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tv   Way Too Early  MSNBC  August 21, 2015 2:30am-3:01am PDT

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campaign meeting so far. the biggest hypocrite ever, josh did duggar's words, not mi after he was revealed he joined ashley this is "way too early" the show that wishes we could be half as productive or graceful as jimmy carter. good morning. it's friday, august 21st. i'm ayman mohyeldin. israel explains the first rocket attack from syria in more than 40 years. it was blamed on militants
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operating from inside syria. no one was injured. that didn't stop tel aviv from firing back. israeli forces fired 14 military posts in air raids. this morning the syrian government news agency says one was killed and and seven injured in that israeli shelling. onto politics. donald trump is driving the debate in the republican presidential field and forcing other candidates to follow the leader. trump's recent use of term quote anchor babies, to describe children born in u.s. to undocumented immigrants has set off a fire storm. jeb bush seems to gl s ts to ag. he used it in a radio interview and thousand defending his use of those words. >> enforcement so you don't have these, anchor babies, as they're
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described, coming in the country. >> no, i didn't. i don't regret it. do you have a better term? >> i'm asking you. >> you give me a better term and i'll use it. i'm serious. don't yell behind my ear though. >> sorry about. that. >> is that not -- >> no, it isn't. give me another word. >> undocumented immigrants in the u.s. >> that's not another word. that's a seven -- here's the deal. what i said, it's commonly referred to. i didn't use it as my own language. what we ought to do is protect the 14th -- want to get to the policy. people born in the country should be american citizens. okay. we got that over with. >> in response to bush's request to use another word for anchor babies, she tweeted how about babies or american citizens.
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marco rubio who was born in the u.s. before his parents became u.s. citizens weighed in yesterday. >> do you feel impulse to stand up and say stop, we're going down a road as a party which is not good. >> we've done that. for example, when i talk about 13 million people in the country illegal, i say 13 million human beings. >> people are talking about anchor babies. >> those are human beings and ultimately people. they're not statistics. in a few hours alabama will host what could be the large event for the 2016 campaign. trump is expecting 35,000 people at a rally in mobile, alabama taking place at a stadium, home to the university of south alabama jaguars. crews are removing one of the goalposts to accommodate a stage for the republican front runner. the event comes as event looks beyond otheriowa and new hampsh.
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trump is not surprised by the enthusiasm. >> what happened is we took a ho tell like a ball room that held 1,000 people. the company -- the hotel company calls us up and said we're getting swamped, don't have enough room for this. they took another that was larger, then another one then went to your convention center. it holds 10,000 people. within a few minutes we were wiped out of that one because we were way over. they go to your stadium because that's the people's stadium, the only thing that could hold it. it's become like a happening, an event, and a real happening. they know they're not going to be ripped anymore. they're smart people. they know what's going on. they know how ignorant our government has been in trade, taking care of vets. they do such a poor job in so many different ways. i think that's probably why you have the crowd and probably why
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i polled so well in alabama. >> it comes as the trump campaign appears to make more decisions with the long term in mind. for instance, the national hispanic media tells politico the trump organization reached out asking for a meeting to make amends. it's the company that sued trump recently for comments on immigration. a hearing over a freedom of information lawsuit, the judge said quote we wouldn't be here today if the employee had followed government policy. the judge opened the possibility the fbi could expand the search to include e-mails clinton may have deleted. he called on fbi to hand over to state department e-mails that recovers from the server not yet in the state department's possession. one of secretary clinton's top aids used to work at the state department and relates to other private work she may have been
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doing. clinton long said she turned over documents. her campaign staff said her use of personal e-mail account was consistent with predecessors and permissible under policy at the time. jimmy carter spoke to american people yesterday about his cancer diagnosis. he discussed four melanoma lesions on his brain months after doctors removed cancer from his liver. he remains optimist icoptimisti. he spoke 40 minutes in atlanta with canter and grace. he described achievements and what he plans on doing this sunday is. >> best thing i ever did was marrying roselan. 69 years together, still together.
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our life has been in georgia. i plan to teach sunday school and every sunday as long as i'm physically and mentally able at my little church. we have hundreds of visitors come to see the curiosity of a politician teaching the bible. i'll continue that. >> president obama is pulling out all stops to sure up support for the controversial nuclear deal with iran. he insists all options, including the military one, will remain on the table if teheran still tries to build a nuclear weapon. he published an opp ed in senator menendez hometown newspaper writing in part quote the idea we can get a better deal talking tough or squeezing iran to submission with more sanctions is simply not realistic. international unity we spent deals building, the unity that
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brought iran to the negotiating table would be destroyed if this is rejected. mccaskill admitted the deal is not perfect but said the world is united behind the deal except for israel. 56% of americans believe congress should reject the agreement. let's turn to business where wall street followed stock declines around the globe yesterday. hadley joining us with the latest. what sparked the sell-off you think? >> manufacturing data coming out of china, six and a half year low. analysts telling me basically this maybes the last few weeks in the market a drop in the pan. we say a massive rally with terms investors piling in. gold rallying six week high as well as bonds looking to benefit off the back of this. u.s. futures going to open lower
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today. >> all right. let me ask you this. a record for twitter. obviously a popular micro blogging site that closed at the ipo price a few years back. what's behind the drop? >> analysts are speculating has to do with what we saw a couple weeks ago. the company having second quarter earnings. we heard from the two top bosses saying basically they don't see the growth continuing at least in the short term. they say this could be a long trek to getting back to growth in users. this is weighing on stock. >> before i let you go, greek prime minister handing in letter of resignation triggering another national election. what's the motivation behind that? >> is he playing a game of chess or chicken? investors for them is another headache really for this greek drama we've seen playing out over the last couple of months.
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this is going to be a referendum not just on him but the bailout package. a headache for investors over the next couple weeks. >> live from london, thank you for. that. on "way too early," see which presidential contender is among the 100,000 trying to make that happen. july is typically hottest month of the year. was the past july the hottest month ever? bill karins has a check on the forecast for this weekend when "way too early" comes right back. ♪
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support your active dog's whole body health with purina one. former u.s. olympian caitlyn jenner could be charged with manslaughter for a car crash that left a person dead. jenner was finding the suv too fast for road conditions at the time. the accident happened back many
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february was jenner was unable to stop fast enough for slowing traffic. she rear ended two car skpas a lexus was pushed into oncoming traffic hit head-on be a hummer. the driver of the lexus was killed and two others were injured. we're hearing from the two women, first to graduate from the army school. two women finished the grueling course in april. >> after two months of most rigorous combat training the two female soldiers stepped in the spotlight as impressive off the training ground as on. >> awesome to be part of history. >> we felt we were contributing as much as men. >> the first two women to pass the grueling course. >> haver was skeptical at first. >> we didn't come with a chip on
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our shoulder like we had thinking to prove. >> griest had one thing in mind. >> be a better leader and improve myself. i feel i did that. >> both won respect of fellow male trainees. >> i went to school with shae and knew. >> throughout the course t army refused to lower male standards for two women. >> the ability to look around to peers and see they were sucking just as bad as i was kept me going. >> the two have earned the coveted ranger tab. they're still barred from joining the elite regimen or any combat unit. they've made military history smashing a long-standing barrier that will surely benefit women in the military for generations to come. >> they along with the 94 men that completed the course will formally graduate today. congratulations to all those
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folks. let's move to sports. health of the quarterback continues to be a problem. four possessions he played last night, third and 10 from the second quarter, griffin is crushed under the pile. he exits with a stinger. later mouannounced he sustained concussion. he'll go through the league's protocol before cleared for action. redskins win it 21-17. to cleveland brown's back-up quarterback manziel with a solid performance leading cleveland against the bills last night. perhaps closing the gap on start area mccown. it was buffalo qb who shined with the late td drive and 11-10 victory over cleveland. the performance might have
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putm putmpu putmput him in the lead for the drive. tiger woods appeared to be back. woods shot six under 64 in the round. >> that's a flop shot by the way. >> come on. lowest round since 2016 putting him near the top of the leader board with putts he couldn't believe. we'll see if he can keep it up throughout the rest of the weekend. now to houston. bizarre moment in the fourth when the pitcher stumbles throwing a pitch. manages to get a weak ground out in the inning. >> is that legal? >> seems like. surprised it wasn't called a balk. >> striking out 11 batters allowing one hit, rays beat the astros 1-0. astros are top the al west. a praying mantis --
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>> he's surprisingly calm. i would be freaking out. >> the insect was calling up -- >> what would it sound like? >> no idea. i'm not a whisperer. he's so calm. i can't imagine how calm he is. that was outsider that scooped it up and brought it to the dugout. maybe giants should have spent less playing with bugs and more time playing ball. pirates win it 4-0. there you have it. let's turn to august. last month was the hottest month on record. the hottest temperature of all locations on the planet was 61.8 degrees. however this iran, the most extreme -- >> you have probably been there. >> i have not be there. i've been in really hot places in iraq. the place in iran we were talking about, which you've
2:49 am
never been to i'm sure, that reached 150 degrees. u.s. was warmer than average. no records were set. i can't believe the u.s. did not win in something. >> definitely not that game, right? we have our own death valley. your bug thing made me tear up a little. hurricane danny trying to strengthen. up to 85 miles per hour winds. that's a tiny hurricane. it's heading for puerto rico monday night and tuesday. it will be smaller and weaker. the other one heading towards hawaii will become kilo throughout the weekend, could become a category 2 hurricane. people in hawaii have more to be afraid of than anyone with danny. there's flash flood warnings and soaking rain in connecticut and massachusetts. haven't had a lot of rain in
2:50 am
this area over the summer. it's much needed for lawns. more afternoon downpours after a dry morning. gorgeous next two days in chicago. strong storms near minneapolis. not bad beach weather mid atlantic. on the gulf coast, you'll dodge the afternoon storms. denver looks perfect sunday. not a lot of weather headline this is weekend. nice end of summer weekend. >> bad news danny is forming but good news it's not -- >> it's as strong as it's going to be now. they want rain down there from the storm. >> thanks for that upday. there's something on your leg. watch out. >> is it a bug? still ahead -- the latest -- the first celebrity gets outed. more on the government employee who is reportedly accessed this site from work. "way too early" is back in a moment.
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all right now lets get a check on morning's other headlines. we head to "way too early" relationship correspondent. >> that's right. the love doctor is back. latest on the hack of the group has released a second wave of e-mail addresses and
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personal information from customers. the data dump includes e-mails from ashleymadison ceo and other executives. the associated press tracked accounts and reports that hundreds of u.s. government employees including some with sensitive jobs in wlous and congress used intersection connections in federal offices to access the website. two assistant u.s. attorneys and it administrator in the executive office of the president. it comes as disgraced reality tv star josh duggar who's name was announced as an ashley madison user. he add aed he's quote the bigge hypocrite ever. the mayor said he's got two people to head a multi-agency task force on the issue.
2:55 am
he's considering ripping up the plaza to crack down on aggressive panhandling. he acknowledged toplessness and panhandling is legal in new york, the city's recourse is limited. the task force will make recommendation by october 1st. a new push to get jon stewart to moderate a debate is gaining steam. a petition on two weeks ago. 135,000 have signed on so far. the goal is 150,000 ayman. the petition says stewart is more than qualified tackling the the job. the presti the democratic white house contender martin o'malley pushing for more debates signed on tweeting a link to the
2:56 am
petition. o'malley is less concerned about who moderates and wants a chance to face off against his contender, hillary clinton. i think stewart would do a great job. what do you think? >> i think he would be a great moderator if he could be himself and crack the jokes we've grown up -- he's done it all. he brings humor and seriousness americans appreciate. i don't want to see you around time square anymore. cut it out. that does it for "way too early." trump sets sights on i a visit to alabama today. that's the biggest rally of the season so far. and jeb bush say a term that many find offensive. he's not the only candidate in a tough spot. we'll have more about that. and hillary clinton's e-mail server. a judge weighs in and how the thing could have been avoided. that and much, much more coming
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well both of the -- bush called me one time. bush sr. call add me yesterday . our wives were on the telephone with them. president obama called, vice president called, clinton called, hillary clinton called, secretary of state called. first time they called me in a long time. that's really something. former president carter talking about his condition yesterday. i have so much warm feeling towards that man. i respect. so we wish him the best and hope to get down there. >> we really do. we need to get down there. and it's been such a great honor to have -- >> he's still doing bible study on sundays. >> it's great honor to have him up here. you know, heas