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tv   MSNBC Live  MSNBC  October 5, 2015 12:00pm-1:01pm PDT

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this morning. we have breaking news on the amtrak derailment. i'm talk with a reporter coming up. deadly storm. at least 11 dead from that record rainstorm in north and south carolina but the flooding may only get worse. live reports coming up. desperate search. the coast guard beliefs a missing cargo ship with 28 americans sank to the ocean floor. also, tough talk. hillary clinton slams her critics at a "today" show town hall talking benghazi, gun control and donald trump. we begin with the breaking news, an amtrak train derailed in vermont after apparently getting slammed by a rock slide. seven passengers hospitalized at this hour. one with serious injuries. several cars sliding down an embankment and into the woods. the train was traveling southbound from vermont to washington, d.c. vermont's governor spoke with passengers who described the moments before the crash. >> the speed limit in that area
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is 59 miles per hour. many passengers said to me, i want you to know this was not an issue of conductor or someone driving too quickly. it was a matter of ledge that landed on the track, an act of nature, really beyond the control of anyone who was conducting the train or running the train or maintaining the tracks. >> governor speaking there. emily is an editor of "the burlington free press" joining me by phone. what's the latest on number of people injured? we had heard seven people taken to the hospital. >> yeah. that's as far as we know. there was the recent press conference i believe you played a clip from and there were six people who were transported to vermont medical center hospital and one person who was air lifted to dartmouth hitchcock and so that's the status.
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>> and from, emily, we have been hearing from passengers, everything was going fine and this was just a jolt out of the blue. what are they describing? >> well, we had our staff out there pretty quickly and one of the photo photographers was calling in and he said people were pretty calm. he saw people being evacuated on school buses and waving to the news crews. there was one person he witnessed being pulled down and sort of a sled down an embankment but once the emergency crew got her down, she was able to get up out of the sled and carry herself into the ambulance. >> and as far as you can tell, this was a rock slide that impeded -- you know, that came across the track or do we have any other further guidance on what happened? >> that's all the reports are saying and it sounds like, you know, derailed two cars is what
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ems worker reported to us. after that, the, you know, that just triggered all sorts of other problems and a couple cars tumbled, three or four cars tumbled down the embankment which is above the bull run which is a small, small river. >> and this is such a big time of year in vermont, emily. this is high peak time for viewing of the fall foliage. people probably on vacation. >> yeah. yep. it's just about to get beautiful and so we got really lucky in many ways that no one died and i think that's what the governor actually said in his press conference. he was just relieved that no one had died. >> we are, too. emily reporting from vermont for us, thank you. breaking news out of south carolina where historic flooding is wrecking havoc. at least 11 people have died in weather-related incidents across north and south carolina. 26,000 homes and businesses are
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without power and 40,000 people don't have clean drinking water. the rain let up in recent hours but south carolina governor nikki haley says evacuations under way in other towns as water flows south on the black river. >> the main thing we're going to be watching is as the water flows, especially from the midlands down to the coast you are going to see we're prepositions things, i'll talk about that in a little bit. there will be some evacuations. we are looking at places like kings tree and those you'll see throughout the day to evacuate as we see that water moves down. >> at this hour, state of emergency is in effect as over 1,300 south carolina national guard troops supporting rescue and recovery operations. downpours over three days straight dumped over 20 inches of rain in areas south of columbia. roads destroyed. bridges collapsed. dams breached. dramatic rescues across the state.
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local authorities say too many water-related rescues to keep count and local residents are stunned at their loss. we have lost everything. what i got on my body is what we have. pretty much down there lost everything this morning. our vehicles, our clothes, everything. >> cars are submerged. carls washed up against the porch and everything. never seen anything like it. >> we have neighbors here over 20 years and they say they have never, ever seen flooding like this even during hugo. >> happened all of a sudden. we thought we were clear and then it just started pouring raining and then the house filled up. >> joining me now nbc's sarah dallof in columbia, south carolina. gabe gutierrez who's driving around charleston, south carolina. gabe, let me start with you. the water's supposed to be headed your way, headed down toward the shore. what's the situation? >> reporter: hey there, kate. good afternoon. the water from those rising rivers is supposed to be heading
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down the shore but thankfully some good news to report at least briefly there has been a break in the rain here in charleston. we are doing something right now we could not have done even just yesterday. the shadow moss neighborhood here in west part of charleston is passable. neighbors or residents starting to go back to their homes and we are able to do this safely. there's still a few inches of water, however, we are in a pretty high suv and able to get to places where only rescue crews able to get to over the weekend. still, despite this, governor nikki haley says that the danger is not over. many parts of the state are still under water and there are several hundred roads and bridges still impassable and it will take instruct call engineers weeks to determine if the bridges able to or are okay to drive on.
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kate, here in charleston, again, the waters have been receding. historical downtown area is free and clear. and several more neighborhoods are -- residents are coming back to them. but they're finding some that they have lost quite a bit in their homes. this is an unprecedented event for many of these folks here in south carolina. and the governor says that this is historic. rain event that only happens once in every thousand years. kate, but again, here this is the shadow moss neighborhood in the western part of the charleston. good news is we are able to drive around in the neighborhood. something that we could not do for the past several days. back to you. >> we feel like we're riding with you. looks like maybe a foot or two of water in the road some points and not what we saw over the weekend. >> reporter: right. and it can be a little deceiving, kate. it does -- i wouldn't even say a foot of water. it's, you know, we have a camera where you can see it. this is something that over the
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last few days, several feet of water and got up, several abandoned cars and stalled cars here in this neighborhood, again, one of the most flooded areas in the western part of charleston and we can get through it and safety and government officials say if you don't have to be out today, to just stay home. and let the rescue workers, crews do their jobs. kate, back to you. >> absolutely. gabe, thanks for that live repo report. sarah dallof, she is live in columbia, south carolina. you are near where the governor was. people out of water, electricity. how's things looking as far as the statewide picture? >> reporter: yeah, hi, kate. the governor talked about the ongoing danger and a perfect example of it in this neighborhood right now. reportedly, the police -- not reportedly. the police and the mayor confirm
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another dam breached upstream from us and the police coming down to the neighborhood we are told to be very careful and expect water levels here to rise over the next little bit. you can see the street right now covered by it. it's gone down in the last little while. now we have it going back up. at one point in the height of the flood, see that street line that says port bell lo. neighbors tell us the water all you could see out of the water was the green green so they're dealing with water levels fluctuating up and down. people getting their stuff out when there's a break and when they can. but coming to take stock of the damage and see what's left here. meanwhile, columbia still a lot of residents here without power. we have got a lot of people without water or if they have the water it is not safe to drink so very much an ongoing situation, kate, near columbia. back to you. >> i'm surprised, sarah, to see people driving behind you. tell us about the dam you said
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just breached just within the last few hours. how much people threatened amy homes? >> reporter: we have just confirmed that within the last ten minutes. we don't know at this point. seeing police in this neighborhood in particular. very popular neighborhood, a lot of homes here. a lot of people doing cleanup. somebody came in yelling that one of the dams breached and people scrambled, got the vehicles out of the way. as for how many homes or people it affects, we don't know the answer right now. >> we will have the mayor on with us next hour, sarah. we'll follow up with him trying to get specific information. appreciate your time. let's turn to assistant fire chief of the charleston county volunteer rescue squad. there have been working rescue operations around charleston going on for the past several days. we have seen the pictures. trey wright, tell me what you have been involved in.
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i imagine this is probably like nothing you have ever experienced. >> this is. this is by far worse than anything experienced. we get flooding raining in charleston and nothing like this. my team's going since about friday at 1:00. we did get a little break last night where we got to come home, shower, sleep and been back at it today. this is what we train for. we're the only swift water team in the charleston area and this is what we have been training for years for and finally the fruits of the training have come to be able to assist the citizens of charleston. >> we had a reporter on from charleston driving around, he was able to drive into neighborhood badly flooded yesterday r. you getting the sense, sir, it is getting better or are you worried about what's yet to come? >> there are some spots that we are getting -- we are getting reports of better. however, others are not. we fear that this is going to be a multi-day operation. we are not out of the woods yet. just because it stopped raining doesn't mean that everything is okay. we have got all the water coming
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from columbia down here and they have it bad up there and probably going to be bad here for the next few days. >> coming your way. you have a young daughter. your family safe, sir? >> yes. my fiancee and daughter are safe. we were fortunate. we kept power throughout the event and they stayed nice and dry. they went out and played a couple of times. we have been dry. >> what stays with you over the past few days of the rescues you have seen or been involved in? what sticks with you the most? >> how quick the water came up. this was i believe quicker than what we thought it was going to happen. we knew it was bad. we're fortunate with my squad. we have a local meteorologist that volunteers with us and keeps us abreast of everything going on and said this is in a textbook and seeing people sitting on the roofs, cars everywhere, in water, just the destruction and the amount of water that has accumulated here is just something that i have seen on tv out west in the
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floods and then in katrina. but, this is just something that you -- we didn't expect to have happen here. >> i hope you get rest. assistant fire chief trey wright, joining us from charleston county, thank you so much. >> thank you. and some breaking news on that missing u.s. cargo ship. the coast guard discovered the body of one crew member and so far no sign of any of the 33 people on board surviving. officials believe it sank and now the search is on. >> we are not looking for the vessel any longer. however, today, we are still out there searching. we have modified our search efforts to focus more on potential people in the water, lifeboats and life rafts. we are not going to discount somebody's will to survive and that's why we're still searching today. >> families of those crew members asking why the ship was out there at all with hurricane joaquin in the area. one mother recounted her daughter's last e-mail sent from the ship.
12:14 pm
>> not sure if you've been following the weather at all but there's a hurricane out here and we are heading straight into it. winds are super bad and seas are not great. love to everyone. >> the wife of the ship's captain michael davidson said, quote, my husband is extremely capable, extensive training. if anyone can handle a situation like that, it's my husband and we are hopeful. joining me on the phone, a former ship captain himself. he's known captain davidson since they were children. i hope i'm not mispronouncing your last name. >> you were close, kate. >> i was close. this is a serious day for you. you have known captain davidson for so long. what are your thoughts right now? >> well, i mean, my thoughts and prayers are with mike and his crew and all of their families. and we are just all hoping that they will be able to find some people. it's been a difficult weekend
12:15 pm
for everyone, not just those that know the folks on board. >> i know captain davidson your friend was an experienced sailor and talking about a category 4 hurricane in the region and so many people, so many family members are asking why was that ship there. can you give us any insight as to why they might have been there? >> well, i really wouldn't want to speculate on anything that they had done because we really don't know the weather conditions. we don't know anything about the vessel. but i think as has been pointed out, mike is a very experienced and seasoned captain, very prudent, always looking out for safety and best interest of his crew and his vessel so, you know, i worked with him many years ago. he's always been that type of captain. >> yeah. and in your experience, is there pressure to keep on track? is there pressure to keep to schedules? i just wondered in general whether that comes into play
12:16 pm
when you've got a giant cargo ship like this. >> well, i think everybody's interested in safety and, you know, therefore, the decisions are made based on what appears to be the most prudent thing to do at that time. i'm sure that was the case when they sailed last week. >> all right. well, listen. we continue to hope for good news out of this. i'm sure you do, too. nick, thank you so much. >> yes. thank you. still ahead, an american airlines pilot dies during a flight from phoenix to boston. the co-pilot ends up landing the plane in syracuse, new york. more on that coming up. plus, demanding answers. 22 dead and now the fallout from that deadly air strike at a doctors without borders hospital in afghanistan over the weekend. the white house speaking out today. and a story getting a lot of attention today. report about carly fiorina's debts from her failed senate bid. the editor of that report coming up next.
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turning now to 2016 politics. carly fiorina hit the campaign trail in new hampshire today where the latest nbc news poll finds her rising to second place in new hampshire at 18% there. but with that surge comes more scrutiny. today "the washington post" reports fiorina refused to pay several campaign staffers from the failed 2010 senate bid. including $30,000 owed to the widow of her chief pollster. her 2010 campaign amassed debts the report says of $500,000 most of which paid off this year. moments ago, she reacted to that "the washington post" report which questioned by reporters in new hampshire. >> you know, i don't think "the
12:21 pm
washington post" has much credibility anymore. they also said i wasn't a secretary. >> do you think that you shouldn't pay your staffers if you lose? >> any explanation for why it took snolg. >> all of the debt was paid off and everyone was paid in full so once again post doesn't have a lot of credibility here. >> joining me now, peter walston from "the washington post." peter, you heard what she just said. she says your paper doesn't have any credibility. give us insight into how you filed this report. you had a lot of detail in that report this morning about debts owed. >> yes. so my colleague robert samuels on that story talked to dozens of former staffers, people that worked for her, many of them on the record, who described the surprise they had that she did a lot of things well in the campaign but they were surprised that she did not handle money decisions very well which,
12:22 pm
again, she had been a chief executive at a major corporation of hewlett-packard. people thought it is something to do well, raise money well and spend money wisely and according to these people, many of them she did neither. she didn't raise it well and didn't spend it wisely. >> she said all of the debt was paid off and paid in full. an you're taking issue with that. you're saying that's not the case? >> well, she paid off many of the these debts this year when she began to put together her campaign for president. that campaign for senate in 2010 so it's been a few years. the issue is how long it took and there were some examples in the story, you know, many of these were small businesses political consultants working at firms with a few employees, a dozen employees, the example that we led the story with her pollster, he tragically had a heart attack in the final days of the campaign and died and miss fiorina gracious in her
12:23 pm
comments about him described him as the heart and soul of the campaign. and was very kind in her words but she owed him $30,000 at the end of that campaign and she did not pay the widow at that time. >> you quote her manager saying i would tell her to pay them and she just wouldn't. why did people tell you that she didn't want according to them didn't want to pay the debts? what was the motivation they were citing? >> so, people didn't understand it. quite frankly. and also, i mean, your viewers should know we called her, her campaign and tried to ask these questions and they didn't respond. they chose to give us no comment for the story which is always surprising when somebody running for president or any elected office does that. i mean, this is a researched report. so she should have responded to
12:24 pm
us. but, you know, her supporters were mostly surprised. one person quoted in the story, that quote got a lot of attention today. he is a supporter of hers and continues to support her saying, look, if you work on a loosing campaign and you lose you don't deserve to get paid. and i think that would be certainly an interesting development for the many political consultants throughout making a living, making millions of dollars off losing campaigns. >> they have also pointed out the campaign pointed out that hillary clinton didn't pay all of the debts right away after 2008. what's the difference? >> this is very common that campaigns have debts and in fact some people will tell you the worst thing to do if i don't u ear a campaign and leave money in the bank so what's typical and hillary clinton did this is you do fund-raisers and send out letters and e-mails. you raise money to pay off your debts. that's typically what happens. in this case, carly fiorina didn't want the do that.
12:25 pm
she told her staff that this was really not her personal responsibility and the responsibility of the campaign. >> pete we are "washington post," part of the team reporting that article out this morning on carly fiorina. we should note, thank you. we should note that invited carly fiorina to be a guest here on our program and we hope that she'll be able to join us one day soon. nbc's kerry sanders is in columbia, south carolina. we just reported a few moments ago, kerry, a dam had been breached. and i believe you're at the site of that location. when's going on there? >> reporter: well, i'm not exactly at the dam that broke because the water is rushing rather quickly. that's the forest lake dam. it is upriver here and then it will hit the lake katherine dam and rushing people out of the area as quickly as they can. this is the area that was completely flooded with water up to here and higher so a lot of people are back at their homes cleaning out the homes. there is no power. there's no telephone service.
12:26 pm
and cell phone service is very spotty. so they're rushing through the neighborhoods right now getting word from person to person to person as quickly as they can to get people out. closed some of the streets. you can see the water here. you can see a strong indication that the water from up there at the forest lake dam made it here yet but the real concern is that it's going to come as a big wall because it knocked out that earthen dam and hits the next earthen dam and then this area could be hit. truth is, we are not going to stay here long. we wanted to give you a quick update. authorities moving people back and asked us to leave here. we'll leave ourselves. >> we want you to stay safe. thank you so much. but just quickly, for those of us who don't know the area, an area where that dam is up the way from you that's inhabited? lots of houses, neighborhood? >> reporter: yes. yes. very, very beautiful houses. in what i would say an upper middle class neighborhood in a
12:27 pm
low-lying area along the creek back here and that's why they're already hit by the first flood and a double whammy for them. most of the people back here have some flood insurance but right now it's really about loss of life. that's the real concern getting people out of these areas, some of these homes right now still have water in the basements. in fact, i was at a home and there's actually fish swimming in the basement. see the authorities here are surprisingly letting some cars go over this bridge yet. but like i said, let's turn around here and show over here. you can see how they have closed the road off on the other side to try to keep people out and not letting them into the neighborhood. in fact, like i said, the hardest part right now is word to the people who were down in their homes cleaning out the muck and the mess and the real disaster that they have inside their homes from the first flood and now the possibility of another life threatening flood coming down the creek here. coming down the river. >> kerry, we'll let you get to high ground.
12:28 pm
thank you so much for filing a report and come back to us if you discover anything new that we can report here. i'm told that lester holt anchoring nightly news from columbia, south carolina, tonight, is available to talk with us quickly. lester, where are you and what's the situation where you are? lester, can you hear kate? looks like he may not be able to hear me just yet. >> i hear you. >> oh. all right. we'll get back to lester. we're following that developing news in columbia, south carolina. as we reported at the top of the hour, appears an earthen dam has been breached in a neighborhood. you just heard kerry sanders describing it as a fairly middle class neighborhood with a lot of of houses and people trying to get out of the way of that water. he called it a one-two punch for that area. still ahead, developments in the deadly u.s. air strikes on an afghan hospital. a live report from the pentagon up next.
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after the shooting massacre in oregon, today the campus is back open. we're live from the scene. hillary clinton slams donald trump and addresses concerns about her authenticity during her campaign. steve kornacki joins me in a few minuteless. at ally bank no branches equals great rates. it's a fact. kind of like mute buttons equal danger. ...that sound good? not being on this phone call sounds good. it's not muted. was that you jason? it was geoffrey! it was jason. it could've been brenda.
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and right now at at&t get $300 credit for every line you switch when you trade in a smartphone and buy any smartphone on at&t next. we have been trying to get lester holt on the line. he is evacuated out of the area in south carolina. we'll try to get back with him as soon as we can. now the breaking news only the deadly u.s. air strike in afghanistan over the week. the pentagon saying today afghan forces asked for strikes to eliminate a taliban threat. >> we have now learned that on october 3 afghan forces said they were getting fire. an air strike was called and several civilians were accidentally struck. this is different from the initial reports which indicated that u.s. forces were threatened
12:33 pm
and that the air strike was called on their behalf. >> at least 22 people were killed at the doctors without borders medical center. president obama said the u.s. department of defense is carrying out a full investigation but doctors without borders rejected the notion that the u.s. could investigate itself in a statement today that group said their description of the attack keeps changing from collateral damage to a tragic incident to attempting to pass responsibility to the afghanistan government. joining me now nbc news chief pentagon correspondent jim miklaszewski. jim, this is talk all weekend. help us understand exactly what happened here. >> reporter: well, this despite the general's claim or revision of events that it was the afghans that asked for the air strikes, that u.s. military forces were not threatened by the taliban assault there, that does not ab solve the u.s. of any responsibility in this matter. in fact, it raises more
12:34 pm
questions than are answered. if the taliban asked the u.s. to conduct the air strikes, did the u.s. go through a serious thorough examination of the claims by the taliban correspondents that they checked this out? there was an ac-130, that's an air force gunship that is brisling with heavy weapons and an artillery piece circling the area for sometime according to witnesses on the ground. they should have been able to see and discern whether, in fact, there was fire coming from that medical facility at the taliban forces and that's going to be part of the investigation, obviously. but this is clearly a humanitarian and for the u.s. military at the time being a very serious public relations disaster. kate? >> does this point to the difficulty that the u.s. has, the military has in coordinating with local governments? >> reporter: it could be. now, there's been pretty good
12:35 pm
coordination on the ground between the afghan military and u.s. advisers because u.s. advisers have always been working almost arm in arm with many of those afghan forces. but in this case, again, there was a small group of special operations forces at an airport nearby, well out of the line of fire. and they were trying to coordinate with the afghans there inside kunduz. was there a translation problem? a misunderstanding about the coordinates or the threat from the taliban? that's all going to come out in the investigation. this is not a good news story. >> no, no. everyone seems to agree on the fatalities at the hospital. jim miklaszewski at the pentagon for us, thank you. we'll check back with you next hour. we continue to follow the breaking news out of south carolina. a dam has broken in columbia in the midst of the historic flooding there that we have already been reporting.
12:36 pm
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in oregon today, the campus at umpqua community college is back open again days after the shooting that left nine people and the gunman dead. the school's interim president say it is goal to take care of students in a comfortable setting. classes will resume next week. meantime, we are learning chilling new details dabt gunman's final words to victims before he took their lives. the parents of one of the survivors spoke to nbc's miguel amalguer. >> she then heard another lady say to the shooter, i'm so sorry for what you've gone through. and he said, as lacey would say, i quote, i bet you are. but it's not good enough. and with that, he shot her. >> msnbc's jacob soberoff in
12:40 pm
roseburg, oregon. the campus reopens but not for classes just yet. what's the mood there? >> reporter: kate, i would say that the smood reflective and people are, you know, truly eager to move forward. i spent the afternoon yesterday in the backwoods here in -- outside of roseburg with a gentleman that's the great uncle of cheyenne fitzgerald, a survivor of the shootings at the college and he told me that he's eager for hunting season to resume. people to get back to the normal activities. deer season started here and people would be doing normally. get back to school. he's an educator himself and with regard to the campus here, students in about 20 minutes ginn the first opportunity since thursday's shooting to come up and retrieve belongings from campus. classes don't resume until a week from today and a first opportunity to come back on the campus since the shooting last week. dr. rita cavin the interim president of the umpqua college
12:41 pm
said she's received about 100 messages of other colleges and universities going through similar tragedies and helping them get through, kit. >> a club nobody wants to be a part of. jacob soboroff, thank you. hillary clinton addressed the tragic shooting in oregon. she unveiled her plan for tighter gun control measures. she also slammed republican rivals donald trump and jeb bush for their response to the massacre. >> the republicans side, mr. trump was asked about it and said something like, you know, things like that happen in the world. and governor bush said, yeah, stuff happens. no. that's an admission of defeat and surrender to a problem that is killing 33,000 americans. >> clinton today also held a town hall meeting sponsored with the "today" show discussing among other things the rapid
12:42 pm
rise of her chief kanlger for the democratic nomination bernie sanders. >> no. i mean, look. i really believe this is great for the democratic party and for this election because we want to turn out as many people as possible in order to understand and believe what we both believe, that the difference between us on the democratic side and the republicans is a huge gulf. our real differences are with the republicans. they want to take us back to trickle down economics. if they get a chance, they will once again wreck the economy and the inequality that you and i care so much about will be even worse. >> joining me now, host of msnbc's "up" is steve kornacki. start with the polling. down nine points to bernie sanders in the state of new hampshire. not good for her. >> if you had told anybody in the political world six months ago that sanders within striking distance of hillary clinton in new hampshire at this point they wouldn't have believed you let alone a nine-point lead.
12:43 pm
it is interesting looking at talking about guns in new hampshire today. this is one of the very few issues in fact, may be the only issue that's out there where hillary clinton can get to the left of bernie sanders in a democratic primary because sanders representing vermont, a rural state with a lot of gun owners, a deep gun tradition, sanders voted against a lot of gun control legislation in the past and one thing that hillary clinton calling for her in her speech today was an end to a law that is on the books that shields gun manufacturers from lawsuits. bernie sanders as a member of congress voted for that law and continues to defend that law. so there is a difference that actually places hillary clinton to his left. the question, of course, new hampshire in lot of ways like vermont. there are also a lot of gun owning democrats in new hampshire. >> roseburg, oregon, frl ma matter. >> the sorts of voters who the message resonates with she may not peel away with guns and taking any opportunity to get to align herself more with the democratic base than bernie sanders is. >> the town hall meeting i
12:44 pm
mentioned, she talked about and asked about the benghazi committee and whether it should be disbanded. here's her answer. >> now that they have admitted it's a political partisan committee for the sole purpose of going after me, not trying to make our diplomats who serve in dangerous areas safer, that's up to the congress. you know, look. i've been around this political situation for a long time. but some things are just beyond the pale and i'm happy to go if it's still in operation to testify. i am happy to turn over my e-mails. i've gone further than anybody ever has. that's okay. i'm willing to do that. but the real issue here is what happened to four brave americans. >> republicans have no intention of disbanding that committee. right? >> no. they don't. but i think hillary clinton is feeling a lot better about her appointment with that committee.
12:45 pm
this is a date that -- this is a week that everybody circled on the calendar. will the republicans score points? there's grandstanding in hearings like this but can they do something that made her look bad? and they have handed her through kevin mccarthy's comments last week something that's sort of taken the wind out of the sails of the investigation of the particularly specifically the benghazi investigation. there are other areas where she's vulnerable and she is feeling better i think heading into the hearings. >> i'm still circling the date, october 22nd on the calendar. >> oh sure. >> you know, so much is made of hillary clinton and whether she needs to be warmer or more authentic. people use that word. her ability to connect. she was asked about that at the town hall meeting, as well. >> i don't know. i mean, you've -- you can ask me that. obviously, it's not the nicest question to hear because i feel like i have a long record of working on the issues that i
12:46 pm
believe are important to people. and i'm going to continue to do that. and you know, i think some of it is just the idea that, you know, people want to know what you really feel like and, you know, i'll admit. i'm a more reserved person than maybe some people in politics are. but as you can see, from the skit, i also like to have a good time. >> she's talking about "snl" on saturday, that skit that i'm hoping most people have seen by now, steve. that seemed to be part of the effort, too, to soften the image and can laugh at herself. >> she suffers from, too, maybe some people in politics -- some people like her husband and there's nobody better at coming across warm and sunny and optimistic in public than bill clinton but the danger here for hillary clinton is seeing it in the poll numbers. not just fallen behind bernie sanders but new hampshire at the new poll, all voters, you ask them the basic question, do you have a favorable view of hillary
12:47 pm
clinton or an unfavorable view? the score for unfavorable is now up to 60. she's in the 30s on favorable. there's not a direct correlation there between how you vote and you can vote for somebody you have a negative view and it's a lot tougher as a voter. that's hurdle, a number worse as this campaign's gone alistening. >> with so many outside earls seeming to gain traction, carly fiorina, donald trump, is the insider thing still hanging around her neck? >> if you talk to people, democrats and give team truth serum and promise them you won't use their names, this is the thing they worry about, a guy like rubio the republican nominee for generational reasons, the generational contrast of somebody, touting the experience and stressing the experience and vote earls with a fresh start or somebody when's running on experience, how many times do they choose the fresh start in how bill clinton got elected in 199. >> people would argue it's how
12:48 pm
barack obama got the nomination in 2008. >> sure. >> thank you. we are learning that eight dams have been breached due to flooding. we are live in south carolina just ahead. y i see it, you have two choices; the easy way or the hard way. you could choose a card that limits where you earn bonus cash back. or, you could make things easier on yourself. that's right, the quicksilver card from capital one. with quicksilver you earn unlimited 1.5% cash back on every purchase, everywhere. so, let's try this again. what's in your wallet? prge! a manufacturer. well that's why i dug this out for you. it's your grandpappy's hammer and he would have wanted you to have it. it meant a lot to him... yes, ge makes powerful machines. but i'll be writing the code that will allow those machines to share information with each other. i'll be changing the way the world works.
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(vo) there's a great big un-khaki world out there. explore it in a subaru crosstrek. love. it's what makes a subaru, a subaru. >> an american airlines pilot died during a flight from phoenix to boston. the airline says flight 550 was diverted to syracuse, new york, around 7:00 this morning after the captain became sick. the first officer safely landed the plane and passengers were put on another flight bound for boston. passengers say they were not told what was happening until they got on that second plane. >> we're following that breaking news out of south carolina where eight dams have been breached due to flooding and potentially now a ninth dam. we're there live, stay with us. didn't just ask members to save; but also helped them to save? that allowed families to keep more of their money; letting them use any atm nationwide for free.
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>> the u.s. supreme court begins its new term today, just a few
12:55 pm
months after that high court affirmed same-sex marriage and upheld obamacare. could be more fireworks to come. we bring in ari mel ber. you had a chance also to talk with justice briar about the term ahead. >> one of the things we talked about was his view that people think of them as more political than they are. he thinks they remain very independent. i'll play a bit of that and we can talk about it. >> i think that there is the view that we are junior league politicians. >> when you say political, what do you mean in the context of a judge being political? >> that's perfect, because that's exactly the point. that's a very good question. i did work in the congress for a while on the staff, so political to me, in that context, means are you republican or democrat? where are the votes?
12:56 pm
will this make the senator popular or unpopular? in that level of politics, i don't see it here. >> if you apply that view to their decisions, what he's saying, when it comes to abortions, affirmative action back up before the court, and four death penalty cases, he said they look at them for the outcome and the constitution, not what people are going to like in the short run. >> which is not really what a lot of people think. they think they're playing politics with some of these decisions. you just mentioned abortion, is that going to be the big one if they take it on in this term? >> i think it's significant. we got a clue earlier when texas made those rules that made it harder to go to clinics. the courts stayed that, they stopped texas from going forward. they could then decide to hear the whole thing and that goes to a question as to whether the safety regulations that we hear about, often from republican legislatures, are in the court's view, too far down the road
12:57 pm
towards interfering with the right too choose, something the court has said is up to women and their doctors. >> also potentially talking about congressional districts? >> two cases. some people think when you vote, your vote counts. the way that congress draws the districts can vary greatly. they'll have two cases that look at one person, one vote really means. >> thank you, ari. >> thank you. we continue to follow the breaking news in south carolina. at least eight dams in the state have been breached. we have a team of reporters on the ground. stay with us. as lines grow longer, his pain continues to linger. but after a long day of helping others, he gets some helpful advice. just two aleve have the strength to keep back pain away all day. today, jason chose aleve. aleve, all day strong. and try aleve pm, now with an easy open cap.
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