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tv   The Rachel Maddow Show  MSNBC  July 9, 2015 9:00pm-10:01pm PDT

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entrepreneurial perspective, consider that one out of every five new companies that started in this country is started by an immigrants, one out of every 10 american workers is employed by an immigrant-owned company. as we stand immigrant owned companies contributed over $780 billion to american economy and the facts go on. i think the facts speak for themselves. it is concerning i see an element of the republican party that appears to be buying into this. i think that would be disastrous quite frankly. >> very quickly, any upside for people to distance themselves from trump and appear moderate. >> absolutely. especially when you consider that the donor class of the republican party is pro immigration. i think you will see certain candidates continue to use him as a foil. >> thank you gentlemen both. that is "all in" for this evening. rachel maddow show starts now. >> thank you at home for joining us tonight. we've got a big, big show for you. we found out late this afternoon that the world cup trophy is coming to the show tonight. literally it is here along with people who just won it.
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seriously they are here. they brought the actual gold thing with them. i can't wait. i can't believe it and i can't wait. that's ahead. also big news tonight on the presidential race where the fox news channel appears to have change its rules for the republican presidential debate, the rules that fox news set for that debate have become the most important dynamic in the whole republican nominating process. those rules are going to basically knock out from contention at least seven of the major candidates running for president on the republican side. but today fox news changed those rules. a really specific and hard to understand way tonight. a pope related mystery solved. a lot going on. on a day when a lot is going on in the news, that sometimes makes our news meeting at the show, where we lay out the show for the night, sometimes makes our news meetings more difficult than on your typical day. today our news meeting, the whole thing in the middle of this difficult decision-making
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process, what to cover, what to research, who come cover, this big intense meeting today, the whole thing had to come to a halt because congress went nuts. she was monitoring the meeting. she made us stop the meeting because of what happened. she said she had never seen anything like that before happen in congress. specifically she said she had never heard anything like that before in congress. >> that's america? >> the ayes have it after that. >> no. >> the ayes have it. are you kidding me?
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that happened today in congress. in our congress. it seemed like it sounded like what happened in our parliament in congress where they actually physically fight in the parliamentary chamber. today in our congress it sounded like that for a minute, even though no punches were thrown. the ending of this outburst in our congress today, it was just ridiculous. >> all those in favor say aye. all those opposed say no. the ayes have it. the ayes have it. >> the ayes have it? seriously, congress went nuts today. and you know, congress often goes nuts. led with the news we are probably getting another government shutdown soon, or at least a showdown that might be a shutdown, that's almost entirely because john boehner can't agree
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among themselves about the issue of government shutdown. some house republicans are apparently refusing to pay dues to part of the republican party that campaigns for house republicans. there's all sorts of revolts and defiance within republican party within the house and that makes for all sorts of chaos when the house is in session including today's loud chaos that sounded like a fistfight. today's chaos consisted of the republicans yanking off the floor one of their own basic fund the government bills. the reason they had to yank it off the floor is because of a revolt by members over their own bill. the reason it happened, the reason it ended in this much screaming and outrage from congress today is the reason the republicans have to yank that bill, the thing that made it fall apart was the confederate flag. this was not in the south. this was not in south carolina or some other state legislature somewhere, this was in the u.s. congress.
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here is what happened. tuesday, two days ago, an amendment passed quietly on a voice vote. it was a democratic amendment but john boehner let it go through. it was an amendment that would have established that the national park service shouldn't fly confederate flags on any properties maintained by the national park service except specifically for confederate memorials on confederate memorial days. this is not something that would ban the confederate flag. it said that the u.s. government shouldn't fly confederate flag on government property given what the flag stands for. that passed tuesday quietly. on wednesday john boehner had a freak out on his hands from his own republicans. nobody wanted to say who it was specifically but some republican members of the house from the south apparently decided they were outraged by this plan and they demanded that it be undone. and so john boehner tried to undo it. yesterday he put up another amendment that would restore confederate flags to national parks.
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nice. that went over about as well as you might expect. >> i'm perplexed, what exactly is the tradition of the confederate battle flag that we're supporting? is it slavery? rape? kidnap? treason? genocide? or all of the above? >> confederacy had three flags, this was never one of them. this flag is the flag, confederate balancing flag of the army of northern virginia. robert e. lee's army. and when robert e. lee surrendered at appomattox, he asked all of his followers to furl this flag, store it away, he said, put it in your attics. he refused to be buried in his confederate uniform.
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his family refused to allow anyone dressed in the confederate uniform to attend his funeral. why? because robert e. lee said he considered this emblem to be a symbol of treason. yet puts up an amendment we're going to vote on this afternoon that asks us to allow this flag to be sold and displayed in our national parks. >> the john boehner plan to sell and display the confederate flag in national parks, it did not go over well. so john boehner had to pull that today. he pulled the bring back the confederate flags to national parks thing and pulled the whole
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bill, part of that whole bill that funds the whole part of the government, whole interior government, had to pull it over the confederate flag issue. and now nobody knows what's going to happen. >> i want members on both sides of the aisles to have a conversation on what has become a thorny issue. >> what does that conversation entail, some sort of special committee, commission, house? >> i have some ideas. when i firm them up in my head, i'll let you know. >> when they get firm in his head, he'll let us know. but after all this happened, the democrats were so freaking mortified that the republicans in congress wanted to pend the day putting up confederate flags in national parks while south carolina was voting to take down their state flag at their state capital, democrats after this went down john boehner put this out, take it back, democrats decided they were mortified by this whole thing and they were going to press the point. the one black member from the delegation from the great state of mississippi is benny
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thompson. you see here benny thompson does not fly his state flag outside his state office in the capital. that's because his state flag looks like this. mississippi is the last state in the country that has the confederate battle flag emblem as part of its state flag will benny thompson doesn't fly that flag, even though he's a mississippi congressman. as mississippi debates changing their flag this year in the wake of the charleston massacre, congressman benny thompson states he doesn't think the u.s. capital should fly that flag either not as long as it has that flag on it. democrats were so mad about republicans trying to put back up confederate flags in national parks that nancy pelosi stood up and put benny thompson's proposal about the flag on the house. she brought it up, didn't tell anyone it was coming, said let's vote on this now. you like the confederate flag?
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let's do this as a privilege resolution. let's vote on it now. goes right to the house. let's vote on it. let's see how many republicans vote to keep this confederate flag flying. john boehner and other republican house leadership freaked out. the last thing they want is all the republicans in the house going on record with their vote in favor of or against the confederate flag. that's the last thing they want in the world. republican house leadership freaked out and said, no, no, let's get rid of this thing. don't vote on what nancy pelosi put forward there. let's not vote, send it to committee so it can die in committee instead and we'll never have to vote on it and that is when this happened. >> all those in favor say aye. >> aye. >> all those in favor say no. >> the ayes have it. the ayes have it. >> his voice is breaking like peter brady in that episode. when it is time on -- ayes have it. send the confederate flag bill away so we never have to vote on it. danger will robinson, danger.
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chaos over the confederate flag and how inconvenient it is for everyone involved that it may well be a lot of house republicans quite like that flag and they don't want anyone taking it down. don't ask them directly because they might tell you the truth. that day of chaos in washington, d.c. happened simultaneously with the state of south carolina finishing up one of the more remarkable and searing public conversations on this issue that we have seen in a very long time. democrats and republicans. >> i do support removing this confederate battle flag as much as i respect it. it's time for our state to use this ton to heal. this might be two terms in one for me, my first and last. this is too important of an issue not to take a stand.
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so should i have an opponent next year, i want them to be able to have this clip, not use a no vote against me but to use this clip one way or the other that the flag should come down. >> my family was taken here to south carolina. there were four brothers. that much we know. they were purchased by a slave owner by the name of neal. we know those four brothers never saw one another again. we know that the children born on the plantations in sumter and richland and kershaw county, they were never able to have their children, because their children were sold away from them. i want you to understand that
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these are the kind of stories that exist in our community. they are stories of pain and suffering that i ask you to consider, as you ask me to consider grace on this issue. when that flag stands out front, the entire african-american community feels a pain. and that pain is intensified when things happen like charleston, when groups like the ku klux klan and conservative citizens council and other groups use that flag as a banner and use it as an excuse to hate and kill and burn and bomb. we talk about grace. let's give grace where grace needs to be. not just one way but for all of us. i know i need grace. i think you do, too. >> the debate has been going on
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like this all week in south carolina. very broad, very intense, at times very personal debate went on past midnight last night. a lot of republicans spoke in favor of taking the flag down talked candidly about the fact this might cost them their jobs, they thought they might lose their seats over this and that's okay with them. the strategy of the republican confederate flag defenders, people who want to keep the flag up, their strategy was to pile amendments on the bill, to slow down, ultimately try to stop it. it was not clear until very, very late whether or not that strategy would work. but the dam mostly broke on that strategy late last night when one republican member of the house basically kicked through that dam herself with absolutely raw emotion. we played this last night after it happened.
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it got a lot of attention today. it's one of the remarkable things you'll see in the legislature ever. how she kept speaking coherently through this i don't know. >> i attended the funeral of senator clementa pinckney and the people of charleston deserve immediate and swift removal of that flag from this grounds. we can save for another day where this flag needs to go, which flag needs to fly or where it needs to fly or what museum it needs to be in. the immediate issue as far as i'm concerned as a member of the charleston delegation, and speaking on behalf of the people in charleston, this flag offends my friend mccloud, john king, my
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friend reverend neal. i cannot believe that we do not have the heart in this body to do something meaningful such as take a symbol of hate off these grounds on friday. and if any of you vote to amend, you are ensuring this flag will fly beyond friday. and for the widow of senator pinckney and his two young daughters, that would be adding insult to injury. and i will not be a part of it. we need to follow the example of the senate, remove this flag and do it today.
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because this issue is not getting any better with age. thank you. [ applause ] >> and the debate did go on after that, but the amendments fell away and after midnight the last block came down, last roadblock came down republican named brick quinn said he, too, would finally let go. >> i don't back down much. i think most of you who know me a lot know that. >> but he did and they had a moment of silence and they had the vote and the confederate flag will come down in south carolina. they could not fit all the people they wanted to fit into the room today with governor nikki haley for the signing statement on that bill to take down the confederate flag. but she signed it, it's done. 10:00 a.m. tomorrow officers of
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the south carolina highway patrol will solemnly process out of the capital. they will detach that flag from that pole, bring it down, furl the flag and go into the museum for relics and military history on the south carolina state grounds. they put that flag up at the state capital in south carolina in 1961. it hasn't been flying since the civil war. they put it up months after a group of activists jailed after sit-in to try to integrate a lunch counter in rock hill, south carolina. that flag put up in 1961, kept thereafter as a rejection for civil rights people in south carolina in the 20th century. now more than 50 years later after the massacre in the charleston church 22 days ago, a different nine, nine martyrs were thanked and credited with pushing south carolina through
9:19 pm
this change, too. >> with that i'm proud to say the bill has been signed. i do want to also acknowledge these nine pens are going to each of the nine families of the emanuel nine. [ applause ] >> flag comes down at 10:00 a.m. tomorrow. we'll be right back. star gaze dream big wander more care less beat sunrise chase sunset do it all. on us. get your first month's payment plus five years wear and tear coverage. make the most of summer... with volvo. ♪ i built my business with passion. but i keep it growing by making every dollar count. that's why i have the spark cash card from capital one. i earn unlimited 2% cash back on everything i buy for my studio. ♪
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>> now this is about our children. when they go back and look in the history books and grieving fades, actions that everyone took in south carolina to get us to this moment is one that we can all be proud of. >> the emotions will fade but history will stand. south carolina governor nikki haley speaking in her office the signing ceremony for the bill that will take down the flag on the capital grounds. that flag will come down at
9:22 pm
10:00 a.m. eastern tomorrow. minority leader, representative rutherford, congratulations, i know you've been working this day for a very long time. >> thank you so much, rachel. what a day, what an hour. at 10:00 it's all over and i can't believe it's here. >> can i just ask you how it feels to have finally happened? i know i'm interested in your analysis of how it happened and what happens next and what it means. how does it feel in this fight has been going on for decades in your state. >> it feels unbelievable. one of the things we're standing there watching representative jenny horne, a hero in my book and neal collins a freshman who made it clear, i don't want you to think i shied away from this, i'm going to vote to take it down. another who said from the beginning he's going to do that. these republicans and democrats that sat on their hands and
9:23 pm
sacrificed us hearing their voices tonight because they didn't want to ruin the flag coming down just because they wanted to have their say. theres so many heroes out there tonight. i'm so proud to be a part of this history. not only that, to sit here in south carolina and know that our future is so much brighter than our past of that's what we said last night. that's what we'll say tomorrow morning at 10:00. >> do you feel like what you and your colleagues just went through, colleagues democrat and republican, do you feel like you learned anything in this process in south carolina that might speak to other southern states grappling with this same kind of issue in the days ahead. mississippi thinking about its own flag, other states with similar issues. do you feel like in south carolina you've learned something here other people should take heed of when they embark on these debates. >> it was interesting to watch republicans like mike pitts talk about the flag how it represented history and heritage
9:24 pm
and they went on for hours. we counted almost until about 8:00 the first republican that talked about the charleston nine was representative jenny horne. prior to that not a single republican so worried about the history and heritage of that flag said anything about the nine that had been massacred including our colleague. what we learned is we still have a long way to go. what we learned is they continue to address their own republican colleagues begging them to please see it their way and vote to keep the flag up. they never bothered to look our direction and say, guys, please tell me this flag does not offend you. please tell me there's another way to do it. it didn't happen. that's why the flag has to go. mississippi and other southern states the flag needs to go as well. >> representative todd rutherford, one other important piece of business. independent it is your mother's birthday tonight on this day of all days and this ate into your time for your mother's birthday
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dinner for which i'm very appreciative and sorry. please give her best birthday greetings from me and everybody here. >> i will. thank you so much, rachel. >> you get between somebody and their mom on their mom's birthday, i know it's a big news day but seriously i owe him. we've got lots more. the world cup is here, for example, the actual world cup is here, as well as some of the heroes who earned that world cup. we've got lots ahead tonight. please stay with us. you pay your auto insurance premium every month on the dot. you're like the poster child for paying on time. and then one day you tap the bumper of a station wagon. no big deal... until your insurance company jacks up your rates. you freak out. what good is having insurance if you get punished for using it? hey insurance companies, news flash. nobody's perfect.
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today a clinton and bush and on stage for an event. it happens sometimes. it happened in dallas, texas, and this is how it went. >> if you get this job, i can tell you, the next day it doesn't matter what was wrong with your opponent in the election, the next day you're on your own. you walk in there and you don't have somebody to sit behind the oval office desk, whichever desk you pick. you've got to show up for work and make decisions. that's all i hope. i hope we clarify for the american people that this is a big bunch of choices.
9:31 pm
they are not simple but we can do it. >> i know jeb, and i'm confident secretary hillary will elevate the discourse. i can't attest to their surrogates. can i test to this surrogate. i'm not going to be a surrogate. >> it's a nice thing former presidents of two different parties, two very different presidents, can appear together in a friendly way for charitable causes, be nice to each other, nice. it's also weird in this particular instances. what those two former presidents have to talk about when they get together now, as former president is how his brother is going to be running to be the next president against his wife. as if the presidency is a china pattern you inherit from your relatives or something. so that's one thing that's awkward about seeing george w. bush and bill clinton make a joint appearance tonight in
9:32 pm
texas. the other thing that is specifically awkward about this event, though, is actually om awkward for one of those two presidents. it was reported first by abc news last night that former president george w. bush as part of collecting fees for doing speeches career now, tee a $100,000 payment to speak at a charity event benefiting wounded veterans in 2012. >> to be paid to raise money for veterans that were wounded in combat under his orders, i don't think that's right. >> he sent me to war. i was doing what you told me to do gladly for you and our country and i have no regrets. but it's kind of a slap in the face. >> it's from abc's report on george w. bush making 100 grand off this wounded veterans charity. two things about this spokesman for george b. bush confirmed he did take $100,000 from this veterans group. so far nobody connected with him is commenting on whether taking
9:33 pm
that payment was an ethical thing to do or whether the president might consider returning that money to the wounded veterans from whom he took it. so that's where this stands for now. he admits taking money for veterans charity. he's not commenting on whether that's the right thing to do. one of the top line worries for republicans and jeb bush specifically, top line worries about prospects of jeb bush being able to win the presidency is whether or not presidency of his brother george w. bush will be such an overhang it will cast a shadow jeb bush will never get out of. there's another aspect as republicans are trying to make an issue about clinton foundation for hillary clinton's run for presidency seems there might be a question about post presidential behavior of george w. bush is going to be a problem or at least a distraction for jeb bush as well. we shall see.
9:34 pm
in part we shall see how angry veterans really are about this and whether or not george bush decides to return that money. all that said, though, overall today was a pretty good day in jeb land. he's following his brother's playbook in trying to raise so much more money than everybody else in the race other people get intimidated trying to take him on. today jeb bush reported $100 million raised by his pac and $10 million raised by his campaign when his brother put in similarly outsized numbers in the republican primary that year it had the effect then of basically preventing other people from running or making people quit the race they were so intimidated by george w. bush's money. that doesn't seem to be happening with jeb, even though he's raising as much money. it's still a giant field. we know of 17 declared candidates, which continues to make the fox news debate criteria, which plans to only allow 10 of the candidates to compete for the nomination compete in the debate, makes that fox news debate criteria, cutoff for debates this weirdly hugely important constraint on republican primary process on the republican side this year. well, today fox news apparently changed their debate rules.
9:35 pm
fox news today said that all the republican presidential hopefuls who want to qualify to be in their debate need to submit personal financial disclosure paperwork within 30 days of declaring this bid to run. if you request an extension, you will not be eligible to take part in the debate. "new york times" intimated in its report this new rule announced by fox is an effort by the republican party to try to keep donald trump off the debate stage. they think he'll never turn in his financial disclosure forms, so if you make that a prerequisite for getting if the debate maybe that would get him out. that would have dual effect of letting another substantive john kasich or rick perry, ted cruz, somebody else will be able to get on stage in his place if donald wasn't there. there's only 10 slots on the stage. if he's out, somebody else will make it. it will have that effect. also have the straightforward effect of not having donald trump on the stage, which many
9:36 pm
republicans will worry turn every debate he's in between something of a debate and side show fiasco for the the republican party. if that was the intent -- new rule by fox about financial disclosure forms, if that was an attempt to keep him out of the debate, it will not keep him out. he will have financial disclosures in on time that might have been a swing and a miss as republican party tries to handle their donald trump problem. another swing and miss is what we reported breaking news last night when "the washington post" said the head of the republican party reince priebus called donald trump to tell him to tone down anti-immigrant mexicans are rapist comments. "washington post" said this call between head of rnc and donald trump lasted 45 minutes. said reince priebus repeatedly told donald trump to tone it down. that report happened last night. this morning, voila, donald trump's twitter totally false reporting on priebus. he called me 10 minutes, said i hit a nerve, doing well. end. his take was he was calling to
9:37 pm
say good job, donald, keep it up. >> a very nice call. more of a congratulatory call. he said how well we're doing. you saw we went to number one in various polls. and he talked about how well we're doing and how he's literally not seen anything like this. it was a very nice call. it lasted for probably 10 minutes, maybe a couple min more than that. and that was the end of the call. >> republican party putting out there they are reigning in donald trump. donald trump called cnn and said, actually they called to tell me how awesome i am. after that he said reince priebus knows better than to lecture me. we're not dealing with a five-star army general here. he's also stomping on the republican party for good measure. the republican party does seem to be getting on their hind legs to take care of the donald trump problem, the problem they created with fox news, a lot of republican party substantive candidates are not going to be allowed to compete for the nomination, allowed to compete in the debates. neither of those efforts seem to be working.
9:38 pm
despite those efforts we're still basically exactly where we were. where we were this time two nights ago marveling over the fact lindsey graham trying to bring up his poll numbers to get into the debates. trying to bring up numbers sending out campaign solicitation with subject line brad pitt. mentioned brad pitt by name, e, three times. if he can't make national poll numbers on his own terms, maybe mentioning brad pitt can help him get national poll numbers. with same thing keeping out of contention his own friend sent out e-mail solicitation on behalf of his friend lindsey graham. subject line again, brad pitt. the brad pitt strategy might yet
9:39 pm
work for lindsey graham. there may be a magical combination being someone with no national name recognition who says the phrase brad pitt a lot, that may be a magical combination. at some point in a national poll there may be a critical people who thinks the guy on the left is lindsey graham. even if they don't like his politics, they do like he's married to that lovely lady angelina jolie. she would make an excellent
9:40 pm
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york city. 250,000 people braved the winter cold to catch a glimpse of carol heiss as she was paraded down broadway to a ceremony at city hall. the mayor declared it olympic day, gave carol heiss the city's medallion, a proclamation scroll. carol heiss, figure skater extraordinaire, inspiration to our youth, admir new york. since 1986 thrown ticker tape parades for dignitaries, astronauts, returning veterans of war. for three years now local officials veterans groups have been fighting to hold ticker tape practice he had to honor post 911 veterans. pentagon has said no so far but folks still trying to make that happen. more often than not, though, when new york city throws a ticker tape parade it is to honor athletes. specifically athletes from new york. since 1999 new york city has only held sports ticker tape parades for two sports teams,
9:47 pm
the new york yankees and new york giants. the last time the city honored a national sports team was 30 years ago to honor the medalist from summer olympics of 1984. tomorrow new york city will buck that trend, because this past weekend, the u.s. national soccer team won the world cup in vancouver. they beat japan 5-2 in a spellbinding display. that game drew a record 27 million viewers, the largest u.s. television audience ever for any soccer game by men or women. two days after their huge world cup win the mayor of new york city bill de blasio announced they would throw a ticker tape parade for the team, the first time a women's sports team of any kind has been honored with one. the parade in manhattan, all the team's 23 players will there. the team scrambling to get everything ready for the big day. the excitement level is a little
9:48 pm
bit nuts. this is mayor de blasio's wife on twitter. quote, the people have spoken and they want a ticker tape parade. the manhattan borough president puts it more simply -- all the excitement arriving in new york city on top of that it's free. anybody can show up and watch what happened, which is exactly what i'm doing. there is even a post parade celebration they are going to do on the grounds of city hall. that's an enclosed area. people did have to apply for a ticket. that event is free, even though you need a ticket. ticket requests can only be made during a two-hour window yesterday. in that two-hour window, the city fielded 12,000 requests for tickets. that's six times the number of tickets they can actually give away for the event and that was in two hours. so people are psyched. imagine what it's like to be at the heart of that. imagine what it is to be the subject of that. imagine what it's like to be in the middle of all that many
9:49 pm
people being that psyched about you and what you just did. let's find out what that's like. that's next. leave early go roam sleep in sleep out star gaze dream big wander more care less beat sunrise chase sunset do it all. on us. get your first month's payment plus five years wear and tear coverage. make the most of summer...
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i can barely speak. >> thank you. so good to be here. >> has there been sleeping rex. >> not much. i took a little nap today. i am shocked i am actually awake awake. >> are you so sleep deprived and joy saturated that you are starting to get crazy mean? >> no. we are soaking it all in. >> when you get the keys to the city, when new york city throws you this tickertape parade i wonder if that feels like more validation of what you have achieved. no one has had that before. >> tom sometimes it hard to get respect of when you are in it. we won the world cup. that was the whole goal, but just a much bigger texture. there has never been a woman's sports team with a tickertape parade. for new york to pay attention
9:52 pm
mike is is outstanding. >> new york is nuts about this pierre they had two hours to give away 2000 tickets. they had 12,000 requests. it's going to be pushy. >> over 850 media requests going on. >> people are loving it. >> how does it materially change things for you guys, for the team, for the sport that you won, the country is nuts about it, and you have this huge tv rating. money is the way people understand the future of the sport. >> now that the final game was the most-watched game in the u.s. soccer history, male and female, i think that goes to show you how empowering this is, how popular women's football in the world is changing, and i think that -- and growing. we want to keep it positive and get more viewers. i think it's just -- you know,
9:53 pm
it just goes to show you that we deserve the attention. we deserve to have women spoke all, you know, to be seen. >> does it give you more leverage in terms of getting to play on the turf you want to play on and all that stuff you have to deal with just as evil who have jobs doing this? >> when it comes down to it, there is the bottom line to it. 25 million people watched the game, we are selling out stadiums, we have a victory to her. we are making money now. we have sponsors, the federation, through fifa. that pushes us into that conversation and allows us to have a strong argument when we do want more money because we do deserve to have more money. we are not asking for the exact same pay as the men. there is much more revenue there there, but we are still generating and need to be part of that conversation and take a bigger part of that. >> it has to be a living wage.
9:54 pm
it's got to be something that you can make a living doing if you compete. >> winning at the highest level and on the biggest age will have so much leverage right now. it has helped grow the sport and women's football around the world. >> tell me about this victory to her and will you travel around the country? >> ten matches. >> what happens to the statue? >> she is coming with us. >> she goes everywhere. we take her with us. >> does she have a name rex she's the world cup. >> you can take her in a tax he? >> she has the little box. she is so fancy. >> well i will be there tomorrow tomorrow. everybody that i know will be there at the tickertape parade. everyone is so psyched about what you did, and it's a step on the way. thank you. >> thank you, rachel. >> i have nothing else to say. good-bye. go away.
9:55 pm
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so get involved in your schools. if our kids go down the tubes, we go with them. >> thank you. we love nbc's psas so much that we have ripped them off. instead of the more you know for stories where we didn't know how it would turn out but we do now, for us, it's you know more now. ♪ >> thanks, nic. tonight's edition involve spoke francis, who is in the middle of a south american trip yesterday. he met with ava morales. he received a crucifix made out of a hammer and sickle. you see his polite reaction there.
9:59 pm
the question of whether or not he would treat his expected altitude sickness with coco leaves. they are popular in the region for medicinal benefits. they are known the world over as being the main ingredient of cocaine. even though pope john paul ii and pope paul xi took coca leaves, there has been speculation as to pope francis' trip this week. would or wouldn't he? it was a little nuts and the pope was clear about his intention to enjoy coca leaves to fight off altitude sickness. now we know. the supreme pontiff drank coca leaf tea. it included some ennis seeds and
10:00 pm
camameal. we're told it is a delightful combination. one flight attendant said the pope asked for coca leaf tea on the flight. pope asked for coca leaf tea on the flight. the flight attendant applied and they offered it to the reporters on the flight as well and they were pretty psyched about it. we thought the pope may sample coca leaves during his trip. turns out he did. asked and answered. you know more now. ♪ thanks, nick. that does it for us tonight. now it is time for "the last word with lawrence o'donnell." donald trump is on his way to california tomorrow to meet with hollywood republicans, but he might not get a hero's welcome anywhere else in california.