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tv   First Look  MSNBC  June 26, 2015 2:00am-2:31am PDT

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president biden. they will all be there in person. hillary clinton will also attend. president obama will be spending personally working on this eulogy. it will be a remembrance . "first look is up next ". it's friday june 26th right now on "first look." an a emotional day ahead as leaders descend on the church service. and he's stirred up a hornet's nest with his decision to dump the miss usa passenger end. >> they have an ironclad. they can't do this. supreme court chief justice proves to be obama's closest ally on obama care. all that and more on a busy friday. "first look" starts now.
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good morning to you. thanks for joining us on this friday. i'm betty nguyen. we want to begin with a deadly plane crash. thursday in southeast alaska, all on board including the pilot when their plane similar to the one seen here crashed. it's unclear what made the plane crash. eight passengers came from a ho land cruise ship in the middle of a seven day voyage. thousands are expected at the funeral for south carolina south senator reverend clementa pinckney. he's one of nine killed in last week's south carolina massacre. this is shaping up to be a massive service with high profile attendees.
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>> reporter: very high profile. good to talk to you. president obama is outing finishing touches on the eulogy. the pastor, pinckney is still here. it will be moved to charleston later today. there are people to speak before obama in a service expected to last for hours. >> it's the charleston church pinckney pastored and place eight others were gunned down by a 21-year-old man filled with hate. >> what a way for it to end in the same place it began. >> last night the pastor's body came home to the city he serve issed. >> i my heart has burst because brother pinckney was a friend of mine. >> every fiber of faith has been tested. >> grandma everything i do is
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because of you watching over me and holding my hand. >> it speaks volumes to what the people of charleston are really about. >> it has been a long painful good-bye for those that loved pinckney. thousands walked by his casket in south carolina capitol, a building he served as state senator and a place a controversial confederate flag continues to stir emotions outside. >> if people realize this was a direct result and direct correlation to hate and realize it's time for the flag to come down. >> the president offers comfort. >> to show he's concerned about the people. >> faith and forgiveness is easy to find. understanding this hate is more elusive elusive. >> the first lady president obama will attend today's
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funeral. six more are planned, two more today. the suspect, dylann roof remains in a jail cell eight hours away. >> thank you for that report. we invite you to keep it here on msnbc for wall to wall coverage for funeral services of the reverend pinckney live from charles tochblt. donald trump is taking heat and hitting back. it didn't take long for the hopeful to stir controversy. this morning he's answering for these comments he made about mexicans when announcing his candidacy last week. >> they're sending people that have lots of problems and bringing those problems with us. they're bringing drugs. they're bringing crime, rapist. some i assume are good people. i speak to border guards and tell us what we're getting. >> tracey potss is live in
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washington. tracey, trump got called out on this. he's not packing down. >> no he's not. he's suing univision. they said they're cutting ties with him as a result of what he said. they're not going to run the miss usa pageant or deal with the program at all anymore. trump says they've got a five year contract is and he will sue to enforce that contract. then he went on telemudu and said this. >> they're not people we want and frankly not people other countries -- i talk about other countries. i talk all over the world. we're going to have terrorists coming in the border. we have no protection. mexico is taking advantage of us, and so are other countries. >> he's defending what he said previously and adding terrorists
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to the people he says are crossing the border from mexico. latino stars, pop stars perform performers are denouncing trump. one dropped out of the miss usa pageant as a result. we're going to see what will happen as trump says he's going to sue to force them to continue to work with him. >> sounds far from over. thank you so much. nbc issued a statement saying quote, donald trump's opinions do not represent those of nbc. we do not agree with his positions on a number of issues including recent kmebtss on immigration. a huge victory by the u.s. supreme court. it rejected the health care law, a decision that affects millions.
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>> outside if court, big cheers for ruling victory for affordable care act aca. conservative opponents said subsidies were not for everyone only people that bought their insurance in one of the 16 states that set up their own marketplaces. opponents said millions of others that bought insurance on the federal marketplace could not get the subsidies. by vote of 6-3, supreme court said that's wrong. john roberts joined by anthony kennedy and court's four liberals. court said the three parts are interlocking. insurance companies can't deny coverage for pre-existing conditions. everyone get insurance to spread the risk and subsidies make it more affordable. take away the subsidies, court said and itself collapses. congress passed the affordable care act to improve not to destroy them, roberts wrote.
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>> today has monumental significance. it means the affordable care act is not just the law of the land it will remain the law of the land. >> in a blistering decent for himself and others he said this favors some rather than others. he used abbreviation and said we should call the law scotus care. it was a barbed attack on his ruling. >> no other serious challenges to obama care are pending. republicans though vow to keep fighting to repeal the law. talk about a bad day n. hawaii a gigantic sinkhole swallowed this pickup truck yesterday and flooded near yards. residents rushed to move their cars from the six inch water
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main break. time to get down to business. landon joins us. >> hi. happy friday. investors continue to monitor developments in greece's debt crisis as the country faces a deadline to repay a loan next week or could default on debt. lulu is recalling 3800 tops because the elastic draw strings can snap back and hit people in the face. seven have reported injuries. tops were told in u.s. and canada between 2008 and last year. back over to you. >> thank you very much. sports action now. it was the minting of millionaires in brooklyn. the first overall pick in the draft, minnesota timberwolves selected carl towns from kentucky. one of six selected last night.
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sixers were next picking duke a's. in the fourth overall pick, knicks tick him. the unexpected draft pick. stephen a smith was so dissatisfied with jackson's pick he interrupted a vacation to offer these comments. >> new york knicks fans were at the barclay center booing because we recognize we have been hoodwinked bamboozled led a stray, run a muck and flat out deceived by phil jackson and the new york knicks. >> apparently it was that serious. just ahead, new details surrounding a second prison guard arrested in connection with the new york prison escape. baby number two is on the way for bristol palin.
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. welcome back on this friday morning. summer is going to feel like the peak of summer. this could be the hottest weekend we get in many areas of the west. this is going to be historic for areas that have been very dry. fire season is going to peak. any fires that form in this pattern will spread rapidly. all the hot weather, weather headlines next week. could be 109 in boise. these are areas that don't get this hot. portland oregon could be 100 over two days. you get the picture this is going to be all-time june hottest temperatures. it contrast and gets hot in the east. going to feel like spring at best. temperatures in the 70s. we have a couple of areas overnight. louisville kentucky hit hard by storms. that continue this is morning. now heading to west virginia. missouri has the worst weather now. numerous areas of flooding
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kansas city and columbia. heavy flooding conditions interstate 70 this morning. if we get severe weather, tornados possibility in kentucky and tennessee. probably be the worst ze weather but won't be widespread. this heat wave is going to be off the charts. >> causing problems apparently. thank you so much. now day 21 in the search is for escaped killers david sweat and richard matt. now the prison worker who helped in their escape is free on bond. >> gene pall per, prison officer for 28 years pled not guilty facing multiple charges in connection with the prison break. the 57-year-old worked on the honor block with the two for years. he told in a statement matt gave him paintings and portraits in
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connection for other favors. favors began two years ago smuggling in paint and paint brushes for matt, acrylics for sweat. he allowed one behind the wall to wiring so he could cook. he gave needle those pliers and a screwdriver. the two would use the cat walk as part of the escape route. may 29th mitchell left him a green colored woven cloth bag with frozen beef and more paint. he gave matt the package will through the cell bars. mitchell hid tools in the meat hacks saw and drill bits.
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now here's your first look at this morning's dish of "scrambled politics." the state department gets libya e-mails that hillary clinton did not hand over e-mails between her long time advisor. he's subpoenaed after being investigated in the 2012 benghazi attack. the admission gives questions if she used the account. bernie sanders is eight points behind in the poll in new hampshire. yesterday speaking to chris hay, he was focused on the supreme court's decision to uphold the subsidies of obama care. >> the truth is and we have to accept this we are the only major country on earth that doesn't guarantee health care to all our people. 35 million people, despite aca, have no health insurance.
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many more are underinsurance with high co pays and deductibles. health care futures are not particularly good. with all that stuff, we spend almost twice as much per capita as do other countries. and justice scalia made history joking about aca called scotus care. that's the first time in history it was referred to as scotus. >> president obama sat down and this time him answer ago the questions speaking to legendary naturalist. the conversation turned to the president's daughters. >> they're much more environmentally aware. >> i've never met a child who's not interested in history.
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just the simplest thing, a 5-year-old turning over a stone and seeing a slug and says what a treasure. kids understand the natural world and fascinating -- the question is how did you lose it? how did you lose the interest? governor scott walker expects to announce his 2016 plans during the week of july 13th. he'll likely be the last of big names to join. sources say chris christie is expected to announce tuesday. he is denying that report. louisiana governor bobby jindal declared earlier this week. jimmy fallon says poll numbers aren't looking so good. >> there's bobby jindal. he's slightly less favored than lemon flavored jolly ranchers. a little bit less. he's less than getting a friend request than your boss and
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burning the roof of your mouth on a hot pocket and realizing that same hot pocket is ice cold inside. very unpopular. >> that's rough. that's your morning dish of "scrambled politics." time to be joined there from none other than kevin from the hill. happy friday. >> happy friday. thanks for having me. the fast track trade deal holding up obama care this has been a full week of victories for the president. >> it's been a good week for president obama. he's secured a major evict ri on a bipartisan trade pack am. this is the first step in securing fast track. he turns to the 12 state nation agreement for this trade deal he wants to get through. either way, a bipartisan deal huge victory for him. he beat his own party in the progressive wing and tea party wing. big win for obama. >> absolutely. there's still talk conservatives feel detraybetrayed on roberts ruling
2:24 am
obama care. >> i think they're in favor of the ruling in favor of obama. >> why is that? >> republicans would have had to come out with another plan. representative paul ryan already put forth alternative to obama care. there's a lot of division between the tea party, moderate wing of the republican party on the best foot forward. i think deep down heading to election cycle, this beats the curb in terms of obama care incentive. >> that's interesting. on this banner week is the president on a bounce back? does this give him political power to erase the lame duct mentality? >> president obama clearly would have had a major loss if he didn't get the trade deal
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through. i think this is a huge win for president obama. that being said is, you though, i think really no way to escape that the bipartisan trade deal is a victory for obama. >> kevin, as always a, thanks for joining us. >> thank you. have a great weekend. just ahead taylor swift makes nice with the world's most valuable company. but did you know we also support hospitals using electronic health records for more than 30 million patients? or that our software helps over 20 million smartphone users remotely configure e-mail every month? or how about processing nearly $5 billion in electronic toll payments a year? in fact, today's xerox is working in surprising ways to help companies simplify the way work gets done and life gets lived. with xerox, you're ready for real business.
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well looks like there's no more bad blood between taylor swift and apple. swift tweeted i have decided to put "1989" on apple and happily so.
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this comes after swift said she withhold her album are from apple music because the company would not compensate artists during free tiles. apple relented and drop had the policy. "way too early" starts right mow. she gets to represent something that we all know is will there can which is hate. she was a victim of hate. she can be a symbol for love. that's what she was in life. >> funerals begin for the victims of charleston shooting. today the city and nation mourn as president obama is said to eulogize pinckney. the landmark ruling in favor of the affordable care act. supporters of obama care argue this cements his place in the history books. critics aren't giving up the the fight yet. move over boomers. millennial have surpassed their parents on the record books. it's 5:30 in the east 2:30 out
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west. this is "way too early." good morning. it's friday june 26th. i'm ayman. nbc news is working to confirm reports of an explosion. reports say there was one dead. a body of a person decapitated was found in an area. someone has been detained. we'll bring you information throughout the course of the day on msnbc. for the second time in three years u.s. supreme court has upheld the affordable care act. the court ruled the federal government can provide federal subsidies to state 245s have decide not run marketplace coverage. in the


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