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tv   Way Too Early  MSNBC  August 26, 2015 2:30am-3:01am PDT

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it's 5:30 on the east coast and 2:30 out west. good morning everyone. it's august 26th. donald trump went to iowa last night where he picked up the support of the former chairman, and the bigger story was trumps univision conversation. >> the next is who, please. sit down. you were not called. sit down. >> i have a right to have a question. >> no you have not.
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you have not been called. go back to univision. >> cannot deport 11 million people and build a wall or deny citizenship to children in the country. with those ideas -- i am a reporter. don't touch me, sir. cannot touch me. i have the right to answer questions. >> yes, in the order. >> i have the right to ask a question. >> you're running for president and one of the top journalists was just escorted out of the news conference, do you think that you handled that correctly? >> i don't know. i did not escort him out. i picked you and other people to answer me. you're asking me questions. he just stands up and starts screaming, so you know maybe he
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is at fault also. i don't consider that. i mean somebody walked him out. i don't know where he is. i don't mind if he comes back frankly. >> president obama has taken some of questions from him. >> i would stand up and take his questions. cannot just stand up ask scream. i was standing up and saying yes, and this guy starts up screaming. he is an emotional person. i have no idea and no problem. i would love to have questions with him. >> another one was banned because of a -- ramos was allowed back in the conference twice, and he called on him
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twice. >> here is what we're going to do. ready? >> let me tell you we're going to do it in a humane fashion. i ahave a bigger heart than you do. >> is there a one question and then you move on? >> the one thing that we're going to start with immediately are the gains and the wbad ones. do you agree with that and that we have tremendous crime. we have tremendous problems. i can't deal with it. listen, we have tremendous crime. we have tremendously -- we have some very bad ones, and you would agree with that. there are a lot of bad ones. real bad ones. go ahead. >> i want to ask you about the latino vote.
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>> yes, because i am going to bring the jobs back. how much am i suing univision for? do you know the number? you're part of the lawsuit. how much am i suing them for. 500 million. they're very concerned about it i am telling. >> he went on to speak in front of another rally where he went loose on the opponents and tell prompters. >> i heard that jeb bush was the mentor to mark rub owe. all of a sudden he announced that it was running. they thought that it was disrespectful to a person. if this were me and i brought somebody alone, and i am older than marco and then all of a sudden the young guy says that i am running against you, and it's
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not my turn but i am anxious and driven. for myself i am driven. he says i am running against him, i don't care. i would go after that guy. he is a terrible horrible person on a stage, and i hate them. i saw them on a stage and jeb said marco is a dear friend of mine. i watched the two guys hugging and kissing and holding each other. very much like chris christie did with the president. i'm only kidding. these other guys that go around and make a speech in front of 21 people and make the same speech. i say outlaw the tell prompter for anybody, right?
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for anybody running for president. do you know how easy it is. you're working the [ bleep ] off. >> that's when bush says that he was referring to mostly asian families that take part in organized efforts to come and give birth. he spoke in terms as he explained why he had no regrets. >> my record is pretty clear. i am married to a mexican american, united states citizen. i am immerse in the culture. i am bicultural and proud of the diversity of my own family. my diversity not just yesterday but my lifetime, people can look at. i was talking about a narrow
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range. i support birth right citizenship. i support it, and think that's a noble thing to do. we have to control the immigration system in the country. >> the first chinese american say that is he needs to apologize. >> this is typical, offensive and we believe that jeb bush owes the asian community apol y apology. immigrants are what america is all about, and yet he goes with them and the term. >> all right. switching side to the democrat i can side and leading and then a ppp poll and shows sanders in
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first place with 41 percent and clinton is seven points back and outside the margin of era. it comes as the new york time supports the campaign and maybe even higher than president obama's back in the stage in 2008. $11.4 million have come from gifts of $200 or less. this cycle is raised more than any other candidate democratic or republican. now, turning into a loss within a matter of minutes on the trading day and saw that happen after climbing almost three percent. joining us live from london. what was the catalyst for this throughout the course of the
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day? >> it was a roller coaster ride from the beginning. many saying hey this is not just about china or the fears of the debt issue. this is about a recalibration that's necessary for the markets. many people talking about the fact that u.s. stock prices are rises faster now and saying that there were a necessary reacquaint justment and then another wrinkle here and the damage that's hanging over the market for the last couple of years. it's when they're going to raise the rates again. they're expect today do that over the next few weeks and coming out and saying this may not be the right time to do that. now what we have seen is the system, and that looks good for you as they compose the gains for the dow later today. >> okay. . two service members are dead
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after two opened fire on a vehicle with with troops in side. they were amount killed. it happened at a military base and the nationalities of the victims are not known yet. this is the third attack on the foreign froops in afghanistan. the inspector general is looking into reports. they say that the probe began after one analyst claimed there was evidence and that the central command were being skewed. what they reached were improperly being changed for the poll si policy makers and none of the agencies involved confirmed the report. now the suspect in the paris train attack appeared in court. they have opened a formal terror investigation. they planned to carry out a mass murder before and that comes as
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the college student becomes the first of the three americans to return home to the u.s. here is nbc kelly with more. >> barefoot and blind folded was ç into the french court where he was charged with attempted mass murder. this was premeditated and targeted. detailing the arsenal. an assault rifle, nine clips, automatic m 80 handgun and a clip, box cutter, bottle of gasoline and a cell phone. the prosecutor said that he bought a 175 first class ticket and while on board listened to a youtube clip calling on the faithful to take up arms. on what appears to be the facebook page one calls france a
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terror civilization and a criminal state. they're looking into if he acted alone, and who supplied the money and weapons. >> we don't really know the degree that directed him to do this and the degree to do this under his own or what the over right plan was. >> two of the four americans credited with that plan kept a low profile. he was on the red carpet in paris. >> this is unreal. two days ago they were on the train and two days later all this is happening. it's pretty crazy. >> that's him reporting for us. the newly video is reporting what two use in the prison up state in new york in june. this is the route that they took
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plu the prison after cutting through the cell wall. they squeezed through a cat walk and crawled through a steam pipe and then exited through a manhole outside of the prison. it took investigators 20 minutes to complete. still ahead on way to early. remembering a doctor that attended to jfk. indycar racer making a difference even after death. the yankees make a call to the bull pen from the in field. those stories and a look at the tropics when way to early comes right back.
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dr. duke passed away from natural causes and he was in the emergency room when kennedy arrived and new right away it was a fatal injury. he tweeted john who was also shot in the limo and accreted for saving his life. in resent years the army veteran worked with the military to help with the care on the battlefield. yesterday we shared the news of the passing after suffering a severe head injury while on the raceway on sunday. if anything positive comes out, it's the fact that wilson is already having an impact and his younger brother tweeted that the organs have saved six lives so far. he was 37 years old. >> meanwhile more news of sports analyst making comments. check this one out.
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former pitch er is under fire for posting a tweet yesterday comparing to the germans in 1940 that were set to be natzi's. the tweet was up for ten minutes before being retwetaken down. he is pulled from the upcoming league. >> he responded and said that i understand and accept it. 100 percent my bad. this was on my part 100 percent. pitburg steelers have signed michael vick to a one year deal. now to major league baseball and in new york the yankees got tumbled and they got tumbled by
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last night and down 9-0. visibly upset. it prompts them to yell at him and responding for him to shut up. it caused both benches to be cleared and no one is objected. the trail 15-0 and in hopes that saving an arm in the bull pen and calling him to the mound. he turns out to be the best pitch er for the night. tossing a pair the yankees lost and end up over the rangers and it's a full game for the first place in the ale. >> well, we like to give you the traps so that you can break it down for you us. >> i bet that you have spent a lot of time with the dust storms. >> a lot of us don't know.
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this is the arizona. thund the thunderstorms and then the downdraft and then kicking up and there's a coating of it over phoenix this morning and hosing off the patio and pool. let's talk about erica and that's the big story. it's about one day away from any land area and it's going glide past and pulling and then somewhere near or into florida. that's why it that attention. the key to the forecast is how in tense while the storm be? it's only going to bring beneficial rain to the virgin islands here. that's the forecast here. if this storm becomes stronger than expected over the next two or three days, that's bad for florida. the conditions by the time it gets there are favorable, so maybe it can get up to a hurricane. if it's a hurricane by the time
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it's friday and saturday, then it could get stronger, so we want erika to stay weak so that it does not cause problems. right now we're thinking that it could possibly be from the hur cape center. again all of the computers are begging it to take the path to florida. that's the timing on sunday and into monday. >> okay. we're going keep an eye on that. alabama football is ranked in the top five. trying to get the revenge when way to early comes back. and i'm jerry bell the third. i'm like a big bear and he's my little cub. this little guy is non-stop. he's always hanging out with his friends. you've got to be prepared to sit at the edge of your seat and be ready to get up. there's no "deep couch sitting." definitely not good for my back. this is the part i really don't like right here. (doorbell) what's that? a package! it's a swiffer wetjet. it almost feels like it's moving itself.
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all right. now let's get a check on the other headlines. for that we go to the control room. now, alabama football. >> that's right. can i get a roll tide. it's close to warn the heat. reading a biography of school children. >> saban had denied any interest in the alabama job over and over and over. >> well, i guess that i can close the book. there's no way that he is going to alabama.
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a man is only as good as his job. he knew how it would look if he went for two seasons. he would be called a liar, a failure and quitter. >> say it with me kids. >> a liar, failure. >> is he a lady? >> i don't think coach saban is going like that one. a 350-year-old oil painting worth $1.5 million that was punched this weekend when a 12-year-old boy on a museum tour trip and broke husband fall by sme smashing it. the family would not be asked to restore the painting that was on loan for the painting. i can't imagine what the family was thinking, but i am glad that
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the story ended well. now fashion week is around the corner. you might not get in and the parties dress code sent the yahoo style. the marx jacobs party dress code riding in on a white house, sky high stilettos, mired avenue yay tors, metal mesh, or of laura mars, no flat somehows. >> i bet that you have your outfit picked out. >> i know that you have
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something in your closet. >> okay. that does it for me and way to early. coming up for morning joe we're watch nothing the markets and then another open mic night with tru donald trump. did he go too far? joining us live and the first debate performance and then joined by james to talk about whether hillary clinton is down playing. we will talk about hurricane katrina ten years later. that are and more coming up on morning joe. ♪ no student's ever been the king of the campus on day one. but you're armed with a roomy new jansport backpack, a powerful new dell 2-in-1 laptop, and durable new stellar notebooks, so you're walking the halls with varsity level swagger.
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. these other guys go around and make speeches to 20 people. they say the same speech. i say we should outlaw tell he prompters for anybody. right? for anybody, for anybody running for president. you should -- you know how easy that would be. instead of this i'm working my ass off. okay? >> oh, my god. you guys go on with your day. you're just going to run those clips.
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