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tv   Lockup  MSNBC  July 17, 2015 9:00pm-10:01pm PDT

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due to mature subject matter, viewer discretion is advised. i don't give a [ bleep ] what you're in here for. we're going to search, we're going to take. we will leave what i want you to have. >> a threat against an officer leads to a major shakedown. an alleged gang leader becomes a magnet for trouble. >> you're talking like we're equals. we're not. you do not run the institution.
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>> then, a high-speed chase ends with the discovery of a 21-year-old murder victim. now the jail must deal with her cold-blooded killer. >> david is potentially one of the most dangerous inmates we've ever dealt with. >> you're going to miss me when i'm gone, aren't you? >> i'm going to miss you like a hemorrhoid. located across the hudson river from new york city, bergen county, new jersey, ranks among america's wealthiest communities. its largest city is hackensack. just outside downtown is its own crossroads of the world. but virtually no one comes to the bergen county jail looking
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for good times. >> peanut butter and jelly. i ain't 4 years old. >> most of the roughly 800 men and 50 women here have only been charged with crimes. and are awaiting trial or the resolution of their cases. >> gentlemen, to your cells. go, fellows, put it down. to your cells. let's go. >> having spent nearly two years in the jail's maximum security unit as his case moves through the courts, david goodell has picked up a new skill or two. >> when i was locked in the cell by myself they kind of let me get like art activities. you got this for origami. i used to make ducks, flowers, birds, planes, like a butterfly, dinosaurs, frogs, everything. flower. it came out a little bit better, i was kind of rushing though. but it's the basic idea. >> i've been doing this job over 22 years. i believe david goodell is potentially one of the most dangerous inmates we've ever dealt with here. he's very intelligent. he can be narcissistic,
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self-aggrandizing. and he can be manipulative to the point where he can convince you of just about anything. >> staff realize that to deal with goodell is to deal with contradiction. the same hands that create delicate origami flowers also strangled his former girlfriend. 21-year-old viviana tulli. >> you sit there and strangle somebody, it's personal. about as personal as you can get. i'm a very nice person. i am. but i guess everybody has a switch, some people act on it, some people don't. i just acted. it's a very thin line. very thin line. >> now almost three years after the murder, goodell has reached an agreement with prosecutors. he pled guilty to first-degree murder for a maximum of 45 years in state prison. the final sentence is still up
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to his judge and will be announced in an upcoming hearing. >> for 45% or 85% you would do 38, minus the three i have in already, that's 35. that would make me about 68 when i go home. >> at the time of the murder, goodell was living in a halfway house as part of his parole. he had just been released from prison where he was serving a two-year sentence for assaulting another girlfriend. according to her family, viviana was distancing herself from goodell. >> i knew i was going to kill her, but i didn't know how. before i left the halfway house, i told one of my roommates, i said watch the news, bro, i'm going to be on it tomorrow, i'm going to kill this bitch. >> goodell escaped the halfway house by faking a seizure. he was taken to a hospital but soon after snuck away. goodell called viviana and convinced her to come see him. they were in her car when goodell killed her. we warn you, his account of the crime is graphic and disturbing. >> i started kissing her.
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i put her arms like this, and i was like, do you love me? she was like yeah, i love you. right there, that's when i grabbed her, boom. and i started choking her. she was trying to shake and move. she's going like this and looking at me. she's shaking her head, going like this. so i kept choking her and choking her. i want my eyes to be the last thing she saw. like you know what you did. at the end of the day, what she did was [ bleep ] up. so we're both a victim. she paid with her life, and i'm going to pay with mine. ♪ >> another maximum security inmate charged with a violent crime is rendell maldanado. he and six co-defendants are awaiting trial on charges of aggravated assault and kidnapping. they have all pled not guilty. but maldonado does acknowledge having fought the victim. >> i feel pretty guilty that i got six of my friends in jail looking at 30 years all because i decided to beat up a nobody. the state is claiming that we're all gang members, and that we
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kidnapped a kid that we grew up with. he was 21. that we chased him from one county to another county. we beat him up in front of his girlfriend, kidnapped him, dragged him into another car, took him somewhere and threatened to kill him and his whole entire family. >> the victim says he was attacked because he left the gang in which he and his alleged assailants are all members. the united blood nation. >> he painted the picture to them like i'm the godfather of all the bloods, that i run all the bloods of bergen county. and jersey, period. he painted such a good story that i was afraid of myself after reading his five statements. >> are you not gang affiliated? >> allegedly, this is what the state claims. whether they want me to admit it or not, i will never say. but allegedly they say i am. >> maldonado, when he came into the jail, he initially signed a self-admission, admitting to me
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that he was a member of the bloods. through internal investigations i was able to validate him as a member of the bloods, specifically the sex, money, murder set. >> they claim that we're sex, money, murder. beautiful name. >> maldanado spent much of the past year in the same housing unit with one of his co-defendants. but now that the trial date approaches jail officials have moved him to a neighboring unit. >> the prosecutor's office here in the county asked us to move him away from his co-defendants. >> no disciplinary actions, no problems, no fights, nothing. the prosecutor took it upon herself to call the jail and say, i don't want him over there in s-3. >> they felt that he was a ringleader, so they kept on requesting us to keep him away from everybody else. and that's when he became a little more problematic. >> i started throwing paper in the toilet, i'm talking about this whole floor was flooded. it was all out on the cat walk and everything.
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this officer walk passed and he says, are you [ bleep ] serious? i'm dead serious. i wear orange, they wear blue. as long as i'm wearing this color, i have no say so in this jail. >> so you can do what you want? >> i can move you, yes. you're talking like we're equals. we're not. you do not run the institution. so you don't dictate where you go and how you go to a particular housing unit. >> it shows to me that there is no reason to uphold and respect the laws of the jail. >> when you come in the building, you want me to check off and say what room would you like? i'm serious. >> no. i'm just calling them like i see them. >> all right. >> i did my best to handle it politely. pretty much he told me [ bleep ] me in a polite way. he does what he wants to do. coming up -- >> my advice is to return to your cell right now or we'll move you to another cell. >> all right then move me to another cell. >> rendell maldonado has another run-in with staff. and -- >> i lost the cops for a little bit. mind you the whole time i was holding her hand. but rigor mortis set in.
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the bergen county jail in hackensack, new jersey, books about 7,600 men and women every year. >> look straight, man. >> most will leave within a day or two. but those who cannot make bond will be assigned to a housing unit until their cases are resolved. >> let's go, gentlemen. >> the majority of stays here usually occur without incident. but not david goodell's. >> this is david's picture from the arrest the day after the murder. he had attempted suicide or at least made gestures of attempting suicide prior to his arrest. >> after strangling his
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21-year-old former girlfriend, viviana tulli, goodell drove around hackensack throughout the night and the following morning with her corpse seated beside him. >> i put a hat on her, some glasses. all the while i was doing that, i guess not to make her look dead or make her look more alive or -- i don't know. >> goodell eventually pulled over and cut his wrists in an apparent suicide attempt. at some point, he says he stumbled out of the car. >> next thing you know i woke up in a pool of blood with a cop saying, hey, buddy, hey, buddy. i was like, oh, [ bleep ]. i got up and jumped in the car and tried to run the cop over. so he jumped out the way and i started pushing the police cruiser backwards so he couldn't get in the car and chase me. so i started pushing the car. >> goodell then led police on a high-speed chase through residential areas of bergen county. viviana's body was still in the passenger's seat. >> i was doing like 70 on main street.
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cars were jumping on the sidewalk. i went across the highway. i lost the cops for a little bit. just due to my erratic driving. mind you, the whole time i was holding her hand. but rigor mortis set in. it was like hard and cold, you know what i'm saying? so i get cornered, i went down into a cul-de-sac. so i'm like, you know what, i'm going to just full speed ahead. so i ran the car right through the roadblock. boom! >> mother [ bleep ]! >> don't you [ bleep ] move! >> get out of the car! get out of the car! >> as officers attempt to subdue goodell, they have no idea the passenger is the deceased viviana tulli. >> woke up in the hospital. i'm like this, prosecutor is also there. i'm all stitched up. i'm on tv.
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and i'm like, what the [ bleep ] did i just do? >> goodell was treated at the hospital and returned to the prison from which he had been paroled. three months later, he was transferred to the bergen county jail to stand trial for first-degree murder. during his first few weeks here, he was housed in the medical unit under suicide watch. >> after being here for about three weeks, he was able to convince the doctor he wasn't suicidal. that's when we placed him in population in the high-security wing. shortly after, maybe within an hour or so, he attempted to kill himself by utilizing a razor blade and attempting to cut his throat open. >> my lawyer came to see me and told me i was going to do life in prison. if i was going to do life in prison, i was just going to speed up the process. >> he possesses the skills where he can turn on a dime. he was acting insane. he was perfectly fine. and then moments later, we're digging a razor blade out of his neck. >> after his suicide attempt, goodell spent several months in the medical unit. his caretakers have vivid recollections of his time there. >> he heard everything, everything.
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his phone calls, he would read your lips, that's the scariest. so we would have to talk with our even doing report, with our backs to him. >> diagnostically, david goodell is an anti-social personality disorder. psychopathy and a big component of that is sort of this glib, superficial charm, this kind of thing. very transactional, very manipulative. that's his style. >> medical staff recommended that goodell once again be housed in the maximum security general population unit, but this time they suggested he be assigned a cellmate. >> mr. gonzalez has been david goodell's cellmate for quite some time without incident. the fact that he's remained with him for this long, i don't want to say is a babysitter or an extra pair of eyes, but when he came out of the suicide watch, he felt comfortable with. >> we have a relationship, a bond. i know the boundaries of what he can take. he's like my child. i've got to constantly watch
9:17 pm
him. >> i guess they hired a babysitter by putting him in a room with me. he wouldn't let me do anything stupid to myself. >> just dump the water in there and scrub. >> what's in here? >> detergent. >> as far as him harming himself, i talked him out of it. i told him it doesn't only affect you, but it affects the people around you that love you, you understand? so for you to do that, you're just being selfish with yourself and not thinking of others. >> along with being a convicted murderer, goodell is also an admitted member of the jail's largest gang, the united blood nation. jail officials have identified rendell maldanado as a high-ranking member of the gang. they recently transferred him to another housing unit at the request of prosecutors to separate him from his co-defendants as their trial for aggravated assault and kidnapping approaches. >> they don't want us to communicate. it's not going to happen. we're too close to each other. >> one of the co-defendants maldanado was separated from is
9:18 pm
jesus henrique-marte. the housing units they now occupy are divided by a glassed in recreation area. though they're not supposed to communicate, they sometimes get away with it, when either one is in the rec area. >> we know sign language and they don't know what we're talking about. they trying to messed up with our head. it don't really matter. >> henrique-marte has been known to violate other jail rules, as well. such as jamming the lock on his food court door so he can open it at will. >> that's how we get to see the tv. more comfortable than standing up. there's a lot of people that do it. i ain't the only one. >> we have to get something to pry it out or get the lock smith to come back, take the lock apart. >> push the pin all the way in. >> what is it? >> it was a piece of pen in there. >> a piece of pen? >> yeah.
9:19 pm
>> see if you can get that out. >> you pushed it all the way inside. >> oh, i did that? >> you could have just taken it out and closed it right back up. i could get it out but he just pushed it all the way in. he likes to [ bleep ] with every person in here. >> officer burke will file a disciplinary report for tampering with the lock, which could result in segregation time for henrique-marte. >> he just look for any little thing to [ bleep ] a prisoner. one thing you don't do, you [ bleep ] with a prisoner. coming up -- >> it was written in my name, you need to move him out of the unit before something bad happens to him. >> officer burke receives a threat. and -- >> when david goodell came into this facility, his interaction with staff was volatile, dangerous. so i established a rapport. >> dealing with an inmate who seems to be capable of almost anything.
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when you're living with diabetes, steady is exciting. only glucerna has carbsteady, clinically proven to help minimize blood sugar spikes. so you stay steady ahead. the bergen county jail in hackensack, new jersey, houses an inmate who has required more monitoring than most others, david goodell. >> he likes to brag about his case. he likes to brag that he's been
9:23 pm
in the newspaper. i think because he's narcissistic, he thinks that we enjoy talking with him, that he's the big shot and look at me, i committed a heinous crime, which is not true. we don't look at him that way. but once mr. goodell attempted suicide, we had the lieutenant monitor him a lot closer. >> i came here to see how you're doing. >> he did that, he built a relationship with him, which has been very helpful as far as our management of mr. goodell. >> the lieutenant is a 22-year veteran of the jail. >> you go for sentencing on the 12th, right? >> the 13th. >> when david goodell first came into this facility, his interaction with staff was volatile, dangerous. so i established a rappaport, more so to reinforce his positive behavior. >> you're going to miss me when i'm gone, aren't you? >> i'm going to miss you like a hemorrhoid. >> it doesn't mean i like him. i'm not bringing him over to my
9:24 pm
house for thanksgiving dinner. i have to manage him while he's in this facility. >> now during one of his regular check-ins with goodell, the lieutenant notices something inside one of his shoes. >> what's that? >> what? >> it's bad enough i have to take a quarter off you. >> you got it on film. >> it's a quarter. it's a quarter. probably fell out of somebody's pocket. you're not going to like me. >> i bet you could not like me even more. >> that's a possibility. but you're not going to like me today. hey, steve, i got to tear the cell apart. >> having already found contraband, the lieutenant orders a full shakedown of the cell. soon, officers find more money. >> all denominations. 51. >> but in this case, they're sheets of photocopied bills.
9:25 pm
>> you stay down there. i'll show it to you. >> you show it to me and i am going to show it to you. >> all right. >> the faces on most of the bills have been replaced with images of goodell and his cellmate, christopher gonzalez. >> where did you get the money to make the copies? >> out of my discovery, because it's considered part of the evidence. so i took the copies off that and copied the copies. >> i think this one is my favorite. you admitted to me that you're the jack-ass that did this. where is the 200 dollar bill? >> i was trying to find a picture of you. >> goodell continues to bide his time at the bergen county jail as' waits formal sentencing after pleading guilty to murdering viviana tulli, his 21-year-old former girlfriend. viviana's family thought the murder trial would be emotionally devastating. so prosecutors made a deal with goodell in which he would receive no more than 45 years in prison in exchange for a guilty plea. >> who wins?
9:26 pm
i win. because at the end of the day, my family can come and see me, they can hug and kiss me, get on the phone when they want to, i can always talk to my family. i win. i'm still breathing. i'm going to go home some day. i win. >> goodell's case has gained him notoriety, and he's become well known among the inmates, including rendell maldanado. >> that's my boy. the funniest dude i've ever met in my life, i [ bleep ] you not. he's one of the funniest people. they have that saying no two people are alike. everybody is different. god definitely broke the mold when he created him. he's one of the weirdest people i've ever met in my life. that's my boy right there. >> the crime doesn't get to you? >> he's told me about the case. i talked to him about it. it's like oh, boy, i don't know. i wouldn't want you around my sisters. but at the end of the day, that's my boy. i don't look at him for that. i look past all of that. if i was to sit here and judge
9:27 pm
half the people that are in here for their crimes, i wouldn't talk to nobody in here. >> the five co-defendants, currently in the jail with him, maldanado has plenty of people to talk to. prosecutors have requested that they be housed separately as their trials approach on a litany of charges, including aggravated assault and kidnapping. but that hasn't stopped maldanado from trying to communicate. and now that's led to conflict. >> i've got a report of an officer assault. the inmate was sprayed with oc. it was brought to medical for decontamination. i don't know what happened to the officer at this point. >> the inmate who was pepper sprayed is one of maldanado's co-defendants. jesus henrique-marte. the sergeant says he witnessed him talking to maldonado through the rec yard through the window. >> i informed the officer to have him locked in. he gave the officer a hard time, refused to lock in. several orders. so the officer applied his o.c., called us in, we had him removed. >> once he commits the infraction, i need to take
9:28 pm
control of the situation immediately because there's potentially 64 other inmates surrounding me at that time. it could potentially go very wrong at any given time. >> jumping on my co-defendant for no apparent reason. >> he refused to lock in. why we're doing what we're doing with him is none of your business. it has no concern for you. >> it has everything to do with me. >> no, it's not. you're given an order to do something, you do it. just like when he's given an order to do something, he's got to do it. my advice to you is to return to your cell right now or we're going to have to move you to another cell. >> all right, move me to another cell. >> fine. now you want to start locking us up now we're going to become a problem. coming up -- >> what happened on that day? >> i let my rage, anger, emotions take over me. >> david goodell gets help in prepping for his sentencing.
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i'm dara brown. president obama and his daughters are in new york city. tickets sold for more than $30,000 each at a fundraiser event. and jeb bush spoke about his father's health. saying he's on the rebound after falling. and michael grimm has been sentenced to eight months in prison after an investigation into his campaign finances. now it's back to "lockup." due to mature subject matter, viewer discretion is advised. inside the walls of the bergen county jail, an officer
9:33 pm
has just received a threat. >> last friday was my 16th year in corrections. i've never really been threatened. it was written on my name, p. burke, you need to move him out of the unit before something bad happens to him. >> the threat to officer burke was written on an inmate request form and left in the law library drop box in cell 3, a maximum security unit for inmates accused of convicting violent crimes. >> i look at it as someone in there may not like the fact that i run things tight and wrote that to try and get me pulled out of there. >> staff already have a suspect in mind, jesus henrique-marte. he recently received a write up from officer burke for tampering with the lock on his food door. >> the way he speaks is similar to the way this letter is written. but that could have been a ploy by the inmate who actually wrote the letter. >> i swear to god i ain't wrote that.
9:34 pm
why would i want to threaten somebody for? i'm already in a lot of problem with my case. why should i get in more trouble for? >> you could say yes, that was me, or the whole unit gets shut down because we have to find exactly what's going on. >> it wasn't me. >> we're going to go into cell three and we're going to do a shakedown. you're threatening one of our officers, it's our jail. we go in and we take the jail back. >> gentlemen, come to your windows. listen to me. i don't give a [ bleep ] what you're in here for. i don't care who you are. i don't care if you like me, if you don't. this is the way it's going to go. we're going to search. we're going to take. we will leave what i want you to have. whether you like it or not. >> step on the wall. do not move on the wall. >> the officers search for not
9:35 pm
only clues to the threat, but any other contraband in the cells. >> plastic bags, obviously not allowed in the cell. >> a chance of them finding anything are slim to none. whoever had anything got rid of it. so this right here is just [ bleep ] us off. >> when we do a shakedown, we know, even if we come in there with 50 officers, yes, we know that we're going to hear toilets flush. but you know what? it's getting rid of stuff, maybe not by our hands but by their hands. we want to get that stuff obviously. but you know what? as long as it's not in there when we leave, it's a win-win. >> the shakedown does not turn up any direct evidence pertaining to the threat. but it does produce plenty of writing samples and a new suspect. >> the "es" and the "ms" are very similar. if you look at the "es," they all tail up. and that's pretty consistent throughout each writing.
9:36 pm
and the clarifying mark for me on both sheets is the way they x'd out the check box on each. single stroke everywhere on the paper except for the "x" box, then it's multiple strokes. it's multiple strokes on both sets of paper. based on this we determine that christopher gonzalez is the person who wrote the note. >> christopher gonzalez, currently awaiting trial for attempted murder to which he's pled not guilty has been david goodell's cell mate for the past year. he was assigned to be a sort of companion and confidant following goodell's suicide attempt. officer burke recently dismissed gonzalez from a volunteer position that allowed him extra time out of his cell. >> he was one of the unofficial food servers. i would go in at 7:00 a.m., do my head count and he would be in his cell and he would have a blanket up, so i couldn't see him to take count. and so i wouldn't let gonzalez out to serve because if he doesn't want to be seen, maybe he shouldn't serve chow today.
9:37 pm
>> though the jail won't press criminal charges for the threat, they have placed gonzalez on restriction and moved him to another housing unit. but gonzalez says he had nothing to do with the threat. >> [ bleep ]. my handwriting is totally different than that. i don't write like that. so i looked at it like, i'm not going to argue with it. that's the evidence they got. >> i don't cohabitate with other people too well. that was the only one person i did. that's my man. so it's best to keep me happy. i will drive these [ bleep ] people crazy. >> for now, goodell might have bigger concerns than causing trouble. his sentencing is only days away. he's agreed to a plea deal up to 45 years in prison for strangling his 21-year-old former girlfriend, viviana tulli. goodell hopes to convince the judge to give him less time. today he'll run some of his ideas by jan phillips from the office of criminal case
9:38 pm
management, a division of the county court system. >> my job is to meet with every defendant, whether they're found guilty at trial or have accepted a plea. my goal with this client or any client is to provide the court with as full input from the defendant, so at sentencing time, we're not just looking at what the incident offense was, but a more-rounded version or vision of what the defendant is. >> i did write a letter to the family that i would like to read. >> this is your words to the family. okay. what i want from you is anything about you. do you want the judge to know about you? what happened on that day? that's what i'm looking for. >> i let my rage, anger, emotions take over me. >> okay. >> and it wasn't like -- i accept full responsibility for what i did. i know i shouldn't have done that. >> okay. >> you think i'm going to sit
9:39 pm
there and reveal my hand? i'm going to act like -- you seen me, i looked remorseful and i felt bad. i told the lady i was [ bleep ] terrorized by the thoughts. they haunted me. i have, whatever. yeah. that's exactly what she wants to hear. that's what the judge wants to hear. that's what everybody wants to hear. i'm sorry for what i did. so that's what i'm going to tell her. my plea is open from 30 to 45. so if there's any type of way i can weasel my way out of a year or two, it's worth it. and if it doesn't work out, i tried. coming up -- >> three times, put your jump suit up. >> you're counting like that means something to me. >> rendell maldonado is on the move again. and later, david goodell stands before the judge and his victim's family. that's why i have the spark cash card from capital one. i earn unlimited 2% cash back on everything i buy for my studio. ♪ and that unlimited 2% cash back from spark means thousands
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9:43 pm
its alleged leaders, rendell maldonado, was transferred to the disciplinary segregation wing. now another bloods member is being moved there for fighting. >> that blood gang member has been in this institution many times and never an institutional problem. however, the idea of him possibly getting into a fight or assaulting another inmate in an effort to get into the disciplinary wing to be by inmate maldonado is a very distinct possibility. >> it's obvious. you have five people getting locked up from the same set of the gang, it wasn't him being a problem, it was everybody else causing problems to go be with him. and all of his little pups, boys wanted to hang out with him. it's just not happening. >> just because they said it don't make it true. this county also said that i'm a godfather. that don't make that true. >> there's an understanding in the gang philosophy, because they've been separated, that they want to be together for whatever reason.
9:44 pm
moving maldonado because he's the big name that everybody keeps associating with it, that putting him in a different unit would be best for the institution. you ready? >> i'm ready when you are. >> do you have a key? >> we got it. >> the plan now is to further isolate maldonado by transferring him to a small wing of the jail that consists of only three cells. >> you're going to temporarily be rehoused. >> why? >> i don't have to tell you. i don't owe you an explanation. >> i understand that, but -- >> put your jump suit on. put it on. when you move -- >> i'm not going to. >> then i will come -- >> you're going to a different unit. >> i understand but what's the reason i'm being moved? >> three times, put your jumpsuit on. >> you're counting like that means something to me. >> it means i'm expecting you to listen to instructions. >> i have been very respectful -- >> i'm being very respectful to you. >> what if i refuse? i'm in lockup, brother. >> you're going to go one way or
9:45 pm
the other. >> i don't want to be moved, i'm in lockup. >> okay. back out. go. >> since i'm in the gang unit, he assumes i'm making these calls here. did i make the call? yeah. but i made the recommendation to the boss, he made the call. >> i understand you got your boy, tell your pit bull he's coming in here that's supposed to scare me [ bleep ] >> if i wanted to scare you -- listen to me, if i wanted to scare you i wouldn't do it like this. you go with these officers and listen to the instructions and i'll be up to talk to you. i'm a man of word and that's how i am. >> i'm doing it because you asked me, not because of ob. [ bleep ] >> [ bleep ] i'll see y'all in a minute. i'll be back. one way or another. >> when we left the unit, you heard them banging on the cells and everything. that's just because that's their need or want to be around him.
9:46 pm
>> see this is the reason right here. that's the reason right here. >> i got nothing to do with that. >> yes, you do. >> they're grown ass men. >> my co-defendant if he's bothered -- i do this -- >> okay. >> one of maldonado's co-defendants and another alleged member of the bloods, jesus henrique-marte, has also been on the move. after serving time in segregation for jamming the lock on his food court, he has been assigned to a new cell with an admitted member of the gang, david goodell. >> did you know each other on the streets? >> no. but we're from the same hood, but just different parts. >> goodell agreed to plead guilty to first-degree murder in exchange for a maximum sentence of 45 years.
9:47 pm
with his final sentencing hearing only days away, he has written an apology but admits he did so in hopes of receiving a shorter sentence. now he questions whether it's even worth reading. >> so for me to expect anything less than that 45, you know what i'm saying, my last words ain't going to be sitting there groveling to somebody's family and this and that. no. [ bleep ] that. i'm going to stand there and i'm just going to stand there. you ain't going to get nothing out of me. just stand there and look. all right, whatever, it's time to go. i might just turn around and apologize to my own family, you know what i mean? >> viviana's family never expected an apology from goodell. they say it wouldn't change the fact that his actions have devastated them. >> so here is her final resting place. >> three years after viviana's death, her older sister, stella tulli, visits her grave site regularly.
9:48 pm
adding to the pain is the fact that the murder was committed on their mother's birthday. >> you know, we all have a birthday. that's our own special day, the one day we get to celebrate for ourselves. he even took that away from my mother. not only did he take her youngest daughter, he took the one day she had for herself. one of the first questions i thought that night before bed is did he strangle her from behind and she couldn't fend him off that well or did he do it while looking in her eyes while he took her last breath? and what was she thinking as he was taking the last bit of breath from her? >> neither stella nor the rest of viviana's family knew much about goodell's account of the murder, including the fact that he was facing viviana when he strangled her. at stella's request, our producer provided her with information about this and other revelations made by goodell. but there are other questions that no one could ever answer. >> i just think about, what were her final thoughts?
9:49 pm
like am i going to die? i'm never going to see mommy again. a lot of thoughts that i have replay and haunt me because i can't get an answer. coming up -- >> you know why i'm here? do you care? i'm here to clarify stuff. >> and -- >> there is no good in this man. there is no remorse in this man. >> david goodell's day of reckoning.
9:50 pm
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...a rabbit... ...a rabbit genetically modified and bred with a panther... ...with turbines attached... ...on ice... ...shaved... ...with a...what the?! with the fastest speeds to the most homes, the company that keeps making fast faster is doing it again. introducing multi-gig speeds from xfinity. the future of awesome. inside the bergen county jail, alleged gang leader rendell maldonado has been isolated from other inmates and he's not happy about it. >> the only person is the so-called gang officer. >> since inmate maldonado has been having issues with me, i
9:53 pm
feel that it's time to put these issues to rest. so we're going to go into his housing unit right now, have a little chat with him and hopefully straighten out all the misconceptions he has. going on in his head for god knows what reason. you know why i'm here? do you care? >> not really. >> i'm here to clarify stuff, all right? i'm coming to you man to man because i don't like misconceptions. i'm going to tell you the reason you're here and it's not because of you, it's because all your little boys from s-5, everybody seems like they want to gravitate towards you, all right? all right? i'm not saying you're doing [ bleep ]. you're not doing nothing. there's a reason for it. >> i'm a very charismatic person. what can i say? >> if i don't have a rapport with an inmate, i don't get information. >> the other day you pissed me off. >> i was pissed too. >> i heard that. [ bleep ]. >> i mean, that's the main thing in a jail.
9:54 pm
as long as you show respect, you get respect back. >> we're clarified then. i would give you a hug but not. >> if you lie, they know. and if you're straightforward, they appreciate the honesty. >> the thing is, i was dead set on i don't like [ bleep ] i'm going to raise hell. but then i got here, i'm talking to him. you know what? i hate to admit this, i'm not going to tell any of the officers this, but i like it up here. it's actually okay up here. >> maldonado will remain in the jail until his charges of aggravated assault and kidnapping are resolved. but david goodell's stay here is nearing an end. today is his sentencing. >> i'm kind of grateful he's going to be leaving and will be in the custody of the state. he's been a challenge to the security staff, the mental health staff, the medical staff, all during his tenure here. his ability to create and cause problems, it will not be missed, i will tell you that. >> all rise, come to order. >> good afternoon, you can all have a seat.
9:55 pm
>> in the courtroom are viviana's family members, including her mother and older sister, stella tulli. >> this is the matter of the state of new jersey versus david goodell. >> goodell has made a deal for no more than 45 years in prison. but his public defender will make the case for less time. >> judge, i'm sure there are a lot of people in this courtroom who consider mr. goodell to be the personification of evil, but i'm going to ask the court to consider the other side of mr. goodell. because when i look at this presentence report, i see a person who's never really had a chance in life. both of his parents were addicts, he didn't have the support and love and nurturing that everyone needs growing up. i just ask that your honor consider these factors. and impose less than the maximum sentence. at least give him some chance, some hope that would help him get through this. >> would you like to say anything today? >> yeah, absolutely. i'd just like, you know -- what
9:56 pm
i did was unforgivable. i'm not asking for forgiveness. i just hope what happens here today brings them some type of closure and i really am sorry about what happened. >> okay. prosecutor? >> thank you, your honor. viviana tulli was young. she was beautiful. david goodell took her life because he could. because she simply dared to want a life apart from him. there is no good in this man. there is no remorse in this man. he strangled her. when he strangled her, he intended to kill her. he is purely, instantly, a violent, predatory defender. family could take no more pain. not endure the agony of trial.
9:57 pm
they said we need this to end. in deference to the family, it ends today. there is no sentence but the sentence of 45 years, the maximum term under the agreement. 45 years, no early release applies. thank you. >> you can rise. i know that you said you were remorseful for what you did, but as i read the presentence investigation report, you don't see viviana as a person. that's really the tragedy of this. is that you saw her as something
9:58 pm
that belonged to you as property. and i don't accept, not even for a moment, that because of your hard life and because of the lack of love that you received that it gives you license to do this to women. i know that the state and the defense have agreed to a plea agreement. you don't deserve less. you have no conscience. you have no remorse. you have no soul. you pled here to murder, and i do agree that, in fact, it was premeditated. you understand that you have to do 85% of 45 years before you are released on parole. however, because of your prior record, you will do the 45, most likely. you will max out. he's remanded back to the --
9:59 pm
>> okay. >> goodell will now return to the bergen county jail until the details of his transfer to state prison are finalized. he claims to be looking forward to that day. >> i go to trenton, my homie's going to be there, my family will come and see me, everything will be good. sit back, kick back, whatever. a little tv, a cooler in the room, cook your food, go out in the yard, blow it down, kick it with your homies.
10:00 pm
i done fought, i done stabbed people in prison, i done orchestrated riots. >> right now i do believe michael bates is our highest ranking gang member in the jail. >> one of my pups had a complaint against this gentleman here. yeah, said he was not living right. >> the questions arise over whether the challenger is whom he says he is. >> i still have to do a proper


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