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tv   MSNBC Live With Thomas Roberts  MSNBC  October 5, 2015 10:00am-12:01pm PDT

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contact with. and the fact that some of those individuals lost their lives over the weekend is a profound tragedy and nothing less. i know that general campbell has had the opportunity to convey his condolences to the president and i know there are senior administration officials who have had the opportunity to speak with the leadership of doctors without borders to convey their condolences there as well. the scale of this tragedy is significant enough that it demands a full investigation and you saw from the president's statement that he issued over the weekend that he expects a full accounting of what exactly has happened. so there are actually three different investigations ongoing. the first is there is a formal department of defense investigative process that is already under way being led by brigadier general rich kim, who
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i understand is the leading investigative officer at the department of defense. so he will be leading a department of defense investigation into this. there also will be an investigation that is conducted by nato and there will be a third investigation that will essentially be a joint investigation as carried out by u.s. military personnel alongside afghan security officials. in each of these investigations will be aimed at trying to get as much accuracy as possible around the details of what transpired in the leadup to this tragedy, and so you asked a specific question about the details of what exactly happened. i don't from here want to get ahead of what this investigation may uncover other than to assure you and certainly the american people that the president expects a full accounting of what transpired.
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>> again, you have been listening to press secretary josh earnest at the white house, the first public comments from this white house after an attack this weekend, a u.s. air strike that killed at least 22 people at when turned out to be a doctors without borders hospital in kanduz, afghanistan. general campbell saying earlier it was afghan forces who called in for air support from on the ground when that air strike ultimately did take place, taking so many lives. doctors without borders today has called for an independent investigation, saying because of discrepancies in the accounting right now, it is in their words, quote, more critical than ever. we have some other breaking news to focus on right now. that's what's happening in south carolina. the governor there is describing this as a thousand year flood event across her state. this is the scene right now in columbia. entire communities swamped with water. roads completely destroyed. we want to walk you through the latest information.
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governor haley says there are nine weather-related deaths in south carolina. rescue crews are going door to door in several cities, trying to free residents still trapped in their homes. more than 1300 south carolina national guard troops are supporting those efforts. while in the capital city of columbia, boil water advisories right now in effect. as many as 40,000 people do not have drinking water. just moments ago, governor haley updated the situation and described just how big this storm has been across her state. >> south carolina has gone through a storm of historic proportions. it has gone through a storm that has never happened before. having said that, south carolina's moving. we've got all the people we need. >> meanwhile, residents across the state are still stunned. >> i saw the water touch the bottom of the bridge twice in all those years and this -- this doesn't even compare. >> we want to bring in knbc's
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meteorologist, who is focusing on this for us. give us the sense, is the worst of this over? historic flood totals. >> we are seeing the worst of the storm over now but you can see the numbers have added up. we have over two feet of rain already reported in sumpter, already with 19 inches. charleston, to give you an idea of how much rain that has been, they normally get that type of rain in three months' time. so that was only within a day. now, the worst of this is over. we are talking about this rain starting to pull back from the coast. the low pressure system is now heading out towards the west and drier air is moving in behind it so a lot of the heavy rain band is moving out towards the coastline and chrarleston, myrte beach, even into columbia are starting to get a bit of a break from this rain. in the next 24 hours, by the time this is over, we may get an additional tenth of an inch in georgetown to half an inch in myrtle beach. even that little amount will add up, especially because we have
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seen some of this rain on the ground already. looking at historic rainfall amounts and again, you are talking about a 1,000 year event. that's a chance of getting this kind of rain just once every thousand years. that's just how rare this event has been. we will keep an eye on this especially. >> exactly right. we are reading some of the twitter coming out. charleston international airport has been reporting more than 17 inches of rain in the last five days. they say that breaks an all time five day record for the state of south carolina. there are other areas outside of south carolina where this system is moving toward where those folks now need to be on the watch. >> yeah. you know, the heaviest bands are starting to move out so i think they will get additional rain. we will see an inch maybe in sumpter but more of that rain will be up towards the north. it will be in light forms, not the flooding rain. more that we have to watch from here on out will be what happens after this, how they will deal with the rain and receding waters. that will take a few days. they will look at the aftermath from here on out. >> we appreciate it very much
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for your reporting. we have been reporting all day about the storm in south carolina. record-breaking 8.7 inches of rain fell during a 24 hour period over the weekend in columbia. the national weather service has been reporting that as well. it was this hurricane joaquin that also spawned some of this weather system, creating this impact here. that hurricane also to blame for what resulted in the waters off the coast there. a desperate search for that cargo ship carrying 28 americans on board. the coast guard now believes that el faro sank to the bottom of the ocean and they have notified the families of that. >> for our search planning efforts, we are assuming that the vessel has sank. we believe it sank in the last known position. we are still looking for survivors or any signs of life, any signs of that vessel. >> the el faro was last heard from on thursday near the bahamas crooked islands. family members are still holding out hope.
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>> she always said to me if anything happens to me, out at sea, mom, it's okay. i died doing what i want to do. >> we are joined now for the latest from jacksonville, florida. i want to get a sense about the coast guard's new search strategy but i also have to ask a question, a lot of people have been posing to me right now, is why was that ship where it was and if they went out when it was a tropical storm, why didn't the ship change course as the forecast changed and became clear they were going into a hurricane? do we know the answers? >> reporter: no, peter, we actually don't. in fact, to answer some trained mariners are also asking, we talked to a couple who are going up here to the seafarers union hall. some were angry the storm went out knowing the tropical storm conditions and knowing weather changes rapidly and quickly. they wonder why the captain went out and why the company that owns the vessel allowed that
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ship to go out. considering that, the coast guard says they are still holding out hope. they found a debris field with hats and survival suits in the debris field. one of the survival suits, they found a deceased person but they still say there's a possibility because these are trained mariners. who have the skills, if anybody can survive, they can. but these were very difficult and challenging positions they would have abandoned ship. we are talking about where the ship lost propulsion, 140 mile an hour hurricane winds and 50 foot seas. very difficult conditions but families are not giving up hope. peter? >> thank you very much for that reporting right now in jacksonville, florida. denise is a former coast guard officer joining us. thank you very much for your time. the coast guard of course is focusing on searching for lifeboats and life rafts as we have been told. as a former coast guard officer, can you give us a sense of what this search is like, what the conditions are like when you have just such an expansive area
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in which to find such a small piece of evidence or ultimately, hopefully, someone who is still living? >> it's all encompassing. you've got your fixed wings, you have your helicopters, you have your vessels. you have assets that are being pulled not only from florida but they will be pulled from south carolina, they will be pulled from the carolinas and the reason the coast guard's pulling these assets is because they are needed. for the coast guard, this is not only a search and rescue for the vessel but for the men and women that are on the vessel who are probably classmates. >> if we believe the cargo ship has sunk, how difficult would it be for survivors to have braved those hurricane conditions in a lifeboat or raft? is there any precedent that you can survive conditions like that? >> these are awful conditions. the last time a major cargo vessel of this type sunk was in 1975. it was the edmund fitzgerald. 29 americans died that day.
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that's the closest we have. this hasn't happened in 42 years because american vessels are built to withstand these types of winds. >> give us those survival suits we are speaking about, they are unfamiliar to a lot of our audience, how well do those work, what are the conditions under which they can help keep someone alive? >> they are incredibly well made. you get in them and you get in them with the assumption you are going to survive. but when you are talking about 20 to 30 foot waves and talking about staying in the water for three or four days, those are circumstances beyond anybody's control. >> denise krepp is joining us live talking about the latest in that search for the el faro out at sea. we appreciate your time. we are sorry it's under these circumstances. thank you. >> thank you. we are getting new images and new information, more breaking news that we are following. this is about an amtrak train that derailed today in vermont. my colleague francis rivera is
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covering those developments. what more do we know? >> we are tracking fast-moving developments at this hour. a new photo just in to us from the view inside train 55's derailment in vermont confirmed by amtrak. here's what we know. one passenger telling nbc all hell broke loose after what had been a smooth trip. a federal official tells nbc news there are multiple non-life threatening injuries. the fire department has confirmed at least four, the fire department believes five train cars derailed, two went over the banks. first responders are on the scene. all of it unfolding two hours ago in the town of northfield, vermont. here's what we know about the train. it runs between washington, d.c. and st. albans, vermont with stops in the cities of baltimore, philadelphia, new york and springfield, massachusetts. so vermont governor peter shumlin holding a press conference in about 20 minutes.
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we are watching to see what else he has to say and will bring you developments as they happen. >> thank you very much for that report from new york. we will keep up with you over the course of this hour. up next, for the first time since thursday's shooting rampage, the umpqua community college campus is back open. we will take you live to roseburg just ahead. what is next in the fight for gun control? we will talk to the father of slain television journalist alison parker. plus what we know about an air strike in afghanistan. also, one of the supreme court's new terms and predictions are flying about which side is likely to see a user of significant victories. that's coming up. at rates. at rates. it's a fact. kind of like ordering wine equals pretending to know wine. pinot noir, which means peanut of the night.
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you have these terrible incidents like we just had in oregon, children being killed in school, people in bible study in a church being murdered and on campuses, and so many others. i think we've got to as a nation do exactly what you said, enough. what do we have to try to accomplish. we need universal background checks. we know that they will work. >> that was presidential candidate hillary clinton talking gun control earlier today on nbc's "today" show. right now we are watching developing news in the umpqua community college shooting rampage. the school has reopened. it's back today for the first time since a gunman shot and killed nine people on campus thursday. but it's only open really for faculty and staff. in just a few hours, students will be bussed back to campus where they can pick up their stuff and talk to counselors. class is scheduled to resume one week from now. meantime, we are learning
10:17 am
chilling new details about the gunman's final words to his victims before he took their lives. one of the survivor's parents spoke to our colleague. >> she then heard another lady say to the shooter i'm so sorry for what you've gone through and he said, as laci would say, i kw quote, i bet you are but it's not good enough and with that, he shot her. >> we are live in roseburg, oregon. jacob, i was struck reading the school's website, it says it offered a peaceful and safe atmosphere. obviously that peace has been shattered. how are members of that community coping today? >> reporter: really just by trying to get back to normal. you see cars behind me now starting to roll in and out. as you mentioned, faculty had access to the campus starting at 8:00 this morning. students will have access to the campus to pick up personal belongings starting around 1:00
10:18 am
local time here. hhs, the federal department of health and human services along with faith-based responders like the billy graham rapid response team here in the staging area are here to provide mental health counseling for students and faculty on campus and really, the community just wants to move forward. yesterday i stopped by the local coffee chain dutch brothers, kind of their starbucks. they are continuing to give free coffee to everybody in the community, collect donations for family members of victims and those who survived as well as yesterday i spent time with dennis acton who took me up into the back country, where folks go hunting, because deer season just started a couple days ago. really, what he said is he wants life here to get back to like it was on wednesday before the shooting on thursday. >> jacob, thank you very much. andy parker tragically lost his daughter alison when a gunman opened fire during her live tv
10:19 am
report. he issing injoining us now. i appreciate your time very much. so first i want to begin with comments that hillary clinton made today as she unveils her new plan in terms of fighting guns. she says it would contain a comprehensive federal background check legislation, it would tighten rules covering gun show and internet sales using executive actions if congress will not act. she would repeal a law that prevents crime victims from suing gun manufacturers and revokes the licenses of back actor dealers. all morning we have been asking our viewers whether they think secretary clinton's plan or one like it would work. i want to get your sense on whether that plan seems like one to you that would be possible. >> it absolutely would be possible and it's long overdue for this kind of action to be taken. you know, i applaud mrs. clinton for coming out and for advancing
10:20 am
these ideas that we have been pushing for quite a while. you know, there is no new normal and if people accept that the same thing, do nothing i guess policies by the politicians, we are going to see this stuff happen over and over again. it's not going to prevent all but anything we can do will help prevent the next one. >> mr. parker, i want to ask you, you said we need to find a which to keep crazy people from getting guns. obviously this is a highly complex issue with the brady law, the mentally ill in this country are already disqualified from gun ownership but only if a court has adjudicated the mental illness or person has been committed. most people don't enter the system so they easily pass. other than a court, who can be empowered to decide who is too mentally challenged to own a gun? the second amendment and hipaa laws prevent significant change in some ways. what do we do? >> we have to relax the hipaa
10:21 am
laws. we have to be able to have health care professionals and employers to be somewhat relaxed so people can talk to one another. it all goes along with a comprehensive solution to all of this. obviously the easiest path of resistance is to close the loopholes in the gun shows and the background checks, universal background checks that secretary clinton and we in every town have been advocating, but you are never going to stop all these people from committing crimes, but anything we can do to prevent them is something that we need to do because doing nothing is -- you see the results of that. >> president obama says he has exhausted his ability without the help of congress. 23 executive actions in total. hillary clinton is calling for some additional executive actions. the question's whether the
10:22 am
administration thinks those ones are feasible. are you satisfied with the president's handling of this circumstance? he was very emotional as we heard from him late last week. >> i think there are things that he can do on his own. there are things that we, our policy guy, they are going to recommend to the president that there are steps that he can take as president. i think we need to -- i think some of those steps are incorporated in what mrs. clinton had suggested. >> mr. parker, we are sorry to be speaking to you under these circumstances. we appreciate your time on this critically important issue. thank you. >> thank you. if people want to join us in this fig, if they are sick of wondering if their kids will be safe at school or if they are going to be coming out of a movie theater alive or just a journalist doing their job, join us at every town. text now at 877877 and join us in the fight. because it will be a long one
10:23 am
but we are going to win it. >> appreciate your time. thank you very much. a fire hose of rain aimed at the carolinas has been shut off but south carolina's epic flooding still has entire towns under water. we are tracking the latest on this devastating weather event. also, how are dozens of innocent people killed in an air strike on a doctors without borders hospital? live in the pentagon with an update on that investigation next.
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10:27 am
has since destroyed at least two ancient temples. frances rivera has an update on the deadly strike on the hospital run by doctors without borders in afghanistan, 22 people killed there. what more are we learning? >> doctors without borders says it is leaving the afghan city of kanduz where a u.s. air strike struck a hospital over the weekend, killing at least 22. that figure includes 12 staffers who were working with the humanitarian group. afghan forces are trying to clear out the taliban which took over much of the city wia week ago. doctors without borders decried the statement about armed terrorists using the hospital and have called this a war crime. just moments ago, the white house was asked about that charge. >> i wouldn't use a label like that because this is something that continues to be under investigation. the thing i do think warrants mentioning is that there is no country in the world and no military in the world that goes to greater lengths and places a higher premium on avoiding
10:28 am
civilian casualties than the united states department of defense. >> josh earnest speaking about it. now nbc is at the pentagon with the latest on this investigation. as word of this attack came out, a lot of confusion, lot of conflicting statements about exactly what happened. today the u.s. department of defense corrected the record about u.s. military calling for air strikes. what more are they saying? >> reporter: right. that clarification came from the top u.s. military commander there in afghanistan, general john campbell, who explained that the initial story that u.s. military that were nearby were threatened by the taliban fighters there and therefore, that was the reason for the air strike. but today, he clarified that to say there were no u.s. military in the vicinity or under threat, that it was the afghan military who called the u.s. military special operations forces at the nearby airport and it was those forces that called in the air
10:29 am
strikes. but clearly, this is a humanitarian and public relations disaster for the u.s. military, because the question is even if the afghans called it in, did they give the correct coordinates, did the u.s. check those coordinates, was there a double-check and did the ac-130 that launched the attacks observe the situation long enough to determine if in fact there was fire coming from that hospital. questions that remain to be answered and general campbell is going to get a thorough grilling on this tomorrow before the senate armed services committee on capitol hill. >> even warranting strong words from president obama, calling it inexcusable, among other things. jim miklaszewski, thank you very much. peter? what if anything will we learn about the latest scandal plaguing the secret service? a briefing being held as we speak. those details next.
10:30 am
also -- >> this street has been flooded ten times in 20 years i've lived here. i never had water in my house, thank goodness. this time water got up in our house. >> more staggering pictures today. homeowners beginning to assess the damage from the weekend's historic downpours. we will get an update from the mayor of columbia, south carolina, next. it takes a lot of work... to run this business. but i really love it. i'm on the move all day long... and sometimes, i just don't eat the way i should. so i drink boost® to get the nutrition that i'm missing. boost complete nutritional drink has 26 essential vitamins and minerals, including calcium and vitamin d to support strong bones and 10 grams of protein to help maintain muscle. all with a great taste. i don't plan on slowing down any time soon. stay strong. stay active with boost®.
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that's why at&t is giving you 50% more data. that's 15 gigs of data for the price of 10. because the more data you have, the better. and right now at at&t get $300 credit for every line you switch when you trade in a smartphone and buy any smartphone on at&t next. more breaking news right now. we want to get back to the historic floods in the carolinas. south carolina's governor nikki haley says there are nine weather-related deaths across that state. while the rain is importantly starting to back off, the governor is warning people the danger there certainly isn't over yet. the aftermath of all of this, some residents are frankly just happy they survived. >> the house across the street, water's up to their roof. i was lucky because it only came up about a foot and a half in my house.
10:34 am
i have lived here most of my life. the dam broke twice when i was living here and never flooded but this took everything away. >> steven benjamin is the mayor of columbia, south carolina and is joining us now. mr. mayor, we appreciate your time. thank you. >> thank you, peter. >> want to get a sense of the situation right now in columbia. we know nine people have lost their lives across the state. are there any reports of missing persons where you are or do you feel satisfied that everybody that needs help is being attended to right now? >> absolutely. we are seeing incredible collaboration and coordination on the local level with our city and county emergency response professionals. we are getting great leadership from the governor and our national guard and our federal officials. i talked to beoth of our senators, tim scott and lindsey graham, everyone working hard to make sure we have all the resources we need deployed to
10:35 am
meet the needs of the people of columbia, south carolina and the midlands. peter, our primary mission, we have a number of important things we are doing right now. mission number one is the preservation of human life. we are working every single day, every single hour to make sure we are doing everything we need to do so we have officers out in the field. this morning we sent out a team of firefighters, police officers and sheriff's deputies, 60 of them, canvassing house to house just in case there are people in those homes who they have lost contact with the outside world, maybe lost power and one by one we are marking off each house literally with an orange x on the door to make sure people know the homes have been covered. but folks are working very closely. those numbers, nine deaths state-wide is nine too many and we are taking extraordinary measures -- >> mr. mayor, just to be very clear, no missing persons at this point in columbia specifically, correct? >> no.
10:36 am
no, but we're still looking. we are still looking. >> obviously, water then becomes a very critical issue to help those who are in many places stranded or have the boil water advisories in their area. so 40,000 people, we understand right now without drinking water. how you get drinking water to them right now and what resource do you need most right now? >> right now, we have the state government has a plan they are rolling out state-wide and the key, in just a few minutes, we are having a press conference announcing six locations in participation with the county in which we are identifying additional places for people to have bottled water. we will probably roll out at least over 100,000 bottles of water. so everyone is working together. we have great corporate partners like walmart and pepsi and others who are also helping and incredible number of volunteers who are donating time and resources to make sure we have what we need.
10:37 am
so water systems have been restored in parts of the city already. we still have a boil water advisory in place. so that folks can understand they may have water, who want to make sure it's boiled and safe for consumption. we are working together. we have seen the best at work with our first responders. >> mayor, we appreciate your time under this crisis, these circumstances, certainly not the way we like to visit with you. glad that everyone there is safe right now. we wish you best of luck in the efforts ahead. >> thank you so much. some other news now. on to politics and donald trump still atop the latest iowa and new hampshire polls. however, nbc news/"wall street journal" and marist find his leap is slipping. in new hampshire, he's down seven. in iowa, down five. in both polls it looks like carly fiorina has gained the most. on sunday, nbc's chuck todd asked trump about his poll numbers and what the donald would do if the numbers keep falling. here's his response. take a listen.
10:38 am
>> if i were doing poorly, if i saw myself going down, if you would stop calling me because you no longer have any interest in trump because he has no chance, i would go back to my business. i have no problem with that. >> nbc news senior political director mark murray joins us. i want to talk about what trump was saying in that interview. not the first time he said i'm willing to get out if my numbers don't look so good. he said it to john harwood just last week. what do you take from this sort of messaging and who ultimately benefits if he pulls the rip cord? >> there was a lot of big political news over the weekend but i think that clip was the most important. the reason behind it is if trump does say that if i don't have a chance to win or might finish second or third place in the iowa caucuses, new hampshire primary, i might get out before the voting even begins. >> that's why you see the ted cruz of the world show up on capitol hill, carly fiorina as another outsider trying to say hey, i can pick up where he left
10:39 am
off. >> that would reshuffle the entire republican field. even if donald trump's poll numbers go down and of course, we have been waiting for them to go down for awhile, they have gone down just a little bit but he still is leading. if you are talking about 15%, 20%, 25% could be up for grabs for ted cruz, marco rubio, jeb bush, anyone else, that would be an extraordinary thing. talking about extraordinary, we often hear about people who end up saying i run for president, maybe i win or don't win, we rarely hear from somebody who is running that boy, if it doesn't look like i'm going to win i'm going to get out right before. what does that end up doing to your supporters, who want to see you through good times and bad times, that you will be able to go all the way through. those remarks were incredibly striking. we could be talking about it come december and january before voting begins. >> i had the same reaction to the comments. let's talk about the polls more broadly, if we can. in new hampshire, john kasich saw a big drop. carly fiorina grew dramatically, up ten points in the course of the period of time since we last did this. what do you see when you look at that now?
10:40 am
>> those are the big stories. one other kind of note, bobby jindal, louisiana governor, is all of a sudden doing a little better in iowa. some of these people have been advertising. bobby jindal, his outside group, super pacs supporting him, have been doing advertising. john kasich, who has seen his numbers go down, there hasn't been as much advertising for him in new hampshire. you kind of see kind of a little ebb and flow. to me the biggest take-away, donald trump, particularly in new hampshire, going from 16 point lead a month ago now to just five points. still leading burks bt he's los altitude. >> thanks for being here. which way may the supreme court swing when it comes to this year's big docket decisions? hillary clinton steals the show on "snl." what does it mean for her campaign? we break it down.
10:41 am
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moments ago, hillary clinton wrapped up her third event in new hampshire today. at the two previous ones, the secretary pushed back against rivals both democratic and republican. secretary clinton at a town hall on the "today" show was asked about a possible run by vice president biden. she reminded everyone that hose rosy poll numbers before you run can come down just as soon as you declare. >> once you're in the political fray, then you know, everybody begins to ask you questions and you are being pushed and pulled in many different directions. he knows that very well. but it's up to him to make his decision about what's best for him and his family. >> shortly thereafter, she appeared at another town hall, this one in manchester, and she spoke about gun control and hit both donald trump and jeb bush for their remarks about mass
10:45 am
shootings in the wake of the tragedy in oregon last week. >> on the republican side, mr. trump was asked about it and said something like you know, things like that happen in the world and governor bush said yeah, stuff happens. no. that's an admission of defeat and surrender to a problem that is killing 33,000 americans. >> the host of "andrea mitchell reports" is of course andrea mitchell. she is traveling with secretary clinton today. andrea, mrs. clinton lashed out about the benghazi committee. this is one of the things that struck us as we were watching this. i want to play what she had to say and get your reaction. take a listen. >> look at the situation they chose to exploit, to go after me for political reasons. the death of four americans in benghazi. i would have never done that and if i were president and there were republicans or democrats
10:46 am
who were thinking about that, i would have done everything to shut it down. >> give us a sense, obviously that was the strongest tone, the most force she used in the course of more than an hour of speaking before that gathered audience in new hampshire today. is this sort of a preview of what to anticipate as we go forward in anticipation of her speaking with the benghazi committee just basically two weeks from now? >> oh, you bet. she might not have been coming out with so much fire, so aggressively, had not kevin mccarty given her that pretext last week, giving the signal that there was a political motivation. tried to take that back afterwards but this is the gift that will keep on giving all the way through october 22nd. the clinton people believe. and you heard exactly call it a dress rehearsal or preview but that's what she unloaded on the "today" show. >> more broadly, we also saw her as sort of a softer side to hillary clinton as well. obviously the format allowed for that. when we talk about pancakes and politics. but how does her campaign feel as they head into this week with
10:47 am
a strong performance on "saturday night live" and a moment in their eyes to open up? at the last town hall she spoke with pride about her grandchild as well. >> i think that there are still so many uncertainties. look at the polling just today. we unveiled new polls on the "today" show showing that she still would not be as competitive as bernie sanders against the likely or leading republicans right now. she is behind sanders in new hampshire here. she says it's because he was a neighbor but there was one questioner, bob carter, who said he was seriously concerned about her position on income inequality which really bothers him. afterwards, he was very much persuaded. he said now he might be leaning more toward her than towards sanders. he is still undecided. she also laid out her gun proposal today and criticized both jeb bush and as you saw, jeb bush and donald trump on the gun issue.
10:48 am
i think that she feels is a very strong issue for her, in a good contrast for her with the liberal base against bernie sanders because he has been nra supported coming from vermont. even though in new hampshire there are a lot of gun owners and hunters, she was very very strong today and came out with proposals that would not just close the loopholes and do the background checks but would also remove the waiver that the gun industry has enjoyed thanks to the nra's supporting congress, a waiver from being sued by gun victims. she did also bring with her, there was an emotional moment, she brought with her one of the sandy hook mothers who lost her small son, dylan. that was quite an emotional moment. you saw a different side of hillary clinton. >> andrea mitchell on the road with mrs. clinton in new hampshire. thank you. look for your reporting of course as always on "andrea mitchell reports" and again tonight on "nbc nightly news". coming up, an update on the missing cargo ship.
10:49 am
el faro is lost at sea. we will have the latest on the search for the ship's crew and more questions about why it was headed toward that hurricane.
10:50 am
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sometimes it's the wrong person. often it's very arbitrary as to who gets executed. it's not the worse of the worse very often and arbitrary criteria that shouldn't be in determining who is selected for execution. >> that was justice breyer discussing why the court should consider banning the death penalty in an interview with ari melber. the supreme court begins the new term today with four death penalty case tons dock thet term and deciding whether to take up one of the important abortion cases in 25 years. ari melber has a preview. explain this abortion case if you can very simply right now given how much it divides this
10:53 am
country, when's at stake here? >> what's at stake is basically whether states can raise the hurdles for how clinics operate. texas, many people remember, did that with some new requirements admitting privileges and building safety rules and the forced closure of about half of the state's 41 clinics and that was stayed, that means it was held up by the court saying they might hear this case and the big question will be, do those kinds of rules not targeting the right to choose at all but have the functional equivalent of making it harder to exercise, do those interfere with the precedent of roe v. wade? >> college admissions is back. give us a better understanding of the details of this case out of texas. >> this one is reminiscent to many people of deja vu all over again. the court heard affirmative action in various forms several
10:54 am
times. this is literally a re-run, a revisit of the earlier case and sent it down to the lower courts and said, yes, you can use diversity in admissions but only in very limited wayins and now they're taking it up. the implication being that perhaps the court having seen the way it's narrowed thinks it's not narrow enough. otherwise people reason why would they take the case? but as we know from covering this, you can't predict or read too much into the court. they could re-hear this and still unfold a form of affirmative action. >> some people think pope francis waded in to the supreme court's waters in some ways when after the visit to capitol hill he met with the little sisters of the poor. >> yep. >> an organization, that charity group suing the administration over obamacare. give us a better understanding of the stakes relating to
10:55 am
religious freedom, a key talking point of republicans over the course of the political season. >> great point. you are looking at the religious exemptions which the obama administration said they provide to give people following federal laws in this case health care regulation the ability to not have to do things or even fund things that they disagree with. the abortion area one of the test cases. that will not address the functioning of obamacare as folks will remember the court upheld that the program is lawful and constitutional. this looks at that subset issue of whether there are enough ways that religious folks practice their faith while complying with the law. the administration said the exemptions are big and ample enough. >> nice of you to give the yogi berra on this day. >> you bet. >> thank you very much. >> thank you. the death toll up to nine in that historic east coast flooding. the probables, they're far from
10:56 am
finished. new reaction as well today from vermont where the governor there is reacting to the train derailment in that state this morning. we're back after this. ♪ hi, tom. hey, how's the college visit? you remembered. it's good. does it make the short list? you remembered that too. yea, i'm afraid so. knowing our clients personally is what we do. it's okay. this is what we've been planning for. thanks, bye. and with over 13,000 financial advisors, we do it a lot. it's why edward jones is the big company that doesn't act that way. iflike i love shrimp, come to red lobster's endless shrimp... ...for as much as you want, any way you want it... sweet, buttery, and creamy. like new pineapple habanero coconut shrimp bites... ...and teriyaki grilled shrimp. and yeah, it's endless, but it won't last forever.
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those who have had a drug or alcohol problem may be more likely to misuse lyrica. now i have less diabetic nerve pain. and i love helping first graders put their best foot forward. ask your doctor about lyrica. good day to you. i'm peter alexander in for thomas roberts. we continue the breaking news coverage on the historic floods in the carolinas. the pictures still stunning. latest information right now is that south carolina's governor says there are now nine weather-related deaths across the state. and while the rain fortunately has started to recede, more communities may have to be evacuated. more roads and bridges may close as floodwaters move toward the coast. distribution sites are being set up across the state for the more than 40,000 people without
11:00 am
water. governor nikki haley updating the situation a little bit more than an hour ago in the state capital describing the steps that she has taken to get an emergency declaration. >> we did a verbal request for a major disaster declaration. so rather than waiting to do the paper work which we're drafting now, we went ahead and did a verb request to come faster. >> meanwhile, some homeowners are starting to return to their properties to witness the damage firsthand. >> people lost everything. water was to their roofs and i mean, we're still very blessed. >> absolutely. >> everybody's safe and got places to stay that are dry. >> joining me on the ground is nbc's sarah dallof and gabe gutierrez and also meteorologist shan mendiola. we want to head to columbus and sarah dallof.
11:01 am
you have seen this firsthand. give us a sense of the scene there. is there any reason to believe with the situation improving? >> reporter: not necessarily, peter. because this water is still all coming downstream and affecting homes like this one here behind me. you can see people moving furniture and personal belongings out of that house. this is just one family that's been displaced by this catastrophe. this home is actually downstream from a lake and when a dam bursts there, due to all that water, it came straight down here overwhelming this neighborhood. while this home is currently the main one affected, it was dozens of homes in this neighborhood, the waters have receded somewhat allowing homeowners to get. you can see that street sign, that was the only thing sticking out of the water at the high point. the water dropping about 6 feet and a dramatic, dangerous scene here in columbia at the time and
11:02 am
neighbors doing whatever they can to try to help people gather their belongings, start to recover whatever they can. we talked to one neighbor who said he wants to give a huge thank you, understandably, to the people who have been helping giving of their time and vehicles, the firefighters, as well, who have been doing the swift-water rescues, putting their own lives in danger doing that. there's seven confirmed deaths here in the state south carolina. one was a transportation worker. across the state, about 40,000 people without water. tens of thousands without power. the rain somewhat stopping and by no means out of this disaster yet, peter. >> all right. thank you very much for that report from columbia. now, to nbc's gabe gutierrez, he is driving through the streets of south carolina. of course, where it's appropriate. and safe. gabe, give us a sense of what you're seeing. obviously, this is just one heck of a tough weekend for the people in the low country.
11:03 am
>> reporter: yeah. it certainly has, peter. an incredibly tough weekend and one that started this these roads impassable. many people couldn't get through them. thankfully, though, within the past few hours, the rain let up an finally been able to get to some of the nabeighborhoods. we are in the shadow moss neighborhood in the western part of charleston and it was impassable over the last few days. they have been telling people in a high vehicle to go through the vehicle and safe to do so. we have seen many vehicles through here and this is one that yesterday there were water rescue teams going into the homes and taking people -- making sure that people were okay. some people just stuck in the homes although and water was seeping in to many of these homes. this is shadow moss neighborhood in the western part of charleston and shows exactly how much water has receded within the past few hours, particularly here. once again, a neighborhood that
11:04 am
was not safe to pass yesterday is safe to pass. some of these homeowners coming back into the homes and finally, you know, seeing how much damage was done. there were a few that actually were able to stay in their homes. they took this in stride and were just waiting for a safe time to be able to leave and check on their neighbors. >> gabe, that leads me to a question. >> reporter: what i can tell you, peter, in the last few hours, we have seen improvings conditions here in charleston and as governor nikki haley says, other parts of the state are hurting and there are still many people here in other parts of charleston that were evacuated, still some in shelters and it is still an unprecedented, very historic disaster that's unfolded here in south carolina. back to you. >> gabe, stores and businesses are open right now. are people getting the access to resources they need there? >> reporter: yeah. in charleston, the historic
11:05 am
downtown charleston, that is open. it is dry. there are many businesses that are closed but the people that -- there are still many people in shelters. but for the most part, the city is trying to kind of get back to some sense of normalcy after this unprecedented rainfall, really, over the last few days. saturday, the wettest day on record here in charleston. >> yeah. >> reporter: as the governor has said, there's still many concerns if this area were to get anymore rain and if the rivers were to rise. what could happen here. but again, here at this shadow moss neighborhood and the western part of charleston, their waters seemed to have receded and people back in the neighborhoods and the home. >> be safe. we know you're doing a public service but be careful in the thank you. we want to get now to knbc meteorologist shawna mendola. when do things dry out for that
11:06 am
area? >> we are seeing it right now and point out memorable events in the past. most recently, boulder in 2013, some of you may they got 18 inches of rain. this is one of the most memorable ones. low pressure system starting the move out and seeing some drying as drier air behind the front and most of the rain starting to let up in south carolina where we have seen the most problems, through myrtle beach and columbia. some of that rain will head into north carolina. but again, the rain that we saw that fire hose of water that moved through for a couple of days will let up and i'll show you that the future cast will show drying by tomorrow morning and it will be a different story. now what we'll have to watch for is aftermath of the rain, all this flooding. we have flash flood warnings along the coastline and seeing maybe a tenth of an inch of rain and even just that little bit can cause some problems as we were seeing some flooding on the ground already and continuing to watch this and you can see that
11:07 am
it extends for all of the afternoon through tonight for florence, through myrtle beach and wilmington tonight. >> watching the boards for us, thank you very much. right now, we want to turn to another breaking news story we continue to follow and that's the search for the crew members aboard a cargo ship that disappeared after sail boog the path of hurricane joaquin. this shows the brutal conditions that the ship would have encountered about the time it went missing. see that rainbow of color with the force of that storm. it's the last-known position right along the outer bands of joaquin. my colleague francis is here with more on the search and when's turned into a terrible situation for so many families. >> absolutely. still hopeful some of them. late this morning, the coast guard announced that they believe cargo ship "el faro" is 15,000 feet below sea. right now, the focus is on finding survivors and combing two debris fields looking for
11:08 am
any signs of life. >> sank in the last known position that we recorded on thursday. we are still looking for survivors. or any signs of life. any signs of that vessel. >> and the coast guard found an empty lifeboat with a 43-person capacity. this is new video of the lifeboat released by the coast guard and they also said they discovered the remains of one individual floating in a survival suit. those remans unidentifiable and the coast guard said not able to recover the remans. it's been about five days here since there's last contact with the crew there and you think of those conditions. brutdal conditions. 100-mile-per-hour winds. zero visibility. what's the level of hope that survivors might be found? >> reporter: when it's someone you love, the hope always is very high. even though as you point out the
11:09 am
challenging circumstances into which these crew members would have abandoned ship. it would have been difficult for anyone to imagine they could survive and yet the coast guard said they're trained mariners, trained do into the sea under difficult conditions. and these families are holding out and holding on to the hope that that's what they're going the find out is that their training will have worked well for them. we are outside of the sea farer's international union. families have been gathering. you can see what we think are some of the mariners themselves. they're hopeful, too, but also saying they're angry that this vessel ever went out in to a tropical storm that they had been hearing was predicted to turn into a hurricane. which, as you mentioned, got winds up to 140 miles per hour. and with 0 viznsibility.
11:10 am
they're angry that the vessel went out and having said that, families are waiting for word, hoping and still praying as a mother said, pray hard, that our loved ones can come home. francis? >> we are talking about 33 loved ones. the crew on board, 28 americans. rehema ellis there in jacksonville, thank you. >> thank you. we are following breaking news on a train derailment confirmed in vermont. and the state's governor confirmed seven injuries including one who was air lifted to a local hospital there. in a news conference that wrapped up a matter of moments ago, the governor believes the cause was nature with no wrongdoing suspected. >> pretty brutal derainment caused by ledge on the track and as one of the passengers said to me, someone was looking out for us because you literally -- we walked out of a very, very
11:11 am
difficult situation. >> so bad, so difficult, frankly, a passenger says, all hell broke loose. his son posted these pictures on twitter. their family is safe. five train cars derailed. two of them went over the bank. this unfolded less than three hours og in northfield, vermont. the train between washington, d.c. and st. albans, vermont. and that's the latest on that as the vermont amtrak train crashed earlier. we'll keep you posted. an oregon community college reopens just days after tragedy. we're going to go to the campus where students return a few hours from now. and then new revelations of an internal inquiry in vovolkswages emissions scandal. the shortfall that may have prompted them to cheat. bernie sanders drawing
11:12 am
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clear your blocked nose and relieve your other allergy symptoms. so, you can breathe easier all day. zyrtec®-d. at the pharmacy counter.
11:15 am
you're watching msnbc. developing news right now. the secret service announced it was reopening an investigation into one of the several controversies. agents alleged to have accessed information related to jason chaffetz, an applicant to the service and was a republican congressman from utah. the director of the service says he now remembers more about the matter than he previously described to investigators. today director joseph clancy offered this explanation. >> my memory was incorrect. i thought april 1st. when the report came out, i was
11:16 am
advised it was mentioned march 25th. i made a couple quick calls to confirm that and i immediately called the oig to correct the record but in terms of knowing about the data that was looked at, april 2nd is that day. >> jonathan is a former secret service agent and assisted for president obama's 2013 inauguration. so certainly, jonathan, you know the challenges that face the secret service. all times. certainly under crisis or scrutiny. i want to get your sense right now as we heard this new clarification as it were from the director clancy right now. obviously, the president indicated his faith in the director and great faith that the service has been improving internally. do people believe that the service is improving? >> no. i mean, the president came out the other day and really showed his support towards the men and women of the secret service coming off the papal visit and all of the security planning
11:17 am
around the u.n. general assembly so the men and women of the secret service should be commended for that. where there's a problem right now is with the management of the secret service starting at the top with this type of issue now, you know, permeating the news cycle. this type of incident first of all should never have happened. no one should be accessing any, you know, private information on a database and then releasing it to the press. in short, director clancy has a problem with that problem. >> but is it just mansiagement? if it's dozens and employees as far away as london and president's protective detail, this seems like culture. >> the culture starts from the top, peter. you know, for a long time, the secret service has had a management culture of refrprisa and permeated a long time through different management ranks and now headquarters. collector clancy brought in to
11:18 am
change that culture, change exactly what was going on that led to the, you know, everything that we have seen of the secret service over the past, you know, 12 months. so this is really a step backwards for director clancy during his tenure as director and he has to get out in front of this, resolve the issues that led to this breach of data and move forward and hold those accountable. >> jonathan, quickly, and last, is the secret service best served by being within the department of homeland security or better served returning to treasury and had a different management structure in general? >> that's a very big question that, you know, can be debated a lot. my personal opinion is that they should go back to treasury where there's a better focus on some of their core investigations and protective methodology and away from dhs. that is my opinion. >> we appreciate your time. thank you very much.
11:19 am
>> thank you. we're following breaking news out of south carolina this afternoon. a 1,000-year flood event as it's described. far from done. people trapped in the homes. the efforts continue there. we'll take you to south carolina for the latest on the door to door search and then there's this. we need universal background checks. we know this they will work. we need to -- [ applause ] >> hillary clinton unveiling the gun control plan. we're asking you in today's bing pulse, do you think mrs. clinton's proposal will work? we want to hear from you. weigh in right now. beyond natural grain free pet food is committed to truth on the label. when we say real meat is the first ingredient, it is always number one. we leave out poultry by-product meal, corn, wheat and soy. and, we own where our dry food is made - 100%. can other brands say all that?
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11:22 am
covered by most health insurance and medicare plans. more breaking news right now. scary moments on board an american airlines flight. this was going from phoenix to boston today. francis is watching the latest from our msnbc studios in new york. francis, forced to divert as a result of an illness with the pilot.
11:23 am
>> that's exactly right. a red eye out of phoenix to boston. again, when they were alerted that this pilot had become sick, they diverted the flight. touched down and landed safely in syracuse. we know that this was flight 550. an airbus. lois anderson was a passenger on the flight. you said everybody was very tired, a red eye flight. when did that change? because you did hear from the pilot at the start of the flight. is that right? >> yeah. at the start of the flight, he just -- typical announcement of the weather in boston and he had said that it was going to be 79 or 70 degrees in boston and then had to correct himself and that's all i really remember from him and then -- falling asleep and waking up to the stewardess saying we were making an emergency landing because the pilot -- >> okay. you're breaking up a little bit. hopefully we can still hear from you. how far into the flight was it?
11:24 am
i know you mentioned that you were sleeping. how far in before you actually heard from the flight attendants that the flight was being diverted? >> so i think it was about 7:00 a.m. east coast time when i -- the stewardess made the announcement on the loudspeaker. >> and did they give you any indication what happened? how much details did they give you? >> they didn't really tell us anything. they handled it really progre progressally and didn't make us -- one of the stewardess still came by and picked up our trash. >> okay. certainly unexpected circumstances here, unfortunate, too. a pilot dies in that red eye flight from phoenix to boston, having to be diverted to syracuse. statement from the american airlines saying, unfortunately, ow pilot passed away. we are incredibly saddened by the event and focused on carrying for the family and colleagues. american airlines not identifying the pilot as of yet and no details as to what
11:25 am
happened and what caused his death. lois anderson, thank you for that. following this and trying to get more details of what happened and what kind of illness this pilot was suffering from. >> all right. francis, appreciate your update on that. back to politics, new numbers that could mean concern for the clinton campaign. the latest poll shows bernie sanders outperforming hillary clinton in general election matchups in both iowa and new hampshire. in iowa, clinton lags behind carly fiorina, jeb bush and donald trump by, look at this, 14, 10 and 7 points respectively. but then put sanders up, matched against the same republicans, his numbers are a lot stronger, even bets trump by 5 points. both carly fiorina and jeb bush win in both circumstances. it's all part of a huge wave of momentum that sanders continues to ride drawing massive crowds to rallies across the country
11:26 am
and filling the coffers the nearly levels of clinton and joining us again in the studio is nbc news senior political editor mark murray. with hillary clinton today, we had an opportunity to hear her focus on this issue, when she was asked about senator sanders' rise. take a listen to what she said. >> no. i mean, look. i really believe this is great for the democratic party and for this election because we want to turn out as many people as possible in order to understand and believe what we both believe, that the difference between us on the democratic side and the republicans is a huge gulf. >> she rarely refers to bernie sanders by name and today she said bernie's from a neighboring state, of course, the state of vermont right now. so i guess bottom line is this good for hull hill, forces to her to get on the game, or is it
11:27 am
bad for hillary clinton right now? >> it's a mixed bag. would they rather be winning in new hampshire where sanders is running ahead of by 9 points in our poll? absolutely. we would rather be ahead. ahead in the general election matchups as we see in absolutely. >> ironic because new hampshire is where she turned the table on barack obama in 2008. >> bernie sanders is a very unassuming, not that charismatic guy getting the biggest crowds. he is drawing that elizabeth warren wing of the democratic party but, peter, when you look at we are still in the dating phase of the dominating phase before the marrying phase and here liberals and progressals see this, the message on single payer. we don't need to have college tuition for disadvantaged people. we can have it for all and saying without constraints or republicans in the house to have
11:28 am
a message on, yes, this is what we want. the question is whether that message resonates january, february, march and protecting what was gained in the obama years. >> hillary clinton contrasting with senator sanders and issue of guns and other things. senator sanders supported by the nra. hillary clinton opposing it veheme vehemently. thanks. >> thank you. unprecedented flooding in south carolina. the trouble not done. next, congressman mark sanford about the catastrophic water that's swamps his home state. a college reopening after the mass shooting. the attack prompted renewed calls for gun control. i'll speak with senator chris murphy whose state of connecticut was also touched by tragedy. why put up with that? but the quicksilver card from capital one
11:29 am
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we return now to the breaking news coverage from
11:32 am
south carolina, of course. the weather there has claimed nine lives across the state. several cities completely under water due to historic unrelenting rains. right now, boil water advisories are still in effect for some people in columbia. we are told about 40,000 people across the state are without water altogether. officials at the university of south carolina are bringing in bottled water and portable restrooms to try to help take care of the students there and the last hour i spoke with columbia mayor steve benjamin about the situation in his city. >> we have a press conference announcing six locations in participation with the county and which we are identifying additional people for to have bottled water. probably 100,000 bottles of water. >> in charleston, people are beginning to come home and survey the damage. joining me now is congressman mark sanford representing the
11:33 am
charleston area. he is also the former govern nor of the state. we appreciate your time speaking to us, congressman. this is an awful scene as you look around you and see a state now swamped by water. i want to get a sense from you right now in the conversations you're having about what the biggest urgency, the biggest need for the people of south carolina is right now. >> there are a whole host of needs. the you look at the neighborhood behind me, what you'd say is where will they stay? they're staying with friends, relatives, church folks, emergency shelters. go down the list. for some, it's basic housing. the need is acute in the middle and south of south carolina and the flooding is catastrophic. you have also -- i met this morning with a state director with the red cross. they're bringing in additional supplies, additional sheltering equipment and food and water so that basic necessities are one
11:34 am
of the most basics that people will have to deal with. again, particularly as you move up into the middle part of the state. >> congressman, give us a sense of what's going on right now around that state. are there any as you understand active searches going on? any people still believed missing right now or to the best of your understanding are people in that community that you represent have been identified or certainly found safe? >> yeah. for the most part, along the gulf, peep are present and accounted for. i spoke with dnr, department of natural resource, officers yesterday. they were headed again for that middle area, sort of the bull's eye if you want to call it that with regard to flooding but if you look across the state, there are almost, you know, 400 roads that have been closed. not just in neighborhoods. i mean, major roads connecting one point to another. more of the roughly right at almost 200 bridges out in the state and they're engineering,
11:35 am
surveying teams looking at the structural integrity of a lot of bridges uncertain and much to do with whether or not schools open or don't based on bus lines to the schools so you have got that going on. you have, frankly, the worst in some ways still ahead of us because if you look at the amount of rainfall in the upstate and the middle of south carolina, in some cases, the rivers won't see peak flooding until friday or saturday of this week so the rain will come to an end but the water that's been laid in trib tarp utaries and te of the mountains to the mid lands and the coast this week. >> congressman mark sanford, sorry to speak to you under these circumstances and appreciate your time and wish everybody to you and your home state today. >> thank you. we're watching developing news in the umpqua community college shooting rampage. school is back open.
11:36 am
the first day since the gunman shot and killed nine people on campus thursday. but it's only open for the moment for faculty and staff. students will be bussed back to campus to pick up the belongings. they can visit privately with counselors. classes still there still scheduled to resume in a week. meantime, we are learning chilling new details about the final words to the victims before taking their lives. one of the survivor's parents spoke to nbc's miguel amalgeur. >> she heard another lady say to the shooter, i'm so sorry for you what you've gone through. he said, and as lacy would say, i quote, i bet you are. but it's not good enough and with that he shot her. >> senator chris murphy a democrat of connecticut where 26 children and educators gunned down in 2012 at sandy hook elementary school. appreciate your time today. thank you. >> thank you for having me.
11:37 am
>> you heard about hillary clinton's plan today with comprehensive federal background legislation, tightening gun shows and internet sales, repeals a law of crime victimless from suing gun manufacturers, revokes the licenses of back actor dealers so we have been asking the viewers whether they think the plan or one like it could work. i want your take on that and whether you believe as she calls for executive actions right now and were to be president, do you think that president obama could do more? they say they've exhausted the possible executive actions without the help of congress. >> i think secretary clinton today outlined additional executive actions the obama administration can take a look at bringing dealers across the country outside of the requirement to do background checks into that requirement. >> it would basically call them businesses so they would have different guidelines for the sales. >> yeah. it would be an acknowledgment of people at the gun shows on a
11:38 am
weekly or a weekend basis and are acting much more like full-time than part time gun dealers and people selling on the internet doing enough volume to be doing background checks, as well. there's room with respect to executive action and i think the president said that during his statement last week that he's going to be looking at additi additional ways to work without congress and hitting a ceiling some point and if we want meaningful change, we have to do something. i've said for a listening time i think congress is effectively quietly endorsing these mass murders because people who are having their minds unhinged, note that there is no one here in the elected legislative branch of congress getting together to do something about it in a practical way so i think without congress acting here we see more and more of the mass slaughters. >> senator, hillary clinton appeared emotional today with
11:39 am
the mother of sandy hook victim of dylan. i want to listen to that moment. >> so many of the parents of these precious children who were murder murdered have taken the unimaginable grief that they have been bearing and have tried to be the voices that we need to hear. >> strikingly emotional moment there in new hampshire today. why do you think these parents who have lost their young children to gun violence have been unable to bring about any real gun control, gun safety reforms? >> i think the nra spent several decades building up a political infrastructure that was ready when sandy hook happened to beat us in congress and, you know, i hope that doesn't take us 20 years but we have to build up a political infrastructure in favor of anti-gun violence measures that rivals theirs and what i like about hillary
11:40 am
clinton is that she is going to put this issue on the ballot. a lot of my colleagues, democrats, scared to go out there and be forcefully for background checks or bans on assault weapons scared of the gun lobby. 90% of americans agree with on background checks and really important that secretary clinton is showing that she is going to put the issue on the ballot in 2012. i think we'll win. >> some people, "the new york times" i think in an op-ed of this summer said and we have it up on the screen to pull up, the federal government is the nation's top gun buyer. it purchases more than a quarter of the guns in the united states. major gun manufacture earls depend on it for the government to keep buying guns from the companies to ensure public safety without making demands for change is to squander its leverage. do you think that's a place where this administration can look for some potential change
11:41 am
by putting pressure on gun manufacturers for some new technologies whether it's fingerprint i.d. or some codes required on the side of the gown to make them safer? >> i think that's a really important point. and the fact is that technology has been slow to develop in part because the gun manufacturers haven't decided to put money behind it. they don't think there's a market there and so if the u.s. government has the ability, we have to purchase these weapons and so we might as well tell manufacturers if they're working on technologies to make guns safer, they're more likely to get purchases from the u.s. government. we have to look at every possible lever here and the sandy hook parents have been strong on this issue of gun safety. they recognize there's no one solution to the epidemic of gun violence and working on mental health, i think the best chance to pass something in congress. working on new gun laws and safety initiatives and got to be a pan plea of responses. >> thank you. we appreciate your time today.
11:42 am
>> thank you. breaking news right now, this is from the defense department officials telling nbc news that russia is moving artillery and ground forces to hama, syria, saying it is another indication less interested in aiding the fight of isis and fighting any opposition to president al assad on the ground. they said they continued precision strikes against isis today.
11:43 am
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so wi got a job!ews? i'll be programming at ge. oh i got a job too, at zazzies. (friends gasp) the app where you put fruit hats on animals? i love that! guys, i'll be writing code that helps machines communicate. (interrupting) i just zazzied you. (phone vibrates) look at it! (friends giggle) i can do dogs, hamsters, guinea pigs... you name it. i'm going to transform the way the world works. (proudly) i programmed that hat. and i can do casaba melons. i'll be helping turbines power cities. i put a turbine on a cat. (friends ooh and ahh) i can make hospitals run more efficiently... this isn't a competition! you're watching msnbc. jeb bush is showing signs of life in the latest polls. in new hampshire, risen three points good enough for third place. meanwhile, in iowa, jeb bush still in the single digits but that's there. good enough for fourth. msnbc's steve kornacki is joining us now and not spectacular news but it could be
11:46 am
worse as donors reportedly saying you have to show real progress, real soon. when's the bush campaign have to put its, i guess, stand on today? >> yeah. you showed it. the big one is new hampshire more than iowa because new hampshire more than iowa is the do or die state for jeb bush. people look at iowa, a state filled with religious conservative. the assumption is that jeb bush is not going to do very well in iowa. new hampshire, completely different electorate. more middle of the road. a little bit more secular. this is of those first two states this is the one where jeb bush needs to go in and there and win and as you're seeing in the polls is movement. there's an explanation for that movement and that is that jeb bush and the superpac with a ton of money have really started to dump that money in to advertising on the air waves in new hampshire and boston which feeds right in to southern new hampshire and drawing a connection of spending money there, starting to get some
11:47 am
traction in new hampshire from there, that's the good sign for them. the other good and encouraging sign for them in new hampshire is that john kasich showing a lot of live, the governor of ohio, somebody who in a lot of ways going after the middle of the road republican voters as jeb bush, kasich fallen back in new hampshire. he had been spending money there. he isn't at the current moment and they have sort of switched places. that is an encouraging sign for jeb bush. >> kasich telling me traveling with him to his hometown just outside pittsburgh last week, if we don't do it in new hampshire, this campaign will come to an end and pressure on both in that sate. i want to switch gears and talk about carly fiorina on the rise. but while she is reportedly attracting attention from the koch brothers, "the washington post" is also hitting her for being really bad with money in her 2010 senate campaign. her campaign aides say this is just another attack from the left and its liberal allies in the media but what does the report say? it looks at spending money for
11:48 am
senate in a very expensive state in california in 2010. she spent more money than having in that campaign. people look at carly fiorina and they know she's a wealthy woman from the business world and people assume she self-funded and wrote a series of blank checks. she only spent about $7 million of her own money on the campaign. the rest of it she was relying on donations for and at the same time the campaign was putting out a lot of money, you know, for vendors, pollsters, things like this and bills left unpaid at the end of the campaign. 2010 campaign. finally i think for the most part paid off at the start of last year as she began to -- this year, excuse me, beginning to gear up to run for president and obviously an embarrassing story obviously for any candidate, especially coming from the private sector, coming from the business world and is touting management, business experience. any time to look at a candidate saying, well, the finances in your own campaign were kind of a
11:49 am
mess, that is not a helpful headline. >> steve kornacki, appreciate the breakdown. thank you. >> sure. hillary clinton's appearance on "snl," how's it impact her campaign? we'll take a look at this. when you're not confident your company's data is secure, the possibility of a breach can quickly become the only thing you think about. that's where at&t can help. at at&t we monitor our network traffic so we can see things others can't. mitigating risks across your business. leaving you free to focus on what matters most.
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should take a vacation. >> a vacation? >> a vacation. >> what did you say? >> a vacation! >> somebody say vacation? oh my god! they're multiplying. >> they may have, well, may have a lot of opportunities on their hand in the months ahead right now. hillary clinton much-talked appearance on "snl" in the four-minute skit, showing a sense of humor impersonating the
11:53 am
republican front-runner. >> oh well. i'm just so darned bummed. anyone wants to talk about is donald trump. >> donald trump? isn't he the one that's like ugh, you're all losers? >> joined now by "the washington post" political columnist dana millbank, give us a sense of this. it is fun and humorous. does this do anything for a clinton campaign? does it help humanize her for a day and talking about a positive headline for hillary clinton. >> right. not benghazi and e-mails and the latest threat of sanders. we'll get back to that. so i think it did work well for her. high's a high-wire act doing a show or try to show your informal and funny side. the mistake that the clinton campaign made was to say now she's going to be funny and accessible. so it sounds like whatever she
11:54 am
is she is doing it in a mechanical way that's not genuine. so, the actual act of doing it, yeah, a good thing. you want voters to see other dimensions to you and it's a very important thing to do. i just don't understand why the campaign needs to telegraph this all the time talking about the stage directions. she should just get out there and do it more often. >> seems like a post-modern call pain with twitter and the like. things changed so dramatically, so much information we're constantly being bombarded with and a snippet to a journalist blows up and telegraphing this idea to open up in a way. but do the sort of late-night appearances always work well? there was tina fey and sarah palin. does it always go well? >> no. it certainly doesn't. you know? you can do yourself a whole lot of harm if it sounds like you're getting there on stage particularly in one of the sitdown interviews and you're
11:55 am
just giving some sort of a rote line that somebody handed you that's supposed to be a laugh line that very obviously sounds canned so, you know, every one of these people running for office, well, maybe not jim gilmore but every serious candidate has people to write jokes for them and certainly she was, you know, going on "snl" handed what she needed to do. >> i can't wait until they say it's "saturday night live" with jim gilmore. >> it's a matter of time. >> he'll be there before it's over. obviously, candidate vs seen the value of doing this. colbert, "the daily show." places where candidates know they get a small window in a unique audience. >> yeah. not just about showing the lighter side. think about joe biden sitting down with colbert. really talked in a moving way. so it's a way to sort of get beyond sort of the press
11:56 am
conference environment when everybody's shouting and pushing or the gotcha interview to sort of sit down and get a little bit of that personal aspect of the candidate so as long as you're not saying and now i'm going to demonstrate how i can be personable and approachable and just go and dohe thing, it can work to your advantage. i think the "snl" thing did for clinton. maybe not so much the appearance on the ellen show but they're hit or miss. not a disaster with one of these yet. >> dana mill bank, good to see you. thank you. >> my pleasure. coming up, that things up for this today's show. keep things going on social media. that's where things come up next and continue there. of course, kate snow picks up the coverage next right here live on msnbc. thank you for being with us. ...but they couldn't miss the show. so dad went to the new safelite-dot-com. and in just a few clicks, he scheduled a replacement... ...before the girls even took the stage.
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12:00 pm
this morning. we have breaking news on the amtrak derailment. i'm talk with a reporter coming up. deadly storm. at least 11 dead from that record rainstorm in north and south carolina but the flooding may only get worse. live reports coming up. desperate search. the coast guard beliefs a missing cargo ship with 28 americans sank to the ocean floor. also, tough talk. hillary clinton slams her critics at a "today" show town hall talking benghazi, gun control and donald trump. we begin with the breaking news, an amtrak train derailed in vermont after apparently getting slammed by a rock slide. seven passengers hospitalized at this hour. one with serious injuries. several cars sliding down an embankment and into the woods. the train was traveling southbound from vermont to washington, d.c. vermont's governor spoke with passengers who described the moments before the crash.


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