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tv   Andrea Mitchell Reports  MSNBC  August 17, 2015 9:00am-10:01am PDT

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39 a month after a $1000 volkswagen bonus. right now on "andrea mitchell reports," reporting for duty. donald trump arrives for jury duty in new york city after telling chuck todd in iowa he's more than just must see tv. >> are we all a part of a show? i mean, there is something -- >> no. >> you know some of the criticism, we all feel like -- are we on a reality show? >> no, this is the real deal. well, hillary clinton looks for some comic relief on her e-mailer is vir c er ier i er e >> you may have seen that i recently launched a snapchat account. i love it. i love it. those messages disappear all by themselves. and fire storm. more than 100 unpredictable and
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explosive wildfires scorch the west, forcing thousands to evacuate. >> it was heartbreaking. i don't like -- i mean, i'm standing in my backyard. i'm looking at this whole hillside and people that we know, that we love are getting phone calls from people saying, can you see if my house is on fire. and football first, history on the field as referee and a coach shatter two glass ceilings in the nfl. good day. i'm luke russert in for andrea. and following all the fireworks in the summer of donald trump after a big weekend in iowa it's a break from the campaign trail for jury duty back home in
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manhattan. but the immediaty frenzy surrounding the 2016 campaign's main attraction is never too far away. joining me now for our dality faks, "washington post," chris cillizza and anne gearan and katy tur covering the tramp campaign and nbc's kelly o'donnell at the fair where scott walker was just speaking. donald trump, a man back in the city of his home city of new york report fing for jury duty e like everything else when donald trump goes to jury duty, it's a big deal, huh? >> it's a bit of a circus out here. you see the crowds when there's a really big court case. not generally when people show up for jury duty. everywhere trump goes, be it the rally in new hampshire, the iowa state fair, there is a hoard of press following him. he really mugs for the camera. he treating the press as if he's greeting his supporters, his followers. he makes sure to stop at everybody that he can. when he got here at 9:09, jury
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duty starts at 9:00, the limo is still waiting for him, not usually the case for other people doing jury duty. but he walked up the stairs and took questions from the reporters that he was feeling good, that his wall would work. when he got to the top of the stairs he waved to the crowd like he was waving to his supporters like he was the presumptive nominee already. it's already -- it's only august, luke. >> the reason why we're talking about donald trump in august is he is leading the fox news poll, 25% there at the top. chris, he's leading this poll even though when you go to the questions he comes across as having the least debate performance and least likable gop candidate but some people still manage to like hup pep has sucked up all the of oxygen even after all the incidents with john mccain, with megyn kelly, that a lot of folks thought
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would derail his candidacy. >> luke, 25 is pretty darn good. if he stays that high, he might win a state or two. you tapped into trump's ultimate problem, when the field narrows and it gets down to ten or six or one versus one and he's one of them, there are so many people even season within the republican party who would not vote for him, who don't belief he represents the party's values. i wonder how well he does once the field whittles. that's a little ways down the road. i never thought we would be doing that level of analysis about donald trump but i think that's his ultimately his problem. yes, 25% of the people will be for him no matter what he says or does. the question is can he possibly go to 30, 35, 40 in a race that's narrower a field. >> and trump so far has been defined by a lack of spes fis si when it comes to policy propos l proposals he released something on immigration. he had this to say about chuck
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todd about what he values regarding foreign policy and people he looks towards on those issues. take a listen. >> i don't think i've made mistakes. every time somebody says i made a mistake they do the polls and my numbers go up. i think i haven't made mistakes. >> a lot of voters say they want to see your policies now. they're eager to see the substance. >> i think the press is more eager to see it than the voters. i think the voters like me. they understand me. they know i'm going to do the job. >> who do you talk to for military advice right now? >> well, i watch the shows. i really see a lot of great, you know, when you watch your show and all of the other shows and you have the generals -- and you have certain people that -- >> is there ago-to for you? >> probably there are two or three. >> every potential candidate has ago-to. >> probably two or three. i like bolten. he's a tuck cookie. jacobs is a good -- >> master john bolten and colonel jake jacobs. >> i see him on occasion.
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>> so, anne gearan, you covered the state department for some time. a presidential candidate saying they get their foreign policy advice from the sunday shows. how does that play? >> tv is a force for good. who knew? but i mean, the idea that one of the first names he mentioned there when he did get specific is john bolten, really interesting. i mean, bolten is a very conservative but still fairly establishment republican figure who's had some very controversial things to say in the past if he was one of the most controversial -- he attracted the most -- absolutely the most heat and light in the bush administration if he's someone who trump is actually talking to or actually listening to. i think that actually does give a clue as to some of the things he would do or say in the foreign policy realm. he's right, the press is probably more interested in hearing the specifics of that than the voters. to that point i would like to
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hear specifically, what does he think about ukraine? would he try to expand into a nato operation in ukraine? what would he do beyond that with russia? would he try to roll back any of the arms control agreements? we don't know. >> i'm regarding his tough talk on china, too. kelly o'donnell, you're live in iowa for us. you just witnessed a very interesting moment for scott walker. a confrontation he had with a protester. i'm going to play this video and well get to you on the other side. >> again, unintimidated. i am not intimidated by you, sir, or anyone else out there. i will fight for the american people over and over and over and over again. you want someone who is tested? i'm right here. >> now, kelly, this komsz after scott walker had a dip in the polls, following a debate performance that many observers saw as flat. iowa is must win in his
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campaign. he was raised there. i would venture to say the campaign likes to see this kind of passion from their candidate. >> first, look, let me say the daily national anthem is playing and i'm going to drop my voice because i don't want to be disrespectful. you're right, scott walker was raised for the first ten years of his life there and professional at dealing with proes thors. you can argue it works for him. there are well organized protesters who come in on buses from wisconsin and organized democratic protesters and the agitation that happened, a scuffle really at the front of the stage, was the most energetic and chaotic we've seen with a candidate on is soap box. he worked into that. used it to say that he can stand up to that and fight. it was chaotic again that literally, luke, sent governor wapner was walking through our live shot location at the top of the hour with probably 100 people around him and the swarm. national anthem concluded so i'm come back up to broadcast level. we talked to scott walker about
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the impact of donald trump. i specifically said, he's affected your numbers. what do you make of it? he said i hear the voters. i hear their anger. i hear that they don't want the usual solutions. today we heard something different from walker where he criticized republicans in congress saying they were sent by voters, conservatives especially, to do things like defund obamacare or vote to repeal it. that hasn't happened. and so a different tone from scott walker today. we also had a chance -- i asked him a few yeses about immigration and how he would deal with issues that are included in the trump plan. it is scott walker's has be hab use the name of donald trump or speak specifically about another candidate. but on key points he said he believes there needs to be a wall or border security. he has concerned about birthright citizenship chen anyone who is illegal and comes here that child is an american citizen, should that change? he left open the door unclear about whether children who are a part of that might some day be
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deported. talked about no more sanctuary cities. of course, the kind of headline of he does not believe in amnesty. that's a regular talking point, a regular core position. so he is feeling the pressure from donald trump here. make no mistake about it. as you said, luke, he's got win iowa. trump has really cut into the walker lead in iowa. back to you. thanks for pair bebearing with all of this. >> thanks for joining us. anne gearan, i want you to close the segment out. hillary clinton, you wrote a piece with dan balls. quote, several supporters said that while no one is pulling the fire alarm they see worrisome patterns emerging. among them, insularity, rigid y rigidity, and a sense that tone deaf is happening around it. those are words in the 2008 campaign, what is happening there? >> that -- what we heard, what dan and karen and i heard from
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many democrats who i say are by and large supporting clinton, thinks she can wing, want to see her do better. what we heard is, oh, my gosh, it's happening again. some of the same things that we thought, we, these democrat, thought were hurting her in 2008 have not been expunged. the bunker mentality in the face of bad news, they see that in the way she's responded to the whole set of issues surrounding her e-mail. and the question of whether she's really attuened and the people around her are really attuened to who bernie sanders is and what he represents. they don't think bernie sanders is barack obama that he can come from essentially nowhere and take it from her. but they do think that what sanders is representing isn't totally being reflected in the way clinton is now presenting herself. >> it seems she has to find a passion. that's what they're going to work on. anne gearan, thank you for joining us. katy tur in new york and kiss
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cillizza, appreciate your time. this weekend at the state fair chuck todd in iowa spoke to some voters and they're exprszing their frustration over the clinton e-mail issue and the appeal of other candidates. take a listen. >> does seem to me she's hiding something. >> she owes you a better explanation. >> absolutely. we're smarter than that. >> it's nice to have an outsi outsider. although he's been in politics for a long time it's nice to have someone who is not a clinton or a bush. >> now down to rumors, gore jumping in. >> do you think that's about her? >> it's got to be. it's got to sting. >> former five-term iowa senator tom harkin gave his former colleague a big boost over the weekend joining clinton at the iowa state fair after endorsing her. he joins me now. senator, thank you for coming on the program. you just heard from your fellow iowans, thoughts that perhaps hillary clinton is hiding something, that her paperhaps t want new blood. you said saturday she's doing everything right.
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but is she doing everything right when her poll numbers are under water in terms of positives and negatives? >> first of all, luke, you have to understand i've been through campaigns in iowa for half a century, over 50 years. i've seen a lot of them. i was here in 2008. i didn't endorse anyone at this time. but i saw the campaigns. i can tell you that clinton campaign this year is in such great shape. he's doing everything right. she's out personally meeting people in small groups. she's not just grandstanding. she's just out there -- she's really personally involved in this. the organizational structure here is really about as good as an organizational structure i've seen, well, unless you were looking at my organization. the clinton organization here is just really fine-tuned. and i have to tell you, i get around a lot, and people here are not talking about those e-mails. i don't get where this is coming from. what i hear people talking about
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are jobs, economic opportunity, education for their kids, and the tremendous debt load that students have. all of those issues hillary is hitting them straight-on. >> if people there in r. not talking about the e-mails, they certainly are going to see bernie sanders. he's got ten record crowds recently. what do you make that bernie sanders is within ten points of hillary clinton in some polls in iowa, admitted democratic socialist. certainly displays off an authenticity vibe. what do you make of that? what has he tapped in to? >> first of all, i love bernie sanders and wife jane is close personal friends of mine. served on my committee. and i think bernie is providing valuable service. not only to the democratic party but to our country. by really pointing out just growing inequality. but i'm supporting hillary because the times call for someone who is not only saying things but knows how to get the job done.
9:15 am
hillary is a fighter. she's a fighter for kids and for families. look, i served with hillary for several years in the senate on the same committee. i saw this fighter. i saw how she promoted educational opportunities for kids and for families. and the good thing about hillary is she knows how to get things done. i saw her reach across the aisle and work with republicans to actually get something done. and that's what we want in a president. someone who not only says the right things but knows how to move the ball down the field. >> somebody else you worked with, vice president joe biden, do you think it would be good for the party if he got in the race? >> look, i'm not giving advice to anyone on this. but as you know joe is a great friend of mine in very long standing. he's provided a great service not only to delaware but to our country. and i can say that in terms of joe biden, we haven't heard the last of him in terms of what he can offer to the united states
9:16 am
in the future. but what this calls for right now is hillary clinton, it's time for a woman, it's past time, as a matter of fact, for a woman president. we have the right combination of not only a woman but a fighter for families and kids. plus, i want to say one other thing, luke. >> yeah. >> hillary is respected around the globe. people know her around the globe. we want to maintain america's position as number one in the world. and with hillary, you'll get that. >> would biden getting in the race though make her a stronger general election candidate? >> well, look, as i said, i don't foresee that possibility. i really don't. i think the field is out there. it's set right now. and i think when all is said and done hillary clinton will win the iowa caucuses. she will go on and win and be our nominee and she'll be elected president. >> former senator tom harkin in
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iowa, avid connoisseur of the iowa state fair. enjoy the food. thank you for taking the time. firefight, the battle is on to contain more than 100 large blazes causing paths of destruction across the west. >> trying to look for my mom's wedding band. that's the one thing she wants. [ school bell rings ] ♪ [ female announcer ] everything kids touch at school sticks with them. make sure the germs they bring home don't stick around. use clorox disinfecting products.
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welcome back. at this hour firefighters are battling more than 100 massive wildfires raging across the west. challenged by severe heat, drought, and high winds. in washington state, a fast-moving fire has forced thousands to evacuate and the national guard has been called in to help. in california, 14,000 firefighters are working to
9:21 am
contain 19 fires across the state. dozens of homes have been swallowed by flames. joining me now from sacramento is ken, director of the california department of forestry and fire protection, otherwise known as cal fire. sir, thank you for making the time. >> you're welcome. >> the u.s. forest service is spending $100 million a week on fires and it's budget for the fire will be spent by next week. are you concerned that firefighters won't have the appropriate resources because so much is already been dedicated this season? >> so in california we've been very aggressive about ensure that fund for firefighters is there. governor brown approved over $100 million in additional funding both last year and this year to bring firefighters on early and provide additional firefighters in firefighters assets. we budget for this. we have an energy fund, reserve fund dedicated just to ensuring the on going fire suppression costs can be covered because at the end of the day the state is ensure that firefighters have everything they need to continue
9:22 am
to combat these fires. >> i was just in california for some time. the drought is felt everywhere you go. it is dry as well. how are the environmental conditions affecting your jobs as firefighters this summer particularly? >> absolutely making it very challenging. i was looking at a fire in the sierra foothills. it spotted over six lanes of a highway. multiple other spots. almost every ember that hands in the dry vegetation is igniting. this is seen throughout all areas of the state, not just in certain spots. >> there are talks of perhaps more volunteers from around the country being needed to come into california. can your firefighters handle this or will more available firefighters from departments be able to loan them out, would you welcome them? >> so california has had a longstanding mutual aid system and fire protection system that goes in and utilizes firefighters at all levels, local, state, and federal.
9:23 am
we are deeply into that system moving resources all over the state as we speak. we're also activating a second round of california national guard men and women to put hand crews together. we've had 12 hand ycrews out ovr the past three weeks and bringing another round out today. we're utilizing a variety of resources that we have available to us. >> ken of cal fire, thank you for making the time and best of luck to you in this very decision. we hope you get some relief from rainstorms that we hear might be coming in the fall. take care. now to breaking news in bangkok. a bomb blast outside a major tourist attraction has killed 12 people. surveillance video captured the explosion near a shrine. one of the busiest intersections in the thai capital. joining me now via skype is steve herman, voice of america southeast asia bureau chief. he was on the scene shortly after the blast. thank you for joining us. your office was right down the
9:24 am
street from where this happened. what did you see in the aftermath? >> well, we're less than a mile away. and we heard a thunder boom. at least we thought it was thunder but there was no more thunder. i looked out and the sky did look dark. thought there was a storm coming. it was an unusual type of thunder. i thought, if that's a blast, a bomb, it's like what i heard when i was in afghanistan and we couldn't possibly be having something like that happening here. but when it became evident that this was an explosion and approximately where it was, we first heard it was around the grand hyatt erawan hotel, my videographer and i and our news editor were near the location and also thought it was a thunder boom. we arrived on the scene and it was quickly evident that someone had set off a bomb intended to kill and mame a lot of people, eshl tourist.
9:25 am
>> it's a popular tourist destination, especially among young people? >> it's a popular tourist destination among people of all ages and nationalities. this little erawan shine is actually a hindu shrine although this is a predominantly buddhist country but there's lots of hinduism that's been incorporated here in the centuries. and this particular shine is very lively. i pass it frequently. and it's always dozens if not hundreds of people, mainly tourists in there, a lot of thai locals go there to make offerings to the thai version. there's a statue there of the rama -- the god of creation. but tonight it was destruction in death in that shrine. we saw six bodies inside the shrine, body parts outside, one body under a sheet outside the shrine. and then this blast had obviously come from inside the shrine because the iron gate of the shrine was bulging outwards
9:26 am
into the street where several motorcyclists were charred. >> it sounds like a horrific scene and the videos we're getting in is just -- it's shockingly awful. steve, voice of america and southeast asia, thank you for your time. the plane that crashed with 53 people onboard in indonesia was also carrying nearly half a million dollars in cash as part of an assistance program for the poor. searchers have spotted smoldering wreckage of that plane but bad weather is hampering efforts to reach the debris. all right. coming up, women of isis inside the secret world of the terror group's harsh rule. >> they described how they would patrol the isis capital in syria. i would tour the markets, take pard in raids and take women who were violating the dress code to the isis headquarters, duwa told us. that's her during training. she told us she often personally
9:27 am
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a more human way to do. now to some breaking news. the team of intelligence community reviewers looking at e-mails from hillary clinton's private server have flagged more documents for further classification review. nbc justice correspondent pete williams join mess now. pete, what exactly does this mean? 305 documents flagged? >> right. that's pretty much what it means, luke. what this means is that there's a team of intel community people that have joined in this review of the clinton e-mails. this is all in response to a lawsuit filed by the news organization vice. the court has -- federal court here in washington has set a schedule, a rolling schedule for releasing them. in fact, there have been a couple of releases so far. after a member of the intelligence community thought that a classified document was improperly released on july 15th, a team of intelligence
9:31 am
community reviewers, that represent five different intel agencies, have joined in this process. and today state department lawyers tell the judge here's where it stands. out of a sample they say of about 20% of the clinton e-mails the intelligence community reviewers, i'm reading from the court document, have, in the words of the state department, only recommended that 305 documents, approximately 5.1%, should be referred to their agencies for consultation. now, it doesn't mean that these all or any of these 305 documents are, in fact, classified. there have been referred to these agencies to see whether they should be classified. and of course to some extent as you know, luke, there's been a discussion between state or disagreement between the state department and some of these agencies about, in fact, whether the intel community is overclassifying that some of them should not be deemed classified. but in any event, that's where it stands now. they look they say at a fifth of the e-mails and they flagged 305
9:32 am
documents or ability 5% of them to their agencies to look further and see whether they should be deemed classified. >> pete williams, thanks so much for that report. i'm sure not the last time we will be talking about this. take care. >> sure. we're learning horrific new details about caleb mueller, the 26-year-old aide work whole died in isis captivity last year. a family representatives tells nbc news mueller was repeatedly raped by the terror groups leader. the family was told in june by the u.s. government their daughter became the property of al baghdadi. according to the associated press the assaulting took place in a home where mueller was being held with other young girls. mueller became a mother figure for these girls and refused to escape with them fearing they would be exposed to greater danger traveling with the westerner. joining me now is author and journalist and senior fellow with counsel on foreign relations. just disgusting, terrible news.
9:33 am
if tr is a silver lining it's that kayla mueller was heroic to the end, offering himself up to protect other women in a terrible situation. what did we learn from this recent situation about kayla mueller in terms of this overall picture regarding isis? >> i think we learned that he was repeatedly raped, that he was kept in contakamt tiv capti all that she kept her humanity to help these teenage girls, 15 young girls being held alongside her. she would have turned 27 last friday. i think for her family a lot of focus, according to spokesmen, is to keep, you know, focus on what she did in her life and not just the horrific circumstances surrounding her death and the fact that she was brave. you know, there are reports that she could have had the chance to escape but didn't want to put them at risk because she was obviously a foreigner. and i think we'll continue to see more details come out. we still don't know the exact circumstances of her death.
9:34 am
>> it's certainly reporthorrifi. another issue at hand, the issue of isis recruiting women to join. isis using women to lure other women on social media, come meet the western part of the state. it's a great place to be. we are actually is rights here. how successful have they been? >> they've been fairly successful. mia bloom has written terrific pieces about this. what is fascinating is that they do the same thing that people who prey on children all over the world do. look for those who are vulnerable, look for those who want to fit in, look for those who are looking for community. and they promise them things that they obviously do not deliver once they land on the ground. it is incredibly frightening because they have been effective, particularly on social media. >> and our own richard engel spoke to some people who were in isis or in their control. they were able to escape. i want to play this clip.
9:35 am
it's truly -- listen. >> there was a woman who violated the dress code, her cloak had design on it, she says, they brought her to me and i lashed her 40 times. nbc news obtained these rare images filmed recently in secret inside raqqa and smuggled out at great risk. isis fighters operate openly despite the u.s. bombing campaign. she was also an isis enforcer. the women say they grew to resent isis and its brutality. public execution, beheadings. a body would stay hung on the street so you would have to pass it, she said. it was disgusting. they escaped to the relative safety of turkey. i know many women too scared to leave, she says, worried isis will find them in turkey and kill them. >> all right. gail, it's horrifying. >> it is. and you know, there are both those who have been lured there, you know, they were talking
9:36 am
about the girls from the uk, or others who have come. and then there are also the case of those girls thousands of whom are still unaccounted for and missing. we're hearing just really horrendous stories about human trafficking, the sex slavery as a centerpiece to what isis is doing and the fact they're using young girls as incentives, as recruiting tools for conservative fighters who obviously otherwise would not be in the company of these girls who they then systematically rape and abuse. >> yeah, gayle, thank you so much. it's truly barbaric. not just the terrorism but the sex slavery this group is engaged in. take care. coming up, man with a plan. donald trump unveils his blueprint for taking on illegal immigration and guess what, he's just left jury duty the look at that. moments ago. signing autograph, walking down the courthouse steps. not likely you and i go to jury duty. he's got a limo that's been
9:37 am
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rates due to your first accident. see car insurance in a whole new light. liberty mutual insurance. welcome back. donald trump has released a first concrete policy plan of his campaign on his signature issue of immigration. an exclusive interview on "meet the press" trump says all undocumented immigrants have to go. rescending president obama's executive action on immigration reform. >> the executive order gets rescended. >> you will resend that one, too? the dream act executive order. >> we have to make a whole new set of standards. when people come in -- >> split up families, deport children? >> no, we're going to keep the families together. >> but you're going to keep them out? >> they have to go. >> what if they have no place to go? >> we will work with them.
9:41 am
they have to go. chuck, we have a country or we don't have a country. >> joining me now is alan gomez who covers immigration for "usa today." alan, thanks so much for joinings us. if you look at the polling we have, donald trump 75% negative number with latinos. he seems to be leading the gop field right now. i mean, how much damage does this have overall for the party? >> well, that's the interesting th thing about donald trump's immigration plan, the vast majority is pretty much a republican playbook on immigration right now. he talks quite a bit about adding more border security, adding more immigration enforcement agents, more worksite raids. these are things you will find in jeb bush's plan, ted cruz, just about every gop hopeful. where he really goes extreme is how he would treat undocumented youth. kids brought here by their parents or people that are born
9:42 am
here to undocumented immigrants. and that's, i think, where he goes really, a ellie far right and it's going to give the party the most trouble. that's what's going to be the biggest, i think, the part that rue yous and the bushes are not going to really want to get in to him as we get into some more of these debate gls not to mention for a party that wants to be fiscally conservative our own nbc news numbers crunches have said this could cost up to $200 billion to put forward this plan. i want to read a little bit to this trump idea because jeff session, senator from alabama, the gatekeeper for any possibility of immigration reform to get through the senate said this about donald trump's plan. quote, this is exactly the plan america needs. not only would the plan outlined in this paperwork, but more quickly than many realize, most importantly, this plan re-establishes the principle that american's immigration laws should serve the interest of its own citizens. that's jeff sessions. to me it's almost like donald
9:43 am
trump has become the provider of the party blueprint for republicans on this, if jeff sessions is giving it a full tloe throated endorsement. in terms of what that means politically for the future, how do the other candidate, rubios and jebs, like you mentioned, deal with that? >> that's the concern as we start moving along. his plan is basically every anti-illegal immigration plan that's been put forth over the last 15 years jabbed into one six-page document. the concern, again, i think is going to get down to that treatment of the children. just to give you context. in 2012 when president obama first created protecting undocumented immigrants brought here by their parents, there was obviously all sorts of republican outrage over the plan but it was more about that general idea of the president abusing his executive authority, that imperial presidency theme that they were putting forth. it wasn't so much attacking those young undocumented immigrants. at the time i was talking to, you know, a lot of those groups that are very much against illegal immigration. even they were saying, look,
9:44 am
it's kind of hard to blame these kids for something their parents did. they idea of you can't the children for the sins of the father. even then republicans were saying, look, it's kind of hard to really try to force these kids and throw them out of the country. that's the part that's going to be really hard for these candidates because as he's pushing them further and further in that direction, as we saw in the 2008, 2012 republican primary, it pushed the more moderate candidates to the right on that issue and that's what's to be giving these guys heartburn right now. >> we all remember mitt romney's self deportation line and how bad he did with latinos. we're a long way from the blueprint from 201. alan gomez from "usa today." appreciate it. ready for hillary as if all of that wasn't enough, donald trump says he's good to go if hillary clinton is the democratic nominee. >> nobody has been tougher on hillary clinton than me. when bill clinton called me i had already made up my decision. assuming she's able to run,
9:45 am
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i have heartburn. alka-seltzer heartburn reliefchews. enjoy the relief. back to the breaking news that we here at msnbc just reported. 305 additional e-mails on hillary clinton's privateer is v have been flagged for review by the intelligence screeners looking through those e-mails. bob shrum is a democratic strategist, former virginia republican congress tom davis chaired the nrcc at some point. they're both experts on political topics. thank you so much for making the time. bob, i want to start off with you. we see these sort of persistent problems that were created by the e-mails and the server. every democrat operative i speak to privately say this is a massive unforced error that hillary clinton did not need to engage in as more and more leaks
9:49 am
out about these e-mails as more and more leaks out regarding benghazi, do you see the likelihood of a joe biden or perhaps even an al gore thinking it might be a good idea to try and go against the clinton machine? >> well, first i'll say it publicly. i think it was a tremendous unfosted error, self inflicted wound. it's a story that's going to go on for weeks or months. i don't see that there's a lot of substance there. but we don't know. and this story is going to unroll. i think that joe biden is probably making a decision right now about whether to run. if you look back six, eight months ago it would have seemed very unlikely. but i think hillary has created this opening not only by using her private e-mail which she says was a mistake. she herself says that now. but by the way she ran the early stable of her campaign. soft launch made sense. but for too long it was controlled and contained. kind of an enthusiasm gap. so there are people saying, why not biden? he's joyful, he's affirmative,
9:50 am
he's a happy warrior, campaigner. she still has huge build in organizational financial and constituency advantages. but if he decides to run, it's going to be a whole new race. >> congressman davis, somebody who in terms of sucking up the energy on the gop side as donald trump, we said that a lot on this show, be what we are starting to see is it's actually had a real ramifications for the other candidates. scott walker trying to look foreaggressive today. trying to appear more conservative on the stump in io iowa. jeb bush trying to tap into that energy. same thing with rubio. how does this play out, especially when donald trump releases an immigration plan that essentially ends birth right citizenship and deports all of the million people here undocumented status? >> well, we saw what happened three years ago when romney started to move to the right to placate republican electorate on these issues. he basically wrote the latino vote off. now trump, you know, has laid
9:51 am
down his game plan on this and it's going to be interesting how other candidates follow. what you have to understand though about the trump phenomenon is it's very anti-establish it in its roots. it's not just about issues. it's fa t. fact that this is a figure of some significance who was the anti-establishment. and people are flocking to him and, frankly, the number two runner right now in gop polls is also somebody who has never held office. >> bob, let's go back to you on losing some ground there to bernie sanders who attracts massive crowds, who people see as the ultimate example of being authentic, calls himself a socialist and, quite frankly, looks like an absent minded college professor up there on the stump preaching to the choir. how do you advise -- you've been on many presidential campaigns -- your person to tap into authenticity that the base so craves but still maintain a national profile? >> you know, i don't know that you can advise someone as to how
9:52 am
to be authentic. what they need to do is go out there and be themselves. that's what biden is. that's what sanders is. sanders has a real obstacle here, i think, which is even though he's now leading in new hampshire by one poll at least, people wonder whether or not he could win a general election. he's notoriously poll phobic. he needs to get om da that that can convince democrats that he might win or ultimately as people settle down to make the decision, he's going to have a lot more difficulty. >> bob shrum and tom davis, appreciate it. take care. it's a new era in the nfl. the league's first female official and the first female coach took the field this weekend's preseason game between the cardinals and the chiefs. sarah thomas became the first woman to referee as a full-time on field official. and the cardinals coach and bc graduate jen welter was hired for a preseason internship with the team. let's hope this begins a
9:53 am
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...which may cause kidney problems. if your pill isn't giving you... ...the control you need... ...ask your doctor about non-insulin victoza®. it's covered by most health plans. hi there. i'm franci francis rivera. out of the corn fields and into the courtroom, donald trump has jury duty today after a
10:00 am
successful trip to iowa. you can see him here leaving the courts just a few moments ago. the republican front-runner has released his first policy paper. it's on immigration. here's what heed to nbc's chuck todd about his plan to end birthright citizenship in an exclusive interview on "meet the press". >> you want to get rid of birthright citizenship? >> you have to. they're having a baby and nobody knows the baby is here. you have no choice. let me tell you, when we have some good people, we have some very good people here. a lot of really good people. they're illegal. you either have a country or not. we are going to go out and try and bring them back rapidly, the good ones. >> i understand that. >> in other words, in other words, exme indicted? >> i do. >> expedited. >> trump's plan not only includes ending birthright citizenship but placing stricter limits on illegal immigration and cut federal grants to sanctuary city which