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tv   Lockup  MSNBC  July 5, 2015 9:00pm-10:01pm PDT

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all victims were believed to be randomly selected, stopped by the killers who were driving around asking directions, then gunning down the victims. >> the city is shocked by a murderous shooting spree on a major religious holiday. >> i want to say to the perpetrator and anybody who would attempt to aid or abet
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him, we're coming for you. >> two suspects are booked into the jail. and now one of them is talking. >> he's hunting. you know, looking for the next victim. >> a recently arrived inmate catches the attention of staff and other inmates. >> he's out there in the sallyport. shaking his wing at everybody, which is not something you do to a bunch of guys in orange. >> and -- >> i don't rob and steal. i swipe and i swindle. >> a father of five is headed to prison. but now his pregnant girlfriend visits with haunting news from home. >> i got bruises and scratches all over my back. and it's not anybody in the house with me. what is it?
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sul that, oklahoma, lies at the intersection of two of the nation's best-known symbolic locations. it's where tornado alley meets the bible belt. >> can't buy alcohol on sundays. they kind of roll up the carpet at 9:00. it's that kind of town. 2:00 in the morning, 4:00 in the morning, you're going to be hard-pressed to find something other than an all-night restaurant that's open. for some of us that's okay. that's tulsa. still small enough to be home. >> you all right? >> yeah. >> all right. you know we're going to check to you -- >> chef deputy michelle robinette runs what is arguably the largest home in tulsa. the david l. moss criminal justice center. better known as the tulsa county jail. >> breakfast of champions. >> about 1,800 men and women are incarcerated here. most are only accused of crimes and are awaiting trial or the resolution of their cases. but two men booked into the jail almost one year earlier stand
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out from most of the rest. the crimes with which they were charged sent shock waves throughout the city on one of its most sacred days, good friday. >> three people found dead, two others injured, all within just miles of each other in a tulsa, oklahoma, neighborhood. >> this is something we've never seen in tulsa, oklahoma. >> it started early friday morning when a woman was found fatally wounded in a residential neighborhood. minutes later, two men were found injured just two blocks away. less than an hour after that, another man was found shot to death. and seven hours later, a fifth victim dead from a gunshot wound in the parking lot of a funeral home. >> i want to say to the perpetrator and anybody who would attempt to aid or abet him, we're coming for you. >> all five victims of the good friday shootings were african-american. a city-wide manhunt quickly led to arrests.
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>> the arrests come two days after the shootings. police believe the victims were targeted at random. >> sickens me, angers me. this is not what tulsa, oklahoma, is about. >> the men were booked into the tulsa county jail and placed in single person segregation cells for their own protection. >> they were so high profile and it created such a public outcry and such a media frenzy. >> they have remained in them since. they're rarely around other inmates. >> they never got a chance to go to general pop because they were already so sensationalized, they would not have stood a chance in general pop. >> jacob england was charged with ten felonies and has pled not guilty to all of them. >> i'm in here on three counts of first degree murder, two shooting with intent to kill, and five hate crimes. that's what they say i'm in here for is a good friday shooter.
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>> my father was killed by a black man, 2010. and -- i guess two years on his second anniversary, somebody went around shooting black people. they're saying it was me and my codefendant for retaliation. >> england says he witnessed the shooting death of his father two years earlier. the accused shooter, an african-american man, was arrested but later released on grounds of self-defense. alvin watts was a friend of england's father. he was england's roommate at the time of the good friday shootings. he's charged with the same ten felonies as england and has entered not guilty pleas for the sake of trial. but he says he and england committed the shootings. >> we were sitting around the house, popping pills.
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xanaxs. once i had so many of those in me, i didn't care anymore. we wanted to go out and do revenge. we wanted -- we wanted to avenge his dad's death. >> i went to sleep that night, woke up the next morning, it was all over the news. people were scared to come out at night. they didn't know what was going on. and i never said nothing to anybody. but my codefendant was boasting about it and the cat was out of the bag. before we know it, several people called in to crimestoppers. >> tulsa community pulled together and they knew what was important. they were more than willing to help us bring these guys and apprehend them. >> what's your statement about this whole thing? guilty, not guilty? >> not guilty. >> do you have an alibi for that period of time?
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>> no. no, i don't. >> prosecutors are seeking the dead penalty. >> hey, alvin. >> hey, sergeant. >> you're getting quite a library in there, alvin. >> yeah. i sure am. >> are you reading them, that's the big thing. or is it osmosis, put them by your head and hope they sink in? >> a little bit of both. >> sergeant colette runs the segregation unit. he says he checks in with england and watts daily to make sure they're holding up emotionally. >> how are you doing upstairs, you know what i'm saying? >> yeah, yeah, i'm good. >> okay. all right. i'll get mental health in here and talk if you need to. >> i been good, sergeant colette. >> i've never really had any type of drastic mood change in alvin. alvin's always been alvin. he's just -- he's there.
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alvin's kind of a tricky one. those are the ones you've really got to watch close for just very sult changes. it may be in their behavior or things in their cell that may be subtly changed. those are the ones you have to watch real close. >> all right, alvin. >> all right, sergeant colette. coming up -- >> five black people, shot them all down, killing three of them. >> alvin watts opens up. and -- >> i was brushing my teeth at the same time. >> a case of bad hygiene leads to a pair of jailhouse assaults. why leave the site? don't you know the tripadvisor you've always trusted for reviews, book! now checks over 200 websites to find the best price?! over 200 sites checked to find the best price.
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>> stinks. >> lots of febreze, lots of hand sanitizers. >> i've never smelled women so stinky in my life. >> i got one bathroom sharing here that's nasty. >> it stinks, literally. it's part of the job. it's what we do. >> adam curry says good hygiene is important to him too. >> curry, why do you have a toothbrush in your mouth? >> i was brushing my teeth at the same time. >> yeah? >> yeah. >> anything else besides a toothbrush? you're going to need to it brush your teeth later. all right, take to it your cell. >> just a couple of hours later, curry would become both the perpetrator and the victim of hygiene-related assaults. >> we have a code blue which is an inmate on inmate assault in j-5. mr. curry and mr. goode got into a physical confrontation and so both of them were taken out of j-5. >> the fight between inmate chad
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goode and curry apparently began after curry felt the third inmate smelled bad. so he doused the inmate with a mixture of water, toothpaste, and soap. >> the young man's a little too young or too small to stand up to a guy that big. >> i asked him about it. he didn't deny it. i sent him out of the pod. while he was in the sallyport, he was standing there whipping his penis out and shaking it at the inmates. then i guess they told him they were going to smash him out. then he started apologizing. they're like, all right, we'll leave you alone, just don't do it again. then he pulls it out again and starts doing the same thing, laughing at them, taunting them while he's doing it. >> obnoxious. plain-up obnoxious. >> he's out there in the sallyport, shanking his wang at everybody, which is not somebody you do to guys in orange. >> he walked up to his cell and let him get in the cell and walked in right behind him. >> and? >> started swinging.
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everybody wanted him gone. thank god nobody really had the -- had the guts to go in and do anything about it. >> that guy beat my brains in. but hey, my -- you know, i signed -- i signed a waiver saying i wouldn't press charges. and hopefully he did too. because i didn't even get one lick in. >> were you surprised that this reaction occurred when you exposed yourself to these guys? >> no. well, yes and no. and this was after i'd chucked a cup of toothpaste and soap on the back of a guy's head. aah! what the -- what a -- what a heathen thing to do. >> to curry's defense, the guy did stink. but the way he went about it. >> since there are no serious injuries and neither inmate wants to file a complaint or charges against the other, jail
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officials decided not to take punitive measures. >> at this point in time, we just look at it as mutual combat and let it go at that. we're going to separate both of them, take both of them out of the pod, put them in new pods. that's how we're going to do it, rehouse both of them, let them start all over. >> curry has three prior drug-related convictions that resulted in two separate prison stays. recently he's been in and out of jail on bond while racking up new charged of burglary, grand larceny, and assault and battery with a dangerous weapon. he's pled not guilty to all his charges. his most recent arrest got off on a bad start. >> once i got into booking and got really hungry, i started making noise, i'm hungry, i'm hungry! >> curry spit on the cell's surveillance camera. >> first of all, they had to restrain me because i was being obnoxious and loud. that's the right thing to do. for everyone else's safety. are around me or anyone who's acting psychotic. >> apparently he causes issues every time he comes to jail.
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so i can see why he comes to jail. >> while curry might have an eye for trouble -- >> damn, ain't nobody got no coffee. >> robert green has an eye for hustling. >> i'm a hustler by any means necessary. i don't rob and steal. i swipe and i swindle. >> ain't nobody got no coffee, man. >> green says his ability to hustle served him well in jail and prison. as well as on the streets. >> if i knew somebody who was wanting a flat screen tv and i knew where one was at, i'd say hey, let me get that i'll take it over there, i'll make it happen. versatility. that was my job, just being a versatile person, always keeping my ear to the streets. that's who i am, i'm a hustler by any means necessary. i got expensive taste. know what i'm saying, i'll wear
9:17 pm
two different pairs of jordans. why you got two different pairs of jordans on? because i can, can you do that? no. next time you see me going to have two different ones on, know what i'm saying, one of each. nobody does that, possibly because i'm different. official like a referee's whistle. >> yes. yes, it is. ain't got no sugar, though. >> green's lifestyle has also landed him in jail and prison numerous times over the past 16 years. he was recently sentenced to five years for possession of drugs and a stolen vehicle. he's due to be transferred to state prison and says he's ready. >> i know i'm a born leader. that's why i know i'm above a lot of other people. saying that i'm not egotistical. i may be an ass [ bleep ] but i'm not egotistical. >> green is also a member of the indian brotherhood or ibh. it's designated as a gang by oklahoma jail and prison officials. >> i'm a warrior and i stand up for my people. and i will ride for my people. because i believe in my people.
9:18 pm
>> green says he hopes his five children do not follow into the indian brotherhood. >> because they would have to go to prison. do you want your babies to go to prison? no. i want my kids to grow up to make something of themselves. i love my babies. >> green now has a sixth child on the way. with his fiancee cassisi. >> the best light of my life. that is the better half of me. she showed me what real love was. i understood what a good woman was whenever i met her. she made me better. so we shine together. coming up -- >> what is it? what's happening to you? >> i don't know. but it ain't the good lord. >> cassisi comes for a visit but she's bearing some dark news. >> somebody told me i need to go to a catholic church. i was real better daddy, he always took care of me. >> jacob england opens up about the murder of his own father two years earlier on good friday.
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segregation inmates at the tulsa county jail are locked in their cells 23 hours a day. their one hour out can be spent either in the shower or rec yard. >> how are you doing? >> i'm doing pretty good. >> sergeant colette, who runs the unit, says he frequently checks in with the inmates and tries to help them adapt to the isolation. >> the brain's very powerful. and you can fail to flourish and literally will yourself to death. i do not want that in here. i tell these guys in seg when i first meet them, i want you guys reading, i want you exercising yourself. if i wanted mushrooms back here i'd be a gardener. what i say to them is, free your mind, your ass will follow. >> jacob england has been in segregation for nearly a year. he's followed sergeant colette's advice but has also participated in extracurricular activity with
9:23 pm
some of his neighbors. they call it cadillacing and it involves using string to pass items between cells -- what are you doing? >> cadillacing a soup. giving him soup. he's going to come down off the top run, i'm going to pull in his cadillac and tie on a soup then push it back underneath the door and he's going to pull it back up to his cell. >> why? >> so he can have something to eat. >> all right, pull that back! >> i've been doing it about ten months. i've gotten pretty good at it over the months.
9:24 pm
cadillac every day. >> do you get caught every day? >> yeah, just about. >> you do it every day, get caught every day? >> just about. they watch on cameras. >> with easter weekend approaching, so too is the one-year anniversary of england's arrest. he's been charged with three counts of murder, two attempted murders, and five hate crimes. he and his codefendant are accused of going on a murderous shooting spree against african-americans. >> all victims were believed to be randomly selected, stopped by the killers who were driving around asking directions, then gunning down the victims. >> the shootings occurred not only on good friday, but it was also the two-year anniversary of the death of england's father. carl england was fatally shot at age 47 by an african-american man who was later acquitted on grounds of self-defense. >> i was a real big daddy's boy. he took care of me and both my sisters. always worked together and everything. rode horses and stuff. the guy that killed my dad was a big deal. because he was black.
9:25 pm
just because my dad was racist and he kind of raised me to be racist too. i tried not to be. changed my ways. >> it's also a waiting game for england's codefendantal lin watts who's in another segregation unit. he has his own way of coping with a life of solitude. >> in my window i have shampoo bottles and conditioner and lotion bottles all lined up in order because that's just the -- something i was diagnosed with called ocd and i got to have everything in a particular order or color. lining all that up like that does help me cope. it helps me feel organized. i don't like to feel out of organized or anything like that. >> watts and england could face the death penalty if found guilty of their murder charges. while they both pled not guilty in court, watts says they did it. >> we weren't talking or
9:26 pm
conversating or anything like that. we was hunting. you know, just looking for the next victim, looking for that next person. five black people. and we shot them all down, killing three of them, and two of them survived. after that, we didn't talk or anything about it. we just went straight home. we didn't even talk about it when we got home. i'm flabbergasted when i think about it. i can't believe i done this. i wake up every day in the cell, same cell, why did i do this? how could i do this? coming up -- >> i think it's because of the baby. but i don't want them to hurt me. >> robert green gets a disturbing visit. and -- >> i was making them mad. >> adam curry discovers not everyone finds his situation as humorous as he does. >> mom, don't cry. don't cry. thanks to the tools and help at,
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hello, i'm betty nguyen.
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the european council president has called a eurozone summit to discuss the situation in greece. voters in greece voted overwhelmingly against a bailout bill that includes tough austerity measures. pope francis is starting a trip to south america in ecuador. the pope, who was born in argentina, will be visiting three of the continent's poorest countries -- ecuador, bolivia, and paraguay. now it's back to "lockup." shut that door! let's go! >> inside the tulsa county jail, many of the inmates and officers alike say they live by the credo, give respect, to get respect. >> let's go, open these doors, get in them, let's go!
9:31 pm
robert green, who's awaiting transfer to prison to serve five years for possession of drugs and a stolen vehicle, says respect is part of his heritage. >> we need americans to respect the earth. respect everything around it. >> couldn't get a club to save my life. >> green says it was a matter of respect that recently led him to a brief stay in administrative significant extra investigation. >> i got in a fight. he said too many words to me. had to punch him in the face. yeah. felt bad afterwards, though. >> why? >> because i got a heart and i actually care. i actually care now. back then, i didn't give [ bleep ]. but no i do care. like damn, i shouldn't have punched on that dude, man. >> green says the fight wasn't entirely his fault. >> the devil is a very subtle and very sneaky person. the devil knows whenever you want to go good. >> when you beat that up guy, was that the devil? >> yes.
9:32 pm
after i was like, man, that ain't me no more. but what is me? [ bleep ] i'm just me and that's who i am. know what i'm saying? everybody else want to call him robert green, that's my government name. i'm baby drop. >> he says baby drop comes from hysteria drop tattoos which represent his hard life growing up. >> i led a hard, bad life. do i regret it? no. if you regret it the past you can never move straight forward with your life. i know god has chosen me to do something great with my life. i know how to listen in a spiritual sense and i know how to see in a spiritual sense. how is it that me and my girl can visit and she can put her head down and i can ask her, baby, are you listening to me? without saying a damn word out of my lips. she can shake her head yes. how is it i can seek my girl out in my mind and she seeks me out on the same base. it's sad when we're not together because it's like a broken heart. >> while green says he has a telepathic relationship with his fian
9:33 pm
fiancee cassisi, he is unable to actually touch her while in jail. they do get weekly visits. cassisi is six months pregnant with green's sixth child and she agrees they have a psychic connection. lately it's taken a dark turn. >> a lot of things that's happened in his life and whatever he's going through, been put through, it's kind of like rubbed off on me a little bit. >> what is that about? >> if i told somebody, i don't think they'd ever believe me. so i really don't talk about it. >> what is it? what's happening to you? >> i don't know. but it ain't the good lord. >> looks like we'll get you some blistex. that's why my lips are dry right now. >> mine too. >> because yours are. have something to tell you, though. remember what you told me a long time ago? about your mama? it's happening to me.
9:34 pm
i got bruises and scratches all over my back. i felt it last night for the first time. and today when i got up, tara said that i had like finger marks on my back. i even got them on my sides. they're like beating me up kind of like, kind of roughing me up, like -- i don't know, i can't -- and it's not anybody in the house with me. what is it? >> it's the bad. and god knows that i'm trying to do right and that's why he's sending all the bad stuff. >> i know that, i told you that. that's why you ran away from me like a kid. >> who knew how i used to be. there's still -- there's no more hate in my heart. all there is is love. >> i told you a long time ago, all you had to do was stop cursing him, stop doing -- is it vood voodoo? what is it? what is it? is it black magic?
9:35 pm
i need to know. >> all you have to do is call my brother. my brother can take you to the creek medicine man who can slow this down. >> slow it down? you mean it's not -- i mean -- i remember you telling me a long time ago that there's something that comes with you. and with the things that i've been seeing, have been feeling, like -- i think it's because of the baby. but i don't want them to hurt me. >> leave tobacco out. >> i can't stand a cigarette right now. >> at night, whenever you're sleeping -- >> it happens when i'm sleeping. i don't know what's going on. >> at night -- >>- talk to me, remember that? >> at night when you're sleeping leave tobacco out. little people love tobacco -- what? >> at night whenever you're sleeping leave tobacco out. little people love tobacco. in native american history it's the little people messing with you. they're tricksters. leave tobacco out. they love tobacco. >> it's not cool. i'm trying to -- somebody told
9:36 pm
me i need to go to a catholic church. >> you have to go talk to my brother because i have no idea. i just know tobacco. but you have to call mike. >> though cassisi's injuries appear to have healed that doesn't lessen her concerns. >> i know it's to do with him because it was happening to his mother. he told me a long time ago something like this might occur. he tried to even push hisself away from me. you know, tells me that i deserve more. you know. which i know i do. but that's -- he's my more. >> it's just the bad medicine somebody's put on me a long time ago. just messing with -- they're just messing with my girl now. >> i'll see you later, okay? love you. >> i love you too. >> while green's troubles are back home, adam curry's are now inside the jail. he was recently the victim of an
9:37 pm
assault after he tried to give one inmate a lesson in hygiene then followed it up by giving some others an unwanted show. >> he had an issue with an inmate smelling so he poured water ask soap down his back. come to find out supposedly he exposed his genitals while he was in the sally port waiting to come down here. when mr. curry got back on the unit, pack into his cell, mr. goode ran in on him. started attacking him. >> curry might not be a popular inmate, but as he awaits trial on three charges, including assault and battery with a deadly weapon, he does have at least one person he can turn to for support. >> hello? hey, mom. yeah. yeah. well -- yeah. yeah. i mean, i was -- i was being -- i was being a little -- i was being a little arrogant with the tug. yeah. i mean, you got it. oh, i was making them mad. i was stirring up trouble like -- like -- like grandma
9:38 pm
jewel would say. if you don't want to smell it, don't stir it. well, i was stirring it and i was smelling it. i've got one or two lumps on my head, i'll live, you know. what was that? did your voice just crack? did your voice just crack? mom, don't cry. don't cry. if you don't stop crying i'm going to try and make up a joke that's going to either make you puke or make you laugh. yeah. yeah, if you promise to come down and see me later. hey, 60 seconds remaining, let's end it on a good note. okay, i love you, mom. okay. bye. don't bye! >> so halves your mother? >> that was my mom. mi madre. >> how was that? sounded like she got a little
9:39 pm
emotional. what was going on? >> yeah, she was emotional. she was worried about her baby. i love my mother. she came to visit me yesterday. i don't know if i made her cry or the circumstances that i've put myself into made her cry. but -- it's unfortunate to see your own mother cry and know that you're the cause. it really hurts and breaks my heart. coming up -- >> he smelled like crap. he smelled like fees seals. >> so you became the enforcer. >> well, no, i became more of a messenger. >> adam curry hashes things out with the jail psychiatrist. and a new twist in the good friday shooting case. >> in our statements, each one of us was implicating the other one. so they'll have us separated. introducing freeze it, from discover. it allows you to prevent new purchases on your account in seconds if your card is misplaced. not here... ♪ and once you find your card,
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the tulsa county jail has found itself in the same troubling position as thousands of other jails throughout the nation. besides housing people accused or convicted of crimes, it's also become the county's primary mental health facility. we do not film inmates deemed to be severely mentally ill because they cannot concept. hundreds of others suffer from a range of disorders that often contribute to inappropriate behavior and require medication prescribed by the jail's consulting psychiatrist, dr. harnish. >> at any one time, i have 500 detainees on medication. this is a jail with 1,800 detainees. there are a number of limitations. we don't have enough psychiatrists here. we're doing the best we can with what i guess is typical for correctional facilities, which is limited resources, being out of the public eye. we really need to raise the
9:44 pm
consciousness that there are more people receiving mental health care in correctional facilities than any other facility combined if we took all the mental health centers in the country, if we took all the private hospitals, lumped them together, still, more people get mental health care in correctional facilities than any other facility. >> curry? >> yes. >> i'm dr. harnish. come see me? >> adam curry has agreed to a psychiatric evaluation after his actions led him to be assaulted. >> have you had some problems with the other detainees here? >> yeah. >> like what? what's happened? >> these guys waited until i was literally, you know, on the crapper. they came in and started swinging on me. i mean, it's -- >> why were they targeting you, do you suppose? >> well -- i mean, throwing soap and toothpastes on someone. i mean, does that really warrant physical brutality? >> that was something that you did? you put soap and toothpaste on
9:45 pm
someone? >> yeah, i did. the guy stunk. he needed to take a shower and brush his teeth. he smelled like crap, smelled like feces. >> so you became the 94ers? >> no, i became more of a messenger. >> do you have depression? >> um -- well, sure. i mean, i'm depressed. my son's birthday was the other day and i missed it because now i'm being charged with some ludicrous theft malarkey. >> right. well, the kind of depression i'm talking about is depression that's disabling. the sort of thing where you can't concentrate very well. >> i can -- >> your sleep is affected, you don't have any energy -- >> energy's not really that big a problem. >> do you have manic episodes where your thoughts race and you can't slow down -- >> absolutely, absolutely, all the time. >> big ideas and big plans -- >> big ideas all the way to, how am i going to end my life right now? because i don't want anyone to know what i'm thinking. >> wow.
9:46 pm
that would be the reason to end your life right then? >> uh-huh, so no one -- so they can't have the same -- so the wrong person doesn't get my -- >> because it's so powerful? >> it feels so powerful and consuming. >> have you been suicidal recently? >> um, yeah. because -- because i don't want to impact people's lives in a negative manner. and sometimes i feel like -- well, not really -- i mean, i couldn't -- it would be so selfish of me and so devastating to my son. >> that's right. >> i couldn't do it. >> all right. those thoughts enter your mind. i might as well end it. because -- >> because i don't want to be detrimental to my son. >> right now, we have an opportunity to help somebody that in the past has fallen through the cracks. i think he's wanted to fall through the cracks. i think he's forced himself through the cracks. >> then what you and i can do is we could agree right now on some
9:47 pm
medication. >> certainly. >> that you would like to try first. >> we need to try to slow his thoughts down, help him collect his thoughts. >> all right. see you in about a week. >> yes, sir. >> go ahead back out -- >> so he has a good mind in there, i think. he just hasn't been able to use it. and that's the tragedy of his situation and many other people that come through jail. coming up -- >> it's the anniversary of the good friday shootings. so i needed to speak with jacob england and alvin watts. >> and robert green attempts to wash away the bad. patented fast-dissolving formula. it starts to relieve sudden cravings fast. i never know when i'll need relief. that's why i only choose nicorette mini.
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every day, dozens of inmates at the tulsa county jail are transported to and from court. most move through the jail in
9:51 pm
large groups. when it comes to jacob england and alvin watts, exceptions must be made. >> because of mr. watts' level in our classification system, everybody has to face the wall, not allowed to look at him. we don't want the other inmates recognizing him because he's been on tv a lot, showing the events of this case, what's going on. the last thing we want with safety and security being the number one factor is for him to be recognized, one of the inmates may try to assault him or some words may be exchanged. >> the two confederadefendants charged with three counts of first degree murder, attempted murder, and hate crimes. body have pled not guilty. but after their last trip to court england and watts learn they are no longer codefendants. >> in our statements each one of us was implicating the other one. so they'll have us separated. >> how do you feel about being separated from jacob in this case? >> better. there's a lot more on him than
9:52 pm
me. you know. there's a lot more evidence on him. >> i haven't talked to al since last time we went to court. he won't really talk back to me. he won't really say anything. looks like a sad pup. sitting there, keeps his head down all the time. thinking about trying to testify against me to get life without parole, maybe. >> the two men who used to live together before their arrests have been in separate segregation units in the last year. >> since they're locked down for 23 hours a day they seem to get really emotional. the confinement, not having a cellie. getting them outside is a chance for them to get out, see the sky, the sun's out, play wall ball, exercise. kind of express themselves outside. kind of gets their emotions up. >> england says he's planning what to do should he be sent to prison for most if not all his life. >> future ibh. i always said if i went to prison i'd end up joining them because i've got indian in me.
9:53 pm
i've got a couple of people on the outside that knows the chiefs. they said they're waiting on me when i get there. sound like a delivery to them. >> why? >> just because how high-profile my case is. >> while england seems prepared for whatever fate awaits him, sergeant colette has grown concerned about watts. >> alvin watts' demeanor has changed. and that concerns me. i'm always looking at alvin's cell, seeing what's changed. he's become more reclusive. alvin used to have a lot of stuff written on the walls. it's all gone. if you learn to read what the inmates have written on the walls, it's a picture into their mind. as to what's going on with them. and i don't like blank slates. that worries me. >> watts has even begun to decline the one hour per day he's allowed outside his cell.
9:54 pm
>> we're going to see if alvin watts wants to go out to rec. he currently hasn't gone out for rec the past couple of weeks. he's always been offered daily, he just decides not to go. >> mr. watts, would you like to go out to the rec? you should come on, mr. watts, you haven't been out in a couple of weeks. come on. >> this time, watts agrees and is escorted to the rec yard. >> get out there, move around, lose some weight. >> today is significant for another reason. it's good friday. the one-year anniversary of the shooting spree that brought england and watts to jail. >> wish it never would have happened, wish things had went a lot more differently. like -- itspend easter sunday wh your families, do what you usually do. instead of just alone, away from my family. >> it's the anniversary of the good friday shootings. so i needed to speak with jacob
9:55 pm
england and alvin watts just to make sure their mental health -- this is a time when it's going to weigh the heaviest on their minds are so we do need to keep an eye on them. >> how you doing, jacob? >> i'm all right. >> are you? >> yeah. >> all right. >> hanging in here. >> i'll check on alvin too today. >> are you? >> yeah. >> heard he's a strange dude. >> alvin's gotten real quiet. >> has he? >> yeah. >> i remember when i talked to jacob, he's pretty outgoing. how you doing today? oh, i'm doing okay for being in these circumstances. yeah, doing all right. all of a sudden his hair's cut different, completely cut off. he wasn't his normal self. he was just kind of like, yeah, i'm here. >> my mental health staff's gone for the day. of course, holiday. >> good friday. >> yeah. >> yeah, unfortunately. >> unfortunately. >> sober day. >> do you need anything, joust
9:56 pm
holler, i'll be here until about 7:00 tonight, okay? >> i do not condone what these people have allegedly done or accused of. my concern is their well-being while they're in here. i'm governed by state and federal laws that i must do these things, and i am mandated to do these things. i don't have to like it. a lot of times i don't like it. but i do it because i'm the one responsible for making sure these mandates are met. >> yeah, alvin. >> hey, sergeant colette. >> how you doing? >> i'm doing pretty good. >> all right. you know why i come by, check on you. anniversary of allegedly what you done. >> yeah. >> i want to check on you mentally. hanging in there? do i need to get mental health here? >> i'm -- i'm good. i'm good. >> are you? >> yeah. >> with alvin, he's pretty much just started to give up.
9:57 pm
and before this escalates to where we have a serious issue, we need to get that turned. okay? not because i'm a bleeding heart for an inmate. i don't want an inmate dead in one of my cells. >> all right, man. >> all right. >> while watts and england mark an ominous anniversary, robert green has been fighting his own demons. and to him and his fiancee, these demons are real. >> i got bruises and scratches all over my back. and it's not anybody in the house with me. what is it? >> it's the bad. >> green says when it comes to fighting the evil spirits he calls the bad, he's decided to start with himself. >> physically going to get baptized. because i know i'm ready to go get baptized. i just feel it's going to bring
9:58 pm
me closer to the lord. and that's what i'm doing today. >> quiet. stay about an arm's length away from each other. you know, stay together, single file. you know, we're doing this for the lord, amen. >> amen. >> listen, we want to be a good representation as we walk down that hallway. all right. god bless you. >> every 90 days we baptize between 150 to 200 people. and the reason for that is every 90 days, it's a complete changeover in population here. >> robert, have you accepted jesus christ as your personal savior and lord? >> yes, i have. >> all right. hold your nose. robert, i baptize you in the name of the father, of the son, and the holy spirit. buried in the likeness of death, raised in the likeness of resurrection. thank you, lord.
9:59 pm
>> i feel great. i feel blessed now. man, i like -- my body feels energized. i just feel better. i know this is another step for me getting closer to the lord and where i need to be. because i know the horde wouldn't have put me through all this tribulations i gone through. the more i listen to the lord and the more i humble myself, the more i'm going to know what his will is for me. whenever my time comes and my number gets called, i'll shine for him, i'm going to do it.
10:00 pm
♪ shocking execution style murders of four women results in the arrests of two brothers. >> you trying to kill me for something i didn't do? i don't want to die for something i didn't do. >> now with pressure mounting, distrust comes between them. >> most definitely going to be brother against brother.


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