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tv   Caught on Camera  MSNBC  July 12, 2015 12:00pm-1:01pm PDT

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we'll be back next week, because if it's sunday, it's "meet the press." these people think they've won a new laptop. but instead, they're under arrest. this fisherman thinks he hooked a shark. but it's the shark who's hooked him. caught on camera, a cop caught off guard. a driver on a dangerous path. a sky diver crashing to earth. unexpected situations. >> oh, my god. >> unpredictable endings. improbable suspects. >> oh, my god. and what in the world is this car thief doing on a golf course?
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>> he's going to steal a golf cart now. hello, i'm contessa brewer. welcome to "caught on camera." when it comes to sky diving, you may want excitement, but you don't want surprises. certainly not at thousands of feet in the air. but surprise is what one instructor gets. not once, not twice, three times in one day. all while heading straight for the ground below. [ screaming ] >> it was really not my day. i should have stayed in bed that day. >> oh, my gosh. >> adrian "wildman" thuma is a sky diving instructor who takes adventurous clients on tandem jumps in australia.
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on january 12th, 2007, he's getting ready to head up again and joking from behind the camera with his next passenger scott. >> ready to go? >> i'm set. >> did you see my last one? >> no. >> good. >> good. because his last jump helicopter been perfect. that was when thuma got the first surprise of the day. his main parachute developed a tension knot in the lines as it unfurled. >> so the lines have slack in some stage. so they went through themselves and created a knot like this. >> you're always prepared for your main parachute to go wrong. >> about 1 in every 1,000 jumps that happens. >> thuma cut away the main parachute and deployed his reserve. . >> i landed on the ground thinking i had my bad luck for the day. >> but the day isn't over yet. less than an hour after his first parachute problem, thuma
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and scott head to the drop zone at 14,000 feet. then they jump. it's captured on a video camera attached to his left hand. >> at 5,000 feet he releases the main parachute. for the second jump in a row, surprise. there's a problem. again, there are tension knots in his lines. he tries unsuccessfully to clear them. after falling for over a thousand more feet. he knows he has to turn to his reserve. >> sort of looked fine coming out of the bag. it sort of comes off and looks like a stream. >> as the parachute starts to open up, theuma sees he has a nightmare situation on his hand. there are tension knots on the line of his reserve, his last option. >> as soon as i seen the knots, that's when i knew we were in big trouble.
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>> the knots are on one side causing the parachute to go off kilter and keeping it from inflating properly. >> i was really trying with everything i could to fix the problem. >> theuma tries pulling to break the knots. but parachute enters a dangerous spin. the pair is hurdling toward the ground now less than 3,000 feet below. theuma pulls on the opposite brake line hoping to stop the line. that doesn't work either. >> i did everything i knew how to do and we're still spinning the other way. i had a moment of going, i think this is it. you know? >> theuma instructs scott who doesn't know anything has gone wrong with the reserve to hold the brake lines to try to reach higher up on the line to try to balance out the spin. >> i needed him calm to be able to help me adjust the line.
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>> the plan works. >> it was above our heads, so i knew that we were in a lot better shape than what we were spinning. this was as good as it was going to get. >> but he has no control over the parachute and they're traveling pat a faster rate of speed than normal. no matter where they land it won't be pretty. >> i look down and thought, you got to be joking looking at the train tracks. >> if he doesn't change the course, they will land on the train tracks or caught on the power lines alongside them. but the only way to steer the parachute is to let it spin again. he decides it's worth the risk. they're now just a thousand feet above the ground with only seconds before impact. >> i managed to get it to stop spinning again probably about 800 feet. looked down. now we're going to land in a back yard. i didn't have much say in that. so we just sort of braced for impact.
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>> theuma and scott come smashing through a tree, taking out a branch, and then smack into the ground. somehow scott escapes injury. but theuma isn't as lucky. he fractures his back and hurts his tailbone. six months later he's back jumping out of planes and off buildings. despite the accident that could have claimed his life. >> it was a freak occurrence. sort of treat it like that. treat it with respect, but it's not going to stop me doing what i love. coming up, a fisherman becomes shark bait. >> i didn't think i'd ever see the boat again. >> and later, danger on the road. >> it actually was coming directly through the center of my chest. >> when "caught on camera: surprise!" continues.
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a fun day out on the water suddenly turns into a surprising life and death struggle between man and shark. >> i didn't have time to take a breath. it happened so fast. i didn't know i was going in. >> august 31st, 1997, massachusetts. jimmy deambra and friends take off on an annual day-long fishing trip with captain mack charters. it was an anniversary present from his wife. the group brings a video camera to record the outing. it's a perfect day to be out on the water. >> on our way there, there was no wind. the ocean was like glass. nice and smooth. >> on this day, they're fishing for blue shark. >> there it is. >> adult blue sharks can be from 6 to 12 feet long and weigh up
12:11 pm
to 450 pounds. deam deambre has gone out for this powerhouse of a fish before and knows what to expect. >> shark fishing is exciting because it's like hooking your fishing pole up to the bumper of a car trying to bring it in. it's unbelievable the strength and power of these fish. and they're beautiful. electric blue. they, like, glow in the water. >> he started shark fishing in 1991 when he was diagnosed with nonhodgkin's lymphoma. >> i was on chemo. i kind of didn't think that i was going to last much longer so i just wanted to have fun. i didn't care what was going to happen to me. die? i was going to die anyways. >> he survived the cancer and kept on shark fishing. onboard the boat, and he and his buddies joke about the danger. >> don't put your hand in the water. he's going to love you. >> when we go out fishing, we were always joking about how dangerous it is. and nothing ever happened. so it's easy to joke about it
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when you don't really experience it. >> where'd that shark go? >> he's not going anywhere. >> he's waiting for someone to fall off. >> just before taking a turn at the reel, deambra was joking with his friend steve. >> i said to him, steve, be careful. >> i heard about a guy who went over and they never found him. >> and we all laughed. and i was the next one up. >> deambra sets up with a hrness which resembles a big leather belt. the butt of the pole sits in a cup between his legs. it's then attached to the harness with two clamps. >> they don't want to lose the pole because it's worth a couple thousand dollars. you're attached to the pole but you can walk around the boat. while you are fighting the fish. >> which is exactly what he begins to do when he hooks a shark who's been attracted to the boat by a giant hue that head hanging in the water. immediately he notices something isn't quite right with the reel.
12:13 pm
>> it was stuck and the pole is, like, bending in half. it wouldn't give out line. i was like something is wrong with this. >> but deambra keeps fighting the shark, caught up in the moment. eventually getting him to the back of the boat for the mate to lean over and cut the line. the plan is to catch and release the fish, but the shark has other ideas. >> he went crazy when he seen the boat. took off, went straight down. >> as the shark dives, the reel's pulled right over the side of the boat. >> when i felt myself going over, it was like that feeling you get when you're having a nightmare and you're falling off a cliff or a bridge. i felt like when i went in the water, i was going down a black tunnel. >> as the shark drags him down, deambra tries to unhook himself from the reel. but he can't break free. seconds pass as he fights for his survival. on board his friends search the water.
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then suddenly the reel spins out line and he swims for the surface. the boat's captain and his friends try desperately to grab on to him. just when they think they have him, the shark pulls down on the line again. and that's not the only shark to worry about. >> there's four or five sharks swimming around because of the chum in the water. i was kicking them so they wouldn't bite me. >> after a frightening struggling with the guys heave d deambra back in the boat. he lays there exhausted. >> i almost didn't think it was real. it was like a dream i was back. i didn't think i'd see the boat again. >> despite his brush with death, it's not long before his friends start teasing him. >> i knew i should have taken an insurance policy on you. >> love it. >> not for nothing. how was the water? >> i'm laying there and now i'm getting angry.
12:15 pm
i can't believe this fish pulled me over. >> i'm trying to unhook the reel. >> that was great! >> back on his feet, deambra's still got the fight in him. he wants to show the shark who's boss. >> i said give me that pole. i'm taking him in now. >> with four guys now, he reels in the shark. >> there he is. that's the guy. >> and the captain's like what do you want to do? >> i said let him go. >> he goes let him go? i would stuff that thing and hang him on a wall if that happened to me. i said let him go. he released me, so i released him. >> [ bleep ]. >> dude, this is something i think you're never going to forget. >> that shark almost had italian food for dinner. >> all joking aside, deambra's taking his close call in stride. but the others on board seem to have lost their appetite for
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shark fishing. >> most of the guys just wanted to end the trip. they didn't want to come out on the deck anymore. >> deambra has now taken up freshwater fishing competing in bass fishing tournaments and sticking to slightly smaller catch. but he still would go out to deeper waters if anyone would dare join him. >> if a friend of mine called me up and said we're going shark fishing next week, you want to come? i'm going. for me, i don't have any of those friends left. they're all afraid of sharks now. coming up, a drive takes a sudden turn. >> it is coming through the center of my chest. >> and look who's at the wheel of this stolen car. >> oh, my god. oh, my god. >> when "caught on camera: surprise!" continues. to steady betty. fire it up! ♪ am i the only one with a meeting?
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everything i buy for my studio. ♪ and that unlimited 2% cash back from spark means thousands of dollars each year going back into my business... that's huge for my bottom line. what's in your wallet? a mother's life is nearly shattered. a mother's life is nearly shattered. >> it sounded like a gun shot. >> when a surprise on the road comes smashing through her windshield. >> it was actually coming directly at me. directly through the center of my chest.
12:20 pm
>> april 1st, 2011. mother of two wendy cobb is on her way to work in shelby, north carolina. >> i was a couple hours late going into work so traffic was lighter than usual. >> despite the light traffic, she is blocked by two trucks ahead of her playing a dangerous game. >> one would speed up and the other would slow down. they wouldn't let the other beside them. >> trucks on this stretch of road are supposed to keep in the right lane but the truck in the right lane isn't letting the other truck over. she takes out her iphone to record the logo on the right side of the truck so she can report the dangerous behavior to the company. the other truck has no logo. cobb's own action taking out her phone and filming the scene isn't exactly safe either. but she feels confident she's in control. >> i had the camera here and aimed toward the truck in the lane. but i was still watching the road in front of me. all i intended to do was get the
12:21 pm
logo on the video. i got more than i bargained for. >> then cobb sees a two by four that had been into the road by the median come flying toward her. >> i saw him hit it and it was like slow motion. i thought it's not going to hit me. >> but in a split second it does. >> the impact was amazing. amazing. it sounded like a gun shot. and then the echo which i don't know if it was real or in my mind. but it was deafening. i know that. >> the two by four hits the front hood of the van leaving a long dent, burst through the glass, and smacked into the front dash. >> it hit right here. and that's what pushed it just far enough away that it missed me. >> there was not an inch between where it hit and my arm.
12:22 pm
>> when the wood punches through the window, glass flies everywhere. >> there were glass shards in my little girl's car seat. i mean big pieces. i remember watching the glass sink around me. it was like snow. even the next day when i would shake my hair, glass would fall out. >> after the impact, cobb is so stunned she can't even scream. >> i remember my chest hurting and i remember shaking. it was all i could do to wipe the glass off of my phone to use it because my fingers were shaking so hard. >> cobb mostly unscathed from the accident pulls over to the side of the road, stops the recording and dials 911. when the first police officer arrives at the scene, she plays the video she just captured. >> i showed him the video. he says you realize you almost filmed your own death. >> what frightens cobb the most is not what did happen, but what could have happened. >> 95% of the time when i leave home i have at least one child
12:23 pm
with me. my 8-year-old now that he's big enough he likes to sit in the front. had i not just taken him to school he would have been right there when it happened. the fact nobody was in the passenger seat is a miracle. >> critics complained it only happened because she was busy filming when she should have been paying closer attention to the road. but cobb says -- >> to me, it was no different than someone who may have smoking a cigarette or taking a drink or all the things people do when they're driving. it happened so fast that i don't think there was any reaction at all that would have changed anything. not for the better, i mean, it could have always gone worse. for what it was, i was really lucky. a car thief falls right into a police trap when she takes off in a bait car. >> she decided she was going to take a car that day and picked ours. >> come on, open up the door. keep the hands visible. >> but it's the suspect who catches the police by surprise. >> i was a little taken back on
12:24 pm
the operator of the vehicle. totally out of the norm. >> july 28th, 2008. arlington, texas. detective jesse minton of the arlington police department auto and theft unit is alerted that a bait car has been broken into. bait cars rigged with cameras and gps tracking equipment are used by police departments nationwide to catch thieves in areas where auto theft is a recur being problem. >> >> we pick a car that looks like cars that are most stolen. with those cars we take some time and install the equipment so we can lock the doors remotely. kill the engine remotely. record everything inside with video cameras and microphones. then we deploy the cars out to a location where we either have a crime problem or persons are stealing those kind of cars in that area. we're basically fishing with the bait. >> the bait car, a red chrysler sebring is stolen just down the
12:25 pm
road from the station. an automatic alert is triggered when the doors opened. >> once that activation is received, all i know is the car's moving at 20 miles an hour west on division street. >> the bait car is headed towards james greenwell. then a patrol officer with the department. and when the suspect drives by greenwell's cruiser, the officer is surprised to see who's behind the wheel. >> as it goes by i see who was in it. i was quite shocked. the suspect was an elderly female. obviously and openly female. totally out of the norm for an auto theft suspect or somebody taking a bait vehicle. i was double checking my facts to make sure that was the right car. >> as seen in this video shot with a camera embedded in the dash of the bait car, the suspect enters the car, and after finding the keys left lying on the seat and placing her shopping cart in the back, drives off. greenwell follows behind her and when he peers in the car window,
12:26 pm
and she peers back, it is a moment of mutual confusion. >> she definitely turned and saw me. we made eye contact. >> no. oh, my god. >> i could see her making motions. she was talking to herself. obviously i didn't know what she was saying. maybe she was shocked that the police were so quick because i was that it was her in the vehicle. >> when greenwell starts flishing his lights, the suspect pulls over. >> vehicle pulled over on the right shoulder. we pulled behind it in basically textbook fashion. for a high-risk traffic stop. i gave her verbal commands. for the most part she obeyed commands. >> let me see your hands. open up the door. keep your hands visible. stay right there. turn around. face the other way. >> got her secure. >> now walk backwards. >> turn around. come on back.
12:27 pm
walk back to me. walk back to me. >> backup arrives, and the officers surround the car. >> call out to the vehicle, nobody else responds. nobody else responds. you always anticipate if there's one suspect, there he a always another. >> but in this case the suspect acted alone. officer greenwell transports the senior citizen to booking and she doesn't go quietly. >> she was mad at whoever left the keys in the car and for us arresting her. she called me an agent of the devil. and it wasn't her fault. it was whoever left the keys out there. we should be arresting that person and not her. >> but the evidence is clear. the suspect 69-year-old sandra turner, can't deny what's captured on the bait car camera. she's convicted of unauthorized use of a vehicle and is sentenced to 24 months probation. the arlington pd says this car snatcher is their oldest on record -- and she's one suspect
12:28 pm
the officers involved won't soon forget. >> please, no. >> i never in my wildest dreams anticipated a 69-year-old woman taking the -- stealing a vehicle. coming up, another day another bait car and another unexpected twist. when "caught on camera: surprise!" continues. what do you think of when you think of the united states postal service? exactly. that's what pushes us to deliver smarter simpler faster sleeker earlier fresher harder farther quicker and yeah, even on sundays. what's next? we'll show you. ♪ ♪
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hi, i'm richard lui with the hour's top stories. negotiators appear to be getting closer to a potential iran deal. major issues still need to be resolved but secretary of state john kerry says he is hopeful about a deal. the latest deadline in the talks is tomorrow. mexico's most notorious drug kingping has escaped from prison. joaquin guzman, known as "el cha chapo" escaped security prison through a mile-long tunnel.
12:32 pm
now back to "caught on camera." welcome back to "caught on camera." i'm contessa brewer. just like our last video, a thief is caught on camera inside a bait car. but this time the suspect makes a mad dash for freedom. and leads police and a television news crew and a maintenance worker on a mile-long chase through an 18-hole golf course. bet you never saw this kind of drive on a fairway. may 5th, 2008. las vegas. metro police have placed an unlocked bait car in the parking lot of the angel park golf club to lure car thieves who've been targeting the area. it's early in the morning but someone's already bitten. the car thief finds the keys in the center console of the cadillac escalade, gets into the driver's seat and takes off. checking to make sure he isn't being followed. but unbeknownst to him, authorities are remotely
12:33 pm
tracking his movements. and they're not the only ones. high overhead, the crew in the action 13 news chopper is making its morning rounds. monitoring the traffic and police scanner for any interesting stories. and, boy, do they find one! when aerial photographer jason harvey starts hearing excited voices through his headset, his ears perk up. it's the police broadcasting the bait car description and general location. harvey relays the information to pilot paul hollenbeck who flies toward the scene. >> we decided we'll see if we can find it and we'll see what happens. because you can never tell. >> the suspect starts driving the wrong way down a multi-lane road. and the police who have full control of the vehicle decide they need to shut it down quick. >> control 627. turn that car off now. >> i got him. there he is. >> about that time we saw the vehicle. >> with the car stopped and the doors automatically locked, the
12:34 pm
suspect knows he's in trouble. but he's going to try and make a run for it. >> somehow after banging on the locked door with what appears to be a laptop computer, the suspect makes his escape. but he doesn't get far. hollenbeck and harvey track the suspect as he runs from the car and hops a fence on to angel golf course. >> i start talking to the producer. get us on air. we got a guy running on the golf course just jumped out of a stolen car. >> as soon as he got over the fence, they started to break in. >> what have you got? >> we've got a car here that just fled a bait car. he tried to steal a vehicle. he's trying to run away from police who just responded to the location of the vehicle. >> hollenbeck continues to narrate the event.
12:35 pm
then as they were trying to cut away from the live shot and back to the studio -- >> he's going to steal a golf cart now. this will really get him going. >> the determined suspect hops in a golf cart and takes off at full speed. >> now we're going to be chasing this guy in a golf cart. so we'll keep an eye on this and see exactly what happens. i don't know how far they're going to get with that. >> the anchors at the news desks takes their best shots at the absurdity. >> he's off the cart path. that's another penalty. >> he's not the smartest club in the bag. >> as the suspect continues to weave across the manicured green and twisting paths, the eyes in the sky spot someone hot on his tail. >> looks like we got somebody in pursuit of him. looks like in another golf cart. and it may be -- >> this gets better and better. >> yeah. there it is. he's a worker. he's going to chase him down. >> golf course employee john howard is opening the restrooms by the fourth hole when a
12:36 pm
co-worker flags him down. >> all of a sudden i hear, my cart! my cart! he stole my cart! i looked up. he was going like this. my cart, he stole my cart. i looked over and the guy was right there taking off in the cart. so i ran and jumped in mine and went after him. >> howard pursues the thief as he heads toward a tunnel that will take him under a roadway and onto another section of course. it's a high speed golf cart pursuit. well, as high speed as it gets for golf carts. overhead, the chopper swings around to get a better angle on the continuing action. >> got around to where we could see the cart. but it was empty. now we started looking. >> howard is looking too. >> i parked my cart behind his and got out, grabbed a ball marker fixer to go after him. i couldn't see him. he was hiding. >> the thief's taking a little rest under a nearby bush. >> then once he saw me still coming after him, he jumped up and ran up the hill. >> howard is trailing the
12:37 pm
suspect who seems to be running out of steam as he heads toward a fence separating the course from a busy road. >> i almost had him and he jumped over the fence. that fence was eight feet high and i wasn't going over it. >> howard gives up his chase. but even though the suspect's completely exhausted, he still runs on. right on to summerland parkway risking life and limb. he makes it across. but waiting for him on the other side, officers from the las vegas metro police. >> he's face down on the ground giving himself up after his horrendous pursuit in a car and also in a golf cart. this is awesome stuff this morning. >> he's happy to be arrested at this point. >> i'll tell you what. he's tired. >> it's a disappointing day on the links for the 25-year-old suspect larry stidum. he pleads guilty to grand larceny auto and is sentenced to a maximum of eight years in
12:38 pm
prison. for hollenbeck and harvey, it's an interesting morning in the skies of las vegas. >> steal a bait car and hop over a fence into the golf course and steal a golf cart. it's not something you hear about or read about every single day. coming up, a surprising fall from the sky. >> it's going to blow up! >> and a bounce house filled with children goes airborne. >> my god. >> when "caught on camera: surprise!" continues. hey terry stop they have a special! so, what did you guys think of the test drive? i love the jetta. but what about a deal? terry, stop! it's quite alright... ok, you know what? we want to make a deal with you. we're twins, so could you give us two for the price of one? come on, give us a deal. look at how old i am. do you come here often? he works here, terry! you work here, right? yes... ok let's get to the point. we're going to take the deal. get a $1000 volkswagen reward card on select 2015 jetta models or lease a 2015 jetta s for $139 a month after $1000
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to fight infections, including tuberculosis serious,sometimes fatal infections and cancers, including lymphoma, have happened, as have blood, liver and nervous system problems, serious allergic reactions, and new or worsening heart failure. before treatment, get tested for tb. tell your doctor if you've been to areas where certain fungal infections are common, and if you've had tb, hepatitis b, are prone to infections, or have flu-like symptoms or sores. don't start humira if you have an infection. visit and talk to your rheumatologist. humira. this is a body of proof! it's a surprising fall when a helicopter drops from the sky. >> i looked up and noticed we were going down. >> and heads straight towards a
12:42 pm
crowd of spectators. >> there's somebody in there? >> racers ready! >> it's may 9th, 2011. the second day of the buffalo bill downhill race. a long board competition at lookout mountain just above golden, colorado. skateboarders come from near and far for a chance to race down lariat loop road at speeds of up to 40 miles an hour. but today the thrills aren't just on pavement. a helicopter with a pilot, co-pilot and cameraman onboard is hover is above the last hairpin turns of the course preparing to cover the final feet of the race. tom comes to the mountain for a day hike but is soon captivated by the race and joins the crowd of spectators lining the twisting road. shooting the riders speeding buy when the helicopter arrives on
12:43 pm
scene. >> first he game right over our heads along the road. i was filming him a bit because the helicopter was there. everybody is cheering getting that. and a couple more of the racers starting coming down. i switched to them. that's when i noticed these altitudes coming back down. >> other spectators also catch video of the helicopter swiftly losing altitude and drifting towards the side of the road. >> it looks like the tried to land. >> he clips a tree and crashes on a slope. part of its tail snaps off. >> the rotor was hitting the ground as it tipped forward. there was bark and wood around flying around it. you didn't know what was going to come flying off it. was the rotor going to come flying off or pieces? you're so close that you'd never see it coming. >> jillet and the others run for their lives afraid it was going to explode. but what about the three people
12:44 pm
inside the aircraft? >> the way it landed on the side of the hill and going forward, the first thing i thought was people would have hit the windshield. >> filmmaker jeremiah whitlock behind the camera inside the chopper as it goes down. >> the only thing that i felt as the chopper was going down is a slight sinking feeling in your stomach as you go over the top of a hill real fast in your car. or the top of a roller coaster. >> after following the racers from a distance from the start of the course, whitlock wants to get in closer before the last series of turns before the finish line. >> the helicopter was moving to cover them better. >> whitlock's focused on the racers below, not on the position of the chopper. >> that's when the helicopter started to lose power. we started dropping quick. that's when the rotors starting clipping the top of the tree. i didn't really have time to think. i just held on to my camera until we hit.
12:45 pm
>> the impact is surprisingly gentle, but they're not out of danger. fuel is leaking from the chopper and the fear is it could blow me minute. >> i was worried something was going to catch on fire. >> the pilot instructs everyone to stay in the aircraft until the rotor stops spinning. luckily he isn't hurt. whitlock stays put while continuing to roll. after a few seconds the pilot tells him it's safe to get out. >> emergency workers stationed at the end of the race course are on the scene within seconds. >> is someone in there? >> amazingly, no one was injured in the frash. crash. >> not a scratch on us. >> whitlock brushes himself off and starts shooting again.crash. >> not a scratch on us. >> whitlock brushes himself off and starts shooting agai>> not . >> whitlock brushes himself off
12:46 pm
and starts shooting again. >> i wanted to shoot the helicopter i just came down to maybe give myself a bit of a buffer. separate myself from the crash. >> the fire department quickly secures the scene and the leaking fuel is controlled. whitlock is grateful to the pilot whose quick thinking, he says, averted a more serious situation. >> we were coming down right on top of the road where there was a lot of spectators on the road. he pulled it off at the last second and put it down on the hill where he did. if he hadn't of done that, there would have been a lot of people hurt. >> this was whitlock's first time up in a helicopter and certainly a memorable trip. despite the close call, he says, he'd fly again. >> i have my one get out of jail free card. i think statistically i should be good. a giant inflatable slide goes airborne at a children's soccer tournament. >> oh, my god. oh, my god! >> and frantic parents rush toward the scene. >> it was just chaos. >> it's june 4th, 2011, in the
12:47 pm
town of oceanside, new york. the teams of the soccer club are playing the last games of the season. just past noon, screams can be heard coming from one end of the large field. >> uh-oh. >> jean is filming her daughters when she turns to capture a frightening scene unfolding. a gust wind has blown a giant inflatable slide and two bounce houses into the air. set up as entertainment, they're now tumbling across the field. >> the slide really took off. >> it rolled right through the crowd of people. >> the slide goes airborne again. >> oh, my god. >> before crashing back down. >> stay here. stay here, girls. stay here. >> seconds earlier the inflatables had been tethered to the ground with children happily jumping and sliding. >> the initial reaction was get there. you could see it rolling and it rolled through the crowd and it's not stopping.
12:48 pm
>> michael mazako heads towards the tumbling slide and with several other parents grabs hold of it. >> it took a lot of them to keep it from moving again. >> behind the slide, one of the bounce houses is still rolling. parents continue to descend on the scene. and after securing all three inflatables open up the velcro seams or cut holes in the material, whatever they have to do to deflate the giant balloons and get to the trapped children. >> everybody worked together to get it down to make sure everyone was safe. >> in all 13 people on the ground and inside the bounce houses are hurt. one woman seriously with head and spinal injuries. but remarkably, most of the children escaped with relatively minor injuries. like the rope burn on laura's neck. >> the rope got caught on my neck and it dragged me over. then finally it got off. >> it's a scary end to what started as a joyous celebration. >> oh, my god. coming up, a robbery
12:49 pm
interrupted. >> he went ahead and decided to rob the store with a cop behind him. >> and these people think they've just won a new laptop. but surprise. police have something else in store for them. when "caught on camera: surprise!" continues. bring us your aching and sleep deprived. bring us those who want to feel well rested. aleve pm. the only one to combine a sleep aid... plus the 12 hour pain relieving strength of aleve.
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"caught on camera." there's a surprise in store for a police officer and a suspect. when the officer unwittingly interrupts a robbery. >> the first two seconds was what's he doing? he can't be doing this right in front of me. >> dayton, ohio. december 16th, 2010. shortly before 6:00 a.m., police officer joshua campbell walks into this walgreens pharmacy following up on a reported robbery that happened just hours earlier.
12:53 pm
>> we had the tape we were going to get for evidence. >> as seen in security camera footage, officer campbell waits patiently to collect the video from the cashier who appears to be ringing up a customer. but seconds later, it's clear to the officer that this is a robbery in progress. >> as soon as i had turned around and actually looked at the teller and i saw her put her hands up, back up, take off running. >> officer campbell can't believe what he's seeing. the suspect seemingly oblivious to the officer standing inches away reaches over grabbing money from the register. officer campbell approaches guns drawn. he tells the suspect to get on the ground. >> he says he didn't do
12:54 pm
anything. that nothing is wrong. i'm still telling him get on the ground. >> but the suspect isn't about to give up. >> i tried grabbing his left wrist trying to sling him to the ground. he was able to duck that, basically, and remained standing up. >> with his weapon drawn, campbell only has one hand to work with as he tries to subdue the suspect who's pulling away from the officer toward the door. campbell's able to hold the suspect away with his left arm just long enough to holster his gun. >> put both hands right on the collar of his jacket. and with all my might, just basically force him on the ground, threw him down. >> when the two hit the ground, campbell radios for assistance. >> i'm able to get on the radio say i'm at the walgreens, i'm fighting one. that's about all i could get out. >> then the brazen suspect lands several punches to the side of his head as he hits the officer. the suspect again makes a run for the door, but campbell reaches out and grabs at him. this time, as the two have at it right in front of the open door, officer campbell can feel the suspect pulling on his holster.
12:55 pm
>> i could feel him like kind of tugging at my gun. i pushed him down, that's when we got outside. >> outside and partially out of view of the cameras, officer campbell and the suspect continue to struggle. >> got, like, my knees and my torso and everything on his body. you know, he's still flailing. he's got his hands on my holster, trying to grab for my gun, i believe. >> within seconds, two employees rush to his aid. >> they were able to grab him by the legs, help me get control of him. >> when police backup arrives, another officer helps cuff the suspect, 55-year-old donald cotton. cotton is later charged with robbery, aggravated robbery, and assault on a police officer. he pleads no contest and is sentenced to two four-year terms to be served concurrently. for officer campbell, walking in on a robbery is one surprise for the storybooks. >> the crazier thing about it is i thought he saw me and yet he still went ahead and decided to
12:56 pm
rob the store right with a cop behind him. and finally, caught on camera. these people in cookville, tennessee, think they've hit the jackpot, winning a free laptop computer. but they're in for quite a surprise when they come to claim their prize. it's july 12th, 2003. and the dekalb and putnam county sheriffs departments have come up with a creative way of getting people with outstanding warrants to give themselves up. >> as sheriff, i was always looking for innovative ways to do my business. and every sheriff's department in the country has numerous warrants that are outstanding. and people become difficult to find. >> the inspiration for the
12:57 pm
operation, a fake giveaway used by the federal marshal service years earlier. >> we sent out letters to people telling them they won a laptop computer and they would need to show up, claim their laptop computer. >> these people have been conning us for all these years, it's time to con them. >> the sting happened at a warehouse. they made a new business cbi computers. as cameras roll, detective powell runs through the details. >> we've already got customers outside waiting to be arrested. the way that the operation is designed is they come to reception. in the location, we'll have two to three cbi employees at this point. >> the office is staffed with members of local law enforcement acting as cbi employees. once the officers confirm the identity of the person coming to claim their prize, another
12:58 pm
employee leads them to the room where they think they'll be picking up their new laptop. when the lucky winners pass through this door, they're greeted by uniformed officers, ready to place them under arrest. surprise! >> sheriff's department. >> they come through the door, you'd see them and it was like, all right, i won. and sometimes, the color just drained from their faces. it was, like, oh, my gosh, i have be had. they were all very surprised. >> some people are bewildered by the overwhelming show of force. >> i don't know what's going on. >> you're under arrest. >> i understand that part. but i mean, what outstanding warrant? >> many more are just confused. >> what'd i do? i don't even have a clue what it could be. >> yay! >> for this woman, excitement at winning a big prize quickly turns to shock as plastic
12:59 pm
handcuffs are tightened around her wrists. and this couldn't have happened to her on the worst day. >> she was actually on her way to her sister's wedding, and she told us she was going to give her the laptop as a wedding gift. >> i was going to my sister's wedding today. >> by the time she was processed and appeared before the judge, she did not make it to the wedding. so that one was probably the saddest. >> more than 650 letters were sent out. and in the end, 70 arrests were made. >> we got about 10 to 15% of the people we were looking for, which was a bit disappointing. i mean, i would have liked to have gotten them all. >> all of these laptop winners later have their day in court where the guilt or innocence is determined. >> any time you can clear your old warrants out, it's a good day. >> they didn't see it coming, but thanks to the cameras, we did. i'm contessa brewer. that's all for this edition of "caught on camera."
1:00 pm
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