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tv   Way Too Early  MSNBC  June 24, 2015 2:30am-3:01am PDT

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good morning. it is wednesday, june 24th. welcome to "way too early" the show that knows about catching a foul bowl holding a beer but never a baby. we have a story that hassle manies in the danger zone. possible tornados dangerous heat and wind. bracing for more severe weather after getting rocked tuesday. the national weather service says nine tornados have touched down in northern illinois. cole city sustained the most damage. officials say a tornado ripped through the area with winds of 165 miles per hour. >> it started raining, so then my daughter called me and said go in the basement. i said no i ain't going in the basement. i'll get flooded.
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so i went in the bathroom and and shut the door. i just stayed in there until it was over. >> i heard a lot of weird noises i've never heard before. thank god so far i've heard everyone is okay. that's the main thing. all this can be taken care of and cleaned up. >> the storm moved to the northeast hitting the philadelphia and southern new jersey area the hardest. there are no confirmed tornados. winds packed speeds of 75 miles per hour knocking down trees and power lines. more than 1 million were stranded in the dark. one death has been reported. a 79-year-old maryland ran died after electrical wires fell on his truck. we'll get the latest from bill in a few minutes. now to south carolina. the state legislator has moved to take up the debate over the confederate flag this summer.
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both sides saw demonstrations outside the state house. inside the chambers quiet. a moment of silence for state senator clementa pinckney who will lie in state today. son of straw thurman had this to say. >> i'm proud to be on the right side of history removing racism and bigotry from the state house. let it not satisfy us to stop there. justice by halves is not justice. we must take down the confederate flag and take it down now. if we stop there, we have cheated ourselves out of an opportunity to start a different conversation about healing in our state. i am ready. >> what started in columbia is spreading around the country. mitch mcconnel called for a
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status of jefferson davis to be remove ed from the kentucky state house rotunda. governors in virginia and north carolina wanted the flag off the state license plates as well. there's a push to take confederate flags off state grounds in alabama. some of the nation's biggest retailers will stop selling the merchandise. brick and mortgagers left wal-mart sears, target will stop selling. ebay and etsy are getting rid online. valley forge says it will stop reducing them as well. sales online and in stores like this in alabama. to politics. if you thought the list of 2016 republican candidates was set, think again. the field may get new editions today. bobby jindal will make what he calls a major announcement this
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afternoon outside new orleans. he would become the first indian american to seek nomination for the white house. chris christie says he could announce as early as next week. christie finished sixth in a poll of the primary. trump is low on the list of who new hampshire republicans prefer to hear from on the debate stage. the poll finds ten candidates rank higher than trump in that category. let's turn to upstate new york in town of owl's head. new evidence discovered in a hunting cabin deep in the town's woods have law enforcement have combing the woods. joyce mitchell helped the escaped convicts by smuggling tools into the prison walls.
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we have more on that. >> reporter: in this town, police hope they're closing in. every tip could be the one that leads to sweat and matt. >> it's difficult terrain. you couldn't travel fast in a given time or time frame. >> nbc news is told the convicts were caught by surprise in a remote hunting cabin leaving food and underwear behind. the da says joyce mitchell says she smuggled the convicts tools hidden in ground beef. palmer has been put on administrative leave but not charged. he delivered the tools to sweat and has the. he passed a polygraph saying he didn't know he was handing over tools. a former inmate say he's not surprised. >> they don't search you anymore. they don't care. you're a familiar face so they
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let you through. >> this man feels they could be in his backyard. >> it's unnerving to say the least. >> the camp is typical. hunting season is in the fall. this time of year cabins are mostly empty. >> my question is how did they find out about a place like this? >> there's no indication sweat and matt are still getting help. now discovered and on the run, surviving in the woods just got much more difficult. >> thanks stephanie for that report. the new information about joyce mitchell's alleged role comes as her husband who work along side her in the correctional facility is speaking out for the first time. here's lyle telling his side of the story in an interview on "today." >> what was her reaction and what was your reaction? >> i couldn't believe it. he said they really escaped.
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i left it at that. >> when did you ask her point blank face to face? >> that night on the way home. >> did you say did you help these prisoners escape? >> i said how can it happen? she said i was scared. she said i've got something else to tell you. i said what's that? she said their plan was they wanted to kill you. i said what? they wanted her to come pick them up. >> when you stop and think about it now, isn't it likely had you been in the back of the car and had she shown up in the getaway car that both of you would be dead right now? >> absolutely 100%. >> if she had gone in the car -- >> she would have been dead in half an hour i figure. she was a get away. they were going to kill her. all they wanted was the vehicle. >> later in the interview, mitchell says he wasn't sure if he would stand by his wife or testify against her. he's not charged with anything. according to his lawyer he's
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cooperated fully with authorities so far. in just a few hours, president obama is expected to announce a major shift in the country's long standing policy with americans taken hostage overseas. families will no longer face prosecution if they pay ransoms. president obama is expected to start a new office called hostage recovery fusion cell. several hostages were killed by terrorists. >> we never knew what they were doing. they didn't tell the us. we had no idea -- >> it was always your son's situation is highest priority. we're doing everything we possibly can but can't tell you. >> we couldn't do nothing. if they weren't going to rescue them and couldn't get them home. what do you do leave your kid in jail to get beaten?
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>> the hard part was because we naively thought, you know our government could take care of it and bring them home it delayed our efforts. we were very slow to get more active and realize we've got to do something here. >> the white house is face agofacing criticism for the detain tees trade for bergdahl. the case is different and down played concerns about the policy change. >> why would they stop kidnapping if you won't give them money and the family will? >> what's clear is the reason we have our policy in place is the resources of united states government are not used to make concessions to terrorists. again, we do not want to open the door to even more americans being vulnerable to a hostage taking? >> are families opening the
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door? >> we certainly don't want to give additional financial resources to terrorist organizations that we know turn around and use those resources to carry out additional atrocities including additional hostage taking. >> did the bergdahl situation open that door? >> the situation was different because bergdahl wears the uniform of the united states military. now to baltimore. according to the autopsy report obtained by "baltimore sun" he suffered a high impact energy to his neck and spine after his april 12th arrest. the state medical examiner concluded his death was not an accident but a homicide. gray was in the back of the van with wrist and ankles shackled but not in a seat belt. the autopsy is not made public.
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marilyn mosby condemned the leak. the six officers plead not guilty. the trial is set for october. let's turn to business now. stocks ended slightly higher for a second day as investors wait for a deal between greece and creditors. we are joined live from london. speaking of gains, the steadily rising stock price, facebook is more valuable than the world's biggest retailer. explain how that happened. >> it's remarkremarkable. >> it's a sign of the times. people look at facebook and see the future. maybe they look at wal-mart and don't so much see the past but see nothing dynamic worth driving the share price higher here. we're talking about facebook edging $236 billion against
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wal-mart $235 billion. let me point out to you, facebook revenue is $12.5 billion. hast that's what they did in 2014. look at wal-mart $476 billion in revenue last year. even though there's comparison in term temperatures of market value with these businesses clearly wal-mart much much bigger. hey, if i haven't given you enough large numbers, let's mention apple which is still a grandaddy when it comes to evaluations in excess of $700 billion the market value for that company. huge. let's quickly move you along. i've got other interesting stories. i want to get into this. while we're talking large numbers, this is the reason netflix decided it needs a 7 for 1 stock split. the reason is the share price of
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netflix now at yesterday's close $681.19. companies start to get worry had the smaller investors get squeezed out of owning the stock because of high price you have to pay per share which is why they're now splitting the stock here. how do they go from here? if apple is anything to go by and they did the split in 2014 then they are likely to see the share price driven higher here and market value of the company get bigger. not only do you need that lower price share, you obviously have to come out with the right product. that's what apple managed to achieve in the last 12 months or so. there you go. stock split for netflix. >> let me ask you this. ford announcing it's getting in the car sharing business. do you think this is a smart move for the auto maker? >> yeah it does look smart doesn't it? if you look at zip car and a lot
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of companies that are focused on big cities. they're saying you know what you don't need to keep a car on your drive. pay the cost of having that vehicle over its life span. a smarter way to hire the car when you need it or borrow one from one of the companies. ford getting into the business. what they're saying is if you finance a car from us you buy it from us go through ford motor credit we'll then help you make the arrangements where that car can be loaned and used by a car rental service. you'll get additional revenue back from that. they're going to try it out in london uk and six city across the united states. an interesting twist. i think ford trying to be mod skpern fit in with earn and fit with how those are living their lives. >> thanks for that update. still ahead on "way too
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early." google alert, 900 million users could have used this sooner. i know we could have. tom brady makes his case appealing his four game suspension on deflategate. this time he was under oath. these stories plus bill karins has your forecast on "way too early" when we come back. we live in a world of mobile technology, but it is not the device that is mobile, it is you.
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. tom brady testified under oath today. imagine having to testify under oath about doing this to a football. mr. brady, at any time did you do this to a football? no your honor i did not. they're saying the only thing that can save tom brady now is a tweet from taylor swift. >> that was jimmy kimmell
2:49 am
weighing in on brady appeal. brady spent hours with roger goodell that's a long time. when they emerge ed from the nfl headquarters last night, brady's attorney said they quote put forth a compelling case. goodell will decide whether brady's testimony was convincing enough to overturn the suspension. there's no timetable on when a decision will come but it will reportedly take several weeks. folks, you want to see what multitasking looks like? we'll take you to chicago. a foul ball hit along the first baseline is snagged by a man bolt feeding his 7-month-old son. dad holds on to the ball. baby hangs on to his bottle. it does cost the home team after review. the batter is called out for fan
2:50 am
interference. he's got some serious skills. as for the game cubs win it 1-0. somebody has to sign that guy. how special is gonzalez beard? enough to land a sponsorship. a men's grooming tool manufacture. he received a certificate for quote facial hair excellence. i'm not there yet. i'm wonder physician i-- wonder physician i can get a sponsorship deal? i'm not there yet. >> we have to go through them? let's talk about the severe weather yesterday. obviously if you were traveling yesterday evening throughout pennsylvania new jersey this is the scenes you saw. ominous dark clouds strong gusty winds when the storm arrived. we didn't really see tornados. may have been one in
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massachusetts they're going to investigate this morning. most was wind damage. just a ton of trees down across the region. the storms from yesterday are gone. they're passing off the coast. now we're clear. what's next? this is a time of year the heat is built up through the southern half of the country. we get fast moving storms in the northern half. we've reloaded once again. storms fire up in is south dakota and iowa. this is where they'll be today. we have enhanced risk of severe storms. there's 20 million at risk because of high population areas of illinois. chicago late tonight, maybe not 10:0 10:00 p.m. or midnight storms arrive. watch for flash flooding with those storms from the heavy rain. heat in the south continues to be the story. there's relief in sight. near 95 to 100 memphis, jackson,
2:52 am
nashville, through charlotte. should get relief this upcoming weekend. july is looking cooler for the first week throughout the southeast. heat is where it should be. dallas expect to be in the 90s this time of year. expect to be hot in the desert southwest. one thing to watch, talking historic heat wave in the northwest. going to be in spokane, 97. average high is 76. the northwest is talking about all time heat records possible this weekend. >> bill, thanks for that. still ahead talk about community relations. generally when cops show up at a party, that means the the party is over. a that wasn't the case here. how this cop and his colleagues went beyond the call of duty. ♪ ♪ llic droid turbo by motorola. water-repellent. up to 48-hour battery life. that's your first "win." plus, it's only on verizon.
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some important news for folks sending e-mails you wish you could take back. more on that. going to control room with our man louis. >> hey. have you sent an e-mail to realize you sent to the wrong person? i know i have. google is here to help. g mail users can set a delay time in which a message can be recalled, five to 30 seconds. you better act fast. it's open to all. you have to enable the undo send option in settings to use it.
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don't forget to do. that. now let's go to the video that's taken the internet by storm. a police officer showing off dance moves at a block party, now viewed 9 million times. the police department gave out snow cones, hot dogs, coloring books and pencils. i think the officer has great moves. i love to see that. let's head to real estate mogul donald trump. he was asked which woman he'd like to appear on the new $10 bill. take a look. >> what woman do you want to see on the $10 bill? >> my mother. >> he can't go wrong with that answer. the new $10 bill will be unveiled in 2020 to mark the anniversary of women having the right to vote. i think it's a great idea. harriet tubman and rosa parks
2:57 am
the the running. >> interesting debate who should be on the $10 bill and also whether it should be $20 bill or $10 bill. >> louis, thank you for that. that does it for me and "way too early." let's bring in mika for a preview of "morning sorrow." >> thanks so much. our presidential candidate bernie sanders. he's cutting hillary clinton's lead in the polls. some say he doesn't have a chance. we'll ask him how he plans to ride the progressive wave to the white house. south carolina lawmakers will take up a measure that could have the confederate flag we moved from state grown sunds. we'll speak to a representative who questions why nine had to die to start the debate. and the question about the convicted killers. joyce mitchell and how he
2:58 am
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