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tv   MSNBC Special Pope Francis in America  MSNBC  September 25, 2015 1:00pm-4:01pm PDT

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officials, mostly with children, and to call good attention to the parochial schools in new york city. let's take the scene in. [ crowd cheering ] [ crowd greeting pope francis ]
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>> oh, my god, i got to shake his hand. >> he's coming this way. >> oh, my god, oh, my god!
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>> thanks, brother. [ crowd chanting "holy father, we love you" ]
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>> we're here watching this along with you, it's just that there's nothing better than this feeling that we're in the crowd. so we will recede and listen to the chants of "holy father, we love you." this being spanish harlem, he's also able to speak spanish to a lot of these children.
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>> this is, to set the scene,
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our lady of angels. this is harlem section, upper manhattan. can you tell they've been excited about the pope's visit? he's coming back down the length of the barrier now. his agility with selfies is remarkable. he's got that whole thing down where he leans in to be in the picture. remarkable. [ crowd sings "when the saints go marching in" ]
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>> theme song, north to new york. ♪ when the saints go marching in ♪ ♪ oh how i want to be in that number ♪ ♪ when the saints go marching in ♪ ♪ oh, when the pope goes marching in ♪ ♪ oh when the pope goes marching
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in ♪ oh how i want to be in that number ♪ ♪ when the pope goes marching in ♪ [ cheers and applause ] [ kids singing ] [ applause ]
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[ children singing ] ♪ [ children singing ]
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♪ to be loved and to love with all my soul ♪
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>> hail mary full of grace, blessed are thou -- [ inaudible ] holy mary, mother of god -- [ inaudible ] [ speaking spanish ]
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>> translator: yes, if you wish, you can talk to them. do you have any questions? do you want to explain the work you've been doing? this is a model and this -- >> okay. >> translator: speaking english. >> this is a model of -- [ inaudible ] >> spoke in english about the model they've been making. >> for the vegetables and
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flowers, and this is the solar panels, and this is for all the -- [ speaking spanish ] >> translator: hello, pope francis. i've been working with my class. i built the windows here. hello, pope francis. this is the work i did. >> translator: those are all that we work with, she's the director of the workshop.
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-- i can't hear them. they're not miked, i can't hear people. >> you just heard our translator complaining she can't hear people, nor can we, but we'll give it a try here. [ inaudible ]
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>> we have been educating lots of children, since 1870. first and foremost regarding --
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so on our table for you, we have some symbols, and some pictures of our students when they get their first communion. [ inaudible ] [ child speaking spanish ] >> so you're from argentina. what part of argentina are you from? >> he loves soccer. [ child speaking spanish ]
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>> hello, my name is nicholas and i'm a fourth grader. -- the body of christ. [ inaudible ] >> holy father, our project is thanking god. our project shows some of the things that we are thankful of through the year.
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>> holy father, we made this project to share with you. >> they would like to show you their project. [ inaudible ]
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[ applause ] [ inaudible ]
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[ camera shutters clicking ] [ speaking spanish ] >> translator: -- also called francisco.
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[ inaudible ]
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>> this is senator gillibrand in new york. behind her, to her right, that's dante, the son of mayor de blasio. a group of prominent new yorkers, the city council speakers, some philanthropists. dante, i think, is heading to
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yale university, or has just started. if you remember how nervous you were on parents' night, multiply that by about a hundred. i think the holy father is now heading into the gym. there's mrs. de blasio, senator schumer, governor cuomo. you heard cardinal dolan. well done, kids. [ applause ] kind of a family moment we get to witness after the holy father has left the room. kate snow is here with us.
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kate, this really does remind you of every classroom we've ever occupied. >> it looks like our back-to-school night that we just went to with my 10-year-old. those kids, how precious, brian, to watch them presenting their little projects -- i shouldn't say little, they're big projects that they've made for the pope. and i think some of these third and fourth graders had just gone through first communion. so i think some of what they were presenting was what they learned about scripture and other things. >> bishop robert barron is with us. that seemed to be the case. >> yeah, just a wonderful scene to watch. just so caught up in it. i was struck when the pope was putting his finger on the board, surprised by the computer graphic that came up. they say he's not very computer savvy. so the kids are more at home with that than he is. >> someone else runs his twitter feed. >> i think they were presented
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projects related to their first communion, but i couldn't hear clearly. >> i think they were trying to impress him on the left side, showing him that they understood how it works. >> and they were saying the prayer when he first came in. saint francis is a saint of the environment and brother sun and sister moon. struck by that, his name sake is the great pope of the environment. >> one of the girls he was talking to toward the end in spanish, said something about francisco and he said something, i couldn't quite hear what he said, but he said, are you something day and night? i think it might have been praying and she said, yes, yes, yes. >> good answer, by the way, when the pope asked her. >> just a fantastic scene, though. >> she's more competent than the pope is there on how to use the board.
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>> look, i'm not saying that i could do any better than the holy father. and frankly i've watched chuck todd struggle with it on election night. so none of us should put ourselves. this was the hail mary when he first walked in. this was moments ago, if you're just joining us, and what a day the pope still has left. we're about to see him in another part of the school. after the school visit concludes, the motorcade goes south and takes a turn through central park to get to the mass at madison square garden. there's the route through the park. we'll get to it, but so far this
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afternoon, the pope's only problem is popularity. there are an estimated tens of thousands -- look at that. and a lot of that line is people snaking back, waiting to get through security. everyone going to see the pope has to have a ticket. and they all have to go through the mag ne tom ter to have bags checked and a body checked just like the tsa. a lot of people, you can't blame them, are heading to central park, on the promise of seeing the pope, without tickets. so they're kind of pushing against the barricades on the exterior of the park. this looks just like denver airport or laguardia, this is the same thing we go through at the airport. and this is the controlled area, but look at these lines, the one on the bottom of the screen is going to the left. the one on the top of the screen has snaked around and is going
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to the right. this is thanks to our intrepid person on the roof with an iphone, but that's all you need to know. i'm now authorized to tell you, nbc's harry smith is the photographer here. >> oh. >> can't wait to see him. >> nice job, harry. >> can't wait to thank him and congratulate him. that's a massive humanity waiting to see the pope. and from some reports we're getting from central park and there's no joy in saying this, people will miss out. it's going to take too long for them to process through security. and look, this has been one of the challenges of not only our country in the post 9/11 era, but of this trip. someone in philadelphia was saying earlier today, that
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center city philadelphia feels eerie. schools closed, businesses closed, barricaded off. that they hope they get the million-plus pilgrims for the event on sunday that they're expecting. but for now, security has been so stifling, it has shut off the downtown section. it is live again. let's take it in. >> translator: thank you so much. mine is real madrid. thank you, it's a pleasure. can i take a picture with you, please? >> another real madrid fan. >> translator: thank you. >> translator: you're welcome. >> the pope say huge soccer fan, brian. >> translator: holy father, welcome. we are migrants.
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we are united workers that work here hard in this country. we are proud to receive you at this time, together with our families. thank you for taking the time to come here and visit us. on behalf of united workers here in new york and on behalf of all the immigrants, we have this present for you. and also this other present for you. we're from yonkers. this is a present on behalf of all of the workers who work here in the city of new york and who, day after day, build the city. we are helping out, we are putting our contribution in here in the united states. thank you very much. i'm going to give you a hug. this hug is on behalf of everybody here, the day workers.
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>> our stories are diverse. our wishes are for a better life in the united states. -- with the common good for our neighbor. please accept this book of our diverse stories. more than a thousand people have offered wishes to welcome you in
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new york and on behalf of us, please accept these greetings as our gift. thank you. >> translator: this book belongs to you. it's from the indigenous from honduras. this is my daughter, she's 4 years old. what's her name? >> fernanda. >> can i give you a kiss?
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>> translator: hello, pope francis. we're a group of mothers that got together to exchange ideas and support each other and this is our present. it is a table cloth. it's a replica of the table cloths that are going to be used today at mass. so it's a table cloth for the mass. welcome. >> translator: i would like for you to bless this bracelet. my mother gave it to me for her disabled daughter. thank you. and bless the mother as well. thank you.
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>> translator: welcome once again, holy father. you've met people from new york and people coming from all over the united states. catholic charities has the privilege and the responsibility to receive our brothers and sisters, the oppressed, the
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poor, and also those who have aspirations. we do it with dignity and passion in the name of jesus christ. our service is a blessing from god and it gives us life. this cross that we present to you is a symbol of the trance formational work that catholic churchs does together with the saving force of the cross of jesus christ. please accept us with our appreciation from all of us here. [ applause ]
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>> come, you who are blessed by my father. take your inheritance the kingdom prepared for you since the creation of the world. for i was hungry, and you gave me to eat. [ speaking spanish ] >> i was thirsty and you gave me to drink. [ speaking spanish ] >> for i was a stranger and you welcomed me. [ speaking foreign language ] >> for i needed clothes and you clothed me. [ speaking foreign language ]
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>> i was sick, and you cared for me. [ speaking foreign language ] >> i was in prison and you came to visit me. [ speaking foreign language ] [ inaudible ]
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. >> translator: dear brothers and sisters, good afternoon. i'm very happy to be with you today, along with this big family which surrounds you. i see your teachers, your parents, and your family members. thank you for letting me come and i asked specially your teachers to forgive me for stealing a few moments of their class time. everybody's happy, i know. [ laughter ] they tell me that one of the
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nice things about this school and about the work that is being done here, is that some of the students here, some of you, come from other places, and many from other countries. and that is nice. even though i know that it is not always easy to have to move and find a new home, new neighbors, and new friends. it is not easy but one has to begin. at the beginning, it can be hard and tiring, right? often times you have to learn a new language, adjust to a new culture, even a new climate.
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there is so much to learn. and not just the work at school, but also many other things. like, for example, you were playing with your paul. the good thing is that we also make new friends, and this is very important. the good friends that we find. when people open doors for us, who show their kindness to us, their friendship to us, their understanding, and they try to help us so that we do not feel like strangers, like foreigners. it is work that is being done by people who help us feel at home.
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although sometimes our imagination takes us back to our homela homeland. but we find good people that help us feel at home. how nice it is to feel that school, that meeting places, are a second home. this is not only important for you but also for your family. so, school ends up being one big family for all. one where, together with our mothers and fathers and grandparents, teachers and friends, we learn to help one another, to share our good
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qualities, to give the best of ourselves, to work as a team, to play as a team that's very important as well. and to pursue our goals. very near here, quite near here, there's a very important street named after a person who did a lot for other people. i would like to recall this person with you. i'm talking about reverend martin luther king. one day he said, i have a dream. he dreamt that many children, many people could have equal opportunity. his dream was that many children like you could have access to
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education. he dreamt that many men and women like you could keep their head high with the dignity of those who -- it is beautiful to have dreams. it is beautiful also to be able to fight for those dreams. don't forget about that. today we want to keep dreaming. we celebrate all the opportunities which enable you and us adults not to lose the hope of a better world, with greater possibilities. so many here that i've greeted and that i've been introduced
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to, they also dream with you. they dream about this. and that is why they become involved in this kind of work. they get involved in your lives, to go with you along this path. we all dream. i always know that one of the dreams of your parents and teachers and of all those that help you and also cardinal dolens as well. the dream is that you can grow up and live with happiness. here, i see you smiling. keep smiling and help bring joy to everyone you meet. it is not always easy.
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there are problems in all households. there are difficult situations. there's sickness. but keep dreaming about living with joy. everyone here, children and adults, you all have a right to dream, and i'm very happy that you, whether at school or here, you can find in your teachers and friends and everyone that comes near you to provide assistance, you can find the support you need to do it. wherever there are dreams, wherever there is joy, jesus is always present.
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always. now, who shows sadness, who shows destruct and envy and evil desires? what's the name of that? the devil. the devil. the devil throws sadness because he does not want to see us happy, doesn't want us to dream. where there is joy, jesus is always present. because jesus is joy. and he wants to help us to feel that joy every day of our lives.
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before going, i would like to give you some homework. [ laughter and applause ] can i do that? it is a simple request, but very important. please don't forget to pray for me. so that i can share with many people the joy of jesus. let us also pray so that many people can share the joy like yours, like when you feel accompanied, assisted, when you feel that you are getting in fights, although there are problems of course, there may be problems, but you have peace in your hearts because jesus will never abandon you.
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may god bless you and every one of you and our lady protect you, thank you. [ applause ] >> translator: do you know how to sing? yes, we do. now, who's the boldest one? [ singing ]
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[ singing in foreign language ] [ applause ] >> translator: thank you. thank you very much. >> thank you very much. >> translator: altogether. one song, and then we are all
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going to pray to the lord. we're going to say our lord's prayer. sing something, yes. [ singing in foreign language ]
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[ applause ] >> translator: thank you. now we're going to pray. all together, we're going to say the lord's prayer. our father who art in heaven, hallowed be thy name. thy kingdom come, thy will be done on earth as it is in heaven. give us this day, our daily bread, and forgive our trespasses, as we forgive those who trespass against us. and lead us not into temptation, but deliver us from evil. amen. god almighty, father, holy
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spirit, pray for me. >> don't forget the homework. [ laughter ] [ applause ] >> bishop robert barron from the arch diocese of los angeles is watching with us. and bishop, in the least narcissistic way possible, this pope has asked at every stop that people pray for him, as a messenger, really. >> well, it's such a basic instinct of catholics to ask each other to pray for us. it binds us together. remember, he said the other day, that in prayer, we're all equal.
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i'm very struck by that line. that we're unequal in every other way. but in prayer, in connection to god, we're all equal. and that we help each other through prayer. and he knows that, he's a man of two to three hours a day in private prayer. we strengthen each other, we pray for one another. so it's just a basic part of catholic spirituality. it was a simple talk, and this pope mentions the devil more than any pope in the last 60 or 70 years. that's a very important part of spiritual discernment. he's a jesuit and you're right, the constant requests for people to pray for him. >> and whoever receives that crucifix back that he brought to
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his lips and kissed, that's going to be a very, very valuable thing. >> as a proud catholic, to see highlighted, catholic schools, catholic charities. we've been through this long lent, this long period with sex abuse scandals which has undermined the church and caused people to forget the wonderful work the church has done for centuries and educating not only catholics, but in many cases in the bigger cities, the majority of student population is non-catholic. so great charitable work. catholic charities, which has done extraordinary work, especially in the major cities. so i'm just really, as a proud catholic, happy to see this work highlighted here. >> he is just in the northern tip of manhattan, one more
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borough north of the bronx, it's the most catholic part of new york city, but in harlem, spanish harlem, heavily catholic population. so many parishes have closed or merged churches and schools with other because of hard economic times. but you're right, the bones of this education system is healthy and productive, especially in the urban areas. kate snow is also here with us. >> brian, the other thing that really struck me was how many, it's not just spanish harlem. how many different languages did we just hear? >> it's about 180 different -- >> and several immigrant communities saying that they came here from somewhere else. the woman who sang on demand, that beautiful, beautiful song. i don't know where they're from, but it sounded african to me. it was so moving. and he demanded that they -- he said, someone please sing, and they just came up with that.
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>> i'm asking in the control room, is tremayne lee with us from outside the venue? >> reporter: yeah, i'm right here. >> tremayne, you can hear me? >> reporter: i can hear you, brian. >> excellent. i saw your reporting yesterday on this school. you went on ahead in advance and interviewed a lot of the kids we ended up seeing today, interviewed the principal. and you seemed to get a good feel, at least you conveyed that to the viewers, including me, a good feel for this school community. >> reporter: that's right. this was a very intentional stop. pope francis said he wanted to visit an inner city catholic school. when people called him the people's pontiff, that was on full display here today. but also when you talk to the children of this community, people from the caribbean, africa, but especially those latin american countries that have a kinship with pope francis.
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one thing that was interesting also that he did at least twice now, during his trip to america, that he referenced martin luther king. today he said it's beautiful to fight for your dreams. you know, having dreams is beautiful, but it's also beautiful to fight for them. in speaking to this community and these students in a place that is so rich and so cultured with a great history, but it's also beleaguered by crime and violence and gentrification. i talked to a number of parents that say they're besieged upon by people with money, being pushed out. so do come here, and look directly in the faces of the young people, but also their parents, of the refugees, people who have emigrated here from all across the americas, i think that's what this pope wanted to do, to come here and touch them, and say, that i'm here with you, and i think that's conveyed. he's actually leaving the school right now. it seems that he's coming out. the crowd is cheering. this is a moment so many of them
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have been waiting not just the six months they've known he was coming, but their entire lives. >> tremayne lee, outside the school. he's back inside fiat 1. and this begins another motorcade. he's actually running, by my calculations, six minutes ahead of schedule. of course he may be overwhelmed by the sight of the crowd waiting for him downtown a bit, midway through the island of manhattan, when he gets to the next venue. and what the vatican planners did was really combine the need for him to go to harlem downtown to mid town to madison square garden with the ability to take this detour through central park. and it affords him a different view of the city, a beautiful
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green space in the middle of manhattan. and it's a venue that allows a lot of p.eople to see him. >> i wonder if he knows he's north of the heights where murton was baptized. and we heard the recitation of when i was hungry, you gave me food. that was dorothy's model. she said -- [ inaudible ] he referenced dorothy day before congress. these two great new york figures. [ cheers and applause ] >> people have fallen in love with his face, his expressions, his smile. it appears they have put a rubber arm pad on that open window because he's found so
2:01 pm
much time resting his elbow with his hand out the window waving. the chants are terrific as well. [ cheers and applause ] >> even the police officers on duty are waving. did you catch that? >> yes, i did. i saw that. it would be great to vacuum up all of the photos in cyberspace, all of the photos being shared that we've seen taken in the crowds at the end of this trip and put them together. it's just a remarkable number of
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selfies this pope has patiently paused for. everyone seems to shake hands with one hand and then take a picture with their device with the other. 5:02 east coast time and the trip of pope francis to new york city continues. we were just showing our social media page where a lot of the things -- >> folks here have been gathering as many as possible. >> that same thing is happening. kate snow, bishop robert barron here with us. at this point, the motorcade, it's one of those times, where it goes invisible to cameras for part of it, until it gets here, to central park in new york, where it will take this route, kind of skirting the edge of the park in order to get through, that's columbus circle on the lower left-hand corner of the park. it will exit the park where the pope will make his way to madison square garden. it can now be said that harry smith, long-time correspondent
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and first-time cameraman, took these pictures of the huge crowds queueing up to go through security and get processed, just to stand in central park. this is ticketed guests only, to stand in central park and watch the pope's motorcade go by. >> unbelievable. >> these are some of the pictures we are getting. these barricades have been up for days and on another side of the crowd is the monumental, enormous, secret service fence, erected high enough so people can't scale it. every vantage park in central park in new york city has been accounted for by security personnel. and the fear is that tens of thousands of people who would like to see him aren't going to get the chance.
2:04 pm
rob m ron mott is on the streets of the city. where are you and what's your vantage point? >> reporter: hey, oh, sorry, brian, i didn't hear you. i was distracted by the people behind me. we are at central park south. these folks weren't part of the 80,000 ones who got tickets to be inside the park today, but they got a really good view as the pontiff comes out of the park. let me show you, brian. this is where he will come out with the motorcade, right out of central park this way. he will then turn east on central park south, be at fifth avenue, which runs north to south. it tonight will run south to north. he will then head up to fifth avenue and make his way over the fdr drive, down to 34th street, and then on the way to madison square garden, but these folks have already instructed us, brian, that when he comes out of this park, they would not like
2:05 pm
to see the back of my head, so i'll try to comply. >> okay, if we see you duck into a corner, we'll know why. i noticed the power of the papacy last night, the pope managed to reverse traffic to fifth avenue. not easily done. >> reporter: that's correct. and he'll do it again tonight. one of the things that the people here, they're about 25 deep, brian, and one person just asked me, if he's going to be in the popemobile. this is an unsecured area, so i don't expect him to be in the popemobile. i told him to be prepared to see the little fiat come out of there and as we saw last night on fifth avenue, it's tough to see him when he's sitting in the back of the fiat. so if he's on the wrong side of the vehicle as he was la night, these folks will have a good look at him and may be able to get a shot of him. if he's on the left side in the rear of the vehicle, they're probably not going to see him,
2:06 pm
but the folks on central park south will get a good look. everyone with their cameras at the ready. that fiat is tough to spot. >> two things. number one, he is indeed in the far right rear seat of the fiat. but number two, we'll put this shot up on the air. we're looking at the popemobile parked on one of the internal streets to central park. so if you're saying they're going to see him on the exit of central park, then i think it's a pretty good bet he could still be in the popemobile, or are they going to switch him back into the sedan? i don't know. >> reporter: i would imagine they'll switch him back to the sedan. because this is a good -- he's got to go to the fdr and i can't imagine holy father standing all that way in manhattan to make his way down to mass. so my hunch is that they will, after the crowds have their chances to see him, he will park the popemobile, jump back in the
2:07 pm
fiat and then make his way eventually down to madison square garden the long way. not sure why they didn't go through the heart of manhattan in times square, because it's a shorter shot to the garden from here, but that's the way they're going. >> yeah, we're not advising anyone standing on the fdr. hard enough to drive on the fdr. but ron, you've emerged as the cheering captain for that section of the onlookers, so job well done, and we'll let you know when it's getting close to your location. >> we'll be ready, brian, thank you. >> all right, ron mott with 25-deep, many of his closest friends. we'll keep an eye on this shot of central park and this has been the case over the course of the pope's visit to new york, when the motorcade comes into view and we're relying on our camera locations, yes. but also, and look at this on the left. we have the first wave of new
2:08 pm
york city police cars. on occasion, our own cameras, but mostly this television set up for the entire papal visit, where everyone gets the same pictures, network to network to network. so this is -- looks like a parade of every conceivable vehicle, the nypd has in its inventory, there coming through, along with motorcycles and, kate snow, the entire side of manhattan is just chock full of people. >> for people who don't know new york city, the trees of central park. the crowd is not allowed to just go right into the park. that's the upper west side. so that's the -- >> and some of the most valuable real estate in all of manhattan. >> and right near the shot we were just looking at is the memorial to john lennon. >> right.
2:09 pm
strawberry fields. and obviously harry smith's doing pretty well, because i'm presuming he shot this from home. >> he might be visiting someone. >> this is riley, who knows the boss at msnbc well. we've got every family member out there with a device, shooting pictures. still i think harry smith is doing pretty well, because that looked like a nice balcony. this is smith cam. >> i'm thinking of the macy's thanksgiving day parade is the only thing that looks anything like this. >> that's right. >> and in that situation, you have to wait in a huge line if you want to see the floats at night when they light them up. >> the night before the parade. >> but it's maybe a quarter of what we're seeing right now. that's millions of people, i would think. hundreds of thousands at least. >> well, yeah, they're expecting over north of a million people
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in philadelphia for the big, outdoor event this weekend. and judging from these still pictures, a good time is being had by all. again, we just can't say it enough. we've been blessed with beautiful september weather in this city, in washington for the pope's visit, and so far, we have a little bit of a coastal storm getting organized. so far, i think the forecast will hold for philadelphia. bishop barron, tonight this mass is supposed to go -- the mass portion is supposed to go two full hours. what differentiates these various masses? this is a large part of his visit to this country. >> yeah, you can say mass in about 15 minutes, if you keep it short and there's no music. and then of course different levels of reverence and complexity. when the pope is involved, it's
2:11 pm
usually a large affair. i'm sure there will be a lot of music and liturgical elaboration. and at mass, you don't see the smiling pope francis, usually a somber figure. and if it goes two hours, there will be a lot of music and it's of course to accommodate communion for so many. now maybe they found a way in madison square garden to give everybody communion, that would take a fair amount of time too. >> and i noted outdoors at catholic university, they used umbrellas with the papal colors on them to indicate to people in the crowd where the communion was being administered. we keep seeing shots of the same vehicles heading through central park. they were part of the first wave and it looks like we're just going to have to wait with everybody else. so that appears to be part of
2:12 pm
the group -- i don't know if this is ticketed or overflow. >> i think that's ticketed, because they're inside the park. essentially, they shut down central park and cordoned it off for security and said, okay, we'll let you back in one by one, once you gone through, basically tsa-style airport security, being run by people from the tsa. >> that's right. >> so the masses of people are in line to go through security to get into the park. >> and the control room is telling me that they believe that most of the people we saw queueing going one way and then the hairpin going the other way, have, in fact, been able to get in and be processed and get through security to get where they wanted to go to see the holy father. again, more suvs, more police vehicles coming through central
2:13 pm
park. nothing close to his motorcade yet. traditionally he's had that fail phalanx of nypd harley-davidsons out front. >> i can't help but think of the religious figures for the crowd. the most recent studies have indicated people leaving the mainstream churches. the numbers for the catholic church has not been encouraging, nevertheless, who else could attract crowds like this? people are coming to see a celebrity, but there's not going religious significance in the sheer number of people coming to see this man. you hope too for a long-term impact. we talked about his impact on the political scene, but even on the country as a whole, will awaken in people a religious longing. remind them of their religious desire and so on. just intrigued by that watching the crowds all over the place.
2:14 pm
>> also we'll probably see a delayed reaction, so the studies two years out may have the francis effect. >> that's right. >> so here are the motorcycles, indicating the pope is close. we'll probably see the fiat in a moment. while we watch this, the transfer from vehicle to vehicle, i'm told chris matthews is available to us. he's gone ahead to philadelphia, closer to his home turf and closer to the sunday event. there's the fiat by the way, in the far left of your screen. chris, i'm told center city, philadelphia, is close to desolate, and the security is pretty choking because of -- and businesses and schools are closed up there in anticipation of this weekend. >> it's the strangest thing. when we arrived, my producer and i went over to the convention center to get our credentials and they put you in a holding area, almost like getting on el al airlines and you wait and wait and wait for a bus to take
2:15 pm
you out to ben franklin park way, to where we are now at the location. we're at the site right in front of the rocky stairs, if you will. that's how most people know the city and the art museum. it's a beautiful spot, but it's now totally congested with media sites and stands and separations and barriers. my god, it's going to be -- it will end up looking beautiful, i'm sure when it's filled, but right now it looks very strange, like an invasion or something has gone on here in philadelphia. >> you know, it's a real frustration that security has become such a big part of our lives. you see these cities who win the political convention, and you know, all the cities we visited since 9/11, it's not necessarily good for business. you'll find a lot of businesses shut down, a lot of tourist traffic, pedestrian traffic, completely impossible. super bowl included.
2:16 pm
all of these so-called national security events, it just becomes choking and stifling. we make a lot of sacrifices for the security of our public events. i'll say just as quickly, no one wants anything to happen to pope francis while he's in the united states or anywhere else. >> and the big plus side, brian, is that cities like philadelphia get overlooked often times. new york gets a lot of attention all the time. and certainly washington, chicago, los angeles. but philadelphia is one of those cities like baltimore, that gets stuck in the middle, overlooked, maybe like the overlooked middle kid in a large family. and it definitely rises to the occasion to have a democratic convention here next year, like the republican convention in 2000 and have this event right before that. i mean, the city is lighting up. the sports teams here are not doing well this year, as you know. the phillies, i have them tapped
2:17 pm
to where they're in a rebuilding year. they're probably going to lose more than a hundred games in this season, which is really unpleasant. the eagles and, you know how to pronounce the name, have started off badly. there's a lot of good talk about the flyers having a good year, we'll see. but we're going to need some of these high spots here. a lot. >> yes, i should probably hold my tongue at this point except to say, my team won last night. and yes, i know how to spell the name of the philadelphia football team. iggles. >> yes. >> thank you. >> well, we do have something to report. here is the popemobile again. the pope has switched vehicles. look at the number of dismounted security walking with the vehicle tonight. they were -- they seemed less prevalent or visible last night
2:18 pm
on fifth avenue, but they are taking no chances. >> and compare that to a couple days ago when he was at catholic university in washington. i don't think there were as many people around the popemobile. >> again, the shakiness of the shot is because the cameras are on a -- kind of a flat bed truck. two vehicles out in front. and as you've seen, as we lose daylight, light from the roof of the popemobile will come on. >> sorry about the signal there. that's coming from the central tv feed. nothing we can do anything about. hopefully it will straighten
2:19 pm
out. [ cheers and applause ] >> for new yorkers, this is the biggest public crowd, i think. for people with a ticket to central park, this is a real moment. [ cheers and applause ] [ cheers and applause ]
2:20 pm
[ cheers and applause ] >> if you have satellite radio in your car, it's exactly what's happening right now. these pictures have to be beamed up from a satellite dish that is also moving and in this leafy,
2:21 pm
tree-lined area, it's just breaking up the feed a little bit. and there's quite a distance, as opposed to last night, between the camera flatbed, and the pope's vehicle. >> the whole signal fade here
2:22 pm
has taken away our audio for just a moment. yeah, audio to all of us is out. they're trying to re-establish. it was basically uninterrupted screaming, as you heard. as every second the pope comes into view for a new group of people. but kate, to your point, this is bigger than simon & garfunkel in the park. >> yes, it sounds like a rock concert. >> bigger than anything we've seen in the park. >> i was way off on my crowd estimate. it's 80,000 people are holding
2:23 pm
tickets in central park. but it looked like we were over capacity. >> well, generally, and i know several of them, i have a friend who's a firefighter down from boston, who just came into penn station and was going to get as close as he could. and he's resourceful, but a lot of people are just like that, they're pushing into that side of town, to see if they can see anything at all of this pope. so i would say, a million people at least are on the move, related to what we're seeing here. >> sure. this might be their only chance. a lot of friends of mine here in new york have said that, i just want to see him. because no one knows how long, he said he won't be in the job for a long, long time, so take advantage while he's here. >> and the trip has built upon itself. the excitement has built as people get to know him better, as people see more events. look at the people, however, in the distance. again, we apologize, this is the
2:24 pm
so-called pool feed to all of us. all of the television networks covering the pope's visit. we are right now limited to this camera shot, and because of some satellite fade and the deep foliage still on the trees here in new york, unseasonably warm part of september, we're just experiencing some break-up now and then on the picture and then we've lost audio again for the time being. we'll stay on this, though. >> they're going to be in central park for a while. >> they are going to be in central park for a while, which will greatly please the people who have come from far and wide to be in central park to see the pope. eventually they will get back on the streets and go to madison
2:25 pm
square garden. c which i learned this week was the number four venue in terms of indoor arenas in the world, in terms of ticket sales. >> and that crowd is already there. they started music this afternoon. >> yeah, it's 5:24 east coast time. the crowd was told to arrive at 2:00 for a -- basically, 6/6:30 mass. a lot of entertainers are on the bill. new orleans own harry connick jr among them to entertain all the folks gathered in madison square garden. >> gloria estefan. >> that's right. before they see the pope. but they knew it was going to be tough to get everybody in and settled. when you see the pope enter the garden, he is scheduled to take a 3/4 turn around the floor of the garden on a golf cart with
2:26 pm
cardinal dolens. who has certainly, by the look of things, been a great new york tour guide. >> i'm sure he's energized by the crowds. i'm sure it's very demanding on him, but cardinal dolen comes to live when there are people around. >> he saw him in the school classroom, giving everybody applause, saying you did a great job. >> such a natural. >> and i keep developing on this, but it's such a blessing to have nice weather. because think of how sad we would be if this were pouring rain, all these people waiting all that time outside. this way, families can bring children without a concern and look at that crowd. the cell phone cameras look like fire flies in the distance. >> two and a half years ago,
2:27 pm
when he was elected pope, and i was there doing coverage with nbc. you looked out in the huge crowd and the thing you noticed was the lights from the cell phones, and it was beautiful to see. it signalled this revolution in communication technology. he's the first pope of the selfie, the iphone. >> and he's willing to pose. i was shocked that he's willing to hug and really get in there. >> he's a parish priest at large. and i mean that as a very high compliment. his sermons to me, sound like the sermons of a parish priest. not so much of a scholar, but as a parish priest, speaking to his people on a tuesday morning 7:00 mass. >> two moments from last night in st. pat's got some attention. number one, he stumbled a bit going up the shallow stairs to the seat that was prepared for him. he had to be steadied. completely understandable at age
2:28 pm
78. it's been said on and off that he could use a hip replacement, that it gives him some trouble. perhaps he's been dealing with sciatica. and number two, his security detail encountered a guy standing or walking with him, in front of him down the main aisle, and they happened to be when i was watching his exit from st. pat's, and they tossed him to the side. when they are forced to do their job, it's an awesome thing to watch. he is seated now. >> he's getting back into the fiat, i think. >> yep. it's parked right behind them. cardinal dolen is trying to direct him to the vista of people visible from where they are. everyone just keeps saying, he must be exhausted. >> those are the people who you were talking about, who come to get as close as they can and maybe outside, you see the tall black fences.
2:29 pm
>> yep, that's the secret service perimeter. >> and yet they're getting a glimpse. >> over a mile of that black fence deployed in central park. look at that. back in the fiat. >> should probably warn ron mott that he's getting close. >> yeah, are we still -- do we have coms with ron mott? the director of cheering services. >> reporter: yeah, i'm here. >> okay, ron, he's switching back into the fiat, and they are under way slowly. but they are under way. >> reporter: this will be a test of my knee strength, brian, because i wanted to make sure they make room for those folks behind me, who have waited here now for a couple of hours, to get a shot, which is probably for most of them, if not all of them, a once in a lifetime
2:30 pm
opportunity. maybe two, three, four seconds to snap a picture of the pontiff as he makes this eastbound turn now on central park south. so the folks behind me are certainly waiting with bated breath and fingers on shutters to get this shot. so we'll see how long i can stand in this catcher's position that i'm currently in. >> ron, a big man, going to have to get small. they're holding him for some reason. i saw the first two motorcycles emerge. they're just holding everything for just a moment. he's in the car, the car moved about six feet. now it's moving again. and i see they have prestaged a lot of vehicles at your corner. >> you know, one of the problems
2:31 pm
we had last night, brian, is because of these large, american-made suvs, are so large compared to that fiat, that it's very tough to see it until the fiat is right on top of you. and here it is. [ cheers and applause ] you can see his hand. he's waving here. and there he goes, making his way now eastbound on central park south. moving down toward the corner of fifth avenue, i'm guessing in about 30 or 40 seconds and then they'll make that left turn going north on the usually southbound fifth avenue to go up toward the 60s and then he'll make his way eastward to the fdr drive, and then south to 34th street, where they will then get off the fdr and make their way eastbound -- or westbound, i should say, on 34th street, over to madison square garden. so these folks over here look
2:32 pm
like they're in -- they're all checking their cameras now, brian, to see if they got the shot. and so i don't think any of them will have the back of my head in their picture, so i'm hoping that that's at least the best that i could do for them, is that i didn't stand in their way while they wanted to get their pictures of the pontiff. they were driving him a little bit slower than they did last night, because on fifth avenue, they zipped past us. i think this speed was slow enough, where if the agents wanted to walk alongside the vehicle for added protection, they could do that very comfortably. but not last night. everyone here is checking their cameras to see if they got the shot. this will be great as they start to put it out on social media, or a night of disappointment that they didn't get the shot. >> i think they all did pretty well, but you're right, checking to see what it looks like. and ron, for people of new york city, a lot of people may be asking, why they didn't just
2:33 pm
drive the pope downtown on a major north-south route like fifth or sixth, and i think they're using the fdr drive, divided highway along the east river because they can go faster. it's easier to defend. there's no lights, no intersections, and fewer rooftops to worry about. >> reporter: yeah, i think that's why. brian, we have these canyons, these avenues here in manhattan, and it's a security challenge, obviously in the best of times. but when you have the pontiff here, it makes it very difficult to ensure the safety with all of these open areas, so that's probably why they have taken this unusual course to make it to madison square garden. but these folks here, got a good shot of it, we hope, and then of course across 34th street, i don't know what the scene is like there, but the pontiff will then head quite a few avenues over to madison square garden to get to that mass tonight. so it was quite an exciting
2:34 pm
scene here and these folks back here are starting to get on twitter and facebook and instagram to get those images out, because the faster you do it, the better in social media. >> ron mott, thanks. madison square garden is usually teeming, it's also the home of penn station down below. the amtrak hub, the jersey transit lines come in there. let's call it an average night at the garden, a rangers home game, it's wild over there, tough to get dropped off, tough to get a cab. i'm imagining it will be thoroughly sealed off and i'm guessing train service has probably been suspended for a while. this is from moments ago, as the pope went through central park. kate, the sheer number of people -- >> it's outstanding. i've never -- i'm trying to think when i've seen a crowd that large. really, the thanksgiving parade
2:35 pm
is the biggest thing i could equate it to. and this is bigger. >> yeah, the night before when they inflate all the big parade balloons. >> and at least with simon & garfunkel, they can listen to music, here they're waiting to see the pope for a few seconds. >> we were up on the roof and we agreed we couldn't give details about the security, but i can tell you, every street he's going down in new york city, there are people everywhere, security, law enforcement, secret service, watching every single block and people at windows and all kinds of things. so it entirely makes sense to me that they would scoot over to the east side and take a highway as opposed to to just coming right down through the middle. >> chester gillis is with us, dean of georgetown college, director of the program on the
2:36 pm
church and interreligious dialogue, founding director for the program on the church, and it goes on. expert on u.s. catholic church, history of catholicism and the papalcy. so dean chester gillis should be the perfect person to talk about this papacy. dean gillis, there are so many questions to ask. first of all, the success of the washington trip, the question bishop barron and i have been discussing and that is, when will we know about the francis effect on the u.s. catholic church? >> well, i brian, i think on the washington trip, it was very much a success and a great balancing act between a challenge and the invitations for the congress and the american people to step up to be marginalized and the poor, to the range of issues the pope is interested in. i think he's a rock star. i'm very moved by him. i think there will be an effect. although you're correct, the
2:37 pm
analysis is, it's not present now. but i want to say one thing. i hope the pope is wrong about one thing. he had said he'll have a short papacy. my hope is that will not be true. because the world needs this inspiring and moral leader and the church needs this saint. i hope he's here a long time. >> it's -- having watched john paul ii enter old age and having watched him become frail, what he decided to turn into a teaching moment, how to embrace old age, and in the end, how to die. it was nonetheless very sad. and i've heard so many people express that very same thing, boy, i hope he lives a long time, because they're just now really understanding what he's all about and seeing the magic of that face and that smile and his touch. >> you alluded to his age and his health conditions, which are
2:38 pm
relatively strong. he has amazing stamina. and the kind of effect he's having currently, if he stays for a fairly long time in the papacy, will have a long trailing effect, no question about it. if his papacy were to end early, this could be a flash and maybe not make a big difference in the church. but i think there are young people now interested in the church again in ways they have not been for quite a long time. and that's a very good halo effect of this papacy. >> and dean gillis, so many people in america have been frustrated on the lack of the attention on the poor. as far as i know, there are no children of members of congress who are poor, who are living below the poverty line. there's not much of a constituency. the poor depend on acts of go gogoo good will and people in prominent places to keep their hope alive.
2:39 pm
the pope has certainly done his part on this trip. >> he is the voice of the poor and this is jesus's voice. and you're correct, it's such an important voice to have, particularly in corridors of power, where it often doesn't make its way in. and this is a pope, with all his simplicity and humility is also very strategic and thoughtful about bringing that message to the entire world, welcoming the stranger, and the lonely, and the sad. when i saw him embracing those children, it was a beautiful moment. when i saw him embracing the workers. when he left the congress after his speech and he went to lunch with the homeless, it speaks volumes. the symbol of this papacy are extraordinary. >> absolutely. when you see the power of his touch on people, especially children, special needs children, their parents, adults. first of all, he understands it. he grasps it.
2:40 pm
and it looks like electrical power. >> he certainly -- he's so genuine. you can see his warm embrace. he's got a million-watt smile. and when he delivers the sermon, it will be much more serious, but when he's with the crowd, he simply lights up. >> we've seen him in business-like situations with aides, with security, and he looks like anyone would. but then we've seen that face change character entirely. he'll turn around after a discussion of how much time do we have here, can i go over and greet these people? it's when he turns his attention to the crowd, really a remarkable transformation. >> something interesting in the biography of pope francis, they say that bergoglio wasn't like francis, he seemed much more reserved.
2:41 pm
but people who followed him said except when bergoglio was among the poor. when you see photographs of him with the poor and the marginalized, you see francis. so i think that's fascinating how that side of him came out when he became pope and you see it on full display. >> on the left side of your screen is a live picture from madison square garden, and if you're familiar with the garden or penn station, you'll recognize the street in front. when the camera pans far right, we'll see the old post office building. i'm not sure if all the elements of the motorcade have caught up with one another yet, but we'll look for that fiat. don't think we can see it yet. this may be that first wave of vehicles.
2:42 pm
as we anticipated, it's a sea of police barriers. they've just sealed off the area around the garden so they don't have to worry about anything. >> but you can see people over there, i think that's seventh avenue, maybe. >> right. >> lined up. so, again, you'll see those lucky souls who get close enough to catch a free glimpse. >> joy reid is inside the garden on the telephone. joy, am i correct that the suggested arrival time in there was 2:00 p.m. for a 6:00 event? >> absolutely, brian. and we arrived earlier than that. the security is slow going as people slowly made their way into madison square garden, to fill up what are 20,000 seats of people who will hear this mass. 20,000 people expected to also receive communion from the pope today. and even though it was slow going, tough to get in, the
2:43 pm
people that i've spoken to here, have an absolute sense of, almost magic, what's happening here. i've spoke with everyone from a couple who are in their late 50s -- >> joy, i think we have a tenuous connection here and we're competing with either a bad cell phone connection or a very, very loud speaker near you. but you heard what joy reid said from inside the garden. at least 2:00 p.m. arrival time, and they plan on entertaining everyone inside until the pope can arrive. so on your right is tape turnaround of what we just witnessed of the pope passing through central. on the left, live pictures of the facade of madison square garden. dismounted police heading toward the intersection. it looks like we're expecting the motorcade to come in that
2:44 pm
way from the looks of things. there is an underground entrance that, you know, they load in the venues for every changing sport, the ice for hockey, the boards for basketball, and the staging for concerts. suffice to say, if you had any plans in that end of manhattan tonight, oh, well. here come the police motorcycles that indicate the start of the motorcade.
2:45 pm
you can tell where his car is from the noise and the waving. right there. >> i get such a kick out of this fiat, i just can't tell you. >> #pope fiat. not surprising it's been trending for the last few days. >> that's right. that's all the view we get as attention gets focused inside madison square garden. and again, we are all, all of us
2:46 pm
networks, everyone offering live coverage, we are clients of this pooled television feed. i was just going to say, and we will only get an inside view of madison square garden, when they are ready to give it to us. that is inside madison square garden. you see the altar there. >> just look at them. >> there's the floor plan where again the plan is for the pope to go around that perimeter with cardinal dolen on a golf cart. >> the youk riftic celebration is about to commence -- >> and we hear the loud speaker. don't forget, this is mass for the attendees. and then this pope is going to get a night's rest, i hope, for his sake. >> yes. doesn't head to philadelphia until tomorrow morning. he'll need a rest after this
2:47 pm
day. i mean, just to recap for people who haven't been watching all day, the pope started out this morning at the united nations, spoke to staff first, thanked them in english, gave a little speech and then gave a larger speech to the united nations general assembly and all the world leaders who had gathered and then from there, headed to ground zero, reflective pools there, a moment of deep prayer that made us all gasp, it was such a moving moment. then went down underneath to the 9/11 memorial museum and participated in an interfaith service. and then from there, i guess went back and presumably rested a little bit. but he was back at it pretty soon after that, up to harlem, to a catholic school, meeting with children, and then we just saw him through central park and now this. >> seems like days ago, some of it. and also, to be candid about it, we were a bit preoccupied here with the sudden resignation of
2:48 pm
john boehner, so that took our attention a little bit away from the u.n. event. so we were able to televise the pope's speech. >> it was an extraordinary speech too. >> well, bishop, we've been saying, on the issues, he went there. he's gone there this whole trip. he's not held back. >> what strikes me again and again in his speeches, you're hearing catholic social teaches which goes beyond the left and right and it's grounded in a keen sense of god. and without god, catholic social teaching louises coherencey. we do get it once you bring god into the equation. what struck me most in the talk when he said we don't define ourselves. our will doesn't determine who we are, but rather we're part of a moral system. we're in relation to god. that's how we discover who we are. that's the key to catholic social teaching and it informs
2:49 pm
both the left and the right, the issues that we tend to separate out, come together. that's what really struck me as he laid out the issues today. >> looking at the floor of madison square garden. there he is. >> he does look tired now after his long day. >> anyone would be. >> sure. >> cardinal dolen looks more lively than ever, doesn't he? >> yes, he does. ♪
2:50 pm
♪ [ cheers and applause ♪ >> trying to stop himself from waving so he doesn't detract attention from the pope. ♪
2:51 pm
♪ ♪ >> they have installed along the side boards there.
2:52 pm
2:53 pm
♪ ♪
2:54 pm
2:55 pm
>> i think they have driven around the back of the alter. beautiful alter set up for this mass. . >> the parents of those kids react. >> huge venue. of course, this will be a crowd larger than can attend a sports event because they can use floor space, closer to that of a rock concert which nicely fits the energy around this pope who has been called a rock star by many people over the last few days.
2:56 pm
we are waiting for a camera angle that will tell us what is going on. >> i think you are right that he went behind to prepare. 20,000 people is what i think they estimated. that is what madison square garden can hold. recently refurbished. those are new york knicks retired jerseys to the left joined by rangers jerseys in the rafters. >> just had to go back. >> you know. home field advantage. >> pay back. >> he knew that was coming. i have a note that he is going to be using the challais used at
2:57 pm
the last huge mass. anything to compare this to? we keep saying he is the first pope of the selfie era, of the digital device era, of the modern media era. i guess this is going to be standard of measurement. >> first pope to come to the united states had a huge impact in yankee stadium. so i think it's not entirely set apart. he does call to my mind the younger john paul ii. we think of the last seven or eight years.
2:58 pm
he was john paul superstar. had the same common touch, great with kids. i would see a lot of comparison between francis and john paul. >> when john paul ii i believe said mass at madison square garden he was a younger more vigorous man. >> engaged the kids with extraordinary creativity and verve. inventor of world youth day. francis had this extraordinary world youth day in rio. 3 million people they estimate gathered. john paul began that movement. >> we join you in hoping this is a long papacy just because of what it clearly has meant thus far, the promise of this pope. >> certainly hope so. >> i have heard concerns of his health. he looks pretty vigorous.
2:59 pm
his stamina is extraordinary. >> kate and i have marvelled regardless of age he just keeps going. we want to let our viewers know that once we get underway here, once the mass begins chris matthews will continue our coverage. an invitation to this mass was coveted by new york area catholics. transformed the sports arena into a beautiful venue.
3:00 pm
>> done this in other cities, correct? he was recently in latin america they had similarly large venues. >> right. >> special robes have been prepared for the pope for tonight. lee did an interview with one of the women doing the fine work, the embroidery who was in her own way the story of immigration. she spoke about her husband and children in this country but how much she misses her parents in mexico. don't know when that has been presented to the holy father but it was definitely the garment we will see him emerge in. again, all the people you see were told to arrive four hours ago.
3:01 pm
and we understand they are going to be held to let the pope exit after the mass is over so security concerns can be taken care of. >> do you know what is fascinating? i checked after you mentioned it before underneath the building is pen station and the amtrak train service and new jersey transit. they are running. so people are going about their evening commute at 6:00 eastern time on a friday night while this mass is being held upstairs. >> that's a lot. does indeed sound like we have a live orchestra there. we are at the mercy of these camera shots coming to us.
3:02 pm
we are all waiting for the lights to dim. waiting for the announcement of the start of the mass. there will be communion. it is inconceivable really that it would be for more than the first level. >> they have 200 permanent deacons deployed around. >> it might be doable. >> i have seen eucharist distributed to everybody. they can't handle 300,000 in st. peter's square. they might be able to do it here. it is going to be so interesting when you go back to los angeles to measure in your own local way
3:03 pm
the francis effect. sadly he didn't make it to the west coast. >> intense interest on the west coast. my experience has been everything in los angeles is big. the biggest church in america. every event i have been at seems like that. of course, with theninization of junipero serra great interest in this first hispanic pope. we hope for the future of the religion a hope of a lot of people front page of fairly empty church on the east coast and full church on the west
3:04 pm
coast. demographics have shifted. >> there is no question. that's the future of the church. the archdiocese of new york and philly and other places struggling with the demographic shift, closes of parishes in new york. the bigger cities but as the holy spirit moves and things shift and change the church has to adjust. i just keep thinking of spring time with pope francis and after the long winter we had been through there is something with this man who understands that scandal certainly and understands the suffering of the victims. it is also representing something new in the catholic church. >> waiting for signs that it was understood by the vatican, the degree of anger and hurt here.
3:05 pm
going way back to this morning. and then the pope moved on to this incredible scene at the 9/11 memorial and museum, the reflecting pools in lower manhattan. his white robes just show him off against all back drops beautifully. he met with families and loved ones. you see former mayor bloomberg there. sounds and crowd is standing like we are about to get underway. ♪ we see celebrants come in. they will be joined by pope francis and will be joined to
3:06 pm
take our coverage from here by chris matthews. ♪
3:07 pm
♪ ♪ ♪
3:08 pm
♪ ♪ opraise him ♪ hallelujah ♪
3:09 pm
♪ ♪ ♪ hallelujah ♪
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♪ ♪ oh praise him ♪ hallelujah ♪ hallelujah ♪
3:11 pm
3:12 pm
in the name of the father, of the son and of the holy spirit. >> amen. >> my brothers and sisters it is with confidence in the power of christ to make us instrument of peace. let us acknowledge our sins.
3:13 pm
>> i confess to god and to you my brothers and sisters in my thoughts and in my words, in what i have done and what i have failed to do. through my fau all the angels and saints and you my brothers and sisters pray for me to the lord our god. >> may almighty god have mercy on us, forgive us our sins and bring us to ever lasting life. >> amen. ♪
3:14 pm
♪ ♪
3:15 pm
>> let us pray. god, grant your mercy. let members of the human race peace and always. through our lord jesus christ, your son who lives and reigns
3:16 pm
with you in the unity of the holy spirit, one god forever and ever. >> amen. >> translator: the people who walk in darkness have seen a great light upon those who dwell
3:17 pm
to the land of gloom a light has shined. you have brought abundant joy. as we rejoice before you as people make merry. for the yoke that burdened them, the pull on their shoulder and the rod you have smashed as on the day. for a child is born us. a son is given us. upon his shoulder rests they name him wonder counselor, god hero, father forever, prince of peace. his dominion is vast and forever peaceful. from david's throne and over his
3:18 pm
kingdom which he confirms and sustains by judgment both now and forever. the zeal of the lord of hosts will do this. the word of god. ♪
3:19 pm
♪ >> million and a half people come here for the weekend for the next few days. we will continue watching this beautiful high mass at madison square garden. ♪
3:20 pm
♪ > ♪
3:21 pm
♪ ♪ ♪ hallelujah
3:22 pm
♪ hallelujah ♪ peace i leave with you says the lord, my peace i give to you ♪ ♪ hallelujah ♪ hallelujah ♪ hallelujah the lord be with you.
3:23 pm
>> and with your spirit. ♪ a reading from the holy gospel according to matthew ♪ ♪ glory to you lord >> jesus said to his disciples you have heard it was said an i for an eye and a tooth for a tooth. but i say to you offer no resistance to one who is evil. when someone strikes you on your
3:24 pm
right cheek, turn the other to him, as well. if anyone wants to go to law with you over your tunic hand him your cloak, as well. should anyone press you into service go with him two miles. give to the one who asks of you and do not turn your back on one who wants to borrow. you have heard what it was said you shall love your neighbor and hate your enemy. but i say to you love your
3:25 pm
enemies and pray for those who persecute you, that you may be children of your heavenly father. for he makes the sun rise and causes rain to fall on the just and the unjust. for if you love those who love you what recm pns do you have. do not tax collectors do the same? and if you what is unusual about that? do not pagans do the same?
3:26 pm
so be perfect just yourself heavenly father is perfect. the gospel of the lord. >> praise to you lord jesus christ.
3:27 pm
>> this is the site of important athletic and musical events. attract people not only from the city but from the whole world. this place which represents both the variety and the common interests of so many different people we have listened to the
3:28 pm
words that people who walked in darkness have seen a great light. the people who walked caught up in their activities and routines amid their successes and failures, their worries and expectatio expectations. the people have seen a great light. the people who walked with all their joys and hopes, their disappointments and regrets, the people have seen a great light. the people of god are called in
3:29 pm
every age to contemplate this light. a light for the nations. this is what elder ly joyfully expressed, a light meant to shine on every corner of the city on our fellow citizens on every part of our lives. the people who walked in darkness have seen a great light. one special quality of god's people is their ability to see,
3:30 pm
to contemplate, even at moments of darkness the light which christ brings, god's faithful people can see discern and contemplate his living presence in the midst of life, in the midst of the city. together with the prophet we can say today the people who walk, breathe and live in the midst of smog have seen a great light, have experienced a breath of fresh air.
3:31 pm
[ applause [ applause ] living in the city is not always easy. in multi cultural context presents many complex challenges that are difficult to solve. the big cities are a reminder of the hidden which is present in our world in the diversity of its cultures, traditions and historical experiences. big cities bring together all the different ways in which we human beings have discovered to express the meaning of life wherever we may be.
3:32 pm
but big cities also conceal the faces of all those who don't appear to belong or are second class citizens. in big cities beneath the roar of traffic, beneath the rapid pace of change so many faces pass by unnoticed because they have no right to be there. no right to be part of the city. they are the foreigners, their children who go out without schooling, those deprived of medical insurance, the homeless, the forgotten, elderly. these people stand at the edges
3:33 pm
of our avenues and streets in deafening anonymity. they become part of an urban landscape which is more and more taken for granted in our eyes and especially in our hearts. knowing that jesus still walks our streets that he is involved with us in one vast history of salvation fills us with hope, a hope which lib rates us from the forces pushing us to isolation and lack of concern for the lives of others, for the life of
3:34 pm
our city. the hope which freezes from empty connections, from abstract analysis or sensationalest routines, a hope which is unafraid of involvement which acts as a levin wherever we happen to live and work. a hope which makes us see even in the midst of smog, the presence of god as he continues to walk the streets of our city because god is in the city. what is it like, this light
3:35 pm
traveling through our streets? how do we encounter god who lives with us amid the smog of our cities? how do we encounter jesus alive and at work in the daily life of our multi cultural cities? the prophet isaiah can guide us in this process of learning to see. he presents jesus to us as a light and now he presents to us jesus as a wonderful counselor, the mighty god, the ever lasting father, the prince of peace. in this way he introduces us to the life of the son so that his
3:36 pm
life can be our life. wonderful counselor, the gospels tell us how many people came up to jesus to ask, master, what must we do? the first thing that jesus does in response is to propose, to encourage, to motivate. he keeps telling his disciples to go, to go out. he urges them to go out and meet others where they really are, not where we think they should be. go out again and again. go out without fear, without hesitation.
3:37 pm
go out and proclaim his joy which is for all the people. the mighty god in jesus god himself became emanual, got with us, the god who walks along side us who gets involved in our lives, in our homes, in the midst of our pots and pans as saint teresa of jesus liked to say. the ever lasting father, no one or anything can separate us from his love. go out and proclaim. go out and show that god is in your midst as a merciful father
3:38 pm
who himself goes out morning and evening to see if his son has returned home. and as soon as he sees him coming runs out to embrace him. an embrace which wants to take up, purify and elevate the dignity of his children. a father who in his embrace is glad tidings to the poor, healing to the afflicted, liberty to captives, comfort to those who mourn.
3:39 pm
prince of peace. go out to others and share the good news that god, our father, walks at our side. he frees us from anonymity, from a life of emptiness and selfishness and brings us to the school of encounter. he moves us from the fray of competition and self absorbtion and opens before us the path of peace. that peace which is born of accepting others, that peace
3:40 pm
which fills our hearts whenever we look upon those in need as our brothers and sisters. god is living in our cities. the church is living in our cities. [ applause ] and god and the church who live in our cities want to be levin in the dough. they want to relate to everyone to stand at everyone's side as they proclaim the marvels of the wonderful counselor, the mighty god, the eternal father, the prince of peace.
3:41 pm
the people who walked in the darkness have seen a great light and we, christians, are witnesses of that light. [ applause ] let us reflect in silence for some brief moments.
3:42 pm
>> head of the jesuit order in the united states and canada. tell us about how that homily struck you in terms of the jesuit apostolate. >> they say that saint benedicts loved hill tops, saint francis of assissi loved small towns and saint ignaceous loved big cities. to hear pope francis talk about the city of new york and use the
3:43 pm
city really as a text to understand the gospel was profoundly jesuit. seeing the face of christ in the homeless, disenfranchised, those who we would consider faces -- >> thanksgiving for all of god's works and with trust in his unfailing love and concern from all peoples we confidently direct our prayer to our heavenly father asking for the gifts of his peace.
3:44 pm
>> let us pray to the lord. ♪ lord hear our prayer ♪ lord hear our prayer [ speaking foreign language ]
3:45 pm
let us pray to the lord. ♪ lord hear our prayer >> for all who are persecuted for their religious beliefs, that those who know adversity because of their faith will be blessed with hope and protected from harm. let us pray to the lord. ♪ lord hear our prayer
3:46 pm
[ speaking foreign language ] let us pray to the lord. ♪ lord hear our prayer ♪ [ speaking foreign language ] let us pray to the lord. ♪ lord hear our prayer
3:47 pm
♪ god, who the peace makers are called to be your children. grant, we pray, that we may walk to establish the justice which alone is sure to ever lasting peace. we ask this in christ our lord. >> amen. >> we are here watching -- actually attending the mass at madison square garden in new york. the holy father is saying the
3:48 pm
mass. dozens of bishops of new york. joining us now is father timothy. the idea of the pope talked about the forgotten people, the anonymous people almost like roosevelt talking about the forgotten man. >> this is the pope who loved the periphery. he wants people to see the face of christ that way. his homily was moving. it's not customary in italy for people to applaud in the middle of homily. yet he was not at all offended. he seemed very encouraged by the response of the people. i think he feels that they are hearing his very powerful message. >> as you know, father, that is a new thing at church where every once in a while we have
3:49 pm
that audience reaction from the pews. it is kind of new last ten or 20 years where you can express your reaction to what you have just heard, maybe a public announcement. that is fairly new i think in our culture. let me bring in former u.s. ambassador to the vatican, former boston mayor. mr. mayor, thanks for joining us tonight. this is a big city. it's not quite the hub of the universe but it's a pretty big city in new york. it is interesting that he talked about the complexity and sometimes the friction of living in a city with ethnic groups. i felt at home i can identify what he was saying as mayor from a big city. you know this is problems that are forgotten, the down trodden, immigrants, people without hope, the people without shelter, the homeless, the poor, the needy. all the myriad of problems that
3:50 pm
exist today many are in the cities. that's where immigrants go when they come to the united states. you know that in growing up in philadelphia. we have seen it in boston, new york and chicago. pope francis can identify -- i almost felt he was speaking to every mayor or every person who lived in the city in dealing with these same kinds of problems that we have been dealing with and often times without resources, without a lot of support but we have to do what we can do because that's what god wants us to do. that's our mission. i think this is the most inspiring speech i have ever heard as a former mayor of boston. >> thank you, mr. mayor. i just talked a moment ago to charles ramsey, commissioner of police and he said not everyone in philadelphia will be praying this weekend. we have a high crime problem here, a murder rate as we do in other american cities and here
3:51 pm
the pope is praying in that context. >> it's really amazing to me that at this particular time where cities have been abandoned, forgotten and in many respects but yet the problems continue to increase, drugs, alcohol, the jobless, the weak, hiv aids, all these problems that cities deal with that in suburban communities don't have to deal with. pope francis just identified those problems as if he was a former mayor of new york or boston or chicago, as if he knew exactly the problems of america's cities. well prepared, well delivered, very compassionate and very moving. >> let's go back to the service. we are watching. he is putting incense into the
3:52 pm
3:53 pm
♪ ♪ brothers and sister that my sacrifice may be. >> may the lord accept the sacrifice at your hands for the
3:54 pm
praise and glory of his name, for our good and the good of all his church. >> the king of peace that signify peace and unity, strength and we pray. lord among all your children christ our lord.
3:55 pm
>> amen. [ speaking foreign language ] ♪
3:56 pm
♪ ♪ ♪ hosanna
3:57 pm
[ speaking foreign language ] [ speaking foreign language ]
3:58 pm
[ speaking foreign language ]
3:59 pm
♪ >> we continue to watch pope francis celebrate a very high mass at madison square gardens, a beautiful service. joining me now a theology professor at georgetown
4:00 pm
university, expert of the catholic church and the papacy. go ahead, professor. this is quite a moment for catholics especially a very high mass and with all the bells and all the ritual we grew up with. is this the same all over the world? >> yes, the mass is identical. this is interesting because you have the pope speaking in english and then spanish and now the main segment of mass in latin. this is clearly the language of the church but not generally the language of the people anywhere in the world anymore. so it's a very interesting combination within this liturgy and adds certain reverence. >> how many places in the world do you have the latin mass still celebrated? >> there still are places in the world.


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