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tv   MSNBC Live  MSNBC  October 29, 2015 3:00pm-4:01pm PDT

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saw the potential come forward and surface last night. >> thank you both. a lot to chew on over the weekend. kind of glad i get to interview a guy named jeb bush this weekend. we will be back friday. steve kornacki picks up our coverage right now. right now on msnbc, is jeb bush's campaign on life support after last night's debate? trying to recover from a poor performance. >> it's not on life support. we have the most money. we have the greatest organization. we're doing fine. >> national gop front runner ben carson calling for a change in future republican debates less than 24 hours after his reserved performance on the stage. >> paul ryan of the state of wisconsin having received the majority of the votes cast is duly elected as speaker of the
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house. [ applause ] >> and a big task ahead for the new speaker. can paul ryan unite republicans and fix a broken house of representatives? i'm steve kornacki. we begin with the big question for jeb bush. can he recover aft? after struggling he defended his performance in new hampshire. >> it's not on life support. it has the most money. there are eight more debates. there is ample time to do exactly what candidates do. end is not here. memo to file. >> bush did get a big endorsement. that might not be enough. some told washington post privately they were worried and had been eyeing marco rubio and then came this exchange last
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night. >> marco, when you signed up for this you should keep showing to work. the senate is like a french work week? you get three days to show up? you can campaign or resign. >> i don't remember you ever complaining about the vote record. the only reason you are doing it now is because we are running for the same position and someone convinced you that attacking me is going to help you. my campaign is about the future of america and not about attacking anyone else on the stage. >> bush needed nine last night. today msnbc's casie hunt is reporting that jeb bush held a conference call this afternoon with donors promising to improve as a candidate and focus on early states. he also convinced donors who are sticking with him during what is already a tough week. bush will speak later tonight.
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also joining me is carey in washington, d.c. where former presidenterge jow. bush will be attending a fundraiser for his brother. this is a very interesting report. they had the donor retreat in houston. before the debate everybody said he is going to get it together on wednesday. now he is talking to his donors again today. what was that call about? >> reporter: he will be treated by weather that matches the mood of the campaign, dark, blustery out here. he was reassuring them that he was going to improve as a candidate. he said he was anxious to get out and hit the campaign trail and thanked them for hard work in raising money and also as people on the call put it pushing back against the media narrative that his campaign is on life support. he saw a little reaction to that in the sound byte, that sense of
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humor coming through, a sense of humor that hasn't translated as well on the debate stage. i think the challenge is being able to continue to slog forward and make sure that they are pulling in enough money to operate the campaign. they had been operating at a loss and everyone had hoped the gathering in houston was going to ultimately result in them getting enough cash flow on the campaign side to keep going the way they wanted. at this point it looks like some donors are on the phone with marco rubio's campaign. rubio's campaign giving a soft sell. some people crossed over between the two men over the years. it is clear that rubio's campaign is conscious. over the next couple of weeks does jeb bush hang together and put in a better performance at the next debate? >> thank you for that.
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now to nbc's carey dan. you are outside a fundraiser where george w. bush is appearing on behalf of his brother. what is the mood of the people heading into that fundraiser? >> reporter: team jeb is hoping for an energy boost from thep former president. we are in the area at the home of an investment firm ceo. the list of people attending is sort of a who' who of bush alumni. an event earlier included a bit of a pep talk. people said they are optimistic about bush's message and they are hoping to hear something from george w. bush that will sort of boost their spirits, as well. this is a very high dollar event. the co-chairs who include former bush's chiefs of staff are
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ponying up about $32,000 and those who are just attendees are paying about $2,700. so organizers here say they have -- more enthusiasm for jeb bush than not. we'll see what they have to say when they come out. >> in georgetown, thank you for the report. joining me now are political columnist at the washington post and senior politics editor at the daily beast. let me start with you. jeb bush saying his campaign is not on life support. i guess a cynic could say the first sign your campaign is on life support is when you have to say my campaign is not on life support. >> as soon as you utter that phrase you tend to be in much worse shape than before. if you look at it on paper the record, the money he's got, he
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should be just fine. the problem is he is jeb bush and he has been -- i think the media narrative is overdone and all trump and then for five minutes it was carson and now everybody is turning to look at marco rubio. bush may never get his flavor of the month. i don't think you can count anybody out except maybe jim gilmore at this point. >> i would play this. last night the exchange with marco rubio over rubio missing the votes. bush stayed on that theme today. i want to play that. >> i think people when they get elected to serve they ought to serve. the fact is that the three senators on the stage have combined two bills that they
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sponsored that became law. the grid lock has to be fixed. i don't think you fix it with someone who is part of that. i think people ought to show up for work. >> can he turn this particular issue around? that exchange last night rubio seemed to own him in it. is there a way for bush to turn it around or is he junk talking about this? >> the fact that he couldn't execute that came comment during the debate in a way that resonated is telling. that debate was made of nightmares for bush donors. everything they feared is coming true, that he was off the campaign trail too long and isn't up to this. last night that seemed to be the case. can he still use this line about marco rubio? sure. last night marco rubio did a pretty darn good job of diffusing that. if jeb bush isn't able to do that during a debate when most people are watching as much as
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that pains me to say because they are awesome but the bigger forums is where it is time to perform and jeb bush hasn't been able to do that. >> watching that happen last night marco rubio when initially asked he invokes john kerry, barack obama, bernie sanders saying they all missed votes. this is media ganging up on me because i'm a republican. if you are jeb bush it seems like an opening obama missed votes, sanders missed votes but we are republicans, we are better than that. he went down a completely different road. it raised the question to me is he up to it in general the task, challenge of standing on stage and being on his feet. >> he had a reasonable line saying look, this newspaper calling for you to resign
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endorsed you. it wasn't that the material he had been given was so bad but his delivery was bad. i think the question of the missed votes and being bored and frustrated with working in the senate doesn't play well at all for rubio and he should be hit with it on the campaign trail. can jeb bush even given good lines and good materials get through it without flubbing it? it all sounds so good on paper and you see it in the flesh. >> it seems that you are listening to the bush campaign because this has been a long time coming getting to this moment. we have been hearing increments of this is where we are going to turn it around. all this week was wait until wednesday night and you see the jeb bush who wins the
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nomination. >> i guess until they run out of money usually when candidates aren't great debaters they have to make it up somewhere else. their policy positions have to be so phenomenal that it eclips the fact that they are not great debaters. this is the second time we have seen jeb bush do that. he said something to the effect of you need to apologize to my wife for his comments about mexicans. trump said no and bush was like moving on. so he hasn't shown that ability to have a killer instinct. when you talk about republican primary voters they like a fighter. until jeb bush shows he wants this and i don't know that he has yet, he is going to keep having problems like this. >> talking about cool things you could be doing if you weren't running for president doesn't help that. >> maybe go do some of them. still ahead presidential candidate ben carson calls for
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changes in the debate format complaining about the moderator's questions. hillary clinton weighs in on her two cents of last night's debate. and dawn of a new era on capitol hill as presidential raaul ryan speaker of the house. will he face the same road blocks that did john boehner in? , the sudden loss of pasture became a serious problem for a family business. faced with horses that needed feeding and a texas drought that sent hay prices soaring, the owners had to act fast. thankfully, mary miller banks with chase for business. and with greater financial clarity and a relationship built for the unexpected, she could control her cash flow, and keep the ranch running. chase for business. so you can own it.
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jeb bush is the topic of today's bing pulse question. will jeb bush win the republican nomination? go to to weigh in. we will share the results as we go.
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now to the campaign trail. two front runners on the republican side, dr. ben carson and donald trump both saying they performed well at last night's presidential debate. trump had nothing but glowing reviews for his own performance. but carson is already criticizing the format of the debate and insisting on changes for the next one. >> so clearly demonstrates the need for a change in format. what it has turned into is -- it's not really helpful for anybody. asking staff to reach out to the other campaigns to talk about a change in format.
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>> cnbc which hosted the debate responded to the criticism in a statement saying people who want to be president of the united states should be able to answer tough questions. we have team coverage. nbc's chris jansing is in colorado. first to chris. the changes ben carson is talking about, he doesn't like the "gotcha" questions as he calls them. any specifics on what the new format would be like? >> reporter: everything is on the table. it might be a longer opening statement, a longer closing statement. some of the answers are too short. they think the questions are designed to get the candidates to go at each other instead of inform the public. they are even talking about the commercial structure. when i talked to doug watts who is communications director for dr. carson saying we see this more as a tv show and we want this about the american people
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hearing what our views are. they have had success before when ben carson and donald trump got together and didn't want it as long as it was going to be and wanted other changes and they got them. it will be interesting to see how far they will push this. i know they have support from reince priebus the rnc chairman who came out after the debate and voiced his complaints verbally and on twitter. as of this morning a couple of other campaigns had been reached out. they expect to reach camps. they have less than two weeks to get this going. in the meantime they have a bigger picture that they have to be worried about which is how do we expand our base beyond what we have and frankly deal with what have been pretty lack luster performances. his low key style doesn't necessarily jump out of the television. he has raised $2 million over
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the last 48 hours since he found out that he was first in the polls so that gives you an idea of the support out there. they know they have to expand their base and that is sort of the next step they will take apparently after working with the other candidates. >> chris jansing out in colorado. now to the trump campaign. so donald trump maybe a little more -- what is the word from the trump campaign today? >> we are used to seeing donald trump being the story line coming out of a debate. today he is simply not. that said, if he was subdued last night he was funny in his rally. he was trying to get the crowd to laugh. it wasn't angry trump but more funny trump, you could say. some 4,000 people boast about
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his standings and how he believes he won the debate. something we have seen from him throughout his campaign, criticizing the media, criticizing the moderators of the debate. i know you had cnbc state the president should be able to answer tough questions. >> i said we are having a republican debate, maybe every moderator should show that they vote republican. why should we have these people that hate everything we stand for and if you look at the hillary debate they were all soft balls. here, hillary. all soft balls. wasn't the same thing. >> so you heard the laughter, the applause there. this is a time honored tradition that works for some of the conservative candidates going after the media attacking what many see as a more liberal mainstream media. this worked well for ted cruz
3:21 pm
last night. turns out in the last 24 hours since the debate the cruz campaign has raised $1.1 million off of ted cruz's debate performance. it's the fastest that he has gotten a million dollars so it is a sign perhaps that he did have a breakout night. >> attacking the media pays off, i guess. out in nevada, thanks for joining us. coming up after a barrage of attacks from the republican candidates hillary clinton speaks out about last night's debate as paul ryan becomes the youngest speaker of the house in more than 150 years. will he breathe new life or is he facing road blocks from the right? stay with us. bloo
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. as the republican candidates sharpen their attacks against one another last night they managed to find some common
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ground going after someone who wasn't on stage with them. >> i'm running for president because there is no way we can elect hillary clinton to continue the policies. >> i know who the pessimist is. it's hillary clinton. you put me on stage against her she won't get within ten miles of the white house. >> donald trump would be a better president every day of the week and twice on sunday rather than hillary. >> i may not be your dream candidate just yet but i can assure you i'm hillary clinton's worse nightmare. >> for her part clinton didn't seem phased by the barrage of attacks and tweeted this gift from benghazi hearings showing her brushing off her shoulder. join me now ed ran dell, thanks for taking a few minutes. carly fiorina says i can guarantee you i'm hillary clinton's worse nightmare. you saw ten republican
3:26 pm
candidates on the stage. of the ten which is the worst nightmare for general election opponent? >> i think john kasich would be toughest because john kasich could appeal to some moderate democrats and some moderate republicans that have been voting democrat and also to independents. i don't think john kasich has a chance in hell of being the nominee. >> he hit the bar so high before the debate in terms of he is going to show up and call them out by name. it seemed like one attack from trump pretty much silenced him for the rest of the night. clinton was at an event today and had more thoughts about the debate. let's play that for a second. >> sure. >> then if you see the republican debate last night? you know, i watched it. i heard a lot of insults and a lot of back and forth between the various candidates. you would have been better off
3:27 pm
watching the world series because the debate in my view was a swing and a miss and didn't further the national conversation that we need to be having with each other. >> so you say kasich would be the worst case opponent for hillary clinton. how about rubio because rubio seemed to have a breakout night last night. when i talked to republicans and democrats start making this point when they think of a rubio versus hillary clinton general election they talk about a generational contrast. you saw a little bit of that maybe with rubio when he went toe to toe with jeb bush. maybe you have that same effect as a past versus future thing if he is the candidate against hillary clinton. what do you think of that? >> first of all, i'm not worried about generational conflict because i think hillary clinton does very well with younger voters especially women voters. remember marco rubio is the guy who said if this is a contest by who has the best resume hillary
3:28 pm
clinton would be your choice. presidency is a contest about who has the best resume, who is the most qualified to lead and done the tough and difficult things? who held the positions and held under pressure. i think hillary clinton would have an advantage. i think marco rubio is too young to be a serious presidential candidate. i will tell you something, he has done well in both of the first two republican debates and hasn't gotten much traction after the debate. it is remarkable. you look at trump and carson and you say their debate performances were mediocre at best, probably worse. they continue to hold strong. >> it's interesting you say too young, too untested. you were a hillary clinton supporter in 2008 against barack obama. that was the knock against barack obama running against hillary clinton. he is too young and too untested.
3:29 pm
>> and we have quotes from every republican in the country saying a one term senator should not be elected president of the united states. >> those might come back to haunt them. let me ask you this. who is the worst case opponent from a democrat's perspective? who is the dream opponent for a democrat who wants to see hillary win? >> i think the two front runners, donald trump and docr. carson. they both i think lose moderate republicans and not attract very many conservative democrats so those are the ones that are the dream candidates. ted cruz is a little more careful and a little more polished than carson and trump. i think he would be easy to beat, as well. look, a lot of space left to go
3:30 pm
forward on and a lot of changes can occur. right now i like where we sit. i like where secretary clinton's chances are. i think bernie sanders is not going to know away. his voters are going to stay strong for him. i think hillary clinton will be our nominee and likely to be a strong candidate in the fall. >> former pennsylvania governor ed randell thanks for the time tonight. the country has a new speaker of the house tonight. paul ryan assumed the gavel late this morning. how will he tackle the congressional agenda? tears were also shed on capitol hill as john boehner bid farewell to congress. we will take a look back at some of his greatest moment as speaker coming up. eese. trees? eese. xerox helps hospitals use electronic health records so doctors provide more personalized care. cheese? cheese! patient care can work better. with xerox. that's it. how was your commute? good.
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speaker of the house, paul ryan of wisconsin, his fellow members of congress welcomed him to the job with applause and he made clear he wants things in the house to be different. >> the house of representatives represents what is best of america, the opportunity to do good. neither the members nor the people are satisfied with how things are going. we need to make changes starting with how the house does business. >> and joining me now are nbc capitol hill correspondent luke rusert and lauren fox from the national journal. we want to bring back dana millbank. at the risk of getting too wonky and too insidery, one of the points that paul ryan made in his speech and i wonder if you can translate this into english but said the house needs to return to regular order. this is something i know john boehner said when he first became speaker. it is a rallying cry of critics. what does that mean? return to regular order?
3:35 pm
what does that look like and is he going to deliver on it? >> if he wants listener baseball go to steve kornacki podcast. he was talking about something that john boehner said when he took the gavel in 2011, return to regular order. it means that bills instead of being crafted by the leadership behind closed doors and long painstaking negotiations between four or five players what he wants to return to is when a bill would start in committee. so it starts off in a subcommittee and to a full committee and amendments are added to it. once it comes through the committee process and then to the house floor and then maybe amendments are added there. he wants a return to what congress was a while back which was a long process. the problem with that is that in recent times when things have gotten so partisan it is
3:36 pm
difficult for the process to come about because often times poison pills are attached to pieces of legislation that have to pass, something like funding the government, extending the debt limit and bill that makes it impossible for either party to support. it limits the amount of problems that can arise from legislation being crafted. >> lauren, we had the vote on sort of a fun ceremony to watch. they elect the speaker. everybody gets to stand up and declare their preference. this was an embarrassing thing for boehner. in 2013 12 voted for somebody else. earlier this year 25 did the same thing. that number for paul ryan was nine. nine voted for daniel webster from florida. does that say anything that he couldn't get complete at this
3:37 pm
point? >> you couldn't expect any candidate to have universal appeal on the house floor. they are so divided on issues from immigration to trade to how to handle a budget. i'm not that surprised that we saw a few people break away from voting for paul ryan. having nine defectors is pretty positive and probably is a good omen for his leadership moving forward for a couple of months at least. >> there were democrats, too, who didn't vote for nancy pelosi. one voted for john lewis from georgia. i think cooper voted for colin powell. what do you think about speaker paul ryan? he has the debt cleared in a way when it comes to the debt ceiling and the government shutdown threats. he has that cleared through the 2016 election. do you see paul ryan moving into a role as a long-term speaker like tip o'neil who could have the job for a decade or do you think he is thinking of this of
3:38 pm
an interim gig. >> he is in the best possible position he could be in right now. the freak show is quiet right now. nine decenters not bad at all. boehner did a real favor in getting the debt limit, the budget off the table for a while. he has a lot of good will. he is young, popular, optimistic. you can only spin gravity for so long. it is not too long before he has to cross the few dozen hard liners who made john boehner's life miserable. it is going to happen to him, as well. i was in the chamber this morning watching all this. there was a sense of optimism that maybe it could be different. i think everybody should be hoping and praying it is. i wouldn't bet on paul ryan or anybody else being very content in this job for a very long
3:39 pm
time. >> he said he is definitely going to play golf in his conference with custom made ohio plates which i think he liked a lot and possibility of corporate boards. he had a line. he said, quote, real changes take time. freedom makes all things possible, but patience makes things real. john boehner had the patience that right conservative flank in the conference. they don't have the patience. it will be interesting to see how much patience they have the paul ryan. i don't think you will hear a lot from boehner. i think he will take the george w. bush approach to get out of the way and let everybody else take the heat. maybe he comments here and there. for a guy who was never given a
3:40 pm
shot he did all he could do. >> we talk about the patience, talk about dealing with sort of intransigent members on the right when it comes to cooperating with republican leadership. if the government shutdown is off the table, are there specific trip wires you can identify where paul ryan is likely to run into trouble? >> one of the things very striking to me is as he was weighing whether or not he would run for this position he made a promise that he was not going to bring up immigration reform. we have to remember that 2016 is going to be a year of political fireworks. there are going to be all kinds of issues where members are want toog make their stake on the floor about where they are on certain issues. i think that could trip up paul ryan very easily. a lut ot of members will have te
3:41 pm
proving something to constituents. that is something to be watching out for. >> we were talking about this. i am thinking of a generational contrast with rubio getting so much hype from last night. paul ryan 45-year-old speaker. democratic speaker entirely in the 70s now. is there a theme for 2016? >> there is a theme for the republicans and a theme for the country. the baby boomers have made a hash of politics on both sides of the aisle. certainly part of ryan's appeal is he is young. he is healthy and vibrant but it's particularly in the case of paul ryan and the house that will only buy him so much. how long is it going to be before they are demanding he has
3:42 pm
another obamacare repeal vote. i suspect a matter of weeks. he will get a little bit more of a honey moon. >> that is a good point. you have a huge generational shift here. nancy pelosi 75, paul ryan 45. the democratic bench just been so far back because those three have stayed in power so long. >> luke rusert has been a guest on that podcast. >> great. >> thank you all for joining us tonight. paul ryan already has a lot on his plate. he will talk about it all on meet the press with chuck todd this sunday. be sure to watch that. meet the press this sunday. still ahead the changing of the guard on thrill. emotional day.
3:43 pm
>> please join me in saying one last time thank you, speaker boehner. >> we will look back at john boehner's rise to power and how he lost it coming up. why pause a spontaneous moment to take a pill? or stop to find a bathroom? cialis for daily use, is approved to treat both erectile dysfunction and the urinary symptoms of bph, like needing to go frequently, day or night.
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3:47 pm
good bye to the job he held for five years today. >> i leave with no regrets, no burdens. if anything i leave the way i started just a regular guy humbled by the chance to do a big job. >> handshakes, hugs and tears greeted boehner as he passed the torch on to the new speaker, paul ryan. as the house and the republican party move forward we thought we would take a look back at how boehner rose to power. >> the american people are going to settle for nothing less than full disclosure. this institution is under indictment. we have an opportunity this week to come clean, to make a step forward, to increase our credibility with the american people and we will do that. >> john boehner, a generation ago, a freshman congressman from ohio fighting to expose what became known as the rubber check scandal, house members bouncing checks without having to pay
3:48 pm
fees. >> the magnitude is staggering. >> the early '90s. boehner was a new kind of republican at war with democrats but also with his own party. republicans he thought were too cozy with the opposition. boehner's side won that war. >> this is truly a wildly historic night. >> and when the republican revolution made newt gingrich speaker of the house john boehner became part of the gop leadership which set sights on the white house, investigations, impeachment and then a brutal 1998 mid term that cost gingrich his job. he built relationships, mastered the behind the scenes game and made the mother of all comebacks. in 2006. >> i would like to introduce the new conference majority leader john boehner. [ applause ] >> and then the big one, 2010.
3:49 pm
another gop wave. this one turning leader boehner into speaker boehner. >> washington has been doing what is best for washington, not what's best for the american people. and tonight that begins to change. >> now he was the establishment insider forced to deal with a new army of trouble makers, the tea party republicans. >> can you say it was done openly? with transparency and accountability? without back room deals and struck behind closed doors hidden from the people? hell no you can't. >> they never trusted him. they never believed. they defied him, embarrassed him. >> are you kidding me? until finally he had enough. >> i leave with no regrets, no burdens. >> boehner not just stepping down as speaker but also from his house seat and there will be
3:50 pm
a special election back in ohio to find someone to fill that house seat. still ahead the student teaches the teacher. marco rubio and his former mentor jeb bush seat. still ahead, the student teaches the teacher. marco rubio and his former mentor jeb bush head to head in last night's debate. did rubio help close theed with on bush's candidacy. stay with us. if you have high blood pressure like i do, many cold medicines may raise your blood pressure. that's why there's coricidin® hbp. it relieves cold symptoms without raising blood pressure. so look for powerful cold medicine with a heart. coricidin® hbp.
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we asked, will jeb bush win the republican nomination? look at this. 48% of you said he's going to be the nominee. 52% said no.
3:53 pm
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that's nexium level protection. all eyes are on marco rubio following the positive reviews in last night's performance in last night's debate. he answered questions about that clash with jeb bush. >> i still have tremendous admiration for him both as a person and what he did as governor of florida. i'm not going to talk bad about him or anybody else. i'm running for president. >> he sent out a message to supporters asking them to donate. and it seemings to be paying off, the campaign is fielding calls from bush donors.
3:55 pm
joining my is bryan darling and susan dell percio. he was acknowledging that marco rubio had a good night, but he's had a lot of hype. but he's not really moved the polls to date. >> actually he has started to gradually approximate pick up. he's not donald trump, and he is not ben carson. but who's going to be the establishment go-to candidate because that's going toal come down the pike. he never ran away with any of the headlines in any of the previous two debates, he's steady and reliable and he gave great forcible answers. people are going to be drawn to
3:56 pm
him. he doesn't necessarily need to be one or two, he just needs to be three, four or five and hang in there. and he is raising enough money to build operations to springboard into other states. >> i was watching that last night and i was trying to imagine each of those candidates a year from now, how would they hold up against hillary clinton. marco rubio is the best option in terms of going head to head with hillary clinton. how much does that in terms of electability matter, though? >> it's a huge question, electability is very important because everybody is settled on the idea that hillary clinton is the nominee. one of the big things that republicans are going to be looking for that can raise money, that can go head to head with hillary clinton, actually expected a little bit more confrontation about hillary clinton and people talking about benghazi and her policies in
3:57 pm
libya and her lack of accomplishments as secretary of state. these candidates were talking about their accomplishments. it was fun to watch jeb bush do so poorly when everyone especially was doing so well. >> the republican party has been so opposed to barack obama over the last eight years andyou're nominate someone who is just a republican ekwif left of barack obama. can you see the republicans after eight years of obama nominating --- >> he could, he also became the head of the house of representatives so he is used to managing and having to deal. >> obama had the legislative background in illinois. >> for about five minutes, he
3:58 pm
went springboarding right into the senate right after that. if it's what the people want, i think the establishment will come along. if it's about experience, it's something to be concerned about but you have to compare it the to what you have, and right now marco rubio is starting to look very promising. you look at marco rubio, he didn't just keep going. he said that jeb bush is running for something. and he's had a few hiccups and then had the immigration issue fall apart for him, he learned how to lay low and hold his cards and decide when the to hit. he did it in the debates and he did it today. >> he waited until bush made the attack. the comparisons between rubio and obama, harry reid democrat
3:59 pm
in the senate. he said actually he reminded me of john edwards not because of any of the personal stuff but bringing edwards into this stuff. but let me ask you about bush's candidacy, the next republican debate, 48% of our bing poll respondents think he's going to be the nominee. what would it take for him to turn it around at this point. >> he needs more campaign stops, his campaign is not raising enough money. last night when he had an opportunity to take a shot at marco rubio and say you need to resign, you're not spending enough time doing your job, it fell flat. he was bragging that he was 7-0 in his fantasy football league. how does this guy have enough
4:00 pm
time to play fantasy football when he a's running for president. >> he called the president and asked for a fantasy football roster today. would love to know who's on that show. thanks for watching msnbc live, and "hardball" starts right now. the morning after, let's play "hardball." >> good evening, i'm chris matthews up in new york, paraphrase an old commercial, the republicans sure thing of jeb bush is now the gop's lost cause.