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tv   First Look  MSNBC  June 16, 2015 2:00am-2:31am PDT

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now it's time for the last word. they're now saying we're going to start getting them on thursdays, as well. this is going to be a great week for news. it already is a great week for news and it's only monday. "first look" is up next. >> right now on "first look," bracing for tropical storm bill. flood watches, area schools canceled. storm surge expectations and forecasts straightaway. breaking overnight, a major blow to al qaeda's top leaders by u.s. forces has the terror group scrambling. race and deception, new details surrounding the naacp leader who quit under a massive cloud of controversy. plus three cuts in six years, another chicago dynasty rises.
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the billionaire prepares for an announcement and much more on this busy tuesday. "first look" starts right now. good morning everyone. i'm angie. right now, bracing for dangerous weather, tropical storm bill is closing in on the gulf. the storm packing 50-mile-per-hour winds and in the threat zone oklahoma arkansas louisiana and still-soaked texas. in houston, the rush to get ready yesterday as the city is put on high alert. flood warnings are up and in the forecast possibly 12 inches of rain. southern houston and galveston canceling classes. bill karins has the latest on the storm's track. >> dangerous storm. only three weeks ago, we had the horrible and deadly flooding in texas and we have a situation where we could easily get another 6 to 12 inches on this soaked soil of east texas. and that's the concern. we're not concerned with the storm surge. could be around 2 to 3 feet at
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landfall. winds could be maybe 50 or 60-mile-per-hour gusts. but it's this bulk of rain that has to come up into texas over the next couple of days and that is where the problem will be. across the coast, up towards dallas by about 1:00 p.m. notice the winds die down to just a remnant low by this point and it tracks back to the ohio valley. this is probably the most soaked areas of our country and that's the exact path that this storm is going to take. how much rainfall is possible with this? latest computer estimates are 8 to 10 inches at the high end. but, again, we don't know yet quite where the training is going to be. but the potential is for 4 to 8 widespread, up towards to 8 to 10. that's why we have flood watches that go from core pus christy to springfield and now the st. louis areas. and our long range computers, take the heavy rains, back up through the ohio valley. we had horrible thunderstorms
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last night, angie, with flash flooding problems with pennsylvania to illinois. they're going to get this storm eventually, too, so we have a lot of flooding to deal with in the week ahead. >> and that rainfall today, around noon to 1:00 p.m. >> thank you. it's a word you don't throw around lightly, but this morning in chicago, they're rightfully shouting it with pride. dynasty. game six of the stanley cup finals blackhawks were all over the lightning. hard hit a goal in second period and another to seal it in the third. and then this. >> call for another block. five to go. for the third time in six years, the black hawk res stanley cup champions! >> you heard nbc's doc emrick. three stanley cup wins in six years. the last time they won it on home ice back in 1938. after that one, the oldest traditions in sports.
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the series ending handshakes. the blackhawks had to wait around on the ice for lord stanley's cup to arrive on the stadium reportedly because of the bad weather and traffic issues. so when that 122-year-old relic arrived, the grown men kissed that trophy. out in the chicago streets, massive celebrations and, you bet, more than a few of those people out there probably calling in sick this morning. and the cover of the "chicago tribune," very simple. hat trick. congratulations to everyone out in chicago. a huge triumph for the u.s. military. al qaeda now saying that its second in command, nasser al wahishi is dead. killed by an air strike in yemen. he was a target on friday. he is the head of the al qaeda in the arain yajan peninsula. meanwhile, there are still lingering doubts this morning
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that another target was, in fact, killed. this one in libya. initial reports indicate nasser al baktar was taken identity but still no official corn firm confirmation yet. donald trump, will he or won't he? he could become the 12th person to announce plans for the white house. trump would follow on the heels of jeb bush who yesterday became the 11th person to declare a run for the presidency. on the flip side hillary clinton has been busy on the campaign trail. while in new hampshire yesterday she discussed early childhood education and once again avoided taking a position on president obama's trade deal. tracie potts reports from washington. >> reporter: the donald on twitter calling today a really big day for america after a rally in new york today, trump's schedule has him hitting iowa
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and new hampshire. and according to "the washington post," detailing his $9 billion fortune. >> i will run with heart and i will run to win. >> he'll face jeb bush who dropped his famous last name on his logo announcing a presidential run. >> the next president of the united states will pass meaningful immigration reform so that that will be solved not by executive order. >> reporter: immigration could be a tough one for bush. >> first he was for it. now he's against it. now he might be for it again. he's going to have to figure out a way to answer that. >> reporter: like trump, bush is believed to have tons of money to work with. he's been able to raise $100 million and, of course he has very strong network of donors. >> i'm running on my record. >> reporter: another multi millionaire, hillary clinton held her first news conference as a candidate declaring americans aren't against success. >> i think americans are against people who get on the top of the ladder and start pulling it up so that nobody else has the same
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chance that they had. >> and that was nbc's tracie potts reporting. this morning new information on those vicious slashing attacks in north carolina that took the left arms of two young people. area beaches remain open today while authorities patrol the shore line. the family of the first victim a 12-year-old girl is asking that we not report her name or her condition right now. but we're hearing from the paramedic who just happened to be in the water when the girl was attacked. >> when i got to her and realized how bad the injuries were my -- i guess i just kind of went into work mode. we got some strings off of a boogie board and off of a tent and i made some makeshift attorney kits until we could get the proper equipment on scene. she was so strong did a wonderful job and her parents were amazing, keeping her calm. >> and this is the scene of a second attack a little more than an hour later. that 16-year-old boy has been upgraded to good condition. rachel dolezal, the civil
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rights activist who has been accused of misrepresenting herself a as black has announced she's stepping down from president of the spokane naacp. she repeatedly identified herself as black until her own parents spoke to reporters saying her racial makeup is in fact overwhelmingly white. dolezal will share her story in an exclusive one-on-one interview with melissa harris perry today on msnbc. it's day 11 of that massive manhunt for those two escaped murderers in new york state. while law enforcement has not found them yet, we are starting to get more information on what may have happened. prison worker joyce mitchell accused of helping them on the inside appeared in court yesterday. a law enforcement source tells nbc news she may have wanted the deadly duo to kill her husband, also a prison employee. and multiple sources familiar with the investigation tell nbc mitchell was investigated for a
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sexual relationship with escapee david then it was the owner one who charmed her. and the district attorney saying there may be more people involved in that escape. let's get down to business with cnbc's landon dowdy. great to see you. >> great to see you, too. gap is going to close about a quarter of its namesake stores. the retailer will shed 175 locations in north america, most of them this year. it's unclear how many job cuts will result on the move. gap is also eliminating 250 jobs at its corporate office. goldman sachs is thinking small. the investment bank plans to start offering consumer loans online as soon as next year. the loans of a few thousand dollars would be offered through a website or app with no cost for branches. goldman could lend the money at lower interest rates. and honda is adding another 1.4 million cars to its massive recall of vehicles with the faulty takata air bags.
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models include the civics and according made between 2001 and 2007. these calls have already been made to replace the driver's side air bags. >> thanks so much. in sports blue jays taking on the mets. the blue jays looking to extend their winning streak to 12. the blue jays pitcher has beaten every team in the league except the new york mets. jump to the bottom, one hit to left field for the tying rbi double. very next play singles up on the middle to send juda home. mets win this one, 4-3 and end the blue jay's 11-game winning streak. big night in sports tonight, the nba could be crowning a new champion or does king james have what it takes to force a game seven? and in vancouver, team usa will play nigeria in a world cup matchup. nigeria is ranked 33rd in women's rankings and the u.s. is second.
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new england patriots owner robert kraft hosted a party for his team as they received their super bowl rings. tom brady, enjoying himself. this is the largest super bowl ring ever 205 diamonds in all. tom willis putting his best foot forward throwing out the best foot at the san francisco giants game yet and it was nothing short of incredible. he did it with his feet. and speaking of incredible check out this video. the australian team called how ridiculous looking to set a new world record for highest basketball shot. their target the dam in pass mania and their goal, 415 feet. take a look. >> light, light, light. >> yeah!
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>> that shot was unreal. smoking pot may be legal in colorado, but that doesn't mean you can't get fired for lighting up. plus the details surrounding this teen being take hissed by a police officer. ♪ every auto insurance policy has a number. but not every insurance company understands the life behind it. ♪ those who have served our nation have earned the very best service in return. ♪ usaa. we know what it means to serve.
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reliably fast internet starts at $69.95 a month. comcast business. built for business. welcome back. in the "defer post," the colorado supreme court, employers can fire for pot use, even for medical reasons. the case surrounded a quadriplegic who was using medical marijuana. he was fired after failing a drug test. directv, for example, lass a zero tolerance drug policy. the court found that only activities legal under federal .state law are allowed under the lawful off duty activity statutes. >> there is a lot of people out there who use marijuana for
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medical reasons and today they've all become unemployable. in san diego, an investigation is on after a run away teen is tased and being tackled by this deputy. the teen's friends captured it. there's no video of what happened before the recording, but the deputy says when he approached the run away, a scuffle started. in the video someone reportedly yelled he's choking him out. but you can't tell from the video. the teen then allegedly bites the deputy and that's when he was tased, the deputy's boss coming to his defense. >> what we have is really an out of control juvenile who could have prevented this whole ordeal just by obeying the commands of the deputy. and new details in the benghazi investigation. sydney blumenthal a hillary clinton confidant has turned over new memos on libya specifically 120 new pages of e-mails between him and then secretary of state clinton. according to the "new york times," the e-mails include information about the weapons
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that were circulating in libya and the security situation. blumenthal goes before the house select committee investigating benghazi later this morning. denny hastert, confidential. plus who performed at the president's private party? scrambled politics is next.
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candidate lindsey graham. >> i've been joking that -- he doesn't have -- >> vice chairman -- >> he's going to have a rotating fird lady. he's a bro with no ho. >> yesterday, kirk wrote i apologize to the people of illinois for my inappropriate remarks last week. today, vice president joe biden will be speaking at a clean energy summit in d.c. there will be his first public speech since the death of his season, beau biden earlier this month. we are learning richard mac, one of the escaped new york convicts had a hidden talent painting. over the years, he has been mailing friends some of his artworks. you can see bill clinton, hillary clinton before that as well as barack obama. matt was sentenced to 25 years in prison for killing and dismembering a man. from the "new york times" invitations to the white house party signed sealed and delivered, but private. the president and first lady threw a party on saturday for 500 guests.
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prince and stevie wonder reportedly performed. the white house, though is staying quiet on this one. >> the president and first lady did host a private event here at the white house over the weekend. but given the fact that it was a private event, we didn't spend a lot of time talking about it publicly. while in new hampshire monday hillary clinton got the chance to read to a group of youngsters. turns out some of them recognized her. >> you know what? i -- >> i see you on tv. >> du? you know you did? >> on tonight show host jimmy fallon and hillary clinton talked about her presidential campaign last night. >> that's right. hillary clinton officially kicked off her campaign this weekend. we obviously can't show you the whole thing, but we were able to condense it down so you get the gist. >> i'm going to be president and no one else stands a chance. >> there you go. >> that's the first time i saw that. pretty funny.
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that's your morning dish of scrambled politics. this is only the beginning. only the beginning. joining me here in studio political analyst ellis hennikin. >> so who is going to cut up our edits and do them like that? >> i don't know. it would be hilarious. i'm not important enough. we're not important enough all right? let's start with the president's trade deal because, ellis, it seems like he's in a real troubling spot. this is a way for the president to leave a positive legacy on the world stage. it looks like it's just fallen apart. >> and he got slammed by his own democrats on friday. 302-126. a stinging defeat in the house and the dems were mostly stacked against him. what he has now is time. john boehner working with the white house, agreeing just put this off for six weeks before there's going the be a real final decision on it. you know what? maybe he can make some kind of deal with republicans. he hasn't gotten very far with it yet, but he has a few weeks to try and sort it out. >> i want to talk about hillary clinton because this is one of
2:23 am
the questions she was asked at her first presser yesterday. she quite frankly dodged the question. smart move? >> the main question people want to know is when are you going to start answering questions, right? >> when are there going to be more of these. >> she came off pretty well. she looked good. the speech was nice. but she's been very reluctant to get to the gritty questions that people have and i think she has to start doing more. >> and connect. >> yeah. we've known a long time she's running. but she's been doing this listening tour and more listening. it's time to do some talking, hillary. >> but she has to track lightly because she needs the president, right? if they want to get another democrat in the white house. >> it's always dicey with the guy who is in office you don't want to slam him because you don't want to turn his supporters off but you don't want to be too close to him. >> a tight rope at that. we have to get to trump, the big announcement. is he serious this time? >> i hate to say so because i've been burned so many times. he acts like he's going to run
2:24 am
and then he doesn't. >> you have a feel? >> it looks like he's going to jump in at least long enough to make the top ten for those debates where he gets some more publicity. >> you know what is going to happen if he's in one of those debates. he's going to steal the show. could this hurt republicans, real quick? >> well he does suck the air out of the room. i don't think he's a serious candidate. i don't know. i think a lot of republicans wish he would go away and be quiet. >> you love him or hate it. thanks for stopping by. just ahead, the pope's elite message on climate change. plus, find out what the pant yif thinks we should do about global warming. when broker chris hill stays at laquinta he fires up the free wifi with a network that's now up to 5 times faster than before! so he can rapidly prepare his presentation. and when he perfects his pitch, do you know what chris can do? and that is my recommendation. let's see if he's ready.
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leading the news in the "wall street journal," the pope calls global warming a threat and urges action. pope france's highly anticipated letter to his actions were leaked. in it he says human activity and fossil fuels are to plame for climate change. he calls on people to move away from a consumerist lifestyle. a judge agrees to secrecy in the dennis hastert case. hastert allegedly agreed to pay $3.5 million in hush money to conceal prior misconduct which sources say was of a sexual nature at a high school when he taught in the '60s and '70s. and last night, jimmy fallon found out he has support if he and a certain singer should ever decide to run for president. >> how are you doing?
2:29 am
>> oh my god. that is the best i've seen. i haven't even announced yet. >> fallon timber lake '16, fantastic. that's -- yeah. >> he didn't know what to say. he was speechless. but who would be the vice president and president? >> i think timber lake would be the vice president. he has a nice suit and tie. this is "first look." after six months in speculation, jeb bush finally announced this morning that he's running for president. over the weekend, he released his campaign logo. let's take a look. there you go. that's it. that's the actual -- the true campaign logo. i think it sends a clear message, though not as clear as his first idea. making it official saying it's nobody's a turn to become president, jeb bush announces his candidacy he's going to run with heart and win. the gap loses its luster. how the retailer went from a
2:30 am
mall staple to an american icon in trouble. and the city of chicago is popping bubbles this morning after the blackhawks win the stanley cup, their sixth win in 30 years. this is "way too early." ♪ our children will always hear ♪ >> good morning, everybody. it's tuesday, june receive. welcome to "way too early," the show that never sleeps. we begin with politics this morning and jeb bush making it official. in an impassioned speech the former florida governor is getting back into politics by declaring himself ready to serve once more. >> the presidency should not be passed on from one liberal to the next. the question for me is what am i going to do about it? and i've decided i'm a


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