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tv   Weekends With Alex Witt  MSNBC  October 10, 2015 4:00am-5:01am PDT

4:00 am that really is the address. just tell us who you are, where you're from, why you want to play. there's more junk in our offices every single freaking day including giant junk. i don't know where it all comes from. but we would love to give it to you. "weekends with alex witt" starts now. a military spectacle in north korea overnight. marking 70 years of that regime. we'll tell you about new threats from that country today and whether the u.s. should be concerned. chaos on capitol hill. the latest fallout from the gop's search for a house speaker. how might the public tug of war play into the 2016 presidential race? one-on-one. nbc's andrea mitchell confronts ben carson on some of his most controversial remarks. hear his response ahead. in big money headlines we'll tell you why one move by boeing could help save you money in the future when you travel by plane.
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good morning. welcome to "weekends with alex witt." i'm dara brown in for alex witt. breaking news from turkey. at least 30 people are dead and more than 125 injured after a pair of explosions in the capital city of ankara. take a look at this video as one of the bombings occurred. it happened during a peaceful rally in ankara. turkish officials are investigating it as a terrorist attack. we'll go live to richard engel in a few minutes for the latest. and today north korea is celebrating the 70th anniversary of the ruling party with a military parade of nearly unprecedented size and spectacle. it was a festival of troop precision, tanks, rocket
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launchers and jets streaming overhead. it was in unwavering devotion to leader kim jong-un. he said it shows that north korea is ready to fight any kind of war waged by the united states imperialists. joining me is a military analyst, and good morning, colonel. what does a parade like this show about north korea and its capabilities? >> well, they're quite typical. lots and lots of conventional munitions, artillery, lots of tanks and lots and lots of people. in all those precision formations. it's clear that they're prepared to fight another land war on the peninsula in korea. there was a lot of speculation about their ability to field nuclear weapons and that
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requires them to shrink the size of nuclear weapons so they can fit into missiles but there was no appearance of that. they're prepared to fight a land war in korea. >> admiral bill gordon a commander of north american aerospace defense command spoke about the north korea threat at an event this week. let's take a listen. >> we assess they have the ability and they have the weapons the ability to miniaturize those weapons and the ability to put them on a rocket that can reach the homelands. we're ready for them and we're ready 24 hours a day should he be dumb enough to shoot something at us. >> do you agree with that assessment? >> there's lots of debate about whether they can miniaturize the weapons but they're working on it to be sure and they ultimately will have the capability to do it. the perception is that they have between 10 and 15 nuclear weapons and, you know, they're crazy but they're not stupid as the admiral suggested.
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they're probably not silly enough to launch one at the united states. but they're a threat to south korea. there's lots of talks between north and south korea but nothing yet. so they remain a threat, but mostly to the pacific. we keep an eye on them to be sure because we have interest in the pacific. but one of the guys who's really keeping an eye on them is their patron china. china is trying to keep a lid on north korea, but china's very much concerned that if ultimately there is any kind of fight that there will be millions and millions of north koreans streaming across the north -- across the river, and it would become a real problem to china. china is trying to keep their finger on the whole thing. the number five guy came to the big demonstration. not a very high ranking person which demonstrates there's a bit of a -- there's a bit of a frosty attitude between the two countries. >> interesting take on that.
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thank you, colonel jack jacobs. that for being here. >> you bet. back to breaking news from turkey as a pair of explosions killed dozens of people. and the death toll -- this as a terrorist attack. nbc news foreign correspondent richard engel is joining us now from istanbul with the latest. richard, is there any indication at this point who might be behind this attack? >> reporter: there are many accusations, a lot of suspicion, but no definitive proof as to who may have carried out this attack. it does bear all the hallmarks of an isis-style attack. it was an absolute atrocity. people were gathering, young people, trade unionists, student leaders for a peace rally. they were call for more democracy. they want to see low level conflict going on between the turkish military and kurdish groups to stop. and as they were gathering for
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this peace rally, near the train station in ankara, witnesses say two bombs went off. so far, the death toll is at least 30 killed. more than 120 injured. some of the injured were carried away in the peace banners they themselves had been carrying. the opposition parties and most of the people at the these rallies were not supporters of the government. say that the government has not done enough to protect them and they said the timing is very suspicious because in just three weeks there are key elections in this country. >> richard, you say this was a peaceful demonstration, but beyond today's attack, what is the political climate in turkey right now with the rise of isis and turkey's decades long conflict with the kurds with once again flaring up? >> reporter: and that is why there are so many suspects in this. i suspect even if we do get a claim of responsibility very few people are going to accept it and are going to be looking for hidden hands. because there is the ongoing
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conflict between the turkish government and the kurdish military. there are elections looming in just a couple of -- a few weeks. there are isis militants who have been operating quite openly in this country for the last several years. there are many possible suspects, but this kind of attack does bear the hallmarks of an isis style attack. the question is who may have ordered it. >> richard engel, thank you so much for that report live from istanb istanbul. and a new account today from the survivors of the oregon shooting. 18-year-old matthew downing detailed moments leading to the shooter's suicide. he first pulled an envelope with a flash drive inside, saying, hey, kid, with the glasses you're the lucky one. i will not shoot you if you give this to the cops. downing was forced to sit in the back and face the shooter. he asked two questions about religion before killing them. a woman on the floor said she
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was sorry for whatever happened to him and for whatever she had done wrong. according to downing, the shooter then said that he bets that she was -- and then he shot her. moments later the gunman exchanged fire with police before getting hit and then shot himself in the head. the latest details come on the heels of president obama's visit with families of the victims. a visit not welcomed by all. nbc news national correspondent miguel almaguer has more. >> reporter: some were well armed in this open carry state and the president here to meet privately with families of the victims. nine were killed here by a gunman who opened fear inside a writing class at umpqua community college last week. the visit comes just hours after two people were shot and killed on college campuses in arizona and texas. >> we're going to have to come together as a country to prevent the issues from taking place. but today, it's about the
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families. their grief and for what we feel for them. >> reporter: the president came here to comfort, but the visit brought this timber town to the center of the national gun control debate. >> he's here for a gun grabbing agenda. our town is in mourning. >> reporter: as the motorcade passed before them, some accused the president of pushing his own gun control agenda to expand background checks through executive order, going around congress. >> the president is supposed to protect liberty, uphold and defend the constitution, it's clear he doesn't respect that. >> reporter: roseburg heard that argument before. in 1968, robert f. kennedy campaigned here. he was heckled as he campaigned for tougher gun laws. >> should you put guchs in the hands of those who are insane or people who are mentally incompetent or people so young they don't know how to handle guns? >> reporter: ten years later,
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kennedy was killed by a deranged gunman up. this heartbroken town is in mourning. >> everyone feels a lot more close knit. they're coming together to mourn and to heal. >> reporter: in a country divided over guns, this community is united in remembering those who were gone. >> that was nbc's miguel almaguer reporting. other news now, doctors say the u.s. airman who helped thwart a terrorist attack on a train who was stabbed in california has been upgraded to fair condition. airman spencer stone was stabbed three times outside of a bar. police are trying to sort through conflicting accounts of what happened and have made no arrests. and actor shia labeouf is spending time in a texas jail. he was arrested for public intoxication around 7:30 p.m. on friday night. in 2014, the actor was arrested
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in new york after paving strangely at a broadway play and he bled guilty to charges of disorderly conduct and criminal trespassing. a storm system could bring as much as an additional inch of rain to an already flooded south carolina. this as three more areas have been declared federal disaster areas. after the record rainfall, 17 dams have breached, officials are watching 84 at risk. rising rivers are flooding homes and forcing evacuations. >> praying a lot, just hoping things will get better. hope the water will go down real quick. >> forecasters are hoping the small amount of rain will not cause any more damage. and now to weather. let's take a look at this incredible video of lightning strikes on the one world trade center in new york. the video was captured last night. and now nbc meteorologist reynolds wolf is here with the weather headlines. good morning to you, reynolds. >> dara brown, my amigo, how are you this morning? i hope things are going well for
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you, because they aren't in south carolina. flooding still in the big picture. look at the palmetto state, and parts of the tar heel state. people who do not need rain, well, they could see several inches of rain moving into the fray for today. in fact, we put it in motion. we see the scattered showers driving across the southeast, including charlotte, raleigh, charleston. some of this could be fairly heavy at times and moving over water logged areas. that's not what they need in the forecast but yes they're keeping a sharp eye on the rivers especially. many of them well above normal. in the northeast, drier conditions, beautiful sunshine popping up from bangor and boston. we can expect a cool, dry day. do some apple picking and leaf peeping. it will be spectacular for you. so good looking day in parts of the northeast, philadelphia, plenty of sunshine. same deal in new york city. burlington, partly cloudy skies. buffalo in the 50s. boston and bangor, beautiful times. nation's capital beautiful as
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well. up to 66 at the washington monument. a perfect fall day for many of you in the northeast. dara, back to you. >> thanks. but you left out the pumpkin picking. good job there. a job that nobody wants, at least the people who have the best shot at it. we'll tell you if that's expected to change. and later a candid conversation with a presidential contender, ben carson. andrea mitchell confronts him about his most controversial statements. at ally bank no branches equals great rates. it's a fact. kind of like mute buttons equal danger. ...that sound good? not being on this phone call sounds good.
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welcome back to washington now and new confusion this morning on exactly who will emerge as gop front runner for the speaker of the house opening. thus far, no clear candidate is emerging for the job after congressman kevin mccarthy withdrew his name from consideration. nbc's kristen welker is at the white house following developments.
4:17 am
good morning. where does the gop go from here? >> reporter: well, that is the big question, dara. good morning to you. stunned members of congress are trying to regroup away from washington, most of them at home this holiday weekend. and then a name emerging as the most likely replacement for the current house speaker is former vice presidential candidate paul ryan, but it's not clear that ryan wants the job. with house republicans leaving town without a leader, all eyes are now on congressman paul ryan. the consensus candidate who top republicans want to be the next speaker of the house. >> right now, i'm going to catch my flight so i can make it home for dinner. >> reporter: the 45-year-old father of three has said he's not interested, content with his position at the powerful ways and means committee. >> what a privilege it is. >> reporter: but friday it was clear he'd have a lot of support even among potential opponents. >> if paul ryan got into the race of course i'd support it. >> paul would be a great speaker. i think paul ryan is the right
4:18 am
person to do this. >> reporter: but the more conservative branch isn't totally on board. >> i'm not committing to any at this point. >> reporter: this all comes after congressman kevin mccarthy stunned his colleagues and washington thursday by announcing he was dropping out. >> i think i shocked some of you, huh? >> reporter: he dismissed rumors that a whisper campaign led to his ouster. this week, a person warned that any who committed misdeeds should withdraw from the race, although he did not name mccarthy. mccarthy said that had nothing to do with his decision. >> no. come on. >> reporter: the house is facing a long to do list including needing to pass a spending bill to keep the government open. and raising the debt limit or face default. a house divided but seeming to agree on one point. >> i think people want to get it right rather than do it too fast. >> reporter: now, ryan even took a call from his former running mate, mitt romney, who urged him to run. the outgoing speaker, john boehner, has said he'll stay on until an election for his
4:19 am
replacement. dara? >> kristen welker, thank you for that. well, joining me now is jonathan allen, chief political correspondent with vox. and paul ryan seems to have the political capital to be speaker of the house, but does he want the job? >> there are a lot of reasons not to want the job, most of all, you have to set a three dozen or so republicans that can stop you from passing any legislation that they want to. so this is a delicate situation, ryan doesn't want the job. i think he's the only one -- maybe not the only one, but almost the only one in the republican conference that doesn't want him to be speaker. >> do you think ultimately that paul ryan has designs for a run at the white house in future and if he's thinking that way, would being house speaker make a run more difficult? >> absolutely. i think you'll end up a lot of republicans a lot of the time, and as a result, we saw this with john boehner by the way. ended up losing the support of a lot of people across the republican conference and across the country. so i think paul ryan if he wants to be president of the united states has been trying to avoid
4:20 am
that kind of pit fall being in the leadership in the house. but it may come to the point that so many people are putting the pressure on him that it's difficult to say no. >> you write how republicans are turning the house speaker into the worst job in washington. look, house speaker is second in line for the presidency. it should be a coveted spot. is there any republican who can wrangle those various factions to get something done? >> that's why everybody wants paul ryan to do it because he's one of the few people that has the credibility with both the hard liners and the establishment wing of the republican party. he's a guy who'sit forward the republican vision for america. he has not only developed that, but also sold it publicly on television as a candidate for vice president in the past and as the house budget chairman. he brings all the skills that you need to be speaker to the table. that's why that's so much focus on him right now because there
4:21 am
isn't anybody else like that in the republican conference. >> what about the speculation that mccarthy's gaffe about the benghazi committee may have led to his decision to step out of the race? how do you think benghazi played into this? >> well, i think kevin mccarthy inadvertently admitted that the benghazi committee was focused on bringing down hillary clinton's poll numbers. his colleagues thought that was a terrible gaffe. i think it was a gift to the clinton campaign. i'm not sure how much that ended up factors into this, but mccarthy himself said it wasn't helpful to him. >> a gift to the clinton campaign. hillary clinton prepares for her hearing on october 22. do you think it took the sting out of the investigation? >> i think it did. i think it absolutely did. what it did is give clinton the ability to go into that hearing and if anybody starts, you know, getting in her face too much so to speak, she'll be able to turn that on them and say, look, your majority leader said this was an investigation that's brought down my poll numbers so i think it will constrict the way that
4:22 am
she's questioned and i think that it gives her -- unless she gives her up, gives her some high ground going into the hearing. >> the first democratic debate is just three days away. what are the early expectations? >> i think the best expectation here is that these are candidates who are going to talk about their policies and try not to contrast with each other personally too much. i think the democratic party isn't really into personality politics right now. but i do think you'll see some of the contrasts i think particularly bernie sanders will show how he wants to break up big banks, how he wants to reinstate the glass steagall banking laws. you will see hillary clinton talk about guns. bernie sanders having been against the brady bill back in the '90s. so i think there will be some real policy contrasts. >> jonathan allen, good to have you. coming up, some airlines are making you change to overhead storm bins. what will it mean the next time you pack your bags? that's next.
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in today's three big money headlines the holiday outlook, save and spend and more overhead. joining me now to break it down, "usa today" contributor regina lewis. good morning. >> good morning. >> let's begin with the holiday outlook. of course, people have begun their holiday shopping but what's the early read on how much people will be spending this season? >> well, expect it to grow about 3.7%. bringing the overall holiday shopping number to up about $600 billion. but there's a lot of pricing pressure so retailers actually have to sell more at lower price points to hit that target because there's a real bifurcation of consumers. on the under $50,000 level, deep discounters are expected to farewell. retailers playing to the middle, maybe not so much. so the ten year growth is about 2.5% on the retail side. internet remains a bright spot
4:27 am
growing at about 6 to 8%. years ago of course we saw double digit growth but it's making up more than about $100 billion in the overall retail. that's going to be a challenge for the u.p.s. and fedexs of the world who are encouraging major retailers to spread out their price sensitive promotions because you can imagine the logistics of shipping that on the same day at the same time. it's tricky. >> now to save and spend. some might be able to spend more this holiday because of what they're saving at the gas pumps. >> sure. right now it's expected that it's $360 that americans have saved, so it should be about $700 by year's end. a new jpmorgan study says, where did this money go 80% of it is being spent. but it's being spent at restaurants. on entertainment, not so much retail. although that's number three. and for millennials, it's particularly striking and really has changed their habits because
4:28 am
you have seven or eight extra bucks in your pocket makes a difference. >> moving from cars to planes. here's something frequent flyers have been clamors for -- more overhead. how can that mean savings for air travelers? >> it will save you time and frustration. at least that's the hope. boeing has come out with the space bin. it's 50% greater capacity. it will allow for six bags per bin instead of four. and when you really add all of that up on big airplane it's about 70 extra bags meaning almost everybody that gets on the plane will be able to put something in the overhead bin. they hope this speeds things up so people don't have to wait at baggage claim. you said people are clamoring and it's about the fees. hopefully it's a win-win. >> if only the overhead looked that neat in reality. that's right. and president obama has a direct answer about whether
4:29 am
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welcome back to "weekends with alex witt." i'm dara brown in for alex. developing now, a massive military parade in north korea to celebrate the 70th anniversary of the ruling workers party. kim jong-un presided over the ceremony complete with ballistic missiles saying his country was fully prepared to defend itself against the united states. >> reporter: hello from a rainy pyongyang where i have seen the biggest military parade in north korea's history. it was undeniably impressive and uncomfortable kind of way because no one does a military parade like north korea. it is without question the goose stepping capital of the world. but look, this was first and foremost a show of strength. of troops, of planes, of missiles. the pentagon will be looking at
4:33 am
these pictures trying to work out are there any long range missiles here that they haven't seen before? remember, this is an army that regards the united states as enemy number one. this was not just a display of mass loyalty. it was also a defiant message to america. don't mess with us, don't try to stop us. developing for example the nuclear missiles that we believe are our sovereign right. of course, that is exactly what the united states is trying to do because north korea has a nuclear capability at the moment, but not we believe the means to deliver a nuclear warhead to the american main land. they also heard from the podium up there, the supreme leader kim jong-un addressed the crowd and he said our policies are driving the united states into a dilemma, into a corner, and it
4:34 am
is my firm intention to continue strengthening the army. you can hear the army chanting behind me right now, because the celebration of the 70th anniversary of the ruling communist party isn't over. although it's still raining here, the celebrations will go on. there may be fireworks, although they may be slightly dampened. but there's no dampening of the enthusiasm here. there was a scene of mass hysteria here as the people came close and saw their leader up on that platform. they were crying, weeping and dancing almost with joy. there's no doubt of their loyalty. so the celebrations here will go on for some hours to come. this is bill neely in pyongyang, north korea. back to you. >> sounds like quite an experience. now to the turmoil in syria, according to the pentagon, u.s. and russian military officials could begin talks on syria as the russian offensive escalates. this follows the news that the
4:35 am
u.s. is sending the failed program to train moderate syrian rebels, only four or five trained rebels joined the fight at a cost of $50 million. joining me now is retired colonel jack jacobs, msnbc military analyst. four or five trained people. how did this program go wrong? >> because we didn't have enough assets in the first place in order to train all of the people we needed to. firm one. number two, very poor success, no success whatsoever, and actually identifying the people who were in our words moderate rebels. it sounds like an oxymoron. there's no such thing as a moderate rebel. never fully engaged the groups who would otherwise oppose assad. very dispersed around the country. didn't focus on the real reasons that people might necessarily fight against assad. and picked the wrong people in the end in any case.
4:36 am
a lot of the weapons we gave them, they turned over to the bad guys. just a bad idea from start to finish. not surprising that we're pulling back. >> this is only the latest in a certain -- in a series of set backs for the u.s. the u.s. was seeing signs for months that russia was preparing for an offensive in syria and yet, remained flat footed. was there something the white house could have done to control the situation? >> no, actually. we put ourselves in a position of publicly decrying the assad regime, and then saying very loudly that we were going to empower rebels in order to turn assad over. when it was clear that we were not capable of doing it. and in any case, the white house's objective is not necessarily to do anything so that we have any kind of footprint inside syria in order to get it done. we're withdrawing from the region. we have been for a long time and we do not and have not committed resources in order to achieve
4:37 am
whatever objectives we set. as a result, we were very, very vociferous about what we're going to do in syria, but in fact, never was willing to commit the resources to do it. so our objective was to ignore it basically, so it's not surprising that putin did what he did and that we looked surprised. we were never going to focus our attention on syria to get the job done in any case. >> in your interview for "60 minutes," president obama would not concede that putin is challenging his leadership. what do you think is the broader impact of the white house's frictions with russia? >> you know, we haven't had a good relationship with putin and putin wouldn't have a good relationship with us in any case. the united states has tried very, very hard to impose its will in a region without the resources. certainly in the last eight years or so. but russia now has looked for an opportunity to get back into the region, to exercise some modicum
4:38 am
of control. at the end of the day, putin recognizes that assad will ultimately be gone and his ally, iran does as well. both of them when the music stops they want to have a seat and that's why they are where they are now. and putin is attempting and successfully so to demonstrate he's got the capability of insinuating himself into the region and so far he's proved to be accurate. >> interesting insight, thank you so much colonel jack jacobs. more now on the race for the white house. ben carson is making the rounds to promote his new book this weekend. he sat down and clarified some of his comments. >> let's give it up for dr. ben carson! >> reporter: he's surging in the polls, likely raising more money than any other republican right now. supporters like his soft-spoken manner. >> i was bringing my children so they could see one of our role
4:39 am
models. he -- dr. ben carson is a hero. >> reporter: but nice doesn't mean not provocative. on the holocaust he suggests in the new book, the jews could have fought back against hitler if they had guns, writing through a combination of removing guns and deceitful propaganda, the nazis carried out the evil intentions with little resistance. son. that mischaracterizing the enormity -- >> not only the jews but the entire populous. this is a general pattern that you see before tyranny occurs. >> reporter: also telling me today if he had been in oregon he would have fought back. >> in a situation where you had a mad man who was systematically assassinating people, after asking them a question, and they're all there waiting their turn, i would not wait my turn. i would say, let's do something. you know? attack. why would you just sit there and allow him to do that?
4:40 am
>> reporter: what is it about carson and donald trump for that matter that appeals to republican voters? >> they are willing to give them a pass on what they aren't necessarily happy about, you know, whether it's a controversial statement. or something like that. because they see them as fighters. >> reporter: it seems this year candidates can say whatever they like as long as they don't sound like politics. andrea mitchell, washington. if ben carson is making the comments and still doing with elle in the polls what does -- doing well in the polls what does that say about the gop voters rationalizing about what he's saying? >> i don't know what it says about that. we're several months away from the iowa caucuses where ben carson is doing well for now. if you look back four or eight years ago, the leaders in the iowa caucus polls weren't necessarily the people who ended up winning in iowa. mike huckabee and rick santorum came from behind. it's still early and i think the comments and the fact that ben
4:41 am
carson has these statements in his book kind of show the limitations of his presidential campaign. but for the moment, i think he is sort of tapping into like donald trump is and in a way like carly fiorina and ted cruz are into the anti-establishment, anti-politics as usual. you can say what you want about ben carson. it's not the way that a normal politician would run a presidential campaign. might not be the way i would advise him to do it, but he's getting interest and as the woman said in the package somewhat of a role model for people. but in the long run i don't see how -- you know, bodes well for his presidential campaign. >> interestingly, ben carson came in second place in the recent national polls. when you add up his and donald trump's numbers that's half of the votes. what does that tell you about the republican party if they're voting for the two people making the most controversial remarks? >> it tells me that the sort of general idea of what makes a good presidential candidate, a governor or former governor or a
4:42 am
a, you know, long serving senator isn't what republicans are looking for. look at the two candidates who have already left, scott walker and rick perry. very successful republican governors, a general idea of what a presidential election should look like. they should be leading in the polls. they're not. i think that says something about where republican voters are with respect to the people who say they are the leaders of the republican party. there's a disconnect there and i'm not sure that these other candidates who are elected officials have quite understood that yet. some are coming around to it. but again, ben carson, donald trump, some of the other outsiders are tapping into that disconnect or that frustration with sort of politics as usual. >> and speaking of donald trump, he was sort of joking when he told morning joe that he's never getting out of the race. but he certainly has the wherewithal and the money to stick around. and it's been conventional wisdom that voters would coalescing around an established
4:43 am
party candidate, once that field thins. is that your thinking? >> i think carly fiorina and ben carson have a not long term shelf line. in the end, i think the republicans want to win white house and there's a sense that the two candidates while they do get everyone very excited within the party really couldn't do it in the end. and beat hillary clinton or whoever the democrat is. the question really is, there's always been this sort of opening about who the conservative challenger is in a republican presidential primary. this year it's different. this year the question is who's the sort of broadly acceptable establishment candidate? it was supposed to be jeb bush but he hasn't gone where everybody thought he would. he has all the money and the establishment support but he doesn't have the votes which are the most important thing in a presidential primary. i think that's where the contest is right now. it's jeb bush, potentially marco rubio. i think carly fiorina kind of fits into that mold. and so that's where you're
4:44 am
seeing the contest. i think that's why you're seeing volatility in the race at this point. but again, iowa is on february 1st, new hampshire a couple of days after that. there's still a long way to go and a lot of voters who haven't quite keyed in yet who will be over the next few months. >> okay. now, shifting gears, this drama with mccarthy bowing out. is it more likely that a government shutdown will occur? will that damage the gop in 2016? >> in terms of a government shutdown i think it makes it less likely that it will occur because if speaker boehner stays around he doesn't have an incentive to cut deals with the republican party. he can cut deals with the democrat party to stave that off. i don't think that affects the election too much if the republicans understand why mccarthy wasn't able to get support. what the problems were among conservatives out there with the idea of sort of an establishment person taking over. if they sort of learned some lessons from this race, look,
4:45 am
there was a whole sort of speaker debacle in 1998 with gingrich leaving and bob livingston not getting in. and ended up having 2000 president george bush. i don't think it bodes too poorly for the republican gop. thank you. a re-enactment of the million man march. that's up next. which means you can access your dvr at the dmv. change channels while he changes pants. you don't have to be a couch potato, you can be a train potato! and let them watch all the shows they love, inside the ride that you really kind of hate. introducing the all in one plan. only from directv and at&t. and sleep deprived. bring us those who want to feel well rested. aleve pm. the only one to combine a sleep aid... plus the 12 hour pain relieving strength of aleve. be a morning person again
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4:49 am
to me, as an educator and advocate and community activist. >> that idea of responsibility and manhood being cool is the move. >> reporter: by day he's vice principal at oxon middle school and he's helping to improve this once failing school. >> how the world sees them impacts their self-perception, impacts how they see themselves. that's the reason why we call them kings and queens and the reason we try to build them up. we know when they leave the world will break them down. >> reporter: but for hall it's not just a day job. it's a service to the community. >> you need to take it, you can get your big house, but you need to understand that you're here to serve. >> reporter: hall credits his father with instilling in him a sense of community and responsibility. >> i had a station wagon, i
4:50 am
tried to get as many children as i could, a lot didn't have fathers. there's strength in black men. >> reporter: it was his father who made all six of his sons attended the million man march. >> a kind of triumph to bring my neighborhood together, bring more children, more people neighborhood together, more people, more children to know we are a great people, a great people. we're better together. that's one of the best things i got out of it. it helped me with my children. >> when you think about these moments, there are moments in your life that actually change your life. at 13, the million man march changed my life. was it a movement for me that i go and start an organization? no. but it spurred an understanding of who i was as a person. >> two decades later, throw generations of hall men will return to the mall for an anniversary march. >> what do you think it's going to be like? >> well, i really think it's going to be a little bit of fun. >> to have a son who is astute and very aware of social issues
4:51 am
at such a young age and being able to try to expose him to some of the same things, for me it's a moment of of celebration to be able to share that with my son. >> at the end of the 1995, hundreds of thousands of black men were given a mission to go home and build their communities. >> a lot of people are like, okay, when is the next movement. the movement is our lives, our experiences, what we decide to do each and every day. >> to hear him articulating the passion. articulating the hopes of the community. how does that make you feel as a father? >> see, now you're going to make me -- it makes me cry sometimes in public. >> despite history is eventually made today as it was last time. last time it was the largest gathering of black men in one time ever. the organizers and the sustainedees say the mission is to take a message home.
4:52 am
and that's what we are here about. >> looks like a beautiful day for it too. tremaine, thanks so much. >> could something vice president joe biden doing today bring us closer to an answer on whether he is going to run for president? on its own. so let's do something about it. premarin vaginal cream can help. it provides estrogens to help rebuild vaginal tissue and make intercourse more comfortable. premarin vaginal cream treats vaginal changes due to menopause and moderate-to-severe painful intercourse caused by these changes. don't use it if you've had unusual vaginal bleeding, breast or uterine cancer, blood clots, liver problems, stroke or heart attack, are allergic to any of its ingredients or think you're pregnant. side effects may include headache, pelvic pain, breast pain, vaginal bleeding and vaginitis. estrogens may increase your chances of getting cancer of the uterus, strokes, blood clots, or dementia, so use it for the shortest time based on goals and risks.
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4:55 am
in his home down in vat vat this weekend a amid whether he will final enter for the white house. there's a lot of speculation here. do you think we're going to have an answer soon? >> reporter: well, that's a good question. who knows is the short answer. there may be a decision. there may not be. you're right. it is is one of the subjects of tremendous speculation across the country. if in fact, the vice president does enter the race, it could be a huge game changer on the democratic side. the candidates will be on stage for the first time. the vice president, we
4:56 am
understand, is not going to participate. there are filing deadlines coming up in early november. there are a lot of reasons that he has to make a decision soon, in the next few weeks. but another school of thought is is that he has more time because he is a sitting vice presidentings because he has several times before, run for president, that is. he has been such a well-known figure for so long. a lot of speculation. a lot of uncertainty. we believe he is here with his family as he has been on many weekends since the death of his son in may. as he he has said so many times publicly, whether he he has the fortitude to make this run for the presidency. short answer, we just don't know. but there have been some indications this week that he may be nearing a decision. so we may get word sometime this weekend. hopefully we will. because, again, so many people are speculating whether he will do this or not. it's become -- at some point
4:57 am
this becomes counterproductive for him as well, i would think, and many people are saying. >> ron, we have to wrap you there. we've got to go. we'll get back to you on that later. >> reporter: sorry. we're still all waiting. "weekends with alex witt" at noon. and "up" starts today. i've got two reasons to take care of my heart. that's why i take meta.
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