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tv   Caught on Camera  MSNBC  July 25, 2015 12:00pm-1:01pm PDT

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robert burns, who wrote that in 1785 in scotland. so it's probably safe to assume that what went wrong is a concept that is both universal and timeless. i'm contessa brewer. that's all for this edition of "caught on camera." it's a heart stopping, high-altitude horror as a skydiver becomes a human bullet. >> he was so hard. it crossed my mind that maybe it hit a plane. and a base jump goes horribly wrong. >> the ground was coming at me incredibly fast. i was pretty sure this was going to end badly. on the ground, an unexpected encounter between buck and biker. and a rescue that just barely gets the job done. >> slipped out of one knot and that was enough for it all to
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come apart. a truck dips, a race car flips -- >> it looks like a model car out there coming apart. someone stuck a fire cracker in it or something. moments so jarring they take your breath away. hear from those who saw it, filmed it and lived to tell the tale. welcome to "caught on camera." i'm contessa brewer. collisions, calamities and car wrecks. these types of incidents can be scary enough to make you feel like your heart is skipping a beat. our first video is a heart stopping moment when a young girl goes into cardiac failure at a texas middle school and it's all caught on camera. it's a normal school day until a 12-year-old girl's heart suddenly stops beating.
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>> first thing i thought, scary. very scary. because i didn't know what i was looking at. >> september 26th, 2011, frisco, texas. kylie shea is walking the hallways with her friends when she suddenly has trouble breathing. attempting to sit down, she collapses and it's all caught on a time lapse security camera. kylie's friends run for help and the first person they see is phys ed coach and she has no idea what a dramatic turn her day is about to take. >> just a normal day. we just got through with p.e. and two girls came running in and said kylie is having a seizure come quick. i just took off as quick as i could. into the hallway. as soon as i got to her i could tell it wasn't a seizure, she was having convulsions. she couldn't breathe. there was zero responsiveness and her body was just twitching.
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>> as far as she knows, kylie is a perfectly healthy child, at least she was until now. the coach recognizes how grave the situation is. i said, go get coach reece because i knew right away she would need cpr. his day is about to take a dramatic turn. >> i hear a girl call coach reese, coach reese, kylie is having a seizure. i immediately run out of the office and i see kristen over kylie saying i think she's having a seizure. she fell in front of the tables. i lifted up the seat to give her room if she was having a seizure so she wouldn't hurt herself. a million things were going through my mind at that time. kristen asked me, should i go get the aed. i said, yes. two minutes in, he rushes to retrieve the aed or automated external defibrillator as she tries to engage kylie to no avail. >> when i see her face white and her lips are blue and at that moment, just an instant, no words can
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really describe what i felt. she belongs to somebody and somebody really loves her. in my mind, that is not normal. she's not getting circulation, it's go time. >> coach reese begins performing cpr as she arrives with the aed. the device electronically diagnoses cardiac emergencies to treat them with electric shock to reestablish a normal heart rhythm. >> i was very afraid to use the aed just because we've done it in training but on a live person, you know, just any kind of situation where you have to use that extreme measure, cpr, aed, you just are unsure. >> it's now been three minutes since kylie's collapse. coach reese has attached the sensors to her chest and the machine takes a reading of her heart beat. it recognizes shock advise. shocking someone with already a heartbeat can do more harm than good, so it is a scary moment. it's a scary moment. >> i turn and looked at kristen like, it said shock adviser. are you kidding me?
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did i put these things on right? are we supposed to do this? she said, yeah. >> the first shock is unsuccessful. she is dying. as the team around kylie is increasing to include the school nirs, the ipper fears are tempered by the need to save kylie's nurse, the need to save kylie's life. >> the first shock said continue compressions. >> i'm getting very frustrated but i go back to -- >> we're like, again? >> the red button on the aed shines, again, and before i push the but an second time and i looked to the nurse and i said, did i put these on right? >> the team doesn't know it, but their hard work is about to pay off. after the second time they shock kylie's heart. >> probably around that time where kylie starts coming back where she starts a light little cry. >> when kylie finally came back, i'll never forget it. i'll never forget it. her eyes just opened real big. >> i remember looking down at her and she's crying and she's turning a little bit like she's in pain and i'm thinking, oh, my
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gosh, i just hurt this little girl. >> she was moaning and crying and her eyes were still glazed to where she wasn't focusing and all of a sudden her eyes opened really big and she turned her head to me. as soon as that happened she started responding to questions. it was just this huge sigh of relief, what we did worked. kylie's here. she started crying for her mom. and just kept telling her, kylie, honey, you're going to be okay. mom's on her way. >> the coaches with the help of the aed have saved kylie's life and emergency medical technicians take over the care and airlift her to houston's children's hospital. her parents arrive shortly after. >> when we came to the room, i looked in and couldn't enter. just panic like, oh, my god, what's going on? >> one of the doctors said, kylie, your mom's here and she said, mom! of course, immediately i panic. she couldn't see me because i
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was at the front of the room and she had a neck brace so she's looking straight up, she can't look out so then i run in to grab her hand and i grabbed her hand and we locked eyes and she said, mommy and i was thrilled that she recognized me. >> but kylie won't get to saver the reunion for long. within an hour she goes into surgery where she's fitted with a pacemaker to help protect her from turns out to have been from a previously unpredicted abnormality. >> kylie did not have a seizure, she has an arrhythmia. what the aed read was ventricular fibrillation which her heart stopped working and stopped pumping blood to her brain. >> armed for life with a pacemaker, kylie is grateful to be alive. >> my operation was a pacemaker surgery, which i have the scar right here, you can barely see it now because i've had it in for a while. it has two leads that go into my
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top ventricle and my bottom ventricle and they keep my heart at a steady beat. >> if it detects that it's going into a pattern that it went in to on september 26th, it will shock her. the pacemaker part of it keeps her heart from going below a certain beats per minute. >> i'm feeling much better. a lot better than i did the day, definitely a lot better. >> after reviewing the school security video, kylie's doctors believe she was less than 30 seconds away from severe brain damage or death. her parents feel deeply indebted to the coaches for performing the life-saving procedures they did. >> thank you is not enough. it doesn't cut it. it doesn't cover it. >> every day i run up to them and i give them hugs and i say, thank you, thank you, thank you. words don't even describe how i feel how lucky i am to have them. >> if it would have happened anywhere else.
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we would not be sitting here. it would be a different story and it wouldn't have a happy ending. it would be a tragedy. coming up -- getting slammed on the ground and in the air. collisions that seem to come out of no where. >> luckily i was knocked unconscious. >> it was so hard that maybe i hit a plane. >> when caught on camera, heart stoppers, continues. and so many other discounts that people think i'm a big deal. and boy, are they right. ladies, i can share hundreds in savings with all of you! just visit today. but right now, it's choosing time. ooh! we have a winner. all: what? [chuckles] he's supposed to pick one of us. this is a joke, right? that was the whole point of us being here. as we age, certain nutrients... longer than ever. ...become especially important.
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an experienced skydiver takes an unexpected hit at 12,000 feet. it's a terrifying mid-air collision all caught on camera. thanks to a well-placed helmet cam. >> he was so hard. it crossed my mind that maybe he hit a plane. >> april 3rd, 2006, florida. conditions are ideal for him and his fellow divers. on this day the four divers are going to attempt tandem formations while they lock arms
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while exiting the plane and tilt together into a head-down position. >> basically we're two and two. and the two outside and two inside we go this way. the plane is probably going 100 miles an hour. but we have to jump going towards the wind. immediately we put our heads down. takes a lot of jumps for you to master that and you have to keep practicing. this day, we got to altitude, which is 13,500 feet. everything was fine. so, we got ready, hold hands, jumped out. we knew it was just a matter of getting out of the plane and trying to hold for as long as we could because of so much vibration that we couldn't hold each other. >> wind turbulence and vibration is normal at that altitude and it causes tandem teams to break up. >> everything moved so different. you're dealing with turbulence, even from the air hitting your friends. >> but this is about to be one bad break up.
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>> when we broke off, two guys went to one side. me and another guy to another side. >> in the confusion, he manages to locate one of his friends. >> i could see that he saw me, too. so, i flip head down, again, and put both of my legs behind me and then i pick up a lot of speed. so, i'm going very fast towards him, but i could see where he was. >> although evandro is keeping his eyes on his friends, he has no idea where the other two skydivers are. >> the video you see it's difficult to imagine i didn't see the guys because we're all pretty much in a straight line. being upside down is just weird. it's a different perspective. >> using various parts of their bodies to catch wind, skydivers can exercise a good degree of control over false speed and direction. but the slightest shift, even just a hand, can cause a miscalculation. in this situation, with harrowing consequences. >> i passed by my friend, really fast. >> unintentionally he ends up
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corking, as in a cork shooting out of a champagne bottle and he's headed straight for a fellow diver. he slams into his friend. >> just felt incredible amount of pain. it was so hard. it didn't cross my mind it could be one of my friends. he was coming 85 miles per hour and hit a person standing. evandro survives the impact of the collision but now he's freefalling, disoriented and in tremendous pain. >> i couldn't breathe. i'm trying to figure out what happened and i'm trying to concentrate and, oh, my god, what am i going to do? what is this? is my parachute okay? the pain in my back was enormous. my brain was just like racing. i was trying hard to be stable so i could open the parachute. >> knowing how much it will hurt when his body jerks to an instant slow down, evandro is afraid to pull the rip cord, but, of course, he knows he has to. when he does, he's in more pain than ever, but he's also flooded with a sense of relief.
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>> you know, i looked up and i saw the canopy's fully inflated. it's good, i have control of things. when i calm myself down, i started feeling everything that i didn't feel to that point because of the adrenaline. i almost passed out. but i didn't want to. there are trees in there. i can't land on top of a tree. so, i actually slapped myself trying to keep myself awake. >> despite the death-defying fall, evandro makes a safe landing. now on solid ground, his wild ride finally catches up with him. >> when i first got to the ground, i blacked out for a second. next thing i remember, i woke up with two of the guys talking to me. >> miraculously, neither evandro nor the friend he collided with have any serious injuries, beyond some really bad bruises. after an accident like this, a lot of people would swear off skydiving, not evandro. just three weeks after this incident, he did another jump.
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>> it's worth the danger because when you know what you're doing, it's not all that dangerous. from a collision in the air to one on the ground. a professional mountain bike race at the albert falls dam and game reserve in south africa quickly turns from a friendly contest -- >> five, four, three, two, one, go. >> into a life and death confrontation when buck meets biker and spoiler alert, the biker isn't going to fair well in this close encounter. >> holy cow! >> the victim of this terrifying impact is 17-year-old professional biker evan. it was only five years earlier that his father bought evan and his brother their first bikes for christmas. >> the first years of riding, a family thing together with my dad. and from there my brother and i started getting serious and racing.
12:18 pm
>> in a short time span, evan starts collecting awards and even picks up a corporate sponsorship. >> i've carried on into national level in south africa and world cup race this year. i'm just really enjoying the bike. >> it's october 9th, 2011. evan is riding in a 45 kilometer mountain bike race with team jeep. >> i had a good start. i was comfortable. >> as they raced through the woods, pedal by pedal and one of evan's teammates catches all the action on camera with a go probe mounted to the bike. >> i was just talking to my teammate behind me and i offered him to come pass. >> the race is going well and there's even an added bonus, a close-up view of the country's natural beauty and wildlife. out of no where, evan sees an antelope darts out to his right and he points signaling for his teammate to film it and that's when it happens. the buck barrels into evan on
12:19 pm
his bike. >> holy cow! >> knocking him unconscious. his moans and groans sound bad, but they're actually a good sign. he's alive, but he's not of the woods yet. >> when i completely regained consciousness i was very confused. i didn't understand what actually happened because i lost memory of that moment. >> evan's friend calls for help and gets him to a hospital fast. miraculously and much to the surprise to his doctor his worst injury was a concussion. >> the doctor was very shocked because he had seen the video and he was shocked i didn't have any serious injuries. specially to my neck and head area. >> his doctor feared brain swelling, which could turn critical quickly, even leading to death. fortunately after 24 hours of monitoring, evan checks out okay. believe it or not, he considers the concussion to be a blessing in disguise. >> luckily i was knocked unconscious so i don't have any recollection of the accident
12:20 pm
itself. so there is nothing that i can remember causing the traumatic stress or the trauma or anything. >> even though he has no recollection of the accident, that doesn't stop people from asking him all about it in the days and weeks to follow. >> have you ever even heard of anything like this happening before? >> well, in the five years i've been riding, i never heard of an animal taking a person off their bike. >> the question most people want answered, what was the antelope thinking? >> i don't think the antelope was attacking me. if it was trying to attack me, it would have stayed around after it hit me. >> whatever the animal's motivation, evan walks away from the encounter with a great er appreciation for a small piece of equipment, a helmet. >> i believe it was a small miracle that i came out the way i had. wearing a helmet is crucial. helmets are really strong and they do really great job. i think it probably saved my life.
12:21 pm
>> more than 10 million hits on youtube in less than a week and even though there is a serious lesson to be learned, the punch lines fly around the internet, ambushed by an antelope, when antlers attack and our personal favorite, the buck stops here. even evan sees the humor in it. his personal favorite? >> i always joke about it, like being hit by a buck, just a bizarre accident. coming up, a slippery slope as a polar bear rescue turns topsy-turvy. >> once i saw the bear hanging upside down by its foot, i couldn't think of any worse scenario. >> when caught on camera, heart stoppers, continues. understands the life behind it. those who have served our nation. have earned the very best service in return. ♪
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do it all. on us. get your first month's payment plus five years wear and tear coverage. make the most of summer... with volvo. on a slick canadian cliff face, a polar bear rescue slips wildly out of control and it's all caught on camera. >> once i saw the bear hanging upside down by it foot, i was in shock. >> april, 1996, st. john's newfoundland.
12:25 pm
>> a 400 pound polar bear hitches a ride to town on an arctic ice flow and decides to camp out on a cliff just steps away from a fishing village. >> we allow a polar bear to walk through an area, especially a populated area like st. johns because it will encounter people. >> when the people of newfoundland need help with wild animals, they turn to 30-year wildlife enforcement veteran bill collins. >> i received a call at my office that there was a polar bear. it was in the kitty village. grabbed my drugs and my darting equipment and head down here to see if i can capture the bear or find some way to deter it from coming into the residential area. >> when bill arrives he sees a 3-year-old polar bear perched 75 feet up a slippery slope. he immediately realizes his options are limited. >> when i got here, it was just
12:26 pm
obvious that the bear wasn't in a place where we were just going to be able to dart it and load it aboard a truck and take it away. what we tried to do, initially, deter it with some devices that we fire from guns. they're just noisemakers. it didn't have any effect on it at all. it just took it all in stride. >> bill and his team come up with a plan to tranquilize the bear from a helicopter. it's a risky move. >> we got the helicopter out and i prepared the dart and hovered close to the bear and fired the dart and was lucky enough to get it in the first shot. also luckily enough that the drug took effect before the bear could fall off the cliff, which was one of the problems we're expecting could happen. >> it's a perfect shot with the bear now resting peacefully on the cliff, it's time for the rescue team to climb down and put her in the safety basket. >> once i got the shot off i knew the first phase of this
12:27 pm
operation is a success. the anesthetic took effect and the police climbed up and got the basket down. i was pretty nervous. there were a lot of things that could go wrong, but if we didn't get that bear down, it was probably going to end up to be a dead bear. >> the bear might be knocked out, but the mission is still dangerous. there's the treacherous climb to reach her, the herculean effort to load the bear in the basket and lowering her down to safety. all of this has to be done before the sleeping giant wakes. >> emotions are running high for those guys, too. they are still willing to do what they did. >> when rescuers finally reach the bear, they realize the cliff face is too narrow to angle her into the basket. their plan is not going to work. >> it turned out that they just had enough room to get the bear into the basket. they don't train for taking polar bears off the side of a cliff every day. but they improvised and tied it up and started to lower it down.
12:28 pm
>> the rescuers secure the polar bear with ropes and gently lower her. at this point bill has been dropped off by the helicopter and is sitting at the boat at the bottom of the cliff nervously awaiting the bear's arrival. >> i knew we weren't out of the woods until we had it down off that cliff. everything was looking very well that we were going to get that bear down and at that point we were thinking we'll get it into the boat. about halfway down, of course, that's when everything started to fall apart. >> the polar bear's enormous side and slick coat are just enough for it not to hold. she slips loose and slides down the cliff and precariously dangles by her foot 35 feet up the jagged cliff face. >> it seemed like everything was just in slow motion at that point. the feeling that, the worst thing that could happen happened. >> their plan unraveling before their eyes, rescue crews above and below try to recover and save the animal when she falls
12:29 pm
free of the rope. >> once she slipped out of one knot and that was enough for it all to come apart. i couldn't think of any worse scenario. >> as if the bear hasn't been through enough already. now it's even worse. she's under water, unconscious and possibly injured from the fall. >> a few second we had to get over to the bear and get its head out of the water to keep it from drowning. once we got it to the side of the boat and hauled its head of the water, then i was relieved. no way we were going to haul a 400-pound bear and we just hung on to it and floated it alongside the boat into the slipway. >> bill has an immediate moment of excitement and relief. >> at a moment in my career, with regards to pressure, it was probably as much as it could get. most people don't even get a chance to see a live polar bear yet alone protect it and keep it alive. now on dry land,
12:30 pm
bill has to assess the injuries to the bear. >> i was concerned that it did sustain some injuries on the way down. when we finally got the bear in and we checked it out, it didn't have any marks at all. no cuts. the only cut was from the dart wound. >> mission accomplished, bill and the team take a moment to saver the success of their rescue. >> we were just so happy. actually, the people just told us we did a good job. of course, we got a lot of ribbing after about the knot, but most people were appreciative of what we had done. >> after processing the bear, it's time to say farewell. >> went through the process of collecting the information, the data from the bear and putting a tattoo, the ear tags and then we loaded it aboard a transport cage for a northern part of the province. so i must say when we finally put it into the cage, i was just completely zapped of energy. so much emotion flowing that day. >> reflecting on the rescue effort, many locals wonder, why all the fuss over a single polar bear?
12:31 pm
but bill collins has no regrets about how he and his team handled the situation. >> they are a species that are vulnerable. if we can save one bear, all the better. coming up, a drag race goes wildly off track. >> it looks like a model car out there coming apart and somebody stuck a fire cracker in it or something. you show up. you stay up. you listen. you laugh. you worry. you do whatever it takes to take care of your family. and when it's time to plan for your family's future, we're here for you. we're legalzoom, and for over 10 years we've helped families just like yours with wills and living trusts. so when you're ready, start with us. doing the right thing has never been easier. legalzoom. legal help is here. so we switched to charmin..
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hi, i'm richard louie with the top story. president obama raised the issue of gay rights in kenya today. asking those to be treated equally under the law. gay sex is a crime in the country. hillary clinton's campaign saying the former secretary the state will testify before the house committee investigating benghazi on october 22nd but a committee spokesperson said
12:35 pm
there are significant negotiations on a date. now back to "caught on camera." welcome back to "caught on camera." i'm contessa brewer. drag racers can go from 0 to 125 in just ten seconds. that's so quick it leaves little room for error. in the rare instances where things do go wrong, the results can be dreadful. like this heart stopper of a moment on a texas race track. a fender bender sends a drag race way off track. >> it looks like a model car out there coming apart and somebody stuck a fire cracker in it or something. january 14th, 2004. sealy, texas. racer smith relaxes before his run while watching two tear up
12:36 pm
the track. >> couldn't ask for nicer weather. mid-70s, clear day, perfect day for racing. tommy adams was the driver of the yellow car and david hugo was the driver of the lumina in the right lane. >> the drivers get the green light and the race starts as it is supposed to. >> when the cars took off down the track, everything looked so smooth. both cars left side by side. understand no unnecessary fishtailing and no stupid moves at all at that point in time. everything looked as it was going as normal for a drag racing. >> a friend and competitor of both drivers for years. having raced against them several times. he has great respect for their skills. >> tommy has been racing since '69. he was a true racer. if the tracks were opened and there was something going on, he was there. david hugo was a smooth driver. they had a team that would do anything for you.
12:37 pm
as far as i know, tommy adams nor david hugo has ever, ever had an accident up until that day. >> both drivers' flawless track records are about to take a major hit with a heart stopping collision all caught on camera. >> david hugo on the right lane looked like his car moved out of the groove towards the right guard rail and tommy looked like he was going right down his lane and david's car actually darted across the track and kind of hit tommy adams' car in the corner panel which sent tommy's car right. we knew that was bad. >> in the business of drag racing, everything could change in a fraction of a second. when david's car steers into tommy's, traveling at 150 miles per hour, that's all it takes for things to go seriously wrong. >> when it went right and off the track into the grass, there was a small hump right there when you went off the track and he hit it, he hit it just right. the car just started barrel rolling. it went up in there and just
12:38 pm
started flipping. it looked like it was going faster there than it was actually on the race track. kind of a strange thing to see a 3000 pound car 20 feet in the air flipping. it wasn't supposed to be that way t didn't look right. >> a drag racer since he was 14 years old, gaylon is no stranger to crashes. he even had a scary one himself in 2010, also caught on camera. he knows what tommy is going through. >> losing control of the car as a driver kind of gives you an eerie feeling. hold on and stop breathing and see where you're going. at that point in time you're probably running over 100 miles per hour and you don't know what's happening. lucky we wrecked that car. probably felt like somebody was beating him to death. >> gaylon rushes down to his friend where paramedics are already working on him. >> they got his helmet off and they checked all of his vitals and checked all of his signs and they weren't sure if he had a concussion or neck injury or head injury or back injury.
12:39 pm
it was kind of crazy. at that point in time we didn't know how bad he was hurt because you don't know until he goes to the hospital and get checked out. >> the care flight helicopter rushes tommy to the closest trauma center. david, the driver who hit him, is uninjured and devastated about his friend. >> he was probably one of the most upset people there. i guess he felt like he might have been the cause of it or whatever. it actually, emotionally, scarred him to the point where he really lost the excitement and didn't want to get back in the race car again the horrible accident leaves spectators in shock and leads to a lot of second guessing and finger pointing among racing pros. >> easier to say one of the drivers drove over his head or something. we didn't see anything unordinary. it could have been car failure. it could have been something got
12:40 pm
underneath the tire. we really don't know, it happened so quick and so fast that it's hard to say exactly what happened. >> the cause of the crash was never determined. as for tommy, his stay at the hospital in houston is brief. >> luckily it wasn't as bad as it looked. he had bruises all over him and kind of hard for him to get around for a few days, but no broken bones. amazing to walk away from something like that. matter of fact, i talked to him about two weeks after that and he was already looking for parts to get another car back together. >> the driver, tommy adams, returned to racing. he died in 2011 from an illness unrelated to the accident. drag racing is clearly a dangerous sport, but that's all part of the attraction. >> any time you stick 3,500 horsepower in a suspended door car it will add a little more excitement and a little bit of fun. anything that's fun and exciting, it's going to be dangerous. you can't hardly walk to the store without having a little bit of danger. coming up, a truck ramp turns into a launch pad.
12:41 pm
>> can't imagine i'd ever get anything like this on tape, again. >> when caught on camera, heartstoners, continues. [meow mix jingle slowly and quietly plucks] right on cue. [cat meows] ♪meow, meow, meow, meow... it's more than just a meal, it's meow mix mealtime. with great taste and 100% complete nutrition, it's the only one cats ask for by name. (ee-e-e-oh-mum-oh-weh)
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# a run away truck comes in for a crash landing. giving this tv cameraman the shot of a lifetime. >> can't imagine i'd ever get anything like this on tape, again. people on the internet have called this staged, but i assure you, it is not staged. it just happened right before my eyes. >> may 2002, carbon county, pennsylvania. photo journalist rob gill is on assignment for a local tv station. >> i was sent out about 3:00 to get shots of the runaway truck ramp. >> runaway ramps like this one are crushed gravel mounds grade
12:45 pm
under to an even incline at the bottom of a hill. they're designed to slow down and stop trucks if their brakes fail or if the driver loses control. carbon county officials worry this ramp is causing more accidents than it's preventing. >> two other trucks had come up and crashed on this runaway truck ramp and the drivers have been injured. >> rob's assignment, get some shots of the ramp for the 5:00 newscast. >> the first thing i did was pull on to the ramp. >> rob then sets up his camera. >> i pushed record and i let it roll. we had to let the camera roll for ten seconds to get enough. i was only there maybe two minutes, at the most. >> suddenly, behind him comes a sound like a jet engine. unable to brake, a truck has careened off the highway. >> i just looked behind me and i saw the truck veering towards the ramp. >> veering down on the gravel dunes just as rob is recording. >> oh, boy, i'm going to get a shot of the truck using this ramp.
12:46 pm
i just saw it all happening through the camera and i was just amazed that it went into the air like that. >> the big rig flies over the first mound and then rams straight into the second causing the truck to flip. its cargo bay rocketing skyward before crashing back down to the ground. >> i think the mounds on the gravel runaway truck ramp were maybe too high because the truck kind of like vaulted and hit the other mound and did a catapult-type deal. >> second later, the driver emerges. >> are you all right? >> i was amazed to see that the trucker was okay. after the truck flipped in the air like that. to see him walking around right after that accident just amazed me. i saw the blood on his head and
12:47 pm
i screamed if he was all right. are you all right? sir, you all right? >> other than a superficial head wound, the driver appears unharmed. the truck carrying a load of tire rims is demolished. two passing motorists stop to help as rob does what any tv news cameraman would, keep rolling. >> your eye's all screwed up. >> the guys in the video are people who were passing by. they are actually behind the truck and saw the accident also. they stopped and tried to call 911 and the funny story is, the in 911 center is probably less than half a mile from there and it's like right across the street and they couldn't get service from there. >> you got somebody on the phone? >> i called 911 and it's not connecting. i got no service here. >> eventually help arrives. the driver's injuries are minor, but rob's story, major.
12:48 pm
back at the station -- >> i walked in the door and i had a big grin on my face and i said, you guys have to see this. >> the footage rob shot goes viral, garnering more than1.5 million hits on youtube. since the wreck, the ramp has been redesigned to ensure truck driver safety. rob still marvels at how he wound up at the right place at the right time, even though it was the wrong place and the wrong time for the driver. >> the fact that i had my camera set up and pointed towards the ramp when the truck was coming down. i can't imagine -- i am speechless. the timing couldn't have been more perfect. you never think that anything like this is going to happen when you are going out on a shoot. coming up, a base jumper overextends himself with brutal consequences.
12:49 pm
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a base jumper's ambitious acrobatics send him crashing to the bottom of a rocky canyon. >> before i could even know what's happening, bang, i hit the ground. >> july 23rd, 2009. rifle, colorado. base jumper ted davenport and his friend are preparing to leap off what they call room 17 of the "w" hotel. >> i was one of the first persons to ever jump this object and the shape of the cliff is about half a mile around and it is formed into a "w", if you look at it from afar.
12:53 pm
so, that's why i named it the "w" hotel. and that day we were jumping room 817, which is 817 feet. has a really flat takeoff. drive right to the exit point and pretty much just run off the top of this thing. >> let's go! >> ted is a seasoned base jumper, with more than 600 jumps under his belt, not even a number of nasty crashes have deterred his enthusiasm. he makes sure to stay focused on his number one priority. >> not dying. the challenges of base jumping are to be able to do it successfully and safely and wake up the next day and do it again. incredibly dangerous sport and there are a lot of risks and only experience, safety and making smart decisions. lets you continue on in the sport. >> on this day, ted and his friends believe they have everything figured out. >> we talked about this jump, what we were going to do. >> you're there, you're there. i'm right here.
12:54 pm
you're right there. >> we were very safe in our planning. >> and maybe a foot or two behind me. >> so, right prior to us jumping we all had a great feeling. high fives and feeling stoked and just let's do it. >> a two-person safety crew is there to observe the jump from start to finish and call for help in case of emergency. with everyone in place, it's go time. >> when you first step off the edge, you first have, you have zero gravity. you're kind of floating and then you start to pick up speed. the wind is blowing in your face and now you're really starting to pick up speed and you're falling. i mean, you're falling towards the earth. it's that thrill of not being in control but being in control. there's kind of a balance between it. and you have the safety device that is strapped to your back and you have the skills and the experience that you've acquired
12:55 pm
and all that combined adds to one kick ass day. >> armed with endless confidence gained from successful jumps of the past, ted decides to up the ante. attempted a highly specialized aerial maneuver. >> the trick i was doing is a roll and this is basically an off axis double front flip. i knew something was wrong within a couple seconds of the trick happening. i threw this trick with a little too much inertia. i had too much momentum and started to over rotate that flip and go upside down backwards, facing the wall. completely unsafe body position to deploy my parachute. >> he needs to rotate himself face down for a shoot deployment. he doesn't have enough time. >> i was very scared. i knew i was going to be eating up precious time and needed to get things figured out quickly.
12:56 pm
a lot of things were going through my head. mainly just make it through this. get the parachute out, you got it, live, live, live. >> with his safe landing window closing in fractions of a second, ted successfully rotates his body face down. but it's too late. >> if i open my parachute and right then the ground was coming at me incredibly fast. i was pretty sure that this was going to end badly. right as the ground is coming right up to me, bang, my parachute opened. within one second, bang, i hit the ground. luckily, i took the impact to my back, where i was wearing full-body armor and a big spine protector, but i hit with such force, i knew that something could be potentially wrong.
12:57 pm
>> his body armor and spine protector may have saved his life, but they don't save him from serious injury. >> something felt internally messed up. ted crashes at a midway point. his friends continue parachuting down the canyon. he is unable to move. too much of a climb back up the mountain for his friends to help him, so ted waits alone, scared and in serious pain. >> i'm immediately on the radio. >> i'm alive. i think i'm pretty hurt, though. >> i was having trouble breathing. definitely a lot of short breaths. just a lot of pain in my whole core area. i needed help. and i wasn't going to be able to get out of there in that location on my own. >> i can move everything. i literally put it all on my back and i'm coughing up a lot of blood.
12:58 pm
i don't know if i just knocked my lungs loose or -- >> by the time the rescue team arrives half an hour later, ted believes he's seriously injured. in an incredible piece of timing, two blackhawk helicopters happened to be in the area doing training exercises. >> having two blackhawk helicopters come in and fly into this 100 feet away from a cliff with flying shrapnel of rock, it was a dangerous location. they were 100%, you know, there to help and they are my heroes. >> the army soldiers hoist ted out of the canyon, stabilize him and fly him to st. mary's hospital in grand junction, colorado. it's there that his injuries are assessed to be minor, despite the fall he took. >> fortunately, i only sustained a couple broken ribs and some severely bruised lungs. that is why i was coughing up the blood and a bruised back.
12:59 pm
in hindsight, i was incredibly lucky. i walked out of the hospital the next day. >> ted's brush with death leaves a permanent and profound impact on his life. he continues to jump, but he's dialed back the risky maneuvers. >> i'm more focused on really smooth, stable jumps. just enjoying the acceleration and the wind in your face and wearing a wing suit, most especially. sports that involve a high amount of risk usually have a really high payoff. they're usually incredibly exciting and give you a lot of thrill and put a big smile on your face. usually they are worth the risk. >> you know what puts a smile on my face, watching other people take the risk. on tv from the safety of my couch. i'm contessa brewer, that's all for this heart stopping edition of "caught on camera."
1:00 pm
a school bus driver drunk on the job. >> get off the bus! you can get off the bus. >> an elderly man who robs banks at gunpoint. >> this is a man who is using a gun. >> a priest on a belligerent tirade. >> i'm in jail! >> no you're not. you're in a holding cell. >> and an armed thief with impeccable manners. >> thank you very much. i appreciate it. and i really am sorry. >> these are not the usual cases. >> that's the very first time we had somebody try to break in jail. >> not the usual suspects.


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