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tv   MSNBC Live  MSNBC  September 25, 2015 12:00pm-1:01pm PDT

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victim victims' family who is met the pope earlier today. amidst all of this, at the white house, president obama hosting china's president xi jinping and a state dinner tonight. first on a day all eyes focused on pope francis's visit to new york, shocking news out of the capitol. john boehner, third in line to the presidency, would resign effective october 30th. at a press conference, he xlanled it as a pretty simple decision. >> just yesterday we witnessed the awesome sight of pope francis addressing the greatest legislative body in the world. and i hope that we will all heed his call to live by the golden rule. last night i started thinking about this and this morning i woke up and i said my prayers as
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i always do and i decided, you know, today's the day i'm going to do it. as simple as that. >> earlier, boehner announced the decision. reciting the prayer, lord, make me an instrument of thy peace. he announced it came amid pressure of conservative lawmakers in his own party who accused him of not standing up to the obama administration on several fronts, most recently, an effort to defund planned parenthood. that threatened to shut down the government at the end of this month. >> it's become clear to me that this prolonged leadership turmoil would do irreparable harm to the institution so this morning i informed my colleagues that i would resign from the speakership and congress at the end of october. >> at the white house news conference with the chinese president, president obama gave
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his reaction to john boehner's news. >> john boehner is a good man. he is a patriot. he cares deeply about the house, an institution in which he's served for a long time. he cares about his constituents and he cares about america. you know, we have obviously had a lot of disagreements and politically we're at different ends of the spectrum. but i will tell you he has always conducted himself with courtesy and civility with me. >> boehner ice announcement immediately sets up a leadership fight with house majority leader kevin mccarthy, the odds-on favorite to succeed boehner and challenges could come from other quarters. we have this story covered from all across washington this hour. i want to start with chuck todd, moderator of "meet the press" and i think on monday right here starting up. >> yes, ma'am. >> wish you were here today.
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>> yeah, yeah. >> let's start with the press conference. that was remarkable. he comes in singing. leaves singing. he looked happy. >> he is. i said this before earlier and, kate, i'm sure you had the same experience. we have witnessed plenty of political resignations and come with pressure and this one you could argue was certainly there was pressure from the right on this resignation. but he seemed so at peace and happy about it. not just at peace but actually happy as if, you know what? he was just done with this. this latest fight which he would have survived but probably having to accumulate a lot of political wounds in the process, probably would have taken democrats to save him and save him in his speakership. that is no way to lead the republican conference going into an election year. would have made him a lame duck leader in a big way so, look, this is probably the easiest way
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to prevent a government shutdown. he put his party ahead of himself on this one. it may only simply delay a fight. let's not pretend this goes away. i think in three months with the budget coming up again, a temporary reprieve here. if the conservative base is as upset about the planned parenthood situation then as it is now, then kevin mccarthy has his own problem and figure it out. between then and now, kate, speaker mccarthy and mcconnell have to try to educate the conservative republicans to remind them, if you want to defund planned parenthood you need to e laekt republican president. >> luke russert, you were there in the room for the speaker's press conference and got the first question in. i want to listen to that exchange because you asked him about the emotion and the day yesterday, that historic day on capitol hill with the pope visiting might have played into the decision making. let's take a listen to that
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exchange. okay. we don't have the exchange cued up. give us the play by play. you asked him. what did he say? >> reporter: last night, some great reporting by "the washington post's" and "politico" heard rumors of a retirement and we heard that, too. everyone down played it and boehner said trying to relive the moment the pope was there a few hours earlier, this is where the pope spoke me, put his arms around me and said please pray for me. i asked whether or not it was the grace of pope francis that allowed him to make this decision and had any influence. he said it was not directly attributable to pope francis but having covered for boehner for six years, i think at least the visit put everything in perspective for boehner and he counted that image. what i'll say is following boehner, he is one of 12 from
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running from ohio and never expected to graduate from college, never expected to do much of anything. became a millionaire and never thought he'd go to congress much less become speaker. to get the holy father to come to congress, that's the top of the top that he would never be able to achieve again so i think what boehner saw what was ahead, tough sledding. realized in a presidential year, very bad for the party and as chuck mentioned and throw this out there. i think boehner, very much aware of the difficulty it would put on his fellow members to support him and what do i mean by that? 40 house conservatives that dislike him and then friends in the ranks here since the '90s like he had been and would have been put in a difficult place, fund-raisers out against him, conservative outrage out against him and supported boehner and wanted him not to have to go through on that and didn't want the party to look so dysfunctional ahead of a presidential year. that's what he did.
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the thing about boehner, kate, i can tell you this, he went to dinner last night at alberto. they let him smoke up stairs. a favorite meal. came to the decision last night. he said he's going to sleep on it. he woke up this morning. got coffee, went to the favorite diner, eggs and porridge and said this is the day. it was going to be his birthday in november but this is the day after the usual routine. >> katy tur, reaction from the campaign trail is swift, both positive and negative, but where you're standing i would say mostly negative, right? >> reporter: yes. and the kacandidates thanking h for the service and say it's time for a change. massive cheers from the crowd here. this is an evangelical conservative gathering, it is the far right of the party. they're not people who were happy with his leadership. they're people who have seen what they believe are losses in congress, they don't like
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obamacare, they don't like planned parenthood. they want somebody who they believe to stand up for them for and fight for their values. and that's what they're asking for when they're telling me to pipe down right now. >> okay. >> so far what they're saying. >> you can be quiet for a moment. we appreciate it, though. their trying to talk behind you. we have sound that katy just referring to and roll the reaction from several of the candidates. >> it's big decision that he made. it's a great decision. >> you think so? >> i think so. i think it's very good for everybody. >> for the snaert. >> i think it's time. been there a long time but i think it's enough. >> the country will be better served with a strong, conservative speaker and what i hope more than anything is that the next speaker demonstrates a fidelity to the promises we made to the men and women who elected. >> i like him personally. he's a nice person and served the country and deservels our gratitude for that. >> chuck todd, three candidates
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not exactly fans of john boehner reacting. tell me how -- tell me about the intersection for the viewers who maybe don't follow capitol hill. there's an intersection of what's happening in presidential politics and the campaign and when's happening on capitol hill. >> that's exactly right. looking at lot of people saying when's the explanation of the rise of the outsiders? carson, trump, fiorina and the establishment wing of the party running for office, jeb bush, marco rubio, sort of john kasich, they're still mired in single digits and the question is, what is going on here? same forces where you have the grass roots conservatives frustrated, feel as if despite winning in the midterm elections, they're losing the battles to democrats, the supreme court on health care or president obama on the iran deal, there's a frustration in the grass roots at the leadership in washington. we have a new nbc news/"wall
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street journal" poll out today. three quarters of republican primary voters say they're dissatisfied with boehner and mcconnell specifically. the forces on the outside, they don't have as many members in the house of representatives that represent this wing of the party, say 40 or 50, but just as vocal and the group of members causing the headaches for boehner, their the ones that sort of forced this issue, put boener in this box where he had to choose between self preservation and avoiding a chaotic process for the party. that is fight that goes on, kate. >> right. >> john boehner taken himself out of playing field but this fight playing out in the primaries is really what's going on, explains the house of the representatives, as well. >> who comes in the game now? definitely kevin mccarthy or are we not sure friday afternoon at 3:10 eastern who's taking over? >> reporter: i think it's pretty safe to say that mccarthy will
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be the next speaker. the conservative opposition to boehner has not rallied around one person and that's the case in a battle of mccarthy. you have to remember that he's more liked than boehner among the conservative ranks because he texts them, calls them, keeps in touch with them and says i'm just like you. work with me a little bit. the real battle is going to be, kate, for the majority leader position and see the conservatives trying to run one of their members. the establishment trying to run one of their members and that's the gop civil war in a nutshell is that position of majority leader. but i would be shocked if mccarthy doesn't win this race. he is affable, well respected, very well liked. and believe it or not, he has an inspiring story similar to john boehner. he went to college off of the profits of a deli he opened with $5,000 scratch lotto ticket and often a guy that beat the odds.
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i suspect this is the culmination of that. 50 years old if he becomes speaker. >> last question to luke and chuck, will it be as entertaining with mccarthy in the speaker's position and i say that because take a listen to the greatest hits of john boehner. >> the house has done its job. why don't you ask the senate democrats when they get off their ass and do something? >> i hope the senate gets off their rear end and pass some of them. >> accountability? without bam room deals and struck behind closed doors? hell no you can't! >> here's the attitude. oh, don't make me do this. oh! this is too hard. >> people at one of these groups stood up and said we never thought it would work. are you kidding me? >> he had a way. he had a way, chuck todd. >> reporter: i lived through
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those, kate. it was great. go ahead, chunck. >> mccarthy is also, you know, a guy that knows how to have a good time. you hear. a fun guy. entertaining in a different kind of way. maybe swash buckling and all that. as luke will tell you, there's california surfer dude in him, too, right? >> laid back guy, kate. he often likes to say he's california cool. he's from bakers field. likes to take off the tie and doesn't have a d.c. apartment and leads a cage fighting workout in a bipartisan manner. >> what? what? >> cage fighting workouts in the morning. 5:30 in the morning with bipartisan group. it is an incredible stuff. >> that will prepare you to take on those conservatives, yeah. >> lastly, he struck up a friendship with kevin spay sy after he played the whip in house of cards and so much so that casey confers with him to make sure that the show is
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realistic and casey copied his office almost down to the pencil holder for the show and got a very interesting story, i think he'll take the political world by storm at least from the beginning. >> luke russert, chuck todd, thank you. appreciate it. >> all right. >> katy tur, as well. catch "meet the press" this sunday. chuck joined by hillary clinton and carly fiorina. more on the resignation and joined by tom davis of virginia. congressman, thank you for being with us. >> thank you. >> you were on capitol hill when i was covering capitol hill ten years ago. so much has changed over the past decade. are you worried today about the institution looking at when's happening among your fellow republicans? >> it is changed markedly. almost turned into a parliamentary system now. the parties are ideologically polarized. you know? very little compromise taking place. look. the speaker was an institutionalist above all and
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saw the institution was eroding. he was in the way of it and time for him to leave while he could still leave undefeated and unindicted. >> if you were advising the gop right now in the house, would you say kevin mccarthy, this's the best option? >> i think kevin will have the votes in the conference and probably get a honeymoon period because the talk radio shows, the conservative pundits and bloggers have not time to focus and beat him up yet but he faces the same kind of challenges that cantor faced and boehner faced and that is if you compromise you lose your base. your base wants somebody to stand tough, to stand tall and to not compromise and really go straight at the democrats and score some victories and given the balance of today, the 60-vote threshold in the senate, that's just impossible to achieve. >> lastly, the tea party seeing this as a real victory today. how does it affect the campaign? more people are drawn to the outsider candidates because of this? >> well, i think them boldens
12:16 pm
the outsiders a little bit. i think boehner could have survived but better for john to go out on top of his game the way he has. he'll have a great afterlife and i think the institution gets through at least the first cr continuing resolution. he'll be able to bring it to the floor in a bipartisan vote and for the country's sake he's done the right thing and does embolden the foes at this point. the same problems and schisms within the party and the ability to deliver on something that's probably undeliverable given the divisive of government remains. >> cr referring to the continuing resolution to keep the government running beyond next week. former congressman of virginia tom davis, thank you. >> thank you. we'll talk about the day's other huge story, pope francis' first full day in new york city, it's been a jam-packed few hours for the pope.
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if you thought it was already a busy news day, just wait a few hours d. you know there's a huge state dinner being hosted at the white house tonight? we'll bring you up to speak on the chinese state visit and more when we come back. i am totally blind. i lost my sight in afghanistan, but it doesn't hold me back. i go through periods where it's hard to sleep at night, and stay awake during the day. non-24 is a circadian rhythm disorder that affects up to 70% of people who are totally blind. talk to your doctor about your symptoms and learn more by calling 844-844-2424. or visit
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their children could be friends with my children so it's important to me. one of the most rewarding parts of this job is after you help a customer, seeing a smile on their face. together, we're building a better california. it's ban split screen kind of day here on msnbc with house speaker john boehner's resignation dominating in washington and pope francis here in new york today taking the city by storm. the pontiff started his day with a visit to the united nations where he took a moment to speak to the people who really get everything done, the staff. >> i am grateful for all that you have done to prepare for my visit.
12:21 pm
>> moments later, he appeared before world leaders for a wide ranging speech to the u.n. general assembly calling on the body to address issues afflicting the world's poor and the planet. >> translator: in all religions, the environment is a fundamental good. >> but the most powerful moment of the day so far, made us stop in our tracks and really listen was the pontiff's visit to ground zero where for a moment time seemed to stand still as he prayed in front of the former site of the world trade center south tower. pope francis then met with several families of the nearly 3,000 americans killed in the attacks on 9/11. before descending underground to the 9/11 memorial museum and participating in an interfaith prayer service. >> translator: in this place of remembrance, each one of us in our way but together i propose a
12:22 pm
moment of silence and prayer. let us ask of the lord the gift of joining the case of peace tie pontiff become at the residence here in new york enjoying much-needed down time at the moment but any time now he will head even further uptown to meet with immigrants and refugees. from there, through central park on the way to mass in front of 20,000 people down at madison square garden. joining me outside the papal residence here, ramellah ellis. >> reporter: lots of security. where the pope coming out before too long because the traffic behind me slowed down and that's an indication that he's going to come out.
12:23 pm
unlike some other places where there are venues available for the pope to see the people and the people to see the pope, that's not happening here. when the pope comes out, traffic is stopped along here. i should tell you about an hour after the pope came back from the residence for lunch and maybe down time, there was a bus that came about 30 feet got off and went toward the residence. whether or not they met with the pope, we're not sure. we think they did. in addition, a bus with folks from the ronald mcdonald house, about 30 adults, 15 children, a boy on crutches, another with a surgical mask have gone through the security checkpoint. and then back on the bus. we are told that when the pope was about to come out that group is going to go over across the street and they hope have an opportunity to be seen and i'm sure they hope to be blessed we did pope. kate? >> you're standing on the street there as close as you can get but there's a closer location to
12:24 pm
the door we might see on camera, greeting the kids? >> reporter: we hope that we can see it. if they can -- if we can get a camera shot between the vehicle that is you see behind me. it's a very secure place. there have been hundreds of police officers out here. to guard this pope residence is very different from the location where he was in washington, d.c. the real estate was more giving, if you will, for people to come up and for them to have a group of children in front of the residence and for the pope to come out. new york city real estate doesn't lend itself to that. so they're being very careful, very controlled entrances and exits to where the pope is actually staying and that's why we are across the street and not over there. >> okay. well, close enough, very close. thanks so much. up next, the historic announcement president obama and chinese president xi made just hours ago.
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speaker boehner's resignation and the pope's visit dominating the news but this is the chinese president at the white house and a press conference the president highlighted a joint effort for cyber theft and warned the u.s. is vigilant on cyber matters. >> i have to insist that our work is not yet done. i believe we can expand our cooperation in this area even as the united states will continue to use all of the tools at our disposal to protect american companies, citizens and interests. >> for more analysis, i'm joined by chief foreign affairs correspondent andrea mitchell, of course, the host of "an dree ma mitchell reports" here on msnbc. >> thank you. great to be here in new york. >> we have so much to talk
12:29 pm
about. president xi at the white house. tonight is the state dinner. >> a little dinner, a little meal. the fact is that the big issues between china and the united states, yes, issues and affects the whole world and cyber hacking and the fact that only this week we learned that that hacking into the office of personnel management was far more severe than previously indicated. they not only took several million but it was millions of people and 5 million fingerprints, katd. and, you know, that means that we have covert operatives, intelligence agents who can never work overseas again. it's not just identity and social security numbers, far more serious. against that backdrop, the president had a fairly tough conversation with xi, they have agreed on a cyber truce if you will but it only relates to the
12:30 pm
really worse case cyber warfare and not using cyber weapons to blow up nuclear plants or attack the stock exchange. not the espionage that both sides frankly do and they still have not come to any kind of terms and in this case, we're told is that xi, well, at the news conference, xi said, well, we don't do this. this is, you know, i can't control billions of people in china. well, in fact, "wall street journal" yesterday with a full page story tracking a major hacker they said, tracking him back to childhood, all of his records, family. he works for the chinese military. >> ongoing issue. >> right. >> you have got news to report about e-mails and hillary clinton and, you know, for months now how many, where are they, what's the latest? >> all related to benghazi and the original reason why the congressional committee asked for her e-mails, just to learn there's a private server and then lo and behold discovered that she did not have a
12:31 pm
government server. in fact, the state department acknowledged today is more than 900 e-mails related to libya and a small number they say but they won't be precise related to benghazi just being turned over. >> just now? >> just now. initially turned over 300-related e-mails in february saying that the reason for that is doing a digital search and initially by hand. but this has led to, you know, committee, you know, crying bloody murder and all of this is setting uphill hill's big appearance on october 22nd before the committee to testify in person. >> right. hearing in her own words. >> exactly. >> okay. so much to talk about on a busy news day and monday will be no better for you with every leader in the world -- >> just say president obama, vladimir putin and raul castro, all at the u.n. >> just a few people in town. andrea, thank you so much.
12:32 pm
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boost® high protein is the #1 selling high protein complete nutritional drink and it has a great taste-guaranteed! help get the nutrition you need everyday with boost® high protein. available at these fine retailers. it was an emotional scene in lower manhattan this morning as pope francis visited ground zero. a powerful silence hung over the grounds as he paid his respects. joining me now, one of the people who attended the ceremony with the pope at ground zero at
12:36 pm
the museum, frank stiller, his brother steven was a firefighter who ran through the tunnel in his full gear to respond on 9/11. steven is believed to have died when the towers collapsed. thank you for coming up and visiting with us. i know you have just come uptown to be with us here. it's got to be sitting with you what we just watched. >> very emotional to be down where the slurry wall was and you so much life was being recovered after the buildings collapsed. and, you know, the way he spoke so beautifully, of course, you could feel that he felt the pain and the loss that 9/11 family members had to experience. and he expressed that and it was very moving and like i said very emotional. >> that was the interfaith service you were at. >> yes. >> sort of underground at the memorial museum. did you get a chance to meet
12:37 pm
him? >> yes. it was very briefly but i told him that i lost my brother on 9/11 and new york city firefighter and then i shook his hand and i asked him to pray for my family and i mean all my family and we have a very big family, stooefb was a youngest of seven and nephews and nieces and our foundation, we have so many great volunteers that help us to make sure we do good and, you know, they started the interfaith message with a prayer of st. francis, where there is doubt, faith. where there is darkness, light. you want to bring joy to people. and it just was very moving. >> everybody's been talking this whole trip about what pope francis means to us and the words meant to us but i wonder what this event meant for him. he wanted to go to ground zero, made sure it was on the calendar. he's never been to new york. did you sense that he was moved? >> i did. i saw it in his eyes. i was up very close to him. you could see the sorrow.
12:38 pm
he felt the pain and the loss. that man loves humanity. he's a good man and he wants peace in this world. and he's trying to bring people together and you could sense it there. you could be around them. you were by a very special holy person and i think brings goodness out of all of us. that was the message to get up every day and do something good. >> universal message. >> sure is. >> worth reminding people what you're up to this weekend on sunday, i believe. >> yes. >> the 14th annual tunnel to towers, 5k run and walk. right? >> yes. >> can people come out, can people -- how can we support you? >> you could go to tunnel to and register. we trace my brother's final steps. he ran through the brooklyn fire tunnel with the gear on us. 30,000 of us run through the tunnel on sunday retracing his steps and it's a tribute not just to steven, we know how many people, acts of courage and
12:39 pm
heroism and we remember all 2,977 lives that were lost that day so you could still come and join and register that day. it's a beautiful day. the weather will be fantastic. a good way to remember them and celebrate their lives. >> frank stiller, we appreciate you being here and sharing your reflections and your thoughts on today. thank you so much. >> for having me. >> appreciate it. still ahead, the impact of pope francis on leaders of other faiths in his trip to the u.s. next, live to harlem where pope francis is set to visit within the next hour. stay with us. hey america, still not sure whether to stay or go on that business trip? ♪ should i stay or should i go well this fall stay with choice hotels two times and earn a free night. when it comes to business, you always have a choice. book now at the new more and more people with type 2 diabetes are learning
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and sometimes i struggle to sleep at night,blind. and stay awake during the day. this is called non-24. learn more by calling 844-824-2424. or visit back now as we look at the upper east side of manhattan. that area there behind all that security is where pope francis is staying where he visits the new york city area.
12:43 pm
ramellah ellis is there. is he about to come out? >> reporter: yes. in fact, kate, i think he has come out of the residence. i saw someone in a white robe and i think the pope is the only one wearing a white robe coming out of that residence and may be meeting with people brought here to the residence in hopes of having a brief audience with the pope. some from a ronald mcdonald house and did see a young child on crutches, another with a surgical mask and they had gone through the security checkpoint. now, we are not allowed up in that area but we are hoping some point to get a picture of them because there are camera people, they look like they might be with the archdiocese positioned on a truck across the street from them. let me set the scene for you a little bit, too, because while there's vehicular traffic to move, looks like official cars, they stopped all pedestrian traffic here across the street from where the residence is.
12:44 pm
and i should also tell you that there are lookouts on the roof tops of the buildings across the street and even the building that the pope is staying in for his time here in new york. the security could not be any heavier here. with hundreds of police officers whom you do see on the street, probably quite a lot of plainclothed officers, as well, kate. >> we can see how tight security is. that's about all we see. a sea of law enforcement. stand by. keep an eye on it. reminding viewer what is we're waiting for is the pope to emerge from the residence and been resting and then heading in a motorcade uptown to harlem where he'll be at a school and, of course, taking you there as soon as that starts to happen. we told you about the powerful memorial event the pope took part in at ground zero today and also a day for prayer where the twin towers once stood.
12:45 pm
pope francis talked about the importance of peace sharing a stage with several religious leaders and pope francis made sure to remind everyone of those most affected when leaders don't engage in constructive dialogue. >> translator: this place, in this place, we cry, the unjust, death of the innocence because we were not able to find solutions for the common good. >> i'm joined by rabbi joseph patasnic of the new york board of rabbis and he had the opportunity to meet the pope at today's service. welcome to you. >> thank you. thank you very much. >> thank you for being with us. you brought along the ticket. can i see it? >> sure. >> the ticket that you had for -- i don't know if we can gate close-up shop, a witness to peace it says. and i love that you had a cheat sheet with you, as well. hold that up. this is what you were going to say. in spanish. this means it's an honor to meet
12:46 pm
you. >> exactly. practiced all evening. >> did you goat say that? >> no, i didn't. we had a brief encounter. i shook his hand. an honor to be in his presence. you don't have to say anything but just feel it. >> i wanted to point out that the pope looks to be on the move again. pope francis in that motorcade. didn't see the fiat and i'm sure it's there somewhere and heading uptown to harlem for an event at a school. this was significant that he chose to hold or appear at an interfaith service. he's a pope who does work across faiths, right? >> yeah. not only was it an interfaith service but sacred spaces in this city that are sacred to special groups, but there's one place sacred to all people and that's ground zero. how appropriate is it to have a spirtd july moment and come together because we did that after 9/11. many of us were there. as one family, we were there today again.
12:47 pm
as one family. someone said that the flowers of tomorrow come from the seeds we plant today. the plants seeded as the pope said with tears over the years so to be there in this expression of life, to say that this is the place where death not only teaches us about life but teaches us about love. >> i was talking to frank about how this might have had just as much impact on pope francis than it did on all of us. he's never been to ground zero before. >> there was a number of people today who had not been to ground zero and to see the names, to put your hand on a name, an ento say, we have not forgotten you i think that is a very, very special sacred, special moment. >> you tier chaplain for the new york fire department and heard so many stories and counseled people about what happened. it doesn't get any easier, does it? >> no. when's very, very moving is the determination of people to begin again. i know one person, frank
12:48 pm
viaggono sr. who lost two seasons, one a cop, one a firefighter. spends the time at walter reed hospital, afghanistan and iraq and encourages others to have strength for the future. how do you do that with a noel your snaert that's the story. they're there for others hurting deeply. >> thank you so much for being here. >> thank you, kate. >> sharing your thoughts. we appreciate it. we're going to go out to harlem. we have mention third degree's where pope francis is enroute to, going to a school up in that neighborhood. tremaine lee is there. when's the scene like there? >> reporter: it is kind of quiet. there's buffer zone, a safety zone. 2nd and 3rd avenue, there's more than a thousand people gathered ready to greet pope francis. many of them as you know, this is spanish harlem. built on the backs of immigrants and you will see many folks waving flags of latin americans
12:49 pm
and argentina. but when he gets here, he is greeted by about 250 students, all from catholic schools across the city. they have been singing, chanting, led by a bunch of nuns and mega phones and guitars. once he gets inside, he plans on meeting with 24 third and fourth graders from catholic schools across the community. they will give him a spiritual bouquet with photographs and offer prayers together and then into the hallway to meet with 12 honor students of catholic schools, a bunch of school leaders, young people ministers and leaders of the national honor society, et cetera. but then the big moment seems to be when he'll go into the gymnasium with meet with refugees and immigrants, receive gifts including a soccer ball from a team made up of young people who escaped other countries, including war torn countries, that came together to offer their thanks for him. and so, again, this community, a community that's going through
12:50 pm
many troubling times and great need but still vibrant, they're waiting for this pope who i spoke to one woman who lives just a block or so away earlier this week and said he's one of , i spoke to one woman who lives just a block or so way, he said, he's one of us, he understands us, he gets us. that's what people are saying, he's the people's pontiff. that's not lost on this community. >> it means something that he chose this area, this school, to visit today, our lady, queen of angels. >> that's right. it's important, as he's said all along, his message time and again, has been compassion and outreach, to the most vulnerable, to those who have been pushed away, into the margins, into the shadows, like so many immigrant people. so to come here, in talking to folks, it's something of a homecoming, welcoming him with open arms. when you talk to the children,
12:51 pm
raised up in the church, whose families come from countries far and wide, including many from the latin american countries, it means so much to them. the one young man said it would be the greatest day of his life to meet withim h him and shake hand. one young lady wanted to know if he would take a selfie. so this is the leader of over a billion catholics around the world, from the youngest to the oldest, they're waiting for this moment and hopefully it arrives soon. >> tremayne lee, thanks so much. we'll keep our eye on it and bring the arrival to our viewers. for now, we'll take a quick break. right back after this. learn more by calling 844-824-2424. or visit so wi got a job!ews? i'll be programming at ge. oh i got a job too, at zazzies. (friends gasp) the app where you put fruit hats on animals?
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♪ taking a look at a picture out of, i believe that's uptown in new york city, or that may be the residence that he just left. any guidance there? that's uptown.
12:55 pm
okay, so that should be the area where we're expecting the pope's motorcade to arrive shortly. pope francis expected to reach out and speak to school kids and a whole bunch of local, new york leaders are in the room already. we've seen the governor, the mayor and senator chuck schumer in the crowd now. that's the scene at the school, waiting for pope francis to arrive. joining me now, the executive director -- i've lost my place, i apologize, sister. >> that's all right. >> network is the name, which is national catholic social justice lobby. you do the kind of work that we've been talking about all day and where the pope is headed now is really about this, right? >> exactly. and it has -- just made my heart so happy to hear the pope speaking of the things that we hold most dear, of the struggles of immigrants, of folks living at the economic margins.
12:56 pm
we just finished a two-week bus trip, nuns on the bus, to bridge divides and transform politics, and it's exactly what pope francis is doing. >> that motorcade should be pope francis arriving at the school. we were hearing from our reporter, saying the anticipation from the kids, one of them said it's going to be the best day of my life. >> absolutely. >> this is a big deal for a group of children in an area that maybe doesn't always get so much attention, and that's what this pope seems to seek out. he goes to the pockets of anywhere he visits, but here in america, where he knows he'll find people in need. >> exactly. because what we know from the gospel, jesus always walked towards those in need and then your heart is broken open. but what happens then, hope is released into the darkness and that's what pope francis is doing, he's bringing us hope. >> we expect him to talk about service, about compassion.
12:57 pm
just quickly, tell me what your message would be to the folks watching at home. what can we be inspired to do? >> everybody needs to do one thing, and i advocate holy curiosity. talk to each other about important stuff and sacred g gossip, tell others what you hear. >> thanks so much for being with us. >> appreciate it. >> i'm kate snow. brian williams picks up our special coverage of the pope next in new york city.
12:58 pm
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why pause to take a pill? and why stop what you're doing to find a bathroom? cialis for daily use, is the only daily tablet approved to treat erectile dysfunction so you can be ready anytime the moment is right. plus cialis treats the frustrating urinary symptoms >> brian williams with you once again from msnbc headquarters in new york, where the pope is once again on the move. he has left his temporary residence on the upper east side and the motorcade has now arrived in spanish harlem in new york at a parochial school. this was a long-scheduled stop on his agenda. it was for him to be able to meet and greet the school officials, mostly with children, and to call good attention to the parochial schools in new
1:00 pm
york city. let's take the scene in. [ crowd cheering ] [