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tv   First Look  MSNBC  June 19, 2015 2:00am-2:31am PDT

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charleston, south carolina, and across the country. honestly news days like this are really hard as news days. the hardest thing about them now is how many of them there are and how frequently they happen. they never get easier. easier. "first look" is up next. it's friday june 19 th. right now on "first look" we're learning more about those gunned down in the charleston church massacre. questions about the trigger man. was this an act of terrorism because of race? the fbi is investigating it as a hate crime. >> we know hatred pose a threat to our democracy and ideals. >> a friend of the shooter roof describes him. >> he wanted black with black, white with white. he didn't believe in what the black race was doing to white
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race. >> good morning. i'm angie goff. for families of nine innocent people murdered in cold blood, nothing can bring their families back. their quest for justice begins tonight. now dylann roof is in re cell in charleston south carolina. he'll appear for a bond hearing. he's had run-ins with the law before. possessing a narcotic at a mall. a month later, a misdemeanor trespassing charge. last night vigils were around the occasion. the mayor calling it pure concentrated evil. the community reacted. >> we woke up today, and the heart and soul of south carolina was broken. >> have you allowed yourself time to think about what you've lost?
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>> yeah but i still haven't digested it. one moment i'm fine. >> it's hard. >> yeah. >> nbc dave wagner is in charleston. how did they end up catching this guy? >> reporter: well it was an amazing amount of police work and community involvement. we saw the picture that went out over the news. that helped and citizen involvement. four hours from here a woman in the shelby north carolina area thought she spotted the suspect's car, alerted police. they were able to capture him. good community police work and good community involvement as well. i want to show you the emanuel ame church this morning. it's become a memorial here.
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we see nine bows on the side of the street. for each of the nine victims. it's a sad sight in charleston where people are grieving and asking why. >> less than 24 hours since nine families members were told their loved ones were gunned down in the place of worship. >> she was my sister but she was a joy. >> for melvin gram he has competing emotions. >> the suspect in this case is 21 years old. according to investigators, dylann roof went to the church an hour before the shootings asked to join the bible study and opened fire. eight would die inside a ninth at the hospital. the suspect fled but not without his picture on surveillance camera camera.
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roof was found four hours away in shelby north carolina. >> the suspect is now in custody. >> president obama said now is the time for mourning and healing but also called for meaningful change when it comes to access to guns. >> at some point we have to reckon with the fact this does not happen in other countries. >> the brother of one of the victims agrees. >> whether in a movie theater, classroom or church gun violence has raised its ugly head again. >> the city mourns with them looking for answers in another senseless crime. >> reporter: again, the suspect will be in court here in charleston this afternoon. we should mention here this community really is still grieving. there will be a community vigil tonight here. this city is old, very old.
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345 years old, certainly the dark chapter in this city's history. >> dave wagner in charleston. many difficult days ahead. thank you. we want to shift to those victims and their families. the cover of the "courier" this morning said the unspeakable happened in our city. craig melvin has more on the three men and six women. >> charleston is a city in mourning. nine dead six women and three men. among those killed the church's pastor clementa pinckney who preached at other otheremanuel ame
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since he was a teenager. a black cloth was draped on his desk. >> pinckney was a giant. he was the moral compass of the general assembly. >> a 49-year-old church minister are retired in 2005 mother of four. >> a mom of three, speech therapist, high school track and field coach. sanders was a 26-year-old barber. cynthia hurd 54-year-old branch manage at the library in charleston which will be renamed in her honor. her brother said the last hours are agonizing. >> she left home to go to church. not hearing for her so many hours later. >> also dead jackson, lance, thompson and simmons who died after being taken to the hospital. the community is coming together
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to remember nine lives tragically taken in their place of worship. >> that was craig melvin reporting. as the community mourns those innocent victims, people around the country are joining in. that includes leaders on capitol hill republicans and democrats alike, who face another example of mass violence. tracey pots is live in washington. we understand that president obama had a personal connection to the shooting. >> sure did. you heard talk of pinckney. now the president visibly frustrated is talking about gun control. vigils are held across the country and washington where democrats and republicans paused to pray together. >> anyone who would do something
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so unspeakable is pure evil. >> i'm pleased at justice department treats it what it is, a hate crime. >> democrats suggested this tragedy should renew the debate on gun control. >> it is in your power to do something about it. >> how many people do we need to see cut down before we act? >> someone is crazy or a felon. i should say criminal. they shouldn't be able to buy a gun. >> some say this is the second amendment. >> as for gun control, some doubt this is a problem washington can fix. >> there's something wrong, but it won't be fixed by government. >> washington is still divided.
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>> the white house maid it clear it's a second amendment constitutional issue that the president has done what he can with the executive order. congress is going to have to deal with this. >> a lot of discussions ahead. tracey on the hill this morning, thank you. a scary situation in richmond virginia. this happened last night as police responded to a man threatening church goers. >> now according to the pastor a man came up to the doors holding a sharp object and shouting, quote, you're all going to get killed tonight, end quote. richmond police apprehend had the man. he's taken to a local hospital for observation. it's nine minutes after the 5:00 hour. we want to get to business with landon dowdy. happy friday. >> happy friday to you.
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now reports say rules are for all types of trucks including tractor trailers and heavy duty pickup trucks. they're expected to reduce fuel-efficient say 40% by 2027. wal-mart is bringing greeters back to the store to deter shoplifting. reports say wal-mart is adding workers to spot check customer receipts before they leave. mcdonalds is expanding to a few more markets. it's been testing the all day menu where customers can get hash browns fruit parfaits and oatmeal. mcdonald's isn't sure if it will go nationwide. >> i don't know about you, but pancakes are good any hour of the day. thanks so much. well we want to get to sports right now. the u.s. open is underway at chambers bay in washington. it's the first time u.s. open is
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played in the pacific northwest. tiger woods didn't have a great opening round. posted worst score in an open 80. loses his club on a shot there. the co leader johnson, finding himself in a difficult situation on the night. hits it out of the rough can and with hip from the slope, it's rolling down the hill. momentum carrying it 15 feet short. he finished four under for the day. we'll be right back. stay with "first look."
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welcome back. still dealing with the stubborn tropical depression. with us four days. pictures yesterday pretty dramatic. a lot of heavy rain in texas. there was damage done because of that flash flood flooding. road repairs need to be
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repaired. many springfield, a lot of closures f. you're in st. louis, looks like heavy rains early for your morning commute and on and off heavy rain for paducah and memphis throughout the day and nashville too could deal with problem b matticatic problematic. heavier rains pushing east. new york city philadelphia washington d.c. if you have father's day plans, that's going to be iffy. heavy rains could pour through. otherwise the rest of the country looking nice. we're almost done with our problems from the storm. over the weekend, father's day especially, mid atlantic. may not be the best. >> already tough in areas already water logged. thanks bill. we have updates about the announcements nbc news group made thursday afternoon.
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the chairman of nbc news and msnbc announced lester holt will become the permanent anchor of "nightly news." holt joined nbc in 2000 and became the anchor of "weekend nightly news" in '07. brian williams who in february suspended from nbc news will join msnbc as anchor of special reports and breaking news beginning in august. he'll serve as a breaking news anchor for msnbc breaking live sports when holt isn't available. williams was an anchor at nbc 96-2004. we'll be right back.
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time now for your friday edition of "scrambled politics." legislation for obama's criticized trade deal is heading to the senate. the house nearly approved yesterday. republicans will set up a vote on the bill for next week. from, the elizabeth warren movement winds down. the new effort will back democratic presidential candidate bernie sanders. the treasury department is planning to put a woman on the $10 bill. house i minority leader nancy pelosi is throwing out some names. >> i would add frances perkins, first woman cabinet officer and
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author of social security. she's certainty affected many lives. >> perkins served under franklin roosevelt and helped establish the minimum wage and is 40 hour workweek. in california today, president obama is going to be interviewed by comedian marc maron. he conducts interviews in his los angeles garage. the pod cast has been downloaded 100 million times from ituneses and other platforms since 2009. the episode with obama will be posted this coming monday. get this. former president george w. bush has been named father of the year. it was based on his career and
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home life. jimmie jimmy fallon has this. >> i am a candidate. >> for president. >> of the united states. >> i'm running for. >> president. >> of the united states. >> i'm really rich. >> and that is your morning dish of "scrambled politics." i'm joined now by kevin from the hill. good morning kevin. >> happy friday angie. >> happy friday to you. donald trump has to remind us in case we forget. >> i know. in case anybody forgot. >> i want to start with something serious. we watch politics take a back seat following the situation in south carolina. how do you think this will influence next year's primary in this state? >> we're seeing former florida governor jeb bush delayed campaign stops there ahead of the state out of respect for
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families mourning the terrible tragedy. we've seen democratic front runner hillary clinton has called for some type of action to be taken in response to the tragedy. it's unclear what policy proposal she's prescribing. of course yesterday president obama addressing the nation saying more needs to be done. i think you are starting to hear leading lawmakers and politicians talk about this. i think it's a bit too early to tell whether or not this will -- i think all facts have to come out. either way, lawmakers are talking about this. >> definitely tough conversations but important ones at that. i feel this is the never ending trade deal. part is off to the senate. we know that. there's still big hurdles ahead, right? >> of course. the house yesterday pass added president obama's fast track.
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it's now going to senate. now turning to this fast track authority what obama wants, tpp 12 nation trade agreement. a lot of back-room dealing going on in terms of what is going to finally get president obama's trade policy over the finish line. what's interesting about this angie is that he really does have a set window of time before the august recess. a lot of folks thinking he has top get this passed before then before he becomes the lame duck president. >> i want to bring in hillary clinton on this. last night she says if she was in the senate she would vote against fast track. is this a bold move on her? >> it is. it is surprising to the business community which supports president obama. a lot of folks look at tea party. this is warren wayne versus more
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democrats. she chose liberals. >> great great toto see you. have a wonderful weekend. >> you too angie. the church in charleston is pushing many to ask the question, how far have race relations come in this country? ♪ ♪ want to survive a crazy busy day? start with a positive attitude and positively radiant skin. aveeno® positively radiant moisturizer... with active naturals® soy. to help reduce the look of brown spots in just four weeks.
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like a gold-plated soybean. reliably fast internet starts at $69.95 a month. comcast business. built for business. an attack on one of america's most historic black churches the type of sanctuary that so often has become a target over the generations. harry smith reports.
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>> if you're old enough to remember when four young girls were killed on a sunday morning in birmingham alabama, you thought you'd seen the worst. if you remember the batons and beatings on a bridge in selma, alabama you knew you witnessed evil. 50 years ago a it seemed racism met its match. >> free at last. thank god all mighty. we are free at last. >> it did to a point. a martyr fell laws were changed and hearts too. >> what happened to that? perhaps the racism never died, just laid dormant only to flair up in other ways. >> a man dies pushing people to the streets. in lots of places there's unease distrust. aren't all created equal? this is a student. >> i think it's common
2:29 am
occurrence in our society. people are more and more numb to those things numb to value of another person's life. what a harms our neighbor harms us. why is that so hard to understand? harry smith, nbc news charleston. "way too early" starts right now. i had got off the exit and called todd and said i think i have just pass had the boy that killed those people in charleston last night. >> the suspect captured. we'll go inside the search with the people that helped track him down. we'll hear from a friend that said when he heard the news of the shooting quote, i didn't think it was him, i knew it was him. >> among the victims, a coach and a patriarch described by her family. this is "way too early."
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good morning. it's friday june 19th. i'm ayman. we begin in charleston south carolina where the suspect charged with killing nine at a historic african-american church is in custody a man hunt aided by pure luck led local and law enforcement officials to find dylann roof. after waiving expedition he was flown back to south carolina in shackles. roof is accused of going to emanuel ame church sitting in an hour before killing nine people including some of the most senior members. let's goes to david wagner in charms charleston.


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