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tv   MSNBC Live With Thomas Roberts  MSNBC  June 17, 2015 10:00am-12:01pm PDT

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water logged state. 30,000 people have already lost power. we'll tell you where the torrential rain could be headed next. first, we lead off the hour with some breaking news on the manhunt in upstate new york. just moments ago officials updating their investigation of the two escaped killers, richard matt and david sweat, have now been on the run for 12 days. and these are the latest images put out, progression photos of what the men could look like right now after 12 days of being on the run with some beard growth. authorities have expanded the search area and they believe that these men could still be nearby. >> no hard evidence that they are outside the area. that being said i cannot rule that out. but we're going under the -- what i think is the logical belief, they can be anywhere. we're not going to rule this area out until we have identified a location that they're at and verified that. >> msnbc's adam reese joins us now live from dannemora, new york.
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adam, why are officials acting so confident that matt and sweat are still in the area? >> reporter: thomas, that's a good question. this was a who's who of law enforcement that met the press this afternoon. you had the sheriff's department, you had the u.s. marshals, the fbi, the local police. they said this was a very elaborate and creative plan. now they're going to get creative in their search. they're going to redeploy move out of this perimeter area of 16 miles, shift the focus, change their strategy. they're going to look at highways now. they're going to look at trains. they call it fast means of egress. ways that these guys could have gotten out of this area in a very fast way. they have had 1400 tips so far. they're down to 600 searchers from 800. but no concrete leads. they believe they're going to get these guys it's just a matter of time. thomas. >> it was really a fascinating press conference to watch for the update. msnbc's adam reese.
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adam thank you. now we turn our attention to 2016 and the campaign trail. jeb bush and hillary clinton have both officially declared both are heavy favorites for their party's nomination and both are campaigning in early states in the nominating process. this morning bush was at a backyard meet and dwreetgreet in iowa. and clinton's first of two events in south carolina is under way this hour. so clinton is participating in a q & a right now about making the economy fairer for the poor and the middle class. earlier she once addressed that nasty 2008 contest in south carolina versus then senator obama. specifically how they were able to let go and bygones be bygones. >> i thought you know suppose i had won and i had inherited the mess that the president was inheriting and i needed the best help i could find i would sure want him to help me if i asked him, right? >> nbc's kristen welker is traveling with hillary in south
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carolina and nbc senior political editor mark murray is tracking jeb's movements today. first we'll start with kristen. you are on the site of clinton's event, the next one in south carolina. set the scene. who's supposed to be there today, kristen? >> reporter: well clinton is reaching out to young voters this afternoon, thomas. her focus is on the youth, reaching out to those voters who were so important to the obama coalition who helped sweep him into the white house, who she needs if she wants to win the white house today here at a technical college in north charleston. she's going to be unveiling a plan that would give businesses a $1500 tax break for every apprentice they hire. this is something that needs congressional approval but it does have some bipartisan support. so why is she doing this? if you look at the national unemployment rate, it's at about 5.5%, but the youth unemployment rate is far higher close to 8% thomas. this is something that young voters really care about. i'm also told she's going to get personal today again. she's going to talk about the
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fact that her first job after law school was here in south carolina. of course this is a new tactic in 2016 as compared to her campaign in 2008. she wants to be more up close and personal with voters this time around. thomas, this campaign stop comes amid some troubling news for the clinton campaign. according to the latest quinnipiac poll in three major swing states florida, ohio and pennsylvania, a majority of voters say that they don't trust her. and then there's this from new hampshire. a suffolk university poll which shows that she is leading bernie sanders but only by about 10 points. bernie sanders nipping at her heels, picking up many of those progressive voters who would have been elizabeth warren supporters. this is troubling for the clinton campaign. when you talk to campaign officials about it they say, look they have been saying since day one that this is not a coronation, that she is going to earn every vote. still, this race is becoming increasingly competitive by the day, thomas. >> kristen welker thanks so much. now we check in with mark
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murray, nbc's senior political editor. he is here in d.c. with me. we saw bush slow jamming the news with jimmy fallon. bush was asked about comments that he made on tuesday regarding the pope endorsing the science behind climate chamber of commerce -- change. listen to what he had to say. >> i respect the pope. i think he's an incredible leader. but i think it's better to solve this problem in the political realm. but i'm -- i'm a catholic and try to follow the teachings of the church. >> so catholic talking about teachings of the church wants to hear what the pope wants to say. i heard in florida they couldn't use the word climate change. >> we ended up hearing some language from jeb bush when he was asked about climate change and man made effects on it a few weeks ago, it was more -- it's arrogant to assume that this is actually a settled science was
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his comment, but all of a sudden when you inject the pope into it, you have to temper your language a little bit. this is a question republicans will end up getting, what the pope is going to say in regards to climate change. this is a question we'll see at every single republican debate. >> meanwhile jeb bush slow jamming the news we're talking about hillary trying to go after the young voters that's a way to go after the young voters on fallon, show your humorous side. >> this has been a very good two weeks for jeb bush. you look at his overseas trip and the first thing is do no harm. unlike mitt romney was able to do in 2012. he had a very successful launch in miami. he's displaying some humor with jimmy fallon. this has been a very good two weeks for jeb bush. the question is do republicans start buying the fact that he could end up beating hillary clinton toe to toe, a generic clinton versus bush contest. there are some republicans that are worried that jeb bush isn't their best general election
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nominee. >> mark, great to see you. thanks so much. it has been 24 hours since donald trump announced that he is running for president. in that time trump has had the highest activity on facebook. more likes, more shares and comments than any 2016 candidate except for hillary clinton. according to a new monmouth university poll trump has some work to do because his unfavorability rating is a whopping 57%. with more gop candidates yet to declare, can he gain some ground. frances has the day off but richard lui is at msnbc world headquarters in new york and is leading our pulse question today. >> we're asking you at home to join the conversation at question of the day, do you think donald trump will gain traction as a candidate? so far it's early, but this is what our scoreboard is showing us at the moment. 71% think he will gain traction as a candidate. 29% say no. the question might be though what kind of traction right,
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thomas? we'll be watching that. keep your comments coming. more 2016 politics for you and all the latest results coming up, thomas. >> i think everybody is just fascinated to see what he's going to say because he can be so politically incorrect. now we move on to new developments about tropical depression bill. it's been downgraded from a tropical storm but flash flooding remains a big concern through texas. this storm is making driving conditions very dangerous. look at this from behind the wheel. some areas could get up to 6 inches of rain and more isolated areas could get up to a foot. oklahoma also expecting the impact of bill with as much as 7 inches there and it comes on the heels of massive flooding that we witnessed last month. the fbi says a phoenix man involved in the attack on the draw mohammed contest in texas also talked about wanting to attack this year's super bowl. they called him off the charts dangerous and they charged him
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with helping to plan the may 3rd attack in garland, texas. but his brother says investigators have got it wrong. >> i just think with everything going on today they're just trying to materialize something that's not there. so he will have his day in court. >> nbc news justice correspondent pete williams has been following this story and joins us now with more on this. pete, how much do we know about the details for the plans to attack the super bowl from abdul kareem? >> well officials say they never got beyond the talking stage. it was never considered a serious threat but just shows the range of kinds of things they were talking about. they say kareem ultimately ended up training with the two men to went to texas to attack this draw muhammed event. they went to a range and he provided the guns and they talked about it and he was very much involved in this plot. this arrest that came to light this week follows onto the
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investigation of that case and is part of an increasing tempo of these operations against what officials say are attack plans inspired by isis. we saw yesterday the release of the fact that the fbi arrested over the weekend a 20-year-old college student from queens named munthur omar solly. he was looking on the internet about how to build a bomb that he had attack plans in mind. that he told an undercover operative that he was in new york to do an op which they say is short for operation, and he came to the fbi's attention after he was twice seen wandering around on the george washington bridge. earlier today, authorities seeking to do an isis-related search on staten island arrested a man. when they entered his home he attacked them with a knife. he may face charges related solely to the assault on the officers. it's not clear to us whether that search conducted in staten island is related to the arrest
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of the queens college student over the weekend, but it's clear that the tempo of operations against isis plots is increasing just as isis outreach is increasing in the u.s. >> really it's like playing whack a mole, playing catchup with this. coming up exactly how many st. louis cardinals were in on an alleged team to steal team secrets from the houston astros? we'll dive deep on that. plus we get an update on what may have caused that tragic balcony collapse in berkeley california. and a 16-year-old boy who lost his arm in a shark attack just three days ago, he's speaking out for the first time from his hospital bed. >> i've gotten a massive amount of messages from people all over who have been wishing me well. i'd like to thank them for that. >> really great young man and you'll hear more of his incredibly brave story. the message he has no everybody, coming up.
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prosecutors are investigating more than 50 potential money laundering cases in the 2018 and 2022 fifa world cup bidding. swiss banks reported the incidents and these incidents triggered the investigations. now, the swiss probe is happening at the same time as the u.s. investigation into claims of corruption among fifa officials. the best team in baseball is facing a front office scandal that has some baseball fans and potentially the fbi screaming foul play. now, currently the fbi is investigating allegations against the st. louis cardinals involving computer hacking of their rival, the houston astros. major league baseball and the cardinals say they are fully cooperating and this morning on the "today" show, bob costas talked with matt lauer about the question that everybody in baseball is asking. >> one of the keys is going to be is this just a couple of low
10:16 am
level guys in the cardinals at lit ix -- analytics department and the higher-ups, did they not know about it. >> jason stallman is the sports editor at "the new york times" and joins us now. jason, this has a lot of tongues wagging and we have the baseball commissioner coming out saying this is a federal investigation, not a baseball investigation. so does mlb just stand aside and let the fbi do its thing? >> in this case it sounds like that's what they're choosing to do. major league baseball took a different approach in recent years, for example, with the biogenesis investigation. they tried to conduct their own parallel investigation along with the feds and it didn't work out so well. it was a little messy. in this case it sounds like commissioner manfred is choosing to stand aside until the federal investigation is complete and then he'll decide how -- what course of action they're going to take. >> meanwhile everybody wonders how far this goes up and bob
10:17 am
costas was talking about this. the pyramid of it and wondering if it's just low level people or if this could go all the way to the top. take a listen. >> if it goes near the top of the cardinal pyramid, it's not just a major baseball scandal, it's a low to st. louis' sense of itself because the cardinals are viewed as not just a successful team but a model franchise. information is extremely valuable now. there is a motivation here. who acted upon us is the key question when it comes to the cardinals. >> this really changes things because we're all aware in the baseball game you want to steal some signs from people or catch on to what people's platform of play is that's typical to do. if you get pegged that way, you get pegged. what are you hearing from the cardinals organization, the loyal fan base about this? why would they need to do this? >> thomas as a st. louis native myself, i'm hearing a lot from the loyal fan base. they can't understand why i would be involved in this story. but, no i think they are wrestling with what to make of it as bob costas said.
10:18 am
it's very different in nature if it's just a couple of low level guys operating in a rogue fashion. i think the key question is whether any of the high-ranking officials, not only did they authorize this but did they just know about it. if they knew about what was going on that could lead to serious legal exposure. >> so they have a win-loss record of 43-21. i probably don't need to tell you that as you are well aware. it's the best record in major league baseball. so how much does this story give a black eye during the season? >> well let's pause for a moment to fully understand that there have been no formal charges filed yet, so if and when u.s. prosecutors decide to do that then i think that's when st. louis baseball fans and others can perhaps more fairly decide what the real meaning of this is. but in the short term i don't know that this is really going to affect this cardinal baseball season. >> said like a cardinals fan. jason stallman from "the new
10:19 am
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planters. nutrition starts with nut. ugh! heartburn! no one burns on my watch! try alka-seltzer heartburn reliefchews. they work fast and don't taste chalky. mmm...amazing. i have heartburn. alka-seltzer heartburn reliefchews. enjoy the relief. one of the survivors of the shark attacks in coastal north carolina is speaking out for the first time after losing his own arm. 16-year-old hunter was attacked by a shark sunday afternoon, less than two hours after 12-year-old kirsten was attacked in the ocean just two miles away. they were both swimming in waist-deep water about 20 yards offshore in oak island. gabe gutierrez reports. >> reporter: this morning hunter is somehow in good spirits after a horrifying ordeal. >> i felt this kind of hit on my
10:23 am
left leg and i felt it like -- that was the first i saw when it was biting up my left arm kind of and it got that off. >> the 16-year-old kept his sense of humor when a shark attacked him sunday afternoon on a north carolina beach. >> i have two options. i can try to live my life the way i was and make an effort to do that even though i don't have an arm, or i can kind of just let this be completely debilitating. >> his doctors say he should be ready for a prosthetic limb in about six weeks. >> he's up walking around. he's eating a regular diet and he is one tough kid. >> hunter's attack followed a similar incident with a 12-year-old girl just an hour earlier. the family of kirsten yao says he's in stable condition. while she also lost her arm, she is expected to keep her leg. for that we are grateful her
10:24 am
family says. we want to thank the good samaritans and emergency responders whose clear heads and quick actions saved her life. since then no more attacks, but several possible shark sightings around the area keeping beachgoers on edge. >> i'm very worried. we've gone here for years and nothing like this has ever happened before. >> for hunter a colorado native it will be a vacation he'll never forget. >> thank you for everybody's support. >> reporter: gabe gutierrez, nbc news oak island north carolina. >> wow, what a sweet kid. wish him nothing but the best. another shark bite survivor is sharing very exciting news. it was a big story when pro surfer bethany hamilton lost her arm in a shark attack but the consummate show never shied away from returning to the surf and her board and now she has a new title, mother. she shared this photo with her husband announcing their new baby boy, isn't that sweet? blessed to welcome our son, tobias, into the world. we say congratulations to that
10:25 am
beautiful new family. that's great. still ahead, are officials any closer to tracking down two dangerous killers. we're going to tell you what new york state officials just had to say in the last hour how they're updating the investigation and widening their sweep. plus an update on our bing question. now that billionaire donald trump is officially in the 2016 race, do you think he'll gain traction as a candidate? keep voting at speaking of candidates jeb bush slow jamming the news with our very own jimmy fallon. yep, that happened. you can watch for yourself and see how it all played out, coming up. [ speaking spanish ] ♪ building aircraft, the likes of which the world has never seen. this is what we do.
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10:29 am
of what the men could look like after 12 days on the run, if they're trying to alter their appearance by growing out their beards. meanwhile lyle mitchell joyce mitchell's husband, is expected to talk to investigators today and it comes on the heels of reports that his wife may have wanted the inmates to kill him after she helped them escape. now, a law enforcement source tells nbc news that investigators are looking into the allegations. joyce mitchell's attorney dismissed it as quote, specious. district attorney andrew wylie addressed those reports moments ago. take a listen. >> the reports of that that it was discussed between joyce mitchell and the two escapees the information we have from joyce mitchell is that that occurred. that that plot had occurred. >> that discussion did occur. joining me now, pat brown, a criminal profiler. she's also the author of the book "the profiler my life hunting serial killers and psychopaths." it's great to see you, especially in person. let's dive into this because
10:30 am
it's really fascinating. no real big updates that came out of the d.a. conversation and the authorities releasing details. they have dropped down to 600 searchers from 800. but what does it say to you, we're now 12 days in and there are no firm leads. >> that these guys are pretty good. i think they expected them to be like the previous escapees. they just didn't get very far with much forethought. but obviously their plan was pretty good. they executed something pretty amazing out of that particular prison and so i'm going to guess we've got two guys who are smarter than was expected and maybe farther away than expected. >> we have these progression photos that investigators have released now to give the public an idea of what they could look like with some beard growth or if they're trying to alter their image in any way as they try to move around. what are the scenarios? because they're saying they want to expand the search. they downgraded the amount of people in the field. they also alerted the marshals on the mexican border. but is that the likely scenario
10:31 am
that they would try to get away as fast and as far as possible? >> it all depends. we have to look back at their history. what i've always found is where they're the most comfortable is where they're going to go. if they spent time in mexico they may want to go there because they think they can blend in and find some way to live down there. if that's a place that's totally alien to them they may have no desire to go there at all. they may go someplace where they think nobody will recognize them. to tell you the truth, you could put them in the middle of a city and we wouldn't have a clue. >> they have been locked up and away from modern day technologies. >> just that they look like other people. the other important thing is whatever joyce mitchell says they need not to listen to her. i mean they're going to interview her and try to see what they can get from her but they have to be very careful because she's a liar. she may be lying about what she was planning to do that they're going to be seven miles away stories she came up with is not necessarily to be believed so the authorities have to be very careful not to put all their eggs in her basket. >> she could be the biggest red
10:32 am
herring. her husband, lyle is being questioned today but the authorities there did confirm the fact at least from her, that they discussed this murder for hire plot or it was going to be -- that's how they would pay her back by taking out her husband and she would escape with them. >> i wouldn't be surprised. we've seen this over and over where a woman will hook up with somebody in order to eliminate the husband that she presently has. so it wouldn't be surprising. people have been asking why would a woman do all this to begin with. she obviously has some sort of personality disorder herself and she's found somebody she thought -- she was amusing herself with maybe was exciting and fun and could get rid of maybe an albatross for her. >> we know that lyle mitchell, they're saying there's no evidence that he helped in this escape. also from your work how easy is it to get papers to these guys? say joyce mitchell was able to smuggle in some type of passport and new identification for these guys to travel with once they got out that they had on themselves when they were able to get away.
10:33 am
that makes things very easy to move around. >> right. i don't know how good she would be at this but she might be good at getting those phones to them so they could contact other people who would be able to do that. again, i think the authorities are going to be looking at their past because people do not change radically their behavior so whatever they did in the past to function is the find of things they will use again to function and i think that will them their best leads. >> david sweat, 35 serving life for killing a sheriff's deputy. richard matt kidnapped, murder dismemberment of his former boss. highly dangerous. >> they have nothing to lose so they have to worry about them becoming spree killers. what the heck what are you going to do send them back to prison? >> there's no vehicles being stolen so there's not a lot of evidence they have to go on. criminal profiler pat brown, great to see you, thanks for your time. we move on to develop news in the dark knight theater shooting trial. we're showing you live pictures inside the courtroom.
10:34 am
get this a fifth jury member was released two hours ago. it's a middle-aged white woman who recognized one of the trial witnesses. james holmes has pleaded not guilty by reason of insanity for shooting and killing 12 people in july of 2012. >> a balcony just collapsed. people just fell off our balcony. >> our first listen of the desperate 911 calls moments after a balcony collapsed in berkeley, california. we're also getting our first look at the six that were killed early tuesday morning during a 21st birthday celebration. five were irish nationals spending the summer working in the u.s. on what the irish call a rite of passage. investigators now trying to figure out what caused the balcony for plunge from the fourth floor. jacob rascon has the latest. >> reporter: thomas, we talked to a local prominent engineer with 40 years experience and he says while the balcony, only 5 by 10 feet is clearly not meant for large groups of people it
10:35 am
still needed to be able to support 60 pounds per square foot or 3,000 pounds which would have been a lot more than those 13 people weighed when the cal bone collapsed. he says if you look closely, you can tell there's some rotted wood and mold there. he said what failed is what's called a waterproofing system which would have allowed the moisture and rain to seep in and get into the wood and over time deteriorate it so when those people stepped onto the balcony it would have collapsed. we've learned that five of those victims are 21-year-old irish students here on a work visa and the sixth is from california, a cousin to one of those students. we've learned that over in ireland, they say every family has been touched. the flags there are at half staff. the mayor in berkeley has acknowledged the speculation about the rotting wood and says they're looking into that working with property management working with police investigators, who do not suspect foul play but are promising a full investigation. there are still seven students
10:36 am
injured because of the freefall. several of those are still in critical condition. thomas? >> nbc's jacob rascon reporting. jacob, thank you. just moments ago hillary clinton wrapped up her first of two stops in charleston, and she talked about poverty, but also about body cameras for police officers as well as the indictment of a south carolina police officer after the fatal shooting of a black man. >> i think the terrible you know tragedy in charlesson which led to the indictment was, you know a result of seeing the facts, of having information. >> so susan page is the washington bureau chief for usa today and i join susan here in d.c. which is great to be in person with you. it's really fascinating to see the machinations and the little twists from the campaign trail. we'll talk about machinations with trump here in a moment. but there's good news and bad news for clinton in swing state polls from quinnipiac university. first the bad news. we look at florida, ohio and
10:37 am
pennsylvania where she's down double digits about whether or not voters trust her or not. so how can you be a successful candidate if voters don't really trust you, susan? >> well she does have some strength in these polls about being a fighter and a fighter with your interests at heart. yeah this is a big problem for hillary clinton and it's something that's happened relatively recently. she's taken a lot of hits in terms of her use of those private e-mail server when she was secretary of state, the contributions to the clinton foundation have had an effect. so she is going to be in the process over the next couple of months of trying to rebuild that sense that she's someone you can trust. >> if we look at some better news for hillary clinton, many of the major gop candidates in the swing states we talked about, rubio comes the closest to her. he's even slightly ahead in pennsylvania. bush meanwhile, isn't far behind. so if clinton is doing poorly on the trust factor right, and these other people are doing better, why hasn't the gop been able to land a real knockout punch? >> well it's still early. remember, we now have 12 candidates and counting on the
10:38 am
republican side. jeb bush just this week announced his campaign officially so i think it's early to be drawing very many conclusions. you know at this point in previous election cycles the person who wins the election sometimes is not doing very well at this point. this is a process we'll have over months and months and a chance for voters to take a look at these contenders and see if there's someone they can envision as their leader. that's why we have an election. >> joe scarborough interviewed donald trump, who we all think we know because we've known him for se many years. he's officially in the race after his announcement yesterday. but this is just a preview of what's to come on "morning joe" tomorrow. take a look. >> i think that bush is a nice man. i call him -- he's a man that doesn't want to be doing what he's doing. i call him the reluctant warrior. and warrior is probably not a good word. but i think bush is an unhappy person. i don't think he has any energy. i don't see how he can win. in addition to that he's in favor of common core and he's
10:39 am
weak on immigration. >> in favor of common core weak on immigration. he wasn't holding back on jeb bush which he feels is probably the person he wants to top tier himself against. but donald trump is not afraid to go for it and say it. >> yeah. and this is -- to be clear, donald trump will not be the republican nominee for president. donald trump will not be the next president of the united states. but donald trump could have an impact on this race that he joined yesterday. he could have an impact by making these charges, by putting people like jeb bush who is a credible nominee, on the spot by forcing him to respond to some of these. donald trump can be pretty outrageous. he does seem to be having a good time and that is something that is attractive in a candidate. >> it does seem that he is having a good time. from experiences that you have with donald trump, whether you see him on tv or have a personal interaction with him, sometimes they don't match up so well because he'll throw some firebombs and when you see him in person he's very charming so
10:40 am
it will be interesting to see how they all interact together if they do get on that fox debate stage first if he makes the cut. >> at the moment he would. we have a little time before the first debate in august so we'll see if he does. he'll make that debate different. for one thing some other candidate who might have gotten on won't be if trump is. >> and he'll be taking up a lot of oxygen no matter what. but donald trump is in it. susan, thanks so much. and we can watch that full interview tomorrow on "morning joe" with joe scarborough. we look forward to that. i want to go back to richard lui tracking the responses for our pulse question today, which is on the traction of donald trump. >> that's right. >> what have you got? >> i've got to tell you, thomas a lot of folks are now engaging in this question. the pulse question is do you think donald trump will gain traction as a candidate? just to give you a sense of the numbers right now, how are they reacting? it is no. 85%. 15% yes. so a lot of not loving the idea
10:41 am
of donald trump gaping any traction. and when i give you a sense of where it's been trending -- >> richard lui, that's a big difference from where we started before. >> oh, yeah. oh yeah. i think folks are just waking up. if you look at the action here in the last five minutes, big-time no no no no. and then this is interesting. this is the gender breakdown here, thomas. it has been mostly the blue here men that are engaging in this and saying no. i do not think he'll gain traction. women in some cases i have not even seen them over a period of five minutes engaging in this very topic, shall we say. finally let's look at party for you, before i let you go here. and this is democrats engaging and they're saying no about donald trump gaining any traction there for you. yep, big difference. >> it really is a big difference from when we started, but it's a provocative question and we'll see how everybody continues to vote, as they can vote at richard lui, thank you.
10:42 am
there's more 2016 coverage tomorrow on msnbc live. we'll have the opportunity to speak with independent senator bernie sanders of vermont. he is an independent of vermont but declared democrat on the presidential side and he's really giving hillary clinton a run on her left flank. we'll talk about all things 2016. defense secretary ash carter told a house panel today that the u.s. will not meet its goal to train 24,000 iraqi forces by this fall. secretary carter said the effort to train iraqi forces has been slowed by a lack of trainees. >> we simply haven't received enough recruits. of the 24,000 iraqi security forces we had originally envisioned training at our four sites by this fall we've only received enough recruits to be able to train about 7,000. >> so the testimony comes just a week after the obama administration announced it was sending up to 450 more u.s. troops to iraq to help the iraqis plan a counteroffensive
10:43 am
to regain control of ramadi. the defense secretary also said the u.s. needs to see a greater commitment from the iraqi government. joint chiefs chairman martin dempsey also testified at this morning's hearing. still ahead, the toddler at the center of a supreme court case that could be decided in the next 24 hours. wait until you meet cooper. and when we come back a preview of what could be an historic decision from the high court. what's acceptable for police and what tactics cross the line. when i started at the shelter, i noticed
10:44 am
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10:47 am
court, as this term comes to an end. some noticeable new decisions on policing have emerged just as the national conversation on police conduct has escalated. the supreme court is set to deliver several rulings on when police can use force and some of them may be surprising. msnbc chief legal correspondent, ari melber is back at headquarters in new york to explain. what are you looking at? >> that's right, a lot of big decisions haven't gotten a lot of attention. here's one big issue. when a police officer stops and questions someone, how can you tell if that's a proper investigation or harassment? the courts say it all depends on whether the officer has a good reason for the stop. under the law police can't just stop anyone because they feel like it. here's a case in point. a north carolina police officer thought he had a perfectly good reason to pull over nicholas brady hein who was driving a car with a single broken light. a problem here it is legal to drive in north carolina with one working brake light. the officer was wrong about the law but he went on to find
10:48 am
cocaine in that car search. if the original stop wasn't justified, the cocaine evidence has to be thrown out which is what one lower court ruled. the supreme court reversed. eight justices ruling because the officer's mistake as reasonable, the stop was okay and the cocaine evidence can be used. now, police advocates are cheering this ruling for giving officers leeway saying they can't memorize every law. critics argue it opens another loophole for officers to avoid consequences, even when they get it wrong. as you can see, it's a tough call. now, while the supreme court is sympathetic to certain police mistakes, this term is also ruled against police in this other traffic stop case. a nebraska officer pulled over denis rodriguez for veering onto the shoulder of the highway and gave him a ticket. then the police asked for permission to search around the car with a dogs. when rodriguez exercised his right to refuse the officer continued detaining him and then performed the search anyway. the dog sniffed drugs and the officers removed over 50 grams
10:49 am
of meth now the obama administration argued for the police in the case saying they should be able to extend a traffic stop to conduct a dog sniff as long as it doesn't take too long but they lost. six justices ruling against the police and the obama administration. the court found police may only detain citizens for the time it takes to check their information and issue a ticket not to extend the stop into some kind of wider search. so while the nation continues this often divisive debate over police practices, i think we can see these reveal two ways the courtroom is different from the political process, thomas. first, while president obama has criticized some police tactics, his justice department lawyers often defend the police in court, no matter what. second, while these issues often stoke partisan debate the justices have reached nonpartisan consensus on several cases, often by ruling to give the officers a little more leeway. >> it's fascinating, especially with the national conversation that we're having with so many
10:50 am
different cases grabbing the headlines. ari, great to see you. we'll see you this afternoon on "the cycle" at 3:00 eastern right here on msnbc. still ahead, the latest science behind mystery of all time. the shroud of turin. not the video of it. that was another great mystery. steph curry. we'll talk about him in a second. is that the burial shroud of js? possible answers to that. and then congressman daryl issa escorted out of a benghazi deposition. why is that happen? we'll explain.
10:51 am
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10:53 am
congressman trey gaudy says he was following the rules when he kicked fellow congressman daryl issa autoof a house select committee on benghazi. this video posted by nbc news producer you can see issa walking in to the hearing and then the congressman was reportedly trying to watch a deposition in a closed door session and then gaudy escorting
10:54 am
him out and then congressman issa storming off. issa spent years as the house oversight committee chair digging into the terrorist attack in benghazi. gaudy said as chairman it was his responsibility to enforce the rules even against his friends. beb jush officially jumped into the presidential run this week. he stopped by jimmy fallon. >> after months of being a total caucus tease, jeb finally made up his mind and quit beating around the bush. ♪ jeb really wants to get in the white house ♪ ♪ but not as bad as obama wants out ♪ >> well in my two terms of governor i cut taxes every year passed the first state-wide
10:55 am
school choice program and created 1.2 million new jobs the most in the country so i know we can fix the problems facing the nation because i've already done it in my eight years in florida. >> hmm hmm hmm. you got to listen to my man jebidiah. he has lots of experience down south. ♪ he went to miami ♪ ♪ now he's gone ♪ ♪ his nickname is the white lebron ♪ >> all right. so bush's latest politician to join the list of slow jammers that include president obama and mitt romney. this was a bilingual edition and pretty cool. coming up the latest on the manhunt. authorities expanded the search and saying they have received no information that the convicts have left that area and then on a different note back to politics and all the reaction to donald trump's extravagant entrance into the 2016
10:56 am
presidential race. it is pouring in. he arrived by escalator and taken social media by storm. our bing question today, do you think he gains traction as a candidate? and ahead of an expected supreme court decision on marriage equality i spoke with a family at the very heart of that case. their toddler, the youngest plaintiff. you're going to meet cooper next hour. we'll be right back. then... wham! a minivan t-bones you. guess what: your insurance company will only give you 37-thousand to replace it. "depreciation" they claim. "how can my car depreciate before it's first oil change?" you ask. maybe the better question is why do you have that insurance company? with liberty mutual new car replacement, we'll replace the full value of your car. see car insurance in a whole new light. liberty mutual insurance. audible safety beeping audible safety beeping
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10:59 am
this hour on msnbc, breaking developments in the manhunt for the two prison escapee s. authorities' next move now that the trail has gone cold. plus bill moves inland. the new threat as this storm pushes through texas towards the midwest. also ahead -- >> [ speaking foreign language ] >> whoa whoa whoa whoa whoa.
11:00 am
hold the telephone-o. >> jeb bush slow jams the news. hi, everybody. i'm thomas roberts. i'm reporting from d.c. today and we start with that breaking news. it is day 12 of this intense manhunt for two escaped killers in upstate new york. the search area for richard matt and david suite is increased. it was 800 law enforcement personnel but now 600 and they say they will eventually be caught. >> if there's one word that i thought of throughout this investigation it is relentless and we are going to pursue every lead and we are going to locate these individuals. and they will be apprehended. >> let's bring in msnbc's adam reiss in new york. adam, why have officials reduced the number of law enforcement officials and expanding the search? that seems counter productive. >> reporter: that's because they
11:01 am
are looking out of this perimeter. just to give you an example, the checkpoint that is you used to see behind me all week they're all gone. they're changing their focus. they're redeploying the resources. they're looking at areas outside of here. maybe as far away as vermont, stout filly and d.c. they're going to look at highways trains. egresses. fast yaers to get out of here. maybe there's photos of them making their way out in a very fast way and also going to look at all the areas in this area. they're not giving up on this area. they have 1,600 tips. they have 600 searchers. yes, down from 800 but they say they're all out there using the resources but they don't have concrete leads yet. thomas? >> give us an update on the woman at the heart of this. joyce mitchell. what is her state? what is her attorney away? >> reporter: to get her out of the area they moved her south
11:02 am
of here near albany. and she is there and the district attorney had a comment about her at the press conference. take a listen. >> she's rather composed. given the gravity of what's going on around throughout the county. she watches the media. she sees what's happening so of course that can have an affect on somebody. the term suicide watch hasn't been used in the facility. we do direct supervision. one officer directly on an inmate on because of everything going on. >> reporter: there's multiple agencies at the press conference saying they're going to catch the two escapees but a matter of time. thomas? >> adam thanks so much. lyle mitch sell supposed to talk with authorities today about this. but we'll keep following that story. we have this information. authorities learning details of an alleged plan to attack the super bowl last february. the details surfacing in a hearing of a phoenix man charged
11:03 am
in the attack of a texas event withdrawings of the prophet muhammad. authorities called him off the charts dangerous. joining us now, justice correspondent pete williams. pete explain how did investigators first get him on the radar and then learn about this potential for a super bowl plan? >> reporter: well, a lot of this has been going back after the garland, texas, plot in early may where two men drove from phoenix to shoot up that meeting, the draw mohammed contest in texas. they were killed. going back through that they discovered kareem's role. meeting with other two men several times. providing guns. target shooting with them. firing range practice in essence in the arizona desert. and they say in several of these meetings in his home, they talked about the plan and that he also kareem talked about trying to attack the super bowl and it never got beyond the
11:04 am
talking stage, authorities say. >> meanwhile, pete what do you know in a separate case an arrest of a college student in new york in a terror-related charge. >> reporter: this is a 20-year-old queens resident. he was actually arrested over the weekend but we didn't learn about it until court records were disclosed yesterday. he's 20. they say that he and two other men were stopped by fbi surveillance team and arrested on saturday. but they originally got on to sali seen wandering around a couple of times on the george washington bridge. they began looking into him. they began to intercept his communication. they say he was downloaded instructions on how to build bombs and told an undercover operative he was in new york to do an op. meaning the fbi says that's short for operation and determined to do a terror attack and say he never acquired any explosives. now, it's telling that the court documents referred to two
11:05 am
co-conspirators. doesn't look like all the arrests are over on that one and earlier today the fbi arrested a man that attacked them with a knife when they went to search his house in staten island. we don't know whether he is connected or another isis-related investigation in the new york area. >> a lot to keep track of. nbc news justice correspondent pete williams thank you. >> you bet. tropical depression bill and moving north and bringing with it heavy rain and flood flood. texas governor said flooding and tornadoes a risk for the state and so far they have avoided the worst. several inches of rain expected to be dumped on several cities. some areas could get up to a foot of rain. the weather channel's alex wilson is in oklahoma. the next state in bill's path. alex? >> reporter: thomas it was a historic month of may in the state of oklahoma as far as rainfall is concerned. here in tulsa, the second
11:06 am
wettest month of may on record for the city. just under 15 inches of rainfall. no question as to why we're worried about more flooding. we saw the flooding scenes across the area last month. this month, we are gearing up for it. the arkansas river usually isn't something you watch flowing. but just one of the signs that shows how much rainfall we have seen in the area. usually looking at pretty much dry sandbars in the middle but we have got flowing water here. we have already seen a ton of rain. the ground is saturated. at times like walking on a sponge. and we have got more on the way. we are expecting late today and into our thursday three to eight inches of rainfall across the tulsa area. much of eastern oklahoma. so there are flash flood watches posted all across the region. they're hoping that we don't see scenes like last month when there had to be water rescues, dangerous, deadly flooding and the national weather service urging people to be aware. they're using words like significant and life threatening
11:07 am
flooding possible. >> the weather channel's alex wilson in oklahoma thanks so much. a balcony just collapsed. people just fell off our balcony. >> that's the first listen of a desperate call. moments after a balcony collapsed in berkeley california. we will have more on that and the developments of who the victims are. right there. the first look at the six killed early tuesday morning in a 21st birthday celebration. five of those people were irish nationals spending the summer working in the u.s. investigators are trying to figure out what caused the balcony to plummet from the fourth floor. msnbc's casey hunt interviews the donald about the presidential announcement that sparked viral reaction. >> in your speech toy,quote, some rape itselves are coming across the border with mexico. >> absolutely. >> what do you mean by that? >> rapists. sending us not their finest
11:08 am
people. >> we are asking in today's bing pulse, do you think donald trump will gain traction as a candidate. the pulse is live. go vote. also ahead, you have to meet cooper. cooper is the toddler who could change the country. meet the youngest plaintiff in the marriage equality case before the supreme court. plus this. >> i felt this kind of hit on my left leg and i felt it like, one more time and then it just kind of hit my arm. >> the amazing teen speaking out from his hospital bed. he lost his arm in the shark attack. but he has a message for all of you. to breathe with copd? it can feel like this. copd includes chronic bronchitis and emphysema. spiriva is a once-daily inhaled copd maintenance treatment that helps open my airways for a full 24 hours. spiriva helps me breathe easier. spiriva respimat does not replace rescue inhalers for sudden symptoms. tell your doctor if you have kidney problems, glaucoma, trouble urinating, or an enlarged prostate.
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11:10 am
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11:11 am
welcome back. breaking news. reports of another shark attack in daytona beach, florida. roughly an hour ago. here's what officials say. a 10-year-old boy visiting from
11:12 am
virginia in the water. he was bitten by a shark on his calf. she was treated at the scene and did not need to go to the hospital. as you know, this comes after two young people were attacked in separate incidents in oak island north carolina on sunday. and a third was attacked last week. jeb bush and hillary clinton are both on the campaign trails today. bush attending a backyard meet and greet in iowa. afterwards he was asked about the comments later on the pope endorsing the science of climate change. here's what bush a catholic had to say about it today. >> i respect the pope. i think he's an incredible leader. but i think it's better to solve this problem in the political realm. but i'm -- got to read what he says, of course. i'm a catholic and try to follow the teachings of the church. >> clinton in south carolina with two events there. one of the events in the next hour going to unveil a tax credit to help businesses
11:13 am
interested in hiring new employees. now, of course the candidate that everybody is freshly talking about is donald trump. love him or hate him, you can never ignore him. he was the political star on social media tuesday but with trump comes baggage. not just about whether he can win but also about some of the more controversial statements he makes, particularly the ones on immigration. for instance listen to what he told msnbc's casey hunt on tuesday regarding mexicans. >> in your speech today, you said that quote, some rapists are coming across the border with mexico. >> absolutely. >> what did you mean by that? >> you have rapists. sending you not their finest people, other than mexico, also. we have drug dealers coming across. we have rapists. we have killers. murderers. what? do you think they send us -- common sense. you think they send us the best and finest people? the answer is no. >> let's bring in dana millbank of "the washington post." good to see you. you had a lot of fun at donald
11:14 am
trump's expense in the latest column. i want to read two lines of it. trump's speech had the feel of a bar patron's monologue to the barkeeper and a monster created by the system of which money trumps all. so explain what you mean here. certainly about the campaign finance aspect of all of this. >> well you know thomas i mean donald trump, yesterday, as he always has all along, said a number of outrageous things. i don't necessarily blame donald trump. of course, he is responsible for what he says but for the impact having on our system here and that is we have created this system where an individual candidate according to the supreme court from long ago can spend unlimited sums and now any american can spend unlimited sums in support of a candidate so it's basically whichever side the billionaires line up with that's who the people listen to.
11:15 am
free speech is money and whoever has the most has the most free speech and that's what donald trump is exploiting here. i'd say, you know there are 9 billion reasons why we all have to listen to a lot of the crazy things that come out of his mouth and that's because he says the netd worth is $9 billion and spending it in politics we have to listen. >> we don't know if he's going to spend it in filed as of yet. this could be just a run down the clock moment. there's new figures on the favorability of donald trump. unfavorable numbers is 57%. do you think he'll file to be a candidate? >> you know he flirted with this previously. i hadk then that he was doing it really to increase his visibility to strengthen the bargaining for the reality tv show. he actually wrote me a note suggesting i'm exactly right there. who knows?
11:16 am
maybe he changed his mind this time and seems to think he's going to run for president or perhaps that oprah will run and be his vice president. i find it very hard to believe. but think about it. he can just make this noise for relatively cheap investment and he's going to get all the attention on your air waves and my newspaper and maybe the debate stage. >> yeah. it takes a lot of oxygen certainly on a stage and then that makes certain gop candidates have to answer him in a certain way. and that is going to have an affect on the contest, no matter what you say. >> it is. look. i mean my job to cover the absurd in politics so donald trump is a great gift to me. only thing better than a trump candidacy is eight years of a trump presidency. but, you know, that's another matter. yes, they will have to answer to him. i mean think about it. the president of the united states had to answer to him on his birth certificate of all things calling out donald trump
11:17 am
the carnival barker and you can be sure the other so-called serious candidates will have to be drawn into a debate with the carnival barker. >> like i said you can't ignore him. dana, know e that you and jon stewart are doing high fives over this announcement. >> thanks thomas. >> thanks so much. i want to bring back richard lui for the bing question of the day. how are people voting this hour about the traction of a candidate like a trump? >> you know talking about donald trump like a trump, thomas, good day to you, we launched the pulse over an hour ago. you have been looking at the data. the question asking at, do you think donald trump gains traction as a candidate? these are the numbers in terms of the very latest and it is now going to yes. he will gain traction. this was like way down here. you remember that. five-minute period. now it's up here. also when we look past this
11:18 am
sort of where it's tracking at the moment, we give you the balance of what people are saying, are they saying yes or no, the information we are getting is more towards no. it was 85% before. it was 15% yes. look at this now. the yeses are coming back and probably because of the trending i was showing you earlier and then break it down by gender last bit before i give it back to you, thomas i thought it was interesting. look at gender we are now seeing a large input by female as opposed to male where we didn't see that earlier and, in fact, at the moment we're about equal. and the interest thomas has gone by three times in the last hour since i last talked to you. to pitch into this tell us what you're thinking >> perfect. thank you so much. i love how it's going back and forth with more people getting involved and seeing the numbers go back and forth. i'm sure donald trump loves it too. a tiger that broke loose
11:19 am
from a zoo blamed now for a deadly attack. questions of why the public wasn't warned about dangerous animals roaming the street. plus another juror is gone. yes, why a fifth alternate will be seated in the mass murder trial of james holmes in colorado. hi, my name is cliff. i'm tom. my name is eric. and i help make beneful. i help make beneful. i help make beneful. after working here, there's no other food i'd feed my pets. each ingredient is tested by our own quality insurance people. i see all the quality data everything that i need to know that it's good for my dog. there's a standard. and then there's a purina standard. i make it and i feed my dog beneful. i feel proud because i know that i helped make that bag of dog food sitting on that shelf.
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that's where at&t can help. with innovative solutions that connect machines and people... to keep your internet of things in-sync, in real-time. leaving you free to focus on what matters most. welcome back everybody. a very sad story here. a tiger killing a man and wounding another in the former soviet republic of georgia today. police killed the tiger involved in the incident. the big cat had been on the loose since saturday when severe flooding in the capital city freed many animals from a local zoo. 19 people had died in the flooding. authorities are still searching for at least six missing people and a number of zoo creatures amid mounting concerns that two other big animals may still be at large. new questions about the origins of one of the world's
11:23 am
most revered objects. the shroud of turin. more than a million people signed up to see it. pope francis will see it as pope and a new theory is explaining the origins. science could hold the key here. >> reporter: its claim to the turin shroud around jesus' crucified figure. to pray before it is a rare and for many deeply holy experience. >> such a spiritual atmosphere. but its true origin is a mystery back searchcenturies. carbon dating said it was a fake. is it? there's two crucial questions. how was the image formed? and when? across turin, i meet a scientist
11:24 am
who claims it could be from jesus jesus' time. he says there was an earthquake around the time of jesus' death. >> this machine simulates what happens in the earth when we have an earthquake. >> reporter: the marine crushes solid rock. >> the pressure is encreasing? i increasing. increasing. >> reporter: it feels tense. >> i got it. >> that was a force. >> reporter: and this explosive moment, a birth of neutrons is released and those he say may have affected the carbon dating. >> some way rejuvenated the tissue. >> reporter: meaning the shroud may have come from the time of jesus. and in another italian city a professor -- >> four sides of the shrouder. >> reporter: whose research suggests it is 2,000 years old.
11:25 am
>> there are two spreads from the corner of the shroud. >> reporter: among his experiments, the strength and date of the fibers. >> the shroud is -- >> authentic? >> authentic. >> reporter: after a lifelong obsession -- >> i was interested in the shroud when i was 12. >> reporter: he's reached another stunning conclusion. sending huge amounts of electricity through a shroud-like fabric he said he produced images very similar to the original. >> this is the marking here? >> yes. >> reporter: while many disagree -- you believe that jesus left a photograph of himself? >> yes. >> reporter: just this month, what jesus might have looked like as a teen was created from the shroud by italian police a. simple piece of linen that shaped our image of christ with a history to this day is deeply puzzling. >> really amazing report.
11:26 am
that was nbc's kerr simmons for us. two shark attacks along the north carolina coast. the creatures that pose the most danger in the summer months. plus this. >> he doesn't question who his parents are. >> all right. wait until you meet cooper. also known as adopted child doe. the youngest plaintiff in a case before the u.s. supreme court. and also ahead, jeb bush. have you seen him slow jam the news yet? >> having spirited debates with my fellow republicans about how to solve them. >> you don't want to mess with little jebbie. start the interview with a firm handshake. ay,no! don't do that! try new head & shoulders instant relief. it cools on contact, and also keeps you 100% flake free. try new head & shoulders instant relief. for cooling relief in a snap.
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11:30 am
released by authorities showing what they could look like after 12 days on the run and pleading for information that any members of the public can provide. meanwhile, they have expanded their search area. and believe that they could still be nearby. joining me now is retired chief inspector for the u.s. marshal service john cuff. mr. cuff great to have you with me. officials believe they could be in the area of the prison. no vehicles have been reported stolen or missing. is that one of the main reasons why that could be resonating with them for staying in the area for the search? >> yes, thomas. that's one of the reasons. i mean in the absence of nothing to indicate or corroborate the fact they have been up there, you have to go -- the hand you were dealt. that's the best lead you had they were up there for the search. you continue the search up there even though they may not have been discovered in the area they searched already, it's
11:31 am
conceivable they could be in the area. keep in mind they had about an eight-hour jump on law enforcement before the searches started so transparent to this and what's going on simultaneous to this is future investigation. all the eggs aren't in one basket. any of the escaped cases, you go two tracks. the future investigation started on day one like in all these escapes and that should yield significant leads, as well. okay? so between the leads that are developed and future investigation, along with the search okay and also with this media blitz, with the photographs going out there around the country, with the heightened awareness to the public, that combination should be a winning combination to yield results on this and relatively short order hopefully. >> one thing we have heard about is they have gotten about 1,400 leads. they have lowered the force amount that's out there. they had 800 people on the
11:32 am
search and taken it down to 600. but, mr. cuff one of the bigger issues is weather because the dogs did get a scent out of the gates but then they have had so much rain that that is hampered the efforts of the dogs to get other scents and also hampered that aerial -- the thermal investigation. they get thermal imaging of warm spots. >> that's all the more reason to continue to search in that area. you don't put all your eggs in one basket. that's good assets. dogs and aviation is outstanding but you can't rely 100% on any of them. i mean you are dealing with a densely wooded area up there. one of the most densely wooded area in the united states. that search will continue. now, some point, if these individuals are still up there, in that area they will raise their head. i mean they will make a mistake and they're going to pop out
11:33 am
somewhere sometime. you mentioned, thomas with the lack of 911 calls, and so on they really haven't done any criminal activity we know of yet. that will happen some point because there's nothing to indicate they're financially resourceful and resources to assist them. >> no. i think your biggest spoint they will ultimately make a mistake. former federal marshal john cuff, thank you. >> thank you. we move on to texas now for an update on tropical depression bill and this is as the storm is moving inland. you can see the satellite radar right there. bill is swirling north over dallas as it pushes toward oklahoma. texas governor abbott says so far the state avoided the worst residents in bill's path are still at risk for potentially life threatening tornadoes and flooding and this afternoon some 30,000 people there are already without power. joining me now from dallas charles hadlock. you can explain, charles, for
11:34 am
us, the conditions on the ground. we can see the wind picking up. >> reporter: yeah. hi thomas. just made the five-hour drive from houston to dallas. i left houston in the rainfall. they were getting probably more rain today than they did yesterday when this storm made landfall. here in dallas it is raining here. that shows you how widespread the rain bands are as they crisscross the state of center. the center of bill is about 40 miles southwest of here just to the southwest of ft. worth. already on this side of the storm, arlington and dallas are getting 35 and 40-mile-a-hour wind gusts. the downtown area is obscured by the rainfall and the clouds. the rivers on the rise here. three weeks after the massive floods. that's what has everyone concerned here. we are probably not getting the flash flooding we saw but the rivers are going to rise again
11:35 am
over the next few days or so and that's what people in north texas will be watching in the days to come. thomas? >> charles had lock keep us posted there in dallas. thank you. developing news we want to show you live pictures of what's taking place in the "dark knight" movie theater shooting in colorado and the second juror this week alone and the fifth overall is dismissed in the murder trial of james holmes. want to get straight to joe friar following the case from los angeles. joe, what do we make of the fifth juror being kicked off? >> robert what this means or -- thomas excuse me we have 19 jurors, 12 will be on the jury. seven will be alternates and raises some concern and burned through nearly half of the alter alternate alternates. the concern is fewer than 12 jurors by the time they have to deliberate. the good news is that the prosecution is set to wrap up its case hopefully by the end of this week and the defense says
11:36 am
it needs about two weeks to present its case. and then it will go to the jury sooner than expected probably sometime in july. now, this all comes one day after some of the most important testimony in this case. it came from a doctor, a psychiatrysigh psychiatrist who treated james hole ms in the months leading up to the shooting saying that even though he had homicidal thoughts three to four times a day he did not discuss any specific plans or targets and she did not try to get a mental health hold for him because she did not feel that he was going to endanger people. this case continues with more testimony this afternoon. thomas? >> obviously, learning why the alternates are so important as they burn through them. joe, thank you, sir. updating the breaking news on the reported shark attack in florida. we are learning more now. a 10-year-old was bitten in waist to chest-deep water when it happened. 911 wasn't called. the boy treated with a bandage on his leg. now, officials aren't sure
11:37 am
whether or not it was a shark that bit him but for reference three other people have been bitten by sharks in that county this year. beaches in the area they're still open. and this all comes after two young people attacked in separate incidents in north carolina sunday and a third attacked last week. when we get new details on what happened in daytona beach, we'll bring them to you. one of the victims attacked by a shark in coastal north carolina over the weekend is speaking out first time. 16-year-old hunter said he didn't see the shark coming until it bit off his arm. he was in waist-deep water about 20 yards offshore in oak island and able to make it on the beach with the help of his cousin and comments released by the family with the help of regional medical center despite losing the left arm, the goal to continue living a normal life. >> i can try to live my life the way i was and make an effort to
11:38 am
do that even though i don't have an arm or i can kind of just let this be completely debilitating and bring my life down and ruin in it a way. and out of those two, there's really only one that i would actually choose to do and that's to try to fight and live. >> all right. we love his spirit. hunter attacked less than two hours after 12-year-old kirsten yao bitting two miles away. she lost part of her arm and expected to keep her leg. and while we're talking about sharks it is important to note there's new shark-related deaths every year. richard lui has a deeper dive into that. richard? richard, i'm sorry. we'll come to you in a second. i think we are having a minor audio issue with your microphone there in new york. we'll get that fixed and go back
11:39 am
to richard. we'll go on and figure out the developing news out of the mobile world. this is one that's very interesting. at&t will be fined $100 million for allegedly misleading consumers about their unlimited mobile data plans. the fcc says the mobile giant slowed speeds for customers with unlimited data plans once they reached a certain amount of usage. at&t says it will vigorously dispute the allegations. now back to richard lui to fill us in on how rare it is for some of the more deadly animals around the planet. and we have our audio figured out. it can be deadly too. >> it is when i turn it off and i forget to turn it back on thomas. so it's simple as that. my friend let us do talk about that "the washington post" report that looked at the data of animals, animal-related deaths between 2001 and 2013. looking at sharks, alligators and bears they kill on average a
11:40 am
person a year. sharks not as deadly. venomous snakes and lizards kill six people each year according to "the washington post." spiders, kill seven people a year and when you look at this next category, which are arthropods like ants they kill nine people each year. this is the surprising one for me. kous. cows kill about 20 people a year. mostly farm workers saying the cdc. and these large livestock here thomas, are unpredictable, especially in breeding. what happens is most of the deaths are related to ramming, goring trampling and kicking people in the head. cows. but man's best friend, they can be man's worst enemy. they kill 28 people a year mostly because of mauling and biting of the very young and old.
11:41 am
other mammals kill 52 people each year. all of the numbers do not include car crashes with animals. finally, the deadliest of all, any guess here, thomas? >> bees? >> bees. very good. bees wasps and hornets kill 58 people a year on average. mostly as a result of an that lactic shock. by comparison here, thomas, 33,000 people a year die in car crashes. >> wow richard. very interesting. thank you very much. we'll be back with much more other story that is caught our attention today after this. when you travel, we help you make all kinds of connections. connections you almost miss. and ones you never thought you'd make. we help connect where you are. to places you never thought you'd
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11:45 am
rocking the sports world. the cards allegedly hacked into the computer network of the houston stros to get information about the players, trades and scouting. the cardinals and mlb have been served subpoenas. both original saiss say they're fully cooperateing with the current investigation. jeff passen joins us now. jeff, explain how serious this is for the cards and for mlb. >> i think it's a little bit different than the nfl and the new england patriots talking about deflating footballs or taping the sideline. this is an actual crime that they're being accused of perpetuating and could be a big deal for the latest technology backfiring against the organizations. you generally see in baseball sign stealing. not computer theft. >> everybody's looking for an
11:46 am
edge when they're on the field. this is taking it straight to the front offices here. you wrote the idea of the astross makes spy-gate look like home video. what kind of penalty are you talking about? would it be financial or would it be something else to deal with the draft picks? >> we are talking millions of dollars in fines potentially. i think a lot of that goes back to how high did this go? somebody higher up in the organization knew about it it says a lot it wasn't reported until the fbi started looking into it. and, yeah the cardinals cooperating but baseball is going to want to set an example one way or another that this is the type of behavior that's not going to be accepted. >> yeah this is definite new level for trying to get an edge. what are other people in the sports community saying about this?
11:47 am
because the cards have a very sterling reputation. >> pristine reputation. not just the fans that call themselves the best fans in the baseball. it's an organization making the playoffs almost every season. won a couple of world champions in the last dozen years and any team accused of this the st. louis cardinals, i think it sent shock waves through the industry. a lot of surprise. look. we are at a place now where whatever the reason is there's the ability to go in and do this. you have very smart people working in baseball front offices. and whether this was just a prank gone awry or something sanctioned higher up it's a huge deal. >> jeff thanks so much. appreciate it. want to check in with richard lui tracking the responses as we take the pulse today on donald trump. richard? >> i have to tell you here do you think donald trump will gain traction as a candidate? if we look at the numbers it is
11:48 am
pretty much the same of last hour right down the middle. 46% yes. he will gain traction. 54% saying no. and what we have seen is that the interest moved to the middle. gender, this is an interesting part. when you look at the gender breakdown, men are saying yes, traction. women saying no will not gain traction. finally, by party for you, is that you're seeing republicans saying, yes, he'll gain traction. the blue saying no. when you look at it he is gaining traction in terms of people talking about him. three times the amount of volume today than on average. pulse. . if you would like to engage. thomas? >> thank you. appreciate it. well did you see this? candidate jeb bush joining "the tonight show" host jimmy fallon in a slow jam and he went bilingual on the subject of
11:49 am
immigration. >> jimmy, we are a nation of immigrants and i believe everyone should have the chance to achieve the american dream and to translate that for all of your spanish speaking viewers -- [ speaking foreign language ] >> bush just the latest republican to join the slow jamming. following chris christie and mitt romney. we'll be right back. song: rachel platten "fight song" ♪ two million, four hundred thirty-four thousand
11:50 am
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what makes it an suv is what you can get into it. ♪ [container door closing] what makes it an nx is what you can get out of it. ♪ introducing the first-ever lexus nx turbo and hybrid. once you go beyond utility there's no going back. so here in washington the supreme court has added a thursday decision day planned for tomorrow. 20 cases remain for this current term and among them king v. burrwell and that case determines whether health insurance subsidies under the affordable care act legally available through a federal exchange. and another case awaiting the court's decision is a 32 plaintiffs suing asking for the
11:53 am
right to marry or have marriages licensed outside those states be recognized. the youngest plaintiff in this case is just a toddler. >> where's cooper? >> reporter: meet cooper thomas vitali. a little man poised to play a big role in american history. >> where is he? >> reporter: this 2-year-old the youngest plaintiff in a case expected to be decided by the supreme court this month. listed on court documents simply as adopted child doe. >> we have been together for 18 years and married for 4. >> catch it. go get it. >> reporter: cooper's parents never dreamed of a day the law would allow them to marry' we wanted the make sure we were legally married in the state we love and born and raised in. >> reporter: in 2011 that day came. they said i do at new york city hall. >> i always knew i wanted to become a parent and pretty
11:54 am
apparent early on in the relationship we would have kids. >> reporter: two years ago, the call that changed their lives. a baby boy in ohio up for adoption. a couple becoming a family. they brought cooper home to manhattan and it wasn't until months later that something went wrong. >> when we got the call from our agency that ohio's requesting we pick a name for the birth certificate we said no. absolutely not. >> reporter: unlike new york ohio doesn't allow same-sex marriage and refused to recognize both joe and rob as legal parents. >> he doesn't question who his parents are. >> reporter: joe and rob filed suit against ohio naming their son as plaintiff. >> every day you open that door it's high daddy. so happy to see us. and, you know it breaks my heart there are people out there who don't believe that he should be with us. >> reporter: their case now combined with dozens of others from four states. all before the supreme court.
11:55 am
one big case that could make marriage equality the law of the land. >> it's a lovely thing that cooper is part of this case and -- >> reporter: director of constitutional litigation for new york's lamda legal. she is cooper's attorney. in your legal prediction what do you think the court will come back? >> we don't predict these kinds of things when especially a supreme court case. again, we are hopeful. i think we have the winning arguments. we have momentum and historical force on our side. but it's really out of our hands at this point. >> that doesn't taste like starbucks, coop. >> reporter: for now, this family waits. hoping for the best. preparing for whatever may come. >> we'll per severe and make the best of what happens and be a
11:56 am
family no matter what documentation we have. >> cooper is one of the cutest kids and we have to say a big thank you to the family for welcoming our cameras into their home and for cooper allowing us to come into his room and see all of his toys. i'll see you back here tomorrow at 1:00 p.m. eastern. joining me tomorrow is presidential candidate and senator bernie sanders. until then keep the conversation going on social media. "the cycle" is next. >> hey, thomas. nice to see you. appreciate that report on the marriage equality case and we have got it in our broadcast today. some news from justice ruth bader ginsburg with clues of the case and continuinging manhunt and the big baseball hacking story all in "the cycle." stay tuned.
11:57 am
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good day. i'm ari melber. the manhunt expanded coming on the air police are refocusing efforts after conducting a week long dragnet search. checkpoints and roadblocks coming down and a reason for that. >> personnel are being redeployed to other areas based on information gathered in the investigation. all available assets continue to be deployed around the clock including kay nan, aviation and tactical assets. >> there's no evidence they're outside the evidence. i cannot rule this out. we won't rule that area out until we have identified a location that they're at. and verified that. >> instead of an intensive grid search of the area immediately east of the prison the search now shifting to what aut


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