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tv   MSNBC Live  MSNBC  September 28, 2015 1:00pm-2:01pm PDT

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that it was probably kevin mccarthy's to lose. >> that's right, i think everybody saw this coming and kevin mccarthy jumped at the opportunity presented to him by the surprise resignation from speaker boehner. slated to fly to california this past weekend, he stayed in washington, and made personal phone calls to every single member of the house gop conference, well over 240 people. that's part of what we saw in his announcement through e-mail today, saying, i've talked to you, i've been in your districts, i know your constituents. i want to fight for conservativism and heal the differences that have emerged. that's easier said than done. john boehner proved deeply unpopular with the conservative part of this conference. kevin mccarthy believes because of his personal appeals and the relationships he has with these members, he'll have an opportunity at least in the beginning to try his hand at the speaker's gavel. but he'll face an election to
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become speaker. he'll most likely win. the key is getting the majority on the first ballot, because if it doesn't, it could prove deeply embarrassing. any conservative opposition to mccarthy is not at a level which could cause him harm, but embarrassing if he's not able to pull it off on the first ballot. and the real fight is for majority leader and we'll have a ton of time to break that down at some point in the coming week. >> we'll call on you again for that, no worries. luke, thank you. in roughly an hour from now, president obama will be holding a high-stakes meeting with russian president vladimir putin, expected to discuss the ongoing conflict in syria. it's the first time the leaders have met in two years. both spoke at the u.n. general assembly earlier today in putin's first address in over a decade, he stood firmly behind his ally in the middle east,
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bashar al assad, saying keeping him in power is keep to fighting isis in the region. president obama said almost the opposite, taking a swipe at putin for supporting the syrian government. >> we're told such retrenchment is required, that it's the only way to stamp out terrorism or prevent foreign meddling. in occurrence with this logic, we should support tyrants like bashar al assad who drops barrel bombs to massacre innocent children because the alternative is surely worse. >> let mee bring in chris jansing who is in new york covering these meetings. what is the white house expecting out of this meeting? >> well, i think a serious conversation obviously. they were pushed by the european allies who have been devastated by what's going on with the refugee crisis, which is really where this has come out of, the syrian civil war. so that was one part of it.
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but also a senior administration official told me it would be irresponsible not to have this face-to-face meeting, not to use this opportunity. we've been saying this throughout the day on msnbc, it's been ten years since vladimir putin came -- >> it's sort of unbelievable. >> kind of crazy. but then two years since he and the president sat down. they've had phone conversations, but to sit down and look each other in the eye and in a way, they each stood up and they looked into a camera and they looked into the audience at the u.n. today and they talked tough, but the fact of the matter is that the president needs to deliver face to face, something that vladimir putin fundamentally disagrees with. the president is going to say, you cannot have a solution to the problem in syria without regime change. you cannot have it without a political solution. so that's going to be the tough conversation they're going to have. >> that's exactly what putin wants, right? he wants to keep syria, keep assad involved in the
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conversations. just yesterday over the weekend, announcing they have an intelligence deal now where they're going to be sharing intelligence. >> right. >> syria, iraq, and iran. >> and doing it without any consultation with the united states, who has been fighting to isis war with a coalition of european partners. you have putin here trying to set the agenda. you have putin here who clearly wants to be relevant, who wants to say, we are a power to be reckoned with. sending that message home, sending that message to the international community. there's no global stage like this. you know, people will have arguments about the relevance and the usefulness of the united nations, but the u.n. general assembly is a time when all the world leaders come together for meetings and european leaders who encouraged him to do this, believe something could happen, however unlikely it seems given what we heard earlier today. >> we'll be watching an hour or two from now and we'll know what
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happens behind those closed doors. thank you. joining me now is former u.s. ambassador to the russian federati federation. mr. ambassador, thank you for being with us. >> thanks for having me. and let me point out, i did not work at the white house. i just happened to be here for another meeting. >> point taken. thank you for being with us in washington. we've been talking here on msnbc about how strained the relationship is. give us a reality check. how bad is it right now between the two nations? >> oh, i think the tension is the worst it's been in 30 or 40 years. i think you have to go deep back into the cold war to remember a time when we were at such a fundamental disagreement with the leaders in russia. that doesn't mean we can't cooperate on certain issues and i agree with the president and his administration that they should sit down and talk to putin when the opportunity arises as it does today, but i'm not optimistic that one meeting
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is going to change the general negative trajectory. >> said we wouldn't read anything into the fact that you're standing outside of the white house. >> i just happened to be here. >> have you been inside briefing, helping to prepare for the meeting, or do you have any idea beyond syria, what's on the agenda? >> syria is on the agenda. so will ukraine. the administration, the president, wants to make sure people don't forget about what putin is doing in ukraine, especially because he just gave a speech to the world saying all countries should recognize and protect the sovereignty of other countries. well, putin's not doing that. but secondly, i think the president really wants to figure out what exactly is putin's long-term objective with this build-up of military hardware in syria. it's not clear that senior administration officials, i don't think it's clear to a lot of people in the world. he wants to take the opportunity today to find out exactly what he's doing, because remember,
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they've been fighting in syria against isis for a long time now. it's not clear how the russian operation fits into what the coalition's been doing for a long time. >> let me ask you about something senator john mccain said. he said president obama's decision to meet with vladimir putin is as misguided as it is unnecessary. it plays right into putin's hands by breaking his international isolation, undermining u.s. policy, and ledgilate mizing putin's destabilizing behavior, from dismembering ukraine to propping up bashar assad in syria. he's saying, don't bother. what would you say? >> i would say, look at how ronald reagan dealt with the soviets, calling them the evil empire. but saying you should engage when you can. just because you have a meeting doesn't mean you agree. and just because you have a meeting doesn't mean you check your values at the door. so i hope that is the spirit in
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which this meeting should be seen as well. >> got about an hour until the two men are set to sit down. if you could project forward to tonight, crystal ball, any idea what you think the headline will become out of this hour. >> depends on who's reporting it. the russian press is going to report a highly successful meeting that shows vladimir putin is back as an international actor solving world problems. i suspect you and others will report that they had a meeting, they exchanged views, but very little came out of that meeting in terms of concrete efforts to cooperate in syria or anywhere else moving forward. >> ambassador, thanks so much for your time today. >> thanks for having me. for more now, let me bring in nbc news capitol hill correspondent kelly o'donnell. you've been watching all this from capitol hill today. all these many speeches at the united nations. i guess i want to ask first about president obama's address earlier today. what's the reaction been like? >> well, i can tell you that
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there are concerns, certainly among republicans. you mentioned the quote from john mccain. he's taking a hardline, but the man now stepping forward to offer himself as the next house speaker, kevin mccarthy, is also speaking sharply about how the president and this administration interact with putin. concerned that the president has been too much rolling out a red carpet for putin, not doing enough to sort of divide the differing missions and to not do enough, in kevin mccarthy's view, to sanction putin for some of his actions, especially when it comes to ukraine. from democrats, very little response so far, but bob casey of pennsylvania in a letter also raised the concern about the u.s. relationship with russia, and concerns about, could the u.s. do more to try to settle things down in syria. so at this point, i think lawmakers are sort of taking it in, they want to be supportive on the democratic side of the
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president appearing in this important forum and really watching to see how it shakes out with the meeting with putin. but for republicans, this is a line of opening to go after the administration on foreign policy, in ways we've seen before, but with this very high profile visit, as an opportunity to argue those points. and so i think not anything new in terms of where the parties are positioning themselves, but a new opportunity to make that case. kate? >> kelly o'donnell on capitol hill, thank you. up next, donald trump reveals his tax plan. he says it would lower taxes for millions of americans. plus the clinton campaign responds to new questions over her e-mails from this interview on "meet the press." >> the e-mail system continued in march of 2009. >> there was a transition period. you know, i wasn't that focused on my e-mail account. also the prison worker who helped two convicted killers escape from prison in upstate
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big news on the campaign trail today, donald trump laying out his tax plan at his new york city headquarters. >> i don't think it's my side or anything else. i think this is a common sense, well thought out tax proposal that's going to trigger the economy, going to make everybody go back and really want to work. it's going to create tremendous numbers of jobs. >> joining me now, msnbc political correspondent kasie hunt, who just ran, i think, from trump tower back to the studio. and we were just saying, talk about contrast, you were with
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the pope yesterday in philadelphia, and now here you are today at trump tower. tell me about the atmosphere in that room. >> now we're seeing donald trump evolve into something of a traditional political candidate. he was up there with charts. his plan has lists of exactly what the brackets are going to be. i mean, this is the most detail he's put out in a plan so far. we saw his immigration plan, what he put out on guns, pretty straightforward and simple. he's feeling that he needs to get a little bit more conventional here as the front-runner. and everything still comes with the classic trump flavor. talking about how he's going to raise his own tax rates, which his plan would do. >> can we throw out that full screen that shows us what's in the plan. this is the basics. four income tax brackets and you were just mentioning, people that are making less than $25,000, no tax.
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>> the centerpiece is this idea that there would be up to 51 million americans that would pay no taxes. and lowering the corporate income tax to 15%. so many would pay less and corporations would be incentivized to come back to the united states. he claims he's going to pay for all of this by closing loopholes and removing deductions for the very healthy. that's really the hole in this plan. that's the part we don't know. he didn't get specific about how wealthy americans will start paying more taxes. he claims the plan will be revenue neutral, not costing government any more money. but it's hard to see how the math flies right now. >> the details we were showing on the screen, upper income earners that are paying like 39%, they go down to 25% for income taxes, right? so that's donald trump's tax bracket right there, and yet he says i'm going to pay more. but as you say, we don't know
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the details yet about that? >> he claims he's going to eliminate deductions, loopholes, for the wealthiest people. so essentially if you think about how you do your taxes, you have a number that puts you in a bracket, start to deduct things and then you pay less. what we don't know is what the deductions would be under this plan. many of the wealthiest americans, they're making money off investments and other ways than salaries. so this doesn't apply to many of the wealthiest taxpayers. one thing he would do is elimina eliminate something which would make a dent in the overall bill, but it could impact the top 1% of the america. >> it's been a real talking point, going after the hedge fund guys. >> it enables him to say, i'm going to go get wall street. >> and lastly, in terms of reaction, have you heard
1:18 pm
anything from the other campaigns about what they think about all this? >> i think you saw a preview of this from jeb bush who called it, when trump talked about how all americans should have health insurance in that interview on "60 minutes," he said that trumpcare sounds like obamacare. there are elements that are on the populist side, that would in fact cost the government trillions of dollars, that's something other republicans would look at and say, this isn't conservative. . >> kasie hunt, thank you. for more on the details of trump's tax plan, i'm joined by benji starlen. we were talking about the intricate details of this plan, can he really pay for this plan? >> right now, a lot of the details aren't filled in yet, so it can be a little tough to put out there. now here's some things after talking to economists on the
1:19 pm
right and the left, who are looking at this plan, that stood out in common. one, it's likely to be very expensive. probably trillions of dollars, despite trump's claims that he'll somehow make up the revenue with various unstated deductions and changes to deductions elsewhere. they know this because they've looked at jeb bush's plan and marco rubio's plan, which had many similar common elements and were both scored for the conservative tax foundation as costing well over $3.5 trillion in each case using traditional methods. it's very likely that trump who includes lower numbers, will run into similar numbers or even higher. >> you've been looking at the position to trump takes on the earned income tax credit. tell us about that. >> now, trump has been boasting about how there's a zero percent tax rate for many americans under his plan. here's the dirty secret, though, for lots and lots of americans,
1:20 pm
you already pay zero percent in income taxes. mitt romney's famous 47% of americans who pay no income tax. that number's gone down a little bit, but still very high. trump claims that number would go up for him. many americans, not only are they paying zero percent in taxes, they're getting a net tax cut already. they're actually getting more money out of the system than they have to put in, through the earned income tax credit. trump would not change that. so to a lot of those people who are already at the zero percent rate, they're not necessarily going to see much of a tax cut really. it won't affect them much either way. >> we'll be digging into the numbers for the coming days. benji, thanks so much. up next, we'll take a look at headlines across the country, including nasa's extraordinary discovery of water on mars. plus, my one-on-one with senator lindsey graham. stay with us. faced with horses that needed feeding and a texas drought that sent hay prices soaring,
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so the dow is closing down over 300 points on wall street. we'll get an update from cnbc in just a few minutes. today was sentencing day for joyce mitchell, the woman at the center of the prison escape of david sweat and richard matt. mitchell, a former employee at the new york prison, pleaded guilty on all charges for her role in that escape. and now she'll spend up to seven years behind bars. mitchell pleaded through tears with the judge saying she would wear an ankle bracelet for the rest of her life. ron, an emotional morning in court. >> reporter: indeed, kat. she was very apologetic. she apologized to all the law enforcement officers and their families for putting them through what they went through. but not everyone is impressed with this confession or apology. because the state inspector general issued a statement shortly after the formal sentencing this morning saying that joyce mimpel is no victim
1:25 pm
here. in fact the report that ig is working on will show just how involved she was in this plot that ultimately sprang these two men from prison. the judge also chided her a little bit today, said that he was not finding her explanation for why she took part in this credible. joyce mitchell has said the reason she provided them the tools was that she was worried about the safety of her family and the life of her husband. the judge also said that he thought that she should not complain about the sentence that she agreed to in july, two and a half years, up to 84 months, seven years, he said that was reasonable considering again, all that she caused, all the damage that she caused and now she's back in court in early november for a restitution hearing. the state wants to recoup about $120,000 worth of damage to the prison. >> ron mott, thank you. now to seattle's duck boat tours, that have been suspended, pending a full investigation of last week's fatal bus crash. meanwhile, a 20-year-old
1:26 pm
international student died from her injuries over the weekend. four of her classmates were killed when their charter bus collided with a tour ift duck boat. the national transportation safety board said the boat had not made an axle repair recommended back in 2013. >> and nasa broke major space news today about the red planet, saying these images fare to throw intermittent flowing water on the surface of mars. researchers from the georgia institute of technology, working with nasa equipment, discovered dark streaks on the left side of the picture snaking down the mountains during the planet's warm months, at ten degrees below zero fahrenheit. if there's water, it could mean maybe life on mars. cuban president raul castro is making his first appearance ever before the international
1:27 pm
gathering at the u.n. tomorrow he'll sit down with president obama for their first face-to-face meeting here on american soil. we'll monitor castro's speech for you, bringing you updates as needed. up next, senator lindsey graham will join me from the campaign trail in south carolina. we'll discuss the implications of the president's meeting with vladimir putin and why he thinks the russian president walked all over, in his words, president obama. plus, a carson/west ticket. we'll tell you what carson had to say about kanye west's potential 2020 presidential run. and pope francis is back safely in rome. we'll look at the francis effect that swept the nation.
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1:31 pm
russian-backed rebels in ukraine. in a speech earlier today, president obama gave a preview of some of the topics likely to come up in that discussion. consider russia's annexation of crimea and further aggression in eastern ukraine. america has few economic interests in ukraine. we recognize the deep and complex history between russia and ukraine. but we cannot stand by when the sovereignty and territorial integrity of a nation is flagrantly violated. >> joining me now, republican candidate for president, senator lindsey graham. good to see you again. >> thank you for having me. >> so let's start with this meeting that's about to happen about a half hour from now. your good friend john mccain has been blasting this idea of president obama meeting with vladimir putin. he said today, it plays right into putin's hands by breaking his international isolation, undermining u.s. policy, and
1:32 pm
legitimizing putin's destabilizing behavior, from dismembers ukraine to propping up assad in syria. do you think there's any reason for obama to sit down with putin? >> yeah, i agree with john. i think what you're doing by this engagement, basically you do give standing to the russian president. meeting with the united states president is a very big deal, and i think putin gets the better of this. >> but the white house would argue, that why not take advantage of a moment, an opportunity? it's been a long time since putin's even come to the u.n. general assembly, why not take advantage, start a dialogue? >> at the end of the day, i think what you're doing is you're meeting with putin at a time where we should be pushing back, not meeting with the guy. i just don't see how meeting with putin elevates our interest at all. i mean, what i would do is send him a message, not meet with him, that his aggression in ukraine will not stand. i would arm the ukrainian people. president obama is allowing
1:33 pm
putin to walk all over us in the ukraine and now syria. when you sit down and meet with the guy, i think you send the worst possible signal, that you're okay with what's going on. let's see if we can work out the details, rather than just being completely disassociating himself from the guy. >> i want to take you to a couple other topics. your reaction today to donald trump's new tax plan that he's laid out. have you had a chance to hear the details? >> no, i haven't. >> what do you think? >> no, i haven't had a chance to look at the details. i look forward to looking at it, but i know his foreign policy in many ways is more ill-conceived than president obama's. when it comes to destroying isil, donald trump said he would invade iraq and syria, and take the oil to pay for our wounded warriors. that won't destroy isil. that will give them a recruiting opportunity for the ages and turn the whole middle east against us. i don't know what his tax plan is like, but his foreign policy is a bunch of gibberish.
1:34 pm
>> his tax plan involves lowering the rate for anyone making less than $25,000 a year, they would pay no tax. and he raises taxes on the highest level and hedge fund managers, for example. so is he on to something? do we need tax reform? >> we definitely need tax reform. i'd be willing to go to ordinary income for hedge fund managers as part of an overall deal. what i'm looking for is just not to reform the tax code, but deal with the unfunded liabilities of medicare and social security. so what i'm looking for is a democratic partner who would do what reagan and o'neil did, let's try to save medicare and social security from bankruptcy. i would reform the tax code, eliminate some deductions, use the revenue to pay down doubt. so that's what i'm more interested in than anything else, but reforming the tax code is a good thing, it creates jobs. >> senator, a week ago today on
1:35 pm
this program, we watched as scott walker dropped out of the republican race. sort of unexpected that day. i mean this with no disrespect, your latest polling shows you at about zero percent. so at what point do you have to make some calculations? >> i feel like i have a story that is going to resonate over time. in july scott walker was at 15, carly feareeiorina was at zero. so i'll keep making the case that i feel very good about where we're at in new hampshire. senator mccain is coming out to campaign with me. so we'll just keep doing what we're doing. >> is it frustrating to you, sir, that donald trump remains at the top of the back, ben carson a close second, 1% behind and carly fiorina right up there, three outsiders, they're
1:36 pm
not sitting senators like you. >> yeah, i get it. i understand people are frustrated with washington. but here's what i would say, what's broken about the city is when you sit down and try to solve a problem, people on the right and the left start throwing rocks at you. what i've done, working on immigration, and trying to find common ground is what the next president needs to lead us toward. but at the end of the day, i do think national security's going to matter, experience will matter. been to iraq and afghanistan 35 times, 33 years in the air force, understand why this approach to syria and iraq's not going to work, and is not working, will never work, you need a different strategy, and i think experience, particularly on national security, will mean more the closer we get to the election. >> one last question i want to ask you, there's news just an hour ago from kevin mccarthy, saying he will seek to be the speaker in the house with john boehner leaving of course on friday. what do you make of the road ahead? are you going to be able, as senate republicans, will you be
1:37 pm
able to get a coalition going with the house? do you think kevin mccarthy's got his work cut out for him? >> i think he's got his work cut out for him. let's look at it this way. john boehner was my friend. i thought he did a good job as speaker. i want to defund planned parenthood, but the only way we'll be successful in my view is to get a republican president who will actually make it happen. i will not vote for any budget in december that doesn't lift the defense caps. we're gutting our military. we have fights within the republican party. i hope we can reconcile our differences. when you look at what we agree upon, versus what we disagree on, it's overwhelming in terms of agreement. and i hope we can focus with a new speaker on what we agree upon and give us a chance to win the race for the white house. >> senator, always great to talk with you, sir. thanks so much. >> thank you. for more on kevin mccarthy's run for house speaker, let's bring in luke russert.
1:38 pm
luke, you're back. it's been developing all afternoon. what's the latest that you're hearing there? >> well, the latest that i'm hearing, kate, is that he should be okay getting to those 218 votes that we were speculating about earlier, but it's not over until everything's over in the house of representatives. and the reason why, there's this disaffected movement of about 35 members, they call themselves the freedom caucus. a lot of people said they were the defining group that pushed john boehner out of congress after he met with some of them last week, he realized that he was no longer up for the job and he did not want a prolonged leadership battle that could hurt his allies. he had a chance to walk away from a remark he made about ted cruz, who is somebody these members of the freedom caucus look up to. listen to what he said about this. >> the bible says beware of false prophets and there are people out there spreading noise about how much can get done.
1:39 pm
and so we got groups, members of the house and senate here in town, who whip people into a frenzy believing they can accomplish things that they know, they know, are never going to happen. >> now, a lot of people would say that ted cruz is one of those false prophets, kate. and that's going to be the difficulty for kevin mccarthy. sure he's a new face, but how can he move the republican conference forward, when so much of what they do is determined by outside conservative groups that keep a scorecard on them. as well as the rise of the internet and talk radio, in terms of the conservatie ativat movement. i spoke to one high-level gop leadership official before a came over here, they said, look, to be honest with you, we haven't figured out how to govern in the internet age with our right flank. that is going to be kevin mccarthy's chief challenge if he becomes speaker. >> he's got to get on instagram right away. >> yeah, right on.
1:40 pm
>> just overtook twitter today as the most popular. i read that somewhere. >> i like it. it's the place to be. mccarthy is a prolific instagramer. even comments on reporter's pictures. i don't know if he'll do that as speaker. we'll see. >> luke russert, thank you very much. i want to turn to the democratic race for president where hillary clinton continues to deal with the fall-out over her use of a personal e-mail server. >> hey, kate, good afternoon. secretary clinton will spend the first part of this week fund raising before she heads back out on the campaign trail. and still looming large, that e-mail controversy she just can't shake. as hillary clinton heads west today, she's facing a new reality. the controversy over her e-mails is here to stay. something she acknowledged for the first time on "meet the press." >> it is like a drip, drip. >> drip, and that's why i said, there's only so much that i can control. >> reporter: clinton said she
1:41 pm
regrets using a personal account while serving as secretary of state, but struggled to explain the discovery of several work e-mails on her personal account earlier than she said she used the address. >> you said that the e-mail system began in march of 2009, but this same e-mail address popped up in january. >> there was a transition period. i wasn't that focused on my e-mail account to be clear here. >> republican candidates have hammered her over the e-mails and the republican national committee said clinton continues to mislead the american people. it's all taking a toll. the latest nbc news/"wall street journal" poll shows clinton has lost ground to vermont senator bernie sanders, leading him 42-35, a big drop from previous polls. >> william jefferson clinton. >> reporter: the controversy also overshadowing the clinton family charity's annual meeting in new york, where former president bill clinton blamed republicans and the media.
1:42 pm
>> i actually am amazed that she's born up under it as well as she has. but i've never seen so much expended on so little. >> when asked why she set up the server, clinton again said it was out of convenience, noting her husband already had a system set up at their house in new york. the wild card in the race is vice president joe biden who is considering a run. sanders' lead grows from seven points to 15 without biden in the race. kate, back to you. >> kristen welker, back to you. don't miss part two of chuck todd's interview, that's coming up at 5:00 eastern on msnbc. after the break, pope francis back in rome today, but you could say we are basking in the francis effect. we'll take a look at some of the highlights from the pontiff's
1:43 pm
historic trip and the news he made during a q & a with reporter says on his return flight to rome. and trevor noah makes his much hyped debut as the host of "the daily show," tonight. it's your grandpappy's hammer and he would have wanted you to have it. it meant a lot to him... yes, ge makes powerful machines. but i'll be writing the code that will allow those machines to share information with each other. i'll be changing the way the world works. (interrupting) you can't pick it up, can you? go ahead. he can't lift the hammer. it's okay though! you're going to change the world. the way i see it, you have two choices; the easy way or the hard way. you could choose a card that limits where you earn bonus cash back. or, you could make things easier on yourself. that's right, the quicksilver card from capital one. with quicksilver you earn unlimited 1.5% cash back
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it's gotten squarer. over the years. brighter. bigger. thinner. even curvier. but what's next? for all binge watchers. movie geeks. sports freaks. x1 from xfinity will change the way you experience tv. pope francis landed back home in rome early this morning after his nine-day historic trip to cuba and the u.s. the pope closed his u.s. visit on sunday of course in philadelphia with a mass before a crowd of hundreds of thousands.
1:47 pm
he then boarded his plane, looked back, and gave one last wave to the american people. pope francis's week in the u.s. was filled with powerful imagery and an outpouring of support from those who came from all over to see him. joining us now is father timothy kasicky, president of the jesuit conference here in the u.s. and canada. thanks so much for being with us. as i ask you this first question, father, we'll roll some of the highlights, if you will, of the week that was, of pope francis's visit. tell me what you take away, thinking back to the entire week, what was the most impactful for you? >> kate, this is almost a case of superstar meets superpower. the interplay between pope francis and the american people was dynamic. it was like a match made in heaven. we loved him and he met us and loved us. among the most powerful images for me, seeing him speak, preach off the cuff saturday night, it
1:48 pm
was 10:00 at night, he was probably still jet lagged and he had more energy than the crowd who was dancing to the music. it was just startling. also the many times he reached into the crowds and touched people's hearts and faces and the tears showed the power of this man. >> we saw him there just then at ground zero. and i wonder what you think the impact was on him as a person and as a world leader, what moments will he take back? >> well, he recognizes that many people used the tragic events of 9/11 to tear people apart, based on religious and ethnic lines. and watching how he greeted each of those representatives of the world religions, being attentive to the ways in which each was greeted, showed his embrace of the world, which was quite powerful. >> does the trip give him any momentum on any of the key issues that he talked about, maybe climate change, for example? do you think he'll now be able to take on -- he's already played such a huge role in terms
1:49 pm
of bridging nations, but what's next? >> well, he looks to the u.s., i think he wants to look to the u.s. as an ally. it's the first time he'd ever visited the united states. so it was a very significant visit. i think he knows as he looked down over the country and the lights began to fade that he did captivate the hearts of the american people and that he can look to the u.s. to help him with his mission, to make the earth a healthier, more sustainable planet, to care for the migrants, the refugee, and the more and disenfranchised. >> nearly half of americans raised catholic have at some point left the church in their life. i was talking to a friend this morning who said, after watching the pope, i'm going back to church every sunday morning. do you think it will have that impact? >> we know there will be an initial bounce. he came to the u.s. with a 59% approval rating. i wouldn't be surprised if that doesn't go up. the question is, how people want to commit to his message. we're hopeful, we're very optimistic that people will find
1:50 pm
comfort, but it's really incumbent upon all of us, priests, sisters, brothers, co-workers, everyone, to carry the spirit of francis to our ministry. >> if you had to pick your favorite part of the trip, what would it be? >> well, you know, i had the pleasure of being on the south lawn of the white house and he came. and hearing a 78-year-old man learn a new language and then use it literally before the whole world, in front of the president of the united states, that shows courage, and it tells us that there is no obstacle we can't overcome. >> it was incredibly impressive, wasn't it? father timothy, thanks so much for being with us again. we appreciate it. >> of course pch. we turn now to wall street where we mentioned stocks ended the first day of the week in the red. here's morgan brennan with the cnbc market wrap. >> here's how stocks stand heading into tomorrow. a rough start to the week, the dow down 313 points.
1:51 pm
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changing the world. time now for a look at what's popping today. unsportsman like conduct. washington nationals pitcher jonathan papelbon attacked his teammate during the eighth inning of yesterday's game. the two say they've talked it out, moved past the incidents. an unlikely duo, ben carson, presidential candidate said he's willing to give kanye west a
1:55 pm
chance to become president. west announcing he would run for president in 2020. and a recent interview, called carson the most brilliant guy, the two have talked and carson said he's impressed with kanye's business experience. twin panda cubs have passed through the most dangerous period in their young lives. in the first ten days, they're the most susceptible to disease or improper feeding. since june, six sets of twins have been born. researchers have dubbed this giant panda twin year. prince harry surprised cadets at the royal military school, he presented medals and watched a parade before attending a reception and speaking with students. and finally, mark walberg asked the pope for forgiveness on sunday after a 14-year-old opera singer told him he liked the movie "ted."
1:56 pm
♪ >> that right there was truly the voice of an angel. but then he whispered in my ear that he loved the movie "ted." [ laughter ] and i told him that was not appropriate for a boy of his age. holy father, please forgive me. >> look on the pope's face there showed that he didn't know the movie "ted." walberg was the master of ceremonies at the event and he added that he hoped the man upstairs can take a joke. and trevor noah will occupy the chair jon stewart held for 16 years. noah was on the "today" show this morning with willie geist and he addressed the pressure of replacing a comedic legend. >> that's the big elephant in
1:57 pm
the room everybody talks about. how do you fill jon stewart's shoes. how do you react to that twh people say it? >> that's funny, i actually have an elephant in my room back home. no, you know what, it's the truth and that's all it is. jon stewart left a giant void and i have to work to fill that. and it's not something that will done tonight or the next night, but it's something we'll work towards. and jon himself said, don't forget, i didn't stop the show 16 years in, it took me 16 years to get where i am, so take your time and do it right, that's exactly what i'll do. >> joining us now, senior editor at new york's magazine vulture. jesse, thank you for being with us. >> thank you for having me. >> i've seen trevor noah before, a lot of viewers probably have no idea what to expect. that's probably the hardest part, recognition. >> i think he said the first two episodes will be like a mini
1:58 pm
series, introducing who he is. i think he has to really establish who he is and who we'll be trying to get used to for months coming, years coming. we knew jon stewart for years. we won't know trevor that well. >> big shoes, i mean, that's the understatement of the year. such a long-running show with jon stewart. how does he possibly fill those shoes, or does he just do it completely differently? >> first of all, it's a lot of the same set. they've been doing the so already for many years, so he just has to sit down and read the teleprompter. >> if only it were that easy. >> he is a comedian and it's going to be a different show probably very quickly. we'll know it's not jon's show and we'll get used to it. >> has comedy central revealed anything about how it will be different? >> i don't know if comedy central has. he's talked about, there's going to be less focus on media. he's not going to be pointing out fox news' mistakes. it's much more about race and
1:59 pm
social issues in that regard and less the media scrutiny that jon was known for. >> tell us about his background. he's from south africa, right? >> yes. he grew up as a comedian there. i think he's 31, which is only five years younger than jon was. >> so young! >> yes, you think of jon as an elder statesman, but he was that young when he started. he has a lot of personal material, a lot of racial differences stuff. i think he's very good for the time we're in for this job. >> do you know what we expect for the show tonight? >> kevin hart is going to be the guest and that's all we really know. >> we'll be watching. jesse, thanks so much. >> thank you for having me. >> appreciate it. thanks for watching here on msnbc live. of course chuck todd is coming on next with "meet the press" live, the debut show. have we mentioned that already? i think we have. but we appreciate you joining us here and chuck will be up next with more from his interview
2:00 pm
with hillary clinton. >> it's monday, its the first one-on-one in two years for president obama and vladimir putin president the tension is high and the topic is important, it's syria. nothing is impossible. after all, today's the day nasa found water on mars. it's mtp daily and it starts right now. ♪ from weekly to daily, welcome to our first show on a busy day in national and international politics. we're in new york today for a big week at the u.n., but we'll usually be in washington for mtb daily. mtp is how many of us here have shorthanded or