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tv   News Nation  MSNBC  July 23, 2015 8:00am-9:01am PDT

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this as we get a detailed look at some of his wealth and where it comes from. plus, president obama returns to his father's home of kenya this week. for some, it is the return of a native son. but protesters and politicians as well as clergy will be carefully watching his every word. we'll tell you why in a live report from nairobi. and later, breaking barriers ballerina misty copeland will join us live to discuss the new movie about her life, her broadway debut and of course her new history-making role. good morning, everyone. i'm tamron hall. we begin with that breaking news. the local border patrol union in laredo laredo, texas, says it is pulling out of all events involving donald trump's visit to the u.s./mexico border today, making the announcement only hours before trump's scheduled arrival. the local chapter which invited trump to the border in the first place said in a statement that it came to the decision, quote after careful consideration of all the factors involved in this event and after communicating
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with members of the national border patrol council at the national level, the laredo chapter of the union is one of the country's largest representing 1,400 border patrol agents. the trump campaign meanwhile is shrugging off this news only minutes ago -- minutes after the union's statement was released trump tweeted, quote, getting ready to lift off for laredo. will land at 1:00 p.m. should be exciting and informative informative. the city of laredo made up of 250,000 people is 96% hispanic or latino. that according to the latest census information. it also sits right across the border from nuevo laredo. trump has accused former governor rick perry of failing to secure america's southern border. yesterday perry struck back calling trump and his rhetoric
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quote, toxic. >> donald trump's candidacy is a cancer on conservatism and it must be clearly diagnosed, excised and discarded. donald trump the candidate is a sower of division, wrongly dem lyly demonizing mexican americans for political sport. >> msnbc's kasie hunt is in laredo, texas, this morning. kasie, let's talk about the fact that it appears there's some national pressure on that chapter of the union there the border patrol union to at least disassociate itself with donald trump. >> reporter: well, that local union, tamron, had invited trump down here and was initially going to lead him on that tour of the border. the leader of that union is saying they came under some national pressure. they said in their statement that they didn't want it to be interpreted as them endorsing any particular presidential candidate. they have invited other politicians to come down and tour the border in the past. but i did want to point out, there's a new statement out from
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texas governor rick perry who says -- this city is heavily hispanic, many of the leaders of this city are hispanic. and governor perry says, i hope that he will explain to the hispanic americans he meets why he thinks they are rapists and murderers and he also says, as a known employer of illegal immigrant labor, donald trump's record on border security is nonexistent at best and a farce at worst. so strong words from perry. >> donald trump tweeted out a picture yesterday after then governor perry saying he'd paid a visit to donald trump asking for support and begging for money. seems to be that strategies that still getting donald trump some traction from people who see him as a straight talker and willing to call out members of his own party if they stand in his way. >> reporter: it's one of the things that's the most interesting about what rick perry is doing here, tamron,
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because it's clear there's a segment of the republican bases that really responding to donald trump's messages particularly on this illegal immigration issue -- excuse me issue of undocumented immigrants crossing the border. but perry's team has clearly made the calculation that they're better off angering those base voters and getting into the media coverage of this trump sort of spectacle we've seen over the past few weeks. it's been so hard for any of the other candidates to get any oxygen. as you think about how these republicans are trying to position themselves to get into that debate in a couple of weeks, interesting strategy from rick perry who otherwise would be somebody who'd probably be going after those base voters who certainly did in 2012. but this is getting him into the news cycle getting him some oxygen in a way that he probably wouldn't have if he wasn't willing to take trump on directly. >> kasie, thank you. joining me is a texas congressman who was born and raised in laredo and has represented the 28th district
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for 28 years now. thank you for joining us. >> thank you so much. >> your reaction to donald trump headed to your home state to the border laredo texas and this dust-up involving border security officials who wanted to in their words give him a tour, i think they referred to it as boots on the ground and show the media what's happened there. what you've pointed out is that the crime in laredo is lower than the national average and is lower than the crime where you stand right now in washington, d.c. >> that's absolutely right. two things i want to make. first he's going to go to laredo, the most hispanic city in the whole country. he's going to see the member of congress there, myself, my father was born in mexico, became a legal citizen up here. number two, one of the judges there, one of the two female judges that we have, federal judges one was born across the river, is now a u.s. federal judge. my brother who's the sheriff again, he's going to see that a
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lot of the leaders that we have there are of mexican descent. number two border crime rate, if you look at the fbi the latest fbi statistics, laredo is a lot safer than washington and certainly than new york city per 100,000. if you look at the crime rate across the border -- the national crime rate and compare it to the border crime rate it's a lot safer there on the border. using fbi statistics talking about murder, assault and rapes. >> but we know the message that now has donald trump sitting at the top of the field of those who want to lead this country. as a republican he's in double digits now because of a message quite opposite of what you've just pointed out. he says that -- and you know his message very clearly. that mexico's sent its worst its rapists, its murderers. he's even pointed to the murder of a young woman in california. and right now, right where you
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are, there's a hearing taking place looking at sanctuary cities and members of congress are debating whether or not these sanctuary cities should be provided funding from the federal government. >> well, first of all, trump is a very smart man. he knows what he's saying. he's calculating this. he's playing to the republican base. and he has one way either provide some sort of hope or vision as to what he wants to do or he wants to get them angry. he's using very harsh words that anybody running for congress or anybody should not use. but, again, he's calculated. he knows what he's saying. number two, for us that live on the border, we understand the border, we drink the water, we breathe the air there we don't want to see felons or rapists, undocumented persons here. i'll be the first to say we ought to deport them. but you can't paint everybody with the same paintbrush like he's doing. the people that are going to be protecting him escorting him around, the laredo police
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again, most of them are hispanics. the border patrol -- and i understand -- i talked to some folks last night. why they pulled out. they don't want to show endorsement, they just wanted to show him the border. this is what he's facing. a lot of them are hispanics or of mexican descent. it's a very hispanic city. and we'll welcome him. we disagree with him but we'll welcome him and show him the respect even though we strongly disagree with his harsh words. >> you've been tough on border security. 2014, you were the only house democrat to vote for a house bill that would have made it easier to deport unaccompanied minors to central america when that was the lead story all over the place at that time when we saw trains filled with young people from central america coming into this country. with that said, i do want your reaction to the traction donald trump has been able to get with his message from arizona to south carolina and now perhaps even some within your home state of texas.
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what is it about his message that has resonated so much so that he's leading the pack? >> listen, i believe in border security and a guest worker plan and i believe in making sure we deal with the 11 million or 12 million undocumented aliens that we have here. i believe in immigration reform. but when you get into a debate of immigration reform and you go down to a mean-spirited debate which is what he's doing, then that's uncalled for. we can have our differences on immigration reform. but anytime you start demeaning and just generalizing the mexican population like he's done, my father came across from mexico, he became a naturalized citizen. first a legal resident, naturalized citizen. he worked hard. he was a migrant worker. 2/10 paint people like my father, my brother my mom people who came across and worked very hard, to say they're murderers or rapists is uncalled for. but i have to say, he knows what
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he's saying. he's very calculating. >> i have to read this statement we just got in from donald trump responding to the border patrol union pulling out of his event. he says, quote that it can only be assumed that there are things the politicians in washington do not want americans to see or discuss. it shows we are not even safe in our own country. it is time to face these hard truths and make america great again. so he is implying, of course, that there are things that congressmen like yourself want to cover up from american people about the border. >> let me tell you exactly what happened. i talked to the folks last night from the border patrol union. it was basically the trump organization was saying it was going to be an endorsement of him. they don't want to endorse him. what they wanted to do was to show him the border, show him the number one trait that we have down there. it was going to be a learning experience, not a political experience. so when the organization saw
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that they wanted to be used and turned into an endorsement, they said, no we want to show him, we don't want to endorse him. that's two very different points that were made. folks want to show him what the reality is. again, the border using fbi statistics, a lot safer than new york city, nothing against new york. i was just there last weekend. but if you look at the fbi statistics, it's a lot safer on the border than a lot of american cities. >> congressman, thank you for your time. we greatly appreciate it. we're also learning more today about donald trump's wealth. after claiming last week that he's worth $10 billion we're now getting a first look at his sources of income. we get details now from nbc's peter alexander. >> reporter: hundreds of millions from real estate, golf courses and speaking engagements. in a hefty 92-page financial disclosure to the federal election commission donald trump gave a glimpse of what he's worth. 515 companies and partnerships, 168 listed assets, 23 of which are worth $50 million or more.
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trump's income last year, at least $362 million. >> nobody knows how rich i am. >> reporter: trump posts he's worth $10 billion. this filing shows he's worth at least $1.4 billion. because the form only asks for broad ranges his maximum worth can't be estimated. we asked independent accountants to walk us through the numbers. >> he listed his residence, the trump tower as $50 million. it could be $1 billion. we really don't know. we only know what he wants us to know. >> reporter: the paper showed trump's golf-related assets are at least $500 million. near $2 million in speaking fees, most from marketing firm acn. his bestselling book made him up to $50,000. and he collects a $100,000 pension from the screen actor's gild. >> for somebody like himselfis worth apparently a lot of money, it might be more
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difficult for him to fill out. >> reporter: something trump told nbc news two weeks ago. >> these papers weren't meant for me because of the complexity and the bigness of what i have. >> where do you get your money from? >> i made it the old-fashioned way, in real estate. >> reporter: trump also has $265 million in liabilities but he's by far the richest candidate in the presidential race. peter alexander, nbc news, washington. also this morning is donald trump threatening a third-party run? a new report says trump may consider running as an independent if the rnc does not treat him fairly. it's part of the first read coming up for you in 30 minutes. we're also following developing now details emerging about sandra bland's death investigation. the waller county district attorney's office confirms it asked bland's family to preserve her body so that additional testing can be done despite the family's claim that they were told the first autopsy performed was defective and a second autopsy would need to be performed before they can bury her.
8:14 am
the d.a.'s office says that was not the case. this comes as bland's newly released jail intake forms shed more light on what transpired in the three days between her arrest, july 10th and the morning she was found dead in her cell from what police say was a suicide. nbc's john yang joins me from hempstead with what the forms indicate and this back and forth over this possible examination of her body again, john. >> reporter: that's right, tamron. that request, they're not ordering, they're asking sandra bland's family to preserve the body. that's because they say that the autopsy report shows signs of marijuana in her system. they want to try to figure out how long that marijuana had been in her system to see if it played in any way any role in her death. the family says that request is disturbing. late wednesday night
8:15 am
authorities asked sandra bland's family to preserve her body for more testing. >> now there have been reports in the media that marijuana was found in ms. bland's system. and i can confirm that. as a result of new information that we discovered today the district attorney mr. mathis, asked the civil attorney to please preserve the body. >> reporter: the prosecutor also said there's evidence she had tried to cut herself one to two weeks prior to her death. on her first night in jail, bland left a voice mail message for a friend. struggling to understanding what was happening to her. >> i'm still just at a loss for words honestly about this whole process, how does switching lanes with no signal turn into all this. >> reporter: the voice mail was obtained by a tv station in houston. earlier that day she told jail officials she had tried to kill herself in 2014 after losing a baby but said she was not suicidal on that day.
8:16 am
her family's attorney says they were unaware of the past attempt and that in any event it doesn't matter. >> she had just gotten to texas the day before. and she was about to start a job. >> reporter: now others are wondering how this traffic st. paul -- stop went so bad so fast. the state trooper said bland kicked him in the leg during the incident which lasted about 15 minutes. nbc news edited excerpts. >> why am i being apprehended? you just opened my car door -- >> once each fuse is lit it's not good. >> reporter: we watched the video with houston defense attorney rusty harden who's a former prosecutor. >> she's not entitled to physically resisting but he has got certain responsibilities to make the situation not escalate out of control. >> i will light you up. get out! >> wow. >> now. >> get out of the car. >> for a failure to signal -- >> she feels she's being treated
8:17 am
badly. >> reporter: texas officials say they are not asking for the body to be returned to texas. they're not asking for a second autopsy. they're saying this is something that can be done relatively quickly in the chicago area with the cooperation of the family. they say that if they get that cooperation, they need not delay the funeral which is scheduled for saturday. tamron? >> john, thank you. developing now, congress is holding its first hearing on the nuclear deal with iran. secretary of state john kerry and top white house officials testifying right now as news surfaces of side deals with iran. a live report coming up for you next. plus five family members in oklahoma stabbed to death. now two teenage relatives could be charged as early as today. it is one of the stories we're updating around then in fn for en in"news nation" for you this morning. you can find us on facebook, instagram and twitter. ve got two reasons to take care of
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developing now, the senate foreign relations committee is holding a congressional hearing on the historic nuclear deal with iran as news of side deals with iran surfaces. national security adviser susan rice yesterday acknowledged the existence of those side agreements between iran and the international atomic energy agency saying they involve iran accounting for past military uses of its nuclear program. but rice rejected republican claims that this represents secret side deals to the iranian nuclear agreement. secretary of state john kerry, energy secretary earnest moniz and secretary jack lew are testifying now. it began with bob corker sharply
8:22 am
criticizing the agreement with iran and secretary kerry staunchly defending it. >> we began 20 months or so ago with a country that was a rogue nation that had a boot on its neck and our goal was to dismantle their program. we've ended up in a situation where the deal that's on the table basically codifies the industrialization of their nuclear program. >> this isn't a question of giving them what they want. it's a question of how do you hold their program back. how do you dismantle their weapons program, not their whole program? let's understand what was really on the table here. we set out to dismantle their ability to be able to build a nuclear weapon. and we've achieved that. >> nbc news capitol hill correspondent luke russert joins us now.
8:23 am
let's talk about these so-called side deals and if it's shaken some democrats who have been on the fence and heavily lobbied by secretary kerry to support it. >> reporter: the emergence of these side deals is certainly, i think, throwing a new wrinkle into the process what exactly is going to happen on this iran deal specifically because it does give a lot of ammunition to outside groups who are going to mobilize against this quite forcefully during the august recess with tens of millions of dollars in advertisements that there's a lot of things going on that the public's not been privy to regarding the iran deal. and that plays on the fears of people that have always viewed iran with a degree of skepticism. but what the administration says is this idea of, look, these things are part of the deal we're more than happy to talk to lawmakers about them in a classified briefing. and these are normal part of the negotiations and we'll let congress figure that one out. but you had senator cotton saying that john kerry is
8:24 am
washing his hands of these side deals. this hearing today is interesting. it's grown spirited at times from what i've watched of it. and jshg yshg isohn kerry is really on the defensive. bob corker starting off the hearing saying he was depressed about the administration's briefings on this deal because he feels they go into hyperbole. ben carter saying we got a lot for our negotiations and kerry backing up that point that the idea was never to get rid of iran's nuclear program but to keep them from getting a nuclear weapon. and kerry saying it's going to take a war to pull that off. one other wrinkle, some 2016 people on this panel, marco rubio, rand paul expect their questioning of kerry to be very aggressive because they want to get that out on the record. and then tim kaine, possible
8:25 am
v.p. pick in the future, also on the ponlanel, expect him to play defense for kerry. >> we'll keep an eye on the hearing. luke, thank you very much. up next, excitement is building in kenya for president obama's trip the first since 2006. why he may face protesters despite many kenyans calling it a homecoming. a live report from nairobi is next. plus, the new warnings from officials in milwaukee as people are still on the lookout for what may be a mountain lion on the loose in a heavily populated neighborhood. we're there with the latest on the search.
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not just because of the conference but because this is his father's land. so he's most welcome. >> some of the reaction from the past week from people in kenya preparing to give a warm welcome to president obama. his picture is everywhere now. the president arrives tomorrow in the country where his father, barack hussein obama sr. was born and where his step-grandmother and other family members still live. the president last visited kenya in 2006 as a senator from illinois. he's written and spoken emotionally about his kenyan roots and ahead of his visit to attend a global entrepreneurship summit, he expressed some disappointment that his first visit as president will be limited. >> with respect to the visit to kenya, it's obviously something i'm looking forward to. i'll be honest with you, visiting kenya as a private citizen is probably more
8:30 am
meaningful to me than visiting as president because i can actually get outside of the hotel room or a conference center. >> joining me live via phone from kenya the "associated press" editor, president obama would love to visit as a private citizen because with the circumstances of being president, he's expected to be greeted warmly but there are expected to be protests. >> reporter: yeah, yellowhole, tamron from nairobi. yes, it is for many kenyans they see president obama as one of their own. one kenyan said to me, it's like a brother coming home. so it's really more than a head of state. there are those with concerns who will try to raise their voices. a lot of those are victims of
8:31 am
the kenyan u.s. embassy bombing by militants and they want compensation from the united states. so there will be individual or groups expressing their concerns. but i would say overall, it gives kenyans to showcase their country and they doare impressed with what president obama has achieved. >> the president will attend this entrepreneurship summit here. will the president also discuss some of the energy ideas he's had for the continent and some of the hopes he had early on in his administration? # >> reporter: yeah, basically there seem to be two sort of main themes that are going to come up. one is trade. he will be addressing this
8:32 am
meeting which is aimed at promoting entrepreneurs on the continent. and security is another major concern. nairobi is a big economic power in the region but it is hampered by the threat from al shabaab just over its porous border with somalia. kenya and the united states are close allies in the fight against al shabaab. kenya has troops in somalia to counter al shabaab. and the united states has conducted drone strikes against militant targets there also. >> christopher, thank you so much for your report from nairobi. we'll continue to follow the president's visit there. greatly appreciate it. coming up a new report says donald trump is threatening a third-party run. the ultimatum to the rnc, how that could affect republicans and democrats. nbc's senior political editor mark murray is next. plus a surprising new poll shows the pope's popularity is
8:33 am
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we are back with our first read. on politics this morning, donald trump is threatening to run as an independent if he feels that republicans are, quote, not fair to him during the primary. and mitt romney has invited john kasich to meet privately with him in new hampshire. kasich will be the third candidate to meet with the 2012 presidential republican nominee. could a romney endorsement be on the way? joining me now is mark murray. donald trump was asked whether he would consider running with the third party.
8:37 am
he says i'll have to see how i'm being treated by the republicans, absolutely if they're not fair, that would be a factor. >> that's a rough position for the republican national committee to be in. when donald trump made his comments about john mccain and criticizing john mccain, there was a blistering statement from the republican national committee. you can almost see that donald trump's message there is a threat, if you keep on criticizing me i would potentially bolt and have a third-party independent bid. and why that's so dangerous potentially to the republican party, tamron is that there's a recent "washington post"/abc poll that found in a three-way race featuring hillary clinton, jeb bush and donald trump hillary clinton would get 46%, jeb bush would get 30% and donald trump would get 20%. and that would be a huge defeat for the republican party. >> you talk about in first read why this is a credible threat and it goes back to what we discussed yesterday in that he has millions of dollars, maybe
8:38 am
billions to finance his own campaign. >> that's right. one of the biggest hurdles for any type of person launching a third-party bid or an independent bid is being able to get on the ballot in all 50 states across the country. this takes a lot of time, a lot of effort. but if you're worth $10 billion, it is easy to pay for folks to get your signature -- to be on the ballot in states. so being very, very rich, a la ross perot, makes it much easier. >> and john kasich visiting mitt romney, the third candidate to meet privately with him this month. what is the romney factor here? i know he took a jab at donald trump regarding the john mccain comments. but is he a player right now? >> i think there are two ways to look at mitt romney particularly after he decided not to launch a third presidential bid. and one way is the party elder.
8:39 am
we've seen mitt romney step out whether it's on the confederate flag or donald trump trying to direct his party to the position that he wanted them to take almost kind of being a separate republican national committee in some type of way. but the other way to actually look at mitt romney is i think he totally wants some action into this presidential contest. so i wouldn't be surprised if he tries to endorse someone. even though he did not run, he's not running in 2016, he wants to be some type of player and you're a player if you are an endorser. >> or you're a playa as my executive producer said i said and i did not. but we'll discuss that after we watch it on tivo. thank you very much, mark. donald trump's potential third-party run is the focus of today's gut check. what does your gut tell you? do you think donald trump will run as an independent if he doesn't get that republican nomination? cast your vote. coming up is the mystery of
8:40 am
a mountain lion roaming a milwaukee neighborhood any closer to being solved this morning? the very latest on some pretty serious concerns for people who live in this heavily populated neighborhood. plus this -- >> next the u.s. astronaut. >> after a two-month delay, another american astronaut arrives at the international space station. it's one of the stories we're updating around the "news nation" this morning. but first, there's a lot going on this morning. here are a few things we thought you should know. pope francis' favorability rating has dropped in the u.s. it dipped to 59%, down from 76% early last year. the pontiff's approval is even worse among conservative catholics, plunging from 72% to 45%. analysts blame the pope's decline in the poll on his comments linking climate change to human activity and his
8:41 am
passionate focus on income inequality. in another gallup poll, four in ten americans say they've tried marijuana. s that the highest number since the poll started in 1969. the data comes after oregon became the fourth state to legalize recreational pot. and according to the "new york post," former congressman anthony weiner has landed a new job at a public relations firm. he was forced to resign in 2011 and ended his run for new york mayor two years later.
8:42 am
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i am totally blind. and sometimes i struggle to sleep at night, and stay awake during the day. this is called non-24. learn more by calling 844-824-2424. or visit welcome back to "news nation." two teenagers are expected to be charged today after five relatives were found stabbed to death in a home in eastern oklahoma. that tops our look at stories around the "news nation" this morning. police say the 16 and 18-year-old suspects ran out of the back door when police arrived last night at a home in broken arrow, a suburb of tulsa. they were tracked down in a
8:45 am
wooded area. a juvenile relative was found inside the home and is in critical condition. a young child was also found but was unharmed. investigators say the victims and suspects are all related. the brooklyn d.a. and the nypd internal affairs bureau are investigating this incident between two officers and a 24-year-old man accused of stealing a slice of pizza. this surveillance video shows the officers punching thomas jennings in the head and hitting him with a baton inside a store even though his hands are up. jennings' attorney released the video but it is not clear what happened before the incident. his attorney says the attack followed an earlier incident at a restaurant where her client and another man were accused of stealing pizza. jennings is charged with robbery, resisting arrest and criminal possession of a weapon with intent to use it. a fast-moving brush fire is forcing evacuations near napa valley, california. the fire has burned 6,000 acres threatening 150 structures.
8:46 am
and flames are only 5% contained. three hikers have been rescued from a popular trail nearby. and a russian soyuz capsule carrying an american astronaut and a japanese astronaut and a russian cosmonaut has docked at the international space station. russia delayed the mission from may after a botched launch of a similar soyuz rocket in april. and as mentioned the search is still on for a lions that on the loose in milwaukee. earlier this week a woman captured this video of what looks like the animal on her cell phone. the video now authorities are scrambling to find it and residents on the city's north side are on edge. during this search a dog was mistakenly shot in his right paw after animal control thought it was the lion. fortunately the dog is expected to be okay. and i believe one agency's confirmed from a paw print that they tracked that it is a
8:47 am
mountain lion. they're pretty certain that's what the animal is in that video. coming up breaking barriers, dancer misty copeland made history at the american ballet theater and now is inspiring even more people as her career expands. there is a movie on the way about her life and hello, broadway. misty joins us next. m new ensure active high protein. i help you recharge with nutritious energy and strength. i'll take that. yeeeeeah! new ensure active high protein. 16 grams of protein and 23 vitamins and minerals. ensure. take life in.
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principal ballerina at the ballet theater has captured the world's attention. and now a new film is pulling back the kaurcurtain with an up close look at the life and journey of misty copeland i. >> should not have been a part of one of the world's greatest ballet companies. ♪
8:51 am
through movement i found my calling. through ballet, i found my voice. my name is misty copeland and this is my story" a ballerina's tale." >> it's set to hit theaters this fall. it's one of many projects set to hit the big screen and small in the coming year centered around cope democrats copeland's incredible premier. she makes her broadway debut in the hit play" uptown" and off the stage inspiring other young dancers and women of color to look beyond perceived barriers and reach tort stars. so good to have you in. so when the press releases hit the wires and everyone was talking about this big announcement, i wondered to myself, did you look at the sky and just think, how did it all happen? here i am, the principle ballerina at the american ballet
8:52 am
theater? >> you know, it's an interesting feeling. this has been something that i've been very vocal about for most of my career. not necessarily that i'm pushing to say, i need to be the first, but that it needs to happen. and so the fact that just all this hard work has been put in for 15 years of my career when it actually happened, it was just very surreal moment that i felt very removed from that i felt like i was watching another african-american woman, you know reaching this incredible height. and it just makes me so proud. it still doesn't feel real though. >> it's interesting, we've spoken many times. you've always had this level of optimism, that this light that shines through you. and part of that is becauseoff had great mentors. you mentioned in the past ballerina raven wilkinson and what she meant to your life and this journey. what advice did you get that was the sticking point for you to
8:53 am
know that this is possible? >> i mean, it's something as simple as seeing and hearing from someone that looks like you. that you can relate to. i think especially as a child i didn't know that it would be so powerful as an adult that something so simple would be something that could push me and motivate me. something that just seems tangible. i've had a lot of great mentors that are african-american women but that were not ballet dancers. but to have it coming from someone who i felt like was an extension of myself it just made it seem that much more real and i wanted to push to kind of carry on her legacy. >> you've talked about some of the body shaming that still exists, not just in the ballet world but we talk about popular culture. kareem abdul-jabbar mentioned you on a book on the body shaming of athletes mentioned you and serena williams. some of the body shaming of athletic black women is definitely a racist rejection of black women's bodies that don't
8:54 am
conform to the traditional body shapes of white athletes and dancers. the biggest issue is the public pressure regarding femininity, especially among our athletes. to all the young girls who look up to these women as role models. here we are 2015, you are glamorous, you are beautiful you are talented. all of these wonderful things. but we have to still have these disclaimers about body shaming being wrong. >> it's so important i think to have these discussions because as much as people want to say, you know, especially in the arts you know the arts don't see color. and that's just not reality and that's not my reality and so many other dancers' realities. i think it's important for us to speak about the fact that maybe even if it's not something that people are consciously aware of and saying, well i don't see color, why do we have to constantly talk about you being an african-american ballerina.
8:55 am
why can't we just say you're an amazing ballerina. i think that diminishes my experiences and it diminishes my accomplishments because i would be on a different path if i weren't a black woman. and i think that that's something that people are maybe not aware of when they are doing this body shaming that a lot of it is about race. >> yes. absolutely. >> and i've seen, you know, dancers that were not african-american that had the same body types as some of these african-american dancers but these black dancers aren't accepted because of their body types. >> let's talk about broadway. here you go. you get the call, i'm sure, that you're sought after for many things but now braid way is on the list. what was your reaction to that? >> scared. >> you? you're fearless. everything about you screams fearless and fierce. >> thank you. i think that as an artist and something that i've constantly tried to do is just pushed myself and put myself in positions where i'm not
8:56 am
comfortable because that's how you go to the next step, reach that next height. >> how is the training different for your shows as a ballerina versus being on brould way? both are grueling. >> i haven't exactly started yet. >> you went on vacation. i just outed misty's vacation. took a rare break. >> i was. i have a lot of other things i'm working on with book tours and photo shoots and all of that. but i know that the approach is completely different. i'm used to, you know, depending on my body and the muscle memory and now i'm going to have to depend on my mind to remember lines and that's such a completely different thing to jump into. i'm excited about the dancing and corehoreography but it's a different field that i'm stepping into, singing and remembering lines and acting. i think i'm going to come out of this a better ballerina. >> you are the best now so i cannot imagine what's next. congratulations on everything from the books to as we said the film and now broadway. much more to come.
8:57 am
thank you, misty. that made our day. that does it for this edition of "newsnation." i'm tamron hall. up next, "andrea mitchell reports." staying in rhythm... it's how i try to live... how i stay active. so i need nutrition... that won't weigh me down. for the nutrition you want
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office depot officemax. gear up for school. gear up for great. right now on "andrea mitchell reports," nuclear standoff. john kerry and his team facing skeptical democrats and of course the republicans on the foreign relateses committee today. a critical hearing on the deal with iran. >> and to those who are thinking about opposing the deal because of what might happen in year '15 or '16 or '20, remember if we walk away year '15 or '16 or '20 starts tomorrow. run for the border. donald trump heads to lor raid do without the border patrol union he thought had his back as the other republican candidates cry foul. >> donald trump, the candidate is a sore of division, wrongly demonizing mexican-amer


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