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tv   Caught on Camera  MSNBC  August 30, 2015 1:00pm-2:01pm PDT

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set your vcr to record. this late night talk show host, these intrepid reporters, this politician, and this city bus driver may seem to have nothing in common, but they all share a common bond. embarrassing, funny, scary. and unbelievable scenarios that all happened on the job. "caught on camera: a hard day's work."
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hello, i'm contessa brewer. welcome to "caught on camera." one of the most embarrassing moments ever at the worst possible time in the worst possible place, on the job. in this story, you'll see professionals doing what they do best until they trip up or slip up and then go with the old saying, laugh at yourself and the world will laugh with you. >> this is fashion week over in paris. there was a problem out there today. a model fell down twice. >> it looked so funny. like, i'm still laughing when i see this video. how is that possible to fall like that? >> you all are just really tickled over that. >> it was clear i don't have this anymore. i hope they go to commercial now, because i'm about to lose my job. [ laughter ] >> wait a minute. let's start over from the beginning.
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kamila is a supermodel living in poland. jim vance is a veteran newscaster from washington, d.c. they may live worlds apart, but jim and kamila will forever be linked to each other and it's all because of a pair of ridiculously high heels, a watering can, and one very embarrassing video that went viral. kamila loves her job and was particularly excited to be booked for a fall fashion show, being put on by one of her favorite designers. >> i love vivian west. she's an amazing designer, so when i went for the casting and i got the job, i was so happy. >> at least until the spring/summer 2007 show turned into the fall show. prior to her stumble, kamila had been through a fitting for the spring/summer show and everything had gone smoothly. >> i went for the fitting, and everything was all right. i tried the shoes. they clothes were made perfectly
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for me. >> and since the theme of the show was springtime, kamila was given a special prop. >> they gave me a watering can. and the idea was for me to walk outside with the watering can and put the water on the flowers and keep walking until the end and back. and on the rehearsal, everything, okay, she was okay, watering can, okay. >> unbeknownst to her, there was a last-minute addition right before the show. her watering can had been filled to the brim. >> it was so heavy, i couldn't lift it up. now i have to keep walking with this in these shoes. >> no human being can walk in those things. >> it was like your foot is put in a funny way, so it's hard to walk. >> the watering can was bad enough, but what was so funny was the desperate attempt of this, i'm sure, wonderful woman to stay vertical with these absurd shoes.
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>> jim prides himself on taking his job very seriously, but not on this day. >> and when she went down again, it was like, oop, there she goes again. that's embarrassing. this was at least the second time. [ laughter ] >> well, you all are just really tickled by that, aren't you? you try walking in those shoes. >> we want to apologize. >> hold on, hold on. >> nothing could have prepared kamila or jim for the attention that came once their video went viral. >> i was the star. i was everywhere. i was in the newspaper, in every single news from australia to new york. >> there was not a continent, except antarctica, from which i have not heard. >> and then they put the movie
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on youtube, so everyone like -- i wasn't kamila anymore. but i was, oh, this is the girl from the vivian westwood show. >> but for both of them, there's a silver lining. >> i'm really happy that something i did causes other people to feel a little bit of joy. >> hold on, hold on, hold on. >> everyone can have a rough day, but it doesn't mean anything. next time you need to wake up and do your job as good as you can. coming up, a 911 operator's worst nightmare comes true. >> what's the emergency? >> there's a fire. a big fire. >> i had to ask her twice to make sure i had the right address. and i realized it was my house. >> and a city bus worker's on-the-job catastrophe. >> i look out the windshield and realize that the bridge pillar is coming and we're not stopping. >> when "caught on camera: a hard day's work" returns. plaque psoriasis...
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what's your emergency? >> there's a fire, a big fire. >> i had to ask her twice to make sure i had the right address. >> these flames are about 100 feet in the air. >> and i realized it was my house. >> for veteran 911 operator mike bose, this is not a typical day at the office. bose, along with his parents, have lived in quincy, massachusetts, for years. >> it's a nice neighborhood right across from a school. never any trouble on the street. we'd have everybody over during the holidays, christmas, thanksgiving. relatives would always stop by. kids were there. it was great. >> bose always enjoys his job with the city and prides himself on staying cool under the pressure. >> okay, was it a motor vehicle accident? the people of quincy want someone who's on the other end who won't go crazy or lose it when you call. you have to stay calm and help
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the city out. >> friday, september 25th, 2009, bose's shift starts like any other. >> it was a very busy night. about 10:30, 10:45, it actually started to slow down. we figured we had another hour left on the shift, then we'll be gone and the night will be over. >> but for bose, his night is just starting when this 911 call is received. the call is from his neighbor. >> 911, what's your emergency? >> there's a fire next door to my house. 102 hollis avenue. >> let me get the fire department. stay on the phone. >> okay. >> all at once, there was about nine calls coming in. we figured because of the time of night, it was going to be a car accident. so the first call we picked up that i received was my next-door neighbor saying the neighbor's garage and house was on fire. there was an explosion. when i asked her the address, she told me it's 99 hollis ave. i had to ask twice to make sure i had the right address and i realized it was my house.
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>> a neighbor catches it all on camera. not only is bose's house on fire, but his parents are inside. >> 911, what's your emergency? >> there's a fire, big fire at 99 hollis avenue. >> a fire or a fight? >> the whole place, the garage and everything is on fire. this is michael bose's mother. >> okay, hold on. okay, mrs. bose, we have it. we'll be right there. >> thank you. >> the first reaction was to make sure my parents were safe. they were in the house, and i tried calling several times. there's no answer. >> mike o'shea is the neighbor who captures it all on camera. >> flames were about 100 feet into the air, and, yeah, you could definitely feel the heat and you could see on the houses next to it, you know, the paint was just melting and chipping away. >> within minutes, bose arrives on the scene. fortunately, his parents escape the burning home as they make their 911 call. >> the first thing i notice is my parents were on the street with my neighbor. i knew they were fine. it was almost work like slow
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motion when you're walking, 'cause you don't believe that something's going on and when you look in the back, i could see down the driveway. there was no garage. it was gone. there was heavy fire in the back, so i knew the kitchen, the bedroom area was going to be gone. the roof was gone, the second floor was gone. >> as soon as they got it under control, they started smashing out the windows and laying into the upstairs area of the house with hoses. >> bose realizes that everything he and his parents own is destroyed. >> the new tv i just bought, gone. computers, gone. everything you knew that was inside the house was gone. nothing left. just the shirt that we wear and the clothes on our back and that was all we had. >> fortunately, bose's cousin is a quincy firefighter who arrives first on the scene. >> he ran into the house. and there were several pictures of grandkids, wedding pictures of my parents, he was able to save all the pictures that was in there. it meant a lot. when something like this happens, you have friends that come together, but the city of quincy and the quincy police department have been unbelievable. they're with you 24 hours a day. they're helping out. they're doing what they can,
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even their families, their wives, their girlfriends, even the kids get involved, which is unbelievable. >> for o'shea who witnesses the fire, the scene has a dramatic impact. >> it's sad. it's very sad. i went out a couple of days later and bought more smoke detectors. >> despite the devastating fire, bose has an optimistic attitude. >> thank you, sergeant. >> my main thing is my parents and my neighbor got out and there's no injuries. nobody was hurt, no lives were lost. the fire department, nobody was injured. it's a house that can be rebuilt. everything can be replaced. it's going to take awhile, but we can get back. >> within two weeks, bose is back on the job, working the 911 phone lines. >> one of the first calls we took last night was for a house fire. at first i was like -- normal routine. transferred to the fire department and sent a cruiser down there and you have to be there when they call 911. that's what we do. >> from one dedicated city worker to another.
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on a saturday evening in albuquerque, new mexico, a bus driver's routine ride takes a frightening turn when he slams into another vehicle then crashes into a bridge pillar. it all starts a little after 5:00 p.m. on october 17th, 2009. the bus drops off several passengers at a busy stop and is heading west on central avenue toward oak street, not far from the university of new mexico campus. albert sanduval is the bus driver. >> i took off and i was just driving and i was going right through my green light and about the middle of the intersection, i just looked and there was a little car right in front of me. >> the incoming car, which is turning left in front of the bus, is not slowing down and the two vehicles collide. >> not even really the time to
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look in the mirror and tell anybody, you know, to brace yourself or nothing. it happened that quick. >> christian moore is the security guard onboard the bus. >> i hold onto the bar in front of me and try and stable myself. i looked out the windshield and realized that the bridge pillar is coming and we're not stopping. >> not only does the bus hit the car, but the momentum carries the bus forward with the car smashed against it right into a bridge pillar. the bus passengers are flung from their seats. >> that's when everything came to a stop, and i was looking at the little car and looking at the pillar and saying i hope those people are okay. >> moore's training kicks in and he and sanduval get the passengers off the bus. >> we're lucky that it happened on a saturday evening just because the bus wasn't as crowded. if it was monday through friday at that time, it could have been a lot worse. >> no one on the bus is seriously hurt, so their attention goes to the driver of the crashed car, which is smashed against the pillar. >> it's a little car, and this
1:16 pm
is a 20-, 30-ton vehicle that i'm driving. and it did -- lifted it up and pushed it up against the pillar, and i'm looking at the car here and the pillar right there. my thinking was, you know, i hope those people are okay. >> miraculously, the sole occupant of the car, a 24-year-old driver, suffers four broken ribs but no critical injuries. christian moore is back at work the next day. sanduval suffers whiplash but no broken bones. despite his hard day's work, sanduval is ready to get back behind the wheel. >> i'm really looking forward to getting back on my bus and getting back on my normal routine, driving every day and just enjoy, you know, the passengers. coming up, a novice politician gets an introduction into the rough and tumble world of politics. >> boo! boo! >> liar! and later, if you think a
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w. bush, and bill clinton all have in common? >> bill, this is the center of the aids epidemic. >> they've been heckled. >> that's why i'm running for president to do something about it. >> and politician ben conup is proud to be in their company. >> it's a rite of passage. >> liar. >> we're here again -- >> it's not something that i anticipated. >> it all starts in march 2009 when lucas county commissioner ben coniff decides to run for mayor of toledo, ohio. >> i wanted to give something back. i enjoy politics. i actually find it interesting, stimulating, challenging.
1:21 pm
>> we're here today -- >> and when a local television station films him struggling to talk over a relentless heckler, his hard day at work becomes a caught on camera sensation. >> are you done? >> no. i'm going to keep going. >> okay. all right. >> well, it wasn't what i signed up for. i didn't enter this ray for mayor in hopes of becoming a youtube star. that's politics. >> maxwell austin is a toledo resident who follows politicians closely and takes them to task, especially conup who he said broke a pledge of ethics not to run for mayor. >> he says i plan to stay my term, i'm going to do what i'm going to do, not running for mayor, only a few weeks later to come out and say, okay, you know what, i'm going to run for mayor. >> this is an important issue. >> austin is not happy when he sees coniff campaigning literally at his front door. >> i was sitting on my porch one morning. people showed up. someone approached me to let me know who was going to be coming, and would i want to put on a t-shirt and come down there and join.
1:22 pm
i let him know what i thought and told them no. >> conup's staff updates him on the situation. >> i think there was some indication that there was a guy there who was, you know, a bit ornery, but we decided to go forward with it. >> we have a situation in toledo. >> as conup launches into his talking points about faulty water lines, austin makes his voice heard. >> run for mayor somewhere else. i seized my opportunity to boo him and call him a liar. >> liar. >> over and over. >> liar. >> and over. >> liar. >> and over again. >> we are here today -- >> boo, liar, boo. >> this is really annoying. i wanted to try and take the high road. >> why don't you let me talk and then you can talk. that's fair. >> honestly, i wouldn't have minded having a dialogue with the heckler. get it out of the way and then i can say my piece and you can say your piece and we'll go from there. we'll be civilized about it. no? you're not coming down here? >> when he gave me the opportunity, why don't you come down here and talk to the cameras, nope, that's not my job. you know, i'm not running for politics.
1:23 pm
i think i'm doing a great job sitting on my porch, relaxing. >> do you want us to move? >> eventually, the heckler forces conup and his campaign staffers to change location. >> we just ended up moving down the block and doing our thing and going on with the day and not thinking a whole lot about it until obviously the video became viral, as they say. >> you know, it's six degrees of separation in america, or maybe even the world. you know, you've got a friend in california. you e-mail it over to them. they're going to spread it to all their friends in california who might have a friend somewhere else and i think it's pretty much what happened. >> if you've seen this video, then you're one of tens of thousands around the globe. >> it wasn't what i was really wanting to talk about and frankly, really wasn't what the community probably should have been talking about, but, you know, i could see it. it was a big story. >> liar. >> it's a big story that dovetails with another big story, the beer summit president
1:24 pm
obama holds at the white house to mend fences between a cambridge, massachusetts, police officer and a harvard professor over a controversial arrest. >> and we decided to take a cue from the president. >> in that spirit, a local toledo television station decides to organize a beer summit of its own featuring ben conup and maxwell austin. >> ben, good to see you. >> nice to finally meet you. i feel like a bond, you know what i mean? >> a little bit. yeah, yeah, yeah. >> here you go. >> we've had something, thank you very much. >> a peace offering. >> we had our beer. we talked about the city, talked about some of the issues facing young people in the city facing downtown toledo, which he also had some interest in. so we found some common ground. it's a very productive evening for me, at least. i hope it wasn't too bad for you. >> nope, not at all. i got a free beer out of it. >> got a free beer. >> i would be willing to move past our heckling incident and try to get him involved in some way constructively for the community. >> but austin prefers to do his opining from the sidelines and doesn't see politics in his future. >> have i ever thought about
1:25 pm
running for office? no. you know, during the whole booing incident people said, you should run for mayor. you should run for mayor. i don't want to do that. >> as for ben conup, he loses the mayor's race, but he gains a thick skin. and he says, don't count him out yet. >> i still am a county commissioner, i'm still interested in giving back to the community and i think public service and politics is a great way to impact the future of toledo. coming up, would you ever volunteer to get tased? what about step into a lion's den? two reporters who did just that all for the story when "caught on camera: a hard day's work" continues. here at humana, we value sticking with things. when something works, people stick with it.
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we figure you probably don't have time to wait on hold. that's why at xfinity we're hard at work, building new apps like this one that lets you choose a time for us to call you. so instead of waiting on hold, we'll call you when things are just as wonderful... [phone ringing] but a little less crazy. we're doing everything we can to give you the best experience possible. because we should fit into your life. not the other way around. hype' richard lui with the hour's top stories for you. hundreds gathering in virginia to remember the two journalists murdered on live television this interfaith service under way in roanoke to remember wdbj reporter, alison
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parker and her photographer, adam ward. both were gunned down witness by disgruntled ex-co-worker. the storm has passed, now the cleanup begins in the island nation of dominica. tropical storm erica dumping torrential rain and uprooting trees, killed a the least 20 people, more than 50 still missing. now back to caught on camera. welcome back to "caught on camera." i'm contessa brewer. reporters are naturally curious about the way things work and may go to great lengths for a story. well, what kind of lengths? take a look. television personalities often try what's called "the show and tell," a chance for the viewer to see just how something is done. >> ow, that hurt! >> but reporter thomas bonet takes the show and tell to a level one might call shocking.
1:30 pm
bonet, a lifelong alaskan, lives in fairbanks, a former gold rush boomtown that prides itself on its natural beauty. while covering local crime stories in 2003, bonet learns that police are using taser guns as a crime-fighting tool. his curiosity is piqued when a police officer makes an offhand comment. >> they were talking about tasers and their effectiveness and he jokingly said you should do it. it's a lot of fun. and i said, yeah, sure, why not. fateful statement. >> fateful, indeed. a self-described risk taker, bonet decides to try it and capture it all on camera. >> when i told my co-workers what i was planning to do, i was met with a lot of blank stares. and i don't think they really believed me. >> have you ever seen thomas pace before?
1:31 pm
i never have. >> i became more and more nervous. you know, i was trying to play it off like, i'm not afraid at all, but that was absolutely not true. >> bonet decides, despite his fear, that he should not only go through with the plan, he should make the experience as real as possible. >> i figured if i'm going to do this, i'm going to go all out. and they gave me all sorts of options like do you want to get tased for one second, three seconds or five seconds? >> five seconds. that's all there is to it. it will seem a little longer on the other end. it will seem longer than five second, but that's all the longer is five seconds. >> i opted for five seconds. >> the barbs are an eagle claw fish hook. once they go in, they don't come out without a little effort.
1:32 pm
>> the moment arrives, bonet is feeling more at ease. he hears sergeant eric jukes, a taser instructor at the fairbanks police department, has been tased himself numerous times. >> i've been shocked with it, i don't know, five, six, seven, eight, ten times, and once it's over, it's over. you're done. you get up and you stand up. there's no clean up. there's really not a whole lot of recovery. it's over. you're just left with memories. >> but when bonet sees the paramedics walk in, he wonders what kind of memories. >> the emts wheeled in a gurney with a crash cart on it and started asking around, what's this for? we don't need this, right? they said, oh, that's just in case. just in case of what? >> overcoming his cold feet, bonet finally steps onto the mat. >> all right. let's do this. >> all right. >> so stand right around here. >> that's it. that looks good. >> so, like i said, we can see this laser on his back. so the top arm will go there, bottom barb will go down. are you ready? >> yeah.
1:33 pm
[ screaming ] >> hold him, hold him. hold him. >> ow. >> he shoots me and after that, there's nothing in my mind except for the sheer pain. there's nothing. it was just horrendous pain. [ screaming ] >> hold him, hold him. hold him. >> and before the electricity was applied, i could actually feel the barbs hit my back and plant themselves and then it just hurt like heck. it was insane. and that five seconds felt like an eternity. >> now, how do you feel? >> fine. >> right now, do you feel any pain? >> no. i feel a tickle from where the probes launched in my back. >> do you feel like you can move? >> yeah. >> do you feel like you have a clear head? >> just like i had hoped, there was no residual pain whatsoever. one moment, i'm in complete agony, and the next, what am i doing on the floor? >> hold him, hold him, hold him. >> whenever i see video or even
1:34 pm
just think of it, of someone being tased, i always think back to myself being tased. that's simply not something you'll forget. from one unforgettable moment to another. when this adventure travel reporter visits the legends resort in south africa, he gets more adventure than he bargains for. >> cut, cut, cut. >> hey! >> charlie smith is a travel writer for "the daily telegraph" in london and a host of tourism videos. he has the perfect job for an adrenaline junky. >> i think a few people at my desk think i've got a little bit of a death wish. i've been wing walking on a plane. flying around and doing loop to loop. i've done the biggest bungee jump in the world.
1:35 pm
i've done this skeleton bobsled which is on this tray where you go down this chute and you go about 60 miles an hour. it's pretty terrifying, but it's all good fun. >> but charlie takes the terrifying moments in stride. >> i do this job because of the excitement, because it beats being behind the desk every day and to get the opportunity to travel, and if it means i have to get a bit scared at the same time, i don't mind that. it's a good trade. >> a good trade indeed. for a recent story, he and his co-host are out taping tourism videos at a gulf course in south africa. >> we were there to do some safari, play some golf. it was all meant to be quite relaxed. none of the adrenaline adventures. >> we're here at legends on the 18th green and we're meant to be going up to the top of that mountain for the extreme 19th, but unfortunately, the weather has been a little bit unkind to us this morning and delayed it because the clouds are low. >> so another plan has been hatched. >> i've just been told we're going into the lion's den. >> no, no, that's been changed again. that's not we're going into the lion's den. you're going into the lion's den. >> he said, why don't you go and meet our lion handler. they had a baby. i thought that will be sweet.
1:36 pm
we'll get some nice pictures. we're just off to get breakfast before i become the lion's breakfast. >> charlie doesn't realize how accurate he is. >> turned up at the lion handler's cage and there was a lion and it looked enormous. i said that's not a baby. no, it's called baby lion. that's its name. >> charlie decides that despite his doubts, the shoot must go on, especially after being reassured by the lion handler. >> i wasn't sure whether i should go in. you know, you see the size of it. and it's sort of prowling up and down and it's sort of pawing at the cage. i spoke to the lion handler. he's raised lions and leopards and hyenas. he said it's safe. i've got control over it. i can tell if it's in a bad mood and if it is, i wouldn't let you in. >> right before charlie steps into the cage, the lion handler gives him some unsettling advice. >> he said, if anything goes wrong, you can't run and you have to try to look like you're not scared. so in i went, and the door closed behind me. at first, i was there crouching down, stroking the lion and it
1:37 pm
is sort of pawing at me a bit. >> scratch the lion's belly. >> it scratched my leg a bit of my foot. but nothing. it's just playing around. >> he likes you. >> even when the lion gets into a tussle with his handler, charlie's not ruffled. >> hey! hey! nyet! come on. >> he just wants to play. >> but the playful lion now turns to charlie. >> then it started to get up and and it got up on its hind legs, and that was the first time i felt the claws go into my back legs. the lion's claws and then his teeth are digging into charlie's body. >> i started to feel pain, like this burning pain which went in. and then he let go. i mean thankfully, otherwise i'd probably be missing, you know, a good quarter of my leg. >> charlie's instinct is to run away from the lion, but he remembers what the handler told
1:38 pm
him. >> the handler said before we went in, you have to try to not look scared. if you run, then you'll become prey and the natural instinct will be to kill you. >> just when charlie thinks the lion is under control, it comes back for more. >> you can hear it roaring and growling and you can feel your own heartbeat and breath in your head. you're so scared. >> in an instant, charlie comes eye to eye with the animal. >> it seems slow motion. but you sort of look around and see the mouth open, see its eyes which are kind of yellow eyes and when they fix the stare on you, you just feel like you're an ant. you feel like so small and you're its little plaything. that was the moment when i thought, you know, i'm in trouble. >> when the handler distracts the lion, charlie is able to make his escape. >> i looked kind of like a tarzan figure in all these shredded trousers and cut t-shirt and jacket.
1:39 pm
>> charlie goes to the local hospital for stitches on his shoulder and his leg. he had made a last-minute wardrobe change before entering the den which may have saved his life. >> africa is usually pretty hot, but this morning, it was cold, so i was just wearing a t-shirt and thankfully grabbed my ski jacket, which gives you some padding. because basically, the lion's claws would go through the material. it's tough material and it gets stuck, so it couldn't pull away. if it was just a t-shirt, it would go into your flesh and pull through and then that would have been a different story. i probably would have been in hospital for a lot longer, or worse. >> despite his brush with death, charlie keeps his torn clothes for the memories. >> i thought afterwards, maybe i should throw it away, but then i thought no, i've got to keep it for the grandkids. >> needless to say, charlie doesn't have any plans to enter a lion's den any time soon. >> i put them in two different categories. the scary things that are scary because you get frightened doing
1:40 pm
them but they're not dangerous. you're not going to die from them. it's just whether you've got the guts to do it. then this lion incident, that's just dangerous and in hindsight pretty stupid to do. coming up, this preacher's slip of the tongue becomes a youtube sensation. >> you heard nothing else. this is church, my gosh. a salesclerk's frightening encounter. >> stay back. stay back. and a cop's dance moves have everyone talking. >> everybody out of the pool. >> when "caught on camera: a hard day's work" continues.
1:41 pm
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this preacher packs the house every sunday. >> my name is blake and i'm the national campus pastor. >> but he's known for a slip of the tongue during a sermon a few years ago. >> we were talking about how lot
1:44 pm
chose to go pinch his -- >> his embarrassing moment is witnessed first by his congregation of 300 people. >> stop laughing, all right? man. >> and then by thousands around the world when his blooper goes viral. >> i hope this isn't on videotape, because i'm -- i'll have no job now. >> blake bergstrom gets flustered while sharing the biblical of abraham and his nephew, lot, with a large youth group in colorado where he had been a youth pastor for only two months. >> pinch his -- is what i said. and you heard nothing else here. lot says, i want the green land that's plush. the really green land. the bible said he pitched his
1:45 pm
tent too close to sodom and gomorra. he said, listen, the people you hang out with you will become. bad company always corrupts good character and so i was talking about that. and then i was talking about he pitched his tent too close to sodam and gomorrah. >> it was a great message, but the message gets muddled. >> i was challenging you guys not to do is to pick friends that were going to lead you -- stop laughing, all right? >> i just jacked it up. i said lot chose to pinch his -- i'm just like trying to push through like -- am i red right now? holy cow. i'll just act like we're good. we're going to keep rolling. so what i was saying is that -- >> inside, blake fears the worst. >> i just thought, oh, great. i just moved here. i've got four kids. we don't even have a place to stay yet. this is horrible. we are so done. this is over. i'm gonna be fired. you know, i just thought it was
1:46 pm
over. >> his wife, ali, is in the audience thinking the same thing. >> the very moment that those words came out of his mouth -- >> to go pitch his tent -- excuse me. >> a million thoughts went through my mind like did he really just say that? he really just said that. is he going to have a job tomorrow? and i think i sat there with my hand over my mouth like, oh, my goodness, this really happened. this is happening. it really happened. i think i was a bit in shock. >> but their shock turns to relief when laughter fills the church. >> then i saw everybody laughing, the parents laughing, and it was like, okay, this is -- it's going to be okay. this is funny. this is just funny. there's nothing you can do about it. >> blake's popularity among his youth group soars. >> at that ministry after that happened, my teenagers started putting it on their ipods and they started taking it to the school. and when they'd go to the
1:47 pm
school, they're showing it to their friends like, dude, you've got to meet my pastor. this is hilarious. this is what he said. >> and he becomes "that guy on youtube" in christian circles. brian deshawn interviewed blake for a pastor job at nashville's cross point church. >> at the time, i had no idea he was that guy, had no idea blake bergstrom was that guy on youtube. so i had this great conversation with him. a couple days later, we had a meeting and they explained. i was like, oh, my gosh, that was him. that was the guy? >> but blake says his ability to laugh at himself after his embarrassing "caught on camera" moment has made him not holier than thou but someone everyone can relate to. >> pitch his tents is what said and you heard nothing else here. this is church, my god. >> katrina had just happened and there was a whole bunch of people that shot me e-mails. they said, thank you. i haven't laughed in so long.
1:48 pm
they said this is such an encouragement to me and i actually want to go back to church now. because i was able to laugh -- it was funny and i laughed. and i made a mistake and i own it. you know? it's like all of a sudden people are like, i like that guy. he's kind of a dork, like me. >> stop laughing, all right? man. from a slip of the tongue to a slip on the floor makes a hot hollywood actress and a favorite late night talk show host in a playful sketch and what do you get? big ratings, right? well, for conan o'brien, teri hatcher's appearance on his show in october of 2009 really knocks him out. it starts when hatcher suggests she and o'brien do a mock triathlon together. >> it was supposed to end with teri and i raced into the studio, rushing down the steps, and coming right here to the finish line. >> but watch what happens when the two approach the stage for the big finish. >> and i'm a big guy.
1:49 pm
i'm about 6'4". and i went back and hit my head. in that moment, i saw stars but i tried to keep going. >> the audience is laughing and conan, the consummate professional, doesn't let on that he's hurt. >> let's see a slow motion replay of what happened right there, shall we please? i believe i won. god! >> that was so close. >> i did not win. the winner is teri hatcher, ladies and gentlemen. >> after the taping, conan goes to the hospital. that fall was no laughing matter. conan suffers a concussion. back at work within days, he tells parents to have their children watch his fall as a cautionary tale. coming up -- a salesperson attacked by a customer, plus a cop with some arresting moves. >> by the way, i do wear kneepads if anybody's
1:50 pm
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a retail clerk is viciously attacked by a customer wielding a tire iron. on september 24th, 2009, at the name brand clothing exchange in mesa, arizona, it's another routine day. britney scribner is a manager at the store. >> the woman had come in and went over to the men's section, was shopping, looking through things. >> but when this shopper brings three shirts to the register, she attacks with a deadly weapon in hand. >> as soon as the drawer popped open, she took out a tire iron and hit her on the neck right here. of course, it stunned her. she stepped back. didn't realize that it had been a tire iron at the time. you know, she just thought the girl hit her.
1:54 pm
>> the girl did hit her and delivered blow after blow to the cowering clerk. >> she put up her hands to block the next hit and ended up hitting her wrists or her hand area. >> with the cash drawer open, the assailant takes the money from the register while threatening the clerk. >> stay back. stay back right here. right here! right here! >> unfortunately for this robber, several surveillance cameras posted around the store capture her every move. within a few days, police have a break in the case. >> we have very good video surveillance of her, and that provided the information that we needed to be able to identify her. >> police arrest karla janeth jauregui, a student at arizona state university. how's this for irony, the suspect's college major? criminal justice. her stated motive, money troubles.
1:55 pm
jauregui is charged with aggravated assault and armed robbery and was sentenced to five years in prison. police say the surveillance footage is a critical component to the investigation. >> any time a business has good surveillance video, it's going to be helpful. whenever you have someone who commits a violent crime, you want to get them off the street as soon as you can because there's a tendency of them committing another violent crime. >> as for the clerk, she suffers hand injuries and returns to work almost two weeks after the attack. finally, for everyone out there who's put in a hard day's work, an example of someone making the best of it. as you'll see, this officer takes his beat quite seriously. in providence, rhode island, there's tony lapour with his white gloves and whistle, directing traffic. >> i'm not going to argue with that truck. he was too big. >> he may look like an ordinary cop, but the residents of this new england town have found that tony is anything but ordinary.
1:56 pm
[ whistling ] >> everybody out of the pool. >> through a flurry of whistle tweets and flashy dance moves, tony, a retired beat cop, performs the routine that he's been perfecting for more than 25 years. >> always wanted to be a performer growing up. so i could look at dance steps and know what to do just watching them on television. i would go out and do a couple of hand movements and a couple of spins. and once i saw our boss come down the street, i would go back and do it the traditional way so they wouldn't catch me. i did it consistently after that for a half hour to 45 minutes a day. >> tony was already a local legend by the time he made an appearance on "nightly news" with tom brokaw. >> well, i can tell it's monday. i haven't gotten one smile today yet.
1:57 pm
>> "countdown" with keith olbermann. >> finally to providence, rhode island, where no holiday season would be complete without tony lapore directing traffic as the dancing traffic cop. >> and the "today" show. >> it's the return of tony lapore, the dancing traffic cop. he's entertained them for years with his fancy footwork. >> i love that guy, sarah. >> isn't he great? >> and since providence is still buzzing about the dancing cop, we decided to check out his act. [ whistles ] [ whistles ] [ whistles ] >> tony is, in fact, so well known around providence that he credits his celebrity status with helping to fight crime. >> i've caught bank robbers, guys with guns down here because
1:58 pm
people actually knew who i was by my first name. and they would tell me, hey, something's going down in the outlook garage, or something's going down at the bus station. boom, boom, boom, i would go. you think i didn't recognize you? how you doing, buddy? they may not have gone to another police officer. >> tony finds dancing provides stress relief during a hard day's work. and he turns an intersection into a stage. on this fall day, a few minutes into his routine, people start to gather on the sidewalk, some staring in disbelief. watch what happens as tony gets into his groove. >> i have certain moves with certain traffic movement, and i have names for them. when i go back, i call it the butterfly. then i have another one i call the crazy leg.
1:59 pm
then i do the john travolta. did you ever watch "saturday night fever?" did you ever see him go down on his knees and bounce back up? by the way, i do wear kneepads, if anybody's interested. >> at 62 years old, tony sees no end in sight to his routine. he enjoys what he's doing too much. >> it's very, very important to enjoy what you're doing. in my presentations when i go to the schools, i tell the children, they all have a gift. inside of them, they have a skill they have to perfect. and when they do, they'll be happier on what they're doing when they're adults. and that's how i feel. >> next time you're having a hard day's work, i hope you think of tony lapore and his dance moves. and if you have a video you'd like to send to us, you can logon to our website, i'm contessa brewer. that's all for this edition of "caught on camera.
2:00 pm
i'm the customer. that's who in the hell i am. >> when the line is too long -- >> back up! >> when the cabin doors shut. >> please help me! >> when the store you want opened is closed, are you ever tempted to do something crazy? >> probably the most ridiculous thing i've ever seen. >> customers lash out. crowds go out of control. >> everybody was just shoving. >> shoppers snap. >> the customer just went crazy. >> but you know what they say -- >> the customer's always right!


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