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tv   All In With Chris Hayes  MSNBC  September 3, 2015 5:00pm-5:24pm PDT

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you get hives, vision changes or eye pain or problems passing urine, stop taking spiriva respimat and call your doctor right away. side effects include sore throat, cough, dry mouth and sinus infection. nothing can reverse copd. spiriva helps me breathe better. to learn about spiriva respimat slow-moving mist, ask your doctor or visit right now bernie sanders just started speaking at a campaign event in burlington, iowa. he continues to draw huge numbers of people to events across the country, even having to change venues this week because of riding crowd
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estimates according to his campaign. two polls put him ahead of hillary clinton in new hampshire. another one put him within striking distance in iowa trailing clinton by seven points. a poll yesterday found him further behind. his growing popularity has been used often as a sharp contrast to the former secretary of state. headlines screamed of her under water favorability numbers and those desperate to construct a narrative of a clinton free fall and a steady stream of e-mail stories. >> this is yet another blow to the clinton campaign. her former staffer brian pagliano who helped set up the server for the private e-mail account is refusing to answer questions about the e-mails before congressional committee. >> that staffer was subpoenaed by house committee investigating benghazi, the same committee that called cheryl mills to testify behind closed doors
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rejecting the request to make testimony public. clinton's campaign argued that clinton's 20-point lead puts her in a good position. hanging over everything is joe biden who has been stoking interest, potential 2016 run. right now he's at a synagogue in atlanta, georgia. after making public appearances biden didn't address 2016 speculation but it has reached a fevered pitch so even donald trump was asked to weigh in. >> i think maybe he's inclined not to. i think it will depend what happens with hillary clinton. a lot of people think she will not be able to make it legally from a criminal standpoint to the starting gate. i don't know that to be true. it depends on what happens with her. i think if she gets out he will get in. if she stays in he might not. who knows? >> i'm no fortune teller but hillary clinton is not going to get out. joining me now joy reed.
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we have a strange situation. sanders has this momentum. that's a guy that's been campaigning all day. [ cheers and applause ] >> this campaign is about bringing people together. it's about telling the 60% of americans who did not vote last november that by not voting they are dishonoring their own kids and their own parents. >> you can hear the hoarseness in his voice. he's got on the stump. the question is what's the path
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forward? >> yeah. >> what do you think? >> it's interesting. it's a multi dimensional chess you have. the bernie people are devoted. they are a mix of the occupy wall street anger at wall street and the banks and younger, few newer to the game. people sick of politics as usual. my daughter likes bernie sanders because he talk s about going after the banks and make college affordable. he's been in washington for 30 years, but they are devoted. they will stay there. these are people who at the end of the day would vote for hillary clinton were she the nominee. >> right. >> then you have the hillary crowd. iowa is a more liberal state. people take their politics seriously. the hillary people were by and large women over 50 who are very much about getting a woman in the white house. and the hillary people are also tie hard. i think we under estimate it in
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the media because there is a media sheuden it freud that the media wants them to go down. >> this is important. it's a missing part of the story about hillary clinton's campaign which is a collective atmosphere, collective yawn you get about the clintons or whatever you think of hillary clinton as a candidate, put it aside. there are a lot of people in this country who are devoted die hard fans of hillary clinton and want nothing more than to see her elected president. >> in back in 2008 there were women who were hillary supporters vowing not to vote for barack obama and to become republicans if she didn't get on the ticket. there are still people out there. there are other little pieces that are in the puzzle which we in the media don't pay attention to. there are people from 2008le who
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hold a grudge against the clintons. particularly african-americans. particularly african-american women who aren't ready to embrace hillary and that's a problem. >> my own reporting and conversations encountered that same thing. at the same time if you look at polling she's doing well with people of color. the things bernie sanders has to figure out, he has no word with voters of color. if you show joe biden who's doing a tour of american jewish centers, synagogues, talking to the jewish community about the iran vote, you just covered him down in florida. what was it like? here you are doing a routine event but routine under the frison that he might get in the race. >> these were planned before. not a mystical thing. he had fund-raisers planned weeks ago. debbie wasserman schultz invited
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him. i didn't get a sense of biden on the ground. obama people love him. they want him. >> that's where things are interesting. joy reid thanks for your reporting. >> thank you. >> still ahead sh patriots nation celebrates as tom brady's suspension is overturned in another loss for nfl commissioner roger goodell and perhaps a win for working men and women. i will explain.
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one of the things i'm honored about is so far everybody that's attacked me has gone down the tubes. perry attacked me. he's out of the race now. he was at 4 or 5%. >> donald trump just offhandedly today declaring that former texas rick perry is now out of running for president after perry lost his staff in new hampshire. his political director in that state yesterday and perry's team in iowa is down to one paid staffer while in south carolina
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perry staffers were kicked off the payroll and asked to continue working for free. perry insists today he's still in the race while epitomizing why his candidacy is on the rocks. >> is donald trump right? are you getting out of the race? >> a broken clock is right once a day. i'm still here and still working. >> fool me once, shame on you -- can't fooled today. we'll be right back. just rinse and wring so you can blast right through tough messes and pick up more. huh aren't we clever... thanks m'aam look how much easier bounty with dawn cleans this gooey mess versus soap and a sponge. thank you! bounty with dawn. available in the paper towel aisle. obviously!
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huge victory today for tom brady and patriots nation as a federal judge over turned the four-game suspension of the new england patriots quarterback over the deflategate scandal. the base of the ruling seems to be the commissioner didn't treat tom brady fairly. back in may the nfl announced brady would be sus pentded for four games following an investigation that said based on the evidence it is more probable than not that tom brady was at least generally aware of the inappropriate activities
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including the release of air from patriots game balls. at this time a future presidential candidate made it clear whose side he was on. >> if i were brady sue the nfl for defamation. $250 million, tom. sue them. their head will spin. >> the players union decided to fight through the court system. judge berman wrote you can't suspend a person because he may have been generally aware of wrongdoing writing no nfl policy or precedent notifies players they could be disciplined or suspended for general awareness of others. this seemed to question fwoo dell's understanding of the collective bargaining agreement and said the power to punish players isn't unlimited. there is great celebration including at one dunkin donuts where judge berman never has to play for another coolatta. the controversy isn't over.
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brady. i'm not part of pats nation. guide me about how to feel. >> okay. let me explain like this. the highlight of my day was amidst the social media celebration in patriots nation was seeing all of them visibly recoil off of twitter when they realized donald trump was on their side and was supporting tom brady. >> what am i supposed to do with that. >> we have to understand with the workers always, with tom brady sometimes is a good philosophy going forward. one thing about donald trump, say what you will about him, he doesn't like being associated with losers. one thing roger goodell is and all of the bosses who put their trust in roger goodell in the national football league, this is a losing horse and a losing proposition. this is the fifth straight court case that the owners lost as roger goodell led them to court.
5:19 pm
yet this case is different from the others. the new orleans saints, adrian peterson, ray rice. at least roger goodell could say, i'm on the side of rice, on the side of cleaning up the league at dim-fwitted as it was it was a line he could sell to owners, the public and corporate partners. all you can sell in this case is i make george w. bush look like disraeli. >> it's been hard to understand the logic from the beginning. the conspiracy theorists said, look, kraft is buddies with goodell, one of his close friends. if you were to pick one person who is the face of the nfl it's tom brady, right? the guy is a superstar, model handsome, married to a model. five-time super bowl winner. this guy is everything.
5:20 pm
four, five times? >> yeah. also let's not forget white as the driven snow in a majority black league that they are selling to a majority white audience. the thing about tom brady is he's like dorian gray. somewhere there is a picture of a decaying soul but he gets more handsome every today. >> why pick this fight? >> that's the thing. >> why this fight? >> it makes sense. if you understand it, less of a battle between labor and the nfl ownership and more as a battle in between owners. the new england patriots were one of the lowest valued franchises in the national football league. today they are second only to the dallas cowboys. there are a lot of nfl owners who feel robert kraft and the patriots have gotten rich by skirting the rules whether it was spygate, fudging injury reports, bill belichick and all
5:21 pm
the various machinations other owners feel he does. a lot of owners feel because of craft's cozy relationship with goodell that robert kraft is rich on their time. a lot of owners said, hey, dude, you make $40 million a year because of us not bob kraft. go after him for the deflating of the football thing. they wanted to take a shot and puncture the patriots' balloon. >> it is a thing where there is this reactionary phrase where they talk about the court system, he got off on a technicality meant to be like obviously the guy is guilty but the constitution got in the way. i have to say i feel that way about this. it really does seem like they were up to no good. and they didn't essentially have the evidence procedurally to nail them. i respect that because i respect process and labor law and collective bargaining agreement. i'm left feeling they probably were doing this. >> part of the problem is there
5:22 pm
is a huge gap between what we originally thought about this and what we now know is the truth. i remember coming on your show and said they should have to vacate it. there was a report by espn that ten of the 11 footballs were deflated. that was a shocking number. like, whoa. that looks like a systemic effort to fwan the game. now we know it was one or two and the variance can be explained by barometric pressure. roger goodell overshot on this thinking bob kraft and tom brady would go along for the ride and play ball because brady is the face of the league and the rest of it and seemed to have a lot to lose by fighting back. i will say this for tom brady and i know it from talking to the players association. he at any time want to go down as the person who made it labor
5:23 pm
press tent in the nfl to hand over your personal cell phone. he didn't want to be that guy. that's something to say. >> he fought the law and the law didn't win. >> that's true. >> the law did win in his favor. dave, thanks. >> final thoughts. remember this when you hear about how the evil teachers' unions won't let us fire the bad teachers i.'s the same process that ensures people get a fair hearing that keeps tom brady and keeps those teachers. tomorrow i will be joined by donald trump's former top adviser roger stone and the protester who was knocked in the head outside trump's press conference today. that's tomorrow night. right now time for the rachel maddow show. >> as hard as it is to hear you throw shade atom brady i want to talk about something else.
5:24 pm
are you hanging around a little bit? >> i will. >> thank you. i forgive you already about tom brady. see you later. thanks for staying with us this hour. spare a thought for the man who just finished serving 14 years as the governor of the great state of texas. poor rick perry. rick perry is down and out in american politics right now. for some reason even though he