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tv   MSNBC Live  MSNBC  August 31, 2015 12:00pm-1:01pm PDT

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it's monday afternoon here on msnbc. i'm luke russert. president obama's in alaska changing the name of north america's tallest mountain. and tom brady is facing a mountain of his own. no deal with the nfl and now the ball's in the judge's hands. just ten days before the season kicks off. but first, our big story, the new iowa poll showing establishment candidates are in big trouble. bernie sanders has nearly erased a 41-point deficit in 3 months trailing hillary clinton now by only 7 percentage points and in an interview with msnbc's andrea mitchell riding high. >> this is not just iowa. this is new hampshire. this is all across the country. i would suggest for a start that they look at some of the polls that have been done recently which show us beating and some cases all of the republican candidates, other cases most of the republican candidates.
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despite the fact, andrea, i'm still not known by 20%, 30%, 40% of the american people. >> while the head lines for sand erps are positive, most for clinton are negative. another batch of e-mails from the time at the state department released tonight. this dragged out controversy isn't going away and it's a fact that's showing up in recent polls. donald trump is surging in iowa with huge lead. ben carson a man who's comparatively no media attention in second place and jeb bush and all other establishment candidates are way behind. joining us now is msnbc's alex seitz wald. i want to put this perspective a little bit a. few months ago hillary clinton's camp said, hey, bernie sanders, appeals to some liberal base. he is going do get some momentum and not worried at all. if you add up the support of
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bernie sanders and joe biden, hillary clinton trails those two when they're combined together assuming that perhaps some members of the biden or sanders camp go to her. it's still even at best in iowa against the field. what is her camp doing about this? >> well, they're definitely getting a bit nervous. there's denial in brooklyn about the surging sanders and the question of biden out there. they for a long time thought sanders had a ceiling and might be true but it was one thing in new hampshire with vermont next door and striking distance of iowa, that has to be a little bit scarier and another question digging deeper into the poll of very respected pollster there's an intensity issue. sanders is winning among liberals, younger caucus goers and first-time caucus goers and similar to barack obama caucus in i 2008 and starting to get
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more aggressive. the surrogates going after bernie sanders campaigning just yesterday. one of the castro brothers, a congressman said he's not done enough to reach out to dan malloy and said there's a bad record on guns and taking the gloves off a little bit and she's positioning herself to the left and speaking a lot about guns, speaking a lot to the minority community where she's very much outperforming sanders and keeping her strong in the long run and they know that in their back pocket they have march of next year. we have spent all this time focusing on the first states, there's 30 contests overall and values a campaign with much better resources, much better organizing and that's the hillary clinton campaign. >> without doubt, bernie sanders is certainly getting flavor of the month and thinking about a 50-state campaign, they're trying to run, it is difficult.
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alex, thanks so much. we appreciate it. i'm sorry. i'm on the wrong camera there. learning how to do this standing up here at msnbc. let's bring in norm ornstein to put all this in perspective. thank you for joining us. we appreciate it. >> pleasure, luke. >> iowa n't to talk a little bit about hillary clinton here because we see now the rise of bernie sanders, sitting at 30%. joe biden at 14% in the new iowa poll. conceivably 44-37 against her. joe biden not officially declared but if you are in the biden camp and looking through the numbers and you also see that joe biden in terms of trustworthiness and respect gets 79%, the highest of anybody in the poll, you have to say, you know what? there's an opening here. >> i would think we know he's taking a look at it. we also know that he's grappling with horribly difficult personal
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decisions what to do with his life facing the second tragic loss of his son beau and a realization that hillary clinton who has never found iowa to be a particularly kind place for her in the same may be true of new hampshire, has much greater strength as we move further on as alex mentioned. and for biden, getting in a little bit later than now with all of the endorsements she has would be a risk. and whether he wants to take that risk given the other issues he has in his life i'm still skeptical he would get in. >> yeah. certain sli not the easiest go around. and of course, if he were to get in, the mud thrown at him changes things up. once someone declares, the numbers tend to go down. i want to go to the republican side for a second here, norm. you see the continuing staying power of donald trump. this time now joined by ben carson up there. if you look at the numbers,
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about 41% of iowa caucus goers lining up against an an any establishment candidate and if you throw in ted cruz when's mr. anti-establishment, it's roughly 50%. what is that number meaning forward? 50% of the iowa voters saying we want someone not tarnished by the ways of washington and fervently against washington. >> you know, i would go you one better and throw in carly fiorina and you're moving up closer to 60% of those in iowa. and we're finding that true around the country. you know, i wrote a piece in "the fact" about ten days ago saying history we normally rely on heavily saying, oh, the candidates can't win, we have to keep in mind that the last two winners in iowa were mike huckabee and rick santorum, doesn't necessary he presage
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winning a nomination but i don't think history is a great judge this time, luke. i think the anger and the unhappiness, the distrust that a lot of activist conservatives and republicans have for their own establishment and leadership rivals their unhappiness or distrust or hatred for hillary clinton and barack obama. and we're going to go through the next few months where congress is back. where mitch mcconnell and john boehner compromising with democrats. in fact, probably relying more on democratic votes to keep the government running, to avoid the problem of defunding planned parenthood or bring the government to a halt to increase the debt ceiling and you're going to see i think even more outrage that these non-establishment candidates play into. you even see some of the establishment candidates, scott walker we know underwater and struggling criticizing his own party's leadership for not getting rid of brk. it's a much bigger factor than
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in the past. >> it's a popular thing to do and you have to think that ted cruz is front and center in the government funding fight, as will rubio and paul and showing something. i want to play something that donald trump put out on instra gram attacking jeb bush. >> yes, they broke the law. but it's not a felony. it's kind of a -- it's a -- it's an act of love. >> it says forget love. it's time to get tough. donald trump. make america great again. norm, donald trump really seems to relish going after jeb bush. are you worried he is doing an amount of damage to jeb bush this early on that could prove fatal as the primaries play out? >> i think this is a terrible problem for bush struggling in any event. remember, luke, last time, mitt romney effectively was the only
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serious candidate for the establishment. now there are a bunch of them. and all the things that might have worked in the past, the shock and awe of raidsing the money don't work for bush and now hit daily, hourly by trump and trying to respond but he's not doing a particularly good job of it, makes him look weaker and i think that's a very large problem for him. i think it's going to be a problem for all the establishment candidates as they begin to divide up the votes and, you know, trump is out there taking most of the energy out of the field and using these big blows against the establishment figures. i think see ted cruz as the race car driver drafting the leader and hoping to flame out and pull out ahead. i don't discount that possibility sometime down the road. >> without a doubt. the question is, what's trump's ceiling? can cruz capitalize? norm, from aei, thank you for
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your time. we appreciate it. now a developing story in the southeast. the remnants of tropical storm erika are slamming florida and the carolinas with heavy rains, flash flooding, thunderstorms and life threatening rip currents. nbc's sarah dallof in clearwater, florida. sarah, we are told that national guard on stand by. it is that serious? >> reporter: yeah. about 8,000 members of the national guard, luke, in case conditions get really bad. it's kind of hard to believe right now, though, looking at clearwater beach and the conditions out here. we have sunl out there. we have people playing in the -- on the beach and swimming in the water. about a half hour ago we had a thunderstorm roll through the area bringing moderate rain and some pretty severe lightning and storms expected to roll in and out of the area throughout the day. we have a flood watch into the early evening. the tampa area, already experiencing one of the wettest augusts on record. the ground is saturated.
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the aquafers are full. one school district canceled classes in advance of today out of concern. i mentioned those national guardsmen standing by and providing sandbags for concerned residents. we have a break in the weather. people making the most of it. but more bad weather expected to roll through this afternoon. luke? >> msnbc's sarah dallof, thank you. straight ahead, quarterback tom brady is back in court. why his lawsuit against the nfl could either wrap up this week or drag on for months. also in court, a texas man accused of ambushing and killing a sheriff's deputy as he pumped gas. disturbing new details about the crime and why the suspect's mother says he could not have done it. and a memorial this hour for a tv journalist murdered in an on-air attack. we'll go live to virginia as friends remember adam ward. no student's ever photographed mean ms. colegrove.
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all right. welcome back. after seven months of psi and destroyed phones, could the end of deflate-gate be in sight? tar quarterback tom brady and commissioner roger goodell were back in a manhattan courtroom today. after last-minute meeting, the judge said that the two sides could not reach a settlement and he would rule possibly as toshl. christin dahlgren is following the story for us. what happens next here?
12:18 pm
>> reporter: well, luke, it is up to the judge at this point. he was pushing more than anyone to find some type of settlement agreement. half hour before the hearing scheduled to start, he called all sides in. brady's camp, the brady's association and the giants brought in to try to broker some type of deal, but all sides really stayed firm. they weren't able to come to some type of agreement so then this status hearing started and that was really less than five minutes, the judge asked if anyone else had anything to say before the court. both sides thanked those participating and didn't present anymore arguments or evidence at all. the judge said he would rule tomorrow or wednesday. definitely by the end of the week. so now just waiting to see what the judge's decision in this case is. keep in mind that even after the judge's decision, both sides could possibly appeal this. and so, it may not be over and all of this as the clock ticks
12:19 pm
down to the september 10th first game. right now tom brady not eligible to play and he would have to have a ruling in his favor or some type of stay while all of this is worked out and really just a next ten days to get it figured out whether or not he's playing. >> yeah. big question, we're all quite interested in, especially the fantasy owners, too. thank you for your time. we appreciate it. tom brady through the challenge flag against the league's suspension on him. now it's all up to u.s. district court judge berman. will the ruling on the field stand and brady start watching from home or will the judge overturn the call and reduce or even eliminate the suspension? see what we did this there? joining me is eric wilbur, a columnist of thank you for making the time. >> thank you very much. >> eric, we obviously know where new york stock exchan
12:20 pm
new england stands on this. when when's the speculation that might cause the phone lines to explode? >> this is crazy and eight months and now an end game timely in sight. could be tomorrow, could be wednesday. it definitely will be by friday as the judge announced this morning. this is, look, this is been obviously a one-sided affair in new england. people think that the patriots jumped the gun in paying the fine and paying the punishment of giving up the draft picks but right now, you know, this is all in the judge's hands finally and going to be him who's kind of been harsh on the nfl and the proceedings. and it's going to be interesting to see if he has made up his decision, is he coming down in favor of tom brady? it feels like it's going in that direction. but, you know, really anything can happen. my gut says he sides with brady, though. >> so many subplots here. goodell versus brady. kraft the owner of the patriots
12:21 pm
versus roger goodell. you have other teams like the colts and ravens who allegedly upset with the patriots and sort of me against the world mentality they thrive so much on of kraft and belbelichick, how' that playing in the region? there's talk of not raising the banner if brady is not around but is this made them more us against them than previously they were? >> yeah. there's comparison to 2007 which was in the wake of spy-gate and how they rolled over everybody that season and losing in the super bowl to giants and they had a chip on the shoulder and i think a lot of fans hoping that similar scenario plays out this year. problem is they're just not as talented as that team was. still the super bowl champs. they're still, you know, the favorites in the division. probably a favorite for the super bowl from the afc and not that talented as they were eight
12:22 pm
years ago so thinking that is a little bit foolhardy and when they get something like this behind them and they're angry against the world and them against everybody else, watch out. brady, belichick and the rest of the guys are at their best. >> oh certainly. they thrive off of them. almost michael jordan-esque in that sense. they like people hating on them. put brady's legacy in context here. if you talk to fans not of the patriots they say, look, this is similar to barry bonds. the individual is extremely talented and never know which titles and stats were true and which ones were enhanced by knowledges knowledge ascertained of dubious methods. do you think it sticks with brady for a long time? is there an asterisk or for the something that the media blew up, right, because it happened during the super bowl? >> let's just blame all of san
12:23 pm
mateo, california. that high school must be the problem, kr effect? you know, i think legacy is tough because on the one hand this is fishy, him destroying the phone and not cooperating with the nfl. will look suspect and somewhat odd in history. i think fans when they came upon the revelation of destroying the phones taken aback by that does not look good, obviously. talking about legacy, this is a four-time super bowl champion and talking really what amounts to an equipment infraction. and they have no proof. so, legacy nationwide, yeah, he'll take a hit. i think the talk of him not getting in on the first ballot hall of fame because that will be a slap on the wrist for all this is kind of ludicrous. he's still tom brady and will be and whether or not this is forgotten in ten, 15 years, that's tough to say from a national level. here, obviously, it will go immediately. but nationwide, you know,
12:24 pm
traveling out there and here people talk about brady and the patriots, it is different than 495 in massachusetts so that's going to be an interesting story line going forward. tom brady will be one of the greatest quarterbacks to ever play the game. he will have this minor stain on the resume but as far as what it does for what he did to the game and how he should be remembered as one of the greats, i don't think it's there. >> my own feelings about brady aside, he did make a number one receiver and he must be talented. thank you so much. we appreciate your time. >> thank you. in virginia, a memorial is under way this hour for a tv journalist murdered on air. we'll go live there. and then mckinley no more. president obama renames alaska's highest peak, denali. why it's pitting the president against the ohio gop. that is next. c] ♪ defiance is in our bones. new citracal pearls. delicious berries and cream.
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developing right now, the
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memorial service for slain came cameraman adam ward is under way in salem, virginia. they're packing the salem high school. ward and reporter alison parker were murdered last week on live tv by a former co-worker. adam reiss is outside the memorial. adam? >> reporter: luke, good afternoon. hundreds coming here to pay their respects to this heartbroken family. he was beloved by all here at the high school and virginia tech and wdbj. here he was so well-known and popular and parts of so many groups and teachers say everybody wanted to hang out with him. athletic, the state championship football team, he was smart, always had a joke or a prank to share with his friends and most of all he was so excited about getting married to melissa ott next year, she was the control room producer watching in realtime the tragedy take place. her fiancee gunned down on live
12:29 pm
tv. many here today as they come and pay their respects are trying to make sense of this senseless tragedy. luke? >> tough thing to do. adam, thanks so much for your report. we appreciate it. the man charged with shooting a ten-year veteran of the harris county sheriff's office in texas is held on capital murder charges after appearing in court today. the d.a. says 30-year-old shannon miles shot darren goforth 15 times in the head. and back. nbc's jamie novogrod on the ground in houston. what happens next in this case? >> reporter: well, luke, legal experts here in texas say a grand jury will be convened. this is a capital case meaning the suspect shannon miles faces the death penl. miles arrested saturday. he is accused of gunning down a sheriff's deputy on friday night at an area gas station. today in court, we heard gruesome details. the d.a. said when deputies arrived, they found 15 shell
12:30 pm
casings around the body of darren goforth, every bullet in the gun. miles walked into court under heavy security. he met earlier today with two public defenders. in the meantime, there's been an outpouring of grief over the shootings in this city. over the weekend, people turned out in large number on friday night around 1,000 or rather, luke, saturday night, around 1,000 people showed up at the gas station where the shooting occurred and then last night, more than 1,000 people marched from an area church to the gas station in support of law enforcement and the victim's family. darren goforth leaves behind a wife and two children. some fund raising, two fund raising accounts sprung up to support the family and online account raised about $75,000 and as of this afternoon, org nizers of a separate account say they have raised $76,000 and funeral friday plans.
12:31 pm
>> thanks so much for that report. right now, president obama is in alaska for a three-day trip focusing on climate change. he's meeting with natives after officially renaming mt. mckinley denali. that's the original name. chris jansing is in anchorage. what can we anticipate? >> reporter: look for president obama, climate change is one of the most important issues of our time and he's been traveling around the country talking about it. logging 14,000 miles. when he finally touches down here in alaska. why here? he putts it alaska on the front lines of climate change with temperatures rising twice as fast as anywhere else. he will be the first president to visit the alaskan arctic and you can see the signs of a climate change everywhere. he will point out, for example, the melting glaciers, he'll go to a glacier and in fact tape a
12:32 pm
segment talking about the rising sea levels, all the signs that people see, including the permafrost. a lot of alaska on the frozen ground and communities going to have to move that are in the -- preparation stages of doing that. because of the changes to the temperature. a lot of environmentalists say that he's hypocritical coming here and just last week he approved a lease for shell to drill off the northwest coast and they say you can't do something to promote fossil fuels which is a contributor to climate change and then come here and say that you are the president who's going to fight climate change and that by the way not the only controversy here. just yesterday, the announcement made by the white house that the highest peak on the continent, moubt mckinley, named for former president mckinley changing to denali. something members of the alaska delegation and native alaskans had been fighting for since 1975
12:33 pm
in congress as well know, luke, and the politically powerful ohio delegation held on all these years and the president said it is appropriate to return it to the name that it had always been before a gold prospector changed it and to what native alaskans and alaskans always called it and that's denali. luke? >> thank you so much. still ahead, the same iowa poll that shows donald trump and ben carson gaining shows scott walker slumping. what happened to walker? we'll look at why the one-time front-runner in iowa is fighting to keep up. you exercise.
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12:37 pm
from erika to ignacio, one of the three spinning in the pacific. expected to pass the what ryan islands sparing them a direct hit. let's go overseas, german chancellor warning that europe needs to act addressing a migrant crisis. a record 107,000 migrants reached the eu's border last month. and a loss for the movie world. director wes craven died sunday after a battle with brain cancer. >> oh, you want to play psycho killer? can i be the helpless victim? >> name the killer in "halloween." >> no. >> come on. it's your favorite. >> brings back the memory well. craven was the mind behind horror flicks like "scream" and "the nightmare on elm street." he was 76. politics, still early in the season and first read with the
12:38 pm
list of august winners and losers. donald trump and then ben carson and bernie sanders for unexpected rise in the polls. one of the losers is wisconsin governor walker. one-time iowa front-runner is falling way behind and tied with ted cruz. with the campaign struggling, walker got unwanted attention with a border proposal that has everyone talking. >> if this is about securing the border from potentially terrorists coming over, do you want to build a wall north? >> some people asked us about that in new hampshire. including law enforcement folk that is brought it up to us at an on the mall mea town hall meeting. >> hmm. where have i heard that one before? >> what i felt they should have done for the first public works program is build a giant wall across the entire border of canada.
12:39 pm
because that's where the cold air comes from! >> joining us now is "the washington post's" national political reporter, robert costa. thank you for taking the time, robert. >> great to join you, luke. >> your colleagues have an article asking what happened to scott walker. i want to read a portion of it up here. quote, walker said last week in north carolina that he is the same scott walker he's always been and any perceived shifts are exaggerations by the media. although walker once boasted and said early polls are not a clear predictor who will win the nomination months from now. it's not good if you have to say you're the same person in august of '15 before a '16 election. >> he surged earlier this year, a favorite in iowa, seen as someone to win over the movement right. and then the field just got very
12:40 pm
big and then add in donald trump, summer of trump, walker had a tough time getting attention and stabilizing the campaign that was once seen as a front-runner. >> what is it about walker, though? because he came in with so much energy. he is a son of iowa. lived there until he was in his teens. his father very well-known as an evangelical pastor in iowa. deep connections from wisconsin. is this because donald trump moved the field to the right and walker's had difficulty matching trump as being the more conservative candidate? or is this just scott walker learning how to become a national candidate? this is not an off year election in wisconsin anymore? >> i think it's little bit of all those things and not so much moving to the right. most republican field is to the right. what scott walker, looking at an ideological race for the republican nomination, he checks all the boxes. foreign policy, domestic policy, social policy. he is someone seen as a true blue conservative. trump is not running an
12:41 pm
ideological campaign. it's a bid, media friendly, not so much tethered to the right and the tenants and policy positions. walker is rattled by that because he thought he runs to the right, become the conservative favorite, still be accept to believe the establishment but trump is ruptured everyone's strategy and especially for scott walker. >> that was sort of the appeal of scott walker, able to put a foot in both oceans, conservatives and establishment. he was conservative enough that also welcoming to the establishment and seems to be wearing off a tad moving forward. just looking at this iowa poll, bob, you see about 50% if you add in carson, trump and ted cruz. that's half the voting -- half the voters there in iowa anti-establishment. what are you hearing from your guys, the money guys within the party, the well sourced? this has to be worrisome seeing 50% of the state trying to line up against somebody who wants nothing to do with washington. >> and we have seen walker try
12:42 pm
to present himself in the recent weeks as a political outsider. hard, though, because the nonpoliticians running trump, ben carson, carly fiorina, they're picking up momentum. the authors of the story of "the washington post" are talking to donors anxious for walker wanting to see him try to compete for the outsider slice in iowa or may not have the coalition he needs to stay in the race. >> yeah. if you look at what the math sugge suggests, iowa, new hampshire, nevada, south carolina, florida. there's no natural safe pick that traditionally the party would rally around that can really emerge from the states unscathed. this has to me -- it has all the makings of a long, drawn out conflict, especially with the super pac money out there and staying well into the spring and next summer. quhas the party going to do about these republican and republican attacks that are starting to come out and seeing
12:43 pm
walker versus jeb, trump versus both of them. what will they do to try to smooth that out in the next year? >> every campaign i've spoken to in the last few days nervous about trump and may implode. that's part of the calculation. same time, they're starting to acknowledge publicly an privately that may not happen and maybe you have to start going up on the air against trump. they say to us behind the scenes until waiting and you have to have a strategy because if trump comes out of iowa with victory and on the hard right, where do you find the next balancing pad? new hampshire is centing right. a lot of gingrich supporters like trump in south carolina. according to our reporting and then march 1st, luke, you know it, the scc primary and trump is doing well in the south and ted cruz. >> not a natural place for the safer choice to emerge, especially the trump stays in it. you touched on something i find fascinating. the guys really held back the ammo on trump and don't want to
12:44 pm
waste money and want him to implode. but considering the amount of media he gets, considering that his speeches are essentially carried 50 minutes or however long he goes, the press conferences live, he gets all this free media attention because he's so buzzy and some point they might have to pull the trigger. because he's not going to flame out, at least in the near term as long as everyone is getting off on listening to him. >> that's true. but the hard thing for these campaigns to decide is if you go after trump, you make trump a direct competitor and come after your campaign. if you go after him being liberal in the past, supporting democrats, may win you points but can you really deal with an assault from trump coming right at you? most of the campaigns trying to introduce themselves to the country, they don't want that fight aa tough fight to have and the rise of carson is incredible to see. >> under-reported. >> fiorina, the people no
12:45 pm
previous elected office, continue to rise. what is the ceiling? we have to talk about that again. robert, thank you so much. we appreciate your time. >> thank you. breaking news from washington. the u.s. supreme court has granted an emergency request from former virginia governor bob mcdonald allowing him to stay out of prison for at least several more months while the court decides whether to take up appeal of his conviction. of course, earlier this year, he was sentenced for favors in exchange for gifts and loans, having his daughter's wedding paid for, had the court not issued this order, he would have been required to report to prison. he is avoiding that right now. we'll see what happens. we'll be right back here on msnbc. from bank of america to buy a new gym bag. before earning 1% cash back everywhere, every time and 2% back at the grocery store. even before he got 3% back on gas. kenny used his bankamericard cash rewards credit card
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we've gotpeptocopter! ummy town. ♪ when cold cuts give your belly thunder, pink relief is the first responder, so you can be a business boy wonder! ♪ fix stomach trouble fast with pepto. there are growing calls to improve fan safety at ballparks today after a 60-year-old fan fell to his death this weekend. gregory murray reportedly booing the pinch hitter rodriguez and fell from the upper deck of turner field in the seventh inning saturday night and a moment of silence for the long-time fan. the braves say he was a valued and long time season ticket holder and passionate fan. this tragic loss is felt throughout braves country. that same passion can lead to conflicts and sometimes even violence. two dodgers fans are serving time in prison for the near fatal beating of a giants fan in
12:50 pm
2011. college sports, wisconsin fans rioted after losing to duke in the title game in april and police had to use teargas against ohio state's students the fan set fires and tore down a goal post to mark the win. we'll see if buckeye fans can be a bit more reserved on monday. we'll see. former espn producer has traveled around the globe to understand what drives the aggressive behavior of sports fans for her new book. justine, thank you for the time. >> thanks for having me. >> so is this a newfound phenomenon in terms of how rabid sports fans are that we're seeing because of social media, that social media amplifies everything? or has it just always been there? >> i think you nailed it there. bad fan behavior has been going
12:51 pm
on since the beginning of time. since the days of the gladiators. since the days of the chariot races. there was a point in ancient greece they had to ban wine from the stands because fans were not behaving well. so it's always been around. but certainly today when an incident happen, when someone gets beaten up, when a fan base riots after a college championship, you hear about it. and you hear about it. and you see it. so the feeling is there that this is a big deal. >> i think my friend would tell you i'm a mild mannered guy. but i'm happy to admit in the last year sports and losses have caused me to cry, have caused me to, let's say, hit my aluminum trash can in a spirited fashion. why is that? why is it sports that makes me rise to the occasion and practically nothing else that
12:52 pm
makes me break my cool like that. >> i think you are doing okay if that is all you have done. the problem is if you take a punch at the guy sitting next to you in the stands. if you start burning a mattress or flipping a the police car. sports are in our dna. there is something that taps us emotionally it's exhilarate, entertaining. there are highs and there are lows. and think it encapsulates the human spirit. when you get to fandom you are going to see people as happy as can be and as sad and frustrated as can be. none of that is expect order unusual. >> how much of that is learned from somebody's parents. we hear of the horrific stories of the hockey dad or the soccer dad who had to be thrown out. we see it all over. how much of this the picked up from parents or how much is kids picking it up when they go to a stadium. >> people always ask me who are the worst fans? and to me there is a little bit
12:53 pm
of the moral relativism there. selective logic. you know the worst fans are going to be the team you hate. but i think you can say across the board that the worst fans are some of the parents we see. you know those parent whose stand on the sidelines and berate their kids and the coaches and berate other kids. and that is terrible. that is no way to raise kids. and what's a problem with that is they are raising the next generation of sports fans. >> and you see how intense it is. and i've played sports my entire life. and the first thing you would hear from coaches and parents, oh it is just a game. but even as a young kid, 6, 7, 8, i would always think if it's just a game, why are parents yelling? why do parents show a side of themselves they didn't seem to show anywhere else? >> let's talk about the role of alcohol. that is something that when it comes to sporting events a lot of people point tos the main source of the problems. you mention ancient rome banning
12:54 pm
whine. it seems this day and age the team, leagues and stadiums are trying to make as much money as possible off the sale of alcohol. in baseball, football. and they don't care. they want to keep feeding you and feeding you. how much of that do you think is a source of problems here? >> well alcohol doesn't help. you certainly see fans who have had too much to drink. the problem is -- and it is a delicate balance for all of the people who run the teams, run the leagues, run the stadium. you don't want to punish the majority of fans who are well behaved, who are doing nothing, who deserve those one or two beers, who have no -- who make no trouble tailgating in the parking lots. but then, you know, you have got to monitor and you have got to crack down on those couple of fans who go too far. and it is a challenge because it is really a balance. >> when you look into the future and you see that sports is essentially the only live tv
12:55 pm
that people really still watch. it is the only thing that is appointment tv s award shows and sporting events. >> and you. >> thank you very much. and me. but we don't -- i don't see this going back at all. i don't see this subsiding in the future. if anything it is only going to become more intense. as kids from a very young age now have social media and all the technology to stay in tuned with teams. a lot have invested in individual players through fantastic. what can be done to perhaps change the culture to ratchet it down? or is this the beginning of an even more intense sports fan. >> i'd like to think there are ways we can mold sports fans for the future. i'd late to think of it in a really negative light. that we can't control people who are enjoying some of the best things we have to offer. and i think -- and i talk about this in fanaticus. it goes back to what we were talking about earlier and the parenting and the raising the
12:56 pm
kids. and if parents can maybe hold back a little bit of their zeal and not be chastising the kids and the coaches and maybe set a better example of sportsmanship, that could bode well for the future. >> you're always taught sportsmanship and then suddenly was just playing hard son. >> justine, thank you so much for joining us. that does it for me. i'm luke russert. we'll see you back here tomorrow. they just do it. at sears optical, we're committed to bringing them eyewear that works as hard as they do. right now, buy one pair and get another free. quality eyewear for doers. sears optical
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horrific new district attorney -- new details about the execution style killing of the sheriff deputy as the suspect hits the court. >> deputy hits the count and then he continues to unload his gun shooting repeatedly into the back of department goforth. >> donald trump has company at the top now. who's tied with with trump for first? and it is not jeb bush. and as president obama visits a place no sitting president has ever visited. word, the president has agreed to do something no president has ever done. and it involves bear grills. we start with politics on this monday. the summer of discontent may well become the fall of the establishment's demise. the donald and a doctor are