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tv   Weekends With Alex Witt  MSNBC  October 24, 2015 9:00am-11:01am PDT

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a hurricane of historic proportions coming ashore, but what damage has been done? this hour, new reports on what patricia is leaving behind in mexico. the rain from patricia is bringing in new trouble to a bad situation in texas. a train derails and the water in some areas as the area could see eight inches of rain. and dipping poll numbers have donald trump on the attack, and why ben carson is eclipsing the mogul in iowa.
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hey, there, everyone. it is high noon in the east and 8:00 a.m. out in the west, and i'm alex witt and we are following the breaking news. trsh patricia is now a tropical depressi depression, and moving across central mexico, and no fatalities have been reported and damage was less than expected, but before coming ashore friday, patricia was medz sured category 5 hillary clinur winds measuring 250-miles-per-hour, and now in texas, rains have inundated north and central texas, and over 100 flights have been canceled at dallas international airpo airport, and two crewmen were rescued after their train derailed and in texarkana when their train was washed away by waters. we go the bonnie schneider in studio with u us, and what is the outlook, because we are looking at all eyes on texas. >> yes, even mexico, while it is
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a depression, we are looking for the threat of flooding and the possibility of landslides and mudslides and hard to believe that less than 24 hours ago, it was a category 5 storm that just broke records for the fastest intensifying hurricane ever. it was incredible to watch. and here we are looking at the track and now it is getting close to texas. the moisture is really starting to plume on in. so many flood warnings in effect right now, and look at, this austin, and just getting inundated and houston as well, and it is going to be worse for houston before it gets better. the national weather service are there is around tonight at 6:00 p.m., we could see rainfall rates of 4 inches per hour, which is incredible. i can't imagine being out in weather like that, but through austin, there is bastrop county and the burns that have been happening in the fire areas, and unfortunately with all of the rain coming down and the scarred land, we are seeing a lot of the flooding with that and you mentioned some of the road closures and the flights are
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canceled and it is not over yet, because the rain is coming in two places from houston and we have the rain coming in from patricia and gulf moisture and it is a recipe for a lot of rain escalating through the evening hours, and straight through sunday. and 6 inches as we go through the next few days in houston, but closer to louisiana, this is working east. so we will see the threat for flooding into southwest louisiana as well, ap then back out towards dallas, it will start to get better, but we have had reports of a dangerous situation there in terms of the flooding. but moving forward to the night, and sunday, this is the heaviest rain where you see here in white, it is going to be better, but we need to get through sunday and monday, alex before we see the improvements. >> all right. thank you, bonnie. we will check in with dallas in a moment and you again certainly. patricia hit the mexican coast with 165-mile-an-hour winds, and joe fryers is with us
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in ixtapa, mexico, and from your vantage point, how badly hit was mexico from the storm? >> well sh, alex, a lot of peop are feeling a sigh of relief here, because the officials in mexico are saying that according to the early reports, they are not seeing the reports of the major catastrophic damage in at least some of the well populated areas, and some of the damage, and certainly some damage, but it is landslides blocking the roads and trees down and billboards knocked down and flooding in the streets. so there have been some damage reports, but already some of the trees have been clear prd the roads and the the mudslides have been cleared and a lot of the officials are saying that they feel lucky. part of the reason is that it appears that the strongest part of the storm, the part that was going 165 miles an hour when it hit land hit the sparsely populated a areas along the coast. it is unclear how much damage in those area, and some of those parts are hard to reach, and officials are going to be trying to get into those areas of the fishing village and other areas to see how bad the damage is there, but the biggest concern
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was some of the well populated areas like manzanillo and puerto vallarta and folks unable to get out of town yesterday because the flights were canceled, so they had to stay put and hunker down. so far what we are hearing not extraordinary damage there in those places, but there is destruction of more typical roofs blowing off of homes in those areas and the coastal areas, and the cleanup is beginning, but a lot of people are feeling it could have been so much worse considering how powerful the storm was reaching 200-mile-an-hour winds earlier in the day friday right before reaching land, alex. >> joe, hey, any idea how extensive the early warning system was for the folks in the remote areas? i was reading an article where a man who lives 15 miles inland was talking about people out on the roads who were completely unaware of what was coming their way. >> you know what is interesting is that in some of the remote
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areas, there is honest ly not a lot of communication, and when i arrived in ix ttapa yesterday which is the closest airport to get to the coast, i was talking to people who had been out for a good hour or two here in remote are areas, and surfing or e e enjoying the time out there, and they did not know about the hurricane, and so in some of those areas, it is the communication and that is part of the worry, and remote areas, and the fishing villages and the goal is to get the word out to those people so they could get out and evacuate and certainly the news may not have gotten into the areas like it did in the coastal areas. even though it came quickly, it is more time to prep for the hurricane, but it was enough time for some to get out of town and some drove to guadalajara which is much farther inland, and not as impacted at least if they were not able to get out of town. >> not a beach day there with lots of clouds and beach surf.
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thank you, joe, from ixtapa. and now the dallas where some areas got more than 18 inches of rain. we go the charles hadlock who is right there with you, and -- wow! look at the flooding. where are you, charles someis >> well, you have actually been here before. this is the edge of the trinity river just as it passes downtown dallas. normally the river banks are e beyond the trees and the bank full is at 30 feet, and the today, 35, and it is expected to climb to 37 feet later today. the good news is that the weather front causing all of this creating the lift that dropped the rainfall here is now past the dallas-ft. worth area, but the bad news is that it is not out of the state which is the concern. all of the rainfall was created by a system not associated with hurricane patricia but a low pressure system and as it makes its way out of the state of texas, the remnants of patricia come into the state, and the question is how much interaction
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with the cold front and how much rainfall will fall in the coastal bend earea of texas, along the gulf coast, houston, galveston and corpus christi are all on high alert for flooding today and tomorrow as the system continues to move across the state. as you mentioned earlier, there is a train derailment 60 miles south of here, and several cars of the union pacific train came off of the tracks as it encountered high water and nobody was injured. the engineer and the train conductor were also rescued by local authorities from the high water. and now, today, we are watching the water recede here in dallas and hoping that we don't get anymore rain here, alex. >> charles, if you had not reminded me, you and i worked together when i shot a standup and it is looking nothing like that day. i wouldn't have recognized it. thank you, charles. appreciate that. and now to politics and a shake-up on the side of the republican side of the race for
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the white house. donald trump is about to hit the stump as there is a new poll showing that ben carson's lead is over that of trump. this is what he had to say last night. >> we have a breaking story, donald trump has fallen behind ben carson -- [ audience booing ] >> we informed ben, but he was sleeping. ben carson is super low energy. right, super low? >> and meanwhile, jeb bush is responding to the increased speculation that his campaign is in trouble after making big campaign spending cutting. >> and bush is falling apart and may not even, blah, blah, blah. >> and blah, blah, blah. and you watch it. october is not when you elect people, and it is february and then you move into march, and we
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have a campaign designed to win. and i'm going to win. >> hillary clinton is back out on the campaign trail after giving her first interview since thursday's benghazi sper interv. she ramped up the criticism of the committee with my colleague rachel maddow. >> we live in a complicated and dangerous world and so we do want to have a good conversation where people come to the table ready to actually learn about what we can do. i'm afraid that's not necessarily what this particular committee is doing. >> joining me now is erin mcpike, a political reporter with reuters. good to see you, erin. >> good to see you, too. >> and we have not seen the post hearing polling, yet clinton says that there is a massive peak especially after the hearing ended in the 9:00 to 10:00 p.m., and most of them from new donors at less than
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$250, and is this a sign that what we witnessed will help the scrutiny she has been under handling the attack originally? >> no question about that, and there are many republicans who think that a last year or the last two years even that they have really overplayed the hand on benghazi specifically. it is one day and she did what she could, and now they have gotten to the bottom of it, and gotten no new information. really what is hurting hillary clinton more is the idea behind the e-mail server, and people saying that she is not tru trustworthy. the republicans in the hearing were looking for one moment that they could clip out as a sound bite and use in an ad against her, and she did not give it to them, and she did not give it to them in the debate performance the week before, so it is pretty clear that she knows how to perform, and they have to try some different tactics against her. >> and trey gowdy, the chairman, himself, saying we didn't learn anything new in the hearings, and so where do the republicans go from here?
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>> well, they have to come up with a sustained thenarrative against her. you may remember when the obama campaign was running against mitt romney and after the fact, they said they knew in 2012 they would betemit romney, because they went after him as a greedy corporatist who was greedy, and they went after that narrative for months and months and months. and what the republicans are trying to to do is to get her in a single moment, and that is not going to work. if they continue with the e-m l e-mails and other things that paint her as untrustworthy, they may have better luck. >> and jeb bush as we are hearing about the meeting of the parents and the brother this weekend which is in the works for months here, and trying to coordinate it, but we have heard that his brother is going to headline a fund-raising event for him. and jeb bush has been defending his brother's actions while president, but should he have lean leaned on him earlier or about the same time? >> no, i don't think so at all. he was very clear that he had to establish himself as his own man
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and put together his own candidacy, and what he stands for, and remember, earlier this year when the bush campaign publicized the list of foreign policy advisers bush was roundly criticized for using advisers from his brothers' administration, and so he did have tott is it up for himself. and the real problem with jeb bush's campaign is that they are running an old school campaign. i counted the other day, and they have 120 staffers on payroll, where some of the other campaigns have 30 staffers, and they have to be more nimble and it is not about using george w. bush or not, and he is bringing him in the right time, because he needs more money now to sustain himself, but it wouldn't have made any difference if he had used him earlier. >> well sh, he is cutting the cs this week, and announcing across the board that everybody is getting a 40% pay cut and not the numbers or the head count, but what people will be making for the interim and we will see if it ticks back up again. we will talk about the house speaker decision, paul ryan who
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has gone are from making demands to concessions now. what do you get from all of this in terms of how he could serve as speaker? >> well, alex, i have to say that i've been surprised how this has been couched by everyone that he made all of the demands and then he caved. that is how somebody negotiates. i think it sets up a pretty good picture for many republicans who are energized by paul ryan that he probably will do a pretty good job and perhaps much better than john boehner, because he knows that he has to come up with a list of demands that probably won't be met in order to come down a little bit to get the freedom caucus to his side. what he was doing was a simple negotiation, and he was pretty smart about it. i have talked to a lot of the republicans who were breathing a sigh of relief that he is most likely going to be the speaker. >> any indication, erin, if he really wants this job? at first he said no thanks. >> i have talked to paul ryan many times over to the years about what he wants to do in the
9:15 am
future and how ambitious he is, and he has said to me, you know, i'm ambitious, but i'm not into do the next thing now, because he is very serious about raising his three young children. and you know, if this came to him in ten years, he would probably be thrilled to do it, but he may run for president again sometime in the future, but if fact that he has made it clear that he wants to get home on the weekends, and he is probably excited to a degree, you know, of of course when you are moving up in the world, that can lead to some excitement, but he didn't want this job to begin with, that is very clear. >> okay. thank you, erin mcpike. what it takes to organize and cleanup and give aid relief after efforts with a major storm like patricia. become the only thing you think about.
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patricia now downgraded to a tropical depression as it moves across mexico. it made landfall friday as a monstrous category 5 hurricane with winds up to 165 miles per hour. there is no word if there are a fatalities or injuries at this point. nows, we switch our attention to texas where the heartland is under flash flood watches. let's go to texas as msnbc bonnie schneider is going to join us again. bonnie, where are you focusi focusinging on the hardest hit areas? >> well, alex, the crux of it, because it is going to ramp up to places like houston into the afternoon and evening hours, and we reare watching it so closely that the national weather s service has said 4 inches per hour are possible starting this evening saturday night into sunday and all of the way into
9:20 am
3:00 p.m., and that is four inches additional, and additional rains of 3 to 6, and we could see pockets of a foot of water. this is alarming, because bas strop, and the hidden pines area, that is where we had wildfires burn iing not long ag and it is so dry over texas, and to have all of the rain all at once, and that is why you have the red boxes here, because you the moisture from patricia and the remnant there, and the moisture from the gulf coast, and the recipe here is just to keep the rain coming in, and you can see it sweeping over the austin area, and pushing eastward to houston and there is a big batch on the way to houston, texas. right there. and the yellow indicating the heavier downpours on the way for the city. so if you have outdoor plans this evening, take them inside if you are in houston. ahead, 6.1 inches of rain, and it is going to improve for dallas where we have seen a lot of flooding in the dallas area earlier and road closures reported and wind damage as well, and from the national weather service, and the houston area as well as southwest area
9:21 am
such as lake charles and parish areas, and we will see rain in louisiana and mississippi and further off to victoria, texas. it is going to ramp up, alex, in around around the houston area. >> thank you, bonnie, busy day for you, and thank you for staying on top of it. >> ben carson responds to donald trump who called the neurosurgeon souper low energy. wait, i can freeze my account. [touch tone] introducing freeze it, from discover. it allows you to prevent new purchases on your account in seconds if your card is misplaced. not here... ♪ and once you find your card, you can switch it right on again.'re back! [touch tone] freeze it, only from discover. get it at
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approa approaching the bot toll of the hour, hurricane patricia is downgraded as the winds dipped to lower than 35 miles per hour, and no fatalitys have been report and the damage is lighter than expected. patricia was the strongest hurricane on record before making landfall friday night. however, the threat of heavy rain and flooding has spread from texas, and you can see now that the effects of a union pacific freight train that ran off of the rails in corsicana, and the two-man crew have been rescued. let's bring in lieu ttenant russe russell honore who helped with the efforts after katrina in louisiana. thank you for coming here. >> thank you, alex. >> and this hurricane did not do the damage that we feared, but this area that it hit is extr e extremely rural, and so, sir,
9:30 am
how difficult to assess the need for releaf in a case like this? >> well, the good news is that it is rural and lightly populated in many places, but the aftereffects of the storm pushing into texas will multiply the amount of rain that it is going to be bringing into the hill country of texas. we have to remember, alex, this storm is now pushing water in an area that was already challenged with a lot of moisture over the last few days up what we call the i-35 kcorridor, the central link between mexico and going up through dallas where it has been under construction for years now. that major highway handles a lot of traffic. when you think through san antonio into dallas, significant amount of traffic that peels off to go on to the interstate 10 network, and all of that area is under construction and the water going in there anywhere from 6 to 12 inches now moving towards houston in some very low-lying areas, and the aftermath of patricia is twoing the to be the
9:31 am
powerful rains that it is bringing in, and not so much the winds, but the amount of flooding that is going to be happening in the low lying areas in the hill country and around houston and lake charles. >> also add austin to the mix, too, because that is added as part of the hill kcountry. and sir, when you talk about the central rural area in mexico, you nknow, across which patrici has gone at this point, how hard to mobilize the relief efforts when you are talking about the rural areas, and the roads are not even all that developed and certainly telecommunications are challenged certainly. >> absolutely. it is going to be taking hel kopt ers and airplanes going into the rural areas to make contact. people can remember the last time we had the hurricane and storms going through there and it is going to take days to go in to try to do the search and are rescue. the good news is that they are sparsely populated and the people in the areas are
9:32 am
generally in large pret tu resilient, and they know to get out of the low lying areas in the heavy rains, but it is going to be a big effect from the mudslides in those areas. you are right. i was in austin this morning, and austin has a double whammy. a formula 1 race today and thousands and thousands of extra people in austin and on top of that, they had the university of texas game scheduled, there and so austin was back-to-back with people and underwater earlier this morning. >> that is right, i had forgotten about the two big events there. and sir in the intro, you the head of the ne more mouse relief on behalf of the military after katrina, and how long to bring a storm-torn area back to normalcy there? >> it takes as long as it takes to pump the water off of the highways to get people to assess the damage to the properties as well as to do a thorough reconnaissance to check every home twice that you believe is
9:33 am
evacuated. this is an enormous problem, because of the area so large. san antonio to dallas and all of the rural area, and those places have to be checked where flooding occurred and the houses that got wet will have to have a reconnaissance team there to move in and knock on the door and the same thing in houston in the communities that flood, search and rescue teams will have to go to all of those home s. we will see how bad it gets as the days go by, but as you say 6 to 12 inches of rain, it is a major problem. >> all right. retired lieutenant general russell honore. >> stay home, texas. stay home. >> good advice. and now, overseas secretary kerry is meeting with the middle east areas in an attempt to meet with the palestinians as the death toll rises again today. and joining me is eamon, and can
9:34 am
you tell us if anything of substance came from the meetings so far today? >> well, all indications is that there is an agreement reached by secretary of state john kerry along with the israeli prime n minister benjamin netanyahu and the palestinian and the jordanian officials. and now the focus of these talk s were around the old city, and particularly the access of what the jews accept the most sacred as the holy mount or the omar, and so the reason it is the subject of the talks is because of the recent flare ups, and according to the united states, there are new measures to be put in place to preserve the status quo. according that it is going to continue the right of muslims to pray on the compound and allow visitation rights to non-muslims. that is a source of dispute if
9:35 am
you will between the palestin n palestinians and the israelis. and palestinians believed that israel was trying to change who can go in and out of the holy site. and the palestinians were believing it was the israelis trying to incite the latest round of violence, and they have no intention of changing the status quo according to israel. so this is going to be reinforcing the status quo agreement, and both sides will come out with the explicit phrasing or the words if you will to say that the status quo will not be changed in and attempt to ease this latest round of tension. >> and can i ask you, because you been there for a while, ayman, is there a reduction of the tension? are things calming down somewhat? >> well, 24 and 48 hours are a short time span in the history of this conflict. so to jump the gun and say that there is an easing of the tension is very premature, but i can tell you that over the
9:36 am
course of the last two week, access to the holy site particularly on fridays which is news limb day of prayer here was restricted to men above the age of 50 or below the age of 40, rather n on two week, and women were are restricted from going in. yesterday after the israeli prime minister benjamin netanyahu met, there were no restrictions and we went into the compound ourselves to see what the mood was like, and it was a relaxed environment, and the israeli police said that yesterday's friday prayers went without incident into the holy site, but today, there were repeated attempts of stabbings which led to the israelis shooting of those people, and so it could quickly deteriorate. how long this stays in place, it is going to be, you know, determined in the coming days and weeks, but we have seen over the course of the last several months, that it is a vicious cycle to repeat itself if in fact more of the bigger picture
9:37 am
issues are not a address and resolved, and that is a systemic problem over the last several years since the peace process a has completely stalled here. >> all right. the point is well taken, and we have to take it day by day at this point. thank you, ayman . and we will take you to where donald trump is speaking in jackson, florida, where he is speak, and we will take you to ben carson shortly. >> i can take anybody in this massive audience and i can say, where do you originally come from, your parents or grandparents, and they will give me a name, andly s li will say country is ripping us off, and that country is ripping us off, and every single country is ripping us off. so we are not going to let it happen anymore. we don't win on trade and we can't even beat isis, if you think of it. we can't beat isis.
9:38 am
so we are going to strengthen the military. general odiernodierno, and nobo nobody is going to mess with us. i will talk about my favorite s subject, polls, because i love them. but one of the things in the cnn poll, and i have to be telling the truth, because i have cnn and look at that camera on me right there. and you know what -- you know what, they never cover the audience. nobody has any idea, and i got home, and i said this the other night, and i could say spin and show the audience and the camera stays right on my face, and i say spin and show the people, but i get home, and we had a fantastic crowd in new hampshire, and another crowd in -- >> well, i want to have a producer to keep an eye on things there, and see what he has to say in jacksonville,
9:39 am
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today ben carson is celebrating his jump in the polls in iowa and book tour across the states, and this morning he spoke from iowa state university. >> one of the reasons that our campaign is succeeding, because even though everyday, you know that the opposition is throwing everything they can against the wall and saying, carson did this or said that, it is not sticking, because the people know better. joining me from ames, iowa, nbc campaign inbed shaquille brewster and what are you hearing from the folks attending the events? >> you nknow the people who com out to the events say that he is logical and smart and that carson would bring people together. there is a lot of excitement for dr. carson here, and you will see the people behind me now, they have been in line since 9:00 a.m. when the bookstore opened in barnes & noble here in
9:43 am
des moines, and while there is a lot of excitement by the fans and people who come out to meet dr. carson and have their book signed, it seems that there have been new attacks from donald trump. it is that he is sleeping and i have pushed dr. carson on that at the last bookstore stop in ames, iowa, and listen to what he said and how he responded. >> i don't have any reaction. i don't do, you know, the mud pit stuff. there is so many important things to deal with, i just don't get involved with that kind of thing. >> but when somebody attacks your energy level, this that is personal, do you take it personally? >> no, i don't take it personal personally. again, i say move on to the important issues. that is not even worth my time. >> reporter: so he is there trying to stay above the fray and dismiss it and pivot to more
9:44 am
important issues. interesting thing to note about this whole book tour, this is not a political, and technically, this is not a political event or tour, and he did have a political event before the bookstore stop in ames, iowa, but everything else, it is is through the publisher who is organizing this, and the people just really trying to promote his book. carson now heads to west, the west side of iowa, and then it will be interesting to watch and see if he is more fiery, and responds to trump a little bit more strongly as we head into next week's debate in colorado. >> thank you, shaquille. you are in des moines, as you have corrected us, thank you so much. i am joined in the studio by political strategists susan and amy. and now, we just heard from ben carson and i sure wouldn't mind being that calm, cool, collected
9:45 am
when it comes to a neurosurgeon working on you, and maybe a type that way, but maybe it is worth replaying donald trump's comments from last night, so we will to that and then comment. >> we have a breaking story, donald trump has fallen to second place behind ben carson. we informed ben, but he was sleeping. ben carson is super low energy, right, super? super low. >> what do you make of this? is he responding to the drop of poll numbers or indicative of something bigger? well, it is almost like a cry baby when it comes to the pols s that you say that he is not winning in enough polls, and now he is attacking the pollster, and he is acting like a cry baby, but it is not going to work. the attacks against ben carson are not going to work. what people are attracted to
9:46 am
about ben carson is the mannerism, and he is still the outsider, and the trump alternative, especially for women. that being said, he really risk s a lot by attacking ben carson and i think that he shores up ben carson's support unlike what happened with jeb bush. >> and there are big numbers for ben carson as we look at it, and in the bloomberg poll, he has tripled the support in iowa and jumped nine points ahead of t m trump, and what is behind this? susan mentions the women are support, and what else? >> he is solidifying the evangelical support in iowa and the same way as mike huckabee and rick santorum did. and this is trump's bonafide evangelicals are shaky and every time he says that i love jesus and i'm a great christian, evangelicals don't buy that as the way that ben carson says that with some authenticity and
9:47 am
you need to solidify that support to win iowa, and if he has the ground game, he will win it in iowa. >> and yes, the other two who did so, they didn't go much further? >> no, because what happens is new hampshire which is a completely different electorate, and if i'm jeb bush, i am looking at the john mccain strategy of losing iowa and putting everything into new hampshire and coming out as the eventual nominee after a long primary fight. i don't know that jeb has the infrastructure to do that same thing, but it is maybe where he is looking though. someand you said about ben car s carson is interesting that you can win iowa and then fall off of the cliff like rick santorum or mike huckabee, but the difference is that ben carson has a bigger network in place and a lot more money. santorum and huckabee were able to raise money after the wins, and so they didn't start raising money until the end of january, where ben carson now has $10 million in the bank and no sign
9:48 am
of slows down. so he can spend money looking ahead to new hampshire and south carolina and some of the other southern states. >> and you mentioned jeb bush earlier and having a big network and a lot of money, and yet there are reports of him cutting across the staffers the money that they are making at this point, jeb bush is cutting by 40%, and he is going tomorrow to have meetings with his mother and brother and campaign donors, a and is he in trouble or shoring up? >> no, he is in big trouble. who would have imagined that jeb bush is the candidate to cut expenses, that he didn't have enough money. there is a lot of the money in the souper pac, but the problem is raising money. he has to show the donors that he is not wasting and tying the belt buckle, and john mccain did it quite well eight years ago as well, and he was successful at it, and it reinforces to the donors, we do care about the money that you give us and we will spend it wisely. >> but the problem with jeb is
9:49 am
that he is not a strong candidate in the primary gop candidate and the same way that mitt romney is not what they wanted in 2012 and john mccain not in 2012, and that is why ben carson and donald trump are lead manage the polls. >> and now, h let's go to rachel maddow's show when she had hillary clinton as a guest, and this is what she said. >> i want to build on the progress they are leaving behind, and i feel strongly about that. i want the go further, but the real point of the election is whether or not the republicans are going to be able to turn the clock back and rip away the progress that has been made. >> and she is going to be talking about how she is different and she is a woman, and that is tongue in cheek when she talked about that, but can she just say, vote for me, because i am so much different
9:50 am
than the republican parties, alina? >> yes, if you put a woman in power, they have different views and policies on the family leave or the pla tern ti leave or the paid leave and minimum wage, and issues that women care about and think about and kitchen table issue, and i think that if she contin continues to lead with the fact that, look, i am different than the 44 presidents that came before and i'm going to make histo history, but also put those issues at the forefront, because women's issues are economic iss issues and family issues, then i think that she is going to do well if she solidifies the support of the women of color, and the rhetoric in the past few months has been working the do that specifically. >> that is going to be the last word for now, and i am told that we have to wrap. than you, both. >> and in st. louis, who is setting the churches on fire? the latest in that investigation next.
9:51 am
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9:54 am
churches in st. louis, missouri, are on edge after seven suspected arson attacks on houses of warship in two weeks. the latest one happened thursday night at the historic shrine of st. joseph, but officials say that all of the fires started in a similar matter. while the motive is unknown, hate crime is a very dynamic part of the investigation. with me now is doug moore, reporter at the st. louis post dispatch, and doug, welcome to you, and what is the latest on the search for suspects? >> well, it has been like you sa said, 48 hours since the last arson, and they have stepped up patrol s s in the areas where te fires have occurred. they have ideas of actually pinpointed e areas where they believe that the next targets will be, and they are out actually in the neighborhoods on foot patrols with dogs and talk ing to the neighbors, because they are convinced that somebody knows something, but they have not stepped forward
9:55 am
yet. someand doug, whoever is doing this, they know what they are doing, because aren't they hitting the churches that have no surveillance cameras? >> yes, it does seem to be one of the common alities and you ae absolutely right. and that is one of the issues that, you know, the police typically we live in a world where there are so many security cameras that hel independence the investigations, but it has not helped here for sure. >> and similarities and the common factors in each of the fires? >> well, they have been restrict ed to the front doors, the entry ways of the churches and the fires have been for the most part had minor damage, and so they are not trying to burn the church down, but quite easy to do that, and it would not take that much accelerant in some of the small churches that are burned, so we don't know fit is a message they are trying to send, but clearly, they are setting them at the same place in every church. >> and we we mentioned the hate crime dynamic of this investigation u, and as i understand it, this congregation is the latest one which is predominantly white, but the other six churches have been
9:56 am
predominantly african-american churches, and what are the police saying about this? >> well, that is the one thing, and as we have gone before, the six previously had all of that in common the african-american congregation, and the churches were in black neighborhoods, the latest one in thursday morning is a congregation predominantly white, but the neighborhood is diverse and larger black population there. so i don't belief they are putting too much into that, but i believe that it may also dismiss the idea that it is a hate crime and instead, it is people that just, and they have said it person or persons, and not sure if it is a team or an individual, but that it is more of something about organized religion and not so much about the race. >> and doug, sunday services scheduled at a lot of the churches here tomorrow, and what is the community saying about all of this and is the community scared? >> yeah. it is interesting, because i went to the church on wednesday where they had a prayer service
9:57 am
to bring in the clergy from the region, and they are unify and encouraging the congregation to come out in record numbers the show your faith and your strength, but i think that privately when they talk to me, they are concerned that which church is going to be next, and what if the blaze is out of control and someone is in the church the next time. >> yes, founded fears. >> doug moore, thank you from the "st. louis post-dispatch." and why hand's free technology may not make your life safer after all. >> yes. >> and on the top story, hurricane patricia comes to shore with a tropical force, and then weakens. we will talk about what was left behind and the new trouble heading straight for texas. and how to deal with my uc. to me, that was normal. until i talked to my doctor. she told me that humira helps people like me get uc under control
9:58 am
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10:01 am
historical blast remnants are unknown. >> and now, pressing from florida to iowa in the wake of new polling numbers. call anna turner. >> call henry burns. >> no. >> oh, my gosh, i guess that is a stop sign. >> distracted driver dangers and alarming new study shows why the motorists should hit the brakes on the hands' free devices. good day to all of you and welcome to "weekends with alex witt" and it is 1:00 p.m. in the east and 11 a.m. out in the west. and now after a car drove into nearby stillwater hospital said they have received patients with severe injuries while others are taken by helicopters to oklahoma city and tulsa.
10:02 am
we are trying to get more information on that, and as we get more of that, we will bring it to you live. we have breaking news on the weather front as the worst may be over for mexico. patricia is a tropical depression with winds under 35 miles per hour. the storm came through of the mexican coast with winds of 165 miles an hour as a hurricane. before coming to shore, patricia had winds up to 250 miles an hour. it is the worst storm in the western hemisphere. now, the storm is bringing rains in texas. first responders in san antonio say that one man is missing after being swept away in a flooded drainage ditch. earlier this morning two crewmen from a union pacific train were rescued from corsicana when the train was washed away by floodwaters. charles hadlock is joining us
10:03 am
from dallas, texas, and has the rain stopped or still coming down? >> well, it has stopped for the moment, and we are standing near the banks of the the trinity river and this is a dramatic scene, but this is what it is supposed to do, fill up in a flood and then slowly fade away. dallas can handle the amount of rain, even though it is record amounts for the daily amounts, and we had between 5 and 7 inches yesterday and another 4 or 5 today. this rainfall is also having an impact just about an hour south of here in the town of corsicana where that train derailment was. i-45 was closed for several hours. lines of cars backed up for miles trying to get through, because the road had flooded, and we are told now that the lanes are open, and i-45 is beginning to improve somewhat. now, this rainfall that occurred has nothing to do with the
10:04 am
hurricane down in mexico. however, the remnants of that hurricane are going to be moving across the mountains of mexico, a along the coastal bend and interact with the weather systems already here in texas, and that is what has everybody concerned along the gulf coast, houston, galveston, corpus christi, they all have the management people on high alert to wait and see what comes in the next few days, but this is the most rainfall we have had in texas since july 4th, so hardly anyone here who doesn't welcome the rain, but we didn't quite that much. >> and thank you, and we hope that the flights will be back on track there at dallas international and dallas love. thank you, charles hadlock are from the banks of the river there in dallas. and now, moving across the country, no major damage thus far in mexico, and we have joe fryer with us there in ix ttapa and at least now there are people venturing out there on
10:05 am
the beach. >> yes, you can see behind me, alex, signs of things returning to normal. here in ixtapa we were south of where the hurricane hit, and this is as close as we could get with so many flights canceled there, but a sign that things are returning to normal and not just here, but oup the north where the hurricane hit airports are re-opening including puerto vallarta and that region. there are pictures and images showing trees toppled, mudslides and roads drowned out and billboards down and reports of roofs blown off of houses. so there is damage no doubt throughout the coastal area, but so far the mexican officials are saying they are not seeing the major catastrophic damage and not seeing anything that is irreparable, and the first reports indicate that the damage is not nearly as extensive as many people feared 24 hours ago when this storm was
10:06 am
200-mile-an-hour winds that were moving into the area, and part of the reason that we were not seeing part of the damage as many people feared is that the strongest part of the storm seemed to hit some of the more remote areas along the coast. that being said, officials have not made their ways into some of the remote areas, and the isolated spots, and fishing village, and that dots the coast, but once they get this there we may see more damage and problems. but keep in mind any time a hurricane moves are through system, and even though the impact may not be seen from the winds, there is impact of the mudslides and flooding hours after the storm, so they are telling people not to let down the guard quite yet. >> thank you for the report from ixtapa, mexico, joe fryer. msnbc bonnie snuder is here with us from the weather concern. so the concerns have shifted from mexico to texas, but what is the outlook there?
10:07 am
>> well sh, alex, as we work fr the afternoon to evening hour, it is going to be worse for houston. the national weather service says it is possible tonight from #:00 to 3:00 p.m. sunday, we could see the rainfall rates of 4 inches per hour. we have seen it 2 inches per hour up by dallas where we saw the live report, but this is stronger than that, and that means that the rain could be 3 to 6 inches and isolated possibly a foot, and with reseen more than that in corsicana where we had 20 inches of rain which is mind boggling. when we look at the flood warnings persist iing, this is houston where the rain is going from light to moderate to heavy, and if you can stay indoors in houston, i highly recommend it. austin is better, because looking at band that has pushed farther to the south, it is working toward corpus christi, and austin had many flood warnings and to basstrop where we had the hidden pines fire weeks ago, and so you had the fire burn and then a rush of rain comes in, and it is the
10:08 am
recipe for the major flooding. we will continue to see it. rain is coming in from two sources, the moisture from patricia and gulf of mexico working together to make for a major rain event. as we are going into the future and pause it here. this is 7:00 tonight, and look at the rain headed to houston, and kind of merging together, and then working to part arthur into beaumont and even across louisiana looking for the rain into lake charles and then certainly up north to alexandria and shreveport, and so across lafayette and alabama and mississippi as well. but as we concentrate on the next three days, lots of rain. this number just went up, and we updated 7.4 inches over to the next several day, and reshgs it that has been raining here, and this is what we are looking at here, and you will be seeing more rain unfortunately. this is the picture we can expect and continue to expect it. we have been of course tracking as well some of the airport
10:09 am
dela delays, but not too much of that towards the northeast. alex? >> thank you for all of the head's up of the rain heading to the south and the gulf coast, thank thanks. to politics. donald trump is hitting back at the critics at a campaign rally going on in jacksonville, florida, coming after polls in iowa are showing the lead is slipping. hillary clinton is back on the campaign trail of what many are calling a stellar performance of the benghazi hearings. in her first interview since that hearing, she went one-on-one with my colleague rachel maddow last night. >> we live in a complicate and dangerous world, so we do want to the have a good conversation where people come to the table, and ready to actually learn about what we can do. i'm afraid that is not necessarily what this particular committee is doing. >> coming up in a few minutes, we will talk about how her performance is going to gain
10:10 am
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10:13 am
we are following the breaking weather news as concerns have moved from can california to texas as the remnants of tropical storm patricia leave and other systems are merging to lead to record flooding in texas. one man is missing in san antonio after being swept away in a drainage ditch. as many as 1 million people in louisiana and the texas are under a flash flood watch. we will keep an eye out for you, and now, hillary clinton capping off the strongest week yet. later, former president bill
10:14 am
clinton will be joining her in a rally just two days after the hearing over benghazi, and now polls are showing that she has regained control in the key state, and now, joining me is betsy and josh, our political contributors. good to see you both. >> hello. >> and josh,ly a li will ask yo first, there was a massive peek of donations from the 9:00 to 10:00 p.m. hour when the hearing finally ended and new campaigns from donors were all virtually less than $250, and so is this a sign of what we witnessed on capitol hill is going to end the scrutiny that she has been under? >> no, is it is not going to end the scrutiny, but it is not politically ed a vadvantageous. and the framing of this is perfect with the comments of kevin mccarthy and then bringing down her poll number, and then
10:15 am
richard hanna saying that he saw the motivation as being going after her, and framing it as a witch hunt against hillary. and then she performed admirably through an 11-hour hearing, and the questions she was getting looked silly. so it was a demonstration that focused on the benghazi attacks, and with respect to hillary that can be counter productive, a nd that said, it is a still big fund-raising thing for individual members of congress, and it does make sense to go after a her, and even though it is helping her, we will see more of it. >> and betsy, you said that the republicans were rake manage the donations stemming from the hearing and you had trey gowdy saying, we didn't learn anything new from clinton's testimony, and so how long will the republicans go after her for benghazi? >> well, they will go after her as long as it is lucrative and loobing at the way ha -- looking
10:16 am
at twitter and the way that the conservatives were commenting on this, there was something that she did something morally ir rehenceable, this hearing looked bad for her, and what is curious about the hearing is that you make of it what you want to make of it. which shows how politically null it might be for republicans, but when it comes to the fund-raising, it is valuable. ted cruz in particular wrote a theatrical and dramatic fund-raising about how awful hillary was and how people needed to chip in a couple of bucks to the campaign. so it not going to stop. but what is nex port the committe committee, it is tough and remains to be seen. it sounds like they are releasing a lot of transcripts and interviews and receiving some documentation, and they talked to her for 11 hours, and didn't get anything new, so it is hard to know how much they can move the needle. >> if it is all in the interpretation as betsy says, josh, here is the exchange
10:17 am
between martha robey and hillary clinton. >> who else was at your home? >> i was alone. >> the whole night? >> yes, the whole night. >> i mean, i don't find that funny at all, did you in-person briefings. >> sorry, a note of levity at 7:15. >> on average, whom do you think that people identified with more in that delivery, hillary clinton or martha robey? >> well, it is a rorschach test, but overall clinton looked better, and i thought that exchange was quite funny, because you have to consider the context and it is coming in hour nine of the hearing. and it was just emblematic how they had gone around in circles with questions for hours without uncovering any new material to the point where they are asking,
10:18 am
were you alone the whole night? and yes, the republicans are going to say, how dare you laugh about this event where four men died, but from hillary's position, she is sitting in front of a committee who has been politicizing these men's deaths for years, and she does not have to treat it to respect, and it is funny when it is to the absurd point. >> and betsy, switching gears to donald trump's numbers right now which is following in iowa. >> has he hit the ceiling or more of a reflection of ben carson's appeal there. >> and there is trump fatigue among the iowa voters, and one thing that stood out to me from the bloomberg politics poll is that after the voters who they would support, they asked the iowa caucusgoers if thaw wereey bothered by the fact that he criticizes the republicans so mu much, and they said it is unappealing that he was so negative about his fellow
10:19 am
republicans, and that is is iowa and corn territory and people are nice and not the appetite for the toxic and the bare-knuckle political brawl that florida voters may, but it is indicative to the shine coming off of trump as the retic. >> and what about bush, josh, about the meeting set for monday with his mother and brother, and it has to be coordinated here, but what is your read here for the bush campaign decision to cut the salaries by 40% across the board, and they are not cutting heads, but definitely paying people less. >> well, it is something they had to do. the campaign simply doesn't have as much money as they were expecting to v and if they don't want to run out of money like scott walker did, they have to make the cutbacks, but that said, jeb is frustrated and made some comments in south carolina about how basically if you want the president who is going to be sitting in there and creating gridlock and fight with people,
10:20 am
go ahead and vote for trump. i have lots of other interesting thins that i could be doing, and if you don't want the kind of presidency that i am offering, then -- it is off message and reflective of the fact that he is surprised by how badly he is doing, and he does not understand it, and does not understand the flirtation with donald trump from the republican e electorate. >> and betsy, i want to ask you about the fund-raising the headliner shall we say for jeb bush this week is going to be his brother who spent a lot of the campaign trying to distance himself and explain away certain action, and now, it is as if he is embracing him. the timing of this, and what do you make of it? >> they are bringing in the cavalry, right? jumping into the escape pod. george w. bush should have been ideal ideally a last case worst case support and bonus extra to pop out when they needed to, but instead, they are immediately having to go to their, you know, to the one special thing they didn't want to go to and that is a problem. one thing that stood out to me about how this campaign is
10:21 am
unfolding for jeb is the fact that so many of the tools that he has had are not effective. so many of the ads in new hampshire were positive spots about him, but the polls went down three point, and despite that the bush campaign is having to whip out george bush, and it is not boding well for them. >> and thank you, betsy woodruff, and josh barrow, thank y you. >> thanks. >> thanks. ped a it is a road that you might not want to go down, why hands-free devices are not close to being safe. that report is next.
10:22 am
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10:25 am
shows that there is a distraction when it comes to hands-free. >> contact joel cooper. oh! >> call anna turner. >> call henry burns. >> no. no. well, joining me now is a professor at the university of utah and he is the study's lead scientist, and professor, i want to keep it civil despite that utah is plauing iplaying usc in today, and you are from one and i'm from the other. >> okay. >> and you are saying that devices don't work, and what we saw there is mistakes. before you get to mistakes, if things are running smoothly do, you support the use of hands-free devices? >> no. one of the things that we are seeing is that they are mentally distract i distracting and take your attention away from the road. so when they do work, they require a fair amount of attention taken away from the
10:26 am
roadway, and we are seeing the explosion of devices that support social media, and the big graphical displays and the head's up displays and the voice technology, and si nnd it is d to entertain us, and not make it a safer ride. >> considering what they were designed to do allegedly. i want to play you a clip from the "nbc nightly news" are from thursday duh and this is our stephanie gosk behind the wheel. >> the research says that the driver can remain distracted by making a phone call or changing the radio, but in this neighborhood, for 27 seconds, i am hitting stop sign, and i have to make turns, and avoid people on bicycles, and the whole time, according to the study, my mind is elsewhere. >> all right. so realtime there, and stephanie making the point that a lot can happen in 27 seconds, and any of this come as a surprise to you? >> yeah, can we refer to it as a
10:27 am
technology hangover? we suspected some carryover, and that is what we have known for a long time. that was not a surprise, but how big it is, and how long it lasted was a surprise. most people didn't believe it is 27 seconds. if you think of three football fields and the potential hazards, you are not as alert as if you were not using the entertainment systems to text or interact with the social media or so forth. >> and professor, it differed in the terms of the types of drivers and their reaction and not all drivers were as distracted. >> right. we did look and find that some drivers who especially in some of the vehicles, and especially the techmology in 2015 cars and the smartphone technology that you might bring into the vehicle, and if the technology was, you know, more custom iize
10:28 am
to, and had a easier level of workload, the interaction of that hangover was shorter, but it was still 15 seconds, and much, much longer if the technology did not work, and then sitter error prone, and you were swearing at the system, and so at this point, technology is distracting more than making us safe. >> i want to pick up at the "at this point" because the alliance of manufactured automobiles say, we know that it requires drivers to keep the hands on the wheel and eyes on the road, and that is critical, but in the terms of the driving do, you believe that there is a learning curve for the driving and once drivers get it, it is going to be safer? >> well, that is an excellent question and we were looking specifically at that. and we gave people a car and trained them how to use the voice-based technology, and take the car home for a week to practice, and it improved a little bit, but the ones that the systems were difficult to use, and the cumbersome
10:29 am
error-prone systems stayed that way. and like areally the system that you purchase, if you try to buy a car with the voice-based capabilities, if you can't figure out how the to use it on the dealer's lot, you will have problems for the rest of the time that you own that car. you simply can't practice the impairments away. >> thank you, david stringer from the university of utah. thank you. everybody has seen the new trailer of the "star wars" movie, but does it hold up? we went straight to see if light sabers are possible. >> if you have gamma ray energy photons and very high photon, then another set of gamma rays trying to cross them will actually interact with one another and prevent the blades from crossing so you can hit them off of one another, but otherwise, yeah, you could easily make an energetic beam that can decapitate things, and
10:30 am
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that's why i got a subaru impreza. love. it's what makes a subaru, a subaru. welcome to half past the hour, and this is breaking news. dozens of people have been injured after a car drove into the crowd of a university state of oklahoma homecoming parade. they say they have received more than 20 patients with severe injuries and others are taken by helicopters to oklahoma city and tulsa. joining me from the scene is dr. robert olson who was an alumnus who was at that parade, and what did you see at that scene? dr. nelson, can you hear me? >> yes. yes, barely. >> okay. tell me what you saw. >> well, basically, what i saw
10:34 am
is that it looked like 15 or 20 people had, were on the ground, and all of them were injured. i went from one person to another to see if i could help, and most of them were assisted by bystanders and police at the parade and when i went back to check with four people, they had die and covered with tarps. so at least four fatalities and maybe more. there was nothing that i could really do at that point. the people were coming and put on stretchers and lifeline helicopters were coming many to take the people away. so basically a car had gone five speed through a barrier to keep people out of the area, and ran into the intersection of people, and there was a young male that was arrested and taken away.
10:35 am
i did not see him, but my daughter did. so, as far as what happened i'm not sure what the situation of that person was. >> and okay. s sir, back to you said that there was a young male who was taken away and the car was at high ct coming into the intersection crossing that barrier and if so, did it appear intentional? >> well, that's the question that everybody has. i don't know. the police will be able to determine the facts of the matter. >> this is a homecoming parade there for oklahoma state university and i imagine that there is a alums, and college kids and probably mothers and fathers with their children, and as well. can you deskib the kinds of people there and about how many you think may have been injured. you mentioned the four that you saw with the tarps, and that is, sir, anecdotal evidence from you
10:36 am
and what you have seen and no confirmation of the fatalities or the specifics of the injuries, but you are looking at how many injuries ball park? dr. nelson, you able to hear me, si sir? >> barely. i am sorry, it is just that i'm an cell phone and hard to hear. >> all right. let me ask you in terms of the life flight choppers they are going to tulsa and oklahoma city -- >> i think that oklahoma city primarily, but i saw some coming from the east, so i would assume are from tulsa, also. but most of them were from oklahoma city. >> doctor, i am having trouble
10:37 am
hearing you as well, and that is what we are getting and from the associated press we have heard that three are dead confirm and at least 22 injuries after this car crash and again at the oklahoma state university parade. sir, it doesn't appear from some still photographs that we have here that weather was a factor, and was it raining or slick streets or anything? >> no, no. it was cool overcast, but no evidence of any weather problems occurring. i stand corrected, because i said oklahoma city, but it is n not, it is oklahoma state university. and the types of injuries that you saw, cuts and abrasions or something more severe? >> no. multiple head injuries and extreme titi, fractured extremities and also i suspect some abdominal injuries as well and chest injuries, but everyone that had survived seemed to be
10:38 am
breathing well. probably three people were critical at the site, and by the time i left, they were first ones on the helicopters. >> okay. so, everyone joining with us, we we want to let you know that we are getting word from the associated press and our eyewitness here on the scene dr. robert nelson three confirmed dead and 22 have been injured after a car just ran smack through a barrier there alongside of the oklahoma state university homecoming parade, and there are multiple high trauma injuries. dr. nell sop, can you describe the kind of car that was driven by the young man who you say that was taken a away. >> can you describe the what? >> the car. the what kind of car it was? all right. dr. nelson, again, we are having some communication difficulty,
10:39 am
and i know that you are calling me from the cell phone on the scene and thank you for your insights and we appreciate that on the breaking story of dr. robert nelson an osu alumnus at the ending the parade, but three people are dead and 22 injuries after a car ran into the crowd there. we will have a news conference and as soon as we get that, we will bring it to you, and are we staying with this or giving you a update on the weather front? i am asking my producer? all right. now sh now, let's go over to talk about the tropical depression now from hurricane patricia. it was a category 5 hurricane with winds at 165 miles per hour, and before coming to shore, that is what is notable, and patricia had winds at over 200 miles per hour, and recorded as the largest hurricane in the
10:40 am
western hemisphere. and bonnie schneider, it seems that in mexico, it seems they have dodged a major bullet, but we are not sure about the rural areas and up in the mountains, but how about texas, it is looking like a bulls' eye? >> you have to see this, because looking at texas and corsicana. and the rainfall of that part of the state and this is what is heading for houston, starting 6:00 this evening to 3:00 tomorrow, we could see rainfall of 3 inches per hour. isolated totals up to a foot. we are not done yet, but look agent a different part tof the state inundated. and corpus christi right now, with the heavy rain coming in, and plenty of moisture from the gulf, and moderate rains increasing as we go through. and you can see a big batch coming in from bay city. moisture streaming in from patricia and so it is not surprising that we are getting
10:41 am
so much rain, but why so much flooding? texas has been so dry and earlier in the spring season, we had a lot of rain and caught up, but now from then to now, the drought has persisted. so extremely a dry conditions in texas, and not anymore, but when you have all of the rain coming in, and especially bastrop county east of austin where we had the hidden pines fire a in the last couple of weeks, that is being flooded now. and now, in louisiana, you can see the rain working through there, and put it in motion for the future. lafayette and into much of northern louisiana look foing f the rain. as we are looking forward to more rain into sunday, this threat continues over the next day or so. >> all right. bonnie schneider, thank you for the head's up, and we will keep your eye on the help. new information on the rescue that claimed the life of an american soldier in iraq.
10:42 am
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44 after the hour, and the associated press is reporting at least three dead, and we are going to the press conference in still w stillwater, oklahoma. >> those people have been sent for treatment, and the driver was arrested for driving under the influence, and her name is adasha bethany chambers and she is a 25-year-old resident here and she is currently under arrest here at the police department. and the reconstruction accident team is on scene, and we treat these like we would any homicide investigation, and it is going to take several days to get information as to the cause of the accident. we will update everyone as that information becomes available. i would like to take a moment to
10:46 am
thank the e emergency management department, the highway patrol, and stillwater fire and the national guard. it was an a parade and many of the entities were in the parade and on scene and so we responded quickly. another thing that i would ask of you and all of the viewers, we are asking anyone who actual actually witnessed the collision, to please contact the stillwater police department. you can call the phone number and get on the website and e-mail us. and moreover, any persons with video of the accident, that would be very helpful to our collision investigators. so, we would like to get arrangements to get that from you, and that is is all i have regarding the actual facts. the investigation is on going, a andly take a few days, but at this point i want to turn it over to the fire chief, chief collin bradley.
10:47 am
>> good morning, good afternoon, my name is tom brad di and i'm with the stillwater fire department, and as captain gibbs stated a car accident that occurred on the main street. the stillwater fire department responded with seven apparatus to the location. we had two vehicles in trail in the parade today and they began to provide emergency medical first respond to those injured in the incident. additionally, we worked with the light ems to set up the triage and the staging to make rapid transport for those injured off of the scene to area hospitals as well as hospitals outside of stillwater by air ambulance. that is all the fact s ths that have. and stillwater fire department has at this time, and mayor nobles has a few statements. >> i'm gina noble, and i'm the mayor of stillwater and we are
10:48 am
heartbroke heartbroken of this tragedy and our thoughts and prayers are with those who have died and are injured and we will update you on as more is available. and now i'd like to turn it over the president of the oklahoma state university. >> osu is just devastated by this incredible tragedy. the oklahoma state homecoming parade is one of the wholesome and happy events in the country. and to have it fouled like this and these victims, it is terrible tragedy. we we reach out and embrace the victims and their families. we also want to give our profound thanks to the first are respo responders, and those who were actually there and i was not there on the scene at the time, but those who were there and have talked about how quickly the responders were arriving and the expert work they did and
10:49 am
tr tragically, we lost three and i hope that we don't lose anymore. but for them, it could have been even worse. the -- the families, i know, and the victims will will never be able to understand this, and nor will we. but, cowboy family pulls together, and unfortunately, we have had to do it before and we will do it again. so, god bless, and we pray for everyone. >> reporter: captain gibbs, how do you spell the name? >> kdacia. >> last name? >> chambers. c-h-a-m-b-e-r-s. >> and do we know of any of the victims are from stillwater or tulsa or where are they from?
10:50 am
>> u don't have any information about who they are at this this point or where where they are from. as you can imagine, this occurred, and they have been flown, taken for treatment, and we are still trying to gather all of the information. >> is the homecoming game still on? >> yes, ma'am. we will go forward with the homecoming game today. [ inaudible question ] i actually don't know for sure. i just know that she was arrested and charged with dui and is currently in jail. >> what happened by oklahoma law anytime there is a serious injury, fatality accident, we make the arrest and do the testing. we won't know the outcome of that, those tests, for probably several days to come. >> she obviously was intoxica intoxicated? >> certainly probable cause for the arrest, yes, sir. [ inaudible question ] great point. thanks for asking. yes, that intersection and as you know it's about two blocks from the stadium, that
10:51 am
intersection will probably be shut down for many hours today while our investigative team is still working the scene gathering evidence. >> was she a student here at osu? >> i don't know. there's no indication of that. >> and the president mentioned that this has happened before. >> i think he was talking about the tragedy of the cowboy family having to pull together. some of the incidents have occurred in years past. the colorado plane crash, things of that nature. [ inaudible question ] we have confirmed that she is not a student. as far as we can tell by our records she is not a student. >> not a student. >> any words on resilience on this or any other words you might want to mention about the community and pulling together? >> it's just a horrible incident. it's very unfortunate we have to do this. just work through it as
10:52 am
expeditious as we can and just keep the family of these victims in our prayer and her family as well. we'll never find the understanding. >> i know it's early in the investigation but does it seem like it was an accident caused by the drug and alcohol use or was it intentional? >> absolutely too preliminary to say. that's when we treat them like homicide investigations and we don't make that call until our investigation is complete and we have evidence. >> what direction was the vehicle traveling? >> the vehicle was actually southbound on main street. whenever it had approached hall of fame. >> coming this direction. [ inaudible question ] well, i don't know exactly. the police motorcyclist parked two blocks outbound traffic.
10:53 am
i am assuming it was parked on the north side of the intersection. [ inaudible question ] absolutely too soon to tell. i wouldn't dare to speculate. that's why we have the investigators out at the scene. i would encourage that witness to contact us directly so we can get that information. >> is the officer all right that was hit on the motorcycle? >> he wasn't actually on the motorcycle. the motorcycle was parked to block traffic. he was off doing point control elsewhere in the intersection. >> what are the ages of the victims? >> i don't know. i do not know. i only know a count. i actually expect that count could possibly go up. i know of at least two injured victims who reported who had left the scene and reported from their residence, so that number may increase. >> let me make a statement. i want to mention that we really talked a lot about whether to
10:54 am
play the game and the decision was finally made that we're going to play and we're going to remember the victims at the g e game. and we're going to -- we're going to move forward. but we will remember what's happened today. >> in terms of the numbers of the injured and the response and everything is there some precedent in stillwater to have these many helicopters flying, this many injuries? >> well, i've been here 29 years. i can't recall an incident of this magnitude, no, certainly not. okay. ladies and gentlemen, that's all i have at this point. thank you for your time and for your patience as we try to gather the information to do this. we will be publishing additional information as it comes available to us, so watch our -- the stillwater city website. watch our facebook page.
10:55 am
we will push that out as -- whenever we have it. thank you very much. >> could you spell one more time the woman who was arrested. >> yes, ma'am. i certainly can. >> all right, everybody. you were listening to the tragic details there from an incident that nbc news became aware of about an hour and a half ago in stillwater, kjz, as it was the homecoming pa raid for oklahoma state university and the we're being told that a 25-year-old woman by the name of adacia avery chambers a stillwater resident is under arrest and in jail on suspicion of dui driving under the influence. one eyewitness described to us dr. nelson who we were speaking to earlier on the phone, he said he saw a car come barreling over the barriers that are put in place whenever there's, you know, blockage and there's going to be a parade running down the
10:56 am
main street there and went right plowing into a crowd there at an intersection. we do know that three are confirmed dead. we're hearing from associated press that another 27 have been taken to the stillwater hospital. two of whom are listed in critical condition. again, a 25-year-old stillwater resident adacia avery chambers in jail right now on suspicion of driving under the influence. we don't know the types of injuries for those but we do know at least two are in critical condition and the biggest tragedy of all, three have been killed in this terrible, terrible accident. just ahead of the oklahoma state homecoming game. you heard the university president saying they have made the decision to go ahead with that game. they will be remembering those who have been killed. you can imagine a lot of people, whether it's on social media or the like, or hearing local news reports may be aware, but there will be some entering the football game in a jubilant and happy mood and rooting for their home team and becoming dismayed
10:57 am
at this terrible, terrible news of those celebrating the oklahoma state university homecoming parade. we'll stay on top of this news and the weather heading into texas for you with hurricane patricia. i'm alex witt. stay with us on msnbc. let's talk asset allocation. sure. you seem knowledgeable, professional. would you trust me as your financial advisor? i would. i would indeed. well, let's be clear here. i'm actually a dj. [ dance music plays ] [laughs] no way! i have no financial experience at all. that really is you? if they're not a cfp pro, you just don't know. find a certified financial planner professional who's thoroughly vetted at cfp -- work with the highest standard.
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a fire breathing performance stuns the crowd. >> everybody just kind of stopped breathing for a minute. a snowmobiler comes crashing off a cliff. >> it was like losing my brother right in front of my eyes. and a race car driver is engulfed in flames. >> my first thought was we got to get him out. >> mix a little bit of thrill -- -- with a dash of danger and some very bad decisions -- >> we're leaving and she's driving. i'm drunk. >> -- you may find yourself in a situation you'd never want to be in. >> no, no, no, no, no!