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tv   Way Too Early  MSNBC  September 10, 2015 2:30am-3:01am PDT

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coast. can you imagine that the fashion of the next president? she is a woman, and i am not supposed to say bad things. come on guys. are we serious. >> well, i think that excepts speak for themselves. all the many many many thousands of voters out there that are helping me to climb in the po poles, yes they're serious. just maybe i am getting up the skin a little bit because i am
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climbing up the holes. nows of them are going forthe sir general. the real ones came before the stage when asked to explain the differences and himself and front runner donald trump. >> biggest thing is that i realize where my success has come from. i don't deny my faith in god. i have not heard it or seen it. one of my favorite bible verses is proverbs 22:4 it says by the humility and the rich er of the
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honor and life. that's a big part of who i am humility and the fear of the lord. i don't get that impression with with him. maybe i am wrong. i don't get that impression. do you think that he is a conservative? >> well, we have to take him at his word. he say that is he has changed him mind on a lot of things. assume thag he has, he would be a conservative. that's your job. trump tweeted a response wow i am ahead of the field and so proud of this and every other group and ben carson just took a sw swipe at me.
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the 2016 would lead to 19 million new jobs and four percent economic growth. the proposal could cost $37.4 trillion and being cam paired to mitt's plan in 20720. the rate would be cut from 40 percent to 20 percent, and wush would e limb nalt the marriage penalty and inheritance tax. he would help 15 million more on lower income housing avoid the taxes. >> hillary does not agree because she does not ride to the challenge. now those on the left and those that call themselves republicans this day say that to save a lot of jobs we have to throw up a
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bun of walls and protect the businesses from competition. that's a call of sunday er, i and hope that you don't go for it either. in a letter he say that is they have raise and while he refusing to brag is the interest the do and i do not want money from lobbyiest or special interest groups. like wise there's a public service and do not expect the massive profits. i believe that all of them from the broadcast groups and that's what i will send to you in the fear future. trump did not threaten to withdrawal as he did 127 days
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al. >> maybe i shoumd ask for a lot of money or i am not showing up. they say reports on the isis and al qaeda were changed to the fifth narrative that the groups were weak er and gains were greater. one told the kbaes that the cancer was within in senior level of the p command. there are a growing concern and taking an in creased role.
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russian forces are supporting troops and in the last few days moscow sent go philadelphias and the u.s. say that is the motivation is unclier but secretary of state called him ffr days apologize for. the base is also expected to have a swimming pool, skating rink. president obama nuclear's deal with iran may have the votes to with stand a disapproval, but it's opponents are fired up as ever. yesterday donald trump and senator ted cruz taking over the capital for this raply. >> rise up and tell every official in washington no more talks. no more show boats.
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get it done. stop this deal. >> all of these countries are going to do business with with iran. make lots of money and other things with iran. we're going to do and we're going get nothing. nothing. we are led by very very very stupid people. very very stupid people. we can not let it continue. it will change. we will have so much winning if i get elected, that you may get board with whipping. blo believe me. you will never get bored. >> meanwhile lincoln backed the iran deal. she said that she would be tough er in in in forcing it.
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you remember the lines of the soviet? we should anticipate that iran will test the next president. they won't to see how far they can bend the rolls. that won't work if i am in the white house. now this powerful photos showing refugees taking their first steps on an i grand. it comes after they have psychen with -- john mccain stood in front of a photo of a dead syrian boy. we warn you that the photo is graphic and maybe disturbing to some viewers. >> this did not happen by accident. it happened because of leading from behind.
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it happened because this president has refused to lead. let's be clear. the crisis before us is not a migrant issue. it's not migrants. they lead for economic reasons. it's a mass refugees that are fleeing conflicts that had administration has refewed to to dre address for years. these are not migrants but refugees of murder, genocide. now to business where it was another roller coaster day on watt street. apple fell nearly two percent and cnbc joins us live from london. investors were not too impressed with the apple's presentation. tell us more.
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basically it was a series of upgrades. we saw the iphone and wales saw new apps for apple tv, and we also saw a bigger ipad. a more expensive ipad. not that much. so what you have seen is investors unimpress and the company seems to be baning on the momentum behind it and keeping it going. >> yeah, we also know that the justice department is renewing and what can you tell us on that? >> well, the roles reflect criticism. they have been going after major things and at the same point
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they have not been going after individual executives. these are allowing the justice department to do is prioritize after going in single and individual executives opposed to just the company himself. >> okay. cnbc thank you very much. still ahead on way to early. the day football fabs have been waiting for. the official start of the nfl season. how find how how they're making history. a former tennis stars bruising law in with the law. what happens and why the nypd is explain the actions. this store skpri more when "way too early" comes right back.
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lester hold about the night that changed their lives forever. here is a portion of the interview. she keeps her faith close to her heart. >> i cannot help but notice the bible in your lap. >> yes. >> is that the bible that you you had? >> yes. >> this is the bind er. >> it was faith that brought these two woman to the mother emanuel church that faithful night in june, and it's faith sustaining them after witnessing such horror at the hands of 21-year-old dylan that turned on him driven by racist hatred. >> we were about to say the prayer to be released. he caught us with our eyes closed. >> eyes closed and shots rang out. >> she was at the bible study with her aunt, 11-year-old grand
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daughter and her son. >> i remember my son saying momma, he shot me in my head. i was telling my son -- i said just lay here. just lay here. my grand daughter was hollering saying she was so afraid. it hurts me e so bad because i struggle with what could i have done differently that i did because i tried my best to save all of them. >> you saved your grand daughter. you held her? yes. >> i nuzzled her so hard i am surprised i did not suffocate
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her. i tried to hold her as tight as i could so she would not make a sound. i just heard -- i heard every shot. i heard ever shot. >> before leaving he stopped in front of her hiding under a table. >> he said did i shoot you yet? i said no. he said i am going to leave you here to tell the story. >> were you ready to die. >> i said e lord if this is the way that i am suppose today go, this is the way that i will go. >> yeah, powerful stuff and extraordinary woman. now to a case of mistaken identity with the nypd and former tennis star. blake retired and was once number four in the world.
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he was standing outside yesterday waiting for a car to take him when he was tackled and handcuffed by nypd officers. they miss took him in a suspect. he got a cut to his elbow and bruise to his leg and called the use of force unnecessary. >> it should not have happened. it's something that we will deal with with the police and find out what they have to say. hopefully there was video of it and people can see what happened. >> the nypd says once they figured out that he was not part of the investigation, they let him go. after viewing the video of the incident, one officer has been placed on modified assignment and an internal review has been requested. time now for sports. football fans, the day has come. the 2015 regular season tonight on nbc after months of
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uncertainty during the deflategate scandal. tom brady will be there when they host the steelers. it's going to match the first one where both quarterbacks have won multiple super bowls. they estimate 95 billion smack rues will be on this course of the season with a staggers 93 billion being bet illegally. now to the pair of men aesz quarter final and they have set the stage for an all swiss semi. crews pass number 12 and winning in straight sets during a span in the lesson and 90 minutes. they face country man who dismissed them in the similar fashion. the last time that think played was in this year's french open finals.
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major league baseball and the mets and national wrapping up a three game series last night. let's go to the 8th inning with the game tied up. >> at the first and two to game in the eight. looking on. yeah, it's out of here. >> they send a two run shot out to the left and go on to win it by three and taking a firm grip on the division and now it's a seven game advantage. to the cincinnati the reds hosting and cincinnati's exchanges words with the at bat and gets ejected. they react by slamming him on the ground and screaming. he becomes that he needs to be restrained by another one before eventually leaving the field. as far the games the pirates win
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it 5-4. >> joining us is bill with the weather. bill, good morning. >> good morning. unfortunately a pick frture fro japan. they got two months of rain in two days. last night a big river went into a city. they were up waiting for help and houses were washed down rivers and numb erous structures destroyed. there's probably many fatalities with this. this is north of tokyo last night. it's ongoing and the military has the helicopters up trying to rescue people from the roof top and balconies. we kpould see the isolated fl d flooding and for the first time in weeks the rain is possible.
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up in boston you have to wait a couple of hours and the football game and there's periods of rain. there are some downpours during the game. this is 6:00 p.m. and showing the areas of rain from new york back to southern new england. areas of the south east have a chance of rain too. if you want to talk about the heat the desert southwest and all of california and cannot catch a break. the pictures from japan. this is not the ordinary flooding but a disaster. >> yeah, dread fall. still ahead see how the mexican tv station is using to troll the u.s. men's soccer team ahead of the playoff. >> justin and jimmy at it again as they get the single ladies.
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♪ >> i love it. a immediathose two were seated
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when the single ladies came on, they did what you thought they would do. they danced. they would make a great double-team. we're one month away from the crucial play of the soccer team and mexico. the tv broadcaster is already taking some shots at the opposing team in a new promo for the match up with a little video editing of the donald. take a look. >> when mexico sends the people, they're not sending their best. they're not sending you. ♪ >> our country is in serious trouble. ♪ we don't have victories anymore.
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♪ >> the american dream is dead. >> no word yet on what the presidential candidate think of the ad. that does it for me and "way too early." morning joe is on the way. we will be right back. verizon now has one simple plan. just pick a size. small, medium, large and extra large. if you need less data, pick small. if you need more, go with extra large-- a whopping 12 gigs for $80 a month
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usaa. we know what it means to serve. get an insurance quote and see why 92% of our members plan to stay for life. ♪ >> good morning, everybody. welcome to "morning joe." with us on set here in new york city, we've got mike barnicle and nicole wallace and jeremy peters is in washington. how are you? there's a lot going on. >> massive new poll coming out at 7:00, quinnipiac poll out of iowa. certainly going to tell us which way the race is going. >> indication. we'll get to that soon. but first, senator bernie sanders has been surging in the polls and drawing massive crowds all across the country. has hillary clinton's