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tv   MSNBC Live With Thomas Roberts  MSNBC  August 11, 2015 10:00am-12:01pm PDT

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colorado. here's what the head of the environmental protection agency had to say just moments ago. >> i understand people's frustration but we have our researchers and scientists working around the clock. our commitment is to get h right and to make sure that we're protecting public health. thankfully there have been no reported cases of anyone's health being compromised. >> live pictures to show you right now in colorado. we have the governor john hickenlooper, he's prepping to hold a news conference on the spill any minute from now. but roughly 3 million gallons of yellow, orange sludge began spilling last wednesday. that's when a clean-up crew supervised by the epa accidentally breached a dam and they were working inside colorado's gold kind mine which has been inactive since 1923. inactive since before the epa was founded. nbc's scott cohen is monitoring and we are here onset.
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scott, let me start with you. the latest about what the governor has been saying, what the epa has been saying. >> the governor a optimistic the river is going to be open to recreation soon, parts of it. but it is a multi-agency decision and the epa certainly has not signed off on it yet. they're continuing clean-up operations not just on the animus river but on the san juan river. the animus river is a tributary of the san juan river. this could impact not only colorado but new mexico, utah, and beyond with the toxic plume flowing toward lake powell and eventually toward the grand canyon. they're still trying to figure out the exact impacts of that and in the meantime the epa is actually diverting some water off the animus, trying to lower the acidity in the water an let it become in as this plume works itself through the river but not before filing thousands of miles of pristine landscape.
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>> amazing images. let me talk to you about this because we heard in the epa as they talked about the spill. the discharge coming from a mine, a mine that became inactive before the epa was founded. but talk about the four diversion ponds and is that enough to help clean up and divert the fouled water? >> is it enough? it started with two and now it's four. and this mine is still leeching fluid. they're going to have to build a fifth until they can cap this thing. it's worrying to see this go into the river because the reason the epa was there in the first place was because this mine was already leeching into the river and already causing die-offs within the fish population. what's going in has already had a harmful impact on that river. >> okay. so no animals, no other wildlife, they say has been impacted. >> there is one cage with 108 fish hatchlings and only one has
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died so far. they think that's a very good indicator but obviously showing immense amount of caution saying we're not going to open this river for at least a week. that's a long time. the epa is not saying yujump in the water. they're saying we think it's going to be okay but we're really not sure. that's scary to a lot of people. >> meanwhile, these are eye-catching aerials as we see the graphic on the left that gives you the idea of the geography of how this is flowing. scott, let me go back to you. as you mentioned recreational use of the river, of the waterways, tony saying, you know, people shouldn't be doing that cannonballs but we saw people yesterday people kayaking in the waters. what are they doing to make sure that people stay out of them? >> well, i think part of it is just getting awareness out there and, again, it's various stages along various parts of the river. to try and figure out what's safe and what isn't. we're at least a week away before things are completely open and, as you can see from the images and everything else
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that we're hearing, we're in the early stages of this. >> either scott or tony, let me ask you, cost factor in all this? tony, do we know? >> the epa yesterday was unwilling to estimate how many people have been effected. seven water systems have been shut down. navajo nation, across three states, they've already said they're going to sue. they're trying to farm, they've got livestock, and they're not using water. the financial -- the human impact is incalculatable but it's going to be significant. i think the epa is prepared for that. >> again, any moment from now we're going to haven update, press conference coming from colorado governor john hickenlooper about what's being done to clean up for the toxic rivers that have spilled in the animus river that is now flowing through colorado and into new mexico which have both been declared disaster areas. my thanks to scott in l.a. for us and tony right here onset with me at 30 rock in new york. we have the developing news about the teflon don, new post
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debate poll. post debate poll, shows him out front in iowa with another gop contender very close on his heels. we're going to get to that in a moment. first, trump and fox news apparently have patched things up. he was back on their air this morning hitting hillary clinton and scott walker. all of this after a controversial comment he made about megyn kelly and blood coming out of her. that's a comment many thought was misogynistic. he said the secret to winning, is, no kidding, whining. in fact, he said he's one of the best. take a listen. >> i am the most fabulous whiner. i do whine because i want to wib. and i'm not happy -- >> are wine ewhiners winners? >> i am a whiner and i keep wining and wining until i win. i'm going to win for the country and i'm going to make our country great again. >> no sign that trump has said during his two-month-old campaign has damaged the brand.
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however his rhetoric has become a punching bag not just for democrats but for certain republicans as well. >> i don't think we should reward vulgarity. vulgarity does not equate with insight because someone can stand up and say you're stupid and you're ugly does not equate with a vision for the country. >> msnbc's jane tim join mess live to talk about this. jane, first, let's start with trump and fox news patching things up as well as this new iowa poll that's out there. let's start with the iowa poll and the reports that suffolk university has from that state. trump in the lead, 17%. but as we look there we're seeing a strong closer with scott walker. >> these are the cracks in the throne. what you're starting to see is that people that watched that debate, they actually said scott walker and donald trump were tied. scott walker has done very well in iowa. what we're seeing here is people saying, you know what, there's other viable candidates. i think right now without many of these debates to look at people largely see donald trump, he dominates the media cycle,
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very popular with people who say he's out there and he's speaking, you know, truth. but the more we're going to see more candidates the more other candidates get airspace. i think he's going to lose his lead. >> let's talk about the makeup between fox and trump because we had megyn kelly telling viewers last night she won't apologize and she wants to move forward. meanwhile, we've got trump back on the stump. back on the road today he's in michigan. explain how he's doing on the campaign trail today and the attention that follows now that it seems as if they have made a mends. >> yeah. there's definitely a gawker effect here. he's still going to be able to attract really big crowds. i think it depends on how consistent the crowds are. that's what we're going to look for tomorrow. in michigan, how large was the crowd, how long did they stay, are they as engaged as they were previously? we're going the see how long he can maintain that with his poll numbers, sort of maybe starting
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to crack. that's going to be a big indicator. the fox news, of course had to make a mends. i think roger ailes called him yesterday, let's work this out because they need each other. fox news needs donald trump to keep their base happy and donald trump is their base news. >> i'm going to play this for everyone. roger stone talking about how donald trump handles the responses to certain questions and his pension for name calling. take a listen to stone. >> the language recedes a bit. if he tampers down the language a bit. what happens to trump? >> then he will continue to go up in the polls. >> really? >> my opinion. yes, because he needs to focus, again, on the big picture here and not get into these could desacks of disagreements with media person amounts and so on. >> i'm just going to say i smell a rat with roger stone and making the media tour for trump. but as trump's campaign made any mention of stone's media tour and his abrupt departure?
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>> donald trump said, oh, he's just trying to get good press and that's not what i want. i want to focus on the issues. roger stone by all accounts said he quit the campaign because he wanted to focus on the issues. it's a he said, she said affair. >> stone is stumping for donald trump. >> yes. >> he's not going to work for any other campaign. >> he says he's not going to go against trump. he thinks he's a viable candidate. it's peculiar but puts ponlger stone back in the news. long time strategist but we're only hearing about him now as fair amount of people who don't even remember when he worked for anybody else. >> he might not be getting paid but he's still working for trump. thank you very much. appreciate it. with donald trump dominating the conversation we want you to be a part of it, weigh in on today's bing pulse question. is donald trump's blunt rhetoric helping or hurting the gop? my colleague francis rivera will be tracking the responses and bring us the latest results this hour. to the left and hillary clinton has been taking the fight to republicans in her current tour of new hampshire.
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today it's scott walker on college debt. on monday it was trump and marco rubio. she compared trump's comments about women to rubio's position that abortion should not be allowed in cases of rape or incest. her point? >> people to be confused here about the outrageous comments by one and just say, we're focused on this and we're going to let the fact that there should be no exceptions for rape or incest go unnoticed or unmentioned? i'm not going to let that happen. >> nbc's kristen welker is live from clairmont, new hampshire, following the clinton campaign. it appears that hillary clinton is hitting back with the republican candidates on a broader brush scale. what's the strategy here? >> well, i think her strategy is twofold, thomas. on the one hand she is trying to paint all republicans with a trump brush, if you will. you heard her do that yesterday when she was campaigning here in new hampshire. that sound bite that you just played essentially trying to say, look, those con tro setro
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comments that trump made about their inability to understand these issues that really matter to women voters. essentially saying they're out of touch in that regard. this is something that rallies her base, which is of course also a key voting bloc. 53% of registered voters are women. now, on the other hand, thomas, clinton is also going after individual republican candidates who she really perceives to be her potential top competition. that includes marco rubio, scott walker, and jeb bush to name a few. and we heard her go after scott walker today. she's rolling out her plan to make college more affordable. she slammed scott walker accusing him of slashing investments in education. so i think this is a tactic you're going see from her moving forward. critical in a state like new hampshire where she is leading but where bernie sanders is just six points behind her, thomas. >> that is very close. nbc's kristen welker in new
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hampshire for us. we turn our attention to ferguson where a state of emergency is in effect as police try to maintain the calm following the early monday morning violence by people who police say were criminals, not protesters, and though there were very tense moments last night peace prevailed. there were no reports of shots fired, destroyed rot, or burglaries. police say 85 people were arrested since early monday morning. meanwhile, nbc station ksdk talked to the father of tyrone harris, the man police say opened fire on four plain clothes police officers monday morning. the officers then fired back. >> came down and talked to me about anything. we have been trying to call the county. you know, to see if we can get some information concerning him. and we haven't been able to contact the county. you know, to get that done and they, you know, it's just a bunch of lies going on. they're telling us saying they can't contact the parents. i've been here ever since and i
10:13 am
haven't talked to them, came down and said anything. >> msnbc trymaine lee is live for us in ferguson, missouri. what's the latest on the shooting investigation and also the police efforts to keep the peace? >> thanks for having me, thomas. as far as we know, tyrone harris remains in critical condition in the hospital suffering multiple gunshot wounds he received from the police officer or the plit. one thing that jeff jon belmar said in a press conference is he was among a dproup of at least six different shooters that night. they're still looking for those other armed individuals that they believe may still be roaming the streets. the condition out here is untenable. they need the community to help apprehend these individuals. so as they're trying to maintain the peace, there was that one violent outburst that hiccup in otherwise peaceful weekend. but so far the -- i have to believe the worst of it is over as, you know, we're moving along with this anniversary. >> let's talk about the reporters.
10:14 am
two of them that were covering the unrest in ferguson last year have now been issued court summo summons. one is huffington post ryan reilly who had a confrontation with the police last night. so what are officials saying about that? why wait 12 months to issue these summons? >> i'm bias. i respect both of those reporters. so far the officials have said only that they had a year, a statute of limitations of a year and it was well within their rights to charge them. they were charged with trespassing and i believe one other charge. so far, they haven't given much information. i think many pro-journalism groups have said it is it's an over reach and perhaps a step towards trying to i tim date journalists who have been on the front line including ryan reilly and wesley lowery. having been out there from the very beginning. as of yet a few details coming out, within their rights and charge with them accordingly. august 24th. >> we'll follow that story. msnbc trymaine lee with us in ferguson. he's been elected as a
10:15 am
republican senator and as an independent governor. today he's running for president as a democrat from a rhode island governor lincoln chaffy join mess next. and why did she shoot at her boyfriend. we explain that as msnbc live rolls on. breaking news from arizona. look at the incredible pictures live of a massive dust storm that's moving in to phoenix. dust storm warnings in effect now in phoenix until 11:00 a.m. local time. we'll keep an eye on the situation and we'll be right back. (dog) mmmm. we've been together since 2012. dinner is absolutely our favorite time together. i do notice that sometimes i eat better than her. i get my healthy bowl of beneful, and she eats a cheese stick and a cracker. that's what she ate last night. cheese stick and a cracker. can you believe what some people put in their bodies? (vo) beneful originals is a healthy blend... ...your dog will love. with whole grains, real beef and accents of vegetables.
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campaign finance reform has at least two champions in this presidential race. one declared his potential candidacy for the democrats today. he's harvard professor lawrence
10:19 am
lessing who has written extensively on the subject. the other is, of course, donald trump. in almost every interview trump has mentioned the corrosive effects of money in to ticks and admits he's taken part in this system to his own benefit. mind you the topic is typically another avenue which he can attack his own opponents. here on fox news this morning. >> i give to everybody. bush has raised a lot of money. hillary has raised a lot of money. a lot of these people have raised a lot of money this those people that put up the money, those are not people that are not expecting big, big things. and some of those are things that counter to the country. >> chaffy is running for the democratic to nation of president and former senator and governor of rhode island. governor, it's great to have you here. thank you for making time for me. you heard what donald trump said there? have you ever accepted money from donald trump? >> not that i know of. >> right now we know in the headlines rick perry reportedly
10:20 am
having problems paying his staffers. >> yeah. >> also reports that you're having trouble raising money as well. where does that stand? where do your financial coffers stand at this moment? >> it's an issue for the voters to decide whether it's all about money or about the quality, the character of the people running. as you said, i'm a former senator, governor, i'm the only candidate of all the republicans and democrats that has been a mayor, a governor, and a united states senator. so people should look, voters should look at the character and the record of performance, and whether they're honest realtime their than how much money they can raise. and the vision for the future. >> do you think though with the ability of the clinton cash machine that you can compete against that as a likely democratic candidate for president? >> i've been in 12 different elections through my career, almost 30-year career. and money is important. but ultimately the voters are smart and they're going to look at the record of performance, whether you make good judgment calls in times of pressure, high pressure such as i did on the
10:21 am
iraq war vote and vision for the future whether you're honest and whether you've had high ethical standards. i think those are the parameters that they should look at whether it's $400 million you've raised. five of us running on the democratic side right now. >> donald trump brings up the fact that you can pretty much buy and sell politicians. do you agree with that and do you agree that we need campaign finance reform? >> supreme courts have ruled, citizens united, important supreme court cases, so that's another reason why this 2016 election is so important. there could be more supreme court vacancies in the coming presidential term. but that's the reality and i would dispute that just money is everything. we've seen time and time again candidates with the most money don't win. it's important. i recognize that. >> do you think the candidate trump is making a fair point in saying that politicians can be bout? >> oh, yeah, oh, yeah. unfortunately there is a corrosive effect of money and
10:22 am
politics. i do agree with that. >> jeb bush expected to hit hillary clinton very hard tonight in the speech on foreign policy and safeguarding the u.s. when it comes to the iran nuke deal, where do you stand? >> all in favor what we should be doing, working with the chinese, russian, europe peeps to put this together. especially the russians and the chinese to put this together. and jeb with all those neocons in his foreign policy, i think that's very ironic he would be criticizing it as a democrat. republicans got us into this war. >> do you think though because you used to be a republican and you became a confirmed democrat in 2013, do you think though that the republicans have a good argument over this deal not being a good one or do you think that president obama and secretary kerry were able to extract a good deal? >> president obama is right. the opponents of -- proponents of us taking out saddam hussein, proponents of us evading iraq are the same people now opponents of the iran deal.
10:23 am
and so the president obama about the people that were so wrong, the biggest mistake in american history, i would argue, the war in iraq, saddam hussein didn't have weapons of mass destruction and now opposing us and trying to fix it, getting together with the iranians, all the shiites and how much we need them in this region. this is the right path forward. the wrong people on the war on walk, again, are wrong here on the iran deal. >> all right. sir, thank you so much. former governor chafee also running to be the democratic nominated fig tour go against whoever is nominated on the right. >> that's right. i'm the only one that's been a mayor, governor, and senator. >> sir, thank you very much for your time. wish you the best. coming up next, we shift gears to the family of 19-year-old christian taylor still more questions than answers about why this unarmed teen was fatally shot by a police officer responding to a burglary call. and still ahead, eye opening report about air traffic controllers. the lack of sleep, and some very frightening mistakes. we'll take you unside.
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new demonstrations are planned for tonight in memory of christian taylor, the 19-year-old allege i'dly shot and killed friday by arlington police officer brad miller. a trainee who was responding to reports taylor was vandalizing a car dealership in arlington. miller and the other officer at the scene have given interviews to investigators and the arlington mayor as prom missing transparency in this investigation. meanwhile, about an hour ago a group of community activists in arlington held a news conference and said they don't think that officer miller should have responded to the call in the first place. >> this officer was in training. shouldn't have ever been dispatched to anything of this nature. should have never been dispatched to a multimillion dollar facility that was being what a burglary called. >> adam riess is live in arlington. what more did they say about
10:28 am
this presens conference coming the credentials of officer miller? >> good afternoon. he wanted to know where is the video from inside the car dealership. he said there must be video from inside with all those ebbs pencive cars. we have spoken to the general manager of the dealership. he said there are no cameras inside, only outside. he also asked why wasn't christian taylor given an opportunity to surrender or raise his arms? we don't know. it's quite possibly he was given that opportunity. and finally he talked about christian taylor's family, how heartbroken they all are and how his father won't be able to see his son graduate college. >> i hurt, i cry every day. but this helps me. you know, i go in his room and talk to him and i lay in his bed and just talk to him and i pray with him. he's not gone to me. he's -- he's bigger than he was now to me. >> now, both officers involved have given interviews to investigators here.
10:29 am
they've also given 125ir7statem and we could hear about what they have to say as soon as sometime later this week. thomas? >> adam riess reporting in arlington. coming up next, how democratic presidential hopeful bernie sanders has quietly become the biggest draw on the campaign trail and what it means for the rivals. plus, a specials a zi about to president obama accused of firing a gun at her boyfriend. we'll get reaction from the white house when we come back. and cars swept away from dangerous flash flooding in colorado. details on those scary moments when we come back. welcome to fort green sheets. welcome to castle bravestorm. it's full of cool stuff, like... my trusty bow. and free of stuff i don't like. we only eat chex cereal. no artificial flavors, and it's gluten-free. mom, brian threw a ball in the house!
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senator bernie sanders is quickly becoming the biggest draw of the 2016 presidential campaign. drawing 100,000 people to his rally so far. this is according to the "washington post." his campaign says more than 27,000 people in l.a. showed up to see him yesterday. about 15,000 showed up in seattle on saturday. but his biggest crowd yet, about 28,000 sunday in portland,
10:33 am
oregon. joining me now is sheera, political editor for the boston globe. a lot op people have been tweeting me after he lincoln chafee interview saying whether is the bernie coverage. so to everybody out there, we deliver. here is the bernie coverage. why do you think that bernie sanders is organically. becoming such a big draw? >> yeah. so i think this is so interesting because if you were to look up the definition of a politician up until the couple years ago you would probably imagine an older white guy from new england like bernie sanders. i think part of the appeal is that he isn't that. he's a little different and he's very authentic. his hair is a mess. doesn't always speak eloquently like a lot of people we've heard running for president. just a different kind of guy. his appeal really does break down into two things. liberal discontent and economic frustration. i think there are a lot of liberals in the democratic party who are frustrate with hillary clinton and frustrated with barack obama's tenure in the white house especially when it comes to environmental issues
10:34 am
and even some economic issues and then also there is an economic frustration in this country right now. democrats and republicans agree on maybe just one thing in this entire presidential campaign and that is the middle class is shrinking. they differ on what to do but bernie sanders has captured that anger right now and he is running with it. >> it does seem as if he is your favorite uncle, you know, who shows up and helps you understand what's happening in the country, especially when it comes to putting things in perspective like the middle class. as we look at the numbers and talk about the draws here. hillary clinton, her largest campaign event brought in about 5500. so how does the sanders camp turn this physical enthusiasm of people actually showing up to see him and hear him in to votes? >> you know, it's cliche to say it but it's true, the difference is money. we can have all of these people show up to these events and get great headlines from it and he's doing that.
10:35 am
what he really needs is money and he needs something he's completely sworn off, which is super pacs. he needs a big super pac like everyone else in the republican/democratic field to spend heavily to really make him look like more than just, as you put it, the uncle who comes to thanksgiving and explains politics to all the teenagers at the table, right? he needs someone to really make him look like a viable candidate for the democratic primary and the easiest way to do that, campaign television ads. >> the endorsement he got from national nurses united yesterday is the clinton camp very concerned about that? we heard clinton talking about nurses yesterday. >> yeah, i think they might be a little bit concerned. but really that does not huge endorsement in terms of the endorsement world. if i'm here -- if i'm her campaign right now i'm more worried about the size of the crowds on the west coast. those are just massive. >> the enthusiasm for him. >> in august, believe -- august, before the election year. >> it's not that hot, you know? >> thoots true. maybe that's it.
10:36 am
>> great to see you. speaking of hot, donald trump is going to be on the campaign trail later this afternoon in michigan. even with all the controversy surrounding his comments on women, the real estate mogul continues to maintain his front-runner status but how will his bold, brash style affect the republican establishment? my colleague has reaction to today's bing pulse question. francis, how are people reacting? >> we've been asking this over and over again, the trump bub 8 is going to pop at some point, it's going to stop. it seems to be growing. we're asking you at home, our viewers, is donald trump's. blunt rhetoric helping or hurting the gop? this says it all. look at the scoreboard. 75% of our viewers at home say that donald trump is helping. and 25% hurting. i've been watching this over the past minute or so, and we've been seeing this number, as far as those who believe that donald trump is helping, kind of slowly and steadily trickle up. you just saw it pop up to 76%. look at our graph and see how we're looking again in realtime
10:37 am
how you're voting. a couple of 2ki7s s t2ki7s to hurting. interesting to see the breakdown when it comes to political party over all. independents, democrats, a couple of -- a few lone votes. republicans, not a single one. interesting if, you know, you side more to the right, you're out there. weigh in pep want to hear from you. keep the votes coming as we are watching this as donald trump's blunt rhetoric helping or hurting the gop. 76%, see you back with more, thomas. >> and now we move on to the special assistant to president obama now on administrative leave today fr being charged with domestic violence. police say that barvetta singletary threatened her boyfriend, u.s. capitol police officer with his own gun during an argument. nbc news senior white house correspondent chris jansing is joining me now from martha's vineyard where the president is
10:38 am
vacationing. what happened to the president's special assistant? how did it get to violent? >> this is all laid out in the charging document and in the arrest records at nbc news obtained. what happened was according, again, to the police report barvetta singletary called this capitol police officer at about 2:30 in the morning on friday so thursday night into friday morning he came over and at some point they got into an argument because she questioneded him about someone else he was dating. she went out to his car and apparently was able to retrieve two of his cellphones and his gun. now, this is his service revolver, that is given to him as a capitol police officer. she was demanding to know the password. she apparently wanted to be able to check and see the phone calls that he was getting and receiving. at some point they went back into the house. she threatened him, according to police, said you showed me how to use this. i know how to use it. at some point took aim at him and fired. neither was hurt but not
10:39 am
surprisingly what we are led to believe is that this was a very incendiary situation. here's what we heard from the maryland state attorney spokesperson. >> she said something allegedly to the effect of i know how to use this, you showed me how to use it. and when he did not give up the passwords, it's alleged that she fired a shot in his general direction. yes, he was in fear for his life and at that point he fled the residence. >> so she was arrested, taken without incident. she has been released as of yesterday on $75,000 bond and goes back to court on september 2nd. but capitol police are also looking into this, thomas, because there is a question about whether his gun, which apparently was loaded, should have been unsecured in his car, whether that is a violation of capitol hill police policy. >> nbc's chris jansing reporting on martha's vineyard. thank you. return to one of our top stories, state of emergency remaining in effect in ferguson,
10:40 am
missouri. though there were very tense moments last night, peace did prevail. there are no reports of shots fired, destroyed property, or burglaries. police say 85 people were arrested since early monday morning and while calls for change have continued, francis rivera with a look at what is different now. francis? >> many demonstrators say a year later there is still so much that needs to be done and so much that needs to change but some things that have. let's bring those to you. this of course in the past year since michael brown's death in ferguson. let's look at what's different now according to the "washington post." starting with traffic tickets. last year ferguson collected $2 million in traffic tickets and court fees. so think about that as a town of about 21,000 people. that's roughly $100 per person. ferguson funded some of its basic municipal services by traffic tickets alone but last nobt month, a game changer. the governor signed a bill trapping traffic ticket revenue of 12 1/2% of a municipalities
10:41 am
budget. body police cameras or police body cameras. president obama requested $263 million for them. earlier this year the justice department said it's planning to launch a pilot program. in fact, ferguson police officers began wearing body cameras weeks after michael brown was killed. and then there's a change in military grade are gear. remember the images that you see her of police officers in armored vehicles clashing with protester, even the protesters the past couple of days, some of that army kind of gear was out there. earlier this year president obama banned the feds from giving certain military equipment to local police departments. that equipment includes bayonets, grenade launchers, and more. here's what president obama had to say at the time. >> we've seen how militarized gear can sometimes give people a feeling like there's an occupying force as opposed to a force that's a part of the community that's protecting them and serving them. can alienate and intimidate
10:42 am
local rest departments and send the wrong message. so we're going to prohibit some equipment made for the battlefield that is not appropriate for local police departments. >> as we're hearing over and over again, especially in this one-year anniversary that is long road ahead but we want to point out the change that did happen. and along with certain changes in leadership, too, within the city of ferguson. we've seen that fallout in the year following. but many people still say, you know what, we need to see more. we need to see the population of ferguson representative, the police department with more african-americans hireded, among other things. >> they did do a scrub from the top down in leadership. we'll talk to you again shortly. coming up next, alarming results of government study that finds air traffic controllers are not getting enough sleep. but first, this dramatic video from colorado where torrential rain and heavy hail led to intense flash flooding. just look at the powerful water there wiping vehicles, cars
10:43 am
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smash it! make the call and ask your doctor if jublia is right for you. new larger size now available. so the ntsb just released the findings into the accident that se severely injured comedian tracy morgan. driver fatigue, the driver had been awake for 28 hours tas time of the accident. the ntsb made multiple new safety recommendations including mandatory seat belt use in limousines and the addition of emergency exits. investigators were also critical of first responders who they say were not prepared. preliminary report showed the driver of the truck was speeding and at the time of that crash. also this, it's a troubling new study that's been commissioned by the faa and it's finding more than half the air traffic controllers reporting their not getting enough sleep. and that fatigue may lead to
10:47 am
mistakes that endanger the safety of travelers nationwide. nbc's pete williams joins me now from washington with more on this. pete, what are the detail of this commission report? >> well, thomas, the faa asked nasa scientists to do this study acting after the devastating crash of a commuter airplane in 2006 in lexington, kentucky. that plane turned on to the wrong runway for takeoff and the air traffic controller failed to notice it. the plane crashed 49 people were killed. the government blamed pilot error but noted the controller had worked all night with only two hours of sleep before his shift. now, this is what the study done by nasa concluded. it said, two out of ten controllers said they had made significant mistakes on the job like letting airplanes get too close. over half of those blamed those mistakes on fatigue. most said they were getting less than six hours of sleep a night before their shifts. some even said they were getting less than three hours sleep. now, the study was actually done
10:48 am
in 2013 -- or 2012, rather, and since then there have been other study on the same issue of fatigue which continues to be a chronic problem. the faa says since this study was done it's made some changes. for example, it's requiring more than one controller on overnight shifts. it's limiting consecutive late night duty. it's saying that controllers have to get at least nine hours between shifts and they say, as a result of all of these changes, controllers are now more alert, thomas. >> pete, is that how they're explaining away the changes that you referenced about why this study was kept secret for several years? >> well, the faa says it wasn't kept secret. it says that when they initially got the results of the nasa study, they thought the sign tiszs we tests were ignoring real world complications that controllers have to work on so they asked them to go back and do it again. however, it has to be said that the faa didn't release the study until the a.p. reported on it
10:49 am
although the faa said they were going to release it anyway. >> pete, thank you, sir. coming up next, clinton and bush who? pete the 3-year-old mayor getting a head start on his family's political dynasty. and still ahead, the method to google's rebranding madness. we've got the details coming your way in the next hour. ♪ no student's ever been the king of the campus on day one. but you're armed with a roomy new jansport backpack, a powerful new dell 2-in-1 laptop, and durable new stellar notebooks, so you're walking the halls with varsity level swagger. that's what we call that new gear feeling. you left this on the bus... get it at the place with the experts
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so the city of dorsett, minnesota, has elected its youngest mayor ever. meet james tufts. the 3-year-old is the newest leader of the tiny town, population of 22. and james follows in the footsteps of his 6 year year brother, bobby, who surfed as mayor of dorsett for two terms. move over george and jeb. you could be looking at america's next political dynasty. joining me now is james tufts, the mayor of dore dorset,
10:53 am
minnesota, his brother and their mom as well. mr. mayor, congratulations to you. you're sitting on your mom's lap right now. explain how you feel winning the election. >> i feel so good and kind of bad. >> everything feels good and kind of bad all at the same time? >> yeah. >> yeah? well, that's politics. you can ask your older brother bobby. bobby, what do you think of your younger brother getting elected and taking over for you you had two terms as mayor. what advice did you give him? >> i gave him -- look in the eyes when you're talking and shake hands with your right hand. >> that's good. shake hands with your right hand. so, mom, how do you feel about having two young politicians in the family, and explain what it meant for bobby to help his little brother out to take over for him? >> well, i think it's pretty cool.
10:54 am
robert has the stepped up and helped james out, just communicating with people and talking to people and how to be appropriate in public. so i think that part of it's been pretty cool. they're naturally always together and have each other's backs, so it just kind of works out well that they would do this together. >> and, emma, do you have more kids? >> no. >> is this it? >> this is it. >> this is it for you. so the town of dorset, population 22, now there's no formal city government so this is a ceremonial post. but, mr. mayor, and let me speak to james, what do you think is the biggest priority for dorset right now? what's the most important thing for your city?
10:55 am
>> bring people presents when they're at the kid hospital. >> that's a great answer, to take people presents when they're at the kid hospital. now i think you probably both know that to be in politics and to be successful you need to have good political hair. so can we see what you guys look like without your hats on? >> oh, man, take your hats off, dudes. >> hey, look at that. yes! you definitely have political hair, both of you. so congratulations. mom, you've done great work with these two young politicians. >> thank you. >> and we wish you nothing but the best of luck as you will govern over dorset, mr. mayor. so it's mayor tufts, former mayor tufts, and emma tufts. do a spit shine on the hair. very good. you're raising money in all 50 states to battle leukemia, so best of luck to all of you and that's, mr. mayor, your ifb so if you pull that out of your ear
10:56 am
you can't hear me. >> there you go. >> there you go. mr. mayor, now you can hear me. i know these things are a pain in the butt. we'll have much more coverage. thank you, tufts family. bye, mr. mayor. much more on our top stories when we come back. the toxic sludge in colorado's animals river. only one fish, that's it, just one, has died as a result of this millions of gallons of sludge filling up. anyway, we'll talk about that and how soon the water could be safe plus developing news on the most prominent self-proclaimed whiner, donald trump. he's leading in two new battleground states. yes, whining equals winning. is donald trump's blunt rhetoric helping or hurting the gop? and rick perry's 2016 campaign, is it on life support? his staffers not being paid in all states. how much longer will former
10:57 am
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so this hour on msnbc environmental catastrophe, a toxic spill in the animas refer three times bigger than originally reported and spreading. so how could this have happened? colorado's government getting a firsthand look at the damage done on the ground this hour, and he is certainly not happy. everyone's angry, right? i was angry. >> so what's the danger to people and wildlife who live along that waterway? also ahead, dust-up in arizona. look at this incredible picture. a dust storm on the move developing in phoenix. we'll have the very latest from there straight ahead. hi, everybody. i'm thomas roberts. full coverage of those stories coming up. we begin with two new polls suggesting donald trump may be bulletproof at least for the time being in summer. a new suffolk university survey indicates that he is still ahead in iowa. another said he's still ahead in new hampshire.
11:01 am
his comments about megyn kelly, john mccain, mexicans, none of it seems to hurt him. none of it. trump even returned to the fox news airwaves today to hit hillary clinton as well as his pell low republican candidate scott walker. trump also appeared on cnn. and there he said the secret to winning is whining. in fact, he says he's one of the best. take a listen. >> i am the most fabulous whiner. i do whine because i want to win and i'm not happy -- >> are whiners winners? >> i am a whiner and i'm a whiner and i keep whining and whining until i win, and i'm going to win for the country and i'm going to make our country great again. >> joining me now msnbc's jane tims. let's talk about the new poll and the breakdown of the new poll because there are certain calf yats f caveats. >> trump is still doing well. he's been leading in all the polls and he's going to do that for a little while. we're seeing some changes below him and that's what's really
11:02 am
important to look at here. in the iowa poll they asked if you watched the debate, what did you think? governor scott walker is tied with trump. that's huge. trump says he won the debate by all accounts. walker did well among iowa republicans. when you look at the new hampshire poll, john kasich who just announced he's running for president did very well, shot up in the polls, and he had a strong debate performance amongst new hampshire republicans who are looking for more of a compassionate conservative, someone who is just a little bit more metered than donald trump. i watched the debates in cleveland with ohio republicans who were maybe a little bit more discerning than the bombastic base and they were looking hard at john kasich. he's a compassionate conservative. >> meanwhile, we're looking at carly fiorina, really a breakthrough, and she did not appear during the main debate. she was during the happy hour debate, but explain how she's almost near double digits now and all campaigns are looking at that and taking her seriously. >> carly fiorina shot up.
11:03 am
we didn't think anyone would watch the kids table debate. it was the consolation. but she seems like the adult at the kids table. she did well. her points were coherent, very thoughtful. she didn't go off on tangents like mr. trump did at times. everyone i talked to said, you know, i think she might have been the winner of both, a possible contender as the overall winner. maybe the main stage debate, they couldn't decide who had won perhaps. >> jane timm, thank you very much. and i'm joined now by james from "the washington post." you've heard the sound we've been playing of donald trump when he says the key to success is about whining. on friday, though, you wrote this for "the post" saying in politics, when you're whining, you're usually losing. so who's right? you or trump? >> i am. good to be with you, thomas. donald trump's been on defense now for several days. he's unable to turn the page. the fact that he's still talking
11:04 am
about the megyn kelly comments today shows that there is real drift. he's not talking about his underlying message. he's talking about himself. i think we're seeing weakness in some of the polls. one of the things that has actually been surprising about trump's strength is he's doing about as well with women as men. i think this controversy unlike the other ones will take a toll on trump's standing. as people do start to pay a little bit more attention to what trump is saying rather than the idea of someone who is taking on the status quo and the establishment, it's inevitable he'll come back to earth. >> so this morning, roger stone, who is trump's ex-strategist, appeared on "morning joe." at one point he explained the end of summer could spell problems for donald trump. i want to play that for everybody. take a listen. >> if you look at the polling where trump has made his greatest gains is among voters between 59 and 70 and mostly his greatest gains in the south. why? it's summertime and people are inside watching television. and when his opponents come into
11:05 am
those same markets with paid television, the potential for real change is there. >> so is there a problem with people that would describe this as a summer romance, a fling, or do you think there is more substance here that everybody continues to underestimate the potential of donald trump for the right? >> i think every summer before a presidential campaign you have someone who catches the fancy of the base, gets super excited. remember at this point four years ago michele bachmann was leading in the polls. then rick perry. donald trump is now trying to create a professional organization. there's obviously a lot of turmoil, the fact that roger stone is now out of the fold. i think it will be a big struggle. donald trump is unable to run ads like other candidates are. he's not raising money from people beyond himself, and i think he'll struggle to build a professionalized campaign
11:06 am
operation that can kind of last beyond getting free media attention. >> he's self-financed so that takes him out of the issue of the deal about raising cash. as you talk about having an organized ground game, that is the big deal. we are giving free airtime to trump and all the conversations, so why buy ads? the organization on the ground is really where it comes into play. >> and one of the things you have to watch is elites. you can run against washington and d.c. insiders and lobbyists and such. they're never going to get behind donald trump. no elected officials in the early states are either. what you need is state reps and state senators in places like iowa and new hampshire to get behind you and to work for you and to validate that you're serious and viable. and trump isn't getting those people. a lot of the people who are answering these polling surveys right now necessarily twh you're doing the surveys you have to have a wide reach. a lot of people who say they're going to vote in the iowa
11:07 am
caucuses don't vote in the iowa caucuses and the people who do aren't endorsing or getting behind donald trump. >> james, great to have you on. thank you, sir. >> thanks, thomas. >> we've been asking you to weigh in on our poll question. is donald trump's blunt rhetoric helping or hurting the gop? so let's take a look at how you have been reacting to the polls. 50/50? this is split right down the middle. we'll ask you to keep the debate going. you can weigh in. hey, there we go. 49% to 51%. helping. we'll have much more to come on donald trump plus another look at your votes. breaking news now out of colorado. that toxic sludge pouring through the animas river, and let's show you what it looks like. governor john hickenlooper was touring the contaminate d river. scientists walked him through a
11:08 am
fish hatchery to show him the affect on wildlife. here is what the governor had to say moments ago. >> this was not acceptable and they're going to do everything humanly possible to make sure it never happens again. use the water for when properly treated for public consumption. we're not read why i to make that decision yet. >> earlier where the head of the environmental protection agency, the epa, addressed concerns about this spill. >> i understand people's frustration, but we have our researchers and scientists working around the clock. our commitment is to get this right and to make sure we're protecting public health. thankfully there have been no reported cases of anyone's health being compromised. >> so here are the facts as we know them. about 3 million gallons of this yellow/orange sludge began spilling last wednesday. that's when a cleanup crew supervised by the epa accidentally breached a dam.
11:09 am
they were working inside the king mine which has been inactive since 1923. joining me is kate shepard, an environment and energy editor for ""the huffington post"." tests have shown so far the water isn't putting animals in harm's way. i would think as we look at those aerials that it's way too early to make that call. >> right. the numbers we've seen so far have shown really high levels of arsenic, of lead, things you really don't want to ingest, you don't want wildlife ingesting. the numbers that we've seen are now a few days old. people are unsure of what the levels are now. they're unsure how far downstream it's traveled. that's what i think the scientists and researchers are looking at and trying to figure out how to contain it so it doesn't travel far downstream and can be cleaned up as efficiently as possible. >> meanwhile, the epa was overseeing what work was being done at this closed down mine. so that's where the sludge began from. it dates back to boeing closed
11:10 am
down before the epa even began. but how do they work at being able to divert or clean this water and keep it from actually contaminating other places, moving on from colorado into new mexico? >> well, the containment area so they can keep it from traveling downstream. they'll set up monitoring to see how far it travels downstream. and one of the questions is how do you -- even if the water looks clear, how do you know how much has accumulated at the bottom of the stream, how long will that stay in place? as you pointed out, it's not just this mine site which is from 1923, there are thousands of abandoned mines that need to be cleaned up across the country. while we see a catastrophic spill at one place, this is bigger than just one might. >> kate sheppard with "the huffington post." thank you for your time. now we move on to breaking news we've been following out of arizona. that's incredible pictures of a dust storm moving into phoenix just a short time ago. look at that. visibility dropping to nearly zero and there were wind gusts
11:11 am
of about 50 miles per hour. thousands in the area are without power and they could be without power for hours. coming up, two rt roers now facing charges after a run-in with police in ferguson more than a year ago. i'm going to speak with one of them, "the huffington post's" ryan riley joins us next. plus, short on cash? rick perry's campaign tells its staff it can't pay them. is his bid for the oval office in real trouble, or does everybody continue to volunteer that's on his staff? and 50 years since the los angeles watts riots. what's changed and what hasn't? we'll take a look into that. we'll be right back. first a grim milestone reached in baltimore overnight. 200 homicides so far this year. last year baltimore didn't reach 200 until december 7. this is according to the baltimore sun and it's been more than four decades since a wave of violence has struck the city like this. staying in rhythm... it's how i try to live...
11:12 am
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one day, it started to rain and rain. water got inside and ruined everybody's everythings. the house thought she let the family down. but the family just didn't think a flood could ever happen. the reality is, floods do happen. protect what matters. get flood insurance. visit to learn more.
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11:15 am
developing now in ferguson, missouri, a state of emergency remains in effect as police try to keep the peace following violence early monday morning that authorities say was perpetrated by criminals not protesters. and demonstrations were peaceful last night though police say they did make 85 arrests throughout the day. we're marking the one-year anniversary since the death of michael brown and it was during that coverage where two reporters were arrested covering the initial protests last year. they've now been issued court summonses and charged. one of those reporters is "the washington post's" wesley lowry. this is video that he shot of last year's confrontation. the other was huffington post reporter ryan riley caught in another confrontation with police last night. and i'm joined from ferguson by ryan riley of "the huffington post" and he is joined by
11:16 am
missouri state senator maria chappelle. what happened last night? >> there were protesters that made their way into the stroet and police decided, who were on the other side of the street, that was reason for them to go in and run down the outside. so there was this massive running and everyone scattered because they were afraid of the police coming in and a number of people who were caught were charged with, i guess, interfering with the duties of the police officer. what was interesting here, it's a different tactic than the successful tactics that we've seen deployed here in front of the ferguson police department where essentially instead of worrying so much about keeping the street open, they just shut down the street and redirect traffic around because it's not that difficult to do or that hard to do and allow protesters to demonstrate to exercise their first amendment rights. last night that was a different tactic and they were keen on keeping that pathway open even when as a result of trying to
11:17 am
get people out of the street they blocked the stroet stroet on their own. >> let's talk about the summons, what the charging states. from the police you were charged with trespassing on private property, interfering with police officers' performance. now a committee to protect journalists have called on those charges to be dropped immediately. these were issued based on your coverage last year when you were there initially for the aftermath of michael brown's death. >> yeah, wes and i will be fine. we have the backing of major media companies and this will turn out great for us. it's not like an issue. i think it really speaks to the broader issues here in general. we're not the only people illegitimately and illegally arrested. we're just the people the media is willing to accept our version of what happened and not immediately default to the police narrative, the false police narrative often we saw in a lot of these reports coming out. police did misconstrue and lie
11:18 am
about what they said happened last year a lot of the time. that was very frequent. we saw it in a settlement with another journalist they claimed was standing in the middle of the street and i guess performing a sit-in when reality there is video showing he was on the sidewalk at the time and they had to pay out a settlement and they lied in a police report. that's a high-ranking official. that's extraordinary if they're willing to lie about a journalist when recorded on video, what else are they willing to lie about? >> meanwhile, state senator, let's get everybody caught up to speed on tyrone harris. he is a local person who was shot by police on the 9th. there were four plain clothed police officers involved in this and the police is saying, according to media reports, that he used a stolen gun to fire on police there were alternate groups trying to take advantage, to take advantage of the vulnerabilities of the one-year
11:19 am
anniversary of the loss of michael brown. explain how this has played out in the community. >> well, i have to tell you there are two trains of thought right now. there are some people who really do believe that police officers should have been looking for all suspects in this case. we have heard that there are six people who were in that engagement and only one was pursued. and so while we are waiting on the information coming from tyrone harris and his family to see how he's doing, we also want those other five people who were engaged in this altercation to turn themselves in because it's the right thing to do. but the other thing is, this happens far too often where there are people who are in the streets who take stolen guns. they go in cars, in people's homes. i want to separate this situation with gun safety from what has been happening with michael brown. these are two different issues that should be separated. we have had a problem for a very
11:20 am
long time of people going into households and cars and businesses and taking guns and illegally possessing them, and it's truly a concern for this entire community as well as the entire nation. >> these are two different trains of thoughts that are kind of being conflated because of the anniversary date when this happened. this is a criminal element that's being exposed. do you agree that plain clothed officers are needed? are you okay with that? >> i'm still thinking about it. i don't have an opinion as of yet because i do know that all law enforcement, they do have the responsibility to make sure all of us are protected, even the peaceful protesters. but what my concern is is that the other evening we had the plain clothesed officers and they put people at risk by pursuing this individual, mr.
11:21 am
harr harris, and we didn't know if anything would happen to the audience. while we understand that police officers do have a responsibility to ensure that all people are safe, we want them to follow protocol. we have seen time and time again that police officers do not follow protocol as they should. >> are you saying that plainclothes officers shouldn't police against a criminal element while peaceful protests are going on, these officers should somehow forego the responsibilities of policing? >> i'm not saying that at all. what i'm saying is -- i'm not a police officer and there are things that you have to do to ensure that people are safe. you also have to follow up whenever there is danger. what i am concerned about is that protocol is always followed and people are in a situation
11:22 am
where they're not harmed, and i've been hearing stories time and time again where there are individuals who were trampled by these plainclothesed officers. i'm not an officer but when there is a pursuit, the people who are innocent are not harmed in that pathway. >> maria chappelle-nadal and ryan rieilly, i appreciate it. google is rocking the tech world announcing a major reorganization including a new name. alphabet. so what else is going to change? plus -- >> cheers. >> the first food grown entirely in space. nasa's garden from the stars straight ahead. it's so shiny. i know, mommy, but it's time to let the new kitchen get some sleep. ♪ if you want beautiful results, you know where to go.
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stop taking victoza and call your doctor right away if you have signs of pancreatitis, such as severe pain that will not go away in your abdomen or from your abdomen to your back, with or without vomiting. tell your doctor about all the medicines you take and if you have any medical conditions. taking victoza with a sulfonylurea or insulin may cause low blood sugar. the most common side effects are nausea, diarrhea, and headache. some side effects can lead to dehydration, which may cause kidney problems. if your pill isn't giving you the control you need... ask your doctor about non-insulin victoza. it's covered by most health plans. they make little hearts happy and big hearts happy too because as part of a heart healthy diet, those delicious oats in cheerios can help naturally lower cholesterol. how can something so little... help you do something so big. so developing news, potential bad news for jets
11:26 am
fans. the starting quarterback geno smith, has been injured in a fight in the teamer erteam's lo and will likely miss six to eight weeks. smith suffered a broken jaw when he was, quote, sucker punched by his teammate jets linebacker impal dwra. he has been cut from the team following the rare locker room brawl. six to ten weeks, okay. so a surprise move by one of the world's most valuable companies, google is getting a lot of attention today. so maybe you heard the tech giant announced "g" is for google, the formation of a new parent company called alphabet. and google says the move is being made to allow the company to pursue new adventures like self-driving cars and delivery drones, celebrating this move while the new organization is really just "c" for confusing. seth is here, the senior business reporter. he would prefer to talk about
11:27 am
the jets and geno smith, but we'll make you talk about google. so what does this mean? is this google saying that's the other company not us that's going to experiment with these products especially if they are not successful. >> you're sure we can't talk about the jets? >> we can but maybe the third question. >> that's mostly it. this is a big deal for goog. wi google but more for google employees and their investors. for those like you and i will not change as a search service but will allow the company to give out more ceo titles, to acquire bigger companies within their portfolio and focus on bigger investment. >> this is not unusual. apple did this before. people know what we're talking about.
11:28 am
how do you think that helps or hurts? >> the smart glasses that ultimately blew up on them, maybe now it doesn't blow up on google the brand but alphabet. this is a company that wants to make a great deal of investments. >> i think what will be interesting is whether some in this portfolio, google ventures, whether they become public or spun out, whether google can really build a set of businesses like berkshire hathaway that each of them generates profit and revenue. as it stands now google is by far the biggest shark in the portfolio. everyone else, all the other
11:29 am
properties don't do well. >> we've run out of time. i can't talk to you about the jets and geno smith unless you can tell me why he was sucker punched. >> i can make up a theory. >> thank you. short on cash, rick perry's campaign telling its staffers it can't pay them. so do they stick around and volunteer for him or is the campaign in real trouble? taking off the gloves, hillary clinton takes on three republican rivals. we'll take you live to her latest tour in new hampshire. in colorado heavy rain yesterday caused flash floods. this was colorado springs. incredible video showing cars being lifted, washed down the street by the rushing water. a flash flood warning was issued and storms are expected to continue today and wednesday. hey terry stop! they have a special! so, what did you guys think of the test drive? i love the jetta. but what about a deal? terry, stop! it's quite alright... you know what? we want to make a deal with you. we're twins, so could you give us two for the price of one? come on, give us a deal. look at how old i am.
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11:33 am
there was no profit made, no personal gain by this mistake. it was a mistake that was, again, i don't nope the details, but it was a mistake that was made -- i'm assuming it was made in best efforts. >> today we have john hick hickenlooper. he toured the river last hour, scientists walking through a fish hatchery with him showing him how they are examining the sludge's effect on wildlife. so the yellow/orange sludge began spilling last wednesday when a cleanup crew supervised by the epa accidentally breached a dam. they were working inside colorado's gold king mine which has been inactive since 1923. the aerials are stunning. >> let's look at the sludge, what's in it. how big it is by the numbers. you have to keep in mind how huge this spill is.
11:34 am
so far it has stretched from colorado to new mexico, and the spill consists mainly of these five chemicals, arsenic, lead, copper, aluminum, and cadmium. those are the chemicals above the state limit according to the tests and as far as how much of these are actually in the sludge. this isn't necessarily an isolated incident. they estimate there are 55,000 similar abandoned mines in the west. what's the danger here especially when we hear that all but one of the 116 fish were found alive in the park's agency tests. so far preliminary tests showed little danger to fish or other wildlife with only one dead fish found so far. right now the toxins span two states, two tribal governments, and three epa districts. thomas, if this sludge keeps traveling at the current rate, it could reach another two states, but the big question is,
11:35 am
the long-term effects down the road as that keeps traveling, the problems that may pose, thomas. >> a lot to follow. thanks so much. to politics where hillary clinton has been taking the fight to republicans in her current tour of new hampshire. today it's scott walker on college debt. monday donald trump and marco rubio. she compared trump's comments about women to rubio's position that abortion should not be allowed in cases of rape or incest. her point, take a listen. >> so i don't want people to be confused here about the outrageous comments by one and just say we're focused on this and we're going to let the fact that there should be no exceptions for rape or incest go unnoticed or unmentioned. i'm not going to let that happen. >> so joining us now from new hampshire kristen welker who is following the clinton campaign. and it appears that hillary clinton, kristen, is hitting back on the republican candidates across the board here
11:36 am
and painting with a broader stroke brush. >> reporter: absolutely and she's hitting back more aggressively, thomas. she's taking two tactics. on the one hand we're seeing her lumping in all republican candidates with donald trump. every time he makes one of these controversial comments on immigration, on women's issues. of course this week it was women's issues. she tried to make the issue this is indicative republicans are out of touch when it comes to issues women care about. this is something that rallies her base. of course women make up 53% of registered voters so this is a key part of her strategy. the other part, we're seeing her really take direct aim at candidates she thinks posed the biggest threat to her. yesterday it was marco rubio. jeb bush is another candidate but also scott walker. she took direct aim at him today as she unveiled her plan to lower education. the cost of education. here is what she had to say about scott walker. take a listen. >> you take somebody like
11:37 am
governor walker of wisconsin who seems to be delighting in slashing the investment in higher education in his state and making it more difficult for students to get scholarships or to pay off their debt. >> reporter: now scott walker has pushed back against that characterization, but bottom line, secretary clinton trying to rally younger voters, students so critical to the coalition in 2008 and 2012, and who will be key to winning a state like new hampshire where clinton does have a lead. but bernie sanders catching up to her only trails by six points here. thomas? >> that is very close. nbc news correspondent kristen welker in new hampshire. great to see you, thank you. and we've been asking you to weigh in our pulse question of the day. it's about donald trump and his blunt rhetoric. is it helping or hurting the gop? last update your votes were right down the line, 50/50. and now you are 35% helping, 65%
11:38 am
hurting. the pulse is live. we will follow that story and bring you the latest results shortly. could one of the gop candidates soon bite the dust? it's a question a lot of people are asking about rick perry. nbc news has confirmed the former texas governor has stopped paying staffers in all states. it's unclear if this pay suspension will be a permanent one. one source says most staffers are volunteering. i'm joined by political editor cari dann. how early on we are in the process, for the staffers and the marathon of a campaign. >> that's right. the short answer is that rick perry is probably not done quite yet this is a big blow to have to cop firm, in fact, you're not paying any more of your staff just two months into his presidential run and his second attempt at seizing the nomination. here is the thing worth noting. while his campaign has struggled
11:39 am
in fund-raising, which is why they had to freeze this pay, he does have a number of affiliated super pacs that raised a lot of money last quarter, about $17 million. now that money can't be used because of regulations just to pay his previous staff, but they will be able to help with grassroots organizing. i think that will help rick perry stick around for a little longer. >> we will continue to watch and see how everybody reacts if they want to continue working for free. political editor carrie dann, thank you. did you see this? one small bite for man, one giant leaf for mankind. nasa astronauts and japanese astronaut ate the first bites of space grown red romaine lettuce aboard the international space station yesterday. this harvest comes from nasa's vega one experiment. i don't know why that word struck me funny.
11:40 am
how do they taste? apparently like arugula. kind of cool. the padres are not making too many highlight reels this season but their ball girl certainly is. watch this amazing catch after a hard foul ball from matt kemp. she makes an insane jump, ref x reflexive catch. i don't know if we can see that again. phillies pitcher's 92-mile-an-hour pitch, bounced off kemp's bat faster than her amazing catch. earning her play of the game honors. not sure if mr. myagi would approve these moves. a young tae kwon do student trying to earn his first stripe. >> ready, go! >> one leg. one leg, okay? ready, go. this leg.
11:41 am
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[score alert text sound] oh. that's the sound of my interest rate going down. according to this score alert, my fico score just went up to 816. 816. 816! 816! fico scores are used in 90% of credit decisions. so get your credit swagger on. go to, become a member of experian credit tracker, and take charge of your score. and there will be an increase in this notion that there ought to be a different reserve currency because the united states is misbehaving and not, in fact, you know, living by the agreements that it negotiates itself. >> john kerry warning the u.s. dollar could lose status as the world's reserve currency if the u.s. walks away from the iran nuclear deal. kerry made the comments at an event here in new york where he reiterated his defense of the iranian nuclear deal in vienna last month. >> absolutely inconceivable.
11:45 am
only in time of war, full-scale war, do you see this type of ruination. >> so that was a portion of an nbc news special called "a country of watts" that aired in 1975, ten years after the south central l.a. community became a cauldron of racial upheaval. reminiscent of the frustration felt today and the tension between police and the communities they serve before the michael brain, rice, walter scott, sam dubose and the black lives matter movement. 50 years ago today frye was pulled over by a white police officer a few blocks from his mom's house. according to frye he complied with the officer's requests about it got confrontational when his mom was thrown across his car. >> i started to move, he was pushing me back. one had a shotgun and one had a nightstick. and he told me, if you move,
11:46 am
i'll blow your [ bleep ] up the highway. >> that set off days of riots. 35 people died. more than 1,000 and nearly 4,000 arrested. the executive vice president and chief operating officer part of the watts gang task force. nina, it's great to have you here. tell us about the changes since the riots in watts and what hasn't. >> thank you so much for having me. first of all, there have been some truly tremendous changes in terms of the relationships between the community and the police and that has really taken place in the last ten years, and i think credit belongs both to the lapd and particularly the community safety partnership which has worked so hard to become a part of the community and build the kinds of relationships necessary to interact with it a different way. the biggest credit belongs to the community itself, the longtime residents who sat with
11:47 am
police and made sure their concerns were heard and worked collectively to do things a different way. >> in a recent op-ed for the "l.a. times" you say the positive relationship forged between the residents in watts and the police force, that that can be replicated in other parts of the country. so how can that environment and test case be used modern day? >> well, i think several things are important. the first is police in watts really opened themselves up, took the time to really listen to concerns, to hear the pain and frustrations of the community. and interact this a different way. the safety partnership program which places police officers in housing developments don't just police. they coach football. they lead girl scout troops, participate in community events. they've become part of the fabric of the community, and so that means they respond differently when there are issues because they don't see the children of watts as a problem. they see them as potential
11:48 am
bright spots that can be cultivated to have different kinds of futures. >> and that's how we should look at all of our kids as these lights that are going to continue to get brighter as they get older and as they get wiser. but as we look at what has happened, nina, with outrage in certain communities where we've seen a disproportionate response from police toward young black men and now we have the black lives movement, how do you think they can take past lessons and make them work for what today's movement means? >> one of the main lessons is these things take time. one community meeting or one session is not going to solve a problem. it took several years for the community and the police to really be able to forge the kind of trust and relationship so there was information being shared. and what happens is if something is happening in the community, the community members feel safe
11:49 am
telling the police what's going on because they know the police will respond to it appropriately and what's happened in watts is you have actually seen two very important results. violent crime has dropped within the housing developments by two-thirds and secondarily the level of trust and relationships between the police has completely changed. that's not something, i think, is necessarily true of the rest of lapd and certainly not of policing throughout the country. >> nina vrevoyr, thanks for beig on. the jets starting quarterback, geno smith, injured in a fight in the team's locker room. be a now, guess what, he's likely going to miss six to ten weeks. more on the impact and why this happened next. a new season brings a new look. a chance to try something different. this summer, challenge your preconceptions
11:50 am
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so as we mentioned earlier,
11:53 am
the new york jets quarterback geno smith was injured in a locker room fight and will miss six to ten weeks. the jets coach made this stunning announcement today saying he suffered a broken jaw when he was, quote, sucker punched by his teammate that is the jets linebacker i.k. enemkpali. enemkpali has been cut from the team following this rare locker room brawl. i'm joined now by "the washington post's" cindy borne, a sportswriter and editor of "the early lead." cindy, what do you make of this? what do you know about the relationship between these two players? >> this came completely out of the blue. i don't think anyone thought they had much of a relationship given that one plays on defense, one on offense. according to the coach, this was something that was childish, wasn't even based on football. now more will come out, i'm sure, in the next few hours. even for the jets, a team that brought us the butt fumble, this is beyond anything imaginable. this is just wild. >> as we think about the injury
11:54 am
here, again, a sucker punch that can keep smith sidelined for up to ten weeks, how does that affect the team and what they're going to go through not being able to rely on smith? >> well, the team was going to have a competition. he's the starter and presumably they'll be in the market for a backup for ryan fitzpatrick. it depends is it more like six weeks that he's out? is it ten weeks? who knows? geno smith shared a photo of himself and instagram and he looked okay for a guy who is headed to the hospital to have some work done on his jaw. >> that's amazing. so we get this from the espn jets coach, apparently he came down hard on enemkpali saying it's something we don't tolerate, something we can't stand. you don't walk up to a man and punch him in the face. so he's out. he's gone. >> right. he had no position of strength
11:55 am
really here. he was a sixth round draft pick in 2014. he's an expendable guy and you don't punch the star, geno smith -- he was the starting quarterback. you don't punch this guy in the face. you just don't do it. >> yeah, i know, but the back story here, cindy, we have to figure that one out. >> well, that's, you know, this is where the interesting speculation comes in. what were they -- what triggered this? what was the problem? supposedly there hadn't been any issues on the field anyone had noted. you'll notice cam newton got in a fight with a defensive back. there wasn't anything like that here and people thought that was a big deal yesterday. this is just enormous. >> explain for everybody the levels at camp. the pressure that certain people are going through, the anxiety that some people might be going through and how that kind of plays into all of this as we wait for more specific detail of how this happened.
11:56 am
that's tough. these are guys that want to play pro football. there's a lot on the line. there's a great deal riding on it, guys like, you know, i.k. who were sixth-round picks, expendable. these things happen in training camp but not like this. little skirmishes on the field, scuffles. >> front page news. cindy boren, we'll let you dig around and get to the bottom of the story. thank you for your time. that's going to wrap things up for me today. thanks for your time. keep the conversation going on social media and stay tuned. my colleague richard lui picks up our coverage next. you are watching msnbc. it's evil. and ladders. sfx: [screams] they have all those warnings on 'em. might as well say... 'you're gonna die, jeff.' you hired someone to clean the gutters. not just someone. angie's list helped me find a highly rated service
11:57 am
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victoza has not been studied with mealtime insulin. victoza is not insulin. do not take victoza if you have a personal or family history of medullary thyroid cancer, multiple endocrine neoplasia syndrome type 2, or if you are allergic to victoza or any of its ingredients. symptoms of a serious allergic reaction may include swelling of face, lips, tongue or throat, fainting or dizziness, very rapid heartbeat, problems breathing or swallowing, severe rash or itching. tell your doctor if you get a lump or swelling in your neck. serious side effects may happen in people who take victoza including inflammation of the pancreas (pancreatitis) which may be fatal. stop taking victoza and call your doctor right away if you have signs of pancreatitis, such as severe pain that will not go away in your abdomen or from your abdomen to your back, with or without vomiting. tell your doctor about all the medicines you take and if you have any medical conditions. taking victoza with a sulfonylurea or insulin may cause low blood sugar. the most common side effects are nausea,
11:59 am
diarrhea, and headache. some side effects can lead to dehydration, which may cause kidney problems. if your pill isn't giving you the control you need... ask your doctor about non-insulin victoza. it's covered by most health plans. ♪ong: rachel platten "fight song" two million, four hundred thirty-four thousand, three hundred eleven people in this city. and only one me. ♪ i'll take those odds. ♪ be unstoppable. the all-new 2015 ford edge. tuesday afternoon on msnbc. i'm richard lui. the president has escaped washington but not his political troubles.
12:00 pm
and an nfl quarterback sidelined for the start of the season after a locker room brawl. we're talking a sucker punch and a broken jaw. our top story, though, this hour the clock ticking on congress just 37 days left to vote on that highly controversial nuclear deal with eiran. and here's the kicker, they're in time-out for 29 of those days. now notice the scheduled august break. notice when they come back. notice that leaves only eight working days before the deadline. that's why a select group of democrats are spending the next few weeks whipping up support while some republicans move to block it. chuck schumer one of the most influential on that topic opposes the deal. he wants negotiators to go back to the drawing board. >> neither situation is hardly clear cut, agreement or no agreement. the alternative is not war. i'd be very much opposed to war. it is to go back to the bargaining table and come to a


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