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tv   First Look  MSNBC  June 17, 2015 2:00am-2:31am PDT

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this space as usual and maybe twice as often as you otherwise would and call me immediately if you see clarence thomas smiling because that might be important news. pew tan getting missals to the 80s arm skpras we're getting to know the people bethiend collapse -- and the nba as a champion and the first look is now. >> good wednesday morning and
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it's an attack on the super bowl. this morning could it have happened this year. according to fbi testimony the man accused of o orkdoing the shootings. it had an attendance of more than 70,000 people and not the mention the fans there to take part. in court yesterday prosecute ers called him off the charts dangerous for the alleged roles in the shoot outs. he is charged with conspiracy and making false statement tosss to the fbi. his attorney say that is the claims are a typical jailhouse snitch. russian president putan and
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this is announcement came on the plan to station heavy weapons in the bordering russia. in response they accused him of rattling. >> this nuclear rattling of yaush is unjustified. it's destabilizing and it's dangerous. >> accusations are new orleans in the past time. this morning a federal investigation is under way into one of the most successful teams and the alleged 21st century twist and hacking the database. greg reports. >> from pop flies to spies. it's a major investigation in the leagues. the new york times reported that
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they're investigating whether the st. louis cardinals hacked into the houston astros system. >> there's an ongoing investigation with respect to an un unauthorized entry into houston's system. >> last year reams of internal private information was posted on line. major league baseball referred the breach to the fbi thinking that it was hacked by an outside look. >> the fbi started to look into it and the clues pointed part to the cardinals. >> they believe that hacking down revenge against the general manager that left the cards in 2011. the cardinals organization released a statement saying in part that the team has fully cooperated with the investigation and will continue
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to do so. >> does the fbi have enough evidence too make the case in court? that's what needs to be seen. can we point this and make the case many in court. >> as evidence mounts that a ball park rivalry continued off the field and on line. tragedy at an early summer birthday party in burkely, california. the balcony collapsed and dropping them 40 feet below. >> in irony of a loss. 13 people packed ton a balcony and then it fell 40 feet to the ground below. >> they're saying that one of them broke and ten people fell from the third floor.
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>> all were in the early 20s. seven others are being treated at area hospitals. thoerp among the thousands of students that travel to work at summer jobs and get a taste of american culture. >> it's truly terrible to have such a serious and sad thing take place at the beginning of a summer and opportunity. >> inspectors looked at apartments and ordered three others to be closed. >> there are three others and they have red tagged those. >> the property owner has been o ordered to do the open investigation. turning to politics now. running for the white house and they made announcements on tuesday. donald trump was the 12th and his announcement began with the ride down the escalator and social media ate it up. video of it went viral on tuesday.
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now, the enter music was rocking in the free world, but apparently young was not happy about it. he released a statement saying donald's use was not authorized. mr. young is a long time supporter of bernie sanders. here is what daily show host john stewart had to say. >> like many of you i have heard interesting news today about a certain let's say gift from heaven entering the presidential race because some were not farfetched enough. the world is going whites are blacks, trump is running for president. does gravity still work? >> well meanwhile jeb bush will be visiting iowa today.
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he is getting a lot of attention for slow jamming the news with the tonight show. >> i am looking forward to hitting the campaign trail and discussing and how to solve them. >> you don't want to mess with him, because when he comatose the debate he is a mast er. >> he is a mast er debate er. >> well in the democratic side bernie sanders maybe closing in on clinton. it finds that 41 approximate percent of the primary voters favor clinton. we're looking at seven minutes past the hour, and it's time to get down business with cnbc landon. >> good morning. should i slow jam business news today. >> we would love that and go view viral. >> the central bank wraps up and
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is likely to signal a rate hike is coming this year as long as the economy keeps improving and the rate could lead to hiring cause and all types of loans. it has not raised them since 2006. >> there's an auto play and videos will play but on mult until you click on them. they have been testing them and facebook has 4 billion views per day and then mogul kurt is dead and owning more than hafr of the hotel rooms on the vegas strip. he has tried to make big investments and angie back over to you. >> thanks so much. the 40 year nba championship drought in the bay area has finally come to an end. the golden state warriors are
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the 2015 nba champions and seth curry and james shaking hands before the celebration. it started with this beautiful performance who is skbliend has cerebral palsy. ♪ >> and the night ended with one of the sweetest sound in sports. >> the dream season is complete. the golden state warriors are the 2015 nba champions. the first title in 40 years. >> the sound of victory and king james dominated and making the final appearance and scoring nine assists and it was just not enough. seth curry skprand the finals mvp combined to help head coach
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become the first to win a title back in 1982. now, in the bay area the celebrations were in full force with fireworks and thousands of fans gathering to show the support. next we want to take you to world cup soccer. usa woman's team taking on nigervery next play and with the corner kick. >> to the middle and this one is 1-o 0 u.s. >> nice. >> finding out the one back for the 14th career and ties her for the second most goals in world cup history. u.s. wins the match and advances to o the round of 16. prison worker joyce is
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waeping and weak. hear are from one of the kids attacked by a shark just days ago. tropical depression is over the top of waco and heading for the dallas forth worth area. we will let you know who is next after that. we will let you know on msnbc. [ male announcer ] legalzoom has helped start over 1 million businesses. if you have a business idea, we have a personalized legal solution that's right for you. with easy step-by-step guidance, we're here to help you turn your dream into a reality. start your business today with legalzoom.
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like a gold-plated soybean. reliably fast internet starts at $69.95 a month. comcast business. built for business. extreme weather in the gulf. tropical storm bill roaring the shore in texas yesterday. packing 60 mile per hour wind and 70 miles south of houston a five foot storm surge had waves of water rushing over the roads. forcing to use kayaks to get around, and this morning parts of texas under a flash flood threat until thursday. further north this system and storms exploding and seeing falling from the sky.
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you can see that golf ball size hail and bouncing like popcorn in the grass. some of it measuring over one inch. this is what it looks like driving through it. the storm is now a depression but there's still a lot of lingering threats. >> yeah we're only a third of the way through the dangerous threats. so far so good. we had about three to six inches from just outside of houston to victoria. a good size thunderstorms and we have a good watch, but none reported. it goes until 8:00 a.m. and then it's exiting and pouring all night long. light rain sa riving and so as we go through the peek of the morning rush hour through now and say about 7:00 or 8:00 a.m. we're expecting the rain to fall in the dallas area. that's going to cause some
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pawning. there's a chance and some of the purple shades could get four inches of rain. notice what they're highlighting@. we could get higher rainfall than we did in texas yesterday. that continues through the next couple of days through the southern portions of illinois and indiana. washington dc had record heat yesterday. there's not hot weather to be talked about out there. >> too much man or too hot. take the pick. >> yeah i don't want either of them. >> thanks bill. new detail in the prison break and the trail for richard matt and sweat have gone cold. as for joyce mitch and atthe alleged deal to drive a car may have been the plan b. the es cap peas had another one that allowed them to flea.
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meanwhile her husband visited her for the first time yesterday and his attorney tells nbc news that they're not true. in nrk nrk a shark attack victim is sharing his story. hunt er was attacked on sunday and lost part of his left arm:he describes the moment of terror. >> like i said i felt it on my leg, and then i saw it once it had attacked my arm because it was out of the water a little bit. in london michelle obama met with prince harry. jeb bush on love and getting the boot. federal employees left exposed. scram scrambled politics is next.
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a t-shirt and then change my mind i can return it. but a car? you don't reeeaaa eeeeeaaaaaly know until you've driven it a few days. i just want to be sure. ♪ ♪ as long as people drive cars carmax will be the best way to buy them. time for the hump day and the mayor of south bend has come out gay and it's the south tribute why coming out matters. in it he write in the wake of the freedom act episode here in indiana earlier this year we have an opportunity to demonstrate how a state like ours can move forward. darl was kauths on camera
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here being booted out and he was leading the deposition is seen escorting him up and he threw up the hands as isis stormed off. >> super old computers make pretty easy hacking targets. they testified and it exposed the information of millions of federal employees. well, the personal data was not incrypted was the computer systems were too old. that did not make him very happy. >> so you failed okay. you failed utterly and totally. >> he is now calling for the leader of personal management to slow down. after slow jamming the news with jimmy fallon and talked about meeting his wife when he met his wife in mexico.
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>> when you're in love you can overcome the barriers pretty quick. there's a language that matters the most. >> yeah. we're done slow jamming. we stopped slow jamming. >> getting hot in there. >> that's your morning dish of scrambled politics. in wash awash let's bring in jonathan allen and cheer corr spn dent. does this look like a tall order to you? >> it's a tall order and not im impossible. what i am hearing is that this is the only play that's left to those that want to get the president's trade agenda through.
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basically requires some ping-ponging back and forth and it would require democrats to trust republicans and it benefits for the caseworkers and would go along for the authority and potential deal later on for a partnership. >> so we're also talking about a leap of faith there. we want to talk about the poll numbers that are talking about bernie sanders gaining grind. is it to be expected or is there a threat here? >> well the level of support is for man i would have expected. i think that we're going to have to see it and giving any poll. at the same time the reason that you hear hillary clinton's campaign staff talking about needing to rub a serious primary and not taking things for granted is that they understand
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the vulnerable. we have to talk about trump before i let you go. we know two things he is running for president, and he is very rich. do you think that this is going to be a problem for serious candidate sns. >> i think that it's likely to get a place on a debate state. the roles that they have set out allow for the top ten republicans, and he may get on the stage and someone else may not. >> well, he has 15 days to get the paper work in and we will wait and see. thanks. joining us live from washington. >> great to see you. this captivated tens of millions and then an exorcism is performed over the entire area of mexico. find out why next. for more than 30 million patients? or that our software helps over 20 million smartphone users remotely
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leading the news. catholic churches say that they performed an kporism and that was after the pope said that they're punishing them for the violence. and then side swapping a parked truck. he posted this photo and saying that he refused to expect any money. he went on to thank the man for being so cool. now, for a look back on this day after leading police on a slow chase in southern california. o simpson was arrested after a
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chase. i think everybody knows where they were watching that on the days. >> yeah, the years are ticking by. the young generations has no idea what we're talking about. way to early starts now. >> ladies and gentlemen, my father donald j trump. ♪ >> i'm just really happy right now. a billionaire vanity candidate taking the egsscalator to the
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white house. only president walks. >> donald trump announces in true trump fashion. we will look at how he could have a impact on the race. and the golden state warrior rs the new nba champs and putting away the cavs in game 6 final. it's the first title in over 40 years. texas hit with the first tropical storm in almost a decade and dumping rain in places recovering from flooding. this is way to early. good


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