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tv   First Look  MSNBC  July 17, 2015 2:00am-2:31am PDT

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stick a pin in that point. this is one of the important pieces of information that will presume my come out of the investigation soon as we continue to learn more. they're tight lip sod far. "first look" is up next. it is friday july 17 right now on "first look." new details surrounding the shooting that killed four marine marines and critically wounded an officer. and a video. what happens next is disturbing by any definition. james holmes is found guilty of murder. is a death sentence next? a monster tornado tears through illinois. is more severe weather expected? president obama gets serious about prison reform. all that and more ahead of a busy weekend. "first look" starts right now. well good morning everybody.
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welcome to friday. thanks for joining us today. i'm betty nguyen. right now investigators are looking for a moetive after a shooter killed four and wounded others in chattanooga. he was killed in a shootout with police at the second facility. it's unclear if police killed him or he killed himself. an autopsy will be done this weekend. what more do you know about the what verdicts call an act of terrorism? >> reporter: this is the second of the scenes where four marines were killed. a sad morning here in chattanooga. four families are grieving. investigators are asking today, was it an act of terrorism? is. >> our hearts are breaking for the families of these marines
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tonight. >> today investigators are trying to determine why. >> it was loud fast. >> on thursday investigators say mohammad youssuf abdulazeez opened fire with 25 rounds on an armed forces recruiting center. >> we didn't escape through our active shooter drills. we barricaded in the building. >> the gunman drove seven miles to a marine training center where he gunned down four marines. >> we're conducting this as an act of terrorism. >> abdulazeez is among the dead. he was born in kuwait but lived this the area many years. last night his car, home was researched. while a motive is unclear, president obama is calling for the nation to come together. >> the deepest sympathies to the
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american people to four marines that have been killed. >> a country and community dealing with gunfire and grief once again. >> reporter: that 24-year-old gunman lived with his parents. his dad is a city employee here. the gunman was not on any terrorist watch list. if you look back at his high school yearbook it's unset istleing unsettling. >> thanks. security has been increased around the country following yesterday's shooting. edward is live in washington. officials say this is a precautionary measure, correct? >> exactly betty. federal authorities have increased security in some cities just in case. the fbi is investigating the attack as an active domestic
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terrorism. several officials say there are indications this may be inspired from overseas through social media and internet. because of that security is stepped up at some federal buildings and military facilities across the country. >> i appreciate the reachout at the local, state, federal level to insure we're very aware of what's occurring. >> we'll explore possibility, and that includes whether or not anyone else was involved many this. >> last week the fbi director told congress. >> there's a group of tweeters in syria. their message is come to the caliphate and live life of some sort of glory. if you can't come kill somebody where you are. kill someone in uniform. >> isis tells social media to stage an attack. >> cops did do their best to protect us and spot the people.
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a lot of times you don't know who they are. >> president obama called the shooting heartbreaking. he says he's updated on the investigation and security precautions. betty? >> edwar, thank youdedward thank you. a woman is claiming she was thrown to the ground. check it out. she kicks the officer. he quickly appears to forcefully slam her to the ground. this happened in 2013. the video was reported this week by a newspaper. she had injuries to her head face teeth and claims to suffer from ptsd. a monster tornado tore through causing extensive damage. storm chasers captured it as it rolled through the town. electricity flashes as extreme winds down power lines. the town of cameron is reported
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to be the hardest hit. police were turning cars away while crews surveyed the damage. a verdict thursday in the colorado movie theater massacre trial. >> we find the defendant james holmes guilty of murder in first degree. >> after ten weeks of testimony, it took jurors 13 hours to decide the fate of holmes. the sentencing phase starts wednesday and could take weeks. jurors decide if he should get life in prison or death penalty. a traffic violation led to a woman's death. sandra was stopped by police for changing lanes without signaling. this this video shows her arrest but not the moments living up to it. authorities say she was argue
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men tif and charged with assault on a public servant. three days later, she was dead in her jail cell. the fbi and texas rangers are investigating. coming up on seven minutes past the hour on this friday morning, let's get down to business. landon is here. >> good morning to you. after hours trading on thursday following earnings that easily beat wall street forecast. more people clicking on paid ads. hulu is trying to become a stronger rival to netflix. the wall street journal says the app free option could launch this fall and cost $12 to $14 a month. the virtual reality headset
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shows what happens when someone takes eyes off the road to answer a phone call or text. it's part at&t campaign. jordan spieth ranked number two in the world looking for his third street major made six birdies in 11 holes to tie for eighth and finish two behind the leader at five under. that leader johnson who played a bogey free round to shoot 7 under par. university of michigan and nike have a clothing deal through 2027. wolverines will receive $80 million in apparel and $77 million in cash. nike will supply uniform, equipment for all varsity teams.
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devon still received the award at the espys. he posted her holding this with the kachlths this may have both of our names on it but this is leah's trophy. love that smile. have you ever wanted to be tackled by an nfl linebacker. one requested a player tackle him. he got his wish. that's not my idea of a good time. he seemed to have enjoyed it. maybe a few bruises too. then this. a frightening situation board the international space station for astronauts. a personal reflection from president obama you have to hear.
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sunsets. usually means there's moisture on the increase. late tonight and tomorrow rain now in areas of great lakes spreading high clouds to the east coast. saginaw, flint, detroit, toledo have the umbrella for light rain. moderate downpours throughout but it's mostly light. isolated strong storm in areas of illinois. we'll watch rain heading to arizona of all places this weekend. florida, numerous afternoon storms. typical this time of year. let's talk about your weekend forecast. for today first, afternoon storms. severe weather today in the northern plains. it's warm ahead of that front. 90s 90s chicago. scattered showers and thunderstorms. warm and humid with isolated stuff in the afternoon. sunday, get ready the to bake in the east.
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one of the warmest days we've seen. new york city could be 92 and humid. d.c. 97 and humid. >> crank up the ac. thank you. president obama made history becoming the first u.s. sitting president to tour a federal prison. he toured one in oklahoma to draw attention to criminal justice retoform. he met with six non violent criminals. he drew parallels to his own mistakes in his youth. >> these are young people that made mistakes that aren't that different from mistakes i made and a lot of you made. that's what strikes me. now to mexico. police release video to first response of a deadly shooting of a hotel thief. he was trying to rob a reporter and his wife. >> the video shows cop at work
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at the crime scene going from room to room looking for witnessed while a stunned by socialable lynne russell talks to one police officer. >> police say 27-year-old walton was robbing russell and her husband chuck in their room when he shot decaro. the reporter fired back killing the robber. now her husband recovering at the hospital. both have conceal carry permits. last week police arrested skyy barres accusing him of planning the robbery and giving him the gun. space station astronauts had to take shelter from debris
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arizona senator john mccain and gop presidential candidate donald trump. he says quote fired up the crazies. trump hit back on twitter saying john mccain should be defeated in the primaries. graduated last in his class, dummy. he actually said dummy. hillary clinton was interrupted during a town hall event in new hampshire. are protestors weren't happy to her answer about climate change. >> so i will have to say to you i'm sorry if the answer the specific answer did -- wait just a minute dear. wait wait wait did -- that's okay. that's okay. i am all in favor of acting on
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climate. former new york congressman michael grimm faces a judge over a tax evasion conviction. federal prosecutors seek two years behind bars. his attorneys want probation. jeb bush has dusted off a resume and created a profile on linked-in. he's not the only one getting tech savvy. vice president biden's wife created an instagram. carly fiorina teamed up with buzz feed for a new video. she wanted to show the men of buzz feed what it's like to be a woman in the work place. >> you like to bake? how about you handle the cake for gina's birthday? >> there are a few presidential candidates we have not
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mentioned. tonight show host jimmie fallon has explanation of why. lincoln chafe came in for 0% support. we're all tied with presidential candidate lincoln chafe. >> that's your morning dish of "scrambled politics." 21 minutes past the hour. it's friday. you know what that means? i'm joined by kevin. >> thanks for having me. >> all right. we're talking about trump. everybody is talking about trump. he's in another war of words and calling mccain a dummy. is this strategy or just name calling? >> senator mccain as we know is an american hero fought for our country, been a lion in the senate. it's very controversial remarks from mr. trump. i think mr. trump is appealing
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to a certain faction of the it's going to be interesting to see whether or not he can sustain his lead in the polls. clearly he elevated the issue of immigration policy reform in this republican primary season with controversial and devicive rhetoric. earlier this week, ted cruz met with mr. trump. it will be interesting if he can sustain. he's making his views known. we'll see a where it goes. >> he's becoming a polarizing figure yet keeps gaining in the polls. could that be the key to winning in the crowded field? >> i think that's the interesting thing of mr. trump. as a result of his brashness if you will he's really outspoken -- he's been louder than the other candidates. it's been harder for lesser known can candidates to break through and get more ahead because of that brashness and
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rhetoric. it's presented opportunity for former florida governor jeb be bush to contrast his immigration policy with the more conservative wing of the republican party. so you really have this interesting dynamic happening now. again though i think long term it will be interesting to see what happens at the august 6th debate in a few weeks. >> that is must-see tv. >> can you imagine? >> we'll see it live when it happens for sure. in the meantime was this a good week for president obama? he faced maximum heat on iran. he got a deal done. the chair says the economy is close to normal. looks like president obama is getting reform. >> many take issue with the fact the economy is getting back to normal. including what's happening in greece to say the least. there's an iran deal. we'll see how that plays out
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from el chapo's escape the to iran nuclear deal and super cute kid, here's a look back at the stories of the week. there you have it. miss oklahoma has been crowned miss u.s.a. amazing dash cam captured a lightning strike in marrieta georgia causing a transformer and street light to explode. this is a guy you've got to
2:28 am
see. incredible trampoline shot. an international man hunt is underway for a powerful drug lord from a mexican cartel. here's something you don't see often. a volcano devastating the area spewing lava and ash into the air. i'm happy to be back after our two week break. my director said we have a little accident. he said are you bleeding? i said bleed? i don't have time to bleed. it's bigger than we thought, right? >> pluto is 20 doto 30 kilometers larger than originally thought. did i just fact check? please welcome pete rose.
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this deal meets every one of the deals we established. building on this deal we can continue to have conversations with iran. it's an honor to have the word courage associated with my life. i'm betty nguyen. "way too early" starts now. it is a heartbreaking circumstance for these individuals who assert our country with great valor to be killed in this fashion. >> was it an act of terror? a shooting rampage at two military recruiting centers. four marines killed. a guilty verdict for james holmes. the same jury that rejected his insanity defense have to decide on life or death. another day, another feud
2:30 am
involving who else, trump. it's 5:30 on the east coast, 2:30 out west. it's "way too early." good morning everyone. it is friday july 17th. i'm amy holmes. we begin in chattanooga, tennessee where a gunman opened fire on two facilities yesterday killing four marines and leaving three others wounded. it's called an act of domestic terror. the suspect mohammad youssuf abdulazeez is also dead.


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