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tv   MSNBC Live With Kate Snow  MSNBC  November 6, 2015 12:00pm-2:01pm PST

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chris christie one on one live here with us. what will the republican candidate and outspoken new jersey governor have to say about being edged off the main debate stage? we'll ask him about that and also his moving comments of addiction that have gone viral. plus, questions for carson. his campaign acknowledging he never actually applied to west point. even though he has said he was offered a scholarship. and msnbc's democratic presidential candidates forum now just a few hours away. former south carolina governor jim hodges, bernie sanders campaign manager, steve kornacki, all joining us in the hours ahead. we begin with ben carson who's facing increased scrutiny of his past today after a politico report. nbc news confirmed with ben carson's campaign he never sought admission to west point. even though he repeatedly said he had received a scholarship to the academy. here he is on "charlie rose" on october 9th.
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>> long story short, it worked. i did it. i was offered a full scholarship to west point. got to meet general westmoreland. go to the dinners. but decided really my pathway would be medicine. >> joining me on set is correspondent -- nbc senior white house correspondent chris jansing covering ben carson. walk us through through what we know that the hour. >> what we know is that junot jt anyone can offer a scholarship. so the idea that someone could just say to ben carson or anyone else, hey, you're in, it doesn't work that way. usually requires a skekd dags from members of congress, other recommendations and so on and a complicated process. others i have talked to, however, have said they can see a circumstance where someone with high s.a.t. scores and gone
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so far in rotc and the investigative unit looked at the ben carson claims in terms of the rapid rise of rotc and confirmed them, that someone either general westmoreland or someone from his team might say if you apply, you'll get in. he is consistent. dr. carson is saying the only school he ever applied to was yale and could not have been offered a scholarship per se to west point. >> isn't the issue here at the bottom line is that he has been saying as he said on "charlie rose" i was offered a scholarship? >> that's right. >> today we have the campaign statement to us saying dr. carson was a top rotc student in the city of detroit. he was introduced to folks from west point by his rotc supervisors, they told him they could help him get an appointment based on the grades and performance in rotc. he considered it but in the end did not seek admission. so, the way i read that is he never tried to be admitted and
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then saying that that -- >> that's exactly right. his clear statement in his book and you just heard it on "charlie rose" is that i was offered a full scholarship to west point. that could not happen. that's not how it works. and by his campaign's own explanation, it was certainly at the very least more nuanced than that. >> carson spoke with "the new york times" just this afternoon. he said it was, you know, an informal with a record like yours we could easily get you a scholarship to west point. is that substantially different than what he's saying on the trail? >> it is different. what he has been saying in the book and there is offered a scholarship to west point. that's the larger narrative, forming the popularity and led to the campaign and honesty is a crucial part looking at the polls. he always -- >> we have a fox news poll. >> i think it's 60%, higher than
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any other kand date. they believe in his honesty, integrity. someone that's been out talking to people who have been waiting online to get into his speeches or his book tour, that's very important to them. if you're a ben carson supporter, probably what you're going to say tonight is that this is a matter of semantics, essentially that's what his campaign is saying. the fact of the matter is i was offered a full scholarship to west point is not something that happens. >> donald trump seizing on this. it's a political issue. >> of course. >> political. tweeted about the west point story specifically saying this is not good. wow. one of many lies by ben carson. big story. that's donald trump's tweet. >> i think the bigger question is really probably not about the supporters. i asked as recently as yesterday supporters of other questions raised about his belief that joseph built the pyramids to store grain. these kinds of things don't seem to resonate with his supporters
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in a negative way. if anything, they think that we're being unfair in raising it. the larger question is, his campaign knows this, is with his base of support right now, he can't win. he needs to broaden that support and the question out there is -- are these fear ris of questions about what he's said and what he has written going to hurt him with the wider voting public? that's really the danger right now for ben carson. >> chris, great to have you with us today. thank you so much. >> thank you. turning to democrats and the candidates forum in south carolina, that, of course, airing right here on msnbc at 8:00 p.m. eastern time. hosted by our own rachel maddow going one on one with each of the three candidates, clinton, sanders and o'malley. msnbc's steve kornacki is there. steve, set the stage for us. >> reporter: yeah, well, kate we are outside the auditorium where the forum is going to be taking place in a few hours from now
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doing the secret service sweep. hillary clinton here tonight. nobody's in the building except the secret service right now. joining me outside the building right now is somebody who has pretty big stake of when's happening tonight. jeff weaver, campaign manager of bernie sanders. >> great to be here. >> you can see the same numbers we see. the hillary clinton lead expanded nationally, iowa. we noticed that sanders seems to be stepping up the effort to draw a contrast with her. are you saying we need to draw contrast with hillary clinton? >> look, steve. campaigns have phases. starting six months ago we were at 3% in the polls. nobody knew who we were and we spent the summer talking about the message, the agenda, fix the rigged economy and now the fall, closer to the actual voting and now's the time that voter vs to make a choice. vote for hillary clinton or bernie sanders. it is incumbent upon the candidates to show where they're
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different. >> so to that point, bernie sanders said to "the boston globe" editorial board i think yesterday disagreeing with hillary clinton and i think of the major issues, tpp, keystone pipeline, seeing lots of agreement, gay marriage. a lot of agreement. where are the differences? >> you are seeing agreement now. agreement that you didn't necessarily see four or five months ago. tpp, her opposition of tpp is new. the opposition to keystone, very new. certainly their views on doma and the impact in 1996, very different. there are still some big differences. talk about wall street. breaking up the big banks, putting in glass siegel, the death penalty. there are a number of differences that exist. >> we expect tonight the senator sanders, this is not a forum on the stage. >> right, right, right. >> will he point physically where he disagrees with -- >> i'm sure rachel maddow rachel maddow will have an intelligent
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discussion on the important issues. where the question goes we'll obviously go it. >> what about the question of hillary clinton and the e-mails? in the first debate, a memorable moment. bernie sanders saying i don't care about the e-mails and now he said i wasn't taking the issue off the table. on the table or off the table. >> so there's a process going on. the fbi doing an investigation. he said and if you look back at film taken immediately after he left the stage and the debate that night, he said, i think there's a process going on. let it go on and we'll see where it leads and what he didn't want to see happen and doesn't want to see happen is a sort of intense media focus and talking about the e-mails and don't talk about the decline of the middle class, we don't talk about college education funding, you know, we don't talk about the need to rebuild the infrastructure in the country. those are the issues that people care about. is there an investigation going on? yes. continuing to go on? yes. we don't the have to talk about it every minute for 24 hours a day. >> a final question here. he made a point consistently in
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the campaign, the career, saying i have never run a negative ad. i never will. does that still stand? >> absolutely. absolutely. >> no negative ads? >> 2006, he won a senate race against a self funder with $300 million in the bank. ran vicious, vicious, vicious negative ads against him. senior democrats in the u.s. senate said we never saw vicious ads like this. we won 2-1 without responding. i think you will see the same kind of thing here. >> jeff weaver, thank you for joining us. you can hear behind me, quiet in the auditorium and heating up outside. >> thank you. looking forward to tonight. joining me is former democratic governor of south carolina, a supporter of hillary clinton. governor jim hodges with us. thank you for being with us. >> hi, kate. good to be with you. >> let's talk about hillary clinton. she has a comfortable lead right now. what does she need to do at the forum tonight to continue that lead? >> she doesn't need to change a thing.
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hillary clinton is a well-known commodity here in south carolina. and in the south. she's doing incredibly well. i think the latest polls show her well over 70% and the late couple of weeks have been terrific for hillary clinton and i think you are going to see more of the same tonight. >> let's ask you about this, though. we went back and looked at south carolina polls around this time in 2007. okay? hillary clinton actually led barack obama by ten points at the end of october 2007. of course, you remember, she ended up losing south carolina by nearly 30%. could that happen again? >> initial it well. i was a coach aft obama campaign nationally in 2008. it's not going to happen. you know, barack obama was a once in a lifetime candidate. i think hillary clinton learned her lessons from that campaign in 2008. indeed, toward the end of the campaign, she was an extraordinary campaigner. it's not going to happen because she's got the right message. we have the right candidate. and i think you're beginning to
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see the democratic constituents rally here in south carolina and the country. she's a phenomenal kand did it. >> you said back in august the e-mail scandal would, quote, be resolved in a fairly short time. she still today faces a fbi investigation to the security of the server. could that be damaging for her moving forward to the point you just made? there are things that could come out. >> well, i'm going to quote bernie sanders and say enough of those e-mails. i think that's the way that people feel about it. we've heard a lot about it for the last six or eight months. we have had a congressional inquiry. hillary clinton has said it was a mistake and she's -- at the hearings, she was very clear about all of the questions that were asked her. she answered 11 hours worth of questions. i think people are ready to move on on that. what they want to hear, kate, is getting wage growth going again, addressing the issues we face
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both here in south carolina and around the country. that's what people want to hear about. and that's what she is talking about when she is here and in the other early primary states. >> we talked so much about new hampshire and iowa. your south carolina former governor. tell me why we should care more about south carolina. >> well, i think south carolina is unique in that we are perhaps the most diverse of the early primary states. we have a large african-american constituency in the democratic primary and i think that's quite important given the significance of african-american support in the democratic party for years here. so i think it's a great bellweather for how excited african-american voters and women voters in particular are about the clinton candidacy. and i'll tell you what i'm seeing here is a high level of excitement and one that makes me feel very good about our chances not only to win the nomination but also to win the election in the fall. >> people are engaged, getting into it? >> people are engaged and people
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are getting into it. i must say that this is rare. in the past there have been instances where you had different candidates that people had a level of excitement about. but this is one where there's really only one candidate that people are focused on here and that's hillary clinton. and you're seeing a broad array of people supporting her campaign. she's done a phenomenal job in building an organization here in south carolina and i think you're going to see the results when we have primary day. >> bernie sanders supporters would take issue with that. we'll leave it there. jim hodgers, thank you for being with us. former south carolina governor. thank you so much, sir. hillary clinton among the kanld dates on stage tonight in south carolina. 2016 democratic forum. rachel maddow moderates the event at winthrop university. ---ing down with the candidates starting at 8:00 eastern only here on msnbc. coming up, governor chris christie joins us live from new hampshire. we'll talk about his focus on
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fighting drug addiction. news in the gop field today and not being on the main stage for the upcoming debate. plus, breaking news concerning the russian metro jet's black boxes while the u.s. ramps up security procedures overseas and we'll head back to winthrop university in south carolina, the setting for tonight's democratic forum. yea, allow me to demonstrate. do you like your pretzel? yea. okay, uh, may i? 50% more data for the same price. i like this metaphor. oh, it's even better with funnel cakes. but very sticky. now get 15 gigs for the price of 10. want to survive a crazy busy day? sfx: cell phone chimes start with a positive attitude... and positively radiant skin. aveeno® positively radiant moisturizer... with active naturals® soy. aveeno® naturally beautiful results®.
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to keep your monthly bill down and your energy savings up. don't let your neighbor enjoy all the savings. take the free home energy checkup. honey, we need a new refrigerator. visit and get started today. in just a couple of minutes, governor chris christie joins us right here on msnbc to talk about keystone, the republican rivals, message on addiction that's really gone viral this week. keep it right here. we have breaking news out of egypt where investigators are still scrambling for answers on how a russian plane crashed soon after takeoff in the sinai
12:18 pm
peninsula. let's go right to nbc news global correspondent bill neely in sharm el sheikh for us. bill? >> reporter: yes. here in sharm el sheikh, there are 50,000 russian tourists so no one was more surprised than them to hear that all flights russia to egypt have been suspended. look at where this came from, russia's intelligence chief, the head of the fsb, who recommended to vladimir putin that all flights should be suspended. president putin agreed to do that. it's come as a shock but there are reports of unprecedented intelligence cooperation. it could be that the u.s. and plit tin have shared the intelligence that it has with their russian counterparts. as i say, nbc news can't confirm that but that would be quite unprecedented but in these extreme situations, possibly that is the perfect time to
12:19 pm
share this intelligence. this is a big step for russia because for six days it's been saying let's not jump to conclusions. let's leave it to the investigators. now it is saying not that a bomb was responsible for bringing this plane down but that it seems to be a reasonable supposition and, kate, that's quite bad news in one sense for vladimir putin. if i sis bombed this plane and that's what the russians are suspecting by this move, remember, vladimir putin started to bomb syria partly to protect russians. rational was if we can bomb the terrorists there, they're less likely to harm russian citizens. if i sis has bombed this plane then clearly that is isis striking first and 224 russian citizens appear to have died in this, as as well as 4 ukrainians. bad news for russia and here in
12:20 pm
egypt for the tourist industry. 3 million russians visit here every year. if they stop coming, even for a short time, business here collapses. so even in the short term, it's disaster for egypt tourist industry and 20,000 british tourists. some of them have left today on emergency flights out. those emergency flights will continue for the next few days. but now russia has to work out how to get 50,000 people out of the resort and no flights from russia here to cairo. russia is clearly worried and clearly thinks a bomb is a possibility. kate? >> bill neely, thank you. the department of homeland security and tsa in this country have issued a directive of, quote, security enhancements for u.s. bound flights from certain airports in the region surrounding sharm el sheikh.
12:21 pm
joining us to walk us through this is nbc's tom costello covering aviation for us. >> reporter: good afternoon to you. we're talking about increased, ramped up security in cooperation and coordination with the foreign airports and governments in the middle east. so you could picture everything from cairo to amman to istanbul, abu die bhabi and not likely is covered by the security that homeland security is engaging with these various governments on. now, about the challenge with this, a short time ago i talked to the former tsa chief about the challenge of ensuring that these overseas governments are, in fact, remaining vigilant as it relate lates to security. >> and the challenge is when the host government may be distracted, let's say, by internal politics or terrorists trying to take over their country, rebels, whatever it may be, then how much attention are they actually paying to airport
12:22 pm
security if nothing bad has happened recently? >> that's the former tsa chief talking to me in washington. we are not likely to see a significant change to the security posture here in the united states. there may be a few more canine teams out, maybe more of the swabbing of the hands for explosive residue but this is a focus overseas and not all airports overseas really. about the middle east right now. kate? >> to be specific, what airports in the region? >> reporter: i think talking cairo, istanbul, that region from and the north of africa. these are what are viewed right now as a kind of hot spot an trouble areas related to terrorism and extremism and anybody at one of those airports with a direct flight to the united states, that's critical, those are the airports that will likely be affected. >> tom costello in washington,
12:23 pm
thanks so much. still ahead, governor chris christie joins us live here. four ohio men facing charges of terrorism. and what the personnel files suggest about the disgraced police officer who investigators say staged an elaborate suicide after trying to put a hit on a local leader. ♪ ♪ the final countdown! if you're the band europe, you love a final countdown. it's what you do. if you want to save fifteen percent or more on car insurance, you switch to geico. it's what you do. viagra helps guys ya know, with erectile dysfunction get and keep an erection. talk to your doctor about viagra. ask your doctor if your heart is healthy enough for sex. do not take viagra if you take nitrates for chest pain; it may cause an unsafe drop in blood pressure. side effects include
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12:27 pm
addiction and drug adirection, so important, but can i ask you about the news of ben carson's campaign confirming that the claim that he received a scholarship to west point was false in your reaction to that? >> listen. you know, kate. we are all responsible for our own personals. the stories of our lives that we present to the voters. and we are responsible for the accuracy of those and the honesty of those and so dr. carson will have to answer for it and answer for the voters and then they're going the decide whether that answer is sufficient or not. >> do you have searches that other parts of the personal story may be not true? >> it is hard to say, kate. i haven't read any of his books and i never knew much about him. until we started to campaign for president and so i don't have basis to doubt anything else he said. he'll have to talk about it. there's no choice but to talk about it and the american people decide whether that answer he gives, those answers he gives
12:28 pm
are sufficient enough for him to be a candidate for president. that's going to be their choice ultimately an he's going to have to answer those questions hon t honestly on like what happened with the west point point. >> fox news saying you won't be on the main stage. the average of the national polls is too low to qualify. strong debate performances we know have given new life to candidates. if you're not on the main stage how do you get enough attention and move forward? >> oh, listen. you know, kate, you have known me for a listening type. i never have trouble getting attention. i'll get attention tuesday night. fact is wherever they put a podium and a camera and a national television audience, i will be there. wherever they ask me to be and i'll debate and talk about the issues. you know, all three of the first debates i was judged as one of the top two or three people in the debate. so the fact is i'll do my job tuesday night no matter where they put me. the folks i feel badly for are graham and pataki.
12:29 pm
the idea of not allowing anybody to participate in the debate i think is wrong. >> right. >> but as for me and mike huckabee, we'll debate wherever they put us and not worried at all. >> you won't fight this and say put me back on the main stage? >> listen. you know, i'd love to be put back on the main stage. i'm not a whiner or moaner or complainer. they made their decision. i don't agree with it but they made their decision. i'll do whatever it is i'm supposed to do on tuesday night. if that's on the main stage, i'll be there. if it's the first debate, i'll be there. any -- either way, one thing, kate, on wednesday you will be talking about me. >> yeah. you're talking a lot about an open yacht addiction right now, the reason we invited you to be here today, specifically the way you're talking about addiction as an illness. is something we don't often hear maybe from politicians. >> listen, kate. i have been working on this issue for 20 years, 20 years ago i started to work with an
12:30 pm
in-patient adolescent drug program and this is a disease. it is a disease. it's not a moral failing. it's a disease. we need to treat it as such and we have the ways to give treatment to people to give them the tools they need to be able to reclaim their lives or at least have a chance at it. and so what i'm trying to do in talking about the issue for years and i'm glad it's getting so much attention now is that, you know, i'm pro-life and if you're pro-life, you need to be pro-life for the whole life and not just the womb and you need to be pro-life for the 16-year-olds addicted teenager girl on the floor of the county lock-up, pro-life for a friend i referred to, a successful lawyer in his mid-40s, married, three daurps, great car, house, job. and gave it all away because he succumbed to the addiction of prescription drugs. i won't stand around as a leader
12:31 pm
of the country to allow the stigma to continue to attach to this. we need to talk about it and as president that's what i'm going to do. >> it's such a huge issue in new hampshire. i talked to families up there, too. a lot of them say that what they need is support and treatment and they're having a really hard time finding it. govern governor, how do you as a policy issue change that? what would you do concretely to give people more access to treatment? >> well, kate, i can tell you what we have done in new jersey. in new jersey we said for any first-time non violent non dealing drug offender, they won't go to prison. they go to mandatory in-patient treatment. how do you pay for it? our prison population in new jersey last three years is down by 10%. now, it costs us $49,000 a year to incarcerate someone in new jersey. $24,000 a year to give them 1 year of in-patient drug treatment. we are moving from corrections
12:32 pm
to human services, from incarcerations to treatment. and that's the way you do it and the way i'd do it as president. a drug court in every one of the federal district courts, all 94 of them in our country. and i would move towards treatment for those people who are not dealing and for those people not violent. >> governor, i have to ask before you go, "snl" tomorrow night, will you be watching donald trump? >> well, you know, tomorrow i'm going to be in washington, d.c. by the time "snl" comes on. if i'm somewhere, i'll switch it on and watch my friend donald. i was on "saturday night live" in 2012. i told him go have a good time. a lot of fun. i had a lot of fun being on "snl" in 2012. if i'm by a tv tomorrow night, you can count on the fact i'll be watching my friend donald. >> before i let you go, sorry,
12:33 pm
governor. the keystone pipeline news today, such big news with the president saying that the pipeline won't go forward. he said this morning congress was serious about creating jobs, this is not the way to do it. you fundamentally disagree with that. why? >> i do. i do. because it's not only a job issue for the jobs created by the pipeline. although that is important. but it's also a jobs issue in making, you know, making america more energy independent. making america work with allies like canada, good friends, to be able to bring energy into the country and completely predictable, kate. this president is a liberal environmentalist'd log. that's what he is. the state department said it won't have a drastic impact. lisa jackson from the first term said that. the president's line to the american people, lying to the american people about the view on keystone for years and he wanted to protect his political future. now just his library and now
12:34 pm
willing to tell us the truth about keystone. completely predictable from this president. unfortunate. when i'm elected president, we'll go back to canada and the private interests in canada and if they're still interested in building the pipeline, we'll build it in the christie administration. >> all right. governor chris christie, i know you're on the clock and thank you so much for coming by and talking with us. we appreciate it. >> kate, thank you for giving me the chance to talk about the addiction issue and the work you have done on it over the years and enlightening for folks an and we need to talk about it more. >> thank you. i agree. thank you. see you soon. >> thank you. i want to bring back steve kornacki now, and perry bacon with us, as well. steve, were you able to listen to most of that from governor christie? >> yep. sure. heard it all. >> the issue of ben carson, when he talks about the voters will decide, how much traction do you think this issue has and i'm talking about the west point admission today. >> well, the story still seems
12:35 pm
to be developing in terms of exactly what carson said before and exactly what he is saying right now and what i found interesting in christie's answer is i think there's recognition on christie's point to get back into the race and traction and get back up on to the main debate stage now that he is knocked off, he needs the guys above him to start falling, slipping. you see he wasn't in the mood there to throw any life preserver to ben carson. he's going to let ben carson sink or swim on his own on this one. that's the problem for chris christie right now not on the main debate stage, you can't necessarily go out there and win this thing on your own. now he needs to get a little help. needs opponents to trip up, make mistakes, to not take advantage of opportunities that are thrown their way. flip side, though, the addiction issue as you said that has particular resonance in new hampshire and if you forget the national polls for a minute and just look at the new hampshire polls, most significant thing, two most significant things and the most recent poll are chris
12:36 pm
christie and marco rubio moving up there. >> do you link that to what he's sayi ining about addiction and vid yes went viral talking about his friend. i think 6 million on number of views. do you link the two things? >> not yet. if he continues to grow now that the video is viral and so much extra media attention on top of it, could be an extra affect of that and the lesson i draw from that is the chris christie you are seeing in that video is chris christie that mnnew hampshire is seeing in a town hall after another. a crowd of 20 people, 40 people, 80 people, a small town of 5,000 people. he is going around the state and he is doing the things and covered him in new jersey, years ago, i can tell you there are few politicians if any who are as good in that setting, the town hall setting. the issue that the world got exposed to is chris christie in the town hall setting talking about addiction but he could be talking about any other issue.
12:37 pm
he is very good as a communicator in those settings and a lot of people tell you, almost a cliche to invoke john mccain in 2000 getting on the straight talk express and doing exactly that. one town hall after another and wowing the crowd with the humor, maverick style and chris christie has something of that. if the guys in front of him in line right now, kasich on the stage, and rubio and if they don't take advantage of being on that main stage, then chris christie has the opportunity to sneak up on hem in new hampshire and then be back in this thing. >> perry, the governor's comments about caring which stage he's on, is he just being polite? he must prefer to be on the main stage. >> but i thought it was very smart for him saying -- he said i'm not a whiner. i'm not a whiner. not a complainer. very good way to approach this. i thought that in the debate last week in colorado christie was very good. i think steve's right.
12:38 pm
christie is very good on the campaign trail. this is a big blow for him to not be on the debate stage and an opportunity to surge, the video helping and bad timing to fell down in the below 2% and he has the right attitude and not to complain about it as graham has and try to fight and be optimistic and you need to be on the main stage to win the nomination. >> all right. nangs so much. a reminder rachel maddow moderates tonight's democratic forum where steve is standing live from south carolina. it all gets started right here on msnbc 8:00 eastern time. coming up, the final preps ahead of that forum hosted by rachel maddow. the thing is, about half of men over 40 have some degree of erectile dysfunction. well, viagra helps guys with ed get and keep an erection. ask your doctor if your heart is healthy enough for sex. do not take viagra
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12:42 pm
of dollars to give to slain al qaeda propagandaist between 2005 and 2012. prosecutors say in 2009 one of them traveled to yemen giving some of the money to a relative. officials say the men wanted to support a violent jihad against american troops in afghanistan and iraq. new details continue to come to light in the investigation surrounding the death of lieutenant joseph gliniewicz. the illinois police officer who investigators say staged his own suicide. personnel records released yesterday showed numerous complaints fellow officers made against him. nbc's john yang reports. >> reporter: just when you thought you heard all the twists to the story of lieutenant gliniewicz, more of the officer's murky past surfacing this morning. new details of gliniewicz's personnel file obtained thursday night listing numerous complaints fellow officers made
12:43 pm
against him including sexual behavior, using his squad car for a family vacation and letting members of the explorer's youth program operate department vehicles but authorities say a series of financial misdeeds led him to take drastic steps. >> it is very unsettling. >> reporter: investigators say he may have wanted to rub out a village add might ministrator ia surprise. >> reporter: he contacted someone he knew by facebook messenger, close to entertaining a third party. >> she told us that it was for -- he had contacted her to reach out to the high level ranking motorcycle gang member for a hit. >> reporter: the gang member denied any involvement and investigators consider the matter closed. they say gliniewicz feared ma rin would expose the looting of
12:44 pm
the police explorer program he ran. on august 31st, he texted she's demanded a complete inventory of explorer central and a financial report. the next morning, marin said, gliniewicz e-mailed providing information by 1:00 p.m. instead, at 8:09 a.m., fellow officers found him dead in what investigators now say was a carefully staged suicide. >> send everybody you possibly can. officer is down. >> reporter: this morning, the investigation deepens into a case some say is turned a hero cop into a village villain. >> nbc's john yang reporting. heavy rain and possibility of flash flooding in south texas and the gulf coast. storms continue to pound the region. take a look of video of ft. worth yesterday. nobody hurt there. on the east coast, meanwhile, unseasonably warm weather
12:45 pm
continues. weather channel meteorologist keith carson is here with what to expect this weekend. >> well, kate, the big story today is the heat across the northeast. heat in november november, a relative term, of course. look at the temperatures in the 70s. d.c. 82 degrees. breaking the old record of 78. set a long time ago in the '40s. to get the warm temperatures up the eastern seaboard, you need a screaming south and southwest wind and what we have had. 15 miles per hour in philadelphia. 18 in boston and 21 miles per hour in buffalo. so in addition to the warmth, a little bit breezy. i think most people take that tradeoff. here's the front to cool us off. not much in the shower activity. sprinkles, maybe manhattan and boston. d.c. tonight. could see a sprinkle or two. i wouldn't change any plans around it. looking forward, mid range computer models, looks like the east stays well above average for the future. a cooldown this weekend. see the blues and greens getting in there. but going all the way into next
12:46 pm
week, all the way into mid-november, temperatures seem to stay above average in the east. a little bit below average in the west and no sign of winter quiet across the eastern seaboard. kate? >> okay. keith, they brought in the christmas tree at rockefeller center today. doesn't feel right. it is jobs report friday and there are big gains for u.s. workers and could signal -- what that could signal. south african. this is an opportunity to right that wrong. the idea was to bring capital into the affordable housing space in south africa, with a fund that offers families of modest income safe and good accommodation. citi got involved very early on and showed an enormous commitment. and that gave other investors confidence. citi's really unique, because they bring deep understanding of what's happening in africa. i really believe we only live once, and so you need to take an idea that you have and go for it.
12:47 pm
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tell your doctor if you've been to areas where certain fungal infections are common, and if you've had tb, hepatitis b, are prone to infections, or have flu-like symptoms or sores. don't start humira if you have an infection. talk to your doctor and visit this is humira at work we're back following the stock market this afternoon which is struggling for gains on today's jobs report. with less than 15 minutes to closing bell, stocks are mixed right now. that may be a little counter intuitive since october's job reports was so good. you might have thought the markets would be way up. the economy added 271,000 jobs in october. nearly 100,000 more than september's growth. and unemployment rate dropped 5%, that's the lowest since 2008. but investors fearing the strong showing causing the federal reserve to raise interest rates
12:50 pm
in the next meeting. joining me now is senior fellow at the center on budget and policy priorities, jared bernstein. nice to see you. >> nice to see you, too. >> tell so tell us how to read jobs report and how to read the reaction on the market. >> the market reaction was precisely as you said, kate. when you have a solid jobs report and a federal reserve that's on the fence as to whether to raise rates at the next meeting in late december, a jobs report like this, particularly the fact that wage growth has accelerated a bit, leads them to think they probably will at this point, raise rates a little bit. not much. probably about a quarter of a percentage point in december. that could slow the economy down a touch, and that's what the equity markets are going on about. but main street should feel good about this report. now, it's one month, so let's not overdo it, but it is a solid report. >> yeah, i was going to say, the numbers look to me, as a non-economist, pretty darn good.
12:51 pm
>> even to an economist, they look good. you average over the last three months -- like if we had the conversation in september, it wouldn't be that good. but average that out, 190,000 jobs per month on average over the past quarter, and that's definitely good enough to take the unemployment rate down, tighten up the job market, so maybe some of the growth in the recovery can finally find its way to middle and lower income families. when you talk about an interest rate, you didn't say a big hike, you said a small change possible in december. what does that mean to the average american? are we looking at more expensive car loans? what are we talking about? >> slightly more expensive car loans, student loans. this is the benchmark interest rate for the federal economy. and it bleeds through to the other rates. but we're talking probably almost certainly about a quarter percentage point. so a 4% loan would be 4.25%. not a big difference, but a move
12:52 pm
that would make some of that r borrowing a touch more expensive. >> and i want to talk about the decision not to go forward with the keystone pipeline. the argument for it, it would have created thousands of jobs. what's the impact on the economy? >> i think that's a squishy argument. i heard paul ryan making that early. the analysis suggested it would great 40,000 jobs in the building of the pipeline. we talked about a month where we added 270, so put 40,000 into that context. but once it's built, it would create something like 30, 35 jobs. not thousand. 35 permanent jobs. >> we had 50 as our number, but it's not a big number is the point. >> and those are the permanent jobs. so i don't think as far as the economy is concerned, the jobs are not the story here. i think it's an environmental call and a smart one on the
12:53 pm
president's point. extracting this type of oil, it's messy, goopy stuff and generates 70% more greenhouse gases than other environmental fuel. >> jared bernstein, get to get your perspective. thanks so much. >> my pleasure. coming up here on "mtp daily," tom stir joins chuck todd. i wanna see, i wanna see. longing. serendipity. what are the... chances. and good tidings to all. hang onto your antlers. it's the event you don't want to miss. it's the season of audi sales event. get up to a $2,500 bonus for highly qualified lessees on select audi models.
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>> all right, coming up at the top of the hour. we continue to countdown to tonight's democratic forum in south carolina. he'll head live there. plus flight data has been recovered from the russian metrojet's black boxes. and state department spokesman john kirby joins us to talk about the keystone pipeline decision and also the investigation into the plane crash in egypt.
12:57 pm
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i mean, our running back is a beast. once he hits the hole and breaks through the secondary, oh he's gone. and our linebackers and dbs dish out punishment, and never quit. ♪ you didn't expect this did you? no i didn't. the nissan altima. there's a fun side to every drive. nissan. innovation that excites. his day of coaching begins with knee pain, when... this is brad. hey brad, wanna trade the all day relief of two aleve for six tylenol? what's the catch? there's no catch. you want me to give up my two aleve for six tylenol? no. for my knee pain, nothing beats my aleve. hello everyone, i'm kate
1:00 pm
snow. it's a big day in politics. we start this hour in south carolina, where tonight at 8:00 p.m. eastern time, our own rachel maddow will sit down with all three democratic presidential candidates, hillary clinton, bernie sanders, martin o'malley, for the first in the south democrats candidate forum. hillary clinton heading into tonight's forum with renewed confidence. a new poll has her leading bernie sanders by 18 points there. meantime, sanders is sharpening his sword. in an interview published today with "the boston globe," clinton's rival said, quote, i disagree with hillary clinton on virtually everything. he cited his early opposition to the pacific trade deal and the keystone pipeline has two examples. joining me now from the site of tonight's forum in rock hill, south carolina, steve kornacki. >> we're a couple hours away. they're going through a secret service sweep inside.
1:01 pm
so nobody's in the building right now. there's a lot of activity outside. the big question tonight, very encouraging poll numbers for hillary clinton which puts bernie sanders in a very difficult position. he's got to come up with an argument to democratic voters who are feeling satisfied with hillary clinton as their prospective nominee. i talked earlier today with his campaign manager. some of these tougher comments he's been putting out there in public about hillary clinton, i asked if that was a bit of a shift in strategy here, if she would be drawing contrasts more aggressively, he seemed to suggest that would be the case. that's what we should be looking for from bernie sanders tonight. how aggressively does he seek to make the argument that he's better than hillary clinton on these issues. the point to look for is consistency. they want to make the argument that she may agree with the base of the party and the tpp, she
1:02 pm
may agree on the keystone pipeline, right now, but i, bernie sanders, was there first. that's the argument he's going to try to make tonight. you can hear behind me, a lot of fired-up supporters. we'll see if he has success making that argument. >> yeah, we see them all. steve, going to be an interesting night. we'll check back with you later on in the hour. for more on the sanders campaign, i want to bring in former president of the communications workers of america and a bernie sanders campaign surrogate and adviser and friend. nice to see you again. >> great to be here. >> we were just talking about this, steve just said, he was talking to the campaign manager about this quote in "the boston globe," bernie sanders saying he disagrees with hillary clinton on virtually everything. but she's still ahead of your candidate by more than 50 points in south carolina. how do you close that gap? >> i think you'll hear him tonight focus on issues, not personality differences, but
1:03 pm
issues that differentiate them. so trade, as was just mentioned, is a key one. we couldn't get the clinton campaign to come out against fast-track. and now to stop tpp, it's going to take an awesome effort, because it's been greased to go through the congress. will hillary clinton join us in pushing on scott peters, for example, in san diego, to vote against tpp, or is it just a pronouncement? bernie is supporting a $15 living wage. hillary came out for a $12 minimum wage. the focus on collective bargaining rights, huge differences on shutting down prisons for profit. differences on immigration. i think that's what we'll see tonight, and rachel maddow's quite good at that. you'll see a focus on the issues that differentiate, not personalities. >> yesterday the senator was on npr talking about his support in south carolina among african american voters. take a listen to what he said.
1:04 pm
>> if the elections were held today, just among the folks with the african american vote, we would lose. but i think we have a path to winning the support of a lot of folks in the african american community. i'm just not well known in the african american community. i think people will tell you. so we have to do a better job in discussing my record in the united states congress. it's one of the strongest records of any member in terms of civil rights. >> how does he turn that around in south carolina? can he possibly gain support in the african american community? >> yeah, i think absolutely. i spoke as a surrogate to the south carolina aflcio, the support there and almost half the delegates were african american, was overwhelming for bernie, because of where he stands on economic issues. the notion that because of some clinton legacy, you know, months from now, people are going to turn out and vote for hillary, regardless of issues where there are differences i don't believe
1:05 pm
holds up. now we have staff in south carolina. it's a diverse staff. he's been to historically black colleges. he's going to continue to focus there with younger african americans, working class african americans and i think we can close that gap there. >> want to ask you about one last thing. the senator introduced a bill that would end a bill on buying, selling, or growing marijuana. is that an appeal to the millennial vote or what? >> i think yes is the answer, it is an appeal to the millennial vote. but it's also part of his much broader theme of, we have to end mass incarceration. and overwhelmingly, the prisoners in our system, at every level are people of color who have gone in for non-violent crimes. and the cost of that in every way, to our communities, is overwhelming. the community i live in, southwest d.c., it just ruins the lives of entire families. so i think the notion that we have to have a different look at
1:06 pm
non-violent crime. we have to look at institutional racism, policing what's going on in terms of not only so-called drug offenders, but really across the board. so i think the marijuana position is a part of that. >> all right, larry cohen, thanks for being with us. and both bernie sanders, hillary clinton, martin o'malley, all three will be on stage tonight in south carolina for the 2016 democratic forum. rachel maddow moderates the event and she'll sit down one-on-one with each of the candidates starting at 8:00 p.m. eastern, 5:00 p.m. pacific right here on msnbc. turning to the republican field now and ben carson, who has faced increased scrutiny of his past, today nbc news has confirmed with carson's campaign that he never sought admission to west point, even though he repeatedly said he received a scholarship to west point.
1:07 pm
here he was on october 9th. >> long story short, it worked. i did it. i was offered a full scholarship to west point. got to go to congressional medal of honor dinners, but decided my path way would be medicine. >> last hour, i asked chris christie about carson and he had this reaction. >> i haven't read any of his books, i never knew much about him until we started to campaign for president. so i don't have the basis to doubt anything else that he's said. you know, he's going to have to now talk about it. i don't think there's any choice but for him to talk about it and the american people will decide whether that answer that he gives, those answers that he gives, are sufficient enough for him to be a candidate for president. that's going to be their choice ultimately. he's going to have to answer the questions honestly, unlike what happened with the west point incident. >> joining me on set, beth is with us again.
1:08 pm
what is the carson campaign saying back to all this chatter today? >> well, they're trying to push back a little bit on the initial politico reporting, saying that he never said he applied, he went through the application procedure. in his wook, he said he only had ten bucks to his name. that was the cost of one college application. he applied only one place, yale. so he never said he submitted an application to west point. however, he's said he was offered admission for a full scholarship. military academies don't even offer scholarships because they're free to people who are admitted. so the carson campaign is parsing the language a little bit and that's understandable from their perspective, but this comes, as you know, after several days now of questionable statements from carson about his past, about his biography that has been challenged by reporters. because he is becoming the actual legitimate front-runner in this field and is getting quite a bit of additional scrutiny.
1:09 pm
>> this is his narrative, his appeal to voters, honesty. there's a fox poll we can put up, 60% believe that ben carson is honest and trustworthy. that's the highest and trustworthy rating for any of the candidates. democrat or republican. >> right. that's been the source of his appeal all along, that he's not a politician. he did a very personal facebook posting the other night when this reporting from cnn was about to come out about his early days maybe not being filled with all these violent incidents, that he redeems himself through faith with. on facebook, he said, i'm not a politician, i don't do things the way other people do. i'm a servant and i want to serve this country the best i can. he's differentiated himself from others in the field that way. if his stories start to come apart, one has to wonder whether he can maintain that position in the field. >> donald trump jumping on this. wow, this is not good, one of many lies by ben carson.
1:10 pm
it becomes a political story. where are we at on a friday afternoon, does this stick to ben carson? >> he's going to have to answer a lot of questions. we have a republican debate next tuesday. there's no question that some of these allegations will be discussed. he's the front-runner, kate. he needs this kind of scrutiny. it comes with the territory. >> although, he keeps saying that it's the media making more of things than the voters do. >> and that may will be. we may see a poll coming out that they still don't care. nothing has really stuck to him up until this point. but i can guarantee you, his bock will be combed through very thoroughly now by every news organization, including ours to see what else he's had to say about his life that maybe isn't quite the way he presented it. >> beth, thanks so much. still to come, new developments in the crash of that russian airliner, audio from the cockpit has been downloaded from the plane's black boxes.
1:11 pm
we're live in egypt with what it reveals. plus, obamacare facing another legal challenge. the supreme court set to decide what faith-based organizations should be forced to cover. and president obama rejects the keystone pipeline, sparking a fewury among the 2016 republin candidates. i'll speak with john kirby about the decision to pull out of that project. (vo) what does the world run on? it runs on optimism. it's what sparks ideas. moves the world forward. invest with those who see the world as unstoppable.
1:12 pm
who have the curiosity to look beyond the expected and the conviction to be in it for the long term. oppenheimerfunds believes that's the right way to invest... this big, bold, beautiful world. they come into this iworld ugly and messy. ideas are frightening because they threaten what is known. they are the natural born enemy of the way things are. yes, ideas are scary, and messy and fragile.
1:13 pm
but under the proper care, they become something beautiful.
1:14 pm
>> we're back with breaking news in the ongoing investigation into the russian plane crash over the sinai peninsula in egypt. the spokesperson for the egyptian aviation ministry, tells nbc news that the black box voice recorder from the plane is working.
1:15 pm
let's go right to nbc's ayman mohyeldin in cairo. >> kate, this is a pretty significant development. a spokesperson here in cairo telling us, despite initial assessments that the cockpit voice recorder was damaged and was going to have to be transported out of cairo for further analysis, that they were able to actually analyze it here locally in cairo. this is a pretty significant development. we know that previously they had the data flight recorder, all the information that was on the black box, but as we were saying, the cockpit voice recorder, there were some speculation that it was severely damaged. now we know from the civil aviation ministry, that it's working. they're going to be able to get information off of it. the civil aviation ministry was holding a press conference late this afternoon. but now word it might be postponed. so still lots of questions as to
1:16 pm
whether or not this downing of the plane was the result of a terrorist bomb. egyptian government officials here have been trying to down play that. they've been somewhat critical of western countries, including the u.s. and the united kingdom and now a little bit russia for jumping to conclusions saying that the forensic evidence remains inconclusive to determine what may have happened on that flight. but no doubt they have the flight data recorder, as well as the cockpit voice recorder. it's going to provide some key pieces of that puzzle. kate? >> all right, ayman, thanks so much. and let's move down now to sharm el sheikh, where bill neely has more from the ground there. bill? >> reporter: yes, good afternoon, kate. no one is more surprised by the russian decision than the 50,000 russian tourists who are here at the egyptian resort of sharm el sheikh. we understand it was the russian intelligence chief who recommended to president putin that all russian flights to egypt be suspended and putin
1:17 pm
agreed. flights not just here to sharm el sheikh, to cairo, the capital as well. and that's also come as a surprise. this is a blanket ban, if you will. not yet confirmed by nbc news, but we understand british and american intelligence upon officials may in fact have briefed their russian counterparts about the intelligence behind their belief that a bomb may have caused the plane to crash. now the russians are saying very clearly that this doesn't mean that they buy into the bomb theory, but clearly this is a very, very big step for them. because for days they have been saying simply, let's be quiet and leave it to the investigators. now clearly they are saying, we put some credence in the bomb theory, because actions speak louder than words. it's perhaps bad news for vladimir putin, because it will be, of course, connected with the russian bombing of syria. at least in the minds of the
1:18 pm
50,000 russians who are here. and remember, vladimir putin began that bombing. he sold it to the russian people as, look, we want to keep you safe and one of the ways we can do this is to take pre-emptive action, to go to where the terrorists are and to attack them. well, if isis has bombed this plane, then obviously isis has hit back and russians perhaps will blame vladimir putin for that. this news is also bad news for egypt. egypt depends on tourism. three million russian visitors come here a year. so, stopping flights from russia, stopping flights from britain, will hurt this country. 20,000 british tourists are also here now hoping to get out on emergency flights. so from here and for egypt, it's bad news. and possibly bad news for vladimir putin in the long run. back to you, kate. >> bill neely, reporting from
1:19 pm
sharm el sheikh, thanks so much. developing news now in washington, the supreme court announcing it will hear another case against obamacare. pete williams standing by with the argument that justices will ultimately settle. plus, the democratic candidates going head to head tonight in south carolina as they work hard to shore up support from key african american voters in the south. we give you relief from your cold & flu. you give them a case of the giggles. tylenol® cold helps relieve your worst cold & flu symptoms...
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i mean, our running back is a beast. once he hits the hole and breaks through the secondary, oh he's gone. and our linebackers and dbs dish out punishment, and never quit. ♪ you didn't expect this did you? no i didn't. the nissan altima. there's a fun side to every drive. nissan. innovation that excites.
1:22 pm
>> turning now to developing news from the supreme court. at a new challenge to president obama's health care law, the supreme court justices have agreed to hear appeals by religiously affiliated schools and charities that are demanding they not be forced to provide insurance for contraceptives. nbc's justice correspondent pete williams, i think this is the fourth challenge of the affordable care act to go to the court. >> that's right. and the difference this time is that this involves religiously affiliated institutions. now, it was just a year ago that
1:23 pm
the supreme court said for profit businesses that are tightly controlled and are based on religious values can legitimately assert a religious objection to the contraceptive requirements of obamacare. churches, mosques, and synagogs, for example, are all exempt from the contraceptive requirement. so this time the question is about, what about religiously affiliated churches, hospitals, schools, that are not churches themselves, but object to the contraceptive requirement? now, here's the way it works now. the government says all they have to do is fill out a form, saying they don't want to do it, that it violates their religious beliefs, provide the name and contact information for their insurance company and the government will take it from there and their female employees will still get the contraceptive coverage. what the groups say, is that even that is too much. the group say it still makes them complicit in what they consider deeply religiously
1:24 pm
objectionable. so the supreme court's going to have to decide that issue and how that will play out, and the case will probably be heard, i'm guessing in march with a decision by late june. now, one way or the other, the women employees are going to get the contraceptive coverage. the question is, what are these religious groups like? the little sisters of the poor, one of the groups that the pope met with in september, how much do they have to do? what about their religious objections? >> all right, pete williams, thanks so much. now to an incredible story out of ohio, a boy missing for over a decade found alive after 13 years and hundreds of miles. his mother never gave up hope of finding him. here's nbc's stephanie gosk. >> reporter: julian hernandez was on a missing children's list for more than a decade. authorities guessing what he might look like. alabama investigators following every dead end lead. >> it was never closed. it was a cold case.
1:25 pm
every time we got a tip, we followed up on it. every time we got a lead, we followed up on it. and they didn't pan out. so the case was never closed. >> today his father, bobby hernandez, sits in an ohio jail, accused of abducting his own son. >> speculation at this time is that maybe that was bobby hernandez who was calling in those tips to try to divert the investigation. >> reporter: julian disappeared in 2002 from his alabama home, his parents were unmarried and his father quickly became a suspect. but father and son slipped away some 600 miles to cleveland, and assumed false names. police say julian had no idea who he really was. >> 12, 13 years without knowing his own history, that he was the victim of a crime, and that someone was out there looking for him. >> a high school senior, and a good student, julian was applying to colleges when the prosecutor said he ran into
1:26 pm
problems with his social security number. school officials and the 18-year-old put the pieces together and discovered julian's true identity. bobby hernandez was arrested. >> i think he understands the gravity of the situation. i think he'll fully cooperate to resolve it the best way we can. >> a spokesperson for julian's mother writes in a statement, our family was overjoyed this week to locate julian and learn that he is safe. the alabama prosecutor said mother and son have spoken. planning the next steps before a long awaited reunion. >> that was stephanie gosk reporting. you can only imagine how difficult this has been for julian hernandez. he put out a statement today, saying, please, no more spotlights, no more cameras, no more reporters sneaking into my school or showing up at my house, and no more microphones in my face, i just want to be left alone. >> bobby hernandez is being held in ohio on a $250,000 bond. he will have to be extradited to alabama to face the charge of
1:27 pm
interfering with custody. hernandez's lawyer said his client has had no contact with his son. >> the president's rejection of the keystone pipeline, state department spokesman john kirby joins us to explain why the state department decided to pull the plug. plus, we'll take you back to rock hill, south carolina, where the first in the south democratic forum kicks off tonight on msnbc, an in-depth look at the candidates' fight for african american votes and all votes in south carolina straight ahead. before earning enough cash back from bank of america
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1:31 pm
hall, inside the hall. they're still going through that secret service sweep. but as you say, the story here in south carolina on the ground is a big lead for hillary clinton in the polls. we've talked so much about iowa being surprisingly close. new hampshire being very close. but right now in this key early primary state, this state and african american voters in it in particular, loom for hillary clinton as her fire wall. >> senator bernie sanders calls for racial justice. >> there's no one who will fight harder, not only to end institutional racism, with you to make fundamental changes in our broken criminal justice system. >> reporter: a reminder of just how crucial the early primary state of south carolina is to his campaign survival. african americans made up 55% of that state's primary voters in 2008. >> bernie sanders! >> reporter: a group he is trying to win over. >> i spent 50 years of my life fighting for civil rights and
1:32 pm
for dignity. but if you don't want me to be here, that's okay. >> reporter: after coming under fire from black lives matter activists who say he hasn't done enough for the black community. sanders' rival, on the other hand, enjoying overwhelming support in a state that could prove to be her fire wall. 80% of black democratic voters say they would back clinton in south carolina and just 8% would go with sanders. but it wasn't always this case for hillary clinton in south carolina. after a bitter and racially charged 2008 primary campaign, nearly 80% of black voters in south carolina cast their ballots for barack obama. >> yes, we can! thank you, south carolina, i love you! >> the focus of tonight's first in the south forum, will be on bernie sanders. >> we have a lot of work to do specifically in the african american community and the latino community.
1:33 pm
>> reporter: if he can't improve on his showing with black voters, it won't matter if he wins iowa or new hampshire, that will not be enough to propel him to the nomination. all right, back here outside the hall at winthrop university where that forum will be held tonight, you can see them, you can hear them. you have loud supporters for hillary clinton and bernie sanders. they are demonstrating their passion. for more on the state of play in south carolina, political science proffessor at winthrop. the crowd seems to be evenly matched, bernie sanders, versus vehic hillary clinton. you look at the polls, though, it's a landslide. we put some statistics out there, hillary clinton way ahead especially among black voters. is there anything bernie sanders can say or do to eat away at the lead for clinton? >> he's going to have to do something to close the gap. there are a couple of things he's going to be able to do. first off, he's got to get his
1:34 pm
voice out there. he's been trying to do that, came down with cornell west. but a lot of voters don't know who dr. west is, and he's extremely critical of barack obama. whereas hillary clinton has a long relationship with black voters with the exception of the hiccup during the 2008 campaign. >> you say the hiccup, but the 2008 campaign in this state, the primary campaign, this was sense. this was racially charged. this was bill clinton making statements that infuriated black leaders. is it surprising to you that with that experience hillary clinton is so far ahead with black voters? >> you think about a family, people who love each other can someti sometimes have a fight but come back together, that's what's happened with black voters and hillary clinton. and her lead is just immense. folks don't know bernie sanders and the argument that his argument would be well listened to by black voters is a little hard when they're not hearing
1:35 pm
him. hillary clinton is known and trusted to them her trust numbers outside of south carolina are much lower. she's trusted here in south carolina and black votes are what matters the most here. as you pointed out, it's more than 50% african american, the democratic presidential nominee. in 2008, it was black women who were the crown jewel and barack obama had a campaign to reach out to them, he won them over. they were the tipping point then. but he can eat away at the lead, show some electability and if he can get through south carolina and on to march 1st, maybe -- >> does he have to win iowa and new hampshire to move the numbers in south carolina? >> i don't think he needs to win iowa. i think he needs to do extremely well in new hampshire, it will move the numbers a little bit here and coming into march 1st, if he doesn't make a showing there, it's all but over. >> scott huffman, go eagles, thank you for joining us.
1:36 pm
>> did you go to school there, steve? you got the sweatshirt on too. >> i took this team in my ncaa tournament bracket like five times, one of my favorite underdogs of all time. >> thanks so much, steve. >> special coverage of tonight's democratic forum with msnbc's rachel maddow starts tonight at 8:00 eastern right here on msnbc. >> up next, i'm joined by admiral john kirby to discuss the discussion to reject the keystone pipeline deal. >> plus an encouraging boost in the number of americans finding work. we'll break down what today's jobs reports means after the break.
1:37 pm
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>> in brazil, at least 15 people are dead, 45 others injured. this after a dam burst at an iron ore mine. the flash flood that followed engulfed a small town in a thick sludge of mining waste. dozens of homes were destroyed. rescue teams are searching for survivors. residents in north texas breathing a sigh of relief after a tornado ripped through the region yesterday. high winds tore the roof off one building north of ft. worth, packing winds up to 85 miles an hour. no one was hurt.
1:41 pm
the storm system also brought large hail to the area. president obama today announced he's rejecting the keystone xl pipeline proposal. >> secretary kerry informed me that after extensive public outreach and consultation with other cabinet agencies, the state department has decided that the keystone xl pipeline would not serve the national interests of the united states. i agree with that decision. >> the pipeline would have carried oil from canada to the gulf coast. it's estimated cost, $8 billion. the project has faced a great deal of pushback from democrats, environmentalists and those who own land in its proposed path. but those in favor say it would have been a boost for the economy and for jobs. joining me now, state department spokesman admiral john kirby, nice to see you. >> thank you, nice to see you. >> thanks for being with us. i want to start with what governor chris christie said to me last hour. he was on the show. i asked him about the decision
1:42 pm
today by the obama administration, and this is what he had to say. >> this president is a liberal environmentalist ideologue. that's what he is. the president's lying to the american people about his view on keystone for years. because he knows the american public wants keystone, but he wanted to protect his own political future. now that all he cares about is his library, he's willing to tell us the truth about ketone. >> admiral, your response to that, it's all political? >> it is very political. and here at the state department, we try to state out of partisan politics. but when we opened up this issue to the public for their comments, we got more than five million comments, and the three million that were regarding just the impact itself, 61% of the american people that weighed in publicly, and all these comments are on the website here. you can go look at and look at them, 61% did not believe it was in the best interest of the united states to move forward.
1:43 pm
and yes, this is much to do about our leadership and climate change. it's not about the ledger and the numbers. we've proven through the analysis that the economy is not going to be any better thabecau of this pipeline. what we know our leadership on climate can be made to suffer by having this pipeline in place. >> what about the argument from republicans and other proponents of the pipeline that it would have created jobs for americans? trump today tweeting, so sad that obama rejected keystone pipeline, thousands of jobs, good for the environment and no down side. do you disagree, it would have created jobs? >> we do. our analysis did not show there was any appreciable impact into jobs. or onto the national economy itself. so our analysis, which was very thorough, it was done over obviously several years. we're getting criticized for the length of time it took. and yet it's important to be able to say that enough rigorous analysis went into this.
1:44 pm
none of that analysis gave us any indication that there would be a major increase in jobs as a result of this pipeline. >> since i have you, i need to ask you about the russian plane that went down over egypt. >> sure. >> i know the u.s. has been waiting and not definitively saying what took down the plane. what do you know at this hour today? >> we still don't know and have not made a determination here in the united states about what the cause of this crash was. and we've obviously offered help to investigators, whatever help they want, we're willing to provide. but we've not made a determination. however, we aren't ruling anything in or out, including the possibility that this could have been the result of a terrorist event. but we want to get investigators, we want to let them do their jobs, let them chase the facts where they lead them and we'll be eager to find out what they learn over time. it's really important, i think, kate, that we remember that there's families out there that are grieving, they want answers
1:45 pm
too. it's important to let the investigators come up with the answers and give them time to do it. >> the russian government today suspending flights into all airports in egypt. there was a suggestion that perhaps the russians did that because they're coordinating on an intelligence level with the u.s. and uk governments. is that possible? >> i won't talk about intelligence matters, i think you can understand that. we also respect, though, that nations are going to have to make those decisions based on their own security needs. the british made some decisions yesterday, which we fully understand. secretary johnson came ought with additional security measures here for u.s. carriers and the united states. all that is understandable given the uncertainty of what brought this airplane down. i think it's also important to remember that issues in the sinai have not been foreign to us. the state department itself has issued a series of security measures about concerns in the sinai with respect to extremism and terrorism. so this is something we're watching very, very closely.
1:46 pm
>> admiral, thanks so much. >> great to be with you, thanks. now for more reaction from the 2016 campaign trail, i'm joined by nbc news senior political correspondent perry bacon. going back to the issue of the pipeline, i should say, perry good to see you. >> good to see you, kate. >> tell me about what the reaction has been so far on -- as you heard admiral kirby say, this is quite political. >> it is. and i think the reaction you've heard mostly is, governor christie said something, it was a result of the president being a liberal environmentalist president. and i think if you hit obama with a truth serum, he would say guilty as charged on some level. i think this was an illustration that the president wants to be known as an environmental leader for his legacy. we know he was opposed to keystone. so in that sense, i do think tonight at this forum, you'll hear on this issue.
1:47 pm
bernie sanders criticized hillary clinton suggesting she's a flip-flopper. so i do think tonight he's going to argue, i was always opposed to this pipeline, and secretary clinton only started opposing it very recently. >> and does the job report out today add weight into the debate over the pipeline? if we're doing well on jobs and unemployment is low, we don't need a pipeline? >> yeah, i think if you're the white house and the president, it makes it much easier to reject the pipeline when you have consistent job growth. the republican arguments today that the economy needs all these jobs are a little harder to make when unemployment is down to 5%, job growth has been really strong. i do still think the republicans will make that case, the pipeline has become another issue where the parties are very intensely divided. but i think the biggest issue will be on the democratic side where sanders will press clinton on that. >> thanks so much. and just about 15 minutes
1:48 pm
from now, "mtp daily," vocal keystone critic and influential billionaire tom steyer is a guest of chuck todd. the october jobs report is out and it has some big numbers. unemployment at a seven-year low after dropping to 5%. a total of 271,000 jobs were added last month. msnbc business correspondent olivia sterns is here to break down the numbers and tell us what it says about the progress for our economy. >> kate, it's a huge number. you can think of this as a bright green light for the fed to raise rates for the first time in nearly a decade. 271,000 jobs added to pay rolls in the month of october. the headline unemployment rate in the u.s., falling from 5.1% to 5%. if we look at the monthly numbers, you'll see 271,000, is the best report for 2015. it represents a clear
1:49 pm
acceleration from the past three months. and the job gains were broad-based across sectors. we saw strength in professional and business services, a pickup in health care, construction and retail. manufacturering was flat. mining was the tough spot. overall, the job market looks strong enough for the feds to raise interest rates into. we saw the treasury market surging on the back of this. the yield on the ten-year moved up to 3.3%. we can all expect to pay more for credit card loans and mortgages very soon. >> and wages look better. >> if anything, this was probably what economists were most excited about. 2.5%. that's the year over year increase in average hourly earnings gained. for a long time, we've had a so-called five handle on the unemployment figure, but economists said actually that misrepresents some soft patches in the economy, particularly the fact that no americans seem to
1:50 pm
be getting a raise. so if you want to know what wage inflation looks like, this is it. it makes it more likely the fed will move in december to raise rates. >> olivia sterns, thanks so much. wall street reacting to the positive jobs report. >> hey, kate wages are improving. but look where they were. not back there yet. but the markets still ending up for the sixth straight week. that's the best run this year. the dow gaining 46 points. the s&p, a little low, but really about flat. and the nasdaq jumping 19. that's it from cnbc, first in business worldwide. i'm jane wells. i mean, our running back is a beast. once he hits the hole and breaks through the secondary, oh he's gone. and our linebackers and dbs dish out punishment, and never quit. ♪ you didn't expect this did you? no i didn't. the nissan altima.
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this month marks the 70th anniversary of the beginning of the nuremberg trials. 22 high ranking nazi officials were put on trial for atrocities committed during world war ii. among them, this man, hans frank, known to many as the butcher of poland. but to one of the men at the center of a new documentary, he was known as something else. father. >> my father was standing here shaving and he saw me and gave a little bit of his shaving foam to my nose. and that was the only gentle moment between him and me which i remember. >> what our fathers did, a nazi legacy, opens in select theaters today. and i'm pleased to be joined by the film's director, david evans, and the writer, human rights lawyer felipe sands.
1:55 pm
good to see you both. you found this story, you discovered these two gentlemen. tell me how you game to this. >> i was doing research about my own family, and i ended up in a town in ukraine and i learned that nicholas frank's father arrived there in august 1942 and unleashed, what's come it be known as the final solution. i wrote to him and one day he said, i've got a friend you need to meet. and it's the story of two guys whose dads were basically mass murderers. >> and your own family was affected by this? >> a curious situation, because nicholas's father was responsible for the extermination of my grandfather's entire family. it's odd that so many years later, we're talking about these issues in a very friendly way. >> what drew you to this project, david? >> felipe's a friend of mine and he was telling me about the subject over dinner.
1:56 pm
and i thought there might be a film in it. we got a crew together and went over to bafaria and started filming about two years ago and it evolved from there. we didn't have a plan going in. >> it's a documentary and one of the young men -- he's not yung now, but one of the sons denied his father was a bad man. said he never killed anyone. he's asking to be shown the proof, the papers. i want to take a look at a scene with you in ukraine. >> your father was sitting there, announcing that 100,000 jews are going to be murdered and your father -- that's what your father did. >> part of the movie is the dynamic between these two men, who you're with, felipe, and the fact that one of them really does acknowledge what happened, and the other is saying, show me the proof. >> yeah, it's about acknowledgement. you have two sons, nicholas, who thinks his father is a monster and hates him.
1:57 pm
horst, who loves his father. we ask the same question. how would we feel if our father was a mass murderer? it's not an easy question to answer. >> yeah, that's the question. there's a part in the film where you were shooting in ukraine and you meet with ukrainians who view horst's father as a hero. some are wearing nazi uniforms and swastika jewelry. it's not a hollywood movie. as you see that play out in front of you, as a director, what are you thinking? >> as a director, you can't help thinking, this is great material as you're shooting that material. i'm very sensitive towards felipe's predicament and his relationship to the subject matter. but when we were filming the sequence, we knew how relevant the historical part of the film is today. >> and this is not a movie set
1:58 pm
and it's all non-fiction. >> nothing was staged, there were no second-takes. we find ourselves in a situation where we're dealing in the field in the ukraine. horst said come to this place, there are people who love my dad. we turn up, and there are people prancing around in the nazi uniforms. it's a shocking thing to say. it's also important to say, it's a minority view in ukraine. not a majority view. nevertheless, there's quite a few of them. >> horst and nicholas are friends in the beginning of this project, right? are they now? >> i'd say the relationship is a little strained. i've maintained good relations with both of them. the e-mails were two-way e-mails. they're not participating in that and they've both said for the time being the friendship's on hold. >> david, you're known for your work on "downton abbey." i was saying before i'm a huge fan of that program. how has this film been received and can you see it, do you hope that it gets as much attention
1:59 pm
as "downton abbey" does? >> well, the release for this film is tonight here in america, and it doesn't get released in the uk for another couple of weeks. so that remains to be seen. if it became as successful as "downton abbey," i would be immensely thrilled, if a little bit surprised. >> but of course what they now call david is the guy who does downton. >> yeah, thanks so much for being with us. i'm excited to share the film with people. i think it's provocative and interesting and in depth, and i hope people will go out and find it. they can see it in new york and los angeles for now? >> it's opening tonight in new york and los angeles. and it opens in ten other cities next friday. and thanks so much for having us. >> yes, thank you very much. >> no, i appreciate you being here. thanks so much. that does it for this hour, i'm kate snow. "mtp daily" begins right now.
2:00 pm
♪ ♪ >> yep, it's friday. it's the msnbc democratic presidential candidate forum tonight in south carolina. will bernie sanders keep turning up the heat on hillary clinton? all indications so far this week says yes. this is "mtp daily" and it starts right now. happy friday, everybody. what a week this has turned out to be. today alone brings news on three big fronts. at this hour, ben carson's campaign is facing an unfamiliar situation, having to defend itself in territory most folks never imagined he'd have trouble with, his personal story and his honesty. carson's campaign manager will be here live in just a moment.


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