropical storm bill to bring flooding rains and an area of organized convection and not a tropical storm yet but a 90% chance of becoming a tropical storm and much more symmetry
12:37 pm
throughout the afternoon and the colder cloud tops indicating very strong thunderstorms all around this area of low pressure and texas, of course does not need anymore rain. just getting over that very serious major flooding that it has a couple of weeks ago into last week and hit with bill regardless. when's going to be bill. here's rpm future radar. this is the center of the storm later on tonight and see the storm bands, 6:00 a.m. tuesday, very heavy rain houston, corpus christi and areas in between and then the moisture streaming in from the warm gulf of mexico flooding rains potentially right through the evening commute and it does spread into places like austin seeing devastating flooding and waco and also eventually as the storm moves deeper into texas the rains finally let up a bit but over next 48 hours we are talking about the potential of areas that could see up to seven inches of rain maybe more. of course this is the worst-case scenario after the flooding we have just seen places like houston, galveston
12:38 pm
watching out for heavy rain bantds and then the moisture of bill or likely to become bill will spread across the midwest. you can see these bright colors here expecting well over two, three inches of rain and tropical moisture here making it to the northeast by the end of the week and going to be a rough go and expecting tropical storm bill to form and make landfall across the gulf coast later tonight and tomorrow. toure? >> thanks for that report and waiting for jeb bush to make his official announcement at miami-dade college any minute now. stick with us for that. let's bring back shira and dana millbank. jeb's plan was to raise so much money in the first quarter that it would annihilate everyone and scare everyone off and end this thing before it got started. that did not work out. the only person who jeb scared
12:39 pm
out of the race is mitt romney. why did that strategy not work out? he has raised significant amount of money. >> yeah. it's that i think they didn't understand the extent to which money is completely taken over the system now so that because of the supreme court basically allowing for unlimited contributions essentially, anybody can be a player in this game now. all you got to do is have a friend or two who's a billionaire. so when george w. bush did something very similar, in 1999 it did clear the field. nobody could keep up with that sort of a juggernaut and not that jeb didn't do something similar right now but there's so much more money out there that, you know, a dozen people can be viable in this race now and they're not intimidated by the money. >> yeah. that's a great point. jeb bush will be the 11th gop-er to make it official for a run in 2016.
12:40 pm
still more to come here. there are a lot of options on the table as people mentioning and the competition is lot more so than last go round and people thought that was a lot of people. talking to my republican friends and i asked them who are they most excited about, i have to say jeb often comes up at the top to say he's probably one to end up with and giving marco rubio a shot and asked about rubio because, of course he is from florida, as well s. he the person you think jeb bush and the team are most concerned about in the early primary stages as someone when's different than jeb bush young, hispanic, he doesn't have a lot of baggage that he's running on here and he creates a different picture than jeb bush does. >> yeah. he does. marco rubio gone to great lengths to stress he is from a new generation making the subtle jabs at the bush name and basically emphasizing he's a fresh new face and republican politics and i think jeb bush's campaign is worried about that obviously. but if i'm jeb bush's campaign i'm looking at the primary at
12:41 pm
before florida and after florida. if you're looking at before florida right now, you're looking at competition in iowa new hampshire and south carolina which is going to be different from what happens in florida which is going to be essentially a financial boxing match on the cable news air waves between marco rubio and jeb bush. so it's kind of two different battles there. but one thing i'm sure jeb bush is looking out for, marco rubio, looking at polling in the early primary states marco rubio remains one of the most likable republicans in the field and that is often more so than the horse race an indicator of who republicans could pick in the very end as a nominee. >> dana we are looking here at live images of this big jeb bush announcement event. a lot of pageantry there. big crowd. music. they have been touting a fiesta taking place afterward. and this is important part of any kickoff. we have also heard from jeb bush's aides about the type of speech he's going do giver. so dana put it in context
12:42 pm
since you have covered a lot of these types of campaigns. we are told he's going to focus on the economy and his economic success in florida but also he's going to take the fight directly to hillary clinton and barack obama and talk about what's wrong with what he's depicting as a shared leadership which seems a bit like a nod towards a general election. >> well as we have seen before from jeb, you know he's famously said you got to be willing to lose a couple of primaries so you can win the general election. now, he's been bloodied quite a bit because of his stance that conservatives in these early primary states see as simply too moderate and trying to keep his focus here on the long game. still assuming that he battles through with all these other characters and no guarantee of that and seen in the past is past republican primaries is they do tend to have a flirtation with each one of their candidates. you know? it's a mor coe rubio moment.
12:43 pm
a scott walker moment and then they ultimately settle with the guy seemed the obvious one to start with. this could be different. this could be the time of marco rubio takes off here but we have seen saw it in rubio's announcement speech and all of them. they want to position themselves as the one when's going mano-o-mano with hillary clinton now. >> as it were. >> as it were. >> yes, indeed. indeed. and it is an incredibly unique field, uniquely flat obviously, unique in just the shear number of candidates and the number of candidates viable. >> yes. >> one thing that many have pointed out here today, it is interesting jeb chose as a logo just jeb with the exclamation point and dropping the bush last name. mom is there. dad and brother are not there. at the announcement. how much is the bush name still an issue for him? >> i think it's going to be a greater issue if he's the nominee and the general
12:44 pm
election. if you talk to any democrats and, you know they still look at bush's legacy as president and very unfavorable light. i think it's less so an issue in the republican primary. but we have already seen his opponents have seized upon this. i mentioned marco rubio earlier. others presented it as news at this point and probably smart of jeb bush in the end not have his brother and father at this announcement. his aides pointed out that logo jeb exclamation point is actually very similar to the one he ran when he was governor and said it was a matter of consistency even and maybe trying to emphasize that he's a consistent logo presenter or maybe also a consistent conservative. >> that's important. stick with that logo once you pick it. >> i don't want to say jeb. i want to say jeb! >> jeb! >> excited. >> that's what they want, too. >> dana, you can jeb's all argument is based on his electability. right? and it seems that argument taken
12:45 pm
quite a hit over the last couple of months. is he still the most electable option in the eyes of folks, the elected folks in d.c. and the governor's mansions in the country? >> well, certainly if he goes with this new slogan of a consistent presenter of his logo. >> of his logo. that's a winning message right there. >> that is the elusive message to help him break from the pack here. yeah. i mean i think he is still the favorite guy of the money men but as we were discussing a moment ago, all you need is a fat cat in the camp and don't need to be the consensus favorite but that's where the establishment such as it is is still very much with jeb bush. you know? i think the jeb exclamation point is indeed something he's been -- has been doing all along and it's also e voktive of lamar and we see where that got his presidential campaign. but i think there is an added significance now and very clearly trying to downplay this
12:46 pm
last -- his last name which some of us heard before and, you know, in a launch video he says my life began going down to mexico and met my wife. that's true at some point but the life began when he was born the grandson of a sitting united states senator and would go off to phillips academy andover and his father and brother go on to be presidents of the united states and very difficult the try to downplay that notion of privilege and i think in the end he just -- you just sort of have to own it. >> dana millbank on bush privilege and thank you both. stay with us. we'll take a quick break here. we are awaiting this jeb bush i vent. already under way. we continue to wait for him to take the stage. that's literally any minute and bring you the big announcement as soon as it happens. you're in "the cycle."
12:47 pm
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we are waiting any moment now for jeb bush to take the stage at miami-dade college in miami-dade, florida, inkasie hunt is in the room. it's a day we knew was coming. it's still very exciting nonetheless. you have been to a number of these announcements before he becomes number 11 i believe, in the gop to run for president in 2016. give us a sense of the room the mood you feel there, and also what he has to do today for it to be talked about as a successful launch for jeb bush. >> well i think that he enters
12:51 pm
this field as potentially the first of many despite the fact we talked a lot about his stumbles, i talked to a lot of republicans over the days and it's still pretty clear jeb bush is the man to beat in the republican field. and i think right now we're hearing from george b. bush his son, who is really the sign of the bush family that this campaign wants to showcase. jeb bush talks a lot on the campaign trail how he married his wife after meeting her in mexico and they developed their own life and he has his own story based in miami. his kids grew up bilingual. you notice george w. bush and george h.w bush are not here. instead, we have barbara bush who just turned 90. the question is whether or not jeb bush can convince voters in fact he repsresents this is the family he would recht, the new face of america. this event is designed to show
12:52 pm
he can reach out to hispanic voters and the question is whether or not that's the case or hillary clinton is widely expected at the democratic nominee is someone to do that instead. >> such an interesting point you raise because most campaigns in a contested primary, if they can bring out one president, let alone two from their party, that could be a big boost. here, we see in the world of bush politics today, land commissioner beats former president. >> that's right, toure. under many other circumstances, if you think about it this family does represent in many ways the changing demographic face of america, but the conversation we're having is about their last name a candidate with a different last name, the conversation we would be having would be very different, especially in the case of a republican candidate. >> thank you as always. i'm sure we'll be bringing you back momentarily, let's bring
12:53 pm
back shira center and dana milbank milbank. dana, i'll start with you. mitt romney has been all over the place, talking about the contenders and his past experience. and he mentioned jeb bush this morning on "morning joe," and why he has experience on a number of levels. >> i think at this stage, you have to be very impressed with the precampage work which jeb bush has carried out. he's put together a first rate organizations and raised a lot of money. i'm sorry, the truth is to run a campaign these days you have to have the funds to get you from state to state and run advertising and get your message out. i think he's done that better than anybody else. >> dana mitt romney is someone who knows what it takes. he went through this very much the last go around. it's true jeb bush does have the advantage with the money, the team around him, the ground organization. the next question is though can he excite people? can he convince them he is the guy that they should elect to fix this country next go-around?
12:54 pm
>> the question is can he excite them as much as mitt romney excited the american people? i'm not sure the romney endorsement at this point is all that it's cracked up to be. the analysis of that is correct, but it's a bit conventional and older in the sense that as we were discussing earlier, it is all about money, but there's so much more of it so many more people can remain viable. and as you guys noted earlier, the one person jeb bush did frighten out of the race was mitt romney who is probably privately kicking himself right now, saying maybe i actually could have pulled this thing off. certainly, if you're a leader and you're only at 10% in the polls, romney presumably could have been in the front of that pack as well. but i think it is true in the sense as we were discussing a moment ago, that republicans tend to do the safe conventional thing. in this election that's jeb
12:55 pm
bush. >> the deed. shira, one thing we have been talking about the pageantry, jeb's experience the dynasty. what policies are going to be central to this campaign? i know that the slogan is right to rise. have we heard a lot of specifics about what an economic plan from jeb bush might look like? >> you know i haven't heard a lot of specifics yet. mostly frankly, playing defense on some of his positions that conservatives don't appreciate too much. when he comes to new hampshire, for example, republicans frequently ask about common core education standards which he supported. they ask about other things immigration, for example, a lot of conservatives in new hampshire view him as more moderate on that issue. i haven't heard a lot of details about his economic plan but i think it's important to point out he's been out of office for several years now. in many ways we're dealing with a very different economy than the one he dealt with when he left the governor's office in 2007 2007. >> the moment in the bush campaign that stands out for me
12:56 pm
is the iraq moment when jeb answered megyn kelly's question and then the next day answered it another way and went on to answer it four different ways. and from the beginning, i thought, you know many thought this man will be the adult in the room. let's see if the republicans go for the adult in the room. and in that moment and in some others, he seemed to cedae that. i don't want to get bogged down in gaffe police but with bush ceding this space as adult in the room where does he go? >> that's not just a gaffe. that's a quadruple if not quintuple gaffe, when he managed to extend it out over a week. i think that it was not just about, you know chatter on the airwaves. i think a lot of funders and supporters said wait a second i thought this guy was more talented than that. that alone will become history, of course, if it's not repeated. this gets to the single thing he
12:57 pm
has to do and say, he's going to be something other than what his brother was in office. his brother is popular with certain primary voters but his brother in terms of what the nation thinks started an unpopular and unsuccessful war and ended in economic calamity. so they were playing in a warmup there, the kinks. better thinks. it was almost suggesting that okay we've tried that before. now we're going to move on to something different here. he's got to say what that will be because he hasn't differentiated himself from his brother yet. >> looking at the templates from the last campaigns, romney's advisers complained about what they say was an unfair obsession with the fact he was successful. in the interview today he said what is good for the goose is good for the gander. take a listen to him talking about hillary's wealth. >> i got beaten up on that
12:58 pm
stuff, and i think hillary clinton has to expect the same treatment. look hillary clinton is somebody who talks about how much money some people are making and how much less other people are making. but look at how much money she's been making. how could she get up there and sell a populist message when she makes in one hour a multiple of what the average american will make in a year? >> do you think that kind of attack is something we're going to hear from jeb bush today? >> well i don't know about from jeb bush today. certainly, there will be a nod to it but romney is correct that hillary clinton has left herself vulnerable on this. the populist message is what's working now in both parties and she definitely needs to be hitting it. it's not just the fact she and her husband have made a lot of money. i don't think americans begrudge anybody that. it's the notion of pay to play there may be something done informally in exchange for that money. that's what the republicans are all going to seize on. that's what these minor
12:59 pm
democrats running against hillary clinton are going to seize on. i think unfortunate lay, mitt romney is correct that that's a vulnerability. now if you're from the bush family and you've got your own tens of millions well that sort of blunts that argument. we can have the old money/new money fight in the 2016 election. the little guy takes it on the chin again. >> sounds great. >> shira, these big announcement days, there are two things that are important. you want obviously a smooth rollout and a message people can take away with them to know why it is they're running for president. for example, hillary clinton wanted to be our champion. what is it that the jeb bush team and jeb bush himself what the american people to walk away with today after hearing him in a few moments? >> according to some of the excerpts we have seen from the speech already, it seems like the message he would like the people in the room and everyone listening to walk away from saying is he's the best candidate. he talks about his record a lot. he talks about stuff he's done in florida as governor. but it's really not about what i
1:00 pm
will do in the future. it's what i have done in the past and why he thinks he'll be the best candidate. that's what i gathered from the excerpts i received so far. >> thank you for spending time with us. "now with alex wagner" starts right now. any moment now, former florida governor jeb bush will officially announce his campaign for the republican nomination for president. joining us now from miami is kasie hunt. kasie, i know it's going to happen any minute now, the crowd seems decidedly boisterous. tell us about who's been speaking thus far? i think george p. bush just took the mike did he not? >> we just heard from george p. bush, yes, which tells you a little bit about which side of the bush family they want to showcase. george h.w bush george w. bush both missing. barbara bush is in attendance but jeb bush's family he married a woman from mexico. it's something he talks about a lot on the