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tv   News Nation  MSNBC  August 13, 2015 8:00am-9:01am PDT

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contraba contraband. i'll talk live with one of manning's attorneys. but first, we begin with the update on several breaking news stories for you this morning. at least 50 people are now confirmed dead and hundreds injured after a massive explosion in china. it happened just late last night in the chinese city of tianjin. authorities say a warehouse storing highly flammable materials exploded at least twice. the shocks were felt six miles away, actually even registering on an earthquake monitor. the fire was so big, it could be seen from space. 12 firefighters are among the dead. chinese state media say 700 people are hospitalized. traces of cyanide have been found in ditches near the scene. authorities say they are not sure yet what caused that massive explosion. we're also following breaking news out of baghdad, isis says it's responsible for a
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huge truck bomb that killed dozens in a crowded market this morning. 67 people are confirmed dead. another 125 wounded. isis led by sunnis say it targeted a shiite neighborhood and that more attacks would come. and a developing story we're following here in the states, a famous minneapolis nightclub shut down after part of the ceiling came crashing down during a concert. >> the water main just broke. >> chaos erupted moments after the ceiling collapsed at the first avenue club around 10:00 p.m. local time last night. almost 800 people were inside at the time. reporter melissa colorado from our nbc affiliate in minneapolis has the story. >> reporter: parts of the ceiling of a legendary downtown minneapolis club came crashing down wednesday night bringing the show to a sudden end and
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sending hundreds of concertgoers running. >> suddenly, you could see these red lights flashing and part of the ceiling just -- boom, like, caved right in. >> the sprinklers came on and everything fell down. >> reporter: witnesses say it happened during a performance by canadian rock band theory of a dead man. they say they saw smoke and then sprinklers turned on near the back of the venue, moments before the ceiling fell, causing a water pipe to burst. >> i didn't know if it was a fire or what happened. then a big chunk fell down. i didn't know if it landed on anybody. >> reporter: first avenue nightclub was quickly evacuated as the fire department investigated the scene. officials say three people were hurt and two were taken to the hospital with minor injuries. many successful artists launched their careers at the popular club, including prince, a frequent performer there in the
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'80s who also filmed parts of his movie "purple rain" in the landmark building. but this morning, concertgoers are remembering their experience at the nightclub for a very different reason. officials say the cause of the collapse still unknown. >> that was melissa colorado reporting. the club manager says inspectors will be inside that building all day today and they're not sure when they will be able to reopen. now to politics and new polls this morning showing the anti-establishment candidates in the race for president surging. on the republican side, a new cnn/orc poll shows donald trump with his biggest lead yet in iowa. eight points. now in second place, ben carson. the poll also finds donald trump leading the field in iowa on who would best handle many of the top issues including the economy, immigration and terrorism, that as the republican front-runner gets hit from all sides, including from his republican rival, senator rand paul.
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paul released an ad accusing trump of being a phony conservative. >> in many cases i probably identify more as a democrat. >> we have now people up there who say such profound things as, you're stupid, you're fired, you're a pig, you look terrible, you only have half a brain. and then when you respond with an argument, it's like, you're stupid. >> and on the other side, hillary clinton is dealing with the ongoing fallout over turning over her private e-mail server to the fbi. her campaign spokesperson e-mailed supporters yesterday writing, hillary did not send any classified materials over e-mail. she also stressed there's no criminal probe. meantime, the new poll shows clinton maintaining a solid 19-point lead in iowa over senator bernie sanders, a day after a shocking poll showed her falling behind sanders in new hampshire.
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joining us live, senator bernie sanders' campaign manager jeff weaver. >> thanks for having me. >> let me get the campaign's reaction to the notion that bernie sanders and donald trump are somehow in this same pot of anger. >> there's a difference between a reality tv candidate and a reality candidate. bernie sanders is speaking to the reality of people's lives. they can't afford the cost of college education. they're working longer hours for lower wages. they can't afford health care. their jobs are being shipped overseas because of disastrous trade policies. they see the impact of global warming. bernie sanders has diagnosed the problem and offered specific solutions to deal with these problems, very different than what you're seeing with donald trump's campaign. >> do you believe that hillary clinton is not speaking to those problems? she talked about the affordability issues facing those who like to go to college -- the same laundry list that you pointed out senator
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sanders is discussing but he is seeing the movement up and in some polls, she's seeing it go down. is she not speaking to reality and has that given him an opening? >> we're not really focused on secretary clinton. she'll run her campaign. but we are talking about the issues we believe are important and offering the solutions, the bold solutions that we believe will help address these problems. this is really not about bernie versus hillary. if you look inside the new hampshire poll where senator sanders has moved ahead, 80% of democratic voters have a positive view of secretary clinton. it's about the issues being presented to people and the solutions the candidates are offering and democrats are moving to these solutions that senator sanders is offering. >> i get that you don't want to cause dissent in the party but to say it's not bernie sanders versus hillary clinton, they're running against one another and both talking about similar issues. and in the end, when you're deciding the vote, you get behind the person you believe can solve those problems.
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so that is an "a" versus a "b." >> in that context, it's fair. but it's really about the solutions they're offering, not about the person or the personality. it's about who can offer the bold solutions that are needed to deal with the problems that people are facing. i think people are tired of establishment politics. they're tired of establishment solutions. they're tired of establishment economics which have left so many americans behind. >> does hillary clinton fall into the establishment politics you believe that people are tired of? >> that's what voters will have to decide. that's the voters' choice in this race. all we can do is lay out our agenda. and then the voters will ultimately be the referees in terms of what they think is best able to solve the problems. >> i'll give you a chance to respond to donald trump who said he would never have allowed members of black lives matter to take over the podium as was the case that happened to senator sanders and he insists that that means that the senator is
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somehow weak. what's your response to that? >> well, first of all, donald trump has the facts wrong. senator sanders was speaking at another group's event on the issue of social security. if you roll the tape back, you can see on the left, the guy with the hat is the one who comes up to the microphone and gives the microphone to the protesters. he just has his facts wrong. >> thank you so much for joining us. we hope to have the senator on very soon as well. thank you so much. >> thanks so much. let's bring in our political panel today, jonathan allen and lee carter. jonathan, i'll start off with you hear. you heard senator sanders' campaign manager not wanting to pit this bernie sanders versus hillary clinton. it is about ideas and solutions and with 30,000 people showing up at one event for bernie sanders, how can they ignore that this may present clinton as the establishment that people are tired of and that's why he's surging?
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>> i think he's trying very carefully to make the contrast between the two of them without making it seem like there's dirty politics involved. democrats generally don't like that in their primaries. bernie sanders has made a point of saying he's never run a negative ad in his career. it hurts his brand if he goes negative. they seem to be benefiting from not only from sanders getting his message out but also from clinton struggling with the e-mail controversy with some issues sort of outside of the basic democratic primary construct that are bringing her down. >> lee, this is not just about obviously bernie sanders' surge but the democratic party. you now have ben carson in second place, donald trump still holding on despite the head-shaking of the establishment within the gop and jeb bush in some polls, i'm sure his team -- they have to be stymied at why he's not been able to pick up traction. how do you explain it? >> i explain it in saying, they say that trump is the anger candidate. i would disagree with that.
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81% of the people on both sides of the aisle feel like the representatives in d.c., the politicians are not representing their interests. so they're looking for something different. i think that explains bernie sanders, complaiexplains trump explains carson. it's important what he's tapping into. can trump go the long haul? i don't know. i think bush's strategy is much like mccain's in 2004 which is, i'm hanging back, let them have a celebrity death match and hopefully have a surge later on. >> i know you say you don't like to look at it as anger buts that it seems when you listen to donald trump exactly what he's tapping into when you hear from his supporters, there is a level of anger. when you say, let's make america great again, you and i both know think about what we heard four years ago, we want our country back. that is tapping to not the rosier side when you say that you need to make your country great again, that implies it is not great now. >> i think that's true. what we're seeing is people are really frustrated. they feel like government no
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longer represents them. when he goes out and he speaks, he seems very authentic. he doesn't seem like he's toeing my party lines. i think other candidates seem very political, straightforward and people are frustrated and they want voice to that. >> let me play what donald trump said recently about possibly having a female running mate. we heard about what he said last week about megyn kelly. >> i would be delighted if it were the right person. it would be a great honor to have a woman as a running mate. >> just saying that, you think? >> i don't know. he's said so many crazy things like i have had plenty of women working for me. they make lots of money. i think he's trying desperately to say, i love women. but is he going to do it? i don't know. >> how long will the gop put up for him saying, i've hired lots of women, why not give us the lay of the land on his company record? how many women ceos do you have?
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what positions are these women that you refer to, building this wall, where are the specifics? when will republicans start pushing him on the specifics of the words that he just floats out with very little pushback? >> he's a bully. i think people are trying to ask him tough questions and he's not answering them. he's bombastic, he goes after things, he doesn't care what people think. it's going to be hard to pin him down and i think the republicans will have a hard time because he's threatening to go out in the middle and that will ruin them. >> jon, i think it is interesting that lee says he may not go the long haul. it was just about a month ago that people were saying, no way, he's gone. and i've watched these pundits fall off like fall leaves, those willing to stand strong that he will not at least linger longer than many suspected. >> i think at this point it looks like donald trump is in very good position to collect some delegates, to be on the
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republican convention stage to influence this primary, even if he's not the one who eventually will win it. and so he's a factor the republican party is going to have to deal with going forward for at least the next year. and i think republican leaders would be wise to try to figure out how to deal with that. . >> jonathan and lee, thank you both. coming up, colorado's governor tries to ease lingering questions over the toxic chemical spill that's still moving downstream and affecting at least two separate states. >> this water, the metals are at pre-incident event. >> while this stunt may not have sickened the governor, he says no one else should drink the water. i'll talk live with new mexico's agricultural secretary about the concerns so many people, many of them farmers, have right now. plus, a drone flies into the path of a medical helicopter in california. this as a new report reveals the shocking number of encounters
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epa administrator gina mccarthy will be in new mexico today to inspect her agency's response efforts to the toxic water spill on the animas river. the epa say the test results show that the water has returned to normal levels after the spill. yesterday, the colorado governor drank water directly from the river to prove the water is now safe for humans though he cautioned that others should not try to drink it, too. but downstream in new mexico's
8:18 am
san juan river, leaders continue to caution farmers even though the water may look normal, they should not use it for irrigation until further notice. the prospect of losing crops is putting a big strain on farmers like cheryl and her husband earl. >> what's going to hurt the most is when people start saying to us, you have contaminated food, we won't buy from you. that's the worst. >> we're experiencing it. we're dealing with it. we're stressing out on it. i can't sleep at night no more just thinking about it. >> joining me now, new mexico's secretary of agriculture, jeff woody. thank you so much for your time. >> you bet, good morning. >> i'm sure you just heard that clip we played from the two farmers and many others throughout the area. what do you say to people? they're in tears and worried that they will not be able to make a living as a result of really the absence of
8:19 am
information in some cases on the long-term effect that could have? >> we're all extremely frustrated with the lack of timely information coming out and the conflicting information that's coming out from the epa. region 8 says one thing. region 6 says something else. we're dealing also with region 9. we're telling our farmers, we're working with our farming and ranching communities and making provisions to get water hauled to livestock so that they can be safe and we're encouraging the farmers not to irrigate too early until we get the results. food safety is paramount and we want to make sure that the water they do put on it is safe. a priority has been placed on taking care of vegetable crops but some of our 4-h crops are having to wait a few days more. >> you talk about the conflict information you're receiving. the epa administrator was there and said the very good news is
8:20 am
that the data so far is showing the water quality does restore itself to its prior conditions so we're going to be using that lesson as we move downstream. she went on to talk about this in an optimistic way that perhaps they are getting better footing here. but if you're getting conflicting information and you're a city leader, a state leader, then who are these people to rely on to get the accurate information here? >> well, i think that's going to be a challenge in the future because we've got the city governments pulling their own samples. the state is pulling their own examples and the epa is pulling their samples. and there's a likelihood that some of those might not all match together. i think we'll have to have a real unified effort to compare data and make sure we're talking with one voice. that's been the challenge so far. we're hearing things out of colorado and then it doesn't mesh with what's going on in new mexico.
8:21 am
we're going to work hard. our state is working very hard, the governor is working very hard with the governor of utah and colorado to make sure we get the right kind of data out there so we can have reliable data. our residents can have confidence in what's coming out. i think that's going to be important down the road. >> jeff white, new mexico's secretary of agriculture, thank you so much, jeff, for your time. coming up, california becomes the first state to ban grand juries in cases involving deadly police shootings. up next, i'll talk live with john verse on whether other states will follow. and this -- >> i have to apologize to tom brady and all his fans. i didn't make him look pretty enough. >> the courtroom artist responsible for the viral pictures of the day is now apologizing for the unflattering sketch of, if you recognize that person, that's tom brady. some people say that's the
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be unstoppable. the all-new 2015 ford edge. welcome back. the justice department is now joining the investigation surrounding the death of an unarmed teenager killed by an officer in south carolina. on the evening of july 26th, 19-year-old zachary hammond was on a date in a parking lot in seneca when lieutenant mark tiller opened fire, hitting him twice. the seneca police department says lieutenant tiller was conducting a drug investigation. according to a police account, tiller was with an undercover officer who intended to buy marijuana from a passenger in hammond's car. tiller says as he attempted to arrest hammond, he tried to run him over. tiller maintains he shot hammond in self-defense. hammond was shot in the collarbone and chest. while a county autopsy ruled he was shot as he was driving towards the officer, the family's independent autopsy found he was shot from the side. in a news conference yesterday,
8:26 am
hours before the justice department's announcement, his parents pleaded for authorities to release dashcam video from the fatal encounter. >> we just want answers. we have no clue as to what happened except for what we actually found out ourselves. we would like to see the video. just so we could know what happened. >> we need some kind of closure ourselves. right now, it's so difficult to move on without having answers. >> the d.o.j. says its civil rights investigation will run parallel to an investigation by the fbi and the state. in wake of the recent police shootings, california's now the first state to ban the use of grand juries in cases involving excessive or deadly force by officers. the democratic state senator who sponsored the bill, holly mitchell, argued it would help make judicial proceedings more accountable, telling "the san francisco chronicle," quote, the use of the criminal grand jury process and the refusal to indict as occurred in ferguson and other communities of color
8:27 am
has fostered on atmosphere of suspicion that threatens to compromise our justice system. however, law enforcement groups who oppose the bill argue it undermines prosecutors. the measure set to go into effect next year is one of two laws on police accountability signed by governor jerry brown this week. the second known as the right to record act amples the public's right to take audio or video recordings of police officers. i'm joined by john burns who worked on the rodney king case and the death of oscar grant who was shot and killed by a b.a.r.t. police officer in oakland. thank you for joining us, john. it's interesting this case that we just highlighted there, in that case it was a white person who was shot and killed, unarmed, a white officer there. but nevertheless the justice department is joining in this investigation, looking into civil rights investigation as well as the fbi involvement. we know in most recent case, involving unarmed
8:28 am
african-american mostly men here. and now california's taking what's been called a bold step but there's still a fight regarding this decision. how do you believe this move could help from your perspective as an attorney and from those who feel they are not being treated justly in these grand jury situations? >> the grand jury is a secret document. the prosecution puts on its evidence. there's normally no cross-examination. i've always thought it was not a fair process in order to present the evidence in a criminal case, particularly involving the police. so i think transparency is very important. i also think if you don't have the grand jury and the d.a. has to make an independent judgment and present its evidence, you don't have the kind of criticism that you had in both eric garner and michael brown's cases where you have the situation where the defense lawyer -- the defendant himself received very sweetheart type of examination and all the evidence was not presented. it was more like it was a case that a defense case was being
8:29 am
presented. in my experience when the d.a. has to present this in a preliminary hearing where everyone can see it, everyone gets a better sense of what that's like. we had that in the oscar grant criminal case. i thought it was a better appreciation for the type of evidence. i think nationally people have a hard time giving up the grand jury because historically it's just rooted in our culture. i hope it will be more of a decision to -- in states to eliminate the grand jury and at least in terms of police cases. >> it means prosecutors will have to decide themselves whether to file criminal charges. the cases will be vetted by a judge who hears from both prosecutors and defense and if the situation by the d.a. is not filed charges in an officer-involved shooting is popular voters will have a recourse at election time, they can take a look at the d.a. but i want to read, the california d.a.'s association,
8:30 am
one of the organizations lobbying against this. they say, the grand jury system is an appropriate and useful tool, particularly in cases where you've got evidence that's somewhat unclear or there are conflicting accounts or witnesses who are reluctant to cooperate. all of those things are often the case in use of force investigations. i want to read another quote from the ceo california district attorney's association. it says this, it's absolutely ludicrous to espouse or believe that police officers get treated any differently than anyone else. let me get you to respond to the last of those quotes there. >> i think that's nonsense. police officers get far better treatment than just about every other criminal defendants in the criminal justice system. i will say this. we're talking about something here that rarely happens in california. the grand jury is rarely if ever used in police cases. there haven't hardly any cases in the last ten years where the grand jury was used in a police shooting death case. the district attorney makes that
8:31 am
decision. rarely if ever do they prosecute in the first place. but never goes before the grand jury. we're arguing about something that's very rarely ever used. the only thing that happened here is the option was taken away. but in terms of its practically in california, the grand jury is rarely used in police shooting cases. and i don't believe it undermines the system because witnesses testify in cases all the time. they're subject to subpoena powers by the courts. so you don't really have this problem. i think this is just a straw horse being placed out there that is totally unnecessary. as a practical matter, the d.a. makes the decision. may not always agree with the d.a. but it's their power and you have the political recourse if they don't, in fact, prosecute when they should. >> john, thank you so much for your time. we greatly appreciate your insight on this one. coming up, doctors are trying to figure out treatment options for president jimmy carter. the 90-year-old revealed he has cancer and it's spreading. a live report on his condition and treatment next. plus this -- after meeting
8:32 am
with activists from black lives matter, several of them interrupt jeb bush at a town hall in nevada. it's part of this morning's first read in politics. you are looking at two airplane fuel gauges. can you spot the difference? no? you can't see that? alright, let's take a look. the one on the right just used 1% less fuel than the one on the left. now, to an airline, a 1% difference could save enough fuel to power hundreds of flights around the world. hey, look at that. pyramids. so you see, two things that are exactly the same have never been more different. ge software. get connected. get insights. get optimized.
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this morning, doctors are trying to figure out how to best treat former president jimmy carter, that after the 90-year-old president revealed late yesterday he's battling cancer. he issued a statement saying, recent liver surgery revealed that i have cancer that now is in other parts of my body. i will be rearranging my schedule as necessary so i can undergo treatment by physicians at emory health care. nbc's hallie jackson joins us live now from atlanta. hallie, obviously we're talking about a former president but a lot of people will be curious how his team proceeds ahead given his health, prior medical
8:36 am
issues as well. >> reporter: and his family history, too. remember that his father, his brother and two sisters -- i believe two brothers and a sister died from pancreatic cancer which is highly unusual and something that president carter talked about in his recently published book discussing the fact that they couldn't find another american family that had such an impact from pancreatic cancer. to be clear, we don't know what kind of cancer jimmy carter has. we may find out more about his condition as early as next week. but he said he will be rearranging his schedule to go through treatment. he's got a busy schedule. carter has been one of the most active ex-presidents and just in the last few months, he's traveled overseas to monitor an election. he's gone on a book tour for his 29th book, the one that just came out on "life at 90." he is not slowing down. and the country is watching to see what will happen next for president carter. >> absolutely. our thoughts are with him. thank you very much, hallie. we're back with your first
8:37 am
read on politics this morning. reports this morning that the fbi is now in possession of hillary clinton's personal e-mail server. from her tenure as secretary of state. and black lives matter activists target jeb bush at a campaign event in nevada. joining me live now, nbc news political editor carrie dan. i understand we have big developments here regarding vice president joe biden and his 2016 prospects. what have you learned? >> that's right. kristen welker spoke to a source who talked to the vice president at some length about the possibility of a 2016 run. the vice president is on vacation with his family in south carolina and he is calling around to aides and operatives and allies throughout his political career. the nature of this particular call was not necessarily, according to my colleague, that he was saying, should i run? he was more talking about the fact that he's thinking about it but also reflecting on his family. he lost his eldest son, bo, tragically to brain cancer, something that devastated the
8:38 am
entire biden family and something obviously on his mind as he weighs this decision. something worth noting, in recent polling in both new hampshire and in iowa, it shows that joe biden if he was to enter the race would be in a third-place position behind hillary clinton and bernie sanders. obviously there would be a huge hurdle to overcome. he right now has no formal political operation. that would have to change very quickly. right now, he wouldn't even be coming in in that second slot despite all the e-mail woes that hillary clinton has been dealing with. >> and despite the fact that he's not made the case as to why he wants to run. we often see as we did after the gop debate once you hear more from the candidates specifically reality related to the race, for example in ben carson's case, and even a little bit with marco rubio. let's talk about hillary clinton's e-mail server now as it's been reported, it's now in the hands of the fbi. her campaign communications director, jennifer palmieri, sent out this e-mail to supporters yesterday. >> that's right.
8:39 am
the campaign is pushing back telling supporters, there's no need to panic. we have this under control, guys, we've got it. but one thing important to remember about hillary clinton, now that her server has been formally turned over to investigators, it's out of her hands. this story is something the campaign has less control over now that these materials have been handed over. what a lot of supporters and critics alike are saying right now is if this was going to be the endgame and these materials were eventually going to get turned over, why waste the last six months resisting? the summer has gone by with this hanging over her head as a cloud. so why wait this long? that said, they're really trying to reassure supporters and say, everything is under control. >> and something hovering over the heads of all of these candidates now, supporters of the black lives matter movement, they say it is not just about bernie sanders. we saw a few at hillary clinton's event. she met privately with them. and now jeb bush meeting privately with activists but
8:40 am
then also being interrupted after that meeting. >> that's right. his event in las vegas yesterday ended on sort of an awkward note with black lives matter protesters sort of shouting him down at the end of that event. he exited pretty quickly afterwards. he did talk with these protesters and talk a little bit about their issues. i do think this really shows the difference between the conversations going on in each party you've seen over the past few weeks. bernie sanders, hillary clinton, martin o'malley all talking about this movement, talking about the words they used to describe it. scuffles over all lives matter versus black lives matter. democrats trying to understand exactly where these folks are coming from. jeb bush on the other hand got in big trouble with these activists when he decried or sort of dismissed the idea of black lives matter as, quote, a slogan. he's trying to reach out to these folks but there are two very different conversations in the democratic and the gop party right now. >> thank you very much, carrie. up next, former army private
8:41 am
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8:45 am
you read this headline and you think to yourself, how is a magazine contraband and how did she get the magazine if it didn't come through the mail and all the mail is reviewed? >> i think it's important we highlight this story because it does sort of demonstrate just how much we overuse solitary confinement in this country. generally trans prisoners are particularly targeted for many different things and it shows how minor, minor infractions are being used to really punish people so severely. this is not unique to chelsea but something she's experiencing in a harsh way at this time. >> we have a copy of the charge cheat. disrespect, disorderly conduct and attempt -- we're not sure exactly what that means. maybe you can clarify what that means. >> i think one of the interesting things about how this case has unfolded is
8:46 am
they've been providing very limited information even to chelsea. so for someone who cares so much about transparency as chelsea does, having these cryptic documents provided to her that provide no information about what she's actually being investigated for is itself a problem. and the attempt charge was particularly concerning because it was classified as the highest, most severe type of charge. but there was never any indication of what the attempt was of. you have to attempt to do something but there was no clarity as to that. so ultimately those were the charges she was being investigated for. pursuant to that investigation, she lost all of her reading materials. >> we reached out to the military for comment and did not receive one by the time that you've made it here to the show. nevertheless, there's a hearing scheduled for august 18th at the prison, a three-person panel will hear this. it's closed. chelsea manning has asked it be open to the public. in the end, does she believe that she is being further targeted because of the crime she was convicted for but also
8:47 am
being a transgender prisoner? >> chelsea's voice is becoming increasingly important. we need to be focusing on transgender people. there's a crisis in the community. she knows that her commentary is important and she also knows that since her arrest, she's been subjected to horrible conditions. in quantico, she was placed in the most grueling solitary confinement. there's no question in her mind that some of this targeting is about who she is, what she stands for and what she wants to share with the public. >> at ft. leavenworth, she's in general population with men and she is receiving hormone treatments. >> she is receiving hormone treatment that was initiated subsequent to a lawsuit filed by the aclu. she is in the general population of the men's prison. this is the reality for 99.9% of transgender prisoners. transgender women almost always serve their sentences in men's population and often are subjected to solitary confinement for periods as long
8:48 am
as decades in sort of an effort to, quote, unquote, keep them safer. but we know the harms of solitary confinement are truly long term and it has been called torture by many experts. for chelsea, i think the goal is to get her out of prison in general and while she is in prison that she needs our support. we need to keep fighting so that she gets the health care she needs and make sure that she's not subjected to these type of charges that really will take away her support networks and take away her critical voice from our conversations. >> this closed hearing is scheduled for august 18th and we'll continue to reach out for comment from the military on these allegations. thank you so much. coming up, how true is the threat from rising sea levels? we've heard so much about climate change causing glaciers to melt. we've seen evidence of it as well. now nasa has launched what it calls operation omg, that's the real name. to find out the real danger with unprecedented accuracy. and an exciting announcement about the global citizens
8:49 am
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another case involving a drone top ours stories around "newsnation" this morning. yesterday a drone flew in the path of a medical helicopter carrying a patient in fresno, california. the drone came within 15 feet of the chopper which was flying at about 1,000 feet at the time. the helicopter pilot had to make a sharp turn to avoid a crash. this incident comes just after new faa report shows a dramatic spike in pilot drone sightings. there have been 650 incidents through august 9th of this year compared to 238 total sightings
8:53 am
in 2014. no settlement reached between tom brady and goodell yesterday. the big story was the courtroom sketch showing brady and his legal team. the internet is having a field day with the image with some people saying that brady looks like lurch from the "adams family." the artist jane rosenburg even had to comment on what happened. >> i don't flatter people, so i have to apologize to tom brady and all his fans if i didn't make him look pretty enough. >> the nfl pa says the hearing was productive and that the talks will continue. today president obama announced he is traveling to alaska later this month to help spotlight climate change. >> in alaska glasers are meting. the hunting, fishing upon which generations have depended for the way of life and for their jobs are having threatened. storm surges once held at bay
8:54 am
now endanger entire villages. >> the president's trip comes as nasa launch aens emergency operation called oceans melting greenland, nicknamed, operation omg. this comes after a startling study stated that glaciers in greenland and antarctica are melting ten times faster than previously thought. joining me now msnbc reporter tony. thank you so much for joining us. other than the pretty clever name that caught all of our attention, what is the big point here, the big headline here? is it that nasa is essentially taking on a report of one of its own? >> fact ek whiching one of its own. james hanson came out with a study that said we're all wrong about sea level rise. it's not going to be one meter of rise. it could be five meters which is ten feet. any coastal city that you're thinking of visiting any time now, gone, if he's right. so nasa, which had this operation in greenland under way
8:55 am
said we need to add to this and we're going to fact check and look exactly at his claims, gather the data, and then we'll know if he's right. how scared should we be? >> is this the first time we've seen nasa take this action? >> it's not -- it's not that they're fighting james hanson. >> no. >> they want to know this anyway. glaciers have a really important role to play on rising sea levels. we don't understand how fast they melt. we don't understand very well, right? so we know that as the temperature rises it's going to melt from above. we don't know how the ocean underneath the glacier could be eroding it from below. that is the big question mark. that's what james hanson is saying. we don't appreciate that. it's going to make things rise faster. nasa's new scientists are saying, okay, let's check that out. >> your reaction to the president traveling to alaska later this month. you see images of people there who immediately see the impact the rest of us see the data on a day-to-day basis but there is the front line. >> we're all actually on the front line. my own family has a cottage on
8:56 am
cape cod, modest place, on the third row from the beach. he grandfather bout it. my grandkids go there. i don't think we're going to be on the third row anymore. i think we're going to be a lot closer. >> let's see what the president does with his visit there. thank you so much, great job. that does it forred this addition of "newsnation." i'm tamron hall. i up next, "andrea mitchell reports." american express for travel and entertainment worldwide. just show them this - the american express card. don't leave home without it! and someday, i may even use it on the moon.
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and experience a cadillac for yourself. take advantage of our summer offers. get this low mileage lease on select ats models, in stock the longest, for around 269 per month. right now on "andrea mitchell reports," poll position. as republicans converge on the iowa state fair today, donald trump dominates a new poll from the hawkeye state even as he faces new attacks from the rest of the pack. >> we have now people up there who say such profound things as, you're stupid. you're fired. you're a pig. you look terrible. you are -- you only have half a brain. and then when you respond with an argument, it's like, you're stupid. blast sight.
9:00 am
at least 50 people are dead. hundreds are injured after a massive explosion in one of china's largest cities. >> the first conversation that we had was that the firefighters and the first responders had all been knocked over and there were -- there are dead bodies all over the street. and new neighbors as cuba prepares to welcome the u.s. back to havana, residents aren't quite sure what to expect. >> i feel mostly skeptical about these changes. but i think that always with a silver lining. >> everybody is expecting for some -- something that actually will know what is coming but something is coming. good day, everyone. i'm andrea mitchell in new york. for the next nine days more than a dozen presidential candidates are going or a i'v