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tv   News Nation  MSNBC  September 17, 2015 8:00am-9:01am PDT

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the establishment strike back at donald trump in the second major gop debate. >> i didn't want to -- excuse me. one second. >> no. the simple fact is, donald -- >> more energy tonight. i like that. >> plus, carly fiorina's take on her much talked-about performance. >> i think women all over this country heard very clearly what mr. trump said. >> and why trump says he felt bad for the other candidates. we'll break down the winners and losers. plus, from handcuffs to hero. the texas teen arrested for bringing a homemade clock to school is still suspended. the big question is why? this as the student speaks out as he gets invitations from the white house and facebook. plus, in a few hours, the fed will announce a major decision on interest rates, affecting everything from your savings account to your car loans and your mortgages.
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good morning, everyone, i'm tamron hall. we begin with the new reaction to the marathon three-hour republican debate and the question now turning to who won? donald trump, the main target, and carly fiorina who many think shined last night gave their assessments this morning. >> i think that carly did well, but i didn't see her. you know, joe was sort of saying and all of them -- >> and me. >> and you that carly did well. i thought she did well, too, but i didn't see it as standout like you did, but maybe it's a different perspective. and, of course, i was being hit 15 different ways, everything i've ever said about a woman, i got hit. and i think everybody did at least pretty well. >> i was very satisfied with the debate. you know, when i went in, half the audience had never heard my name, and they didn't know i was running for president. >> was there a moment that you
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understood that i'm in complete total command and control of this debate? >> actually not, steve. i mean, yes, it was a long debate. and i tell you what, i had to do it on high heels. >> round two of the republican debate saw donald trump both dishing it out and taking it on the chin at times. carly fiorina landing the first and maybe the biggest blow. >> one of the benefits of a presidential campaign is the character and capability, judgment and temperament of every single one of us is revealed over time and under pressure, all of us will be revealed. >> first of all, rand paul shouldn't even be on this stage. he's number 11. he's got 1% in the polls. >> his visceral response to attack people on their appearance, short, tall, fat, ugly, my goodness. that happened in junior high. are we not way above that? >> i never attacked him on his looks, and believe me, there's plenty of subject matter right there.
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>> we don't need an apprentice in the white house. we have one right now. >> in wisconsin, you're losing $2.2 billion right now. i didn't want to -- excuse me one second. >> no. the simple fact is, donald, you k cannot take -- >> more energy tonight, i like that. >> if i were sitting at home watching this back and forth, i'd be inclined to turn it off. i mean, people at home want to know across this country, they want to know what we're going to do to fix this place. >> and one of the highlights jeb bush defending his brother. >> your brother -- and your brother's administration gave us barack obama because there was such a disaster those last three months that abraham lincoln couldn't have been elected. >> you know what? as it relates to my brother, there's one thing i know for sure. he kept us safe. i don't know if you remember -- >> and if you can believe there was even another moment out of that three-hour marathon. the one that people are talking about.
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carly fiorina responding to donald trump's recent attack on her face. >> you know, it's interesting to me, mr. trump said that he heard mr. bush very clearly in what mr. bush said. i think women all over this country heard very clearly what mr. trump said. >> i think she's got a beautiful face, and i think she's a beautiful woman. >> msnbc political correspondent kasie hunt joins us live from the site of last night's debate, the reagan presidential library in simi valley, california. so much to talk about, but i have to start with the question i think a lot of people are wondering this morning, kasie, who will start to drop out? who is going to finally get out of this race? one of the repeated comments this morning is just how many candidates were there. there were large -- even though it was three hours -- large moments of time where you didn't hear from people. even donald trump managed to stay silent for about 20 minutes. when will we see some of the money get pulled out and some of
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these people go? >> reporter: well, tamron, i think that over the course of the next couple of weeks, you're going to see a whilgti ingwhitts field. there's a critical deadline that's going to tell us a little bit about the finances behind some of these campaigns. i think bobby jindal is one to watch along with some others in the undercard. i think that a lot of republicans who were here last night would be surprised if there's an undercard debate when we get to the end of october, which is when the next debate on our own cnbc is scheduled. but i think that at this point, one person to watch in particular, tamron, is scott walker. not necessarily because he's likely to drop out next, but just because this was in many ways a make-or-break night for him. a lot of people close to him privately said -- acknowledged that, saying that, you know, he really needed to turn in a top performance. and the reality is he came in way down at the bottom of people who were actually on the stage. i had the chance to catch up with him in the spin room after the debate. and i asked him if he cleared the bar. do you feel like you need to
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take any additional steps to get your campaign back to where it needs to be? do you need to shake up your stuff? >> the biggest thing for us is get back to basics. getting into iowa and the early states. we announced the other day 99 county chairs were going to be organized by the precincts. they're looking for a president who's going to shake things up in washington, going to wreak some havoc in washington. my argument to those voters is, if you want somebody to do that, pick someone who's done it before. >> so it's iowa or bust for you? >> i think we're putting all our eggs in a basket of iowa. we're committed to iowa and we think that will help us make the case all throughout the country. >> reporter: a rare direct acknowledgment that he has absolutely everything riding on that first iowa caucus, tamron, and that's a pretty big shift for someone who had frankly been spending money and campaigning in a lot more states than just in iowa. and he, of course, has fallen from what was a front-runner position pretty far down in those polls. >> all right. thank you very much, kasie. let me bring in the political panel we've assembled this morning. nationally syndicated talk radio
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show steve date is the author of "rules for patriots: how conservatives can win." also joining us, "los angeles times" political reporter curtis lee and from mother jones, david korn who is also an msnbc analyst. steve, since you wrote the book on how conservatives can win, let me start with ben carson. i know you wrote this morning about the fact that he came in surging in the polls. was he even present? and i say that with all the respect in the world for what he's done as a surgeon, but was he present yesterday? >> tamron, i think what you saw last night is something i've been talking about and writing about for months with ben carson who's one of the best human beings on planet earth i've ever met. but ultimately, people in republican primaries want to vote for you on issues, not personality, or biography. and you saw last night when he talked about his mom, he soared. when he talked about issues, pretty much any issue, he did not. and really, he seemed to even
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lose a vaccination debate to donald trump when that weirdly happened at the end of the debate. and i think he still has got to figure out -- you know, trump at least has an issue that people care about in the republican primary, illegal immigration. carson's got to find an issue that conservative primary voters actually care about because when we get to february 1 in iowa where i live, people want to go in there and vote on issues, not personality. >> well, and that's interesting you say on issues because it seems at least his surge had something to do with him being more expressive about his religious views, an issue that conservatives say is very important to them. but to your point, there was a lot of expectation to press donald trump on specifics what he would do about iran, immigration, the economy. but that same lackluster answer over and over from ben carson is what i seemed to hear. so what will conservatives do if he is their darling, and it seemed to be going in, who's the second best man or woman now? >> well, i think what the big story of this debate is is that
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the gop primary is now broken down into what i call three swim lanes. there is an outsider swim lane. and that will be trump, carson or fiorina. there is a conservative base swim lane. and that will be either huckabee or cruz. and then there is an establishment swim lane, and who knows who that will be who comes out of iowa. it will not be jeb bush. he's not going anywhere in iowa nor will he. he's the rudy giuliani of 2016. he's not going to win a single early state. and i think those three camps are going to come out of iowa with their champions. and then those three candidates will fight for the nomination the rest of the way. >> david, let me bring you in. obviously -- go ahead. >> yeah, and not to diminish your home state, steve, but the last guy who won iowa, you know, didn't go on to victory. iowa is not representative of the gop electoral base. >> that's just simply not true. that's just simply not true. >> i can see someone coming in third in iowa and still going on to win the nomination. this field is so unusual.
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i mean -- >> it really is. >> steve is right when he says there are three different camps. i call it three rings in the circus. three lanes. but right now i don't think there's, you know, a standout in any one of the lanes except donald trump. >> what about carly fiorina? i said before -- >> she had a great performance last night when it came to talking about the most abstract issues. leadership. she showed great poise. she spoke well about lady liberty. and lady justice. she really, you know, so she performed very well. but at the end of the day, the only thing she has to offer in terms of experience and in relationship to issues is what she did at hp and lucent to a certain degree. >> but it's clear, david, that the republicans right now are not looking for someone who has insider political experience. they have made it quite clear that that's not the priority. it may be for you as someone on
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the other perspective, but for now, it seems that they are looking for someone with a business background, someone who is an outsider, and someone who i think -- who i think -- let me finish, now -- who i think can really push hillary clinton, and she has an opening as the only female to be able to say certain things in a hyperaggressive tone that some of the other male candidates -- here we are in 2015 -- who cannot -- and i want to play just what she said, for example, on planned parenthood. let's play it. >> iran and planned parenthood. one has something to do with the defense of the security of this nation. the other has something to do with the defense of the character of this nation. you have not heard a plan about iran from any politician up here. here's my plan. on day one in the oval office, i will make two phone calls. the first to my good friend bibi netanyahu to reassure him. the second to the supreme leader to tell him that unless and until he opens every military and every nuclear facility to
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real anytime inspections to our people, not his, we the united states of america will make it as difficult as possible to move money around the global financial system. we can do that. we don't need cooperation to do it. as regards planned parenthood, anyone who has watched this videotape, i dare hillary clinton, barack obama to watch these tapes. watch a fully formed fetus on the table. its heart beating. its legs kicking while someone says we have to keep it alive to harvest its brain. this is about the character of our nation. and if we will not stand up and force president obama to veto this bill, shame on us. >> david, that's my point. they're not looking for a politician. they're looking for exactly what she said. >> i think so. look, donald trump has played to the anger and resentment card more than she does. she shows a lot of passion, too, which ben carson doesn't. so the two of them are the hot-button candidates right now. but i think trump has been sort of connecting more on the anger
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and resentment level than she has. but she's getting -- maybe she will get some more support. maybe it will come from carson's people. i'm not sure it's going to come from trump's people. that's an interesting, you know, thing to watch. >> yeah. absolutely. a number of articles today saying that now this is trump's last stand. we know that's been predicted many times. curtis, whether it's trump or whether it's scott walker, we do know that that number of people on the main stage, it just cannot -- i don't think america can sit through another three-hour debate. and i think carly fiorina said she had on heels. she could have worn flats. the rest of us are at home watching this. and overwhelmingly, it seemed, that people keep asking how this did not come off as presidential, how this came off as theatrical, how this was "the real housewives and husbands of d.c.," i don't know. but sooner or later, some of these candidates will have to drop out, right? >> yeah, no, absolutely. it was a long debate. a number of candidates on stage
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there we'll certainly start to see the field whittle down. obviously the undercard debates with some of those lower-tier candidates like bobby jindal, george pataki. they're just not rising in the polls and raising money. you could easily start to see them back out of the race. but yeah, last night, it was a three-hour marathon debate. you saw the field really going after trump this time, compared to the first debate where folks sat back. you saw fiorina getting out early. and, you know, questioning trump on his business background, jeb bush calling out trump for some of his comments that he said against jeb bush's wife. and you really saw the field going after trump in a way they hadn't before. and usually in a debate, you go after the front-runner. and that's not what we saw in that first debate in cleveland, but we definitely saw that last night in simi valley. >> of course, this is not a dig at the network that host the debate, but with that sheer number of people, it is hard to press, but we heard the headline that these candidates would be pressed. we'd finally get some substance, some pressure on donald trump and others. did we see that last night,
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kurtis? >> i think we did see that. when there was the discussion about foreign policy, you saw at times donald trump just wasn't in the debate. and he kind of sat back and didn't have much to say when the discussion kind of shifted toward foreign policy. it was definitely, you know, theatrics early on. but there were substantive issues in there in terms of immigration and foreign policy issues, for example on syria. >> and steve, real quick, while this was happening, we know that the taping with hillary clinton on "jimmy fallon" was taking place. and i did think at some point watching the debate and the theatrics of it all, how obama was being slammed as being this celebrity getting slammed for all the attention. i wanted tom cruise to get off of the wing from air force one behind. is it now your turn, the right's turn, to look for the celebrity, whether you make it out of donald trump or this morning, the celebrity of carly fiorina? >> well, you know what's the
8:16 am
untold story here, tamron, is donald trump has very solid organization on the ground. if all of the early states. he is as organized as any candidate is. carly fiorina is not. she has no credible organization capable of winning an election on the ground in any early state. and it's almost like she's not even trying to create that. so at this point, her candidacy is entirely a television-driven phenomenon. >> all right, steve deace, thank you. david, kurtis, thank you as well. here's the question this morning. it's the focus of our "news nation" gut check. do you think it is time to cut down the number of candidates allahed to go on the main stage in hstage? how you whittle them down, i don't know. a texas teenager still suspended after making that homemade clock that his teachers thought was a bomb. >> i felt like i was a criminal. i felt like i was a terrorist. >> why he is still out of school this morning.
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and, of course, the praise that he's receiving from the white house to the head of facebook. plus, we are keeping an eye on wall street for you this morning ahead of this big announcement we're expecting from the fed on the interest rates. it's coming down this afternoon. we'll get a live report from cnbc on what this means for your savings, loans and mortgages. nine years in the waiting here. and join our conversation online. you can find the team on twitter. they're @newsfashionation. find me on facebook, twitter and instagram. we'll be right back. to prevent, predict maintenance needs, and avoid problems before they happen. you don't even need a cerebral cortex to understand which is better. now, two things that are exactly the same have never been more different. ge software. get connected. get insights. get optimized. hey! let me help with that. [ music playing ] oh, thank you! [ laughing ] [ music continues ]
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this morning, the 14-year-old muslim student arrested for bringing a homemade clock to school in texas remains at home on suspension. ahmed mohamed's suspension is in effect until tomorrow, even after irving police acknowledge they mistakenly thought his clock was a hoax bomb.
8:21 am
but as support pours in from around the world, ahmed now says he's hoping to transfer to a different school. last night he spoke with my colleague, chris hayes, on "all in." and ahmed described what happened when he brought that clock to macarthur high school monday morning, hoping to impress his teacher. >> what were you expecting the reaction to be when you brought in this clock you'd put together in your room? >> i thought they'd be impressed by it. >> did you show it to a teacher first? >> yes, i showed it to two teachers. >> and what did those teachers say when you showed them your clock? >> the first teacher, he was impressed, but he advised me not to show any other people. >> he told you not to show any other people. >> yes. >> why do you think he said that? >> he told me it looks like a bomb. >> ahmed says he later showed it
8:22 am
to another teacher who confiscated it. he was eventually pulled out of class, searched and interrogated and searched in which he was not allowed to even call his parents. officers then placed him in handcuffs and took him into custody. >> i felt like i was a criminal. i felt like i was a terrorist. i felt like all the names i was called. >> what do you mean, all the names you were called? >> i was called -- in middle school i was called a terrorist, called a bombmaker just because of my race. and religion. >> and were the officers saying things like that to you? >> one of the officers did comment on me walking into the room. >> what did he say? >> he got back in the reclined chair, and he relaxed. and he said, "that's who i thought it was." >> irving's police chief announced yesterday no charges
8:23 am
would be filed against that young man. the city's mayor is defending the actions of the officers and school administrators. and a spokesperson from the school district in a statement detail reported about the incident were, quote, unbalanced but could not comment further due to privacy laws. so far more than a million people have taken to social media in support of ahmed. that includes president obama, hillary clinton, facebook founder mark zuckerberg along with nasa and a number of astronauts. and joining me now, ibrahim hooper, national communications director with care of the council on american-islamic relations. thank you so much for joining us again here. >> thanks for having me. >> obviously we're waiting for more details if the school will release any more information. but at this point, this young man is still suspended. it's one more day of the suspension. he wants to transfer to a different school here. but this really struck a nerve. i was watching social media, and just the number of tweets that came in. what is it about this? obviously he was innocent, but what is it about it -- so many
8:24 am
other people are innocent, and folks don't rally behind them like they did with this young man. >> well, all you have to do is look at him. he's a really good kid. obviously smart, wants to show people what he can do to impress them and proud of his work and proud of his inventions and his working with electronics and these kinds of things. so i think that struck a chord with people and just the clear understanding that this would not have happened to somebody who wasn't named ahmed mohamed who didn't have a brown skin, who wasn't of sudanese heritage. i mean, we just, at a gut level, understand that that would not have occurred the way it occurred if the circumstances or if his background had been different. >> yeah, it's interesting, google invited him to their science fair. twitter has offered him an internship. president obama in a tweet said "cool clock, ahmed. want to bring it to the white
8:25 am
house?" mark zuckerberg posted "having the skill and ambition to build something cool should lead to applause, not arrest." nasa which, of course, he was wearing a nasa t-shirt. i don't think you could pry that thing off him at this point. they said, "we're supporters of s.t.e.m. and inspiring kids like ahmed to pursue their dreams. get involved. >> they were afraid this would taint him and follow him through life, but i think it's just the opposite now that this negative can turn into a positive, empowering thing for the rest of his life that may help him succeed in life. >> a darker part of this story also is the mayor of irving, texas. the mayor posted a statement saying that "i do not fault the school or the police for looking into what they saw as a potential threat." but it was earlier this year that this same mayor at a conservative campaign event
8:26 am
apparently against sharia law in irving, texas, warned of a creeping muslim takeover of texas. appeared to glenn beck's show. let me play what happened there. >> okay. >> so what do you want people to do? >> i think you need to put your foot down and say this is america. we have -- we have laws here already. >> your response to that? >> yeah, i think it's so clear that this incident is just a symptom of the growing islamophobia in america as evidenced by this kind of bizarre conspiracy theory that somehow muslims are trying to take over the country and institute, quote, sharia law and get rid of the constitution. in fact, we are the prime defenders of the constitution against those who would deny us constitutional rights. so it's just very bizarre that it would happen in this town with this mayor.
8:27 am
we've seen other incidents around texas. just this morning, i had to issue a news release calling on the fbi to investigate hate vandalism at a mosque in louisville, kentucky. so these things are occurring on a daily basis, and that's why we're asking our nation's leaders to push back against this rising tide of islamophobia. >> it came up in the pre-debate -- i don't know what they call it -- the debate last night, not the main stage, but the earlier debate. let me play an exchange with bobby jindal and lindsey graham over religious discrimination. let's listen. i guess we don't have it, but bobby jindal was saying that he doesn't think that a 14-year-old should be arrested for bringing a clock to school. but he said the biggest discrimination is against christians who believe in traditional forms of marriage. lindsey graham said young men from the middle east are different from kim davis, and we've got to understand that. >> i mean, this is the same bobby jindal who said there were
8:28 am
muslim no-go zones in america and was mocked because of this bizarre notion. so unfortunately, the islamophobia is coming mainly from the right end of the political spectrum, and that's an issue that the gop needs to deal with. but all our nation's leaders need to deal with it. >> all right. thank you so much for your time. we greatly appreciate it. and developing now, we're watching wall street, as i mentioned, as we await the federal reserve's decision on whether to raise interest rates for the first time in nine years. now, this could impact, as we've said, your savings, your mortgages, car loans, a lot of things here. a live report from cnbc's ron n insana next. plus, students in seattle back in school a week late after a teacher strike delayed classes. but the fight over a new contract, it is not over, and it's one of the stories we are following around the "news nation." it's a fact. kind of like mute buttons equal danger. ...that sound good?
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developing now, the dow is right now up 11 points as wall street awaits this afternoon's big decision by the federal reserve on whether to raise interest rates for the first time in nine years. and the fed's decision is scheduled to be announced at 2:00 p.m. eastern time, be followed by a news conference from fed chair janet yellen at 2:30 eastern time. now, the decision has been the subject of most unprecedented speculation and the effect on consumers could be wide-ranging from monthly credit card bills, mortgages, auto loans, interest on savings. cnbc contributor ron insana joins me now. our colleague, carl quintanilla tweeted out this meme saying "yell en judgment day." and that's how it feels. >> there's been so much speculation about whether or not the fed starts this liftoff process, normalizing interest
8:33 am
rates coming off zero for the first time since late 2008, raising rates by a quarter point. the markets certainly do not seem like they're anticipating a rate hike from the federal reserve, given that inflation is falling, world markets are in turmoil, and u.s. employment picture looks line, which is one half of the fed's mandate, but they haven't met the other half on the inflation front, so many people think they'll wait. >> and to your point, this is all about, it seems, anyway, perspective of how the economy is doing and what you choose to weigh more than the other. so with the fed two-day meeting, what does it appear that they are weighing the most? it clearly is not the unemployment number. >> no, which by most measures are markedly improved from where they were when the fed was truly worrying about the labor market situation. in fact, we're hearing there are shortages of workers in the construction industry right now, believe it or not. so that -- on that side, it's fine. wage inflation is not accelerating to such an extent that the fed wants to cool the economy. and then when you look at inflation, which is the other half of the fed's so-called mandate, there's supposed to promote maximum employment and price stability.
8:34 am
inflation is falling around the world. towards a concept we call deflation. falling prices. chi china's weakening. europe's not so hot. japan and before dale both in recession. that is what i think the u.s. is focused on at the moment. >> let's talk about the home market, the recovery. it's obviously uneven depending upon what part of the state, but overall you do still have a great number of people who want to jump into the home market who still feel that banks have not opened the doors and that it is not the right time. >> oh, it's the right time. there's no doubt. if you have a good credit report, if you have a stable job that is, you know, relatively secure, and interest rates are still at historic lows. i mean, mortgage rates are at or under 4% for a 30-year fixed. we may never see these numbers again in our lifetime. so if you qualify and you found the home that you want and you can get the loan, by all means, lock in. there's no reason to wait. having said that, you know, it is uneven. and if you have trouble with credit, banks are not exactly opening the spigot foral
8:35 am
buyers. >> and of course, this impacts savings. a lot of people still keeping an eye on their i.r.a. to your point, from china's currency situation to the reaction that it had on wall street and now this. >> yeah, and so the fed typically doesn't look at global developments in financial markets unless there's a negative feedback loop that's brewing. so the currency crises we've seen in emerging markets, the big drop in klein that's stock market, all of that can set the stage for weaker global growth which would blow back to the u.s. and possibly slow our economy. we look relatively good. >> yeah. >> when you look around the world, the u.s. is an island of prosperity in a sea of trouble. i mean, so from that perspective, the fed could reasonably make the case that a rate increase today is justified. but they don't want to retrigger some of the volatility we've seen in the last, you know, one to two months and maybe create a problem for the u.s. economy down the road. that's the argument for them to
8:36 am
stand pass. >> which would be the incredible timing of it all when you think about where we are in this presidential cycle. >> well the next shot may be christmas. that might be the gift we get at the end of the year. >> ron, we'll see what appears at 2:00 eastern time. thank you so much. coming up as well, there's a lot of talk about the winners and losers from last night's debate. but will we start to see candidates drop out? nbc senior political editor mark murray looks at the calendar when we may see another name leave other than rick perry. and today, justice officials will announce a nearly $1 billion settlement with gm over a safety defect that killed more than 100 people. but the question is, why do charges after gm concealed this problem is this hey babe, last one home cooks?
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to have come out on top. fiorina named the two most tweeted -- was the two most tweeted moments of the night, she had them. first when she responded to donald trump's comment about her face and then when she passionately argued that republicans should fight to defund planned parenthood. fiorina also gained the most twitter followers during the debate, picking up more than 30,000 new followers. but fiorina was not the most talked-about candidate on social media. that honor went to donald trump who came in at number one on both facebook and twitter. trump accounted for about 22% of the twitter conversation. jeb bush and carly fiorina were far behind with about 8% of the twitter mentions. joining me now, nbc news senior political editor mark murray. when we start getting into this i always think of "sharknado." i just do. you can be a twitter phenomenon, and it not actually turn into, you know, blockbuster ratings. we know that. with that said, did carly
8:41 am
fiorina win the night, in your view? >> yeah, and tamron, you really make a good point. debates are about having zingers, being able to have your moment. they don't tell you how someone would govern, be president of the united states, be able to sit in that oval office. and so just measuring a primary based on the debates alone doesn't give you the full picture. but when we are just looking at the debates, yes. carly fiorina was able to steal some moments. and that is your objective in one of these types of debates. you want to have the lines that actually get played in social media, to get played on cable news and nightly news the next day. and she was able to do so. and i would argue some of those things were fastballs right down the middle. she knew that she was going to get a question about donald trump's comments about her looks. and boy, she hit that fastball right down the middle right out of the park. >> which he knew he was getting the question as well. he mentioned that on "morning joe," and he blew that fastball, whatever baseball analogy you just said, he blew that one.
8:42 am
but to carly fiorina's moment regarding planned parenthood, while that comment was applauded by conservatives, a lot of that twitter traffic was also, mark, people fact checking her on that statement. >> well, that's right. and you know, even people here at nbc news who follow the planned parenthood and the videos, our health care reporters, they've found that there were some serious misstatements that was made not only by fiorina but ted cruz. fiorina and cruz remarking about just some of the gruesome footage, and really the footage was planned parenthood representatives talking about science, and when the republicans were talking about that they were selling these body parts and fetus parts, when you actually got down to the unedited versions of it, they were talking about just being reimbursed for expenses as well as transportation costs. and so the rhetoric didn't
8:43 am
actually meet what was in those unedited videos. >> it didn't meet it which makes it false, right? >> well, yeah. >> okay. i just wanted to make sure we're clear on that. but that was a part of, i think, a lot of her twitter traffic was not just the praise for that statement. but in the end just quickly, when you look at the calendar and the time line as we wait, again, with the time line of joe biden, and we'll talk about the debates coming up with the democrats, when we look at the time line with these republican candidates, when will we, you think, see some people go the way of rick perry? >> tamron, yeah, we had our first casualty in rick perry. and again, i think you have to look at the future debates that are coming up. cnbc's going to be having theirs october 28th. we don't have the criteria yet or what they're planning on doing, but i wouldn't be surprised if all of a sudden that becomes a potential w winnowing moment for the republican field. republicans like rick santorum can live off the land. it doesn't matter if they don't have a lot of money. rick santorum was in the same
8:44 am
position in 2012 and ended up winning the iowa caucuses. some of the other republicans you'd want to be able to watch, the lindsey grahams, the bobby jindals, can they keep on getting shut out of main debate stages and still have the money and the resources to go forward? >> all right, thank you very much, mark. and it's time now for the "news nation gut check." last night's debate clocked in at three hours. and some observers this morning say that's just too long and feature too many candidates. "time's" daniel dedario says it was like tuning into an episode of the second season of "game of thrones" and trying to follow along. too many characters, too many subplots and simply too much of everything. the daily caller's jamie weinstein goes a step further, calling for the organizers of the next debate to cut down the number of candidates, quote, saying it's time to whittle down the number of people who get to participate in the shindigs. the candidates have had plenty of time to campaign and get their message across. if they can't poll in the top
8:45 am
eight at this point, they just shouldn't be invited to the debate. what does your gut tell you? do you think it's time to cut down the number? go to to cast that big vote. we'll be right back. rong! what's that? you want me to eat you? honey, he didn't say that! he did, very quietly... you can't hear from back there! don't fight your instincts. with each 150 calories or less, try our chocolatey brownies, tangy lemon bars and new creamy cheesecakes. fiber one. go on, have one! i started with pills. and now i take a long-acting insulin at night. i take mine in the morning. i was trying to eat right, stay active. but i wasn't reaching my a1c goal anymore. man: my doctor says diabetes changes over time. it gets harder to control blood sugar spikes after i eat and get to goal. my doctor added novolog® at mealtime for additional control. now i know. novolog® is a fast-acting, injectable insulin
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that's the value of performance. northrop grumman. welcome back. developing now, small tsunami waves have reached parts of california and hawaii after a powerful earthquake in chile. but no damage is being reported. the magnitude 8.3 quake forced a million people to evacuate when it hit last night off the coast. about 175 miles from santiago. at least ten people are confirmed dead. several coastal towns have been flooded by tsunami waves of up to 15 feet. our gabe gutierrez joins us by phone. gabe what can you tell us? >> you mentioned that that toll has climbed to ten. more than 600 people are in emergency shelters, and the full scope of the damage is still being assessed. now, the magnitude 8.3, this was
8:49 am
the strongest earthquake on the planet for this year, as you mentioned, tamron. about a million people evacuated, fearing a tsunami. parts of the coast saw 15-foot waves. for you, the quake was centered off the coast about 175 miles or so from chile's capital city, santiago, where buildings could be seen swaying. many people took cell phone video. now, the tsunami alert has expired here in chile. but as you mentioned, there were advisories for hawaii and southern california for much smaller waves expected. now, since the initial jolt, there were several strong aftershocks. and this is a country that is prone to earthquakes. the most powerful one ever recorded on earth, a magnitude 9.5 killed thousands of people here in 1960. and five years ago, another quake, a magnitude 8.8, killed more than 500. but the country has updated its building codes and warning system, and that may have saved lives this time around, tamron. but the damage is still being assessed. >> wow, that's incredible video
8:50 am
we're looking at, gabe. thank you very much. i know you'll have much more later today for us. and developing now, a panel of military officers is hearing sergeant bowe bergdahl's accounts of why he staying in rhythm... it's how i try to live... how i stay active. so i need nutrition... that won't weigh me down. for the nutrition you want without the calories you don't... introducing boost 100 calories. each delicious snack size drink gives you... 25 vitamins and minerals and 10 grams of protein. so it's big in nutrition and small in calories. i'm not about to swim in the slow lane. stay strong. stay active with boost®. behold, these are two can you spot the difference? the wind farm on the right was created using digital models and real world location-based specs that taught it how to follow the wind. so while the ones on the left are waiting, the ones on the right are pulling power out of thin air. pretty impressive, huh?
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developing now, we're getting ready to hear sergeant bowe bergdahl's side of the story as he attends a hearing to determine whether he will face a court martial for leaving his unit in afghanistan. he is facing charges of desertion and misbehavior and could face a life sentence if convicted. his attorney says bergdahl was trying to bring what he thought were disturbing circumstances to the attention of the nearest general officer. bergdahl was captured by the taliban when he walked off his base and held for five years. nbc's charles hadlock joins me from san antonio with an update on the proceedings and how this will all play out. charles, good afternoon. >> reporter: hi, tamron. sergeant bergdahl is in the courtroom today for the first time to face the charges against
8:54 am
him. this is a preliminary hearing against bergdahl. it's a hearing to determine if there is enough evidence against him to proceed with a court martial. bergdahl disappeared from his army base in afghanistan in june of 2009. he was captured by the taliban and held for five years until he was released in a prisoner exchange in may of 2014. bergdahl is charged with desertion and misbehavior before the enemy. it is that second charge that is the more serious charge. it basically alleges that he left his unit, he left his unit shorthanded, and endangered soldiers who had to go out to try to find him unsuccessfully. he was released after that prisoner exchange last summer. very controversial exchange but he has remained not in captivity. he has had a desk job here in the army. he has been at brook army medical center. that's why the proceedings are
8:55 am
taking place at fort sam houston in san antonio, texas. he could face up to life in prison if he is court martialed. >> we'll see what happens there and continue to follow that developing news. thank you very much. we will also keep an eye on the fed decision coming down at 2:00 p.m. eastern time. a lot more to cover here on msnbc. that does it for this edition of "news nation." next, "andrea mitchell reports" live in new hampshire. time for the entrepreneur of the week. james rinehart's san francisco based company has removed the difficulties of buying and selling your clothes by picking them up and selling them for you. not surprisingly, technology is at the heart of the new trend. selling 18 homes? easy. building them all in four and a half months? now that was a leap.
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...because the ones you love, sit behind it. that's another safelite advantage. (softly) ♪safelite repair, safelite replace♪ right now on "andrea mitchell reports" did trump get trumped? the other republicans gang up on the front-runner trying to prove that he is more of a summer reality tv star than a serious presidential candidate. >> mr. trump, we don't need an apprentice in the white house. we have one right now. >> the one guy that had some special interest that i know of was donald trump. >> excuse me. one second. >> no. the simple fact is, donald -- >> more energy tonight. i like that. >> there's a sophomoric quality that is entertaining about mr.
8:59 am
trump. short, tall, fat, ugly. >> i never attacked him on his look and believe me, there's plenty of subject matter right there. >> face time in her prime time debut. carly fiorina takes down trump with a terse rebuttal to his disparaging comments about her. >> i think women all over this country heard very clearly what mr. trump said. >> the after party. the other donald trump coaches hillary clinton in a joint appearance on the "tonight" show. >> are you writing all this down? >> hold on. let me grab my pen. >> and standing with ahmed, the 14-year-old who was arrested just for bringing a clock he made to school now has a date with the president. >> you going to the white house, my friend? >> yes.
9:00 am
good day, everyone. i'm andrea mitchell. today on the trail in beautiful new hampshire, a gorgeous day here. it feels more like summer than fall. but the fall campaign is in swing. hillary clinton launching a three-day swing through this critical first primary state, where vermont neighbor bernie sanders now has taken the lead for the first time in recent polls. clinton isn't the only candidate here today. in just a few hours, donald trump will be holding a town hall just 15 miles away from clint clinton's event at just about the same time. let's start with the republican debate, where the front-runner faltered, the establishment held steady and a new political star was born. joining me for our daily fix, nbc's


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