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tv   Andrea Mitchell Reports  MSNBC  August 21, 2015 9:00am-10:01am PDT

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e-mail scandal hillary clinton's campaign issues, a fact check video. but is it enough to calm jittery democrats vying a buy in run. >> that's fundamentally false and the state department confirmed that never happened. in every case that has surfaced to date the state department said none of the information was classified at the time it was sent. this was supposed to be an inquiry that happened in benghazi but this stopped being about that a long time ago. true grit. history is made at ft. benning today as first two women soldiers graduate from the army's elite ranger school. but their battle has just begun. >> i just came here to try to be a better leader and improve myself. i feel like i did that. for other women who have that same goal in mind, just keep that goal in mind.
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>> good day. i'm luke russert in for andrea mitchell. tramming donald trump from manhattan to mobile. college football kicks off in two weeks but the leader in the political polls is making his way to scc country where the tide and the tigers will take a backseat to the trump show in a soldout stadium spectacle tonight. katy tur is live now from the university of south alabama. and, katy tur, we've heard as many as 30,000, that's what the trump folks are saying. if nothing else, this will be trumpapalloza. >> 36,000 is actually somewhat they're saying. we'll see if that's how many show up tonight. i got that from one of their more reliable sources on the campaign trail. we all know the trump organization and trump himself does like to exaggerate his numbers, calling 7,000, 8,00020,000 in arizona. if he is able to fill this stadium it will be the largest rally yet so far of the political season.
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there are some obstacles in his way though. namely the one he can't control, the weather. it is extremely hot out here and humid. which apparently is formal for alabama. i must say i did not know that. and there's going to be some thunderstorms later during the day. so i don't know if that's going to deter some people from standing in line and then standing out here in this -- in this stadium. at rain or shine evented. and it should be interesting regardless of how many people show up. >> katy tur, there in alabama, thank you for the time. >> chuck todd is nbc news political director and moderator of "meet the press." chuck, a crowd this large this early certainly will get some attention. donald trump had that huge town hall in new hampshire earlier in the week. two things that play here. one is we never read too much into crowds. they don't necessarily always translate into votes. but i will look at the politics of this. donald trump making a play in s.e.c. country, a place where
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ted cruz has been playing before. going after those very conservative, in some cases evangelical voters. and alabama a state which had the most conservative immigration policy passed in 2011. this is a play to those voters. >> it is. and this is a very clever place to tray to hold a big rally, to try to flex some muscles. you know, it's the equivalent of what bernie sanders has been doing on the left. carefully where can he get crowds, madison, seattle, portland, oregon. what's donald trump doing? mobile, alabama, probably doing the same thing going to biloxi, mississippi, or baton rouge, louisiana. it's a lot smarter and sophisticated than tinge donald trump campaign gets credit for from others. they're very careful in what they're choosing here. alabama, march 1st, after the first four primary, alabama is among a group of what we're calling already s.e.c. tuesday. basically a whole bunch of southern states that aren't florida, basically the s.e.c. not counting florida. florida is going to be a couple of weeks later. it's going to be a very
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conservative electorates. ted cruz was there earlier this week. john kasich got the endorsement from the governor of alabama. now donald trump is going to say, look at this. he's lucky high school football starts next week. or friday night would not be the place. >> lends itself to thinking that perhaps he competes that late in the process which i'm sure the establishment is freaking out about. >> this is week that changed that, that you can absolutely tell, talking to the republican campaign. there's no much of this wishful thinking that, okay, this trump show is going to end soon. now it's sort of like, it reminds me of the summer of dean in '03, you can't do it. democrats sort of came to the idea, he's here, he's going to be here through iowa. trump is here. now you're seeing all the campaigns are sort of regrouping and saying, okay, we're living in a world where donald trump is going to be one of the front-runners for the next six months. >> he has taken the field to the right and he has gotten under
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the skin of. >> joey: jeb bush. they've had twitter war this morning. donald trump say, quote, bush signed memo saying not to use the term anchor baby, offensive. now he wants to use it because i use it. stay true to yourself. jeb bush responding, his massive inconsistencies aside, donald trump's immigration plan. it's not a good day for his campaign and in this case specifically, it seems that trump has gotten under his skin. when he had to take questions regarding anchor babies he got angry. >> he did. on one -- i agree with you on half that premise of the question. but mike murphy today who is running the super pack for jeb bush, the $100 million. >> of the mccain -- >> fascinating tale this morning in a quote to the "washington post" when they were asking him, are you going to use this money to drop a ton of money on donald trump? he said, truch is not our problem. trump is somebody else's problem. there is a method to the jeb
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bush method here. fine, we'll accept this idea that it's us and trump because if that is, then trump is crowding out. cruz, walker, rubio. the real threats that who they thought they would be dealing with three months ago when jeb got in and so now it's sort of like, all right, our goal is to be the last guy standing with trump and let's use trump as the blocking -- essentially the blocking back against anybody else from getting -- >> it's not a bad strategy. when you look at the first four states and you look at what happens afterward, in all of these other campaigns, so much money in super pacs they can stay alive for a while. >> who attacks donald? >> we'll see. >> not -- howard dean -- >> not want to waste their money on it. >> that's right. >> they got to go to hillary. hillary clinton has been broiled in this e-mail scandal. it's not going away. james carville came on our air and had this to say. it went viral. >> yes, it did.
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>> look, polls go up and down. they talk -- this is foolishness. you know, these people, we don't like hillary. why is paul begaye out there defending her? why can't we just attack her like we want to? it's just a bunch of people talking to each other, spinning themselves up over a pile of garbage. democratic freakout, give me a break. i'm having to come out of vacation to deal with this stupidity people are putting out. >> team hillary say it's all the media's fault. atsz immedia it's a media krcreation. if you look at the polls, she's got the lowest approval that cnn poll since march 2001 and the rise of biden. this is a problem that's not going away. >> this is a watershed week i think in both primaries. republicans accepting the idea that trump is here to stay. now you have democrats accepting the idea that hillary is in trouble, that he's got a problem she's got to deal with. look what happened this morning. bill nelson, senior democratic
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senator, saying they have not handled this well. john yarmouth, louisville democratic congressman saying this could up end her campaign. he's confused. the clinton's campaign response is they know they have a factual problem they have to get up to their surrogates. a, this isn't going away. i do think this is they have not done enough to calm jittery democrats. these numbers, yes, some of the general election numbers i would write off. but the fact is right when biden is making phone calls trying to find out what's going on. look, this is all coming at a fascinating time. i got jerry brown, by the way, on "meese the press" as well. jerry brown was impressioned on this. in march he was asked if e-mails would just go away and he said, no, they may not go away. these things have a tendency to go in directions you don't expect. that was jerry brown in march asked about hillary and the e-mail server. >> he hasn't ruled out a run completely yet. >> he did. >> did he rule it out? >> but --
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>> i thought the door was still open. >> with rjerry, i think the doo is always opened. i don't think it's ever locked. >> check out "meet the press" this sunday. i want to ask you about john kasich and charles barkley. we'll do that at another time. >> another alabama guy, by the way. >> check out "meet the press" on sunday. we want to look live at the markets. big losses from the dow. one day after suffering the biggest single day loss of the year. the dow is down more than 200 points. yikes. dominick chu joins us now. what's happening on wall street? what's happening with the 401(k)s out there? this is not good. >> listen. this is four straight days of losses. we haven't really seen this action in white some time. the last time it was a pullback that got close to what we're talking right now is april of october 2011. that's got some people a little bit worried. the interesting part about
9:10 am
what's happening right now is that we're down about 228 points on the dow. like you said. but that's well off the worse levels we've seen so far today. so it looks like for now, and i will just say for now, the selling may have stabilized just a little bit. we were down over 300 points at one point. you've got concerns about china. whether or not the economy is slowing down there and whether or not that's going to be indicative of more asian economies -- i mean, china is a huge part of the picture. it's the world's second biggest economy. that's carrying through what's happening with oil prices as well. oil prices that are lower lead to gasoline prices that are lower, that helps us as consumers. the companies that make them. the ones that hire employees to do so are not feeling good about the situation right now. so the question then becomes whether or not this is going to be an issue that lingers for a while or if the markets start to stabilize a bit. >> dominic chu, thank you. if this becomes a political issue in this campaign. look out. that is going to be fascinating. of course, we are keeping
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our eye on this story throughout the day. stay here on msnbc for it. coming up next, however, tensions rising as more than just empty threats coming from north korea as kim jung un puts his military on high alert. that next on "andrea mitchell reports." boy: once upon a time, there was a nice house that lived with a family. one day, it started to rain and rain. water got inside and ruined everybody's everythings. the house thought she let the family down.
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all right. this is a big deal. developing now the escalating standoff between north and south korea as north korea threatens attack and south korea vows to retaliate. today kim jung un ordered the troops to enter a wartime state to be battle readynd move medium range missiles for possible launches. it comes a day after both countries exchange artillery fire. they have been ordered into bomb shelters like this one. the tipping point this week
9:15 am
anger from pyongyang from south korea to place loud speaker tons border to put propaganda into north korea. we have the latest from the dmz. >> reporter: we're now close to the southern edge of the demilitarized zone, this sign warning against going any further. now, south korea is used to blood curdling threats from the north. they pretty much take them in their stride. also in the past, when there have been attacks, the south has been reluctant to hit back. but what changed this week is when rockets came from the north thursday, seoul hit back forcefully be a big barrage of its own and they made clear that this weekend, if there is any provocation from the north, they will again hit back and they will hit backyard. ian williams, nbc news, near the dmz. >> there are still more than 28,000 u.s. troops stationed in south korea where the war with the north has typically never ended after 65 years. joining me now is the state department spokesman retired
9:16 am
admiral kirby. thank you so much for being on the show. >> glad to be with you. thank you. >> just for our viewers out there, how did this all escalate from some propaganda being broadcast on the border? it seems to have escalated rather quickly that south korea is taking the threats this seriously this time around? >> well, we're all taking this threat seriously. as we have to. when you hear rhetoric like that you can't ignore it. we're comfortable of course with our posture on the peninsula and our commitments to defending south korea. but i think what started really was, you know, artillery barrages from the north and response to what they, you know, considered a provocation with respect to these broadcasts. in terms of actual hardware going across the border it started with the north, again, as you rightry reported a few minutes ago, we have seen this before. but it doesn't mean we're going to take our eye off of it. >> admiral, in terms of what we would do as nation, you mentioned yesterday in the briefing about the steadfast
9:17 am
commitment to the defense the u.s. has here for the security of north korea, at what point does that commitment turn into action? >> well, look, all our troops on the peninsula are ready for action. they like to say that they're ready for action tonight if it's needed. and that's the kind of readiest posture we want to preserve there on the korean purl because it's unstable because of the actions of the north. they're ready to go at a moment's notice. and not just u.s. forces there, but our south korean allies. obviously nobody wants it to come to that. and what we really want and we've said this before is for the north to stop destabilizing the situation and stop committing acts and, frankly,s a subscribing to rhetoric that's doing nothing to lower and decrease tensions. >> has president obama, vice president biden, secretary of state kerry, any high-level officials reached out to south korea's president park over
9:18 am
this? >> i don't have any conversation readouts to talk about today. secretary kerry obviously is monitoring this very, very closely as you would expect he would be. but we routinely, because we're in alliance with our south korean counter parts we routinely have discussions with them about the situation on the peninsula and i can assure you that those inner agency and interalliance discussions are happening. >> and in terms of how we read this by kim jong-un, it's a few years in to his power grab, i think we're still all trying to figure out what exactly he is about and what exactly he wants to do. how do you sort of read this foreign policy perspective about what his play is here at this specific time at this specific moment? >> you know, it's very difficult to know, luke. this is a regime we have very little information about. very closed society. this is an individual obviously who is difficult to predict.
9:19 am
again, that's why we take threats like this so seriously. but it's very hard to know exactly where he thinks he's going in the end game. very clear where we want this to go which is for the tensions to decrease on the peninsula. >> lastly. our regional allies, how helpful have they been? china, specifically. >> i don't have -- i wouldn't speak for other nations. obviously i think you saw press reporting that the chip niece expressed their childrens about this. the chinese have an influence over north korea. they have a way to speak to them and ways that other nations don't and certainly we made clear to the chinese we want them to do what they can to be helpful in this regard. >> rear admiral john kirby, retired. have a good weekend. >> thanks, luke. as the wildfires continue to rage out west for the first time in washington state history, they're asking for volunteers to join the fight. and more than 70 experts as far away as australia and new
9:20 am
zealand will travel to the united states to help as local officials warn they cannot keep up with the spread of the flames. nbc's miguel almaguer has more. >> reporter: overnight multiplying in size, the fire that took three lives is still moving in multiple directions. officials say the forest service firefighters who died survived a vehicle accident that lost their lives in the flames. >> let us be true to one another. >> reporter: tom, just 20, a poet was an only child. his proud parents also worked for the forest service. >> he loved life and he loved people. >> he was a special kid, you know, we're really going to miss tom. >> reporter: andrew, 26, was married to a firefighter. a scientist committed to the environment. richard wheeler, 31, was a veteran with ten years on the fire lines and a young husband. daniel lion was one of four
9:21 am
firefighters hurt wednesday. suffering burns over most of his body. the 25-year-old fight for his life. >> he adores the service community. he's just been -- just been a great, great, wonderful child. >> reporter: late thursday a procession to honor the men they call heroes. as firefighters push on while taking time to remember the fallen. >> heroes indeed. our prayers for them this weekend. after the break, the graduates will hear from the first women to finish army ranger school. that's going to come at you. this is "andrea mitchell reports" only on msnbc. >> i would be proud to serve along each and every one of the ranger graduates tomorrow in combat or elsewhere. the women impressed me. they met the standard. and they are ranger qualified individuals. do you like the passaaadd?
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for the first time ever two women have earned the prestinlg jous army ranger tab. first lieutenant shaye haver and captain kristen griest graduated from ranger training after completing the 62-day training program. nbc's erica hill has the latest from ft. benning, georgia. >> luke, it is a historic day here at fort benning. frankly, for the country. the first two female soldiers to graduate from ranger school having this patch pinned on them earlier this morning. it is a huge accomplishment. they are among a group of 97 graduates today, but these two women were just admitted in a class in april. >> it was always just about trying to get the best training that the army could offer us, to be the best officer for my soldiers. questi i can still continue to improve every day, i'm going to. but to be able to achieve that level of training was an accomplishment for me. >> it take a certain kind of
9:26 am
person. so it's realizing the mental side of the issue as you come is going to be the most challenging thing that you will ever face and exceeding that, my advice is to, once you get to that point, keep going and to realize your mind can take a whole lot more than your body can. >> while there has been much talk about the women who made it through, their male counterparts are also praising them. >> what was going through my mind at least, you're way too tired and way too hungry to honestly care. it's in the back of our minds. we're aware of what's going on but at the end of the day it was everyone was a ranger. it didn't matter. everyone was a ranger the same throughout. as long as the team pulled through. >> they may not be the only other woman for long. one other women is currently in ranger school. if she completes the current phase she's in, she will graduate next month. >> thank you so much. joining me now is colonel jack
9:27 am
jacobs, medal of honor recipient and military analyst who taught these two women at west point. we did not know that before preparing for the show. i have to go right off the bat to you, colonel jack, what do you remember about them? >> i wasn't very close to them. they were up there and i knew them quite well. i have a chair in politics up there. they're both very smart, extreelly smart and dedicated, and very, very tough. and they exerted enormous leadership even at west point. one of them now is an aviator. >> yeah. it's remarkable. i want to sort of play what exactly they said regarding their accomplishment and we'll get you to comment on the other side. >> to the other females who plan oncoming, i hope that they come with strong mind. that's what it takes to get through here. just like everyone sitting next to me here had to do to make it to tomorrow. >> for other women who have that same goal in mind, just keep that goal in mind and, you know,
9:28 am
just don't lose sight of it and remind yourself of why you're there and they'll be fine. >> let's fly at 30,000 feet. this is very significant. what do you think it will actually do for young women out there seeing this around the country who perhaps thought about a military career? >> i think it will motivate them. what's interesting about this is the whole notion about women in combat units. the army could have argued against women in combat units or done some intermediary thing like sticking women in combat units but not in combat, only stateside, only in training in the united states, don't put them in deployed units and that sort of thing and basically kicked the can down the road about whether or not women ought to be in combat unit '. the army, and i think the navy is going to do the same thing with the women going underwater demolition school, has actually leepd forward and said, we're going to obviate discussion
9:29 am
about whether or not women can be in combat units by sending to the toughest school in the united states army. if they get through it there's no argument anymore about whether or not women should be in combat units. i think it's just a matter of time before you find women in combat units. princely as a result of this. >> women have served in combat where it be a gunner on a chopper, defending convoys. we certainly have seen it. one bit of controversy is there have been some ranger alum, men around the military who say women got special treatment. major jim hathaway came out strongly against these rumors saying, quote, we could have invited each of you to guest walk the entire course and you would still not believe, we could have video recorded every patrol and you would still say we gave it away. nothing we say will change your opinion. that was in the "washington post." how much are they going to have to deal with this, these sort of haters, these naysayers who say
9:30 am
they got special treatment? >> not at all. anybody who knows anything about ranger school knows that it's gender neutral. it's everything neutral. it will kick your butt no matter what. if you're not prepared for it you're not going to make it. the large majority of the people drop out almost as soon as they get there, men or women. now, i think there's not going to be any further argument ability any of this stuff. i remember i was teaching at west point, '73-'76. in '76 the women first arrived. there was a lot of consternation about how the arrival of women at west point was going to completely ruin the academy. how it was going to ruin the army. and now nearly 40 years later, the sons and daughters of the first women who went to west point have now graduated from west point and have gone on to careers in the united states army. this is a major cultural change. it will take a while to actually get all the way down the road, but i think the argument is mostly over. >> indeed. former medal of honor recipient
9:31 am
jack jacobs. thank you for your time. after the break, new poll numbers give bid an boost. go get help, boy. go get help. go get help! right now! if you're a cat, you ignore people. it's what you do. if you want to save fifteen percent or more on car insurance, you switch to geico. it's what you do. go on kitty, kitty... ♪ [ female announcer ] everything kids touch at school sticks with them. make sure the germs they bring home don't stick around. use clorox disinfecting products. you handle life; clorox handles the germs.
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you handle life; everyone loves the picture
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i posted of you. at&t reminds you it can wait. babies on the radio? >> i didn't. i don't. >> you don't regret it? >> no. do you have a better term? >> i'm asking you. >> you give me a better term and i'll use it. serious. >> governor -- >> don't yell at me behind my ear though. geez. >> sorry about that. >> here's the deal. i said it's commonly referred to that. that's what i said. i didn't use it as my own language. >> it's a growing reality for republican presidential candidates. donald trump brings an issue or phrase into the headlines. they're stuck responding to it with varying degrees of success. joining me now "washington post" editorial columnist michael, speech writer in the george w.
9:35 am
bush administration, and former obama white house communications director anita dunn. welcome. thank you for being on the program. michael, i'll start off with you. it seems that the field is forced to respond to donald trump at every turn. and that specific case you see jeb bush getting agitated. talking about using the term anchor baby that at one point he said was not appropriate in any capacity. what has donald trump done to the field and do you worry this could be the first of a series of these types of moments? >> above all this is what donald trump believes himself. he's the one that introduced changes to the 1 hth amendment. this debate is a little bit misleading because bush actually opposes those interpretation of the 14th amendment. he disagrees with trump on the issue himself. nobody was arguing that he was making purposely derogatory comments here. so i think it's a little misleading in this case. there is a real argument in
9:36 am
republican party. i think there's a trump effect where he is moving some candidates, santorum, walker, others. and then you have rubio and bush who need to respond. they haven't done it, forcefully yet. but at some point you're going tv the responsible anti-trump voice emerge in the republican party and that's going to be an important moment. >> from the democratic side, i suppose you guys want to sit back and sort of watch the circus continue as long as possible which a real possibility considering how much money donald trump has. >> look, luke, you know, it's like an early christmas gift in many respects because i think michael's right. what trump is doing right now is defining the republican party. for a lot of people in this country right now, he's setting the agenda for this election. i mean, he had a debate performance that i think many people thought, oh, my gosh, it's over now. and yet he came out of it stronger than ever. so he's talking to something out there that frankly is disturbing
9:37 am
in american politics. and i think that the democratic party is watching this and basically saying, you know, okay, donald trump, go define the republicans and have them have to chase you into places none of them want to go. i don't believe jeb bush wanted to spend this week talking agent anchor babies. who, by the way, many people would call children. >> and michael, you you wrote about this today on trump. i want to put it up there. quote, some conservatives have adopted the strategy of saying there are some good points here. but, and he is tapping into some real anxiety, but it is an approach that effectively ledge mizes trump's disturbing enterprise. he is not making a series of arguments about the role of immigration in depressing wages or increasing unemployment. he is choosing an enemy in order to organize and direct public anger. you saw this in boston with an attack on a homeless hispanic individual who was inspired what donald trump is saying. how dangerous is this? >> it's dangerous for the conservative movement. even conservatives concerned
9:38 am
about our current immigration policy or border policy, other things. they need to distance themselves from the stereotype of their worst image who is now the face of the republican party. at least in this moment. it's disastrous. three years ago donald trump criticized mitt romney's self deportation for destroying, you know, the republican support among hispanics. now we are moving towards mass forced deportation? you know, having lost the hispanic vote by 44% in the last election? it's absurd. none of the -- you know, the republicans thinkers know it's absurd. but they are going to need to distance themselves in a positive way from him to maintain the integrity of their own conservative belief. >> we're a long way from i understand radio priebus '2013 autopsy. also say donald trump recently just tweeted saying he did not condone the attack that happened in boston after questioning about that. anita, i want to go to you. not everything is chipper over on the democratic side.
9:39 am
hillary clinton i'm broied in this e-mail scandal for another week. and it's giving some rise in the polls to one of your former colleague, vice president joe biden. quinnipiac poll. look at the swing states. joe biden honest and trustworthy numbers, much, much better than hillary clinton. how long will this continue to be a problem for hillary clinton and is the window looking more and more open for joe biden? >> you know, luke, it's an interesting thing because it's august. and it's still very early in the campaign. i think that this week you saw the clinton campaign decide to take a different tact in terms of the e-mails. going out there exmaining much more. i think that she's talking to the press more. i think their best route out of this is engagement because at the end of the day, you know, it's not clear exactly what happened but nobody is saying anything all that bad happened right now. but let me make a point about what michael was saying earlier about trump. let's not forget that this is a man who in the last election made a huge play around saying that the president of the united
9:40 am
states had not been born in the united states and that set an agenda for his campaign then. it's important to remember this is a party that has been playing with this fire for a long time and they're reaping what they sowed on this one. >> we have to leave it there. thank you so much for joining us. we appreciate your time. hurricane danny has strengthened overnight but is expected to be downgraded to a tropical storm by the time it gets to porter ri puerto rico. the storm could bring some much-needed rain to the island. which the in the grip of an extreme drought. there's a silver lining there, god willing. gene while in the pacific, another storm forming what could bring a serious threat to hawaii. it's expected to be hurricane kil okay. forecasters say it will take a path similar to a storm in 1982 which caused millions of dollars of damage to the hyland. stay with us on msnbc. after the break, humans of the world. one popular blog goes global to
9:41 am
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all right. big story today. major losses on wall street. the dow is down more than 300 points. this has been the worst week since 2011 for all three major indexes. it is something we're going to take a close look at throughout the day here on msnbc. and probably into next week because there's no sign of this slowing down completely. let's go to a story of american blogger making a big difference in pakistan. brandon stanton founder of the widely popular humans of new york blog, while he tral told pakistan where he photographed the people he met there including is a yeed fatima, activist committed to ending modern day slavery, known as bonded labor. she's been shocked, electrocuted and beaten numerous times for speaking out. stanton posted the photos and story on his blog along with a
9:45 am
link to the fund-raising page. raised more than $2 million in six days. it is still going up. joining me now is editor for nbc news asian america. thank you so much for making the time. appreciate it. >> luke, thanks for having me. >> before we talk about how extraordinary this was for a blog to raise $2 million, in any situation it really is, give our audience a little background on what exactly is bonded labor and how dig of an issue it is in pakistan. >> yeah, sure. bonded labor is basically a legal term for what's really modern say slavery. it is forced servitude. pakistan is not the only country in which this is happening but it has been going on for such a long time and received very, very little attention. so the issue of bonded labor basically goes like this. in pakistan, in these brick factories or kilns in particular, bricks are basically the essential building block of pakistan. there's about 20,000 of these places across the country, the employ millions of people.
9:46 am
most of them uneducated, illiterate, desperate day workers who are working for very, very little money every day. and the issue of bonded labor comes in to them in this way. these folks who are often in desperate economic circumstances, turn to their employers for small loans because someone in the family gets sick, because they have run out of money for food, for whatever reason. those loans never go down. the workers are never able to pay them off. they only get bigger. and it's an incredibly predatory practice that basically enslaves entire families. workers aren't able to pay off their loans over space time. when they pass away, those debts are then passed on to their children. so children are literally born into the debt of their parents and into this bonded labor. >> and we should say it's wide spread. there's over 4 million, we believe, of these cases in pakistan and 12 million worldwide, according to the u.n. in this case specifically,
9:47 am
fatima is certainly a heroic lady. what was she able to do with the help of this blog and how much of a difference has she made so far? >> well, fatima's group has been around for quite some time. she's one of the very few people who has been addressing this issue. i should also note we wouldn't even be talking about this, no one in the world wouldn't be talking about this if not for a work of pakistani journalist who for the last five or six years has been dedicating herself to telling fatima's story over and over again because it is so hard to get attention for this issue. but fatima's organization gives these folks advocacy, a right to some kind of aid. it helps them physically escape some of the more factory workers. to give you what this means. there's a story about fatima attending a congress. this incredible woman would just
9:48 am
eat the breakfast, pocket the $7 a day just so she could take it back and put it towards the organization. so if those $7 were enough to make a difference for her you can only imagine what $2 million will do. >> such an extraordinary person and such an aeks trard their story. thank you so much for saying it with us. appreciate it. >> thanks, luke. former president jimmy cart carter's passion, generosity and faith has been felt in plains, georgia, where he still teaches sunday school every week. yesterday after the former president discussed his cancer diagnosis for the first time the residents of plains organized their own to show their support. jimmy carter for cancer survivor has been posted around this small town to greet the former president when he returns home after treatment. the town of 800 people, respect and admiration, well, it's a two-way street. >> and now no matter where we are in the world we all looking forward to getting back home.
9:49 am
i would say that haven for our lives has been in plains, georgia. i plan to teach sunday school this sunday and every sunday as long as i'm, you know, fiszically and mentally able in my little church. we have hundreds of visitors come to see the curiosity of a politician teaching the bible, so -- at ally bank no branches equals great rates. it's a fact. kind of like mute buttons equal danger. ...that sound good? not being on this phone call sounds good.
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all right. which political story will make headlines in the next 24 hours? president obama's sales pitch for the iran nuclear deal made significant progress today. democratic congressman gerald nn nadler announced his support. two days after the congressman received a letter from president obama promising sanctions and possible military action if iran fails to fully comply with the deal. joining me now is staff writer for the atlantic. molly, this is a big
9:53 am
endorsement. nancy pelosi is pumping it out over her press wires. gerald nadler said this, quote, after carefully studying the agreement and the arguments and analysis from all sides, i have an colluded that of all the alternatives, approval of the jcpoa, for all its flaw, gives us the best chance of stopping iran from developing a nuclear weapon. i believe he is the first jewish democrat from the new york area to come out and support of this. will this be enough to put president obama over the top here, you think? >> well, it certainly a good sign for the white house. as you said, there are no other jewish democrats from new york supporting the deal. and had the white house not been able to convince jerry nadler, they would have been totally shutout among the juish democrats in the new york delegation is an influential block on this issue. so jerry nadler wrote a very long explanation of why he came
9:54 am
out in favor of the deal. probably illustrating the difficult bind that democrats like him are in because they are pulled in different directions by the very strong lobbying, by israel and by the israel lobby and on the other hand by the white house this is also mounted a very significant lobbying effort. >> it's interesting because after chuck schumer announced he would not support the deal a lot of people expected the momentum to be going against the deal. then you have claire mccaskill, a red state democratic senator supporting it yesterday. you have nadler now. apac it seems in the outside groups have mobilized against it. they haven't been able to push the needle as much as we all thought. >> well, i guess it depends on where your expectations were. they have got a lot of people and schumer was a very significant get for them but they need such an overwhelming number in order to -- in order to veto the deal and sustain the
9:55 am
veto. so that the point it's looking like the white house is probably in pretty good shape. but we still don't know where the majority of democrats are on this. >> and we should say it's a numbers game. 290 in the house, 67 in the senate. nancy pelosi is whipping for this deal so she rarely loses a vote. already in good shape to begin with. we'll get you out of here with this one. president obama saying that he would be willing to use force, be willing to bring on new sanctions. is that something that could be problematic, should this come back to bite him in the few months, six months to a year or is that something you just sort of putting out there because he has to? >> it does seem like that the white house clearly feels like they are under pressure to provide more assurances to congressmen like congressman nadler who need -- who view this deal as flawed and who need to have some promises from the white house if they're going to get onboard. so i think if leaking this letter, you know, it's clear attempt to get the white house on the record with some of these
9:56 am
assurances so that democrats who are nervous about whether they can support something like this may be encouraged to come onboard. >> molly ball, "the atlantic," thank you for your time. that does it for this edition of "andrea mitchell reports." remember to follow the show online, on facebook, and on twitter @mitchellreports. my colleague the great greg melvin is up next on "msnbc live." i'll be back monday. ♪ 800,000 hours of supercomputing time, 3 million lines of code, 40,000 sets of eyes, or a million sleepless nights. whether it's building the world's most advanced satellite, the space station, or the next leap in unmanned systems. at boeing, one thing never changes. our passion to make it real. ♪
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good friday afternoon to you. i'm craig melvin in for thomas roberts. we start with. trump force one, the donald kicking off the college preseason a few weeks early. trump is in mobile, alabama, site of the senior bowl of 43,000-seat venue where he is expecting a large gathering as part of an initial swing through the deep south. it has some history to it. bear bryant coached his first ever football game for alabama there. tonight, donald trump will be trying to make history himself. the largest crowd yet for the
10:00 am
2016 field. trump of course under fire for among other things his stance on immigration. even one of his iowa co-chairs telling the des moines register, quote, on illegal immigration he wants to gather up the families and ship them out? that was a boondoingle. the caucus goers are like, what? that was a big mistake. today democratic congressman castro appearing on msnbc saying that trump's offensive comments about, quote, anchor baby, for instance will be jeb bush and republicans to a winless season. >> it's not only hurting the republican party with donald trump has done, it's hurting the country. and unfortunately what you see with the other leading candidates for the republican nomination is that they're following him down that rabbit hole. >> and this just in to msnbc. we've learned that governor bush, jeb bush, heading to the texas border to talk about the immigration situation next monday. again, learn that just a few moments ago. nbc