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tv   Caught on Camera  MSNBC  July 19, 2015 4:00pm-5:01pm PDT

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consider it a 21st century reminder not to get out of line. i'm contessa brewer. that's all for this edition of "caught on camera." action packed. dramatic. and, well, what can we say about this? you may think the u.s. is the caught on camera capital but check out what the explosion of cameras in cars and all over the place has meant to russia. >> when i see a new video from russia, it's a little bit like christmas morning. you never know what you're going to get when you open that box. >> intense crashes that will make you do a double take. wild road hazards.
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dangerous heights. and shocking sights. >> russia just keeps on delivering the craziest, most unbelievable videos you've ever seen. >> videos that americans can't stop watching. >> "caught on camera: eyes everywhere." a violent blast. >> it exploded with the force of several nuclear bombs. >> shakes a city to its core. >> i'm up on the 23rd floor, and i could feel the building swaying. >> chelubinsk, russia, about a
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thousand miles southeast of moscow. it's february 15th, 2013, and the sun rises at 9:17 a.m., but minutes later, something very different is lighting up the sky. >> compared to the sun at that point, it was like way brighter than the sun. it was like turning on a light bulb for the entire earth at that moment. >> it's literally parts of the sky look like it's on fire. >> no one knows what they're seeing yet, but its force is captured on several security videos, cell phones and dashboard cameras. >> what is this thing in the sky? is it a plane? is it a planet? is it going crash and hit us? is it an alien? >> this isn't an alien but it is from outer space. a meteor is hurdling toward earth at a frightening speed. >> it's going about 40,000 miles per hour. >> [ bleep ]. [ speaking a foreign language ] >> [ bleep ]. [ bleep ]. >> that's more than 50 times faster than the speed of sound. and scientists estimate that the meteor weighs 10,000 tons. that's heavier than four space shuttles.
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>> i've seen shooting stars and small meteor paths, but i've never seen this one big before, and it really blew my mind. >> as the meteor plunges toward earth, friction and pressure between the rock and the atmosphere cause it to heat up and catch fire. >> the outer portion can be molten, the atmosphere's abrading them off as they melt. so you see a trail behind them, the different ions of gas glow at different colors. the pressure wave caused it to explode. that gives off both heat and light. >> this explosion happens when the rock is about 14 miles above the earth's surface. the intense blast is felt by the unsuspecting population below. >> i heard this extremely loud noise that shook my apartment so much that my light fixtures were swinging. it blew the vents out of my bathroom, and there was debris on the floor.
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>> this thing comes into the atmosphere and it builds up a pressure wave in front of it because the air cannot move out of the way. and it came in at a shallow angle and as it was exploding pressure waves were coming on down onto the buildings below. it's about 20 times explosive energy of the hiroshima and nagasaki bombs of world war ii. >> security video from the local judo class captures the moment the shock wave hits. >> there's a moment in which the window on the far side of that shatters and the curtains actually blow into the actual classroom, and the kids start running away. >> the bang blew out windows across the entire city. thousands and thousands of windows were smashed. >> the meteor disintegrates during the explosion, sending tons of debris up into the atmosphere. but small pieces of the space rock make it to earth. >> they entered the snow and caused little snow tubes and the
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pictures of them are fascinating. >> eight months after the blast, divers recover a large rock from the lake. about 60 miles outside the city. it's believed to be a chunk of the meteor and weighs more than 1200 pounds. a meteor collision with the atmosphere of this magnitude happens once in a lifetime. all the more remarkable that this one is caught on so many cameras. >> the fact that there were so many videos taken of this rock as it entered and people were, for other reasons had all of the dash cams in russia, who knew? >> the dash cam phenomenon really rose in the late '90s, when police were sick of being extorted by the police when they got stopped or there were scams to fake accidents to get the insurance. >> the dash cameras on this day didn't help to solve crime,
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but did capture this rare, natural phenomenon. >> this is something really extraordinary that happened to regular people who don't happen to be actors. it's not hollywood produced. that's why people find it more interesting and more real. >> the media blast was one of the most watched dash cam videos of all time in that category. >> the explosion causes $33 million of damage to the city. more than 1,000 people are injured, mostly by flying glass but there are no fatalities. >> the fact that we're capturing these things on video is kind of a reminder that we're very small people in this big galaxy but it reminds us how vulnerable we can be. >> coming up -- don't bat an eye or you'll miss this. and a crash you have to see to believe. >> this collision is intense. it's fast. it's almost over as soon as it starts. >> when "caught on camera: eyes everywhere" continues.
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horrific crashes. bizarre sights. all captured on dash cam when driving on the road in russia. orenberg, russia, more than 900 miles southeast of moscow, july 4th, 2012. a camera on a public bus captures a jaw-dropping accident. >> up ahead, you can see on the right, there's a gas station. >> but on the left, a truck is waiting to make a turn. >> this truck trying to make a left turn into a gas station. they seem to be not paying any attention. >> my sense is that he thought he could probably beat the bus. >> the vehicles barrel towards the gas station and head straight for this man.
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>> it's not so much collision of the truck that's scary but then you see this one guy, and this one guy's backing up, literally feet away from these two monster sized trucks. >> the video shows huge pieces of both vehicles flying toward him as he scrambles to get out of the way. somehow he manages not to get hit. but he's caught, among a bus, a truck, and a fuel pump. this can't be good. >> you can see the look on his face changes from sheer terror to sheer shock, and now this kind of moment of disbelief like, what just happened? >> the man is visibly shaken, staggering out of camera range. but not out of harm's way. >> there's kind of waiting for that next moment. like even though he's fine for the meantime something's going to go off and then just have a chain reaction of explosions of this gas station. >> customers seem to have the same idea and scatter fast. >> as people were seeing this unfold, there were a lot of
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cries to turn off the gas pumps and miraculously they turned them off at just the right moment. it was a perfect storm of bad and good all happening at the same time. >> 30 passengers are on the bus during the accident. but no one is seriously hurt. when the video makes its way around the internet, the man in the white shirt is dubbed "the luckiest man in russia." >> people love near-misses. i mean to narrowly escape basically being pummeled like that, pretty darn lucky. >> if this is a narrow escape, what is this? september 19th, 2012, a dashboard camera on a car captures a violent crash as it unfolds. >> this collision is intense. it's fast, it's almost over as soon as it starts. >> there's a car driving behind a larger truck and then the truck goes to turn and smashes right into the front of another
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truck. >> there's actually another vehicle that stopped just ahead and i suspect both of these drivers were trying to avoid some sort of situation involving that vehicle. >> your eyes aren't playing tricks on you. the video shows a man flipping through the windshield. >> standing there, thinking, i just got into a car wreck. i literally just came out of the front window but i'm completely fine. >> when the driver of the blue truck walked away, it's like he's playing it cool, yeah, i'm all right, i got it. >> i think he's just scratching his head, because that's a natural movement when you're kind of unsure of what just happened. i love that he did that because he wasn't freaking out. he was just kind of contemplating what just happened. >> crazy crashes aren't always between two vehicles on the road. december 29th, 2012, moscow, russia. a car with a dash cam is driving down a highway.
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>> dashboard cameras on the road always seem to start the same way, everything's going fine, we're on the road, just driving along. when you see a dashboard camera though, you know, wait a few seconds. something will happen. >> that something is a commercial plane crashing on approach to the airport. it slides off the runway at more than 100 miles per hour. >> then all of this debris is on the highway hitting cars. >> you can hear pieces of the plane dropping as it breaks apart. >> and in one case, what looks like a wheel from the landing gear slides right on to the road and hits a car. >> i mean, it was probably one of those things you're driving down the highway and your car's careening toward the wall and you're wondering what just happened. >> many of us have been in a situation where we have to act quickly on the road. but very few of us have been in a situation where a plane is crashing and debris is coming at us. >> you see seats from the plane and you don't know what's coming next.
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and so the feeling of terror and fear that must be going through this driver's mind is impossible to imagine. how many people can say they know what to do when a plane hits their car on the road? it's a crazy situation. >> the red wing's airlines plane, flight 9268, was coming in from the czech republic. faulty brakes are blamed for the crash. eight crew members are on board at the time of the accident, three survive. no one on the ground is injured. >> a miracle was that there weren't actually commercial passengers on this plane. it's actually pretty amazing that more people weren't lost in this instant. >> a plane doesn't have to crash to shock drivers on the road. august 9th, 2012. it's a cloudy afternoon in volkograd, russia, and something is looming in the gray skies above. >> you see this little black
4:16 pm
dot, it's coming closer and closer. you realize it way bigger than a small, black dot. it looks like a spaceship kind of. >> it seems like it's out of nowhere. a 1960s russian fighter jet bursts out of the sky and comes directly for their car. >> the combat aircraft is an su-24 like this one, specially designed for low-level strike missions. it can travel at speeds of up to 817 miles per hour. that's nearly 15 times faster than russia's official speed limit for the freeway. >> and you can actually hear like that blast of sound that comes when a fighter jet just appears. and the woman in the car screams. or maybe that was the guy, because i would scream like that woman, as well. and then just keep driving. just keep going. just another day in russia, why not? >> after the video goes viral, military prosecutors investigate airfield safety measures and flight records. but it's still not clear why the
4:17 pm
pilot is flying this close to a public road. >> i don't know if you noticed but the pilot is on the wrong side of the street. he should be more to the left. it's big. it's fast. >> in this case, there's no warning. >> and it could crush you. nizhny tagil, russia, january 26th, 2013. a driver heads down the road with his dashboard camera, capturing the bright sunlight and, more importantly, the road ahead. >> things seem to be going fine and then suddenly, out of nowhere, a tank literally just whooshes right in front of traffic. >> if i was driving down the street and i saw a tank driving down the street, i'd probably wave just to make sure the guy wouldn't shoot me. >> but this tank operator only seems focused on getting to the
4:18 pm
other side of the road. >> no one, when they set out on the road thinks, oh, i better watch out for tanks. never happens. >> the tank barely misses the cars in front. but this driver with the dash cam cautiously stops to let it pass. or maybe he stops because that's what he's supposed to do. the traffic signal is clearly red. >> americans are exceedingly well-behaved motorists. i mean, we actually pretty much stick to the speed limit and stop at stop lights. it's a bit of a free-for-all in many other places. >> this is an unusual sight but why did the tank cross the road? turns out the t-90 armored vehicle belongs to a local tank factory nearby and is on an afternoon test drive. though it's not visible on the dash camera, the tank is on a snow-covered designated path and the working traffic light gives it the right of way. >> i've never seen videos like this in the united states. mostly because they tend to keep the military equipment under lock and key a little bit tightly. >> coming up -- an eye for an eye.
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a parking lot becomes a demolition derby showdown. but who settles the final score? >> nowadays, everyone wants to capture the big event on video and this person caught some good stuff. >> barnaul, a city in siberia, russia, it's september 3rd, 2012. and a camera captures an outrageous scene in a packed parking lot. >> and this is a classic case of someone who should not be operating any vehicle, let alone this piece of equipment and, as you can see, he is making a hot mess of this parking lot. >> it's like tearing everything
4:23 pm
up, he's pushing the cars into one another. and he goes to the other side of the parking lot and kind of does the same thing. alarms are going off. it's a huge mess. >> he wasn't targeting a single car. it just seemed like he didn't know where straight was. >> the person recording the video isn't the only one watching this demolition man go to work. >> when you see the guys running to the tractor, you're thinking, oh, good, they're going to pull him out, stop this whole thing, it's going be fine. >> not exactly. >> a man runs out, climbs the tractor-trailer, opens the door and proceeds to punch the driver in the face multiple times. one, two, three, four, five. >> that man owns one of the damaged cars. the others are onlookers who jump in, attempting to dethrone the driver. >> well, he shouldn't be driving, but they shouldn't hit him. god, it's so conflicting morally, isn't it? >> in case you missed it during the commotion, someone has been riding shotgun this entire time. he's yanked out of the tractor, but most of the attention is
4:24 pm
focused on the man behind the wheel. >> it looks like everyone's on the same team here. they just want to get that guy out of there and if they rough him up a little bit, so be it. they don't seem to care. >> when the bernaul traffic police arrive on the scene, the violence stops but the man has already taken quite a beating. >> cars can be replaced. your face, not so much. >> the driver damages seven cars on his short ride. no criminal charges are filed against anyone. >> you're picking the thing that guys love, it's like their baby, you're ruining their cars. the only thing that would be worse would be running a tractor all over their girlfriends. >> [ bleep ]. >> if you think this tractor video is intense, wait till you see this joy ride. april 23rd, 2013. it's only 7:30 on a tuesday morning, and this speed demon is already raising hell in moscow. a two-way dashboard camera is
4:25 pm
perfectly positioned to record his bumpy ride. >> you see this guy driving. and he's moaning and screaming. >> he's unable to sit still and continues to scream while he's driving as if some demon has taken possession of his body. >> to make matters a lot work the car he's driving is a hijacked police car. he takes the vehicle while an officer is giving a ticket to someone else and flies through the street. >> he really screwed up there, or maybe he didn't. maybe it was just this last moment of glory. >> it's one thing to steal a car, okay, that's wrong, but stealing a cop car is wrong and stupid. i don't know what the russian word for cajones is but it takes a lot of the russian word for cajones to steal a russian police car. >> the erratic driver howls even louder as he loses control slamming into a concrete divider
4:26 pm
outside a busy tunnel. >> the air bags go off, he bounces off the air bag, not wearing a seat belt on to the passenger side and runs out into the street in which other cars are honking at him. >> i like how at that moment a first look of panic in his face. >> he doesn't appear hurt, but you don't see what's happening off camera. as he exits the car, he gets hit by oncoming traffic and is rushed to the emergency room and treated for a fractured skull. he's charged with unlawful occupancy of a vehicle without the purpose of stealing. he pleads guilty. hijacking a police car for a joy ride, that's bad. but taking the police on a ride with you, that's even worse. july 29th, 2013, moscow, russia. this officer is making a routine traffic stop. but there's nothing routine about what happens next. >> rather than actually pull over, he hits the cop and keeps driving.
4:27 pm
now the policeman is on the hood of the car, yelling at the guy as he continues to basically speed down the streets. >> this is somebody who can arrest you. >> and the windshields come on, it's like, are you serious? i'm on the hood of your car and you turn on the windshield, like you're going to prison, song. >> there must have been some point where he thought he was past the point of return. he knew he was going to get a ticket and he was worried about that? now, he's got a person on the hood of his car so things just got a lot worse. by the way, this policeman has a really good grip. like he's hanging on and he's not giving up. >> the officer's ride on the hood of the car comes to an abrupt stop. >> the cop kind of rolls out of the shot and the driver turns to the left and keeps going. the cop is then suddenly nowhere to be seen. >> when the cop tumbled off the car, it looked like a low enough speed and off to the side where the cop wasn't going to be seriously injured. >> the officer is taken to the hospital and treated for minor injuries. after two days on the run, the
4:28 pm
driver is arrested, his license is suspended, and he's charged with the use of violence against a representative of an authority. he pleads guilty. and apologizes for his actions that day. >> i think it maybe takes a little more than an apology. like not only did the cop drive on your hood forever but everyone in the world has seen it, maybe a nice dinner and a beer, too. >> coming up -- eye-popping views from above that will make your palms sweat. and do you trust your friends enough to let them do this to you? when "caught on camera: eyes everywhere" continues. ating. i mean, you feel like you have to be this expert negotiator to get a fair deal. i hate to haggle. when you go to a restaurant you don't haggle over the chicken parmesan. why can't car-buying be like that?
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hi, i'm richard lui. the family of the woman found hanging in a texas jail cell says it's ordered an independent autopsy. investigators say sandra bland committed suicide. her family denies that claim. she spent three days in jail
4:32 pm
after she was arrested during a traffic stop. preparations under way for a historic moment in washington, d.c. the cuban embassy will open its doors monday for the first time since 1961. the u.s. embassy in havana will also open tomorrow, as well. now back to "caught on camera." extreme risk. >> it's crazy. that is crazy. >> at dangerous heights. >> if you fall from doing that, like, your friends are done. >> cheating death with every move. >> urban climbing, an understated name for a death-defying activity. climbers scale tall structures and document every dizzying moment. >> any security guards working a tall russian building know their building is liable to be approached by one of the people who wants to get to the top. >> then they post videos of their adrenaline-pumping stunts on the web, hoping for internet
4:33 pm
stardom. >> you get this recognition for, first of all, having very amazing physical skills, and it creates these mini celebrities. >> elektrastal, russia, 36 miles east of russia. alexi, that's him in the green shirt, and his friends practice in local parks at ground level. but on may 13th, 2012, they take their routine to new heights. [ speaking a foreign language ] attempting to taste a slice of internet fame. >> translator: we simply were ready for this, both physically and psychological for a few years, so we decided to try it for ourselves. >> but will all of them survive to upload the video? >> part of you is wondering, is one of them going to fall? is one of them going to get hurt? what's going to happen? >> when they reach the top of this radio tower, this is what happens. >> anything that you want to do in the gym, they took it to another level. like this is what we do in
4:34 pm
russia. we do push-ups but not like stupid push-ups like you guys do. we do push-ups on top of giant structures. >> they're pumping iron literally. a lot of the other videos that i've seen, you're guaranteed to be maimed or perhaps brain injured but here, you're going to die. >> if this makes you nervous, brace yourself. they're just warming up. >> you see one of the guys hanging out on the side of the tower, basically using his hands and then removing them from the structure so he's literally floating for a split second. >> if he fails, the drop is 700 feet. that's about the height of a 65-story skyscraper. >> i can hear that guy's mother going, stop it, get down from there! get down from there. >> i think this guy in the green is like the most badass of them all, because he's all over the place.
4:35 pm
looks like he's wearing leggings, which is a great fashion statement. >> even if he's wearing leggings, he's definitely not wearing a harness, and he says he's got a good reason for that. >> translator: safety ropes and safety equipment are, first of all, a pain in the neck. you become excessively dependent and attached to them which means that you have to get everything right even more. >> as if there's any room for error when performing stunts 700 feet above the ground. >> translator: i did all of the moves a certain way. i did what i knew i could do physically. if i could do it 50 times on the ground, i could do it 50 times up there. >> there's a stereotype about russian fatalism, which i think can be really overplayed but seems to be real when it comes to issues of health and safety. the attritional adjective has been basically, well, whatever happens happens. it's not in my hands. >> after five minutes, the three friends climb down the radio tower and post the video, showcasing their nerves of steel. >> translator: we showed other people what the body's able to do physically.
4:36 pm
we wanted to motivate them. this was a small goal that i achieved. >> the success of an urban climb is measured in two ways, getting back to the ground safe ly and getting lots of attention on the internet. >> everybody wants to have that video that goes viral. >> he gets over 1 million hits in the first week. >> you know, the secret to our popularity in this activity is that we are the first ones who did it. we combined a workout, which is a strength element that is employed on horizontal bars and parallel bars with extremes at a height. >> a million views in the first week and climbing are hard to beat. but others have achieved similar success. >> there's another viral video where a young man is climbing the top of a skyscraper in moscow, and he's got a star at the top of it. so essentially he's reaching for the stars. >> the star sits on top of one of the seven sisters, famous skyscrapers built by stalin.
4:37 pm
>> what's disturbing about this is in the notes he actually apologizes for the shaky camera because it was in his mouth for awhile because he needed his hands to avoid dying. it's suspenseful to see him do it. even as he finishes, he's like, oh, oh. >> oh, oh! >> you can see that he's terrified himself doing this. >> when the videos first started coming out, there was a very cynical response of, he's going to fall, what an idiot. and then, you know, as anybody that has enough exposure on the internet eventually you'll get fans and followers. >> we love watching russians do this, because we believe they're filled up on vodka when they do it. they're probably not. it requires a lot sobriety to pull it off safely. >> daredevils scale buildings and towers, but the girl in this video flies. >> i challenge anyone to watch this video with a straight face. >> this video shows a group shove a girl off of a roof
4:38 pm
attached to what looks like a homemade bungee cord. >> that's the epitome of peer pressure. listen, listen, we've got a great idea. there's a building outside of town, and i think i figured out how to fling you off the side of it without getting you killed, you in? >> the girl plunges toward the ground and swoops dangerously close to the edge of a building. >> you just kind of want to see how it ends up. is she going to smack into the building, is the bungee going to snap? >> she screams like she's going to die. i mean, she's swinging so close to this apartment building. this is where reality sets in you're like, i might die now. >> the video shows her narrowly mis-hitting the building. suspended several stories below her friends, she does not appear hurt. >> i'm glad that i emigrated when i was 9 years old because i would have totally been doing that. >> russians have a lot of
4:39 pm
respect for what they call raw human nature. it's like don't, you know, that's what people do. kind of you're on the edge. but you have this enormous sense of freedom, precisely because you're taking a risk. >> that is a goal. it's got all the storytelling and all the elements of something that is unexpected and funny but also adventurous and adrenaline rush at the same time. >> that girl on the edge of the building, they may actually not like her. like it might not be, hey, let's all as friends jump off this building. i may actually be, hey, we don't like her, let's push her off this building because there's no reasonable explanation for why she would do this. >> coming up -- black ice and body slams. >> it's like the only rule is that there are no rules. >> when "caught on camera: eyes everywhere" continues.
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team loyalty turns ugly. >> it looks so violent for something to have a need to be violent. >> st. petersburg, the second-most populous city in russia. it's june 11th, 2005 and a shaky cell phone camera captures this scene erupting in a parking lot. >> at first it looks a little bit like "west side story," like the sharks and the jets. it looks like it could start out as a flash mob. >> look a little closer. these guys are definitely in no dancing mood. >> to look at these people shouting and screaming about something, you would think they had this very fierce, political position about something, but no. these two groups just really like their sports teams. >> these are extreme football fans before a big game. and by football we mean soccer for americans. in red are the spartac from
4:44 pm
moscow. and in blue, the zenich fans of st. petersburg. >> russians love their football. they love their national team. and they love their clubs. >> the extreme fan bases started to form in the '60s when the oppressed were looking for a voice and an identity. >> you get clubs based in the cities. any city club's going to have a hard-core support, simple as that. there's a lot of rivalries and it's always, always entertaining to see what the fans are up to. >> if you see a crowd of people coming towards you in soccer uniforms and they look angry, that's not a good sign. >> this is organized chaos. the ground rules are prearranged. the place, the time, the number of people on each side, and an agreement not to use weapons. and, yes, they all agree to wear their team colors. >> i probably couldn't get 50 of my friends to dress up in the same color shirts.
4:45 pm
like there's a lot of hatred involved that they're willing to wear color coordinated shirts to make sure they can have a brawl. >> when you go to a stadium and you go to a stadium to watch a russian football game, for every two fans, there's probably one policeman in full riot gear, not to be messed with. >> two on one? not quite. but intense, absolutely. so these fans choose their battleground, far from the soccer stadium and far from the police. >> there's a lot of issues around how to deal with football hooliganism that takes place away from the games. >> one of the groups actually tactically moves onto a bridge to reduce the number of people fighting at any given time, which is like a military strategy. like this is more "braveheart" than it is "west side story" at this point. >> after brawling for close to 15 minutes, the rowdy crowd disperses. >> one runs off and i think
4:46 pm
it's because their curfew is 10:30. >> though this video is recorded in 2005, in 2012, there are nine similar incidents, and police are still battling the ongoing problem. there are no winners in a violent fight like this. and there's no winner on the field later in the day either. the match ends in a tie, 1-1. if you can't turn away from a cell phone video of a rumble, wait till you see this high definition, 15-angle smackdown. in december 2012, a new kind of show body slams its way on to the internet and local russian sports stations. >> there's a big love for mma, for mixed martial arts in russia. but this is something slightly different because this is a little bit tougher. >> tougher with the addition of some violent twists, like this two-on-one action,
4:47 pm
team fights and obstacle courses. >> they all seem to jump on to this riser like, hey, let's beat each other up over there and beat each other up on the riser then they move to another area like this will be fun. it's like the only rule is that there are no rules. >> this may look like compete anarchy, but the sport has rules. a point system and a referee to keep score but not necessarily to keep fighters from being injured, and it's all par for this vicious course. >> translator: pain usually occurs after the fight. you don't notice it during the fight. adrenaline is released into the blood. pain becomes unimportant at the time. >> what's the prize for living this life of hard knocks? >> translator: team prestige, fame, adrenaline, winning, victory, that's what they fight for. we award a certificate of honor for competing in hip show, but we don't have monetary prizes. >> so what advice would fighters give to anyone who wants to participate in the hip show? >> translator: good luck.
4:48 pm
>> while some sports get down and dirty, others are just plain dirty. >> never mind that that street water is disgusting, it's a big kick for him to just surf right through it. >> june 6th, 2010, st. petersburg, russia. severe rain causes the streets to flood. >> you've got a small lake in the middle of this neighborhood and then all of a sudden you see a car coming through, the trunk is open, and then you realize it's because somebody's wakeboarding off the back of this car. >> this guy's really taking to the next level. what we used to do when i was growing up in russia, hold on to a bread truck when it was snowy and kind of skate behind it. >> snow is fun to slide on, but this water could cause a lot of damage. >> i certainly would not mind being the wakeboarder, i don't
4:49 pm
want to be that driver. have you ever seen what happens to a car when the engine intake sucks up all of the water? that engine block is done. the insurance company is not going to cover you for being a dumb ass. >> if i knew how to wakeboard, i'd do something like this. you have to know what you're doing. this is totally cool. i love this guy. >> coming up -- keep your eyes on the road. and romance gone wrong. >> i don't understand how cow sex works but these cows in particular feel like moving at the same time. >> when "caught on camera: eyes everywhere" continues. e of the . gentlemen. you look well. what's new, flo? well, a name your price tool went missing last week. name your what, now? it gives you coverage options based on your budget. i just hope whoever stole it knows that it only works at so, you can't use it to just buy stuff? no. i'm sorry, gustav. we have to go back to the pet store. [ gustav squawks ] he's gonna meet us there.
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drivers in russia have a lot to deal with. unpredictable motorists, pedestrians, and then there's
4:53 pm
this. cows, ducks, and bears, all caught on dash cam. >> russia just keeps on delivering the craziest, most unbelievable videos you've ever seen. >> may 19th, 2013, tobolsk, russia. >> when you're looking at a dash cam video, i think you're kind of expecting something terrible to just appear out of nowhere. i don't know what i was expecting. but it probably wasn't like a somersaulting bear. >> this is actually a little disturbing at first because there's a chance an animal could cross into your path and in this case, it's a really big bear. you can't really see where this bear comes from. so it's not surprising that the driver wasn't ready to react. >> [ bleep ]. >> you actually don't recognize that it's a bear until you see
4:54 pm
the feet hanging out above the windshield for a split second. >> when the hit actually happened i thought, god, this poor bear, it's definitely dead. and it kind of like tumbles like a little starfish. >> the crash between the car and the bear looks and sounds pretty scary. but the bear appears unfazed. >> it's a pretty sturdy animal but you still wouldn't expect it to just recover so quickly from this vehicle hitting it this hard. >> [ bleep ]. >> but still, somehow it gets up and it walks off the road. >> looked like its ego is severely injured and i'm sure it was making sure that no other bear was watching what just happened. >> from the video, it's hard to tell if the animal hurts anything more than its pride, but this car is definitely in need of urgent care. >> the bear, if it could talk, will say, hey, sorry about running into your car but i don't have any insurance. >> this car disturbs a walk in the woods while this car rudely interrupts romance.
4:55 pm
june 15th, 2013. a man is driving on a rural road in russia. >> this video is amazing. this car is driving in like a farmland area and then you kind of see cows on the side of the road. >> since you're watching "caught on camera," you probably realize a pretty view can quickly turn downright ugly. >> out of nowhere these cows, like, in the act of having sex, it's like this is not foreplay, these cows are literally doing it, and they are doing it while walking into traffic. i don't understand how cow sex works but i will tell you, these cows in particular feel like moving at the same time. >> with tires screeching, and the driver swearing -- >> [ bleep ]! >> -- the car can't stop in time. ruining this intimate moment and
4:56 pm
the car's front end. >> the lighter brown car is victimized twice, first by the cow trying to have sex with it and then the driver. >> oh, by this car. maybe they should get a room next time. >> both cows get hit by the driver. the female taking the brunt of the blow. >> there's a lot of rural/urban mixing going on. if the cities are so far apart, cows have to have sex somewhere. >> the agile cow springs to her hooves and walks to the other side of the road. >> okay, what's funny not that it gets hit by the car but the fact that it walks away, it shakes it off. and then after that, the male, like, runs after it like, hey, hey, i wasn't done! then behind that is another cow that's like, i'd like part of this action, too. >> the driver definitely isn't enjoying any of the action. his windshield is busted, and his car is pretty banged up.
4:57 pm
if two cows can cause this much commotion, what about a truck full? december 11, 2012, krasnodar, russia, the dash cam of the car shows a wide view of the road. pay attention to the white cargo van in the distance. it's about to veer into oncoming traffic, swiping a large truck. >> so a farm truck that you really can't see what's inside tips over. unlike most other vegetable or other carrying trucks, a bunch of livestock come out of the top. >> you immediately think, what is going through the animals' minds because they have no include, first of all, where they're going and who's driving. all they know is suddenly they're on their side and some of them are rolling over entirely. >> it's hard to tell just how many cows tumble on to the road but the sight is shocking.
4:58 pm
>> i felt so bad for the cows. i just wanted to go and hug each of those cows and say, i'm so sorry, so sorry this driver of the car tipped you guys over. >> it's okay, no crying over spilled milk. >> took cow tipping to the extreme. literal cow tipping. >> hard to say if these animals were seriously hurt but from the look of it, they all get up and kind of walk away on their own and it's pretty remarkable. >> the video becomes an internet hit, gaining international attention. >> this viral video isn't as bad as it looks. a russian driver's dash cam records a truck full of cows losing control on a turn and then tipping over. >> from a viral video perspective, people are interested in amazing pictures. a picture can make you laugh, a picture can make you cry, a picture can inspire you. it can be art. it can be hilarious. it can be grotesque, violent, shocking. a tense of the extraordinary in the everyday. >> some videos can even make
4:59 pm
your heart melt, like this one coming out of russia. a family's dash camera records a duck and her ducklings causing quite a traffic jam when they cross a busy road. >> ducks had to forge an unusual path to get on the road in the first place because this is highway central. so they already had a rough road behind them. >> when they get to the curb, some of the ducklings wobble into a big problem. they're too tiny to climb on to the sidewalk. the family removes the camera from the car's dashboard to film the ordeal. >> in the process of this, there's a lot of chaos and a couple ducklings lose their way and this guy does everything he can, he kind of herds the ducks on his own to get them back on track with their mother. the thing is watching this video, it could be shot anywhere and i think that speaks to the beauty of the human spirit in trying to look out for another living creature. i think that's great. >> if you have your camera on 24/7, you're going to catch something amazing at some point. maybe it's a giant rock falling
5:00 pm
from the sky, maybe it's a guy coming at you with a giant rock or maybe it is a couple of ducklings walking across. from the privacy of homes across america fantasy girls from the web promise to fulfill every man's desire. in record numbers men troll the web and the streets desperately seeking sex for cash. >> turn off your engine. >> but it's buyer beware in san francisco. >>'re


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