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tv   MSNBC Live With Thomas Roberts  MSNBC  July 13, 2015 10:00am-12:01pm PDT

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notorious drug lords. joaquin guzman known as el chapo has been on the lam for 48 hours. disappeared from mexico saturday through elaborate underground escape route. he was last seen on a security camera saturday night entering a shower area of the prison. then out of camera range he slipped into a 20 by 20 inch hole by a ladder and into a tunnel made of wood and pvc pipe and then a small motorized railcar whisked him away. that tunnel stretched for a mile under the prison. end it at the house in a farm field. nbc's mark potter is following the story live from mexico. mark? >> behind me is the maximum security prison where chapo guzman escaped through a mile long tunnel heading off in that direction. this is a major embarrassment, a slap in the face for the mexican government which had promised to keep chapo behind bars. this morning we're getting our first look at mexican officials touring the tunnel exit joaquin
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guzman used to slip out of his maximum security cell. it's the second escape for the notorious drug kingpin. last time he eluded police for 13 years before being recaptured a year and a half ago. this morning mexican police are desperately searching for the drug lord. >> this is like capturing osama bin laden, having him spend a year in prison and then walking away from that prison only to reengage in his terrorist activities. >> authorities say the escape probably took months of meticulous planning. today dozens of prison officials are being questioned. guzman was last seen on a security camera saturday night entering a shower area. there out of camera range, he slipped into a 20 x 20 inch hole down a ladder and into an elaborate ventilated tunnel made of wood and pcv pipe with a small motorized railcar. the tunnel stretched for a mile under the prison from a half built house in a farm field. >> the cost of building this
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tunnel probably was between 3 to $53485$5 million. that was simple nickel and dime change. >> reporter: mexican president traveling in france said he was profoundly troubled by the escape which is considered a major embarrassment for his government. >> it's hard to imagine this happening without government officials being involved. the big question mark is how high up does it go? >> and that will be a major question for investigators as they try to determine who else was involved in the escape. meantime, u.s. drug agents are furious that chapo guzman who is also wanted in efrl u.s. cities is now free. back to you. >> nbc's mark potter reporting in mexico for us. mark, thanks so much. mike is the former head of the dea's international operations. he also wrote the book "deal, about his time working under cover in the dea. mike, we just saw you speaking in the story there from mark potter about how this could
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happen. you said that this would take about 3 to $5 million to build an elaborate tunnel like this. how could this happen without help from the inside? >> well, i am of the opinion that there was some complicity with officials, either within the penitentiary or outside the penitentiary. it's impossible to build a tunnel of this complexity a mile long without somebody knowing about it so chapo guzman has always been known to be able to bribe prison guards. he did that at the penitentiary where he was housed when he made his escape in 2001 in the state of alisco. when he was there, within two weeks the prison guards were calling him boss. >> he paid off eight guards eight years -- paid off guards eight years later. he escaped in a laundry cart in that first escape. as you say he was called the boss but he was accused of
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running his enterprise from inside the walls when he was incarcerated the first time. but if he was known for being able to be slippery and be able to escape why don't you think that there was a better plan in place to avoid this since he alluded capture for 13 years? >> well, the fact of the matter is that the mexican government looks at the penitentiary as one of the more secure prisons in in mexico. it was constructed in 1990 and no one has been able to escape from that prison and they have very notable drug lords housed there and none of them have even been able to generate an escape attempt. chapo guzman is very astute and he has a lot of resources available to him. so he is a very elusive character and, you know his
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escape is going to translate into more drugs into the united states and more violence in mexico. >> the sinaloa cartel which he runs, in 2013 the forbes list of most powerful people put him at 67, worth roughly a billion dollars. mike, thanks for your insight. >> thank you. in developing news in vienna, where it's deadline day for the iranian nuclear deal it is now looking like talks could run past the deadline of midnight this evening. this is after three extensions in as many weeks. the u.s. and other western powers appear to have hit a snag with several issues still unresolved. they include whether or not to lift the arms embargo on iran and, if so when. also what kind of nuclear research iran can do at the end of the deal. and resolving questions about iran's past suspect nuclear activity. andrea mitchell is nbc news chief foreign affairs
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correspondent and host of "andrea mitchell reports" on special assignment in vienna. you are now there on your 17th day. easily going to stretch into your 18th day. let's talk about the deadline and the fact that it will be missed. >> i think that they are deadlocked over some major issues really because the u.s. thinks that these are important issues, the u.s. and its allies and there is a division division with iran and at times on some of these issues russia is alive with iran russia and china. this has divided the security counsel permanent members who are the main negotiators along with the european union and germany. it's created problems with the drafting now as it gets later and later in the afternoon, back in the states, it becomes very difficult for there to be a formal announcement from president rohani in tehran because they are going to have a big presidential statement on television in the middle of the night. it's not done there. it's hardly done unless there's a dire emergency in the u.s. as
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well. so if this were to be a coordinated announcement president obama, president rouhani, announcements here with john kerry, that's the way it rolled out in switzerland, this is what you would expect in these meetings after the meetings in vienna with a permanent desession. we've had meetings today but they've been brief. you haven't had a plenary session with all of the players together. that's not going to happen until they have something to actually accept or they have to extend again midnight when the clock strikes midnight then they're out of time here. and right now it's closing in on that. >> we will wait to see where things reach but obviously you will be there for day 18. nbc news chief foreign affairs correspondent, you with watch "andrea mitchell reports" weekdays at noon eastern on msnbc. we have breaking news from the white house to pass along where moments ago president obama announced the commute
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tagss of the sentences of 46 men and women. the president said these individuals were serving much longer time than they would receive had they been convicted today. >> the society is going to require responsibility on their part and hard work. and smarter choices. but i believe that at its heart america is a nation of second chances and i believe these folks deserve their second chance. >> deserve their second chance. chris jansing joins us now live from the white house. let's talk about the clemency and why these 46 people deserved a commuted sentence. >> well, according to the white house, first of all, in the phrase nonviolent drug offenses that's the key part of it. but also as you know, thomas, a lot of these mandatory minimums for nonviolent offenses were put into place in the '80s when there was a lot of problems in cities across the u.s. with violent crime. and as the president said they just wouldn't be getting these sentences, some of them nonviolent offenses were
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sentenced to life in prison. it also comes at a week when the president is going to be focusing on reform in the criminal justice system. tomorrow wes going to go down the road to philadelphia. he will be speaking at the naacp convention about reforming criminal justice. and then on thursday he's going to do something no sitting president has ever done. he's going to go inside a federal prison. but he has written personal letters to each of the 46 of these 401(k)s who are getting commute come mutations today. you wouldn't recognize the names. none of them are famous. telling them just what you heard them say. this a chance for you. america is a country of second chances. they're going to go to halfway houses first to ease their transitions back in society. this many of them have served long sent tnss. this is a president whos that given a at o.cummotatins except for this time, on sentences they think is just and majority of
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commutations, thomas. >> chris jansing live at the white house for you. thank you. >> you too. the big 2016 rollouts on the democratic and the republican sides, they continue today. this morning we have hillary clinton unveiling the economic road map for america. she focused on what she called clear-eyed capitalism. basically she appeared to use language meant to draw in both progressives and wall street about the need to boost wages. but in a way that will not hurt growth. now, she also had a major message for three of the more popular republican candidates. >>le you may have heard governor bush say last week that americans just need to work longer hours. well, he must not have met very many american workers. senator rubio would cut taxes for households making around $3 million a year by almost $240,000. republican governors like scott
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walker have made their names stomping on workers' rights. >> so you just heard hillary clinton there mentioning scott walker. he is the governor of wisconsin. this morning he becomes the 15th republican to officially declare his run on the gop side. later today, he'll have his first big campaign event. we have team coverage for the race of the white house come 2016. msnbc's kasie hunt is live in wisconsin for us covering scott walker. nbc's kristen welker covering hillary clinton is joining me here at 30 rock. let's talk about where these campaign roll outs are going. with you, the fact that hillary clinton is trying to have her cake and eat it too when it comes to dealing with progressives and wall street at the same time. >> we saw two different strategies today. on the one hand you see her going after republicans, you, just rolled that clip going after jeb bush for his comments that americans need to work longer hours. the bush campaign clarified he claims they need more full-time
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jobs. push more progressives. the bernie sanders supporters, very tough on wall street. she talked about prosecuting individuals, corporations for wrong doing. this is the first time we've heard this from here. she talked about increasing the minimum wage. increasing taxes on wealthy americans. also no surprise there. she talked about something called profit sharing. this is going to be the centerpiece of her economic rollout. essentially means changing the tax code to incentivize companies to compensate their employees in a better way. i shouted a question at her when she was leaving this event, thomas. i asked her if she was making a play for bernie sanders supporters. she ignored me. one of her campaign aides said, look this is who she's always been. >> interesting to see her taking wall street on first knowing that she has been someone who has in the past been cozy. >> she's been criticized for not being tough enough on wall street. a lot of progressives in the democratic party were listening very closely to hear how she would talk about wall street. i talked to some as they were leaving.
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they said they were impressed. again, i say that with the caveat that they were at her ernt. we're still going to be interested to see what some of those bernie sanders supporters have to say about her message on wall street. >> kristen, great to see you. especially in person. now to msnbc kasie hunt in wisconsin for scott walker's presidential announcement. do we know the themes walker is going to be hitting on? we got the tweet earlier this morning. >> we did get the tweet, thomas as well as the facebook video. i think the over arching message is one we've started to hear from scott walker on the campaign trail. that's that he's able to fight and win. he says that of the other members of the field there are many republicans who fought tough battles but haven't necessarily won them and others who have won maybe in their home states but haven't had to fight as hard as he has, particularly in that recall fight. i do think his advisers seem to know or seem to be interested in expanding beyond that. the union recall effort is what many conservative voters know him for and he needs to break out yobd thatbeyond that if he's going
10:14 am
to take this nomination fight forward. and talk about growth and talk about reform of government. also going to talk about safety national security. that's an area where he's been trying to buttress his credentials if you will. the biggest question here about walker, thomas is whether he can take this to the next level? is he capable of stepping on the stage and presenting himself as a plausible commander in chief. at the beginning of this precampaign stage he stepped out in iowa in a big way, impressed people, went to the top of the polls. then he stumbled a little bit and had problems in the intervening months. this announcement is really an opportunity for him to show that he can stand on that stage in that way as a front-runner thomas. >> we certainly know he's been able to pliltically rebound before with the wisconsin. we'll see how that translates outside of the state lines. kasie hunt great to see you. thanks. every time mexico really intelligently sends people over we charge mexico $100,000 for every person they send over.
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>> can't stop won't stop. donald trump hammering away with more controversial immigration comments. this weekend in arizona. plus mexico's volcano of fire spewing massive plumes of ash causing vacevacuations and panic. what caused thisser the fiing explosion on a rhode island beach? we have latest on the investigation and the condition of the woman injured in that mysterious blast. first, today's binlg pulse question for you today is about iran and the potential for a deal bep want you to weigh in. is any deal better than no deal? head to let us know what you think. my colleague francis rivera will have an update on your votes coming up later in the hour.rence: that little blue thingy. you see it? that's a sensor. using ge software, the light can react to its environment- getting brighter only when it's needed. in a night it saves a little energy. but, in a year it saves a lot. and the other street? it's been burning energy all night. for frank. frank's a cat.
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welcome back everybody. let's go to the white house
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press briefing. josh earnest talk about the ongoing iran negotiations. >> well, the -- so the issue is this. is that interim agreement has been extended two or three days at a time, two or three times now. the latest short-term extension is up at the end of the day today. if the talks are not completed today, then the interim agreement will be extended again. and this is by -- essentially by the -- as a result of the unanimous view this interim agreement has been helpful and i know that's true of many republicans in congress who originally were criticized the interim agreement. it also happens to be the view of our p5+1 partners and of iran. there is a unified commitment to making sure that interim agreement remains in place, but the whole idea of an interim agreement it remains in place only until a final agreement will be reached.
10:20 am
what we will envision is a final agreement which would enter into affect to replace the enter rimt agreement. >> i imagine it's not indefinite will what would have to happen to lift that and would it be the walking away from these talks? >> well, again, i wouldn't want to speculate about what's going to happen or what would happen if one party or another were to walk away from the talks. what we know is that the interim agreement has been useful while the talks have been ongoing to freeze iran's nuclear program in place and to roll it back in some key areas. >> okay. then will this be for another three days each time or is it indefinitely extended? >> if there is a need to extend the interim agreement, than an announcement that would be made by the united states and partners in vienna. that's not something i will announce here. what i'm merely trying to project here is confidence if a final agreement is not reached by the end of the day today, that all of the parties will agree to at least stay short-term extension of the interim agreement to allow the conversations to continue.
10:21 am
>> okay. criminal justice, the president is traveling to philadelphia tomorrow. talk to the naacp and layout his ideas for criminal justice reform. come up in congress and also there have been many ideas that have come up and been stalled, even when democrats had control of the senate last year. why does he think that anything might be different now? >> well, to be blunt about it because republicans are indicating an openness to doing it. democrats have long been strong advocates of criminal justice reform that would make our criminal justice system more fair. there are clearly some inequities that can be and should be rectified but they will require legislation. obviously there's a republican majority in both the house and the senate which means any proposal that's going to pass both houses of cog will we quir bipartisan support. and since democrats have been steadfast supporters of trying
10:22 am
to bring some important reforms to our criminal justice system we welcome indications from some republicans that reforms -- that they also believe that reforms are necessary. that's the basis for some of the bipartisan conversations that have already occurred on this issue. the president hosted one of those conversations earlier this year, you will recall. i wouldn't rule out additional bipartisan conversations that include the president of the united states. that's what -- the way we hope we can advance this priority is by working in bipartisan fashion. obviously that's not something that congress has a particularly strong track record of doing but, you know whether it's -- there had been areas where there has been suckcesskcessful fulful and hopeful to add reform to the list where congress was able to act and do something good for the country. okay? jim? >> in senator rand paul is one
10:23 am
of the republicans that we talked about before. >> he is yes. >> has he spoken with him lately about this? >> i don't believe so. but i obviously don't read every single conversation the president has with members of congress but i'm not aware of recent coxs on this. you're right, senator paul to his credit has demonstrate and signaled to be a willing partner. >> we've been listening to jo have been earnest here taking a few questions about the iranian negotiations. he said that there are confident that any interim agreement will remain in place as the negotiations move on the they do go past this evening, midnight time, it will be the fourth extension given. so basically deadlines don't really mean anything. the negotiations are everything. so deadlines are being set about the parameters of the discussions but they're being missed every chance. so we'll wait to see when we get a full definitive about what they've been able to reach about the iranian nuclear program.
10:24 am
but josh earnest saying the interim deal in place he's confident they will work out the parameters of that as they come up with the proper negotiations that then would work full time and then took a few questions about the criminal justice issue, the president being the first sitting president to visit a federal prison coming up this week in oklahoma. republican presidential candidate donald trump to be touting his new poll in the next speech that he gives. ma'am monmouth university says trump. trump is the only candidate other than leader bush. this week trump appeared before thousands in phoenix and stuck to his familiar talking points about mexico immigration, and the media. but he ended with talk about why he is so popular and he used a term famously employed by richard nixon saying he was at the head of a, quote, silent majority. >> it's term that i haven't heard for years but i really
10:25 am
think it applies now more than maybe ever before and that's the term the silent majority. the silent majority is back and we're going the take the country back. >> take the country back. victoria is an msnbc contributor and professor at the university texas at center of mexican mexican-american studies. what do you think that means, take the country back from who, from whom? >> thomas, the whole notion of the silent majority the actual thing that's going on here is extreme minority thomas. we have seen consistently one faction of the republican party who has been very antiimmigrant. that is nothing new. what happens is that donald trump has come out and been the celebrity face of it. and especially given that he was in arizona which is ground zero for antiimmigrant sentiment which this is where we awe it he has that extreme minority concentrated there.
10:26 am
he can build on this right now but it's not going to sustain him. and in the case that it does sustain him through the primary, once he gets to the general electorate, everything falls apart. then again, i don't think we'll get that far. >> so trump tweeted the victoria today and it's about the escaped mexican drug lord known as el chapo, saying the el chapo and the mexican drug cartel used the border like sucking drugs and death right into the u.s. what is trump doing to the pro immigration movement by citing stories like el chapo or the murder in san francisco of catherine steinle? >> yes, when i saw the el chapo story the first thing came to mind is trump. i knew he was going to be using it. it's a very tricky subject because we see so much border violence related to drugs and folks tend to connect drugs with immigration. and the truth of the matter is they tend to be separate track. immigrants are coming over in
10:27 am
many instances not just for jobs in the united states but fleeing the drug violence in mexico. and i think that when we're talking about el chapo, the larger drug war that mexico is facing we need to stand back for a my it and understand that drugs are coming over to this country because there is a demand. so it's very easy to blame mexico and very easy to blame el chapo and corrupt mexican officials. but there's also part of the blame that we need to shoulder ourselves and the rest of the globe, quite frankly. >> you talk about demand. americans spend roughly $65 billion on illegal coke cane heroin, marijuana, and other drugs in this country right now. the sinaloa cartel providing half of the drugs in the u.s. 30 billion u.s. dollars. as we think about something to remember that the point and you brought this up in the electoral cycle, let me show everybody the headlines from four years ago at this time and look at this. all the talk was about michele bachmann winning iowa and that
10:28 am
didn't even happen. she didn't even come close to doing that. is trump going to be the candidate who gets all the attention now, all the oxygen now? by the time we get to iowa which a lot of people say isn't the bellwether it used to be sford indicator of going to the white house. do you think they'll by that time that his oxygen will have been all used up? >> i do thomas. i think his oxygen will be used up. and i also think that the more moderate establishment republican candidates are going to find their voice. they've been a little tepid so far. the fact that they even acknowledge that trump's comments were offensive is a start. especially going back to 2010 and where the republican party was. i think they're going to start to see jeb bush marco rubio, come out boileder and say, hey, this isn't just offensive but it doesn't make economic sense bep need immigrants in this country as part of the economic engine. if i were a betting woman i would say that that's the direction we're going to see come november 2016. >> isn't it interest that some campaign tons right would say we should not address trump, we
10:29 am
shouldn't punch down. but if we look at the polls everybody would be punching up because he's leading in the polls. people are responding and his message is resonating with them which makes other gop candidates have to come to the table and talk about this have to respond to the language donald trump is using. >> they need to and they need to do so boldly thomas. because just sitting there timidly is going to allow trump to suck up all the oxygen. but once we see a bolder stance from the republican presidential candidates and also quite frankly, i think this is good for the democratic party for hillary clinton, for bernie sanders, to talk about immigration because we have to deal with it. we can't just keep ignoring it. in a way, he is pushing us as a country to grapple with immigration and stop ignoring it. >> it should be interesting as you say for the democrats who like the idea of donald trump stick around. some people i was talking to over the weekend is wondering is donald trump secretly work for
10:30 am
hillary clinton? grate with to hundreds of people living in small villages near mexico's volcano has been evacuated. it's roared back to life. eruptions of fire and ash growing in intensity and they haven't been this severe in more than 100 years. officials fear that a larger eruption may be coming next. still iahead, the e el chapo guzman used to escape a mexican prison. plus the dow is up triple digits at this hour on the heels of a greek bailout deal. we see green arrows across the board. when we come back athens and find out what greece is saying about that plan. and implications across north carolina that goes on trial today. ugh! heartburn! no one burns on my watch! try alka-seltzer heartburn reliefchews. they work fast and don't taste chalky. mmm...amazing. i have heartburn. alka-seltzer heartburn reliefchews. enjoy the relief.
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10:34 am
been on the lam now for 48 hours. he escaped from a maximum security prison in mexico saturday through this elaborate underground escape route. francis joins us now with a deeper dive into el chapo's escape and take us through tunnels. >> it's fascinating knowing this was months in the making of how he escaped and how he planned it. let's take you unside el chapo's underground tunnels. take a look. this is one discovered in 2014. it was the drainage system in northwestern mexico and it gives you a glimpse inside the dark world of the widely feared drug lord. so this time around el chapo escaped from this area here the prison, the country's most secure prison. you can see it here along with the entire circumference around the prison area and you can see the tunnel's reach. authorities say that was 1600 meters. equivalent of a mile. it all unfolded in this area here west of mexico city. it's known as amagoya. that is the area we're talking
10:35 am
about. now let's take a closer look at the elaborate up thetunnel and what happened. how he was able to escape. prison guards found a 20 x 20-inch hole under el chapo's shower here. this is that hole. his shower was right up here. essentially he slipped away from surveillance and went right into that hole. then there was a ladder that took him down 32 feet into those tunnels. authorities say it was about 5 1/2 feet high and 30 inches wide. the tunnel had lighting, ventilation, stair, even track for motorized railcar to travel through that entire area there. and again, about a mile's worth of distance in that tunnel. and then also consider el chapo's safe houses. their installed with secret doors in 2001. they opened the tunnels leading to municipal sewer systems so he used one of them under a bathtub. that's when he escaped police last year. this was elaborate spanning several homes all kinds of sewage systems that he used in
10:36 am
the safe houses. and as far as the cost of this tunnel a former da supervisor tells nbc news it can be anywhere from 3 to $5 million. a whole lot of money for you and me but consider that's just change for this notorious drug lord used to dealing with hundreds of millions of dollars. thomas, you were talking about at one point his worth was $1 billion in this very extreme and elaborate drug cartel. >> it's amazing. forbes had him down in 2013 of their most powerful list number 67, worth roughly a billion dollars. chump change to build this tunnel for his escape. vienna austria, nuclear talks appeared to have hit a snag again on deadline day to come up with a proper deal. as the hours go by it appears more likely negotiators will face a fourth extension in three weeks. several major issues still remain unresolved.
10:37 am
steve clemmons is washington editor at large for the atlantic and mshsnbc contributor. when they talk about this, three strikes and you're out. we have the deadlines of june 30th, july 7th, july 10th. they have all come and gone. >> this is a different sport. >> it's a different sport, absolutely. all come and gone without a deal. why put a deadline on it at all when they have not had success meeting any of these deadlines? we'll let you know when we have come to a proper broker negotiated deal that everybody is comfortable at the table with? >> you know i think they want to kind of create a soft exclamation point that foreign ministers of these various countries can use to organize their calendars. it's interesting right now you've got the russian and chinese for written minister in addition to john kerry in vienna right now because they thought there was going to be a deal. and when they do get one it will be important that the world embraces it. and i think that, you know we've seen iran at the very last minute brilliantly take
10:38 am
advantage of something that was hidden in that deal in april and use it to split our delegation. they have split the chinese and russians off and that is paralyzed us at the very last moment. so much so that rouhani today tweeted out he thought the deal was done. he took the tweet down. that's how close they are to a deal. >> the bing pulse question of the day is any deal better than no deal at all? your take on that would you agree with that? >> my point is, no not any deal is better -- that any deal is not better than any deal. you've got to have a good deal. we've had a number of points and we're all waiting to see the details of the final tilt is towards us and our perspective or whether it gives iran a lot more permissive room to run in directions that weren't anticipated. i think it's going to be very important to nail that down. i think we're very very close to doing so. but to you know to be self critical, i think the u.s. didn't expect iran's moves. we should have expected iran's
10:39 am
moves. that there was language that that arms embargo deal was going to come off. the other u.n. embargo items. the question we did put language in that said other restrictions would have to be made on iran's ballistic missile and conventional weapons programs but we didn't specify that and we didn't build a circus of support around that among the other p5+1. that's what iran is exploiting right now. >> i want to get in here. the israeli prime minister netanyahu is trying to reach out. >> i think prime minister netanyahu had an amazing tweet yesterday that basically said that no deal with iran will work and that iran is bent on taking over the world. she used those words taking over the world. really remarkable comment, a little bit over the top, if you will. >> wait to see whether or not they reach a proper deal deadlines aside. thank you. >> thank you. i want to go now to my colleague, francis rivera.
10:40 am
>> we're asking this hours away from that deadline. iran nuclear deal and that topic is any deal better than no deal. since we said on it 32% of you saying yes to that. 68% of our viewers saying no. this is how those of you at home have been voting in realtime as we were talking to steve. look at people saying no or neutral in the last alone in realtime as we take that pulse and that continues on as you see, this is moving down. again, staying towards the neutral and no. no in the past five minutes voting yes to that. especially if your veets change or views change based on the conversation that we're having here. keep them coming. . >> thanks so much. want to give everybody an update out of greece and the bailout. the european central bank is deciding against letting greek bank draw. at least for now. refuse aal to increase the emergency credit above the current $98.3 billion forced
10:41 am
greek banks to close two weeks ago. this comes as greece reached a deal on the third bailout with european leaders. totals more than $95 billion. the european council president said this is a good deal for greece's future. >> unless they give greece a chance to get back on the track -- on trackpartners. it also avoids the socioeconomic and political consequences that a negative outcome would have brought. >> nbc keir simmons has been following the ups and downs of how this is going to work out. keir explain how contentious were these negotiations? >> very contentious because they went right through the night. out of washington the treasury secretary is describing this as an important step forward. as the hours tick by since they announced this deal, we're hearing more and more opposition here that government workers have said that they will go on
10:42 am
strike on wednesday on the day of the parliamentary vote to try and pass this deal through lawmakers here in athens. we think it will be passed because it looks as if part of the government will support it back by some of the leading opposition parties. that does b mean that there is happiness across this city because, remember it was just a year -- a week ago, i'm sorry, that greek people voted overwhelmingly against exactly the kinds of very, very tough reforms that are now part of this package albeit that greece is also getting $100 billion extra, that the part of this really is the problem that the moral austerity forced on greece, the harder it for the economy to grow and the harder it is to pay back the loans that they owe. but it does look as if they have managed to get away from the cries situation and cash may begin to flow if all the politicians can continue to agree. >> keir simmons live for news athens, greece. keir, thank you, sir. appreciate it.
10:43 am
still ahead, a new comic opera taking a look at two supreme court justices known for their opposing views. we take you to the stage. you won't believe it until you see it. plus north carolina strict new voter id law. is on trial today, when we come back we're going to tell you what the verdict could mean for the vest of the country. ♪ building aircraft, the likes of which the world has never seen. this is what we do. ♪ that's the value of performance. northrop grumman. you drop 40 grand on a new set of wheels, then... wham! a minivan t-bones you. guess what: your insurance company will only give you 37-thousand to replace it. "depreciation" they claim. "how can my car depreciate before it's first oil change?" you ask. maybe the better question is
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10:46 am
the federal trial over north carolina controversial voting laws got under way today. a judge will determine if doing a way with week early voting ending same day registration and prerenlg trace for some prohibiting the counting out of ballots is unconstitutional. the justice department, state, and naacp and others are suing governor pat mccrory over the bill he signed into law saying it's discriminatory and harm voter os of color. thousands are going to hold a march and rally focusing on voting rights later today in winston, salem. joining me now is jasmine
10:47 am
richardson, attorney with voter protection program smep and the organization are representing north's naacp in this case. it's good to have you here. the head of north carolina's naacp has said this case is our selma. explain what's at stake here. >> that means that the same discriminatory, regulation, and practices in effect then are manifesting themselves now. and this is the time to fight and fight forward together not one step back, as reverend barber likes to say, the head of the north carolina naacp state conference in north carolina, of course. >> we look at what this means for voter turnout, the 2014 election actually increased after the law was put in place compared to some of the 2010 primary that we witnessed and have the role for. but what kind of national implications will come out of this trial for other states around the country? >> well, this case is monumental because it will set new section ii standard after shelby v.
10:48 am
holder. that was the famous supreme court case that took place in 2013 and essentially -- essentially stopped the preclearance formula that was usually used for states like north carolina. after shelby v. holder was passed, then states that usually had to go through a preclearance process with the department of justice no longer had to. a slew of voter suppression lawsuits took place because a slew of voter suppression bills were passed, i colluding in north carolina. house bill 589 was one of the most restrictive voter suppression measures passed across the nation. this case will put house bill 589 on the table and test it under section ii standard as opposed to preclearance standard that took place before shelby v. holder was passed. >> doing away with a week of early voting ending samt day registration and preregistration for some ending the counting out of precinct ballots, all of
10:49 am
these things being unconstitutional. we'll continue to follow the story. the jasmine richardson, great to see you. thank you. still ahead, no bad blood here. we're going to tell you how taylor swift is bringing together democrats and republicans in d.c. tonight. she can do it bipartisan compromise. when we come back, the backlash over one of the summer's most anticipated new novels as well. have you heard about it?
10:50 am
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10:52 am
much anticipated release of only the second book by great american novelist harper lee is coming with serious heart ache for fans. >> many lament cast the hero that beloved classic as a segregationist. >> there's red flags over why the previously lost work is being released now. >> stephanie gosk joins us with
10:53 am
more on the controversy and everything from it. stephanie? >> yeah. messy at first here but, you know all attention might be good attention coming a novel. but, you know, attica finch is one of the great literary heroes. the 1950s lawyer that defends a black man accused of rape wrongly is knocked off the pedestal and it was his creator harper lee who did it. >> good morning. >> reporter: to generations "to kill a mockingbird" readers and film watchers there's a near perfect model. >> you never really understand a person until you consider things from his point of view. >> reporter: starting tuesday, that's all going to change. harper lee's long-awaited companion novel "go set a watchman" is already causing a wave of backlash and outrage. many fans furious that the
10:54 am
beloved aticus is shown to be a racist. the novel set in the 1950s civil rights movement is an elderly aticus and attending a ku klux klan meeting. >> he has racist opinions about his black neighbors and clients and he says that he doesn't believe black people should be a part of civil society. this is really shocking to readers. >> reporter: mockingbird fans say it's ruining my life. another adding it literally broke my heart. the reclusive author is keeping sighlent but in a statement called "watchman" bold and unflinching saying the question of atticus's racism is one of the most important and critical elements of this novel and it should be considered in the context of the book's broader moral themes.
10:55 am
many believe the themes are just as vivid now with racial tensions coming to flashpoints in ferguson and charleston. lee's less heroic more human atticus finch may be hitting shelves at the right tim. >> this is a complex and rich topic. that really speaks to where we are right now as a nation. >> but critics are in a twist about all of this. here are a couple of the best comments. disturbing reading, particularly disorienting for fans. another said it was the quote toppling of idols. "the new york times" wrote it could permanently reshape harper lee's legacy. >> we'll go back to read "to kill a mockingbird" and the timeline. >> it is confusing. atticus finch is an older version of himself. >> scout's in her 20s. >> in her 20s going back to see her father atticus and much
10:56 am
older. not sure if that clarified anything. >> it is confusing. >> people aren't thinking this is written -- this is a prequell. >> she wrote this around the same time. mid to late '50s. >> if only we could hear from harper lee herself. she is not in the best health herself. >> she's not commented on it and maybe puts it in context. a publisher said go back and hear from scout and from her perspective. >> amazing. we'll see how well it does. probably flying off the shelves. by the mexican druglord known as el chapo. what we know about the brazen breakout, the tunnels that he used and then this. as we move closer and closer to the latest iran nuclear talk deadline, what are the chances of a deal actually coming through? we'll get the white house perspective. and hillary clinton takes shots at republican rivals this morning delivering a major
10:57 am
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this hour on msnbc, massive manhunt. the search for the escaped mexican drug kingpin known as el chapo. plus, a look at the sophisticated tunnel he used to break out of a maximum security prison. also ahead -- >> it's not too late. we can make our country great again. >> governor scott walker announcing his run for president. he is in but can he make a dent in a big 2016 field now at 15 with his entrance? taylor swift goes to washington. who t-swift is bringing together. we begin with breaking news in austria where it's deadline day for an iran neekuclear deal. three extensions in as many
11:01 am
weeks. the u.s. and other western powers appear to have hit a snag. here's white house press secretary josh earnest last hour talking about it. >> negotiations that have been closed. and that's a good sign. that said there continue to be some sticking points that remain unresolved. >> so they include whether or not to lift the arms embargo on iran and also what kind of nuclear research iran can do at the end of the deal. resolving questions about iran's past suspect nuclear activity. joining me now from iran is nbc news teheran bureau chief ali arusian. they don't trust iran on a nuclear deal and is any deal better than no deal at all. when's the sentiment in iran? >> reporter: people are anticipating a deal. they're excited about it far long time. the longer it drags on the more worried they get that it's not going to happen.
11:02 am
i have to say after 17 days of straight negotiations in vienna it feels like they're very close. from the information we are getting from our -- they really are very close to this deal. and if they do clinch it it's a historic deal in the making for almost 13 years. and these last 20 months have been essential to bringing the 2 sides within inches of the finishing line. we thought we were going to agetget to announcement today. looks like the teams in vienna are still negotiating hard on the sticking point that is you mentioned. the biggest one seems to be holding things up is the u.n. arms embargo, iran wants lifted russia and china backed iran on but the west aren't comfortable with. we heard earlier today that the iranians agreed to kick it fourth you are down the road to get the deal done right now and obviously negotiating --
11:03 am
ministers are in missions -- meetings in vienna right now. they'll have technical and legal meetings later on this evening to see if they can sort out the deal and hearing from iranian authorities we may get an announcement tomorrow. as you also said neither side wants to be rushed in this. this is a legally binding document. the text they write on this is of paramount importance and binding. so they don't want anything that they're not going to be comfortable -- sign this deal. no matter what congress thinks about it or hardliners in iran think about it. the two negotiators are going to be bound by it and they want it to be solid. thomas? >> we shall wait to see exactly when they come to a final agreement on this. thanks so much. my colleague francis here with the bing pulse question of the day. the results? >> interesting, close to a split
11:04 am
vote is any deal better than no deal with the iran nuclear talks? that's the scoreboard. it was 32% saying yes, those of you home. this was at 68% and look how now we're growing to a split vote and those of you responding the last minute more realtime based on ali's reporting, more people towards neutral dipping into the no area. also interesting to watch the political party. look at this. watch as we break it down. democrats in realtime. a lot with yes in past two months and then based on the last minute or so in that regard to no. republicans, how are they looking? spiking, really fluctuating from yes and noes coming to realtime. the republicans, independents. interesting to see neutral spiking up. we are monitoring this throughout the last half hour here. iran nuclear deal is any deal
11:05 am
better than no deal at all? >> francis, thank you very much. breaking news to cover now out of massachusetts. a man accused of plotting a terror attack inspired by isis, 23-year-old alexander sicolo. accused of setting off bombs around college cafeterias. authorities arrested him after they say he acquired guns and a pressure cooker and in contact with undercover operatives working with the fbi. and more now, the international manhunt that's under way for a mexican fugitive. joaquin guzman is a notorious druglord. now, the details are amazing. he disappeared through a 1-mile tunnel from a small opening in the sure earhower area in his cell and able to get through a mile to this house traversing through a built-in track.
11:06 am
the mexican attorney general tweeted pictures and authorities say the escape probably took months of meticulous planning and $3 million to $5 million to make. the associated press saying the dea had intelligence of at least two plots to help el chapo escape. duncan wood is director of the mexico institute at the wilson center. just to be clear duncan this is the second time that el chapo is able to escape as imprisoned and mexican officials promised that this would never happen again after he was recaptured last year. how big a blow is this to the mexican government? >> huge blow. i mean when we think back to the public statements made by the president and the attorney general, you know when they said that he would be under 24-hour supervision, near impossible to escape the president himself said this would be unforgivable if he was allowed to escape.
11:07 am
this is, therefore, a huge blow to the credibility of the administration. and i have to say that, you know, the arrest of el chapo last year was really seen as the jewel in the crown of their strategy against organized crime. has focused very heavily on taking out the top leaders echelons in mexico. they haven't achieved a great deal of stopping the product northward but they have disrupted the organizations themselves. >> the cartel which he runs controls roughly 45% of the u.s. drug trade, americans spend roughly $65 million on illegal cocaine, heroin and marijuana. they're known for building the elaborate tunnels. how could this not have been on the radar screen of authorities? did they have inside help in making sure that el chapo got away? >> simple answer is we don't know but it looks -- it looks probable doesn't it? the inside help was probably at
11:08 am
the local level, at the level of the prison itself. you have to ask the questions, which was the federal government supervision while all this was going on? given that he was such a big catch last year i mean no surprise that people escape from prisons but this particular character and from the nation's maximum security prison you have to ask questions like who wept to sleep? what was happening at that upper levels of decision making? >> first time he escaped he was gone for 13 years so the pressure is on to capture him but do you think that he is going to disappear? >> i think it's very likely that he's disappeared already. you know amongst my colleagues here, we have been talking about where he's most likely to have gone. people suggesting central america, other people say that he's likely to have gone to his home state or the area called the golden triangle a prime growing area for marijuana and heroin in mexico. it is there he would find a
11:09 am
network of people and resources to help him hide away. the mountains is difficult to track him there and to capture him because he can always escape. the only way they got him last time is moving around a lot more and was in more urban areas and that's where triand late and track him down. >> a major city of chicago is snum ber one for heroin imports in the u.s. and that's because it's within a day's drive of most places here in the u.s. and the imports coming from el chapo cartel for use in this country. but explain the system the pyramid under this guy and how hard it is to take down a cartel, especially when their leader is someone so apt to slip out of federal custody. >> well, there's a number of questions here. first one focuses on the organization of the cartel itself.
11:10 am
it's been noted many times that it's run much more like a business organization than some of the -- most of the other cartels in mexico according to the gulf cartel the zettas run like military organizations. this is a business enterprise. the goal is to move product across the border into the united states to the massive consumer base and they're focused ev heavily on productivity. there's conversations of el chapo, senior leaders and the distribution networks in the united states where he's given them prempt shl pricing because u.s. law enforcement authorities. the fact is that this is an organization very well run, well structured so that even though el chapo was arrested, and has been in prison business continued much as before. >> right. well 2013 "forbes" had him number 67 on the most powerful people list.
11:11 am
that will buy a lot of cover when you're on the run. duncan wood at the wilson center, thank you, sir. i want to bring in paulina viegas. what's the latest you're getting about your sources about the man hunt and in terms of leads. >> i didn't get the last part. >> what do authorities have in the focus of their investigation as a lead for where el chapo could be? >> i think it's very still -- giving very very little hints and information as to what they have. i'm actually located outside of -- the prison. and very near the house where he's actually was exiting the tunnel. where he escaped from and i must say that the operation here is very weak. you have checkpoints and the
11:12 am
security points so it's points out that the -- at least compared to yesterday and -- challenge. i don't know. [ inaudible ] manhunt that neighboring states alerted and working and cooperating with the -- and federal security officials. since following several checkpoints and raids on the border along neighboring state of mexico but further than that we don't really know what else. >> paulina, what have you heard about anyone inside this maximum security prison being on the take from the cartel and the connections that el chapo must have had to be able to pull this off? >> well what everyone kind of really agrees on either security analysts or i talked to a person that actually worked inside the
11:13 am
facility, an electrical engineer lives very near the facility itself and what everyone guesses and evident that the people that must have been working for el chapo or bribed by him was, of course security handler. manager. the area. which was isolated from the rest of the compound and the rest of the dormitories. inmates stay and sleep and walk around. so the first people of course were his -- working with him are then the security guards. the highly secure -- secured as -- and that was a first lead that was -- who allowed or who knew -- happened in the first place. of course, we can only imagine the amount of people working with him to be able to -- the tunnel and we can only imagine a
11:14 am
lot of people. security guards police officers and really big infrastructure for this to happen. >> no, it's amazing. millions of dollars to build this tunnel was allowing el chapo to escape. "the new york times" paulina vi llegas. i appreciate it. president obama cut the prison sentences of 46 men and women who committed nonviolence offenses saying the punishment did not fit the crime. >> at its heart, america is a nation of second chances and i believe these folks deserve their second chance. i also believe there's a lot more to do to restore the sense of fairness at the heart of the justice system and make sure the tax dollars are well spent even as we're keeping our streets safe. >> ari melber joins us right now to talk more about this. the president doubling the
11:15 am
number of clemencies issued in a single day. explain the significance of that. >> while this president got off to a slow start, he's commuted the sentences of basically more inmates than the past four presidents combined. this is a second term priority for him. 14 serving life sentences for nonviolent drug offenses. this is the deep and dark part of the war on drugs that loses support. the idea of people making mistakes with regard to the drug law for longer sentences than rapists or other people. they ruin people's lives and homes and seeing from this president an emphasis on dialing back the notion that nonviolent drug offenses should be punished on par with killing someone. >> the president is interested in criminal justice reform finishing the second term going to oklahoma later this week.
11:16 am
>> yep. >> first president to visit a federal penitentiary. the naacp speech tomorrow giving and then thursday going for this visit, i think the part that everybody's going to be interested that the president says there that gets people's attention is tax dollars. when's being spent. what we're all spending to keep these people behind bars and is that appropriate, are we spending putting good money after bad to keep these people locked up. >> i think it's a great question. we'll see the president in the prison context basically saying you know politicians love to talk about being tough on law and order. what should we do there? rick perry has talked about that on the republican side as has rand paul. what are we spending and could do better by our society with that money? you get to the critiques before you get to the racial justice piece, something that the president has spoken to. going to jail as a black man
11:17 am
with a nonviolent drug offense than other people of another race. this is part of the second term jend trying to reform the war on drugs. another point is if you look at the senate judiciary committee there are bills supported by republicans like rand paul and mike lee to do what the president did today. this is a sleeper bipartisan issue. >> does the president have the juice to do this the fuel in the tank? >> it requires mitch mcconnell bringing the bills to the floor. it is way ahead of where it was, say, six or seven years ago when he took office. >> thank you. tune in and see ari next hour for "the cycle" and the gang starting 3:00 p.m. eastern. thank you. >> thanks. tornadoes, damaging winds, flash flooding nearly 50 million in the path of severe storms now moving east. we'll update you. plus, hillary versus jeb.
11:18 am
recent comments of governor bush in the first big policy speech. >> you may have heard governor bush say americans just need to work longer hours. they don't need a lecture. they need a raise. >> okay. and then on a completely different note how the singer carrie underwood saved her baby and two dogs. hear all about it after this. welcome to fort green sheets. welcome to castle bravestorm. it's full of cool stuff, like my second in command... and my trusty bow. and free of stuff i don't like. and in my castle we only eat chex cereal. chex cereal. it's full of delicious crunchability. no artificial flavors, and it's gluten-free. and that's something even my brother ... sister can understand. mom, brian threw a ball in the house!
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now i'm not talking about charity. i'm talking about clear-eyed capitalism. many companies have prospered by
11:22 am
improving wages and training their workers that then yields higher productivity better service and larger profits. >> all right. so there we have hillary clinton this morning delivering a major policy speech basically outlining her road map to boost wages and tackle income inequality in this country. a criticism is that it's lacking on specifics. no talk about what to do with social security nor how to get the economic wish list past the gop-controlled congress. joining me now is gene sperling. one thing that people were asking after this speech is where are the details so where are they? >> well first of all, let me make clear that i'm the former direct tort of the national economic council under president obama and president clinton. now i'm -- i've left the white house and i'm serving as an adviser to secretary clinton.
11:23 am
in terms of the details, we have a long ways to go and what she was doing in this speech is putting out the fundamental frame and it is one where talking about whether workers are working hard enough and putting out unrealistic road targets and not defining the middle class. she is saying the defining goal and test of everything she does from soup to nuts start to finish, is -- is it growth to raise middle class incomes and benefit the middle class? we need stronger, fairer growth and more long-material growth and policies even today she is suggesting areas she is announcing more details on like changing our tax code to incent more profit sharing so companies are sharing their profits with workers, giving them those incentives and higher wages and
11:24 am
incomes if things go well. talking about reforming -- >> hold on a second. she is putting out overarching themes and not giving the details so while she wants to attract the progressives the people that say of bernie sanders getting on board talking about details with taxes, seems as if hillary clinton will give overarching themes and then as we look at the details they are not there. >> yeah, no. that's completely not there. and because listen. it is july. of 2015. and she is putting -- she's already put out some specifics. you will see more details and specifics. >> a lot of -- running for president since 2008. so let's say for instance what level would the national minimum wage be? >> you know i thomas i won't get ahead of the person i advise and not right to say in july of 2015 -- it would not be a very smart candidate, not a smart campaign if they in july in one
11:25 am
speech put out all the details. she'll put out detailed speeches on things like higher education, on things like profit sharing, on things like how to reform our tax code to encourage long-term investments so wait and see. but of course you won't put out the details of every -- >> why not? >> right at the start. >> why not? >> you want to make sure that when you put out the details you have a national discussion on that issue. each issue is so important. i think that it's important to put out what you're defining frame is so i don't think it's fair, thomas to say it's smart to put out every detail now. the question is, wait and see. watch what you see. you will see it's one of the most detailed and substantive campaigns and putting together very specific proposal and substantive proposals about how to grow the economy, make it fairer, how the investments are long term and steady and rebound to the investments of middle income families. >> where would you advise her to
11:26 am
be on the national minimum wage? what would you advise her? $10 an hour 12 15? where would you put it? >> higher. i live in santa monica and communities we should fight to be at $15 an hour. a national minimum wage for the country, look at what makes sen. i think it absolutely should be higher. i think she supports that. she's going to fight for that. she supports local communities to take it high as $15. i'm not going to get ahead of her telling you her exact proposals but if you look today, this was important. this was about the defining difference in this election and i think if a person puts out specifics, you would ask, but what's the overall campaign about you? what defines and animates you? it's important to have a goal that distinguishing her from those like jeb bush with a growth measure and not talking about what the test is for middle income families and important to say her test is
11:27 am
what this does to middle class incomes. >> will hillary clinton, gene will hillary clinton stay cozy with wall street or go after them? >> well, i think you will see even in the speech she is tough when it's called for. i think she is tough in the speech about calling for more individual accountability. and saying when you know companies, wall street companies are doing things that are just absolutely illegal, just offensive, that it shouldn't just be the companies held accountable but individuals who are responsible. she talks, she'll talk about doing more on too big to fail companies are too complex to manage. i think you will see a lot of tough measures on too big to fail, on wall street. but you are also going to see what the agenda is for how you move investment and finance to what it should be doing. allocating capital to families to save for the future to small businesses with the best ideas. to companies that want to invest in our long-term 'careen yate
11:28 am
jobs here. >> too big to fail. gene should -- should glass steigle be reenacted? >> companies do not play poker with the taxpayers' money. that's why you have things like the volcker rule and she is not going to allow those measures to be repealed or for wall street lobbyists to weaken them and she is going to come forward with and she talked about it today in her speech measures where she's going to ask for tougher enforcement at the individual level, hold people more accountable. do not assume that too big to fail is cured or solved. i think again you will hear more and see more and what she did today is lay out a pretty detailed vision piece that goes through her overall frame of why we need stronger, fairer and longer term growth and i think,
11:29 am
thomas, despite what you said i think it is smart. i have been on a lot of k578 pains. worst thing is when a president lobs in 15 policies at once and nobody can understand them. >> how about one policy at onece? >> one policy that she said she's going to talk about later this week is to change the tax code to encourage more profit sharing. that's a very specific proposal. she mentioned very specifically that she's going to give details on how to reform capital gains taxes so encourages long-term investments instead of the most well off people to pay low rates for investments 12 or 13 months. and more importantly, why we want to change our corporate system and our tax code to move away from quarterly capitalism and move more towards long-term investment and investment that adds value to our economy and to our workers. >> we'll wait to go one policy at a time. gene sperling thanks for your time. >> thank you. want to get back to the breaking news out of
11:30 am
massachusetts where we're learning more about the man accused of plotting terror attacks. joining me from washington nbc news justice correspondent pete williams. what more detail vs you learned? >> reporter: while outloins of what the fbi says the plot may have involved is interesting, i think the real lesson of the story is that anybody can be inspired by isis because the defendant in this case a son of a boston police captain. a person a police captain among the hundreds and hundreds of first responders in the boston marathon bombing. what the charges say is his son had been saying last fall that he wanted to go to syria and fight with isis. the fbi began looking at his social media postings. saw he expressed an interest in martyrdom and then began talking with someone he thought was a like-minded individual.
11:31 am
turned out to be a fbi undercover agent. authorities say the young man talked about wanting to attack bars or a police station and then decided to attack college school cafeteria using bombs and guns. neither of which he had. he asked the undercover to provide him the guns the undercover did and then that point he was arrested. before that authorities say he went to a walmart and brought a pressure cooker and talking about how to build pressure cooker bombs. one thing that's telling is court documents say he had a long history of mental illness and clearly he was never going to be able to pull off any attack because he was under such close fbi surveillance. but as i say, i think the real lesson here is that anybody can be inspired according to these court documents by isis. >> pete williams reporting in washington, thank you for the update. appreciate it. coming up, we'll go back to the developing news unfolding in mexico. el chapo escaping again. who is this guy? what's the background on his
11:32 am
drug carpel and more about the violent past of this man and how he's been compared to al capone. back with more after this. can a business have a mind? a subconscious. a knack for predicting the future. reflexes faster than the speed of thought. can a business have a spirit? can a business have a soul? can a business be...alive?
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welcome back. great lakes and ohio valley braceing for a severe weather outbreak. kicked off on sunday night with several possible tornadoes in western minnesota. high winds brought down large trees causing damage to at least one home. nobody was hurt. this afternoon, though there's a chance for strong tornado in central illinois. there's a threat of flash flooding lightning filled storms and damaging winds in a large chunk of the country's mid section. you can see it highlighted there. joining me from the weather channel is meteorologist alex wilson to tell us more about this severe system. alex, what do you got?
11:36 am
>> you mentioned the winds the flash flooding and lightning. that's what we are seeing in ohio and kentucky. each yellow box is a severe thunderstorm warning. plenty of lightning. damaging winds going to be the big threat with these. a few stronger thunderstorms out ahead of the main line. this is the action through indianapolis, even chicago early this morning. starting up into parts of say, minnesota, minneapolis, late last night. here's the forecast. notice this system continues to push off towards the south and east and heading into west virginia and eastern kentucky. look at what happens through the evening. seeing more thunderstorms develop and by late tonight into the overnight, that's going to congeal into yet another one of the systems, wind producing thunderstorm complexes that will continue to drive southward as we go through the overnight and into tomorrow morning. we expect yet another actionive overnight period into the day
11:37 am
tuesday. so where do we watch today? best chance of severe weather today, anywhere where you see the red. we have seen the thunderstorms in places like indianapolis already. we're not done. because we are going to watch the afternoon hours for that by tomorrow we'll be watching that thunderstorm complex in the morning roll through parts of the western carolinas with a threat of damaging winds once again. thomas? >> thank you. appreciate that. a lot to pay attention to. appreciate it. up next the world's most wanted man, the search for public enemy number one, the drug lord free and on the loose. plus azrue rozone leaders reaching out to a deal. what they're going through and might come up with a last-nunt deal to save greece. yeeeeeah! new ensure active high protein. 16 grams of protein and 23 vitamins and minerals. ensure. take life in.
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11:40 am
greece reached a deal on the third bailout after a marathon round of talks with other european leaders totalling more than $95 billion. the junior coalition partner of
11:41 am
greece describing it as a german-led coupe. the international manhunt for a drug lord. joaquin guzman known as el chapo on the lam for almost 48 hours and escaped in mexico saturday through an elaborate underground escape route. we have a deeper dive into the way el chapo was able to escape and, francis, this is absolutely amazing and estimate millions of dollars that were spent for this man to be able to escape from the prison. >> right. talking about the millions of dollars and also the time involved. they say planned this for months now. take a look inside el chapo's underground tunnels here. this is discovered in 2014. the drainage system in northwestern mexico and a dlimpbs into the dark world of the widely feared drug lord. el chapo escaped from this area the prison. you can see the circumference
11:42 am
with where the tunnels reached and consider that area about 1,600 meters, equivalent of a mile and unfolded here west of mexico city. in that area here. a closer look at these escape in the tunnel. bear with me swiping through. this is perspective of that tunnel. prison guards found this 20 x 20-inch hole under the shower cell and that hole led him to a ladder that took him down 32 feet into the tunnel. authorities say it was about 5129 feet high and 30 inches wide and this tunnel over a mile with lighting ventilation, stairs and a motorized rail car that brought him to that house. el chapo's safe houses with
11:43 am
secret doors. they led to sewer systems and used one of them to escape police last year and you can see that the tunnels span several homes and several sbi cat sewer systems and as far as the cost of it, thomas talking about the millions of dollars, former dea supervisor estimates this particular tunnel could have cost between $3 million to $5 million but you consider the hundreds of millions of dollars that el chapo's used to dealing with you were finding his worth in the drug carpel, really a drop in the bucket. >> "forbes" had him number 67 powerful people and chicago named him public enemy number one since al capone bringing so much heroin into chicago. >> like half. like half of the u.s. drug trade. right? >> yes. they believe chicago is such an easy port city within other
11:44 am
cities within a day and public enemy number one for chicago and right now we have no leads on his whereabouts. francis, thanks so much. nobody told me to expect it... ...intercourse
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republican contestant for 2016 scott walker made it official. now 15 candidates in after the wisconsin governor declared he wants to make a run for the white house. later today he gives a first big campaign speech since the kickoff and expected to be a big fund-raiser and led iowa caucus polling much of this year. this is live pictures from kansas city, missouri and the hispanic rights group is holding its annual convention there. former maryland governor and current presidential candidate on the left martin o'malley is speaking currently. live images of him. hillary clinton expected to speak there in little over an hour and earlier today it was senator sanders lashing out at recent remarks of donald trump. >> and let me be very clear in stating that no one, not donald trump, not anyone else will be
11:48 am
successful in dividing us based on race or our country of origin. >> so now raul reyes is a contributor and joins me to talk more about this. it started saturday and ends tomorrow. republican candidates asked to speak because we want the 'tend attendees to hear from everyone and no gop candidates obliged in this. >> it's a missed opportunity. i believe it's a misconception that national council is a democratic organization. it is nonpartisan and do not make endorsements. they invite as many candidates as possible and hope that they can come and especially great time for some gop candidates to step forward when we have donald trump making the absolutely incendiary remarks and then
11:49 am
doubles down on the comments. >> takes up the oxygen in all the rooms. >> xktly. >> on the left or the right. on the left we are getting a policy path when it comes to immigration conversations. >> right. >> so we have democratic candidates supporting a path to immigration. when we think about hillary clinton or a bernie sanders, who's the latino voting bloc attracted to? >> right now, overwhelmingly it's hillary clinton. she has a long history with latinos and nclr. she was here and in miami. the work in the community goes as far back as that when she made her policy announcement in may she went further than the president on executive action. she called for an end to this current level of deportations and the speech this morning was well received and not a known
11:50 am
quantity. latinos concentrate in florida, southwest, california. they don't know who he is. some of the ideas that he presented in the speech talking about income inequality and denouncing donald trump and doesn't have the name recognition or the history and even at this early stage, hillary has the latino fund-raisers locked up. the activists. the leaders and certainly nearly all the latino celebrities. >> a big jump start for bernie sanders with martin o'malley as well. great to see you. thank you. i appreciate it. on a different note we have for you taylor swift and a little bipartisanship. how the singer is bringing together lawmakers of both sides of the aisle tonight. you'll want to hear about this. ♪ building aircraft,
11:51 am
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singer/songerwriter carrie
11:54 am
underwood, her son was trapped in the car with the dogs. the dogs somehow locked the doors. the brother-in-law helped to break the car's window and everybody you will be happy to know is okay. big relief there. so the power of taylor swift changes the music business makes money and some of washington's elites are capitalizing on the tour stopping over in d.c. tonight. packed in with throngs of screaming teen girls will be a bipartisan group of electeds and their friends. the congressmen and women and pacs hope to sell prime concert seats to those upwards of $1,000. luke russert is attending the show. he looks so rest and tanned from a weekend somewhere. the people in the bad blood music video going to be there?
11:55 am
>> reporter: i have to check that out. i got to tell you, thomas. usually there's bad blood between republicans and democrats and seem to be shaking it off tonight. they're not going to be mean because they want the money. and as you mentioned, we have over ten republicans, five democrats, three pacs, all raising money off this taylor swift concert. tickets into thousands and thousands of dollars. not abnormal. members of congress raise money by getting tickets to an event, great time to talk to donors and funny considering taylor swift in the 20s much more geared to the sort of tweeners and heard from the members and people who bought the tickets are parents bringing their children some of these members we spoke to specifically representative buyer of virginia with a fund-raiser, his daughter turned him on to taylor swift and moving forward. we have three members of tennessee, they'll be fund raising off of this. seems that taylor swift provides a little bit for everybody.
11:56 am
the feminist lyrics down home country spin that republicans are down to. it seems that taylor swift is the great equalizer here on capitol hill and can raise you a ton of money. >> you know a lot about this. >> i'm a swifty man. the only iconic pop star of my generation to sell out stadiums into the 50s and 60s like tina turner. fantastic. >> the word sellout. that's what i went with. luke, thank you, sir. great to see you. that wraps up this today's show. see you tomorrow. the next show coming up all four of them on "the cycle" are t-swift fans. stick around for that. maybe we weren't the lowest rate this time. but when you show people their progressive direct rate and our competitors' rates you can't win them all. the important part is, you helped them save. thanks, flo. okay, let's go get you an ice cream cone, champ.
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can a business have a mind? a subconscious. a knack for predicting the future. reflexes faster than the speed of thought. can a business have a spirit? can a business have a soul? can a business be...alive? new talks drag on for another day. the upside the weather in vienna is quite beautiful this time of year.
12:00 pm
good afternoon. i'm toure. as we come on the air, night as fallen on another day of talks with iran but is it lights out for a deal? here's the white house this afternoon. >> there continue to be significant issues that remain. and the president will not sign on to an agreement and this is the attitude that's taken by the partners, too. they won't sign on to an agreement until all of our concerns have been addressed. and as long as they continue to make progress in doing that then the talks will continue. >> three hours remain until the clock strikes midnight in vienna. another deadline passes without a deal. major sticking points remain. iran's demand that the u.n. lift an arms embargo. that demand angered many on the american side of the table. then disagreement about the country's future nuclear research and whether its


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