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tv   First Look  MSNBC  June 25, 2015 2:00am-2:31am PDT

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tonight including family members of one of the victims. 59-year-old myra thompson. funerals for the massacre will begin tomorrow. that does it for us tonight. in south carolina tomorrow. "first look" is up next. it's thursday june 25. right now on "first look" breaking news this morning. another employee at the upstate new york prison where two inmates escaped june 6 has been arrested. boston bomber tsarnaev speaks out for the first time. >> what he said show nod remorse, no regret and no imp think if for -- no empathy for what he's done. >> a scary fire. and queen elizabeth's reaction to a gift. good morning everybody. thanks for waking up with us.
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i'm betty. a military plane has crashed in southern arizona close to the boarder in mexico. according to the air force base a single f-16 aircraft went down five miles from the airport. douglas is south of phoenix. this happened during a night training mission. one person was on brd board. no word on the status of the pilot. the crash sparked a brush fire. developing overnight, a second prison employee facing charges after two escaped prisoners earlier this month. palmer, a guard at the facility was arrested yesterday. he bailed himself out shortly after midnight. he was arraigned wednesday. another hearing is scheduled for this afternoon. palmer has been charged with promoting prison contra a ban,
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tampering with evidence and criminal misconduct. the charges range from 15 months to seven years. he tells nbc news he had no knowledge the two were escape aing and will plead not guilty. >> he's did he stated, embarrassed, sorry for attention he's getting now. he wants the focus on prison security and capturing two individuals and putting them where they belong. >> the prison seamstress joyce mitchell has been arrested and pleaded not guilty to contraband offenses. she's alleged she smuggled escape tools in raw ground beef. palmer then allegedly took the tools to the prisoners. he says he had no idea there was contraband in there. the man convicted of the
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boston marathon bombing has broken silence more than two years after the attack killed three and injured 260. he told a packed courtroom he was sorry for deaths he caused. the statement came as he was formally sentenced to death. pete williams was in the courtroom. >> some of those most affected came to court for the opportunity two years for telling tsarnaev the pain he caused. bill martin stood with his wife as tsarnaev sat close by. he chose to do nothing, said richard. he chose destruction, death. one witness said i can't understand how he made the decision about who would live
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and who would die. rebecca gregory who lost a leg from the bombing, i'm not somebody's victim not your's not your brother's. she said that is so funny that you smirk. that's what we do to you everyday. the response to the bombing unified the city nation and brought out the best in people. we are boston strong and america strong, she said. choosing to mess with us was a terrible idea. how's that for a victim impact statement. finally tsarnaev choking up said i am sorry for the lives i've taken saying i'd like to apologize to victims, for survivors. he asked for mercy. many said it was too late. >> i regret ever wanting to hear him speak because what he said show nod remorse, no regret and no empathy for what he's done in our lives. >> at no point did he renounce
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the reasons for which he committed this act. he never renounced terrorism. he did not repute yat violent extremism. >> one who had two sons that lost a leg said it was helpful. >> i can honestly say my sons will probably be happy i found what i needed to find. i think we can really close a chap i. >> that was pete williams reporting. tsarnaev goes to prison on death row while the case goes through automatic after peels process that could take years. week after nine were shot and killed in a south carolina church, more charges for the man accused of pulling the trigger. this is on top of nine count miss state court where he could get the death penalty. two public defenders will represent roof at his itrial.
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in alabama, governor robert bentley ordered the four rebel banners to be taken down nachlt debate continues in charles charles in the very room the massacre happened. >> in jesus name we pray a, amen. >> one week after a gunman shot and killed nine at a bible study inside the ame church worshippers were back for another bible issue dirks a show of faith and support. >> it's been a beautiful gathering for all of us. the love pouring out from everyone coming around we can't even ask for more. >> earlier, a horse drawn kas yacht made the long slow solemn journey to the state capital. inside mourners paid final
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respects to the man who was one of the final nine gunned down. the view of the confederate flag outside as other lawmakers discuss taking down the flag. paul thurmond gave a speech. one critic is worried if the flag goes it may not stop there. >> then it will be this statue that statue. we're on a slippery slope here. you're going to try to eradicate history so it doesn't offend anybody anybody. >> south carolina lawmakers are expected to take up the issue next week. president obama versus the heckler. did you hear this story? the president halted his white house speech to shut down
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someone yelling. >> hold on a second. okay. you know what -- no no, no. no no no. hey -- listen. you're in my house. can we have this person removed please? as a general rule i am just fine with a few hecklers but not when i'm up in the house. >> not in his house he says. the heckler was removed from that event. eight minutes past the hour. time to get down to business with landon dowdy. >> good morning to you. stocks fell sharply wednesday. investors react to latest developments in the greek debt crisis. the country faces a deadline.
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personal income and spending. aaa predicts the most travelers hitting the roads since 2007 over the 4th of july holiday. prices are well below a year ago levels. a survey finds consumers look at media on mobile devices by other age groups. 36 hours for the rest of of us. >> we've got to get them watching live tv. >> that's right. thank you. now to sports. for the second year in a row, university of virginia and vanderbilt battle it out at the college world series. they took home the world tight otherle last year. it is the first school in the atlantic post conference to win the ncaa tournment tournament.
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congratulations. donaldson chases down the foul ball and dives into the crowd to secure the catch. oh yeah he got that ball. now that's sacrificing your body for the team. kudos to fans for not interfere interfering interfering. >> a kid make ace catch as he saves his little brother from being nailed by a baseball. see him protecting himself from the ball not worried about the kids. good thing the kid had a glove. this could be the most violent sport ever. king henry said too small to be a war and too cruel to be a game. the rules are simple, there are none. players can use any means necessary to get the ball down
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the field and into the net. players punch, kick whatever it takes to dominate their opponent 50 minutes. that seems rough. check out this jarring video from spain. wow. that was a scene where six were injured during a bomb fire lighting tuesday evening leaving two hospitalized with severe burns. in spain a similar explosion due to excessive fuel. watch out during bonfires. still ahead, a big win for the president when it comes to trade. why queen elizabeth might be the hardest person in the world to buy for.
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how's this for video? powerful storm moved through stranding viewers. hail the size of softballs in
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some areas making it look as if they were driving in a slushy. common in colorado to get the hail like this. the complex thunderstorms with flooding rain has gone through iowa soon toward st. louis. champagne flash flood warning. chicago light rain and heavier rain toward indianapolis. that drive to indianapolis the worst drive in the country. we are going to watch isolated severe storms rapid city to denver. also a a widespread area with strong storms hit and miss from raleigh to d.c. back to cincinnati all the way through st. louis. we're going to get isolated tornados it could be in virginia today. i don't think we'll see a lot of tornados, could see one or two. timing for d.c. area by 5:00 p.m. scattered hit or miss storms. looks like concentration gets
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more intense 6:00 to 8:00. that's the target zone. heat continues betty. 100 wichita, 95 atlanta. the heat wave is heading for the northwest this weekend. >> thank you. don't say you haven't been warned. is the senate passed the president's fast track trade agenda. it now heads to the white house for the president's signature. mr. obama says the deal will create more opportunities for u.s. companies and insure american influence in the asian economy. bobby jindal is 13th republican to announce plans to run for the white house in 2016. ginjindal hardly registers on national polls. he's won primaries before. queen elizabeth is surprised by the gift she received.
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the country's president gave a painting that was supposed to depict the queen riding a horse. she was a little surprised and asked at one point, is that supposed to be my father? guess it didn't look like him. "meet the press" versus beat the press. a may december race council and why kids are allegedly smuggling seasonings into schools. "scrambled politics" is next. behold, these are two wind turbines. can you spot the difference? the wind farm on the right was
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19 minutes past the hour. time for your thursday edition of "scrambled politics." south carolina senator graham is clarifying comments yesterday. he brought up the middle east in discussing the charleston massacre. >> i don't know how you can pray for someone in a church and get up and shoot them. that's something i didn't think we had here, but apparently we do. >> he said he was making a comparison to isis quoting that kind of hate. meet the press versus beat the press. the congressional softball game was last night. big names like nancy pelosi and mccarthy helped raise money for breast research. andrea mitchell was even there to call the game. with all this, we have the best political race you probably don't know about. in washington, 20-year-old rita
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is challenging 75-year-old dell maso for city council. rita's last victory, high school council. his opponent cast his first vote for jfk before wida was born. and vladimir putin's personal side. that should be interesting. this might not be what the first lady wanted. underground underage black market for the tasty stuff is. >> perhaps the most colorful example in my district, students have been caught bringing in salt pepper sugar to school to add taste.
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>> they're selling salt and pepper. and "tonight show" with jimmy. he has a device that allows him to read arnold's mind. >> carly fiorina. >> how does arnold schwarzenegger say california? >> and that is your morning dish of "scrambled politics." 22 minutes past the hour. time to bring in kevin. good morning kevin. >> good morning. great to be on. >> all right. does it appear the charleston massacre, as tragic as it was, it's not going to move congress to do much on the issue of gun control? >> it's not. fact is republicans control both houses of congress.
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it wouldn't move when democrats controlled the senate. that's not going to change a. the number of votes has probably dropped since then. you're seeing democratic legislators bring it up and also pat toomy from pen opinion. that's largely because he's running for re-election. that plays well in pennsylvania. that is something let may want to push for a vote. >> right. you're not hearing about it at all. seems like the confederate flag debate replaced the gun debate. >> it was remarkleableable remarkable how that shifted. could be that some groups said we can't get gun control done, maybe we can do something about the confederate flag. that's something that can get done and has gotten done. >> sounds like donald trump is
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getting done. he soared to second in a gop poll of 2016 presidential contenders. are these must bes too good to be true? >> yeah it is. the interesting thing about this poll in boston it included 19 republican candidates. there are a lot of republican candidates but 19 is incredibly high. that's just a reflection people know who trump is. he's probably not second in the field. >> name recognition is what you're saying? okay. thanks for joining us today. we appreciate it. just ahead, developments in the ben affleck controversy. plus yada yada you're chance to be in one of the greatest television series of all time.
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. now to entertainment. pbs announced ben affleck had influence on the documentary "finding your roots." he convinced not to mention the ancestor that once owned slaves. the series is put on hold. pbs said it would take steps to prevent situations like this to happen in the future. affleck expressed regret of his actions ask and said quote we deserve neither credit or blame for our ancestors. and who removed jerf has this
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furniture? apartment is that? props and souvenirs were loaned to the set from jerry himself. bill, get your tickets. i'm betty nguyen on msnbc. he's embarrassed. he's sorry for attention he's getting now. he wants focus on prison security capturing individuals and putting them where they belong. >> breaking overnight. a second prison employee arrested in connection with the escape of the two inmates in upstate new york. criminal charges the correction officer faces. plus an apology from boston bomber tsarnaev. he says he's sorry for the lives he's taken. does that ring hollow to victims? . it's referred to as whole pay
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check but now whole foods market is charged with overcharging. what the retailer says about the charges this morning. 5:30 on the east coast, 3:30 out west. this is "way too early." ♪ ♪ good morning. it is thursday june 25th. we begin this morning in upstate new york where a second prison employee has been arrested in the investigation of the elaborate escape earlier this month. gene palmer who worked in the honor block housing sweat and matt has been promoted with prison contraband tampering with evidence. palmer's attorney says he'll enter a plea of not guilty. joyce mitchell told autho


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