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tv   MSNBC Live  MSNBC  September 28, 2015 3:00pm-4:01pm PDT

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clinton supporters, that's who they are afraid of. >> bill clinton against the world war ii president george h.w. bush. >> he has natural skills in this field that are lacking even in bush. >> world class political athlete. >> thank you both. that does it for us. thanks for watching our first show. we hope more of you keep coming back. we'll see you tuesday because if it's tuesday, there will be more "mtp daily." craig melvin picks up more of our coverage here on msnbc. right now msnbc live, face-off at the u. in. president obama and vladimir putin holding their first formal meeting in more than two years. >> donald trump reveals his tax plan and says it will cost people like him a fortune. we'll break it down. >> also out of this world. nasa announces it's discovered water on mars. what that means for life on the red planet. good monday to you.
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i'm craig melvin. we start with major developments at the united nations. you are looking at live pictures of the u.n. general assembly in new york city where the head of zimbabwe is speaking right now. moments ago president obama and russian president vladimir putin shook hands before a rare meeting together. it comes as the two leaders clash over russia's intervention in ukraine and ongoing instability in syria. they also met earlier today at a u.n. luncheon. that meeting comes after both leaders address the united nation's 70th general assembly. 144 heads of state are attending that meeting. among them the man right there, iran'ses a i iran'ses ian amwadi. president calling for greater diplomacy among the nations in the world. >> i lead the strongest military the world has ever known.
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i will never hesitate to protect my country or our allies unlaterally and by force where necessary. i stand before you today believing in my core that we, the nations, the world cannot return to the old ways of conflict and coercion. >> chris jansing covering the u.n. today what was the crux of president obama's message. >> obviously, this was a tough message. last night he said i'm grayer than the first time i spoke here. this is his seventh time before the u.n. he said it's made me blunter as he hears the clock ticking down. he only has one more time to come here. he had tough talk. he had tough talk for vladimir putin, syria. he basically also made a kind of defense of the policies that the u.s. have had, which is
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diplomacy. working toward this opening of normalization of relations. both with what we are seeing in cuba, but also the iranian nuclear deal, something he made as a priority last year. i think the tone of this and the buildup to this big meeting between barack obama and vladimir putin couldn't have been more dramatic in the lunch you saw, in the words they spoke, and clearly a huge division on how they want to address what's going on with assad in syria. and the enormous refugee crisis that has spawned. >> do you get readouts from these meetings. >> i wouldn't expect either to say here is what we talked about. they'll say it's a constructive meeting. this is the white house that says they have a business-like relationship. i think you only have to look at the lunch today. first of all, vladimir putin comes in 20 minutes late. >> of course. >> the secretary-general is
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already in the middle of his remarks. there is this photo of the two of them clinking glasses for a toast. i might say that vladimir putin had some would say a small smile, a smirk on his face. the president did not look happy. this is a frosty relationship. they're dealing with one of the most vexing problems what to do about assad. they couldn't be more apart. >> we'll dig more into that on the heels of that "60 minutes" interview with putin. we also heard today from raul castro. >> he took a veiled swiped a the u.s., as well and other countries. this is his first time there he hasn't been in the united states in such a long time. last time he was in the united states i think was in the '80s. he got into a supposed screaming match with his brother in a hotel room.
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that's an aside. he comes here today as somebody who is being reintroduced into the international community. the dole that was struck for the normalization of relationships with the pope, by the way, obviously playing a key role in that. it was a huge moment for raul castro. he talked about that and he also talked about how he feels that the embargo needs to be dropped for there to be a full normalization of relations. >> translator: now a long and complex process begins towards the normalization of relations. but this will only be achieved with the end of the economic commercial and financial blockade against cuba. >> and one final swipe the president talked about getting his ducks in a row on climate change leading up to the big
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meeting in paris december. he took a swipe, raul castro did at the united states and other big countries over the big polluters. it was that kind of day at the u.n. >> chris jansing, always good to see you. >> you, too, craig. let's drill deeping into that meeting between president obama and vladimir putin. that came again hours after president obama had tough words about russia's intervention in ukraine. take a listen. >> we cannot stand by when the sovereignty and territory is flagrantly violated. that happens without consequence in ukraine, it could happen to any nation gathered here today. >> professor of international affairs at the new school joins me now. granddaughter of former soviet premi premi premi premi premier khrushchev. how would you characterize the relationship between the
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leaders? >> it is a frosty relationship. there is cold war, very cold peace between the two leaders. i would assess it better than others. i thought that in speeches they stood their ground. barack obama did mention putin and russia by name. putin made a lot of swipes towards the united states and its imperial agenda it calls democracy and his other criticism we heard before. he did mention the united states by name. he was sort of more diplomatic, i guess, in this particular sense. they were sitting next to each other which protocolwise was a big achievement. before they were not even put together or would be staring at each other from different sides of the room. i think although it's not going to be warming up too much, but there is certainly an understanding that both leaders
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do need to move forward in that frosty relationship. at least cooperate or at least make some resolutions on issues that are very, very relevant to the world at large. >> i want to talk about this interview last night. i'm sure you saw it, "60 minutes," president putin talked to scott pelly saying he did not obsess over being a superpower. i want to play a snippet. chris jansing is still here and i want to bring her in, too. >> translator: i'm proud of russia, that's true. we have something to be proud of. but we do not have any obsession with being a superpower in the international arena. >> but you are in part a major power because of the nuclear weapons you have. you are a force to be reckoned with. >> translator: i hope so. i definitely hope so. otherwise, why do we have
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nuclear weapons at all? >> that was a bit troubling. what was he trying to say there? do we know what he was trying to say or get at? >> well, i think we do. he is very direct in his -- he is very direct in his policies. we have to remember he was a former kgb agent. he's very asymmetrical in all his approaches, secretive approach is very much in his arsenal. at the same time, he does say things that he thinks is on his mind. so yes, russia is a nuclear power and he is not going to shy away with it. russia, we are not obsessed with the superpower. actually, he means it. what he is trying to say and he said today in the u.n. speech, russia is ready to lead the war,
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be part of a coalition in syria and fight with islamic fundamentalists, i am what i am. you take it or leave it. his interview with charlie rose, i am what i am, take it or leave it. you will have more problems not working with me than you have problems, more problems not working with me than problems working with me. >> what did you make of the interview? >> i agree with her on that. this is why the europeans pushed the president to have this meeting. the president and vladimir putin have not met face-to-face in two years. he hasn't shown up to the u.n. in ten years. there is a belief by barack obama. he said it a number of times and you'll hear it by senior staff members repeatedly, you can't just negotiate with your friends, you have to negotiate with your friends. with assad, they couldn't be more different. the answer with syria according to the united states, assad has to go. he goes into this meeting with
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vladimir putin because what's the alternative? according to a senior white house official, it would be irresponsible not to. at least there is a conversation going on. i agree with the professor on that. for at least this administration and this point in time for the europeans who are dealing with this refugee crisis, the alternative is not acceptable. >> nina, kruscheva, thank you very much. in his remarks, president obama said the deal was diplomacy working. iran's president blamed problems in the mideast on the united states, he also praised the nuclear deal calling it a victory over war. joe, thanks for being with me this evening. >> my pleasure. >> both sides praising the deal. how significant is that? >> well, it's a mutual victory. this is what all good negotiations have to be. both sides leave the table
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declaring victory. president obama, very clear, contrast with the failed policy that led to the iraq war, the mindset he said we had to change. clearly, he went up against the architects of this war who tried to kill his iran deal. he won. we have a deal that stops an iran bomb and stops a new iran war. as far as president rohani is concerned, let's have a new relationship. i had din were him two years ago. it was clear from that dinner conversation he saw the nuclear agreement at the beginning of areas where the u.s. and iran could cooperate. you heard both leaders paving the way for that. other areas in the region with the u.s. and iran might cooperate to advance their mutual strategic objectives. >> this is another snippet of what president obama said today at the united nations with regard to iran. take a listen. >> this deal is fully
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implemented, prohibition on nuclear weapons is strengthened. a potential war is averted. our world is safer. that is the strength of the international system. when it works the way it should. >> joe, how real is the possibility that if a republican wins the white house, this is a deal that gets undone? >> well, it's always possible for president to allocate treaties. president bush allocated the missile treaty and pulled out of the agreement with north korea. i'll see powerful facts on the ground as iran starts to rip out its centrifuges, rip out the core of its plutonium reactor, ship uranium out of the country.
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this is an agreement in my opinion is the most significant national security agreement to be reached in a generation or more. it will withstand the test of time. >> president obama did not meet with president rohani today? >> i talked to senior white house officials, is there a chance there might be a meeting in the hallway so you have five minutes and chat. very pointedly they told me friday there is no plan and no possibility the two would be meeting each other. again, they agree with what he just said which is that the facts on the ground are going to dictate exactly what happens going forward with the iranian nuclear deal. white house officials say they are prepared for whatever happens. >> chris jansing, joe, thanks. always enjoy your insights. >> my pleasure. we will turn to 2016. today donald trump revealed his tax plan. i'll talk to josh barrow.
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he sifted through that tax plan. who would pay less and whether people like trump would actually pay more. >> it reduces or eliminates most of the deductions and loopholes available to special interests and to the very rich. in other words, it's going to cost me a fortune. in congress, the scramble for power. kevin mccarthy says he is in. he's running for speaker. can he win over the conservatives that john boehner could not? >> also the prison worker who helped two convicted murderers escape gets sentenced. >> please allow me to start by saying how sorry i am. ♪ ♪ (under loud music) this is the place. ♪ ♪ their beard salve is made from ♪ ♪ sustainable tea tree oil and kale... you, my friend, recognize when a trend has reached critical mass. yes, when others focus on one thing,
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to 2016.
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"wall street journal" polling shows a shrinking lead on both sides. hillary clinton leads bernie sanders by seven points. cnn said biden can take part in the first democratic debate if he declares before that debate. >> donald trump now leads ben carson by just one point. straight ahead, we'll take you through other head-to-head poll numbers and turn to donald trump's new tax plan. (vo) what does the world run on? it runs on optimism. it's what sparks ideas.
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moves the world forward. invest with those who see the world as unstoppable. who have the curiosity to look beyond the expected and the conviction to be in it for the long term. oppenheimerfunds believes that's the right way to invest... this big, bold, beautiful world. . today the gop's billionaire front-runner unveiled his tax plan saying it will help families, businesses and create
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jobs. he broke down that plan today calling it plain common sense. >> it will provide major tax relief for middle income and for most other americans. there will be a major tax reduction. it will simplify the tax code. it will grow the american economy at a level that it hasn't seen for decades. and all of this does not add to our debt or our deficit. >> among other things, trump's plan would cap all taxes on businesses at 15%. it would eliminate some loopholes for the very rich and 75 million of the poorest american families would stop paying income taxes all together. trump said those people get a new one-page form to send the irs saying "i win." i want to bring in josh barrow
3:21 pm
domestic correspondent for "the new york times." you wrote a piece saying the plan is a tax cut for the rich, even those hedge fund managers that trump likes to talk about a lot. >> yeah. >> how would you characterize the plan on a macro level? >> the plan is an enormous tax cut at all levels. a huge tax cut for the middle class. it is also a huge tax cut for rich people and very rich people contrary to what he's been out there saying. he's been saying these hedge fund guys get away with so much. his plan would lower taxes and lower taxes on donald trump himself. when he says this is going to hit the hedge fund guys, that's just not true. that's not in the plan. >> how will he pay for this plan? >> no idea. he says the plan won't increase the deficit. when you do the math on the plan, there is no way that could be true. he identified all these enormous tax rate cuts, people paying no tax. the top tax rate will be 25%. currently it's almost 40%.
3:22 pm
then he says we'll get rid of some of these deductions. there aren't as many deductions for the rich in the tax code as people like to think there are. when you look at rich people making $500,000 or more, typically they write off 12% or 13% of their income. even if you get rid of all those deductions, he wants to keep them when rich people give their money to charity, he wants to give a deduction for that. >> mortgage introduction stays. >> yes. you could shave a few points off tax rates. you couldn't take 14 points like he does on top of big tax cuts. it's really, the citizens for tax justice which is a left leaning tax think tank says this tax cut would be $11 trillion over a decade. that's about 25% of all the revenue the government would be expected to take in. it would not be deficit neutral. >> my understanding based on his interview last night on "60 minutes" and some of the news conferences today, his assertion is these tax cuts will generate
3:23 pm
so much business, so much revenue for companies that this booming, this new booming economy that is going to grow at a rate of about 6% a year, according to donald trump, would more than pay for the cuts. >> jeb bush has been saying he will get the economy to grow 4% a year. i wrote a piece months ago. there is little support for the idea you can implement any policies that will get you 4% economic growth on a sustained basis. 3% is kind of where we might stretch to. currently what the congressional budget office projects is 2% over the next decade. there is no way to get to 6% on a sustained basis. he can throw out whatever numbers he likes and say everyone will get a pony under my tax plan. that doesn't mean it will happen. >> chicken in every pot. >> right. >> a fabulous brass-covered chicken pot. >> companies that do business overseas, what would the plan mean for them? >> the plan is interesting. he is proposing a huge corporate tax cut. currently the corporate tax rate is 35% and he would take it down
3:24 pm
to 15%. he would say u.s. companies you have to pay tax wherever it is earned. that is actually more, trying more to tax overseas income than the current rules do. however, because he cuts the tax rate so much, i wouldn't pick up that much income. that 15% tax he is proposing is only on top of any tax that company is already paying to another country. let's say ford is making cars in mexico. trump likes to talk about this. he will make them move their plants back. this would apply to ford's income in mexico. if ford is paying 15% to mexico, under trump's plan they wouldn't have to pay any money to the u.s. wouldn't matter that much for most companies that he would tax. the one exception would be companies using tax havenes a broad where the tax rate is zero. trump would get more income out of them than the current tax code. >> thank you so much for breaking it down for us. >> sure. good to be here. straight ahead, mars madness.
3:25 pm
i'll talk to astronomer derek pitts about the new discovery of water on the red planet. there is life on mars, josh. i made that up. >> that's what donald trump says. >> what the water means. >> the speaker shake-up late today. kevin mccarthy made it official. he wants to be speaker of the house. what, if anything, will that mean for the dysfunctional congress? you total your brand new car. nobody's hurt,but there will still be pain. it comes when your insurance company says they'll only pay
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it would take a manned mission to reach me. in the face of overwhelming odds, i'm left with only one option. i'm going to have to science the [ bleep ] out of this. >> okay. let's do the math. i've got to figure out how to grow four years' worth of food here on a planet where nothing grows. >> oh, maybe soon. that was matt damon in the highly anticipated movie "the
3:29 pm
martian." if it doesn't exist yet, were today proof that it could? nasa announced researchers found proof of liquid water on mars. new study finds evidence of salty water flowing down martian slopes. it has major implications for potential life on the red planet. derrick pitts as chief astronomer at the franklin institute. in the simplest of terms, what does this mean? >> well, actually what it means is that because we've been able to identify liquid water on the planet existing right now if we look at other places that show the same kind of activity, we can identify those as possibly being locations also where the environment might be conducive for the existence or for the development of life on mars. >> so there could be life on mars. that's what i'm hearing from you. >> well, what you're hearing from me is that the water indicates that at least there is a possibility of an environment that would be conducive to mars.
3:30 pm
not that there is, but that there is a possibility that we reached, if we found more environments where it might be possible to find life. it gives more targets to look at which is a great thing. of course with more targets, you improve the possibility of that to happen. >> any idea where this water is coming from? >> well, that's a really great question. there have been studies that show that there is water frozen into the soil of mars very much like perma frost. given the right kind of conditions, climate conditions, if you will or seasonal conditions, sometimes it seems as if that water or that frozen water can melt out and make its way down a slope. just underneath the surface of the soil, wetting the soil as we see it from satellite photographs. we'll look for more evidence of that in other places around the planet. >> is that the next step? is that the next frontier in terms of exploration on mars now? >> it is one of the next steps. the idea of finding liquid water
3:31 pm
to begin with is a great one. now that it really exists there now. certainly would be very much more beneficial to the possibility of people going to mars, traveling to mars to explore for long periods of time, if we could find large reservoirs of water already there. that really can cut down on the cost of the expense of a trip because water itself is so heavy to lift. it's so expensive to carry. you either make your own or find it where you're going. it would be great if we could find water out there already. >> how did we find this water? >> it's quite tricky. we looked at the surface through photographs from satellites that showed us a certain phenomenon happening. a darkening of the soil in places on these slopes over time. what happened repeatedly. we didn't know what the liquid is. what the liquid was. what scientists did was use
3:32 pm
ann spectrascopic analysis. they could see a wetting of the soil caused by briny water. >> derek pitts, thank you so much. sounds like you're saying there is life on mars. that's what i heard. thank you. >> we'll keep our fingers crossed for that one. >> thank you very much. coming up, the fight to be the next speaker. kevin mccarthy saying today he wants the job. >> the woman who helped two men escape from prison earlier this year sentenced to her own prison term today. late details on that. buddy- nice place, nice car what happened?
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3:36 pm
leadership you elect listens to members and respects the legislative process entrusted to committees. this while the government shutdown fight seems to be wrapping up. boehner saying a shutdown won't happen. nbc's capitol hill correspondent kelly o'donnell is standing by for us. general reaction to mccarthy's reaction a few hours ago? >> it was expected, craig. he is next in line. at the same time, kevin mccarthy is unusual compared to past speakers because he is not someone having a long history being a part of congress. came here elected in 2006. coming to washington in 2007. that is just a blip in the amount of time it usually takes to move up the ranks and become speaker. the other interesting thing about mccarthy is that part of his sort of duty in working his way up has been recruitment of new members over the past several years. he would meet a republican who might be serving on city council
3:37 pm
or an estate legislator years ago and think of them as a recruiter like would you with sports team. we are looking for that talent to build a majority that now exists. he has deep personal relationships with people who are in the republican conference. he's been part of the weekend phoning each and every one of them. no surprise but it's not the kind of thing unexpected, but what the real suspense will be is on the subsequent jobs. they'll vote for speaker first then the position that he now holds majority leader. that comes up and other top positions for the republican party. that's where the scramble will ultimately be. >> paul ryan endorsed tom price for majority leader. let's talk about that second in command race. how is that stacking up? >> tom price would be what i think you could argue is the more establishment figure. he is the georgia congressman in the congress a long time.
3:38 pm
that might mean for steve scalese from louisiana and more of the representative out of that conservative wing, that group that's been such a thorn for bain wore like to see move forward. that's how he got into leadership. he wants to be majority leader. when you have paul ryan and jeff henserling saying they are putting their votes behind price. with mccarthy, that is the way you move up and surprises happen occasionally. that's where the pete will be and we'll see it unfold over time. lynn jenkins saying she wants to be part of the leadership team if there is a vacancy at the fourth slot. there will be a lot of that kind of moving around of the players. we'll see how it shakes out. >> kelly o'donnell, thank you so much. want to bring in congressman jim
3:39 pm
mcdermott. mccarthy or price, which do you prefer? >> they are going after two different spots. i think mccarthy, you've got to say he's the odds-on favorite to get it. the real question is whether the guys in the back of the boat who are taking credit for having gotten rid of boehner are going to let mccarthy run the boat and make some things happen in washington, d.c. they may use this race on the second seat between scalese and price. there are a lot of people who might like to be second. that may be where the real fight turns out to be in this whole leadership fight. >> john boehner, as you know, not being shy about calling out members of his own party ahead of his resignation. this is what he said sunday. take a listen. >> you now the bible says beware of false prophets. this idea we are going to shut
3:40 pm
down the government to get rid of obamacare in 2013, that plain never had a chance. >> is ted cruz a false prophet? >> you can pick a lot of names out. i'll let you choose them. i'm referring you to the remark in a fund-raiser i made in august in steamboat springs, colorado. >> we pulled out the text from that speech. he referred to ted cruz as a farm animal. i won't use the word here on cable news. congressman, do you think that new leadership in the republican-controlled house is going to be a positive development? >> it has the possibility. i think the american people would be better served if they took a new tack than the one they've been taking. i think it's very likely that john boehner will get through a short-term cr that will take us up to the middle of december. in the middle of december, we
3:41 pm
will have a real conflagration. we'll have the debt limit. we are going to have the xm bank. we'll have extending the funding of the country. we're going to have planned parenthood. all of that is going to come to rest. >> and a transportation bill, as well. >> exactly. the transportation bills -- if we don't have money, states can't allocate money to fix bridges, to fix roads, to do anything. >> congressman, come december, couldn't you make the argument that you'll have a leader that is more beholding to the more conservative wing of that party? isn't there a greater likelihood in december we could see a government shutdown? >> i think so. i think the problem is that if they come with this kind of stuff that they have been doing to boehner all this time, they will have a shutdown then.
3:42 pm
they know it can't get through the senate. we have to get any bill through the house and the senate. it isn't the house doesn't decide everything and the senate rolls over on its back and says whatever you want. that's not who i it's going to happen. which is why we'll get a shutdown if they persist in the way they behaved the last six months. >> before i let you go. i want to ask you about that terrible bus accident that happened in seattle, part of the area you represent there in washington state. a fifth person as you know has died. now federal investigators say the bus itself did not have recommended safety repair done. we've seen a number of accidents involving vehicles like this all over the country. is it time to take these things off the road? >> my view is that the people in the state of washington were done well by the transportation commission when they said they're closing it down. we'll inspect all the vehicles. a vehicle like this, which apparently was not inspected for 12 years, is just an accident
3:43 pm
waiting to happen. that's why you need government, you need inspection. you need people regulating what's happening in transportation or you don't have safety. i think it was a wake-up call for us, but at the same time, it's very sad for the people who died. >> congressman jim mcdermott from washington state. thank you for your time. new 2016 head-to-head polling out tonight. could have the clinton campaign more worried about joe biden. >> the emotional moments at the sentencing of the prison worker who helped two convicted murderers escape. t the feet. by day, they must stay warm. but by night, beautiful, smoother and ready to impress the other party animals. dr. scholl's dreamwalk express pedi
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and a free 30-tablet trial. please allow me to start by saying how sorry i am. how much remorse i had. i'm sorry. >> former prison seamstress sentenced up to seven years for helping two murderers escape a maximum security prison in upstate new york this summer. ron mott with late details. >> reporter: good evening. joyce mitchell is now a convict herself. she was formerly sentenced to serve between 27 and 84 months behind bars for her role helping those two inmates escape the dan none moore correctional facility in upstate new york this summer. the judge handing down the
3:48 pm
sentence chided her on a number of fronts. he was not buying her explanation why she did what she did. she said she did the wrong thing for the right reasons. she was trying to protect the life of her husband and welfare of her family. the judge says he was not buying that explanation. didn't find it credible. he said she had no reason to complain about the harshness of this sentence. she signed this plea agreement over this summer and made it known she thought it was too tough considering what she did. she did apologize profusely today. she cried before the judge handed down the sentence and said she would like to take a the love this back but can't at this point, obviously. she says this is the worst mistake she ever made in her 51 years. back to you. >> ron mott, thank you. a dugout fight for the ages. why a nationals pitcher says he choked bryce harper and the punishment coming his way. brand-new 2016 polling just into msnbc.
3:49 pm
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3:51 pm
doing what every little league coach yells about, you always run to first base. run it out. run it out. looks like some words not suited for basic cable were exchanged. possib papelbon shoves him into a wall. his season is over. there is a solid chance bryce harper never strolls leisurely to first again.
3:52 pm
3:53 pm
the cold truth is, there's no easy way to do your job when you're sick. tough symptoms need alka-seltzer plus cold & cough it's four cold symptom fighters put you back in control. stay unstoppable. alka-seltzer plus. new 2016 polling. it could get the clinton camp more concerned about joe biden. check out these head-to-head matchups. clinton is now leading jeb bush by one point. leads donald trump by ten points, but she is one point behind both ben carson and carly fiorina. take a look at this. joe biden who is not in the race
3:54 pm
faring far better against republicans. he leads bush by eight points, trump by 21. carson by eight. fiorina by six. all of this comes as clinton faces new questions about that private e-mail server including why messages between herself and general petraeus are dated 2009 even though she claimed it wasn't set up two months later. chuck todd pressed her about that. >> it was the same e-mail address you used at state you were using with general pet res two months before you said everything was out there. >> everything we had access to was out there the reason we know about the e-mail chain with general petraeus because it was on a government server. from my perspective, we have a very thorough review process we conducted. my attorneys supervised it. they went through everything. what we had available at the time was turned over.
3:55 pm
>> thank you both for being here. brian, let me start with you. how much trouble is this for hillary clinton at this point? >> i think she is in a lot of trouble. talking about e-mails and the e-mail scandal more than talking about policy. the polls you showed show joe biden is doing better. he's not even in the race and she is having a hard time beating bernie sanders who is a socialist and somebody who really, i don't think anybody thinks he is going to win this nomination. she is having a very difficult time. the polling indicates she is trending the wrong way. i think people in the clinton camp need to change course and get her talking about poll signed off talking about the scandals. >> michelle, this e-mail scandal, is this one of those situations, is this something that people actually care about? voters actually care about or is
3:56 pm
this something that people like us care about? something that writers and pundits and broadcast journalists enjoy talking about? >> well, at this point, it's really only people like us paying attention to the presidential race with any detail. it actually doesn't matter about the details of the e-mails so much as, yes, she is having to address what is a quote/unquote scandal again. any time she is off message or anything that fuels the existing narrative that she is secretive or thinks she is above the rules is bad. regardless of what's in those individual e-mails. it's always a problem for her. >> michelle, brian indicated bernie sanders has a larger lead right now over donald trump than hillary clinton. what does that tell you? >> tells me there are still a lot of people in the democratic party nervous about her. of course, in the case of bernie
3:57 pm
sanders, there is a chunk of the left wing of the democratic party who is not happy about her at all. they see her as too centrist, compromised, too establishment. she does not feel their anger and disenfranchisement. this is fueling the bernie sanders movement. the joe biden numbers while interesting are less of an issue. you can say he is not in the race. that it's key. he is not in the race so he is not being taken apart like a regular candidate. >> i want to bring those numbers up one more time. the numbers with regard to ben carson and donald trump. carson has jumped considerably since the last poll. >> yeah. again, donald trump, 21%, ben carson 20%. that's 41% of the republican electorate thinking about voting for him. jeb bush at 7%.
3:58 pm
if you are in jeb bush land, you are worried about going the way of governor walker and walking off the stage because your numbers are so bad. people are going to stop donating to your campaign if it continues to trend downward. these numbers are interesting, but again, it's early. look back to four years ago and you had hermain cain in first place. this was before december when you had newt gingrich in first place. there is still a long, long way to go. these numbers are important because people are looking at them. donors are looking at them. we are looking to see who is running a serious campaign. in the end, it isn't necessarily dispositive of who is going to win this race. >> with regard to this ongoing e-mail scandal, bill clinton talked about it on cnn. take a listen to what he had to say. >> the other party doesn't want to run against her if they do, they would like her mangled up as possible. they know that if they leak
3:59 pm
things, say things that is catnip to the people who get bored talking about what's your position on student loan relief or dealing with shortage of mental health care or what to do with the epidemic of prescription drugs and heroin in america. >> are there whiffs of a vast right wing conspiracy here? >> yeah. there needs to be a little bit dialing back of this kind of, one of her responses to chuck todd, is your next question going to have to do with a conspiracy theory? the clintons need to be careful. the siege memt is understandable. that takes people back to why you are tired of that. >> thanks for watching msnbc
4:00 pm
live on this monday. i'm craig melvin. "hardball" starts right now. will joe biden challenge hillary clinton? let's play "hardball." good evening. i'm chris matthews in washington. can there be a bigger question for the democrats right now? what will it do to the democrat chances if vice president biden jumps into the race soon? will it split the moderate vote and give senator bernie sand arias real chance to win? will it switch attention to the big questions of competence and policy and away of the e-mail. will it forge hillary clinton's team into a fighting stance? a biden campaign, a real one would turn the tables on the status quo and bring alive a political party that's been drilled on its left but