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tv   Hardball With Chris Matthews  MSNBC  July 13, 2015 4:00pm-5:01pm PDT

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part of the party, they will have a hard time getting traction with the latino voters. >> janet and erica, thank you both for your time tonight. thank you for watching. i'm al sharpton "hardball" starts right now. trump doubles down on message and doubles up in the polls. let's play "hardball." good evening. i'm chris matthews in los angeles and like it or not, donald trump is punching the political establishment in the belly by grabbing many american voters in the gut. meanwhile, the other money people in the republican party are getting up to focus groups to find out where to nail hillary clinton. they are sharpening the attack bring down the democrat they expect to face next november and it will be brutal. right now, as we approach the
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first gop debate, it's gone nold trump leading the attack and jacking up doubling his country-wide favorability. last week republican party chairman told donald trump he struck a chord and now trump is strumming it harder than ever. he hit the political biggies in the gut in front of a packed house and attacked jeb, slammed hilary and bashed illegal immigrants. let's watch him in action. >> the poll just came out and i'm tied with jeb bush and i said oh, that's too bad. how can i be tied with this guy? he's terrible. he's terrible. hillary clinton is going to be a horrible president. horrible. they don't want to give it straight because the they lie, terrible people.
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i have an idea i think it's good. every time mexico really intelligently sends people over we charge mexico $100,000 for every person they send over. [ cheers ] >> the silent majority is back and we're going to take the country back. [ cheers ] >> by the way, this is a point of factor in the clip mr. trump was referring to an online poll that doesn't meet nbc standards but trump is on to something here. he doubled shut up port since april and the number two spot right now with 13% just two points behind jeb bush up there, those two are duking it out for the top position. let me go to ron regan, this is an interesting development. i'm in the view he'll go middle distance, not sure all the distance. i don't think he's quick silver like michele bachmann. where do you put him as a factor?
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>> watching donald trump is like watching a room full of monkeys, chris. there is a lot of commotion but not substance and after a few minutes, you move on and i think the elect trit will do the same thing. it's summer now the year before the actual election and donald trump can serve as a campaign here and maybe he's not going to last into the middle term. by fall when we come back from vacation things start getting serious, everybody will settle down and realize donald trump is really just running for the attention, he's not really a serious candidate at all and people will move on. >> well since when does motive matter? [ laughter ] >> i mean if it's working, he's going to stay in. he's not going to quit if he's doing well and motive doesn't matter. if she's a showman, businessman, he's all those things he seems to have grabbed something in the gut of american conservative working class republican. he has found something, what is it that he's found that seems to be jacking him, his favbility
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doubled the last couple weeks. >> he found 15% of the republican elect trit but i don't know there is that much more of the republican elect willing to cross over and consider voting for somebody like donald trump. >> another 15% are backing jeb bush. who is this grand republican army that will beat him? i don't see any talent out there that is as talented as he is to grab a crowd. who would you want to grab a speech now, scott walker? >> i know -- >> okay. let me go to lonnie. go ahead. >> no, i was going to say i disagree. i think this feels stronger than the field in 2012. i think you've got some people there that could catch fire whether it's rubio or walker and jeb bush has a lot of money but look, i agree with ron. donald trump is a flash in the pan and speaking to something right now but we're way out from the election and look, if polls
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mattered we would have a president herman cane or michele bachmann and we don't. the polls, i think it's a fair argument and the right argument. >> but was anybody afraid of herman cane or michelle backe bachmann? they are trying to cool him down. they never tried to tell herman cane to stop saying 999. they weren't -- i think they are afraid of trump. that's my argument. >> there are two things -- >> go ahead, ron first. ron first. >> there are two things trump is doing, one further damaging the republican brand because he is a clown act here and people will see that and yet, he's attached to the republican party and there are candidates despite for media attention and this guy is sucking the oxygen out of the room not being a serious candidate and that infur ratesiates
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a lot of them. >> why are they afraid? >> i think part of the problem here is that he is taking energy away from candidates that could be legitimate and making a policy point. you know you look at folks like rick perry or bobby jind and will -- bobby jindal and they will be hurt. i don't think he represents main stream republican values but obviously does speak to something and so at this point in the campaign you have to grin and bare it. i don't think he's going to be a factor come october november. i don't think he'll be a factor in new hampshire or iowa. >> the numbers we'll get to later in the show line but show him doubling favorability number and going up from 20% to 56% among tea party people but not only tea party people. trump is driving the party mad we can agree. presidential candidate lindsey graham says trump is a wrecking ball for the party. >> there are some candidates that agree with donald trump that want to make him their vice president, there are some people who love donald trump and say
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that he's speaking the truth. what i think he's doing is being a wracking ball for the future of the republican party with the hispanic community and we need to push back. >> okay. chris christie isn't happy with the attention. here is christie on fox today. >> donald is a friend. i've known him for 13 years. i like him personally but his comments are inappropriate. that's going to be the last time i say it, seriously, when i'm out there talking to folks, nobody in the real world asks me about this. nobody. you know but every time i get on a media show, all anybody wants to talk about is donald trump. >> you know what is it he's appealing to? ron, you think it's prejudice against hispanics, it's as simple as that, you think that's it? >> there is an element in the republican party and it's a fairly big chunk of the republican party now. the republicans are 30% of the electe
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electrit and that warms to the idea of calling mexican immigrants rapist. i don't know there is much more than that 15% out of the 30% that really thinks that's the way to discuss the issue of illegal immigration by calling mexican immigrants rapists. >> thank you, i want lanny to jump in. you believe donald trump impact up there behind bush is about prejudice? you think that's what it's about? >> i think the bigger issue is that there is a thirst in the republican party, probably in the politics generally now for somebody whose not going to have it. i think people look at barack obama and feel like he's the guy that's neutral. it's a reaction to that. they want someone that will tell it to them straight and like it or hate it donald trump does
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that. his comments are offensive and awful but look he does have a certain style that's appealing to some people. >> what is the republican policy on illegal immigration? they don't have a bill coming out of the house. does the republican party have a policy on stopping illegal immigration? how would they stop it? the people coming in tomorrow night, not the people that lived there 20 years, how do you stop people coming to this country illegally? how do you do it? >> chris, i think this is part of the problem is that the policy discussion hasn't advanced much. i think most people would say we've got to do more on boarder suck kier tu be security. i think that is an important question and unfortunately -- >> so you're answering this the long way in all respect we don't have a policy from the republican side you can annunciate. >> i don't think we've put it together yet. >> where is the policy of the republican party? see, i believe trump is doing well because nobody else is
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talking about the issue in terms of solution. his is a ridiculous solution, send everybody away with everybody been here for 20 30 years. you could have a policy about stopping illegal hiring but business doesn't want to have a policy on because they get cheap labor. there is a lot of hypocrisy here. what is the policy to do what trump says he'll do, deal with the problem. what's the republican solution he's up against? i haven't heard it. >> i think it is a step by step approach. true employer verification is important. >> there is a bill on the floor that will not bring it up to a vote. >> you know what? chris, that's a tactical question. it's important. >> tactical? your party doesn't have an immigration bill to brag about because they won't deal with the issue. trump is dealing with it in a gross intolerant way, we know that. but at least he's addressing it and your party is empty-handed and that's why trump is walking into this mush and your
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thoughts, ron? >> of course you do. >> trump does have a policy on immigration that's build a giant wall and then apparently we invade mexico or something. >> but ron -- >> republican lights -- >> there is no alternative because it requires what republican voters don't want to hear about. you can't deal with it by building a wall on the boarder. >> you and i, all four of us. >> you need a path to citizen ship and the republicans won't have that right now. >> by the way, all three of us would make it here no matter how high the wall is if there is a job waiting for us in chicago, we would get there. we need legitimate rules and prosespro progressive rules and nobody wants to address it. at the height of trump's circus today, scott walker the front runner in iowa officially
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declared his candidacy. >> since i've been governor we took on the unions and we won we defended planned parent hood and passed legislation and we require a photo id to vote in this state. after a great deal of thought and a whole lot of prayer we are so honored to have you join with us here today as we a officially announce that we are running to serve as your president of the united states of america. >> we are running for president, i love that royal we. the top question on google today after he announced is who is scott walker? lonnie, you tell me first, i went through the speech and
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everything leans right. i was surprised the government moderate on issues as governor you have to be moderate and deal with democrats and legislature, across the board he's taken every right wing position. is that for iowa? is that tactics? >> he recognizes he's going to be in an american primary. that's perfectly reasonable to do. i think iowa is a very important state for governor walker. he probably has to do quite well there if he hopes to be the nominee. >> he went against climate change and after against same -- he hit every button. using a little restraint, where wear a bikini a little restraint. don't give everything to the right. he seemed like he did it. >> he actually sited the laugh you are curve talking about economic policy. >> oh, yeah. >> he long discredit the idea of trickled economics. i think he's got to win as
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long -- he was saying he's got to do well and iowa and break out early. he can't hang around through a few primaries and hope to suddenly erupt. he's got to find someway to distinguish himself and break out of the pack. it's a problem all these candidates have now. what are there, 500 republican candidates now? how do you distinguish yourself? >> how do you get a big applause out of photo id law, how do you get applause out of that? thank you ron ray, thank you lonnie. coming up, hillary clinton is under attack and republican people out there spending lots of big money to find out what will stick to her. doing all kinds of focus groups painting her as dishonest. what is her plan to fight back? i want to know first what their plan is to bring her down plus donald trump talks about how he is leading a solid majority but who are his followers? new numbers on the unlikely coalition, not all hard right pushing him and feeling him.
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as wonderful... [phone rings] but a little less crazy. we're doing everything we can to give you the best experience possible. because we should fit into your life. not the other way around. welcome back to "hardball," we got a peak into the attack with hillary clinton. a times reporter was allowed to watch two focus groups in orlando organized by american cross roads super pack. as "the times" reports on sunday, cross roads gathered 50 voters representing groups they believe can be persuaded to vote against mrs. clinton and all white mix of young men low income adults married mothers
4:21 pm
and politically moderate women were shown as attacking clinton, scandal and rich and out of touch. as the republican conducted the focus group put it she's got an open wound and part of our job is to pour salt in it. i'm joined by perry bacon. we read this article now, it talks about her being somewhat add in saying she was dead broke and everyone knew clintons were worth tons of money, it's a matter of going out there and giving the speech. so is that where they think they have got the gold here to get her, that she doesn't know she's rich? >> i think the broader point is it's true that american elect trits,electrets, so then the jeb bush
4:22 pm
or rubio, whoever the candidate is while doing the dirty work and dragging uphill ry hilary's negative and the campaign and built the idea of romney too rich. >> you know, the republican haves a gut instinct to whack it. trump said she's terrible and horrible and is that gut smart? >> i -- that's not smart and quite frankly, i'm skeptical about coming out of these focus groups and attacking hillary clinton because right now she's the democratic front runner but the question is what can you legitimately attack her on? she's made some really really i should say full hearty statements we were dead broke coming out of the white house. the thing is hillary clinton is not a mitt romney in a panel suit, very much unlike what we have heard people on the right
4:23 pm
say about her. she has always been a champion for women and always been a champion for children. she has always been a champion for the under class and for people for her poverty is very very real and so i think voters will listen to all of that but the bottom line is they are going to look through it through the prism of whose policyies will be better for me and all this other business i don't think will hurt -- >> i think she has targets, i think she has that they don't know about. if i were targeting her, i'd say go after when she says who says business and corporations create jobs? they do. people apply for jobs. it doesn't make sense to say whatever your theory, whatever it is, apply for a job, somebody has to say you're hired. that's the way it works. i don't think people think that's normal thinking. what do you think? aren't there targets besides going after character? >> hillary clinton we seen this week for example today talked about how she's going to do
4:24 pm
something with the tax code to intensify corporations to share their profits with employees. that is something people will attack her on and corporations she also needs if rfor example will come after her on that and that to me is more important than attacking her on the basis of her character. what are her policies going to do to the nation? >> "the new york times" reports that cross roads messaging wasn't flawless and another add called throw away opens with mrs. clinton saying she never throws anything away and quote two steps short of a horder. that's her words apparently, before a narcotic nayrator points out she deleted e-mails. a few women watching this in the focus group express sympathy for mrs. clinton saying they sometimes felt like horders, too. but they often deleted spam and other personal e-mails.
4:25 pm
maybe that was what mrs. clinton had done. they could have been from bed bath and beyond one woman said in the e-mail. who knows. how many people clean out their e-mails ever day and say i got to get rid of that to save the messages from friends but i'm not going to respond to the adds from canadian companies or whatever, you know what i mean. your thoughts? everybody deletes. >> i think this e-mail issue itself is probably not going to ruin the republican election. the idea, i believe in the law and i don't believe they are analyzing the e-mail. that issue is not very strong. i do think the numbers showing president obama even republicans would say is very much liked and he has a fierily high likability level and you look at the numbers now, senator clinton is not there and republican haves to peel some obama voters off to win. there is a place to say one way they can do that is by critiquing clinton on the
4:26 pm
personality grounds. most people don't vote totally passed on policy. part of it is do i like this person? am i comfortable with them? her speech saying they are broke is not something americans are going to trust. this is a smart angle for republicans to take. may not work but 16 months until the election. they should try anything and see what works, these groups have hundreds of millions of dollars. they could try everything and see what works. >> let's talk about the danger here michelle. you're a woman. i want you to especially respond. we saw in a 2008 election when she was getting a lot of head from the media and lots of people coming out of the caucus and trying to win in new hampshire and a lot of people said she found her voice. however you phrase it she did come across better playing defense. >> yeah. >> for some reason, after it seemed to be personal is that homonym and do they make a big risk by bringing out the battering ram and making clear
4:27 pm
they will beat her up that's all they are going to do from now to election day? >> it's a big risk and here is the reason why. you'll see people focussing on the women's vote because of the gender gap we have here and typically it is women and the gender gap that decide whose our next president is going to be. white women by in large vote republican, so the question is how are the republicans going to be able to pull away the votes of african american women, hispanic women, other women of color and others who probably are going to sympathize with hillary clinton who there are some people complain she makes $300,000 a speech and that's more than most make in a year but there is part of the electric, paraelect trit that we see
4:28 pm
to be careful about it. >> thank you so much. nice balance there. up next, republican effort to keep some from voting. restrictions in north carolina today a. case that could have national implications. i don't like them doing this stuff, making it harder for african americans to vote apparently on purpose. this is "hardball" the place for politics. hint: it's not the one on the left. the speedy guy on the right is part of an intelligent system that creates the optimal trip profile for all trains on the line. and the one on the left? uh, looks like it'll be counting cows for awhile. so maybe the same things aren't quite the same. ge software. get connected. get insights. get optimized. ♪ introducing starbucks® small-batch
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right to vote. >> that was president lyndon johnson, the signing of the act 1965. the fight for fair access obviously continues. a federal trail in north carolina began today to figure out where the sweeping changes of the votes laws passed by the state's republican control legislature in 2013 december criminates against african american voters. it reduced from 17 to 10 and eliminates same-day registration during early voting and would prohibit counting ballots cast by voters in the incorrect precinct and eliminate the preregistration process of 16 and 17-year-olds that would automatically register them by the time they turn 18, which is legal to vote. the plan is to file suit against the state of north carolina and say it unfairly targets minorities making it harder for them to vote. pat says it's not about politics. >> it's common sense laws and not much to do about nothing and
4:33 pm
protect the integrity of the voter booth. >> a former assistant u.s. attorney served in the civil rights division of the department of justice, laura, thank you for coming on. why would it let me try to see, why does cutting down early voting days getting rid of sunday, why does that make it safer and cleaner politics? i don't get the ethics factor he is talking about. >> you can't understand it because there is no bases for justification for it. it's not much to do about nothing. when you cut the early voting dates down from 17 to ten days or less when you know that the black population that's voting in north carolina predominantly votes early and in the first week of early voting there is no justification to explain how it could not impact negatively and very negatively the black voting population of north carolina and others. it's not just the black issue or whitish shoe.
4:34 pm
the early voting is put into place to make it all the more convenient for people to have access to the polls, especially people who are lower income who have hard time getting transportation to get to the voting booth early. they have a very big need for why this sort of early voting needs to be in place and be in tact. >> it seems to me looking at this historically you had the poll tax, you had literacy reducing the voting potential or ease with which minorities vote. in the old base, it was rot and smell something in greek and the tax was clearly a way to limit voting. it just seems that what the republican haves picked up on. >> exactly. the arguments have been used to show support but why the post 2013 laws should be okay and not harmful to the black community and minority voters in general is they are saying they are neutral but all the types of laws you just stated, poll
4:35 pm
taxes, literacy tax are neutral. the issue that they are designed to have a negative impact on the ability of voters to be able to not only access the voting the ballots but also to undermine the about thety to have a meaningful vote because when what you're doing is not only allowing them to have another barrier in place to why they can't get to the voting place, they are also having a barrier for how it's actually counted. this is very very similar to the legacy of cases that were in place that the voting rights act were designed to strike down and do away with. >> you know thanks phrase you're an attorney undue burden they should get undue burden when it comes to voting. great having you on, thank you. >> thank you so much. up next, donald trump steals a page from the nixon playbook calling for support of the silent majority. who are these voters who make up trump's conknittitstituentconstituent?
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>> i'm richard lou, nuclear talks ended. a deal could be announced sometime this evening. a manhunt underway for the drug lord known as "el chappo." defense officials say the military has six months to determine how to integrate transgender troops, transgender individuals are currently banned from service. now back to "hardball." it's a term that i haven't
4:40 pm
heard for years, but i really think it applies now more than maybe ever before and that's the term the silent majority. have you-all heard that? you don't hear it anymore, but the silent majority is back and we're going to take the down p triback triback -- silent majority back. >> anyway, donald trump describes his supporters as the silent majority and a political phrase that dates back to the nixon presidency. in nixon's day he used the term as a national battle cry rallying his base against long-haired protesters out of sync with the american population at large. >> it is time for the great silent majority of america to stand up and be counted.
4:41 pm
>> there is evidence he's assembling a coalition of voters. trump leads the field among republican whose describe themselves as somewhat conservative. he's at 18%. six points ahead of the newest rival in the crowd, jeb bush and performs well with those who identify as tea party supporters running second behind ted cruz on that group. so it appears that this early stage of trump's message is resinating with republicans, somewhat across the spectrum. i'm joined by great round table political analyst howard fineman of the "huffington post" and i want to go with liz on this. you start this discussion analyze the silent majority in the term used by donald trump today. >> well, i think that it's very smart messaging by him. i'm not sure that i wholly agree that it's accurate but there are
4:42 pm
a lot of people out there, probably about 10% of the republican party who do feel that their voices are not being heard. now whether that is them objecting to establish washington d.c. beltway republicans or whether that is specifically on issues like immigration or trade, there are people out there that feel they are not being heard and the fact that donald trump is basically using this language is going to enable him to establish a bond with those people that other candidates probably haven't quite forged. now the critique i would offer is first of all, i don't think these people are silent. if you actually look where discussions are on going, they are loud, vocal rally brash bright. in addition, i would argue. very sizable chunk and capitalize on that to make himself the only candidate that they consider to be speaking for them. >> chris, i don't think they feel that they have been heard.
4:43 pm
it's not that it's a little different calculations, it's not whether they are silent or not, it's whether they are being heard and especially in early states and i've been traveling early states where the primaries and caucuses take place. i'd say it's a lot more than 10% who feel they are not being heard and donald trump by his very sort of in your face obnoxious obnoxiousness, blunt use of language willingness to dive directly into the emotional depths into the mind he's their their, i think that makes him whatever the exact number is, it makes his power potentially greater than the actual number. >> you can tell that he has considerable power or at least a good amount, the fact other republican candidates are are being ginger about him. chris christie has said, has responded to lindsey graham has but scott walker hasn't.
4:44 pm
jeb bush has been careful about his criticism and i think that's a testament to the fact that this group of voters however large it is is at least significant and might end up playing a deciding factor in what happens in the primary. >> there is definitely a large chunk of republican voters that constitute who would describe himself as unheard conknit web see. that 10% refers to people about immigration and trade. if you look at the broader group of people who are generally just angry and mad at washington d.c. and establishment, that's obviously a much -- >> that's just about everybody. >> that's a lot of people right? obviously, look at congressional approval ratings and that speaks for itself, right. >> look at the favorability numbers from 20% to 40% approval of the guy. he's not becoming a clown, he's becoming in the heads and hearts of some people less of a clown among tea party, people have gone from 20% favorable to 56%
4:45 pm
favorable. here is one question for all of you, is the republican gingerness which you mentioned, jamel, is that about the fact the one great fear of the bushes who think they will win this and maybe they have a right are scared to death they are looking at ross? they will meet him next november and before that in the big debates because he'll get 5%. >> by the way, if they think, though, chris, if the bush crowd and i talked to them a lot, if they think that treating donald trump gingerly will have anything to do with what he ultimately decides, i think they are fooling themselves. >> right. >> no matter how hard they come at him or no matter who diplomatically they treat him, it's not going to matter one whit. if donald trump has the money and he has personal money, if he has some moementum and he could
4:46 pm
have some he is going to go off on his own. he's into this for the attention, to disrupt the system, to continue to get his name in front of the american public. he's given up his tv show for the much bigger reality show that the presidential campaign turned into. >> stay with that. is that what you think, liz? i think if he gets 25% in the general election he'll consider himself a winner. >> if he continues to dominate media narratives and headlines he considers himself a winner. i don't think he needs to get to that percentage. ly add that in some respects you're right people appear to like the clown, right? it's not a choice between somebody whose likable and a clown. sometimes we like both. we live in an age of reality television and donald trump suits that well but i think it's important to note in some respects, the more support that he gets and the more that candidates like ted cruz or whoever go out and defend him,
4:47 pm
in sopme respects they are setting up trump and the alternatives and that may be an effective strategy for jeb bush. >> i got to get back and take a break, by the way, trumpism you've created something. liz, you're responsible for this. the round table stay with us. a half century after the debut of "to kill a mocking bard gingbirdmockingbird," this is "hardball" the place for politics. blah.
4:48 pm
4:49 pm
46 non-violent drug offenders and the president signed personalized letters saying their punishment did not fit their crime. he's committed 89 sentences more than president's regan, bush and clinton combined. we'll be right back. ♪ i built my business with passion. but i keep it growing by making every dollar count. that's why i have the spark cash card from capital one. i earn unlimited 2% cash back on everything i buy for my studio. ♪ and that unlimited 2% cash back from spark means thousands of dollars each year going back into my business... that's huge for my bottom line.
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4:52 pm
a stance of justice, not for african-americans in society, but as a particular example for his children. here's a bit of the movie. >> you never really understand a person until you consider things from his point of view. >> tomorrow we all get to see the atticus finch from another point of view. atticus was shown with fewer liberal ideas and less racially enlightened and finch gets his client off in the original version. we're back with the round table. it's confusing to a lot of people reading the paper about this. this isn't a sequel. this is the first draft of "to kill a mocking bird" brought out now as a novel. to me, it's more interesting in a way. i thought we were trying to get in the movie version, the final version of the novel, gregory peck was not a liberal or a southern liberal.
4:53 pm
he was just a just man, trying to save a guy from being hanged for something he didn't do. your thoughts? >> right. what's interesting about "watchman" is it gives us sense of what atticus finch might look like if "to kill a mocking bird" weren't a children's book a character who is not free from the prejudices of his era, but is trying to do the best he can in the position he has. i would have loved to have read that book. i do think i will say that this sort of urge to want to re-evaluate "to kill a mocking bird" in light of this new material is a bit mistaken. i think the book we have is the book we have and it stands alone as a piece of art and it doesn't require any reconsideration because of the new material. the new material we should treat and examine on some terms and in an academic sense try to trace how we eventually got what we
4:54 pm
got. >> hemingway said never show anything that a person isn't finished with. any way, i think "to kill a mocking bird" was the final product. it should remain the final product. your thoughts? >> yeah i think so. she may have decided that the way she positioned it as the just man who doesn't succeed in a way versus the less just man who ironically does. it's interesting in terms of her, but i think atticus finch stands on his own as a fictional character who inspired a lot of people over the generations and good for her writing him the way she decided in the end to write him. >> it's why we have editors, howard, like you. thank you so much howard liz and jamel. when we return i'll finish with some words about donald trump you might find interesting. you're watching "hardball," the place for politics.
4:55 pm
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let me finish tonight out here in the hollywood sunshine with some wording about donald trump. it comes down to the issue he's been raising all these days illegal immigration. there's a reason why he's hit thing particular issue. it's an old political rule for winning. go after the issue you know people support, but know as well other politicians aren't able to touch. go where they can't go. why don't other republicans attack illegal immigration? look at the bill that's passed
4:59 pm
the senate that's sitting over in the republican led house. look at it sit thing with leaders like john boehner the speaker refusing to bring it to a vote. so here comes donald trump talking about illegal immigration and he's all alone, for the simple reason republican candidates may say they share his anger, but they are not willing to pass the senate bill. they're not willing to agree to a measure, even a tough one on illegal hiring that allows some people to work to citizenship. that leaves donald trump out there talking to the angry voter. nikki haley took down that flag. for the republicans in the u.s. house of representatives, we know what it looks like for politicians to do nothing. and donald trump has reached down and grabbed the ball. that's "hardball." "all in with chris hayes" starts now. >> tonight on "all in" -- >> i'm running for president to fight and win for the american
5:00 pm
people. >> scott walker makes it 15 major republican presidential candidates. but is there any oxygen left in the gop field? >> we're going to take the country back. >> senator al franken joins me on a bill to protect lbgt students. plus the drug lord of the century escapes a mexican president, again. >> a daring, highly sophisticated scheme involving a mile-long tunnel. >> and water wars. we're here in california, and the california drought like you've never seen it before. "all in" starts right now. good evening from orange county, california. i'm chris hayes. i'm standing in front of peters canyon reservoir. that dusty patch of white behind me is where the walter should be. instead, this is what an historic water shortage looks li