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tv   Caught on Camera  MSNBC  July 11, 2015 11:00am-12:01pm PDT

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fresher harder farther quicker and yeah, even on sundays. what's next? we'll show you. the country is fed up with what is going on. >> i will make that wallin penity rabble. i will win the latino vote, because i will create jobs. hillary clinton cannot create jobs. >> he is speaking his mind and keeps on talking no matter what the reaction and today donald trump will deliver not one, but two conferences. i'm richard lui with you this hour. live in las vegas, donald trump will take his campaign out west while criticizing the nation's policy along the way.
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the presidential candidate met with family members whose family members died at the hands of undocumented immigrants. >> people came into the country illegally and killed their children. and it is a very, very sad thing what is happening with our country. and nobody wants to talk about it. >> joining me now from phoenix where trump is expected later today is amanda sekuma. good day to you or good morning or just about lunchtime there for you. what are folks saying in aerz? >> reporter: hi, richard, the trump campaign has impressive numbers right now. they are expecting some 10,000 people to show up here in the heart of phoenix right here. wnd we have -- and we have people gathering since around 5:00 a.m. to get seats inside. it is a first come, first serve venue. and those folks we talked to him say they have faith in him as a
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business man and they are showing up to see what the policy man sounds like. but they are not all convinced. here is what others had to say as well. >> i was really impressed that finally somebody has the courage to talk about the reality of what is going on. >> the tone was arrogant at best and nonsensical at worst. what he said was just not true. >> reporter: now trump will be going on stage with sheriff joe arpaio this afternoon, one of the most controversial sheriffs. and we expect protesters to show up and they have been following him around this campaign where he is coasting on this controversy. he is able to rise in the polls and staying in new york within his trump towers. this is the first major sweep
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from trump and the first time voters will get a sense of what he is like as a policyman. richard. >> so i was looking at the local paper in arizona and it reads trump shunned by the gop establishment ahead of phoenix visit. what is the reaction to local -- of local leadership of trump? >> you know, we're seeing that the senators here in arizona, jeff flake and john mccain have condemned the comments that trump has been staying. he's been stirring up quite a bit of controversy. but both of the senators were part of the bipartisan deal of comprehensive immigration reform that was stalled and died in congress. they want the republican party to take a more welcoming tact toward the immigrant community knowing that the republican party needs the latino community when it comes to becoming competitive in the gop race. so far it is a difficult climb for many of these candidates here in having to not only stand out among this crowded field but deal with trump's comments.
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some were slow to denoubs his -- denounce his comments and others have been tentative in condemning what he has to say. he has been coming out and targeting them, candidate by candidate, and making them come forward. and for example, rick perry came forward to defend his stance on the border and record as the governor of texas, one of the largest borders shared with mexico. and so we'll likely be seeing more of this from trump as he continues the sweep to target the candidates and putting them in a corner when it comes to the general election when the republican party needs to take that tact tort latino voters. >> amanda stand by, i want to play this bit with nbc's katy tur who sat down and talked about the comments that landed him in hot water with the gop where he fits in the presidential race. let's listen to that. >> you are one of the only candidates that didn't campaign
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during the fourth of july and they were all in new hampshire and you were not there. you've had no campaign events this week or plans for -- planned for next week. you are not campaigning that much how can we take you seriously if you are not campaigning. >> because i'm doing television with you and i watch them up there walking the streets and it didn't mean anything. and i was getting more news coverage than anybody else by far because i'm the one that brought up the whole mess with immigration and what the mexican government is doing to us. and i would have been if they wanted me to and i decided it wasn't necessary. i'm going up next week and i'll be in iowa many times over the next couple of months and new hampshire many times. >> let's talk immigration since that is the hot topic. yesterday there was news from the washington post about your hotel site in d.c. and there are a lot of immigrants working on that -- >> legal immigrants. >> some say they are not legally here. >> they didn't say that. if you read that article, it
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doesn't say that. in fact, the writer was very surprised that they weren't able to find anybody. we have a very strong system. i have a contractor that is one of the biggest in the nation, they are doing it and so far they are doing a very good job. they have a strong verification system and the whole story was they thought they were going to find people and they didn't find people. >> no, they did find people who were undocumented. >> they didn't write them down and write their names and we're very strong on that. and with 11-31 million illegal immigrants in the country it is hard to be in a position where you can't find anybody. that is going to be a fantastic job. that was sitting there for years -- like 0 years, empty, vacant, a disastrous situation and i took it over to have the great hotels of the world. we're proud of it and we're proud of the building and the building practices. >> are you concerned about the people that work for you putting the buildings up. one of the workers told "the washington post" do you think we're hanging out of the eighth floor window and raping or
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selling drugs, we're risking our lives and our health these fumes are toxic. do you have a reaction to that at your job site? >> that was totally misquoted. i could read and give you a copy of the speech. i was so misquoted that it is incredible. i'm talking about the mexican government forcing bad people into our country because they are smart. they are smarter than our leaders and their negotiators are better than what we have, like to a degree that you wouldn't believe. they are forcing people into our country. this guy that killed the wonderful young woman from san francisco, he went back to mexico and they forced him out. they force people into our country and they are drug dealers and criminals of all kind. we are taking mexico's problems. mexico is beating us on trade and at the border. but mexico doesn't want to take those people so what do they do? they send them to our stupid politicians and we have sanctuary cities and all of this
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nonsense. i've been saying this for a long time katie, and it is a disgrace. and if i didn't bring it up, you wouldn't be talking about immigration right now. >> when was the last time you've been to the bodder. >> three or four times throughout the years and i have people that live in the area and i'm going to aerz this weekend where they want to talk to me because arizona -- i'm the most popular person in arizona because of my stance. >> when was the last time you were there? >> probably three years ago. >> so if you haven't been there in three years, how do you know that it is such -- >> because i knew it was bad then and it is worse now. it was terrible then and it is worse now. worse now than it has ever been. we don't have a border. people are flowing through like water. there is no border right now. >> the murder race in el paso, texas, right on the border, the lowest murder rate for any of the big cities in the country. >> look, don't try and convince me there is no crime and it is wonderful. the people being forced in, and
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these aren't just mexican people, mexico doesn't want people and they are forcing them into our country and we're taking them and putting them in our jails and in our hospitals and paying them money through different sources. it is a disgrace. don't tell me about safety. are you trying to justify safety at the border? i don't think so. >> that was nbc's katy tur at an interview with donald trump. joining me now jimmy williams, from blue nation review and an msnbc contributor. good saturday to you. we're waiting for donald trump to talk some for. a couple of speaks, and a news conference in between, coming up in the next hour or so. you've been watching this story over the weeks. it seems to maybe defy some people's logic here. >> what trump is doing is tapping into a vein running through certain segments or strata of american society and
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this is fear of foreigners for all intents and purposes. and by the way, this is not just a republican or democrat think. this is independent, and people sick of politics, some identify with what he is talking about. i personally think that he is reprehensible but he would not be gaining the traction and the polls are completely evident of this, he would not be gaining the traction if he were not talking about something that a lot of people are concerned about. now again, he's playing on fear. he's trying to scare supreme into believing something that is not true. he is basically for intents and purposes, richard, lying about what is happening in the border of mexico. is the border porous, sure it is. has barack obama built a wall and put more military on the ground and personnel down there, yes he has. but it is a fact that people are still coming through and that concerns many americans. donald trump is taking that and
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compounding it and jetting it with steroids and using it as his political platform. by the way, has donald trump talked about anything else other than this issue. i would suggest the answer is no he won't and he won't begin talking about anything other than this for a very long time. he's going to arizona for a reason. he is standing next to sheriff arpaio for a reason. >> right. and they had to expand the venue because there was so much interest. >> yes, that is right. >> in what he was about to say along with joseph arpia. are we going to hear more illegal in front of immigrants, that the conversation in a year from now or is this going to disappear by the end of 2015 in. >> this is never -- the term illegal immigration is never going to stop until congress finally does something about this. you'll be reminded, richard, that several years ago the
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democratic-led senate passed a comprehensive reform bill and there were 14 republican senators that voted for that bill and they sent it to the house that was controlled by the republicans and they still to this day, july 11th -- i don't know what today is, and they've done nothing about immigration reform. >> is this the issue though, jimmy? >> it will be for trump. it will be for trump. and by the way, it will be for the republican platform. we are 20 something days away from the first republican debate. don't think for a second this will not come up a ton. it absolutely will come up again. because if you can scare people into thinking there are people running acrossed border with uzis and marijuana and drugs and they will kill you and rape your women and take your homes, that is how you get people to the polls and that is exactly what they're doing on the republican side. >> did this surprise you? >> no, it does not surprise me. this is something they talked about in 2012 and something they
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talked about in 2008. listen, until they pass immigration reform of some kind, and they figure out what to do with these tens of millions of undocumented people in this country, many of whom have been here for years, some for decades, many whom have children here, who are american citizens, until they fix this problem it is going to be that -- that juggernaut of american politics. gay marriage used to be, it still is on the republican side, not so much on the democratic side. choice used to be the bigger issue and that is by the wayside. immigration is the number one issue in the minds of many americans. and again, i repeat, when i say this, the polling is clear, that includes republicans, democrats, and independents. it weighs on their minds heavily. >> let's bring in hechter bereto, the president of the hispanic round table institute. hector thanks for being here
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with us. >> thank you. >> you were co-chair of mitt romney's hispanic leadership team in 2012 and they reached across many different ethnic groups during the campaign, including the latino-american electorate. what do you make of what is happening today around donald trump and the issue he's decided to really hold high? >> i think it is distracting from the important issues that we're dealing with. obviously immigration reform is critically important and we resupport -- we support that and ever since i was in the bush administration in the first term. and lack of leadership on both sides have been well chronicled and well documented. but this conversation we're having now with all of the heat and the rhetoric and the demagoguery doesn't help us get to any solutions so i hope we'll hear some policy prescriptions from both sides to fix the problem once and for all.
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>> i want to point out what trump said about the hispanic vote last night at his event. >> i must be doing something wright. i'm number one in the polls. when it is all said and done, i will win -- win the hispanic vote over the democrat, whoever it may be, probably hillary clinton. because i will create jobs for the hispanics. >> he will win the latino-american vote. hector, you first. >> that is a fantastic. i don't know what he is thinking about. that is a fantasy. i don't know anyone on either side, that is excited about donald trump, especially after what he said recently. it distracts from the issue. but the good news for republicans, we have to de-bench. we have 14 or 15 people who have announced and they are serious people with a lot of experience and a lot of policy solutions to the problems that this country has and the sooner we can start focusing attention on them, the
11:16 am
better. but obviously we're going to be on this for a while. >> hechter, you don't have a bench, you have a stadium full of candidates. >> i agree. which is a good thing. >> you have to sell tickets to get in there. they will be with us all afternoon as we wait for donald trump to speak. stand by as we go to the freedom fest in las vegas. we expect donald trump to speak at 2:50 eastern time and a news conference at 3:30 p.m. eastern time as well and bringing both of those live and jimmy and hechter will be with us too. and now this hour, conflicting reports about whether the leader of whether khan was killed in a drone strike. some doubt the report is true. let's go to kristin welker at
11:17 am
the white house. what is the latest on the story. >> reporter: richard, good afternoon. whenever you have reports like these coming out of a conflict zone it is always difficult to confirm exactly what is happening but that is what u.s. officials have done today, to try to confirm what exactly may have taken place and at this point no confirmation. but here is what we can tell you, earlier this week two dozen militants were killed in u.s. drone strikes and some of the militants had claimed allegiance to isis. they were killed in eastern afghanistan. i spoke with a senior administrator official and i put the question to this official, is isis expanding. the fact we're seeing them in afghanistan. and the answer was that, look, over the past several months there has been a growing concern that more and more militants have been claiming allegiance to isis, some ex taliban members, in afghanistan, and libya. and something that president obama alluded to when he spoke
11:18 am
from the pentagon this week. so you see u.s. officials training their sights on those regions. here is the difference between what is happening there and in places like iraq and syria. and in iraq and syria, isis is trying to claim territory. u.s. officials say they are not seeing that type of activity in places like afghanistan yet. and obviously they want to prevent that from happening. so this is something that president obama and officials here at the white house will be quite focused on in the coming weeks and months. richard. >> kristen welker, thank you, kristin. another saturday of nuclear talks. what are the sticking points from preventing this point from getting done. andrea mitchell brings us up to speed, next. shall we dine? [ chuckle ] you wouldn't expect an insurance company to show you their rates and their competitors' rates, but that's precisely what we do. going up! nope, coming down. and if you switch to progressive today, you could save an average of over 500 bucks.
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don't let your neighbor enjoy all the savings. take the free home energy checkup. honey, we need a new refrigerator. visit and get started today. developing news overseas today. secretary kerry and iranian foreign ministers are meeting at the nuclear talks in vienna. the negotiators announced the
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third deadline came and gone and the talks could go through monday. andrea mitchell has more here. >> reporter: here in vienna, john kerry and the negotiating team are spending the third week trying to close a nuclear deal with iran. there were signed they were coming closer but it doesn't seem they will not have a deal today and maybe not even tomorrow although they expected to have something before the next deadline, which is monday. there are reports on iranian tv that another hard-line statement has come from the supreme leader and that could further complicate trying to close the deal with iran. back to you. >> andrea mitchell, thank you so much. now to the san francisco story we've been talking about, the san francisco sheriff's department saying federal authorities are to blame for the release of an undocumented immigrant accused of slaying a woman as she walked on a popular water front pier.
11:23 am
kate stein was shot in the back on july 1st while strolling along pier 14 with her father. juan francisco lopez sanchez was in custody on another charge and released and arrested shortly after the shooting and remains in custody. the question is raising questions over sanctuary cities. reporters were told the system needs to be re-evaluated. >> this requires us all to step back and review the efficacy of the law itself, but to look to the legislators and the mayor to help speak to that. >> we now have with us msnbc contributor tony raul rayes. good to see you here. >> good to be here. >> sanctuary. how many do we have and how do you become a sanctuary city? >> nearly every city. new york, los angeles, chicago,
11:24 am
seattle, houston. the only one offhand that i think can of is not is atlanta, but baltimore, most are those cities and they made through the board of supervisors or wharf the local structure was and they said that federal immigration authorities are going to enforce immigration law as they always have and state and local police are going to stick to policing the neighborhoods and going after criminals. that is what the law has been. >> so when you are a sanctuary city and we have the case of juan francisco lopez sanchez, it is not good. they have to re-evaluate this. >> because people misunderstand what a sanctuary city is. it doesn't mean you can go there and it is a haven or free pass it doesn't mean you will be -- you will not be arrested and sent for deportion by local
11:25 am
police. local police will still call i.c.e. and report you, they will call department of homeland security and have you removed, they just won't do it themselves. and in this instance, it is not even a failure or in any way of an indictment of sanctuary system because this is a person or a individual on the radar of i.c.e. and deported multiple times and it was a bureaucratic snafu where he fell through the cracks and instead of issuing a warrant, i.c.e. did not issue the warrant and he went through. >> why the word sanctuary, because it seems by the definition that you are there safe. >> i think the idea was it was a sanctuary from outside law enforcement but federal immigration authorities still enforce immigration law in every one of the cities. for example in new york, in san francisco, people are deported out of these cities every single day. and it is interesting that we've
11:26 am
had reports that this individual, that this suspect came to san francisco because it was a sanctuary city. in all of the news footage that i watched he said he came to work. and when the reporter asked him if he came to san francisco specifically because it was a sanctuary he just said yes. i don't think he heard what he understood what a quote, unquote, sanctuary city is and what the ramifications of that is and most undocumented people think i'm safe because i'm in a big city. not at all. >> well it is a sanctuary so they might think so. so conflict versus federal law, quickly. >> there is not a conflict. the federal government had authority over immigration enforcement and the supreme court upheld that in the u.s. versus arizona case. they have jurisdiction over crime in their own neighborhoods. the only reason there was a potential conflict was because
11:27 am
starting in the '90s we saw states like arizona passing their own immigration laws and measures and most of them were struck down and declared illegal. >> raul rayes. thank you. i learned more about sanctuary cities. appreciate it. donald trump expected to speak at the freedom fest and we'll bring it to you live and bring you reaction to what he says live right here on nbc. they make little hearts happy and big hearts happy too because as part of a heart healthy diet, those delicious oats in cheerios
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welcome back to msnbc live. i'm richard lui with you this afternoon. developing now, in about 20 minutes, donald trump will deliver marks held at the freedom fest, in arizona, one day after he spoke in beverly hills surrounded by families of those killed by undocumented immigrants. >> whenever somebody hears that it was an illegal that was involved with the death of their children, it becomes politically incorrect for a politician to help them. that is how messed up our nation is. >> joining me now, philip bump,
11:31 am
bob franken, columnist, king features. philip, let's start with you, back and forth between trump and the chairman of the rnc and there was some intimations that he was telling trump tone down the rhetoric here. what are you hearing from what you know on the republican side? >> yeah. that report came from some of my colleagues at the post that rein reince prefecturence said can you can tone it down. they realize it is bad for him to be out there talking about immigration the way he is talking about immigration but he is not a party candidate and he doesn't have friends in the republican party and it is hard to see what will happen from that. and i think it is important to remember that part of this is because the party never figured out how to deal with immigration after 2012. they made it a big priority
11:32 am
after mitt romney to try to reach out to latino voters and they never concerned about the side that is concerned with immigration and donald trump stumbled upon to that as a campaign strategy. >> stumbled? >> oh, yes. if you look at his campaign, he was up there and talking and he mentioned immigration and it blew up and he is a big immigration chaim. there is no way he meant to do this at all. >> if he did stumble, it is the first time donald has not in a calculated way managed to control the public relations agenda. what he has done, he has taken control of the republican story. he has fofrsed the other candidates to talk about him and he is reveling in this and will milk it for all it is worth. >> is this about immigration reform or just donald trump. if he stood up there that day and decided to push the economy, let's say, or the a.c.a., would he still be up in the polls? because he just talks loudly and
11:33 am
everybody listens to him and people like to listen to him? >> well, this isn't somebody who made his entire career, forget the real estate dealings, but made a career his -- his whole image and he's managed to make billions if you believe his net worth, he's made billions by simply saying the right thing or in this case the wrong thing at the right time. >> bob, what do you think, this is immigration reform or just being donald trump and he having a big megaphone? >> i think it is a issue. there wasn't concern about what he said and everybody was like did you see his speech and he talked about everything in 100 different ways. and people aren't paying attention to 2016 and us three excluded and people watching at home but they see donald trump
11:34 am
is in a fight and he wants to curtail illegal immigration, i'm all for that. if he did the same thing that they did about obama care, and they might have seen a similar boost. >> and to tell you one other thing, a lot of people are probably not going to watch the republican debate now that donald trump is in it. i suspect that the ratings will go through the roof. >> folks are watching him. bob, i want to get your perspective, you've covered many a campaign in your day and up until now and you'll cover this one for us too, and put this in perspective for us, where he does fit and is he in our rearview mirror of 2016? >> i would describe him as the sarah palin of 2016. he is somebody that managed to capture the imagination for good reason or bad for just about everybody and we hang on his
11:35 am
every word. donald trump is going to be a factor for a while until people realize that people are attracted to the blow hard factor. >> so third party run, if he doesn't get it through with the republican party? >> i don't know. donald trump is all about saving face. we've seen in the reaction to his comments, when you said is factually wrong or he comes up for a new explanation or saving face is his primary motivation at this point or will be once the poll numbers start to slide which is fairly inevitable and so we'll have to see. i don't know if he will want to do a third party run, if he feels like he has been rejected by the republicans. i think it is how and when he exists the race. i think it is highly unlikely. but this could come back to running as a third party candidate because it puts the republican leaders in the bind they are already in. >> what is the second issue. it is immigration reform right now, what is his second play,
11:36 am
bob? >> i suspect he's going to rely on the economy at some point as an issue. he's going to make the claim validly or invalidly that with his business experience that he might have the answers to the economy or he might come up with something else to make some sort of simplistic semi offensive comment about. >> well we'll have to leave that there, bob. thank you bob franken and philip bump. again we're waiting for donald trump to speak in about 15 minutes, freedom fest in las vegas. we'll take you there once he does speak. 2:50 p.m. and lawmakers in greece overwhelmingly approving a reform proposal this morning, including cutting pension and paying taxes. theer meeting in brussels to speak a third bailout and if that is approved the country would get a three year loan package worth $60 billion. after 11 weeks, we're inching
11:37 am
closer to the closing of the james holmes shooting trial. yesterday lawyers wrapped up the case by trying to show he was legally insane. jurors were shown a security video of him slamming his head against a jail wall. closing arguments scheduled to begin on tuesday. holmes is accused of killing 12 people and injuring 70 others during a screening of the dark knight rises in 2012. a lightning strike knocking out some equipment at the nbc affiliate in denver, colorado. anchors, well, they had to improvise. >> we're having some technical difficulties here at nine news. what happened is about 45 minutes ago, a little less than that, our towers here took a direct lightning strike. >> employees say they heard a loud clap of thunder and then the fire alarms in the building started sounding. at certain points in the broadcast anchors -- yeah, they had to break out the ipad to show pictures and video since
11:38 am
the equipment was fried. improvise, improvise. up next, what could prevent a deal in the nuclear talks with iran. general barry mccaffrey joins us in just a moment. (glasses clinking) ♪ (ground shaking) well there goes the country club. the 2015 dodge durango. now with available beats audio. when you're not confident you have complete visibility into your business, it can quickly become the only thing you think about. that's where at&t can help. at&t's innovative solutions connect machines and people...
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to the developing news we've been watching on the iran nuclear talks, secretary kerry and zarif are in negotiations today with the key issue one of the most decisionive, lifting the armed embargo. joining me, barry mccaffrey, always good to see you here general. we have the issue of the u.n. and the united states and we have these different countries also coming to the table to get this deal done. is it really the u.n. embargo that is causing the issue here or is this just a false
11:42 am
pretense? >> well, richard, there are a lot of issues on the table here. secretary kerry and his team are extremely accomplished and good negotiators and we want some way out of it other than military threats which aren't realistic. having said that, it looks like a bad deal. the russians an the chinese want to sell technology to iranians and it will give them billions of dollars and the iranians want to send weapons to struggling shiites in the middle easts and the iranians are saying we're not going to comply with a rigorous inspection regime. it is hard to know how this comes out well. >> it reminds me of the negotiations and the discussions with north korea and the very issue that we face, the west, with north korea and that is the gray market dealing of arms which you were just alluding to
11:43 am
with iran. nothing happened from north korea and do you expect the same to happen here. because we've seen three deadlines come and go now. >> well i think the administration is under great pressure to get a deal and partially because the military option, u.s. air strikes on iran, is not realistic, politically or from a military view point, it is not going to happen. so i think the obama administration is going to push as hard as he can get to get whatever they think the iranians will agree to. but as you make a point, north korea has probably got 20 or more nuclear weapons now and just as dangerous. yesterday in iran, there were tens of thousands of people screaming death to america, death to israel, as part of a public display of national unity. so how do we get there given the nature of this regime, a criminal recommend eej causing
11:44 am
mischief throughout the middle east, threatens our allies, the saudis and the israelis. >> it is extended until monday, the negotiations. come monday, that comes and goes again. should the united states walk? >> well, i think that the timing -- these are all artificial deadlines. they are useful in many cases if you are dealing with the russians or people with a sense of chess-playing logic behind it but dealing with iranians, less so. there is no realtime constraint on this. the iranians want a deal des patly to lift the economic sanction, that is all they're after and we're treeing to prevent nuclear proliferation so i don't think will happen. so again, this looks like a bad deal in the making which may well not actually occur. >> your advice then would be, walk with the deal or without the deal, from what we know, and i know there are details and a
11:45 am
lot of moving parts to this. would you accept what you know to be the deal as it stands today? >> well first of all, i think we never stop diplomacy. you never stop negotiating. you always maintain contact and see what influence you can get and you back that up with economic and military threats and sanctions to try to give your diplomacy a chance. i think that is what secretary kerry and the president is doing and that is the right way to go about it. let's keep talking and see if we can get them closer to the objective. better to talk than to fight. >> four star general barry mccaffrey, thank you seven. >> good to be with you, richard. >> donald trup expecting to spee at the freedom fest in las vegas and then hold a news conference right after that. we'll have that for you. conference right after that. we'll have that for you.
11:46 am
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welcome back to msnbc live. you are looking at live pictures at the moment coming out of arizona. donald trump to speak shortly, in another minute, we understand, 2:50 p.m. eastern time, delivering a speech at the freedom fest in las vegas. and we will bring that to you live. all right, let's bring back in hector bereto, president of the hispanic business round table and attorney raul reyes and jimmy pliermts and a msnbc contributor. hector, we're about to here donald trump speak and i want to ask you this and i'll ask each of you but we'll start with you, hector, what do you expect donald trump to be saying in the next minute? what we've heard so far, will he build what he said on the last two days as he was visiting with
11:50 am
victims -- victims' families of those where undocumented immigrants had killed a family member. >> i expect exactly the same. this guy doubles down. he never retreats and never admits that he says anything wrong. he is the smartest and rifrpest guy in the room and he has all of the answers and he will say the polls show him winning and he has the hispanic vote and how tough he will be on the trading partners. just the same stuff he's been saying because he thinks it is working. but i believe that is a short-term strategy. >> jimmy, he has months here, to really stand in front of a microphone and continue doing what he has been doing and based on the poll numbers, it seems like he will only gain more interest over time. but then come the debates. >> right. and so then he'll have to do crazy things like talk about healthcare and college tuition and -- >> the economy?
11:51 am
>> yeah. interesting things that people actually care about. i'm not suggesting to you or my copanelists that the american people don't care about the issue of immigration. we do. but we have a bigger problem. but if he is going to be a one-trick pony and people get bored with one trick ponies and that is why when you go to the circus, which is what this is, you have a lot of different acts. and so i expect we'll hear vitriol and heavy heat and people want to hear what he will talk about, he'll talk about murder and drugs an rape and all of these things does it help him with the general electorat, no it does not. does it help him with the people in the republican party, who are the people in the room in arizona, and standing next to him, one of the most conservative republicans in the country, sheriff joe arpaio. all of this is not a mistake and
11:52 am
this is scripted and if he doesn't do that, i -- i'll eat my own words, but i doubt i'll have to eat my own words. >> raul stand by. we'll get you on the other side of the break. we'll be right back. donald trump expected to speak coming out of freedom fest right now. we'll be right back. you stay up. you listen. you laugh. you worry. you do whatever it takes to take care of your family.
11:53 am
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11:56 am
these polls showing him in first place. there are multiple polls showing him in second place. there is a crowded field of 15-17 candidates so being in first to second place, meaning 10% to 11% and that is not the commanding lead that hillary clinton does over the democratic field. and donald trump who is the blog rates as the most hated candidate because he has high hated candidate among the republican voters so a year from now donald trump won't be on the way to the white house, he'll be dealing with the detriment of his business empire because of the losses he suffered and the gop will be struggling to fix its brand. there is a vacuum right now and donald trump is filling it with xenophobia and it doesn't speak well to the candidates that they have come forward and denounce
11:57 am
him and condemn him for the words. >> hector, there in nevada, you know this well, a very key bastion of latino american voters and when you look across the country at the latino american community, what is your opinion, if there is any damage to the key swing vote and how do you repair it. >> look, i don't believe anybody believes that donald trump represents the whole republican party. and the republicans have been on the record, jeb bush, chris christie, and many others, rick perry, by the time you get to nevada, everything will look differently. but i agree, i don't see the path to victory. if there is a strategy here, i don't understand what it is. he won't win nevada which is an early state. and in the southwest, the domo graphics has changed. california is a plurality of latinos and the southwest is going in the same direction. so i don't understand what states he will win -- he won't
11:58 am
win iowa. he won't win florida or sr-- or south carolina. so again he is taking up a lot of oxygen right now but things will look different in a few months. >> jimmy was bringing up california. more than hast of the state will speak spanish. where is he going to find this latino vote he said he will win? >> well i don't know. i sup texas. >> he's not going to find it anywhere else. >> maybe in maine, southern maine, i don't know. look, i don't know what -- look, if donald trump is saying he will win the hispanic vote, that is like me saying i'm now a billionaire, i'm not a billionaire. but i can think that all day long. as our friend chris matthews said, you can say the capital of japan is hero she'llo over and over again until you believe the capital of japan is hero shimma,
11:59 am
but it is tokyo. i will say this about donald trump. donald trump, whose personal fortune is in the billions. here he comes. >> donald trump is now speaking. the census, 1.4% of the population in maine, latino american. let's listen to donald trump as he begins to speak. stand by, my friends. >> lank you very much. now did he say this was your biggest crowd of the weekend? i don't know. because he was supposed to. i said who has the biggest crowd. they said you do by far, mr. trump. and i said, well are you going to announce it? and the woman said yes, i'm doing the work. but that is not a woman that just announced so he didn't know this. but this is a great group. you know what i like about this group? they sent out information last week and i actually asked -- can i say this and they said yes and i was shocked, that donald trump
12:00 pm
called and asked to be here. he wants to be here badly. and anybody that wants to come, mr. trump will be here, at mr. trump's request. i said, i don't know, who are these people? who are they? and they said no, you called and you asked. and they said, that is right. i said, i want a letter of apology and they gave it to me. that means they are honorable. semi honorable. pretty good right. it is semi honorable. better than most politicians, let's face it. but it is none honor to be here. and i have so many friends in my audience. i know this is a conservative group, a libertarian group and you don't know what the hell you are talking to in this group. and said, good, you have a lot of libertarians. good. i like rand paul. i do like him. i do. i got to know him a little bit over the last year and he is a good paul. and we actually played a round of golf and he is really a very


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