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tv   The Ed Show  MSNBC  July 27, 2015 2:00pm-3:01pm PDT

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better shot at w bernie sanders. >> not going to get it done. >> plus trump's new target. >> new iowa poll shows scott walker in the lead. >> i can't believe i'm in second place. finalliky attack. wisconsin is doing terrible. >> and say what? >> just when you thought the campaign rhetoric couldn't get more raw along comes a remark from a presidential hopeful. >> he's so naive he would trust the iranians and take the israelis and basically march them to the door of the oven. >> good to have you with us tonight folks, thanks for watching. new polling numbers are out. americans dislike almost every single presidential candidate. there is one exception. senator bernie sanders. a new marist poll shows sanders is the only candidate with a positive favorabilityleility rating in new hampshire. s a only candidate with a positive favorable raiding in iowa.
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hit clint has a necessary favorability rating of negative 19. donald trump negative 28. meanwhile some politicians and inside the beltway media folk they just don't have faith in bernie sanders. we've been hearing it for months. >> this is why bernie sanders will not be the democratic nominee. he is consigned to have a lot of difficulty because he has so little support among african americans and hispanics. >> the broader point bernie will also not become president like donald trump will not become president. he does strike a cord. >> passionate followers can never win the nomination. >> i think bernie is too liberal to gather enough votes in this country to become president and i think hillary clinton is going to be a fantastic president. >> he is not remotely electable. and i guess the question is do the democrats really want to do
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to ourselves what the republicans did with themselves with mitt romney. >> sanders has had upward momentum since he jumped in the race. but all the experts are disregarding that. the guy is drawing huge crowds all over no matter where he goes. sanders is climbing in the polls. nobody else is like bernie. in new hampshire sanders is only 10 points behind hillary clinton. since february, the senator from vermont has picked up 19 points. hillary clinton has lost 27. in iowa hillary clinton is up on sanders by 24 points although since february sanders has gained 18 points clinton lost 19 in iowa. and there is a new cnn poll showing more good news from vermont vermont. sanders is beating bush trump and walker head to head in a general election match up among
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all americans. you know a socialist is ahead of some republicans? we should also point out that clinton beats all three of those republicans by wider margins. but whoever thought bernie was going to get this far? no one in the mainstream media expected sanders or trump for that matter to be doing this well. but there is clearly no comparison between the two. sanders is doing well because he's a strong issues candidate and has a populous position on issues that effect american families and workers. and he's been talking about it for decade. trump is going to give an unvarnished opinion on anything. and he's just been giving us this entertainment flavor we haven't seen in politics in a long time. what's refreshing about sanders is that he's earning these numbers by what? not bashing hillary clinton. he's talking about the issues.
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and he's not running tv ads because he can't afford them. believe it or not we have got a positive candidate on the national scene. i would like to see all the other shows across the cable spectrum on all networks try to find some negative comments from bernie sanders. he points out the differences he has with other candidates but he doesn't rip them a new one. and i think that is interesting. on the other hand we're getting all the entertainment value from donald trump. more coming up later. get your cell phones out. tonight's question: is bernie sanders being underestimated? go to pulse come pulls com ed to cast your vote. >> john i have been to a number
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of bernie sanders events. you introduced him in madison in front of some ten thousand. does the beltway media, are they not understanding the sanders appeal and surge? break it down. >> well of course they don't understand it. and to be honest i don't think i expected it to be quite as dramatic as it has been. when i introduce the senator? madison, i said to folks up front. look i'm not here to endorse him. i'm not here to tell people how to vote. i i am here to talk about why this moment matters. the key thing i try to drive home to people is that this has very little to two bernie sanders and a great deal to do with the movements that have developed since 2008 in this country. we have a $15 wage movement a passionate movement to overturn
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citizens united. really passionate movements to say we've got to hold these too big to fail banks to account. this is real stuff and there are millions of americans who have tuned into these issues over the last five or six years. and they want to hear someone talk about it. bernie sanders is talking about it. credit to martin o'malley. he's starting to get very serious talking about this. but this is where it's at and the reality is that this campaign is going to come down to these issues not just in the democratic primaries but also as you head towards 2016 in november. >> jonathan alter, does sanders have room to grow? is this going to stall? it seems like the closer people look the more day like what they see. what do you think? >> he does have room to grow. look, if he wins iowa and new hampshire and new hampshire is right next to his home state of vthth vth.
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he is a big factor in the race. hillary clinton will still likely beat him and go on to win the nomination. but he could be a big factor and i think he unquestionably will push the center of gravity in the democratic party to the left. you can already see it in the economic speeches that hillary clinton has made. she hasn't come out for a $15 an hour minimum wage yet but she's going to be under intense pressure over the course of the next year to do so. and watching her respond to that pressure will be a major theme of the next year. and also you cannot rule out -- i think the categorical statements right now that under no circumstances can bernie sanders win the nomination or the election now have to be removed. it is still extremely unlikely. but there is a path conceivably to his winning. the democrat party could in this election year nominate a very left wing candidate the way the
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republicans did with barry goldwater in 1964. it could happen. then if you get in a three-way race with trump, scott walker and bernie sanders i know some people are going to think this is nuts. but it is not entirely 100% impossible that bernie sanders could be the next president. >> oh i think it is very possible he could be the next president. i think it is very possible he could win the nomination. and to take somewhat of an issue or may i point out, all of the positions that bernie sanders has taken are populous positions. the majority of the country. so when you say that he's going to be moving the democrats to the left aren't we a center-left country? i mean if you look -- polling well when it comes to minimum wage. collective bargaining do something about wall street. citizens united. these all poll in the majority
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so how is that moving the country to the left. >> it is moving the debate within the democratic party to the left so it is more in sync with the rank and file of the democratic party. as you quite rightly say. the problem is this the republican party at the state and local level has never been in better shape since the 1920s. why is that? because this democratic majority that we're talking about on all of these issues they don't show up in midterm elections. they have to show up in the midterms and they have to show up in greater numbers even in the general presidential election especially for those down ballot races. get involved in those races, otherwise that gap will continue to exist between what the polls show and what our politics are reflecting. >> jenaveve when are the republicans going to realize that the trump headache isn't going to go away with a couple of aspirin? when are they going to realize that donald trump isn't running
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tv ads right now because he doesn't want to. he doesn't have. this guy is when do we call him a force that the republicans have got to deal with? >> well i they lot of republicans will tell you he does have to be dealt with. i don't see a lot of people walking around -- they may see yeah he's not going to get it in the long run. this will peter out. but i think most republicans at the senior party level are concerned about donald trump. mainly because not just his poll numbers but the fact that he's attacking so many others that are running alongside him on the republican ticket. i think that is the biggest problem with donald trump right now. it is not his 20% in new hampshire, whatever the numbers are as of today. i think it is more that he's making such zparj disparaging remarks about his fellow gop candidates. >> that is competition. he's trying to win this thing. >> but as you rightly pointed
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out bernie sands is doing pretty well without having to attack hillary. but that's because i think bernie sanders actually has policies he believes in and wants to run on and he'd rather talk about that. >> i agree with that. it's also in his this is who the guy is. trump is an attacker and he doesn't care who he's going after. let me ask about the debates. is there going to be or do you foresee some type of republican strategy to discredit trump in the first debate? to draw him out on issues. it seems to me all the candidates have been attacked by him in one way or another. it would seem they would go right after trump and get him where he's vulnerable and get him early. what about that? >> i think this is going the strategy for many candidates but the tough thing as you note is this is not five hours of debate. this is 90 minutes and ten people on stage. at best, 2 minute responses, 1
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minute responses. that is going to be the tough thing. trump frankly won't have to have a lot of specifics because he's not going to have to give a 10 minute speech or 20 minute rebuttal. he's going to have to talk in 60 second sound bites, which he is very good at doing. >> john, bernie sanders has not addressed hillary clinton's unfavorable numbers. the trustworthy number. is he going to do that? or is that just not going to be a part of the campaign? >> i don't think it is going to be a part of the campaign. i asked him specifically look there are ha lot of people who say you can't get to that sort of next level in the campaign unless you attack hillary clinton. and he very bluntly said i'm not going to do that. i think this is an important thing to understand. you said it is in the guy's dna. what i would say also is that
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many of the people who underestimate bernie sanders don't recognize that this guy has run this style of campaign in the state of vermont for a long time. and at first he didn't succeed. it took him time but over time he convinced a lot of people including people who aren't liberals that this works, to be on issues works better than to attack. >> jonathan alter, can a guy win the nomination not running a negative ad? is that possible in american politics? >> sure. i mean it is refreshing for a lot of people. especially when you see the example as jenaveve pointed out of donald trump. every time donald trump attacks another republican it makes bernie sanders look better by being above the fray and focused on the issues. and you know, it is not like people are going to think oh he's not running a attack ad because he's sounding very tough on the issues and not the
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personalities. and that's extremely interesting to voters in general. >> can i make one point? i did a conservative talk radio show in new orleans today and a couple of people called in who went to go see bernie sanders when he was in louisiana. and they found him refreshing. and these were conservative republican voters. who just were surprised. i think part of it is, you know a lot of the country has not known a bernie sanders. he's well known inside the belt way but outside not so well. and people find it refreshing, which also speaks to people are tired of the same old same ode, regardless of whether you are republican or democrat. and that is one reason hillary is not doing well and one reason also that donald trump is doing well. >> bernie sanders said he was not going to give up on the south. he thinks the democrats can make real enroids.
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and -- inroads down there. >> south is the home of populism originally. >> appreciate it. thanks for being with us tonight. remember to answer tonight's question. we'll have the results after the break. follow us on facebook. like us on facebook. and get my video pod cast at donald trump, what? he blasts his old buddy scott walker. we'll fact check the claims next. and mike huckabee uses the holocaust to under cut the iranian nuclear deal. it's evil. and ladders. sfx: [screams] they have all those warnings on 'em. might as well say... 'you're gonna die, jeff.' you hired someone to clean the gutters. not just someone. angie's list helped me find a highly rated service provider to do the work at a fair price. ♪ everyone can shop, but members get
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thanks for watching tonight. new numbers are out in iowa and donald trump is slipping a little bit. the marist poll has scott walker up by two in the hawk eye state. the donald isn't so happy. he's reminding americans of the scott walker's record. >> a guy like walker who frankly his state is having tremendous difficulty. i love wisconsin, it is a great place. but debt up to the gills. the school system a disaster because they don't have any money. in a walker state wisconsin is a catastrophe from an economic standpoint. i think he's 36 or 38 overall for economic growth and the jobs projection were way, way off. they have budget deficits. he was going to have a lot of
2:20 pm
big surplus. well a $2.2 billion deficit. >> donald trump is actually correct on scott walker's record. his record on education, horrible. he's cut public school funding in the past. his new budget provides less funding to a majority of school districts in the state this year. it also includes $250 million in cuts to state universities. back in 2010 walker promised 250,000 private sector jobs within ten years. roughly 129,000 jobs were created. walker fell well short of his promise. by the way that was a four year promise, not ten. and finally walker's administration projected a billion dollar budget surplus by 2015. that isn't going to happen. the state has posted a $2.2 billion deficit and that is what trump was talking about. i'm glad to see trump is doing his homework on walker's job
2:21 pm
performance. just a little bit ago within the hour scott walker responded to donald trump's attacking his record. >> i'll let donald trump speak for himself. i'm not going to go after other candidates i'm going to talk about what i'm for. we had a $3.6 billion budget deficit we inherited. we turned it around. and our reignainy day fund is 165 times better than when he we took better. if you can do all that in a blue state. we can definitely do it in america. >> schools are better hospitals are better. it is all great. for more john nichols and jenaveve wood. whose telling the truth here? john you are a long time wisconsin journalist here. is what trump is saying true? is what walker saying true?
2:22 pm
break it down for us. >> ed i never thought i'd be on television vetting donald trump in saying that he is essentially right. but the fact of the matter is that you know while trump may be a percentage point off here or there the basic reality of what mideast saying ing he's saying is true. the state of wisconsin historically has had very very vibrant schools and public services, has taken a lot of hits in those areas. and despite scott walker's promises that all the cuts, all the assault os on organized labor would somehow magically make wisconsin a boom state. wisconsin trails far behind neighboring states including minnesota which took a different course. and the final thing i would point out here ed is that many of the criticisms of scott walker are not coming from liberal democrats. there are newspapers in wisconsin that endorsed him for governor back in 2010 that now
2:23 pm
refer to him as divisive and point out that the many, many flaws in his budgets. and during this recent budget fight there were 11 or 12 republicans who voted against scott walker's budget. and many of them were saying they just did not see it as fiscally sound or did not see it as answering the challenges of the state. >> we all know that trump supported scott walker when the recall took place and also supported him as well when he was running for reelection. so whose right and whose wrong? jenaveve, will trump do serious damage in the long run? >> maybe some of this truth will come out in the debate. look, i love the donald trump's idea of poor schools is a fact we're not spending enough money. if he's going to be a conservative he ought to know that is not how you measure schools. under scott walker high school graduate rates have gone up. last time i checked in the act
2:24 pm
score, a college entrance exam wisconsin is number two in the country. so it is not how much you spend but the results. last month the manufacturing jobs in wisconsin up by 150,000. that is pretty good especially when it is one of those topics people want to talk about -- >> jenaveve -- >> where didwait a minute, where did you get the number of 150 plus -- >> federal statistics. look up the federalist mate. >> -- from where? >> by the federal government. look my state. >> so if i go to the federal government, they are going to tell me that under scott walker there's been 150 -- >> if you look at the jobs -- >> manufacturing jobs. >> in the last month this is where the number is. we're not talking about two years ago. we're talking about the very past month. my point being though -- >> but you are leaving the
2:25 pm
impression. >> wait a second now. wait a second now. hold on. you are leaving the impression that on scott walker's watch in wisconsin that he has bettered the state by 150,000 manufacturing jobs. and i don't mean to be -- that's simply not true. from who my sources are. >> -- look they lost a lot of -- >> day lines for american manufacturing will tell you that is not true. the steel industry will tell you. >> aislei'll be happy to send you the numbers as soon as the show is over. >> again, not to be disrespectful, where did you get your numbers. >> i just told you. federalist mates and aisle be happy to. >> --. [ inaudible ] >> you're going to take a lobbyist groups number over the federalist mates. okay. >> if i can.
2:26 pm
>> politi fact found he had delivered just a little over half of what he had promised. now the fact of the matter is that everyone in wisconsin, including scott walker accepts that he has failed to meet his own promises his own commitments. which he reiterated repeatedly on job creation. >> let me -- let's look where the numbers are. and just because someone didn't keep an exact political promise. if the economy is better today than when you were elected. that's what most people vote on and that is why the people of wisconsin have elected him three times. >> you are seeing the economy in
2:27 pm
wisconsin is better today, is that what. >> than it was when he came into office. >> it is better everywhere today. >> he came in when the great recession was going on. appreciate your time tonight. the numbers are the numbers and i will follow up on those manufacturing numbers. that is a dandy, 150,000 manufacturing jobs in wisconsin? okay. coming uphill clint's climate change agenda ignores one of the greatest threats to our environment. how could she not think of key stone. and the sad story, the latest on two teens missing off the coast of florida.
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2:31 pm
cohen haven't been seen since friday. his stepfather addressed the media today. >> they were raised on the water. if you don't live in florida you don't understand how children are raised here. as i said before both families very experienced on the water for generations and we've taught our children all the right things. >> coast guard officials explained how the search area is moving further north. >> since we've moved up the coast into jacksonville we have extended the search area and currently we have searched the area the size of the state of ib indiana. >> adam reese live from jupiter florida, what is the latest? >> the coast guard using multiple assets in this search and rescue operation on the water and in the area. covering an area about the size of the state of west virginia.
2:32 pm
>> for us right now we believe the boys are still out there. we want to keep the concentration and the focus, the only focus is on bringing those boys back home. and that is critical for us. >> now the boys were last seen friday morning gassing up the boat. they had a lot of experience on the water, on the inlet, on the intercoastal. their parents said they were experienced sailors who knew the war and were comfortable in the water just like on the land. so what happened? did they have engine failure? did they run out of the gas? there were very serious weather issues friday afternoon. the coast guard issues a warning. so it is really not clear what happened but the search goes on ed. >> the family is offering $100,000 reward. but officials are asking people not to interfere with the official search and rescue. what is the feeling about that in the community tonight? >> well they don't want a lot of
2:33 pm
pleasure boats going out on the water searching for these two boys. they want to keep the search very organized. the coast guard is going on a grid search pattern. they have aircraft and boats on the water. they want to make sure this is done the right way so they can hopefully find these boys alive. >> adam reiss from jupiter, florida. thanks so much. still to come more reaction to mike huckabee's tpt to come relevant in the 2016 race. .
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welcome back to the "ed show." former arkansas governor mike huckabee, appears to be struggling for attention. >> this president's foreign policy is the most feckless in american history. he's so naive he would trust the iranians and he would take the israelis and basically march them to the door of the oven. this is the most idiot thing. this iran deal should be rejected by both democrats and republicans in congress and the american people. >> the antidefamation league blasted huckabee for the
2:38 pm
holocaust comparison. the group has been critical of the iranian agreement but called the comments out of line and unacceptable. huckabee stands by his remarks. and he's campaigning on it. president obama responded during his visit to ethiopia. >> the particular comments of mr. huckabee are i think part of just a general pattern that we've seen is -- would be considered ridiculous if it weren't so sad. >> and huckabee doubled down. he went on to say what's ridiculous and sad is that the president does not take iran's threats seriously. the stakes are too high for irresponsible rhetoric. joining me tonight on a rapid response panel.
2:39 pm
congressman, would this spoil or motivate any kind of debate in congress, what huckabee is saying? is he characterizing something that maybe some behind closed doors are saying in congress about this iranian deal? >> i don't think so. while there is a lot of opposition to the accord, i don't know anybody in congress is using language that is so out outlandish and reprehensible. i think the question we need to ask is we vote this down then what? then iran is free to build a bomb. and they could do so in three months. so make 10 15 20 years is a whole lot better. these are questions we need to ask in a cool way not with the rhetoric that huckabee is tossing around. is it a lack of attention?
2:40 pm
because huckabee wrote an article about dealing with iran in 2008. in fact he advocated for diplomacy and wanted to avoid a military option. what is the change in tone about? >> at the moment in the gop primary the hard liners will joking as to who will be the hardest liner. and i think you are witnessing american ayatollahs. but the congressman is right and wrong. this is a security-enhancing deal. this is an important historic deal that will enhance american security t region security. huckabee should know the key members of the israeli security establishment are for it oppose netanyahu. but what i think we're what witnessing is a fundamental -- this guy made a misstep. but the more dangerous opposition we'll witness in the lobbying onslaught in the next months.
2:41 pm
and you still have people who are for taking this nation into war in iraq still out there. there is no accountability. they are now preaching for us to go war with iran because that is the alternative. there has been a change in the region. and i think fundamentally these people don't understand that waging diplomas is far better than waging war. and that a president's duty is to make war the very last resort. i think we have a big fight ahead. but scott walker said he's going to take military action day one. senator tom cotton compared john kerry to pontius pilot. last i checked john kerry wasn't involved in killing jesus christ. he's been involved in giving this country the most historic opportunity for game changing in the region. and diplomas not war. >> huckabee is not going to be voting on this. but ores might be. to embolden the tom cotton's of the world, congressman, is this
2:42 pm
the way the opposition really thinks? not to mention he said the president of the united states would walk the israelis right to the ovens? does president obama deserve something like that. >> >> no one that wants to be president should ever be talking like that. they have a very important responsibility. and you better act like it. we need to know that the votes are probably in congress to vote this deal down. but the question then comes, are the votes there for a veto override. and i think not. i hope not. because as i said earlier and i think i was right about this. without this deal there won't be sanctions except those that the united states imposes. i don't believe the other five major countries, plus the eu will stand by if the united states trashes this deal. we are in a situation where we are a whole lot better off with this deal than without this deal. and that is how we ought to move forward. >> katrina, what about the
2:43 pm
political play here? this is turning out to be the summer of trump. huckabee is polling way down. he needs to rile up a base somewhere. is this as much political as it is anything else? >> absolutely. you quoted in the 2008 article. he was on the same page with then senator barack obama. he was for containment and some kind of engagement with iran. this is the summer of madness. it is also the summer of hope. i'd cite the pope as an example. but it gives me vertigo. a pope speaking the way he does and then you got trump. so these candidates are trying to outtrump trump. and they have lived in this right wing eco chamber and making these noises but it is very dangerous and i hope americans keep their eyes on the prize. because they are going to be inundated with all kinds of false, fearful manipulation in
2:44 pm
order to do what the congressman warned of which is the failure to override -- you need those votes to insure that the president can veto what could be so destructive for the united states. >> i think the votes are going to be there at the end of the day. right now there are a lot of huffing and puffing and beating of the chest and phenomenal rhetoric particularly from the presidential candidates on the republican side. we here a lot of that in congress also. but the reality is that eventually after these 45 days have past and we're going to have to stand up and vote one way or another about whether we are going to give iran by voting to trash this deal either in the outright or in the veto we're giving iran a free pass to build a nuclear weapon. and they have the potential of building ten nuclear weapons within the next three months or shortly thereafter. that is a really dangerous
2:45 pm
situation. we're better off with 10 15 20 years with iran not having a noo nuclear weapon. >> great to have you with us on the "ed show." still ahead, hillary clinton says she'll take a stand against climate change but she's taken a knee on keystone. really? the logic just does not add up with those who are concerned about the climate. g it. for 24 hours. where's the salesperson? at the dealership. nice buick! i guess that test-drive last night went well. actually, i'm still on it. you know, we're test-driving this buick for 24 hours, right?. yeah. so what are you doing? test-washing it. okay, well let me know when you're done, i'm gonna take it test-shopping. introducing the buick 24-hours of happiness test-drive. it's on your terms and a better way to take a test drive. so you're a small business expert from at&t? yeah, give me a problem and i've got the solution. well, we have 30 years of customer records. our cloud can keep them safe and accessible anywhere. my drivers don't have time to fill out forms.
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that's okay. that's okay. that's okay. i am all in favor of acting on climate. >> welcome back to "the ed show." finally tonight, hillary clinton is trying to answer on climate change. she laid out 500 million more solar panels in america. sounds good to me. she wants to increase the u.s. output of solar energy 700% by the end of the decade. can't argue with that. clinton said nothing about the keystone excel pipeline. keystone was one of the first questions clinton was asked, clinic prefaced her response when she talked about being secretary of state and left iowa voters with this. >> i will reframe from commenting because i had a
2:55 pm
leading role in getting that process started, and i think that we have to let it run its course. >> there is a difference between process and reality. does hillary clinton want tar sands oil to come to market? that is the question. it is the most damaging oil that we could put into our environment. it's unnecessary. we don't need it and we don't need the supply and we need to turn away from it. for hillary clinton to say that she can't answer this question because she used to be secretary of state, i think is hogwash. i think she doesn't want to offend big oil, and she doesn't want to offend wall street and she knows if she goes with the climate change folks that know this is wrong she's going to the offend a lot of people that are donors to the clinton campaign. this is wrong. and this is exactly why hillary clinton is having a hard time with these numbers in the poll when it comes to trustworthy. those people in this country and around the world who are concerned about climate change
2:56 pm
when they hear an answer like that and they think about trusting hillary clinton, they just can't come home. jane executive director joins us tonight. i want your opinion on what you heard hillary clinton say, because she was secretary of state, she can't give a position on keystone. >> i mean, you're absolutely right it is hogwash. she's talking about benghazi and issues she handled as secretary of state. we have secretary clinton says she wants to be a champion and rolls out this program but says she's inclined to support keystone xl a pipeline that will risk our land and water here in nebraska but contribute to climate change 20 times worse than traditional oil. while i appreciate she's thinking about tomorrow with solar panels i need her thinking about today about the risk on climate that tar sands will bring to the country. >> how much with the keystone xl fight impact the 2016 race you
2:57 pm
think? is this an important non-position by hillary clinton? >> it is critical. i heard howard dean on another show earlier today saying that it's no big deal. howard dean and secretary clinton are completely out of touch with the grass roots and the democratic base if they think that she can continue to get away with the this. i know that groups like will bird dog her if she comes close to the state of nebraska, we'll have farmers and rajnchers telling her we will not accept the status quo. it is simple do you support the expansion of tar sand or cleaner energy? it's that simple. you can't say you want to have solar panels as the shining object and isn't that wonder and feel avoid the tough subjects. >> all right. clinton's 2016 democratic martin
2:58 pm
omally tweeted he's against the pipeline and so is bernie sanders. what is your response and how much is this position that hilary is taking going to hurt her credibility? i mean i think it plays into the trustworthy poll. i mean i think there is a lot of people in this country who are very concerned about climate change and when they hear a non-commit l, commit it doesn't fly. is this hurting our campaign? >> you know yeah you're right ed. i was with land owners today in a court hearing on imminent domain. trust was the number one thing those land owners kept bringing up and some are democrats and some republicans. they live in a rural red state. secretary clinton can't ignore us in these rule states. we also matter. we have a very popular view of climate change and of this pipeline and clearly have issues around energy. so it gets to the matter of trust, and the reason why bernie
2:59 pm
sanders is kind of coming up and really catching her in new hampshire and other places and why i think martin omally is because they are answering tough questions and answer things we want to know about and know why she's doing this. it is no surprise she's doing this. she has transcanada lobbyist on her payroll and allowed senior staff members that used to be on her team that went to transcanada lobby getting into the process at the state department and so while she bragged today to the reporter that the process was good it wasn't. >> so there is a connection between hillary clinton and chance can transcanada that is undeniable, correct? >> it is undeniable. one of her senior members in the campaign are transcanada lobbyist. they had to get rid of the first
3:00 pm
consulting firm that green lighted the bp project, so you know how good that is. they had to get rid of that because it's unethical. the whole process under clinton was unethical. >> great to have you with us tunnel tonight, thanks so much. "politics nation" with reverend al sharpton starts now. tonight on "politics nation" 2016 smack down. president obama slams mike huckabee and other republicans for their ugly rhetoric in the race for the white house. also, crunch time with donald trump surging, contenders and pro pretenders fighting to be left off the debate stage and attorney general loretta lynch speaking about about the death of sandra bland. what she says