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tv   The Rachel Maddow Show  MSNBC  June 16, 2015 1:00am-2:01am PDT

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rachel maddow starts right now. >> thanks my friend. >> thanks for staying with us for the next hour. even for things that we are pretty good at, even for things that we are paid to do, all of us have our limits. part of being an adult is recognizing the outer boundaries of what we are capable of as people. so my job, for instance is understanding and explaining the news and in order to do that job i do a lot of exposition in terms of just raw factual explanation of what is going on in the world and the news. i also do analysis to explain what is important going on in the news or what makes it interesting. i don't think i'm the best at my job. there are people in this building that are better than me at every aspect of my job. mostly i am glad this is my job because i love doing it.
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i work hard to get better all the time. but i have come to realize that there are limits. there are some things i can't explain or at least that i can't analyze in any meaningful sense because there is something that is appealing about these things or that seems important about these things but i just can't grasp it. i know it means something to other people. i can see it in their faces. i can't get it. i can't empathize. there are a few of them that come up in a recurring way in politics, things that obviously really resonate with other people i figured out i just don't get. one of them is term limits. people love the idea of term limits, a guaranteed applause line. no matter who suggests term limits in any speech. i think term limits are a terrible idea for legislatures because legislatures are about to write laws.
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that is a complicated high degree difficulty work. if legislatures are termed out before they figure out how to do a good job writing laws then you know what will happen? the people who are going to write laws will be the staffers and the lobbiests and everybody else who is not elected and not subjected to term limits. the legislatures will not do anything in office if they are not allowed to stick around long enough. people love term limits. all sorts of people love term limits. i don't get it at all. same thing for nepotism. voting for somebody or feeling loyal because you liked a family member of theirs as a politician. their mom is a politician or their dad is a politician. this extends to when somebody dies in office. a lot of people believe at moments like that the natural inherter of the rest of the term should be their child or their
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spouse which makes being an elected official that job title something you hand down like dishes. it stays in the family. we don't have a house of lords in this country for a reason. people don't inherit titles in this country. i do not get the family dynasty thing in politics among republicans or democrats. lots of other people do get it. particularly on bush v clinton day in the news today. obviously this has some resonance. but i don't feel it. i don't get it. i also don't get a lot of sleep. purpose built political clothing. it is fine for presidents to wear cowboy boots but it is weird for presidents to wear boots designed to remind them they are president with the presidential seal on them. why do presidents need the jackets on air force one that tell them they are president while on the airplane. would they otherwise forget? why do they wear the special purpose built political clothing
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while on that plane? it is very strange. things large and small. there are things that are beyond the outer limits of my capacity as somebody who has this job, somebody who explains the news and does political analysis. i get that. the most limiting of these today is my complete inability to understand this. this is a person called donald trump. i don't mean like i can't understand him when he speaks. i can understand the things he says. the thing i don't understand is how he is a political figure or what kind of political figure he is or what sort of political juice he's got because he has some. i just can't figure it out. i can't get there. today jeb bush became the 11th person to announce he was formally running for the republican nomination for president of the united states. we will talk more about that later on this hour. tomorrow donald trump is going to become the 12th person to
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announce he is running for the republican presidential nomination. there is some resistance to accepting that as the next thing that is going to happen in political news. i think there is resistance to accepting he is about to announce for the most part that mr. trump in the past has said or strongly hinted he would run for high political office and never actually followed through. in 1999 and 2000 he said he wanted to run for president not as a republican or democrat but reform party ticket and went to "today" show to announce he is not doing that. turns out he figured out the reform party was a total mess. >> i have made my decision. i am not going to be running. the party is as you know self destructing. jesse has left and it's a problem. so i will not be running. >> not running for the nomination of reform party or not considering any run for
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presidency this time around? >> not considering a run. >> nothing can change your mind with that? >> no. >> jesse ventura left the party so that was that. so donald trump decided after playing with the idea of running he decided in 2000 to not run. in 2012 in the last presidential election cycle he spent months implying he was going to run giving speeches and doing interviews about the theory that president obama was secretly foreign and had a fake birth certificate and that meant that president obama wasn't really president at all because he wasn't american. it was a very weird way to fake run for president but mr. trump got tons of traction, months of press coverage for that in 2012. remember when mitt romney and ann romney had to do the donald trump event. donald trump did not run for president in 2012 either. then in 2014 he said he was
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going to run for governor of new york. at the last minute he decided not to run for governor of new york. now apparently we are on the eve of him announcing whether or not he is going to run for president this time in 2016 as a republican. and here we get to the limits of my abilities as a person who has a job like this. because it is not at all that i dislike mr. trump and therefore don't see the appeal because i don't share the affection for him that his supporters have. it is nothing like that. it's not qualitative at all. i do not recognize -- i cannot see that what he is doing is something that might conceivably to anyone have any political appeal. >> i want to make the country great again. this country is a hell hole. >> i have an absolute way of defeating isis decisive and quick and very, very, it would be very beautiful. >> i do know what to do and i know how to bring isis to the
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table or defeat isis very quickly and i'm not going to tell you what it is tonight. one of the problems -- >> why won't you tell me? >> i don't want to. >> we need all the help we can get. >> if i win i don't want the enemy to know what i'm doing. i don't want the enemy to know what i'm doing. unfortunately i will probably have to tell at some point but there is a method of defeating them quickly and effectively and having total victory. all i can tell you is that it is a fool proof way of winning and i'm not talking about what some people would say, but a fool proof way of winning the war with isis and it would be absolutely 100% at a minimum come to the table and will be defeated very quickly. >> after watching bush make a total ass of himself, rubio makes an ass out of himself. >> i can't see that kind of public persona.
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as being something that lays the foundation for a viable presidential run. but i also recognize that mr. trump does very well in the polling among republican voters. one new poll at 2%. usually he does pretty great. he is certainly on track to be included in the national debates even as like the guy who came in second to mitt romney last time around and the governor of ohio and the former governor of texas. people seem to have a much more straightforward shot at the nomination are coming in after him very consistently in the polling. he has also hired staff, one of the reasons rick santorum's bid seems like more of a long shot is in part because donald trump hired away the key santorum staffers who helped rick santorum win iowa. one of the staffers sent out this e-mail inviting republicans to a donald trump event right after he gives his announcement
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tomorrow at the trump tower in new york city and will fly immediately to iowa where republicans have been invited to meet donald trump in des moines for a rally they are calling make ameria great. and all over ameria to the extent that anyone is thinking about him i think the political question about him is whether or not he is really running or whether he will opt out at the last minute. that is kind of the discussion about him. frankly, i think he is going to run. i think he is also very easily going to make the debate cut, a lot of serving republican governors of major states are not going to make that cut. at a very base and present level i don't understand this. i don't know how this works politically. i don't know how to analyze this phenomenon because part of me does not believe it is real. it is real. republican voters believe it is real but i do not get it. i do not understand it.
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so donald trump is going to announce tomorrow that he is running for president of the united states. and jeb announced today. and hillary clinton announced this weekend and started running these last few days not in the way that anybody expected her to. we don't have many days like this in politics. we have a special surprise guest coming up next here specifically for amazing days like this. that is next. stay with us.
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what is this thing with trump and you? it's like me and letterman. >> this all dates back to when we were growing up together in kenya. >> we had constant run ins on the soccer field. he was very good. >> when we finally moved to america i thought it would be over. >> have you met him? i know you -- have you met him? >> i haven't actually. >> president obama speaking in 2012 apparently never met donald
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trump when mr. trump spent months railing at president obama to release his real birth certificate. but now mr. trump is apparently launching a campaign to meet and become president of the united states and republican voters apparently don't mind the idea too terribly much. i do not understand to think about that. i do not understand how to think about it and i don't understand whether or not this is politics. joining us now is someone who i would like to help me, the host of "hard ball" chris matthews. thank you for being here. >> so i'm the grand when it comes to explaining trump. >> i just feel like i don't honestly know if this is just a celebrity real aity tv thing. is this real politics? >> he is kind of a comic book figure. if you imagine a superman or batman episode he would be like downtown developer walking around with trench code, lots of
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money. he is a show off. he is the kind of guy where the average working guy doesn't have much money saying this is how i would behave. i have big buildings named after me. i would show off and talk about running for president and make fun of other people. i would be kind of a wise guy show off. and that is what he is. i think that is the appeal, just that. >> when he was making noise about running in 2012 i'm sure you remember this, we were all part of it in some degree or not. the tons and tons of attention not just on cable but from all the networks and tons of print media attention, everybody talking about the possibility from running the way he was attacking president obama. this time not so much. i know jeb today kind of stepped on him a little bit because he is going to announce tomorrow. not as much noise about him this time. >> unlike charlie brown you and i realize lucy is going to drop the football.
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she is not going to hold it for us. how many seasons do we have to go through when charlie brown would realize too late he was on his butt because lucy dropped the ball and wouldn't hold it for him when he went to kick. as you pointed out we have gotten tired of the game because there is never a chance to kick the football. i guess this time he is going to run. on the issue of the birth certificate i think that is where the malice comes in. i think as a business guy he deals with a lot of land developers who are very right wing and hawkish on the middle east especially. and i bet every time he walks into a business meeting with one of those fellows they congratulate him for accusing obama of being a foreigner, a kenyan, some absurd claim. they seem to like it because it is malicious and does play to racism. i'm not saying donald trump is a racist but he is playing to those who love the fact that some rich successful guy under writes claim that obama shouldn't be president by tribal
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ilegitimacy. >> there is a little bit of zero sum aspect to the republican field this year that there hasn't been in other years in part because of the high stakes first televised debate. fox says they are only putting ten on at once. if it happened anytime soon trump would definitely be on the stage and that would mean somebody else who might be seen as more serious candidate isn't going to be there because trump. if that holds through the fall and he does actually declare he is running and go through the motions how does it effect the whole republican field? >> it's like an agatha christie play. he will not just push out or crowd out someone. he will be the show because he will attack whoever the front runner is. if it is scott walker he will knock his head off.
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he will do the same to marco rubio or if bush makes a comeback. his whole game will be to knock out the front runner and get in the lead. he won't be in the jump but the top of the story. and that will make the republican party look like a clown car because he is in it. it will hurt the republicans more than you seem dismayed by the media power. people pay big money to live in one of the towers. they are paved with gold. people do go for it as they went for sinatra. this guy is a particular kind of talent called pr. he knows how to build himself up part of the comic book image that people are taken with. they don't hate donald trump. people don't. >> for me it's not dismay but actual confusion that i can't see it. i am worried i'm being taken for a ride that this is something about a tv show that i don't watch. >> he has taken us four times
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for a ride. he ran in '88, 2000, '04 and '12. i think this time as you pointed out he will have to run. this time he has to run. the question is will he actually file? he put out numbers today worth $8 billion. when he puts that under oath in his formal filings i will believe it when he swears to that under the law and that means he is actually running. we don't know he is going to do that. if he does i will be impressed he is risking exposure to the kind of body frisk that goes on for any candidate. it is serious business because the press even though they like the story they like him on the way up and the way down. look how the press has gone after christie has been good copy governor christie is always good copy and so is donald trump. that is the risk he is taking when he goes and puts his head into that noose and says i am a candidate for president of the
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united states tat changes the rules of coverage. you are no longer a colorful american comic figure but the scrutiny and really toughness of politics. that can be tough for him. he may really regret doing this. i don't know. he may well regret it. >> or he may have it gamed out. we will find out for sure tomorrow whether or not he is wondering. i didn't expect to be covering presidential politics this intensely this early. >> can i give you a prediction? >> hillary is the next president. >> you think so? >> still looks like that. >> i don't think it is falling at all. >> chris matthews host of "hard ball" on this network at 7:00. we'll be right back. stay with us.
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there was this one moment where he was a little owly, owlish. i didn't expect the owl noise. it was great. >> here is what it comes down to, our country is on a very bad course and the question is, what are we going to do about it? the question for me is, what am i going to do about it? and i have decided i am a candidate for president of the united states of america.
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>> this is not an embarrassing thing that jeb bush did. this is not howard dean. this is not jeb 's brother doing that. i don't mean it that way. it is unexpected. it was a very unexpected thing. made a loop of it today. he has a touch of the owl. i say that as an owl fan. who! jeb bush, former governor of florida, brother of george w. bush, son of george h.w. bush became the 11th major republican candidate to declare run for
1:31 am
presidency in 2016. there was one nice candid moment where he referenced the fact that there are a gazillion people running. >> campaigns aren't easy and they aren't supposed to be. i know there are a lot of good people running for president. quite a few, in fact. not one of us deserves the job by right of resume, party, family or family narrative. it is nobody's turn but everybody's test exactly as a contest for president should be. >> the wide open nature of the race is honestly very, very exciting this year, but the size
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of the field is creating all sorts of challenges for the individual candidates and for the party as a whole trying to figure out how to deal with the whole unwieldy giant group of people none of whom has particularly strong advantage over the others. there is a new poll that came out the headline they put out is no top tier. the director of the poll says you would be hard pressed to look at the results and identify an emerging top tier let alone a so-called front runner. there is a strong front runner. none of the candidates placed higher than 11% nationwide and nobody is more than a point ahead of anybody else. undecided kicks everybody's butt. undecided is clearly winning the republican race for president. 20% of respondents way ahead of everybody else and getting stronger and stronger every time. two months ago undecided only got 14%.
1:33 am
undecided gets 20%. i think undecided is going to win. in the meantime the republican party has to decide who they will allow to compete by competing in nationally televised debates. john mccain saying the fox news channel will have to drop the plan to allow the top ten candidates into the first debate. he tells "time" magazine i think if you had these rules in '07 i might never have been the nominee party in 2008. i think it shuts out people who are not well known and diminishes results in states like new hampshire. it is hard to believe that the fox news channel and the republican party are going to be able to continue with this plan to only allow top ten candidates to compete for the nomination when there is no clear front runner other than undecided and there is no top tier of serious candidates who have a materially better chance at the nomination than everybody else does. jeb bush today became the 11th republican to join the race. and in a bipartisan way it is remarkable that we have had the official rollout of two of the three candidates who represent
1:34 am
big family political dynasties. there is rand paul who inherits the whole infrastructure and machinery of his dad's multiple protest campaigns for president. there is jeb bush who formally rolled out his campaign today. if he were successful and won the general election that would make the bush family the only family in american history to have ever supplied the country with three presidents. but it was an interesting choice today for jeb bush that neither his brother, the former president nor his father were actually there on hand in miami for jeb 's announcement. he didn't mention either by name and didn't talk about either of their presidencies except the only reference was when he described himself as a guy who met his first president on the day he was born and the second president on the day he was brought home from the hospital.
1:35 am
that was it. no further discussion of his brother's time as president or his dad's time as president. and maybe it's easy to make too much of that but at the same time he rolled out his official campaign logo from the time he ran for governor in 1994, a campaign he lost. you might think the logo might have bad juju. he is using that logo again for his campaign this time around, one advantage is that it does not include his last name. if you want to find the jeb bush for president online it's jeb jeb if you forget and type in jeb bushfor that is owned by this couple. remember these guys on the show when we realized they were the owners of jeb bush for
1:36 am
they have held on to it all this time. it is a great website and all about their family and dogs and how much they love driving around in their rv and how much they love each other. they want their website to be an open forum for discussing the issue of gay rights. so jeb bush for is the adorable gay bear couple. if you want the actual jeb bush for president campaign you have to drop the bush when you are looking for the website. do not type his last name. the word bush is not part of his campaign for president. it's just a first name. it's like cher or the rock or bjork or coolio. twiggy, seal, jeb . it's just one name.
1:37 am
it's interesting. hillary clinton could have chosen to do that, too. the name of the superpack was ready for hillary. her campaign logo is just an h with the arrow thing. she could have been campaigning for president as if she dropped from the sky or hatched one day under a shady elm. independent of any surname or any political history implied she totally could be running as hillary. she is running in completely the opposite direction and really stark contrast with jeb bush she is not running away from the previous presidency nor running away from the president who she just served as secretary of state. >> you know, president roosevelt's freedoms are a testament to our nation's unmatched aspirations and a reminder of our unfinished work at home and abroad. his legacy lifted up a nation and inspired presidents who
1:38 am
followed. one is the man i served as secretary of state, barack obama. [ cheers and applause ] and another is my husband, bill clinton. [ cheers and applause ] two democrats guided by -- that will make him so happy -- they were at our -- built by all and shared by all. hillary clinton in new york
1:39 am
city at the top of the speech referencing president obama but her husband's presidency. at the end of her speech president clinton joined mrs. clinton on stage no hiding light under a bushel not just something she put on for the campaign launch. she has been consistent and really aggressive on this in every appearance she has made since the launch on saturday morning. hold on because this is where it gets really good. we'll be right back.
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i said in my speech yesterday that both the two democratic presidents of the last 35 years, one barack obama and the other my husband, showed that it is possible to do better. they both inherited the problems from their republican predecessors.
1:42 am
[ cheers and applause ] and they had to dig us out of holes, but the facts speak for themselves. >> but it's not like i'm saying, you know, bill clinton and barack obama are not going to influence how i see the world. i am a democrat. i believe that our country was stronger, more inclusive, produced more jobs with more rising incomes, with two democratic presidents who both inherited the problems of the republican predecessors. >> so jeb bush is running today. he is going to announce. he is trying to say his last name doesn't matter. any piece of advice for him on that? >> i have to say that is a very tempting question to answer, but i won't. i would say this. i'm going to let the republicans decide who their nominee ends up being. i'm running on my record, on my positions, but i'm very proud
1:43 am
that i have experience along side my husband in the white house and serving as secretary of state for president obama that i think will really be helpful as i both campaign for and serve as president. >> when al gore ran to succeed bill clinton in 2000 he famously ran away from the clinton presidency from bill clinton personally but also from the achievements of the bill clinton presidency that the country felt good about at the time. hillary clinton is not making that mistake and not running away from the presidency of barack obama which was an open question. nobody knew how she would position herself in relation to president obama. now we know. she is making it very clear no
1:44 am
distance. and that is striking on its own terms. if she ends up running against jeb bush it would be amazing because maybe it is just a coincidence that jeb bush forgot to invite his brother and his dad to his campaign announcement today and he forgot to include his last name in his logo and forgot to include his last name on his website and it's hard to make out any obvious reference to the fact that he would be the third member of his family to be president of the united states if elected. that is apparently how he is going to run. for hillary clinton it is 100% the opposite. joining us now from concord, new hampshire is andrea mitchell. i know it has been an endless day for you. thank you for being here. >> my pleasure. it has been a fascinating day in politics watching these two candidates. >> seeing hillary clinton running, talking about her husband's presidency, talking about her husband as my husband,
1:45 am
talking about the clinton presidency and the obama presidency as two essentially twin experiences with democratic leadership which she wants to build on on the same day that jeb bush is running as if his last name is not bush, not in the logo and not in the campaign website and not in his announcement today. is this a contrast that we expected from secretary clinton? >> i'm not sure that we really understood how she was going to straddle this or deal with it. she has embraced it. she is embracing obama. she is certainly embracing her husband. she is not running away from his legacy, from his value system. she is talking about both democratic predecessors. one whom she is married and the other who she served. she is distinguishing herself from policies without being explicit she certainly is not discussing the economy the way bill clinton or the democratic
1:46 am
leadership coalition spoke about the economy or 1996 when he went for welfare reform. there were a number of policies that she would not have supported. did not support inside the white house, welfare reform is clearly one of them with head of the clinton foundation and others in the cabinet. and presumably the first lady, as well. she is now moving to the left because the country has moved to the left and because she is under pressure from those with elizabeth warren and those with bernie sanders who is getting a lot of support from millennials. she moved away from president obama on trade. and that, of course, is a hot topic and was noticed in the white house. that said she has no apologies for them, not for their values and what they represent. i think it is very artfully done and so far i think it could work for her. >> on that point about trade, obviously, bernie sanders had been just one of the people probably to the left of her in
1:47 am
the democratic party pushing her to give an answer on that. she had been avoiding giving an answer and said i'm with nancy pelosi on this and nancy pelosi voted against the trade bill after keeping her cards very close to the vest and heading into that vote. that happened today. discussion of that happened today. she took questions for about 20 minutes with the press. it has been a flash point and point of criticism that she hasn't been available to reporters. is it your sense that will change now? >> reporter: i think it is. i think how often she does it is another issue. the fact that she spent 20 minutes talking to us, we knew this was going to take place, lots of signals. it was very orderly. there were no shouted questions. it served her well. she is so good and adept at handling press questions aside from instances like that u.n. experience talking about the
1:48 am
e-mails and at some points her book tour but she clearly thought the answers through. i think her answer about her welt when i asked her about mitt romney's criticism there was sort of laughter, mitt romney is criticizing me about my wealth. his point was she is going to get beaten up the way i was beaten up, said he, because her earnings, her speech earnings are so vast multiples of what other people make per hour. and what she said was american people don't begrudge other people's success. they just don't want to see people who are so successful because they lived the american dream and others have helped them and then they pull up the ladder behind them sasay they built their own log cabin. i think that is an interesting answer. >> andrea mitchell reporting from new hampshire. really appreciate you being here. thanks.
1:49 am
>> good to be with you. >> thanks. much more still to come tonight. please stay with us. 's so shiny. i know, mommy, but it's time to let the new kitchen get some sleep. if you want beautiful results, you know where to go - angie's list. now everyone can get highly rated service even without a membership. you can shop special offers or just tell us what you need and we'll help you find a local company to take care of it. angie's list is there for all your projects, big and small. pretty. come see what the new angie's list can do for you.
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in this press availability, she took questions for about 20 minutes. it's been a real flash point, a real point of criticism that she hasn't been available to reporters.
1:51 am
somewhere in between is a ship called the arctic challenger. it's operated by shell oil. it's set to arrive any day now as shell starts drilling the arctic. alaska is getting ready for it to arrive, and so is the coast guard. >> reporter: sitting in alaska are two response boats. the coast guard will use them to patrol waters and enforce the safety zone around shell's fleet. >> we as a coast guard are going to ensure that all mariners are employing safety on the water as small vessels can try to impede on large vessels' movements and vice versa. >> so the coast guard is going to be stationing vessels around the arctic challenger to keep protesters away. they're already planning that. they've pre-positioned already. the ship hasn't arrived yet, and they've geared up for protester trouble. there's good reason for them to be concerned. last month as it was sitting in port waiting to go to alaska, it was boarded by protesters who attached themselves to its anchor chain, and they hung
1:52 am
there for days before being removed by the coast guard. this past friday, another ship got boarded. protesters attached themselves to the ship's anchor chain. this was the scene in seattle earlier today. this is the polar pioneer. that giant yellow thing there. one of shell's rigs that is supposed to do the drilling in the arctic. it's unimaginably huge. it left this morning on the way to alaska. but on its way out of port it was met with a blockade of kayakers, about 50 of them, who physically put their teeny, teeny, teeny boats and them selves in the direct path of that jay began particular rig. 14 of those activists were taken into custody today. in some instances, the activists were pulled out of kayaks when they were taken into custody.
1:53 am
they've all since been released. but that was sort of a repeat of this protest that took place last month when a giant flotilla of kayakers swarmed around that rig as it arrived in seattle. so yeah. the thing got into washington amid a big flotilla of protesters, it got out of washington, barely, amid another big flotilla of protesters, and now the coast guard is getting ready for what they expect to be a fight. although, word to the wise here. if there is a fight, it's hard to guess how the protesters might wage it. they have been pretty unpredictable. this is the seattle space needle that looks a little disconcertingly like a syringe. it also has banquets halls you can rent out. it was the site of a launch part for a shell oil arctic drilling
1:54 am
rig. there was a big party inside the space needle to say farewell to the rig. everything seemed like it was going fine until this happened. >> we're going to pour a ceremonial glass here and would like to be joined by our special guest. the widow of the late great designer of the rig. we would like you to have the first glass poured. >> thank you. thank you. so, put your glass right over here, enid, and we'll fill you up. >> oh, my goodness, oh, my goodness, turn it off! >> stop, stop, stop. >> oh, my goodness. >> it's fine. >> it's a disaster. >> who is responsible for this disaster? >> the answer to that question turned out to be an act vest group called the yes men.
1:55 am
in 2012 they set up a whole fake launch party. they posed ago shell oil officials, invited local business leaders to attend the launch and unleashed an oil spill from their miniature oil rig. the nice lady was also an act vest. she was in on it. it was a stunt sagely to call attention to shell's drilling activities in the arctic and it did get all sorts of press when they did it. and now that shell is back out there to try drilling again, the yes men are at it gone. the yes men posing as shell employees again. they took to the city to offer passersby free sno-cones. they said the ice was from the last ever chunk of polar ice. free sno-cones from the last polar ice ever. come slurp the arctic with shell. it seems clear, they are never
1:56 am
going to be able to do this in peace. it's going to be a long, hot summer. [baby cooing] your baby looks at the world... ...through those delicate little baby lashes. and one of those chubby baby hands... ...latches onto your finger so hard... it's like she's saying i love you. that's why aveeno® baby lotions... naturals® oat formula... designed for your baby's sensitive skin. because, while you count each miraculous toe... know they're counting on you. [baby coos] aveeno®. naturally beautiful babies.
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honestly, i did not expect to be covering the 2016 presidential race at such a brake neck pace already. this time of year, but today we got the formal announcement from jeb bush that he is running as jeb -- first name only. jeb doe, can you call him. you also have hillary clinton stepping out as a proud clinton and a proud obama secretary of state. tomorrow we're going to get donald trump's announcement. and in the middle of that, we're waiting on several huge rulings from the u.s. supreme court which could have a big effect on not just the entire nation. now it's time for the last word.
2:00 am
they're now saying we're going to start getting them on thursdays, as well. this is going to be a great week for news. it already is a great week for news and it's only monday. "first look" is up next. >> right now on "first look," bracing for tropical storm bill. flood watches, area schools canceled. storm surge expectations and forecasts straightaway. breaking overnight, a major blow to al qaeda's top leaders by u.s. forces has the terror group scrambling. race and deception, new details surrounding the naacp leader who quit under a massive cloud of controversy. plus three cuts in six years, another chicago dynasty rises.