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tv   Way Too Early  MSNBC  August 4, 2015 2:30am-3:01am PDT

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eliminate or cut? >> i've heard this question before. >> a few shots but no fireworks in the race for the republicans. the first debate is days away. there's new clues who will make it and who won't. the fight to defund planned parenthood. find out which republican voted with democrats to keep the fund going. a presidential game of punked as two victims fall victim to photos. see who gets the last laugh. this is "way too early," the show punking people since we have been on tv. ♪. good morning. it's tuesday, august 4th.
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i'm ayman mohyeldin. we should be finding out today who makes the cut with new reporting on what polls they will use. now a source tells new york magazine that the average will be take reason from the most recent polls with live interviews including surveys like the one you see there. we are seeing a flood of new polling ahead of thursday's debate. fox just released new poll with jump scoring big, 26% to be precise. baby jush 15 scott walker 9% ted cruz and huckabee posting strong numbers. in the new university poll donald trump posted the biggest national lead yet, biggest of any candidate so far. 26%, 14 points head of his nearest rival, more than doubling bush and walker's numbers. there's a three way for seventh, christie, rand paul and rubio.
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good news for the new jersey governor. the debate stage will look like this right now. that's not all. in a few minutes, we'll roll out a brand new poll from bloomberg politics you'll see "morning joe" coming up. many thought donald trump's dust-up with john mccain would hurt him among republican voters. a poll says otherwise. among republicans, trump's favorability have gone up. the poll finds a majority of gop voters have a favorable opinion. it may be the reason scott walker said this last night. take a listen. >> part of the reason the polls are that way, people want a fighter. right now they think will mr. trump is a fighter. part of the reason i'm polling in second, people think i'm a fighter. >> chris christie is offering a different view of trump's effect on the race. >> it's a weird primary system.
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>> it always is. >> not this weird. >> tell me it wasn't as weird when herman cane was winning nationally or bach winning nationally? >> he's telling the truth. >> donald is telling his version of the truth. >> only the loudest voice gets heard. >> that's part of the fault of the candidate and part of the media. some are trying to be outrageous to get on the news. ideas are most important. not whether you're getting most attention at one particular time. >> donald trump and chris christie will join us coming up on "morning joe." one place donald trump was not a topic of discussion was last night's republican gathering in new hampshire. he wasn't mentioned at all. the voter forum had the most hopefuls to date. 11 candidates came together in manchester while another three, ted cruz, rand paul marco rubio
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conferenced in from washington d.c. this is them on screen and this is them behind the scenes. candidates discussed immigration, national security and saved barbs for hillary clinton. >> everyone agrees what we have today on immigration doesn't work for america. i don't think anyone disagrees for the most part it needs to be fixed. it can't be fixed in one massive comprehensive piece of legislation. >> if your generals told you in a month or so ground and air troops and special forces in syria could cut down isis strongholds, would you give the order? >> i would take the advice of the military very seriously. we need a strategy first. this president has two times as admitted we don't have a strategy as it relates to isis is. >> if this administration if president obama and hillary clinton and john kerry are responsible for sending with billions of dollars to iran and
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those billions go to jihadists who use that money to murder americans to murder israelis to murder europeans, the administration is responsible. >> hillary clinton thinks they are political inconveniences. that's what she gives off. she lied about benghazi. they knew it was a purposeful terrorist attack on the anniversary of 9/11. she went to american people and talked fiction about a video tape. she stood over bodies of the fallen. >> as to clintons i've been dealing with this for 20 years. i'm fluent in clinton speak. you want me to translate? >> when bill says i didn't have sex with that woman, he did. when she says i'll tell you about building the pipeline when i get to be president, means she won't. when she tells me trust me you
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have the e-mails you need, it hasn't scratched the surface. a mostly republican push to strip the group of government backing after a release of edited undercover videos. two democrats including joe man chin voted in favor of the bill. republican backers want to redirect to other women's health care sources. it made for a passionate day of debate. >> the only thing more shocking is cavalier attitude by the planned parenthood staff who seemed to have sacrificed humanity and show little regard for the sanctity of human life. >> i come to senate floor to ask colleagues a question. do you have any idea what year it is? did you fall down hit your head and think you woke up 1950s or
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1890s? should we call for a doctor? let's be clear about something. the republican scheme to defund planned parenthood is not some sort of surprise response to a highly edited video. nope. it's just one more piece of a deliberate methodical orchestrated right wing attack on women's rights. >> it's become an issue for the 2016 field. three republican senators in the race stayed in washington to vote. appearing by satellite for that forum. hillary clinton targeted two candidates, scott walker and jeb bush by name in the web video. the man suspected for shooting a united states police officer has been captured. he shot bolton multiple times
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during a traffic stop. he was serving a ten year sentence for a robbery. this is the third memphis officer to be killed since 2011. baltimore is struggling to deal with unprecedented number of murders and violent crime in the city. there were 45 homicides in baltimore last month, most in more than four decades. there are $192 homicides so far this year. the crime surge is leaving baltimore to seek other agencies to reverse the trend. fbi, dea and and secret service is among those hif. amy schumer is asking for stricter gun laws. it comes after the shooting during her movie playing "train wreck." she says enough is enough.
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>> my heart goes out to jillian and mayci, survivors, families, everyone tied to this tragic senseless, horrifying ktss of this man who shouldn't have been able to put his hands on a gun many the first place. i'm not sure why this man chose my movie i to end these beautiful lives and injure nine others. it was personal for me. these are not extreme ideas. what chuck is describing, they're sensible measures and restrictions. no one wants to live in a country if he long, mentally ill or other dangerous people can get their hands on a gun. time is now for american people to rally for changes. these are my first public comments, but i promise you they will not be my last. >> the shooter had a history of mental illness. let's turn to this. it's called america's greece.
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yesterday a new mark when it failed to pay the debt bill. steve, break it down. what are implications of this default by puerto rico? >> don't worry too much. puerto rico owes $72 billion. more money from the greek. defaulted first time in years. it defaulted on $58 million payment. the question is, is this part of a bigger restructuring of $72 billion worth of debt which the governor said is not tenable. we cannot repay the interest and debt. is that going to affect mutuals and main street investors? that's a big question. big questions to citi group. a bureau was set up to look at practices of major financials. student loans is a massive business the united states.
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total loan book trillions of dollars. was citi group guilty of crimes denying consumer information needed to obtain income tax benefits. citi is cooperating with the investigation. back to you. >> thank you. still ahead on "way too early," wildfires and floods. bill is here to break down both. and punked in 2016. olympic officials have gotten grief for awarding the will olympic games to beijing. thousand there's debate of a disney song and. ♪
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former president jimmy carter is expected to make a full recovery after undergoing elective surgery. the 90-year-old had a mass removed from his liver yesterday. he travels extensively around the world including visits to middle east and south america. he won noble peace price for humanitarian work in 2002. complete nightmare at a new hampshire fairground after a circus tent collapsed tilling two young children. the tent came down during a severe storm killing a boy, a girl and injuring 22 others. winds reached speeds of up to 60 miles per hour at the time of the collapse. officials are now looking into how the tent was constructed as part of the on-going investigation. major flooding in florida and historic wildfires that continue to rage in northern california. the so called rocky fire is
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threatening 6,000 homes and remains 12% contained. state of emergency has been declare along the national guard to join the fight. not fires but floods cause problems in the tampa area. the front pages of tampa bay times sandbagged. evacuations ordered for one community. dozens have been rescued. they spent 11 consecutive days in a flood watch. bill karins is here. both coasts really being punished. >> we need to do the flip right? 10 inches in four days in tampa. this morning, watching isolated severe storms. one went through baltimore area. baltimore all clear now. crossing towards chester town. in philadelphia clear heading out this morning. one thunderstorm rolled through heading to central new jersey. new york city clear after a thunderstorm an hour or so. also now beginning to head from
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connecticut towards rhode island. looks like providence, give you half hour. we'll be drenched. they're quick moving. stay inside extra 15 minutes. later this afternoon, once again. same front that gave us two tent collapses as we went throughout the last two days and four fatal theties. once again straight line winds are the threat. urban corridor boston hartford, providence philadelphia washington d.c. we have 37 million at risk of severe storms today. rest of the forecast tampa we try you out. we'd like to get rain in south florida. chance of storms today. hot in dallas 101. phoenix, 112. here's the big change. now that the cold front moves off the coast, here's the end of the weekend forecast. area of rain moves from the ohio valley through the mid atlantic. if you have friday and saturday plans in the mid atlantic or
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jersey shore, all the way up to new england, it is not beach weather. temperatures highs in the 70s. it's rare in the summer for washington d.c. to have a high of 75. that's the forecast friday with rain. chilly 77 friday and saturday. look at boston. saturday 71 degrees for your hi temperature with a soaking rain. like a break from our summer heat. >> not a fun weekend. >> if not if you have beach plans. president obama unveiled the new plan to cut carbon emissions at white house yesterday with a warning there's such a thing as being too late when it comes to climate change. >> we're the first generation to feel the impact of climate change. we're the last generation to do something about it. we only get one home. we only get one planet. there's no plan b. i don't want my grand kids not
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to be able to swim in hawaii or not to be able to climb a mountain and see a glacier because we didn't do something about it. i don't want millions of people's lives disrupted and this world more dangerous because we didn't do something about it. that would be shameful of us. >> the administration's ramped up plan would require coal burning power plants to cut emissions more than a third over 15 years. time for sports. we begin with major league baseball. to miami, marlins hosting the mets top of the second. when new york rookie gets the second -- scoring started with a three run blast out of right center feel. that's the first big league homer. newly acquired hit a pair of doubles driving in four runs in the game as the mets beat the marlins 12-1.
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that win and loss to diamondeamond back lands them in first place. price making a debut on the mound. price 11 batters. jays win it 5-1 for the american league second wildcard spot. to arlington. rangers hosting astros on day big night for beltre. beltre completes the third cycle of his career. becomes the fourth player in major league history with three cycles. rangers win it 12-9. this one is for i don't bill karins. now to toledo high. a new high -- minor league home
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♪ ♪ if you i think that sounds suspiciously like "let it go" from frozen you're not alone. a lot in this studio thinks that as well. the snow and ice dance, one of the ten official songs from the beijing olympic games is coming under fire for sounding similar to the popular disney song. the spokeswoman from the beijing games didn't respond to the paper's request for comment. the committee has six years to come up with something new and different before the winter games in 2022. wisconsin governor scott walker and billionaire donald trump are the latest targets of pranksters on the presidential campaign trail this week n. new hampshire, walker found himself posing with a giant $900 million check maded out to him and
2:55 am
signed by the coke brothers. after the prankster flipped the sign at the last minute that said walker for president. the according to the reports, the two groups have a long standing prank war. the staff sold the chair and took it to trump tower for this photo. trump campaign wrote students who perpetrated this are fraud administers and liars. it was a waste of a few moments. after 13 years of marriage no doubt gwen stafani has filed for divorce. she cited irreconcilable differences and asking for joint custody of the couple's three sons.
2:56 am
the joint statement read quote, while the two of us have come to the mutual decision that we will no long per be partners in marriage, we remain partners in parenthood. >> will smith and jada shut down rumors yesterday. will smith took to facebook writing quote, under normal circumstances i don't normally respond to foolishness. so many have extended deepest condolences i figured what the [ bleep ], i can be foolish too. jada and i are, in capital letters, not getting a divorce. his wife endorsed that simple tweet of her own, the king has spoken. let's bring in mika for a preview of "morning joe." >> donald trump and chris christie join the conversation.
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we will talk about the republican debate about the republican forum last night even though the front runner wasn't there. plus the man that knows the pressures of prepping for a presidential debate, rudy giuliani. we'll tell you which senator helped save funding for planned parenthood. claire mccaskil joins us for that. last time we checked she was undecided on the a iran nuclear deal. we'll find out if she's decided on that. we'll have that and much more on "morning joe" ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪
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you left this on the bus... get it at the place with the experts to get you the right gear. office depot officemax. gear up for school. gear up for great. >> hillary clinton or joe biden for a fresh new face in the past. >> as for the clintons i have been doing this job for 30 years, i am fluent in clinton speak. >> my first day in the office i would make two phone calls,


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