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tv   MTP Daily  MSNBC  November 23, 2015 2:00pm-3:01pm PST

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we see them in training, but they're not being used to a great extent. we have seen young suicide bombers, that's ultimately the danger. and it's very difficult, what do you do when you see a young kid approaching you and is ultimately a menace? >> mia bloom, fascinating and disturbing. thank you for being with us. >> thanks for having me. >> that does it for this hour. i'm kate snow. "mtp daily" starts right now. ♪ >> if it's monday, tone matters. the republican presidential candidate who said that might surprise you. and it's a telling turn after red hot rhetoric took hold of the road to the white house. this is "mtp daily" and it starts right now. ♪ and good evening from new york. i'm steve kornacki in for chuck todd.
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paris and brussels are still on high alert this evening. and so are many cities back here at home ahead of the holiday this week. out on the campaign trail, the fight against isis has become a make or break topic for the presidential candidates. also tonight, argentina jeanne shaheen will be on the show to talk about this country's heroin epidemic and her call for congress to pledge millions to save lives. but we start with the latest on the investigation into the paris terror attacks. chris jansing is in paris. keir simmons is in brussels. kelly o'donnell is at the white house where the french president will meet with president obama tomorrow. and pete williams is in washington, tracking how cities across this country are reacting in the wake of new threats. let's get right to the latest developments, the paris prosecutor confirms today that an explosive belt without a detonator, has been found in a paris suburb. it was apparently found in a
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trash bin. police also found a mobile phone. nbc news talked to an eyewitness, a student who lives in that area, where the belt was found. >> the mayor told us, yes, it was a belt, a bomb belt. and i said, okay, this is something very serious, and i was very shocked because as you can see, the street is very calm. it's just some people very calm. i said how can someone put a belt in my street? >> nbc's chris jansing joins me now from paris. chris, obviously, this is a scary development. what do we know about it right now? >> well, it's also a huge bit of luck here, steve. because you know that over the last ten days, we've seen hundreds of raids across paris and across france. but this was something that was found in a trash bin by a street cleaner. so having nothing to do at all
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with these police searches. here's what we know. as you said, it did not have a detonator, but what it did have was two charges. one on the front near the stomach, and one on the back. the associated press is reporting that it has the same kind of explosives as were seen in the explosives that were used here in france ten days ago. in addition, it has bolts in it. nbc news has confirmed that as forensics have been analyzing, there does seem to be a very similar kind of belt to what we saw used in the attacks at the stade, elsewhere across the city. so they'll have to look closely at it, who might it have belonged to, are there any fingerprints on it, how closely does it resemble the other sfloss that were found here, and can it lead them to someone involved in this plot, or potentially one of the other plots that isis have said they
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have planned? steve? >> thank you, chris. turning to belgium, on its third day of its highest level of alert, with officials warning of an imminent threat. dozens of raids have resulted in terrorism charges today against a fourth suspect in relation to the paris attacks. but 20 other arrests failed to net a key suspect. salah abdeslam remains at large and is described as dangerous. nbc's keir simmons joins me now from brussels. so, keir, obviously a very frightening situation over there right now. in terms of this, the high level of -- highest level of alert that the city is on, what is the state of the investigation right now? are authorities feeling they have any more of a grip on the situation now than they did a day or two ago? >> well, steve, they're trying to give the impression that they do. i was at a news conference just a little while ago in which the prime minister sat with all of -- virtually all of his
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senior ministers side by side with him, to give an impression of confidence. they, as you said, that they will keep the level of alert at its highest level, meaning a threat is imminent, but at the same time, they say they plan to open schools and subway stations, part of which is behind me here, this is a train station and a subway station. those subway stations they hope to re-open on wednesday. so they're trying to begin to give people a sense of normality back. the reaction here has been one of confusion. with parents saying, what am i supposed to do? you're saying an attack may be imminent, but schools are re-opening, do i send my children to school? now the investigation has been making some progress, as you mentioned, they made a charge today. that charge against a man, participating in activities with a terrorist group and with a terrorist attack. that's one of four people charged. that kind of charge suggests they have made some progress.
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but at the same time, salah abdeslam, their key suspect, is still on the loose. he's one of a number of people they are trying to track. and that is why it appears they still have this very high state of alert. steve? >> keir simmons in brussels again there on the highest state of alert, thank you for that report. and let's turn now to the global effort against isis after meeting with british prime minister david cameron today. french president francois hollande is bound for washington tomorrow. that's where he will meet with president obama at the white house. the two leaders are expected to discuss measures to step up the pressure on isis. on the "today" show this morning, secretary of state john kerry expressed his assurance that a strategy is in place that will defeat the terror group. >> i believe isis is going to be defeated. isis is not ten feet tall. there is a united front and i am absolutely convinced that daesh will be defeated and there will be increased steps taken in order to do so.
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what we need to do is not succumb to fear, people need to not panic. there's a strategy in place growing by the day. >> nbc's kelly o'donnell joins me now from the white house. so, kelly, obviously confidence there being expressed by the secretary of state. obviously there was plenty of criticism last week, at least of the tone in terms of how president obama responded to these attacks. what are we likely to hear at the white house tomorrow? >> well, it will be a very quick trip for the french president. but it will include a meeting in the oval office, and then the two leaders will come to the east room here and make remarks and take a couple of questions each. that will give us an idea if there is any development they can share with us, or if this is really more of a meeting about solidarity and support and the u.s. sort of standing with france in a more visible way after the attacks. also today, 59 of the 65 countries that are part of the coalition had their ambassadors to the united states meet with vice president biden here, to
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also talk about ways to ramp up the effort. what is unclear, steve, is if the u.s. is prepared to do anything that is tangible and significant in addition to what it is already doing. would the president be prepared to make some statement, moving the ball forward? or kind of reaching a specific conclusion with the french president for something he may ask for? and this trip is pivotal because from here the french president goes back to france and then immediately to russia. so vladimir putin will also have a chance to weigh in on the next steps in these different world powers trying to combat isis. >> that will be a very interesting meeting on thursday, our thanksgiving day. kelly o'donnell at the white house, thank you for that. with the huge holiday approaching here, u.s. officials are seeking to assuage security fears back here at home. officials are saying there are no indications of credible threats in the pipeline ahead of a busy travel week. but authorities are constantly
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honing their threat response, including terror drills in new york city yesterday. nbc justice correspondent pete williams joins me now from washington. so, pete, very busy travel week. a lot of people apprehensive about hitting the road this week, or flying, or whatever it is exactly they do. what should they know? >> well, i don't know of any connection between drivers, which is the majority of travelers on this thanksgiving weekend, and any kind of terror concerns. in terms of the airports, there will probably be somewhat longer lines, a little more attention paid to carry-ones. a little more visible security. more canine teams. even more security for people on the tsa precheck. but we've heard about this tone officials are trying to set. for the third time in the last couple days, either the fbi or the department of homeland security secretary said they know of no paris-style threat
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here. this latest statement comes from the homeland security secretary jeh johnson, who said we must guard against actions in congress that are misdirected and counterproductive. steve? >> pete williams, thank you for that. and before we break, let's check out three things we learned on the campaign trail in new hampshire this weekend. one, paris has changed the tone. our nbc news embed says nearly every candidate is starting and ending events with that topic. number two, chris christie is speaking from the heart, specifically about his own family's experience on 9/11 and the death of his mother. in one town hall in particular, got a much stronger reaction than previous events. and three, even though the filing period closed for the primary, voters are still aware of mitt romney. the new "boston globe" poll that shows him leading the race if he were in it. up next, jeanne shaheen on her
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we've been talking a lot about how the isis threat will impact the 2016 campaign. marco rubio's campaign is up with its first tv ad of the cycle and it's all about paris and the politics of fear. in what the campaign is calling a major nationwide cable buy, rubio doubles down on his clash of civilizations line from last week, saying, quote, either they win, or we do. >> what happened in paris could happen here. there is no middle ground. these aren't disgruntled or disempowered people, these are radical terrorists who want to kill us. >> we have more on rubio's rhetoric, including the very different ways that rubio and ben carson are now responding to donald trump's claim that arab americans cheered while watching
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drug abuse is front and center on the campaign trail this year. thanks in large part to retail politicking in new hampshire. presidential hopefuls are addressing the issue at town hall after town hall. >> new hampshire has a heroin problem, the likes of which nobody can even understand. >> drug addictions, addictions of all kind can have on families. i think that tell us something. it doesn't tell us something about me. it tells us something about the nature and the depth of this problem. >> i have some personal experience in this as a dad. it's the most heart breaking thing in the world to have to go through. >> i became focused on this for the reasons that many do, because of people i know, people i care about, people who struggle. >> each day, 120 americans die
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from a drug overdose. overdoses remain the leading cause of injury deaths in the united states. with nearly 44,000 lives lost each year. new "boston globe" poll with new hampshire residents puts drugs as one of the top issues facing the country. a state senior u.s. senator is unveiling the largest response yet to the heroin epidemic. joining me now, jeanne shaheen from new hampshire. senator, thanks for taking a few minutes. i want to get to how this issue is playing out in your state in the primary. but first, let me just talk to you about the response you are proposing. you're looking for $250 million here focused on prevention, on treatment. tell us about what you would do. >> well, first of all, this is an emergency in new hampshire and throughout this country. it is a national emergency. and we need to respond on a national basis. we need to put in resources that states and communities need to
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combat drug abuse, to go after the pushers, to help with treatment, to deal with the prescriptions. right now, we're writing -- well, in 2012, doctors prescribed 259 million pills. that's just too many. we've got to do something about this. we've got to support prescription drug monitoring programs. and then we've got to do some research into what's going on with substance abuse in this country. >> it's interesting, though, to hear a lot of the rhetoric. i hear from republicans and from democrats, your bill addresses treatment, recovery, prevention. people are not treating, it seems, in both parties, as a law and order matter. people seem to be looking at this across the aisle as a treatment issue. >> well, that's right. this is very much a bipartisan issue, because heroin and opioid abuse doesn't just affect young or old, or rich or poor, it's
2:18 pm
with families across the spectrum. we need to be dealing with it with law enforcement, going after the pushers, but we need to provide the support that families need. too many families are being ravaged. in new hampshire, we're losing about one person a day to drug overdoses. >> here's what i'm curious about too. this is an issue, three months ago, six months ago, if you'd asked anybody nationally, reporting on the presidential race, what are the main issues to drive the 2016 campaign, this would not have been on anybody's list. but it feels like these candidates, democrats and republicans, went into new hampshires, went to the small towns and this is what they're hearing back, from residents, that this is the top issue and now it's a national issue because of that. >> well, absolutely. and the fact is, they understand because they've had their own experiences, as you just played,
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with substance abuse. and it's affecting sadly not just new hampshire and northern new england, it's affecting states in the midwest, states all over the country. when ebola was a threat, we put a billion dollars towards fighting ebola. we need to be looking at the heroin and opioid problem in just the same way. this is a health -- a public health emergency. and we need to treat it that way. >> i'm curious too, we say this is something that cuts across the political divide. it seems sometimes like democrats and republicans are having completely different conversations about completely different topics. but it's striking to hear how they use similar language on this. one candidate to me stood out. that was chris christie. he had that moment at the town hall where he talked about his own mother's experience, addicted to cigarettes and the terrible health price she paid. chris christie is banking his presidential campaign on new hampshire.
2:20 pm
you know that state very well. did chris christie do himself a lot of good politically with how he's handled that issue up there? >> well, i think he identified with families and the challenges that they're facing and that was very important and very helpful. and as you say, this is really a bipartisan issue. and it's been treated in new hampshire anyway as a bipartisan issue. our congressional delegation, which is bipartisan, is working hard to address this. our governor who is a democrat, is working hard with a republican legislature to address this, because we've got to work together if we're going to make progress. and we've got to work at the federal, at the state and at the local level. >> we just have a minute left here. i do want to switch topics here for one final question. this is something that has come up on this show every day, it seems, for the past week. probably every show on this flau network. the question of the syrian refugee resettlement program. your state's governor, fellow democrat, was the only democratic governor out there to agree with a lot of republican
2:21 pm
governors and say that the president should be pausing this resettlement program for refugees. is she right or wrong on that? >> well, the governor and i agree that it's very important to keep new hampshire and the country safe and that we've got to be tough in going after isis. i think we have a very good system for vetting refugees who come into this country. we do very stringent background checks. most refugees wait from 18 to 24 months before they actually get to the country and they go to places where they have family or opportunities for them if they're getting resettled. and i think if we look at what's happening in the middle east, and particularly in syria, that we have a civil war, that so many syrians are fleeing from the violence and the terrorists of that civil war. and i don't think we should close the borders on america and allowing those refugees to come
2:22 pm
into the country. but we need to make sure they're vetted. we need to make sure that's done very well and we do need to keep this country safe. >> so this idea of a pause then now, you do not support the idea of a pause? >> it depends what we're going to do with the pause. if we're going to look at what we can do to make sure that the vetting process is going the way it should. i think that's appropriate. we ought to re-examine that. are we re-examining some of the other visa programs that bring people into the country. i think that's appropriate. but we can do that at the same time that we're continuing the vetting process for people who are looking to come into this country. you know, all of us here are immigrants of some kind, unless we're native americans. and it's one of the things that has made this country great. that it is a melting pot, that we do bring people in, who -- and there's no religious test for people who come into this country. you know, america was started by
2:23 pm
people fleeing religious persecution, that there's no ethnic test for people who come to this country. and i think those are ideals that are important to continue to support, because that's what makes america strong. >> all right, senator jeanne shaheen from new hampshire, thanks for the time. >> thank you. the head of the house benghazi committee gets hit with a lawsuit from a former committee investigator. ari melber joins me with the details. and later, do republicans miss mitt romney? a new poll shows a surprising surge for the former candidate in new hampshire, even though he's not on the ballot. we'll look at what's behind the romney resurgence. that's ahead. this guy from engineering says
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new charmin ultra strong. it's 4 times stronger, and you can use up to 4 times less. enjoy the go with charmin. . we have some breaking news to report. reuters reports that the state department has just issued a worldwide travel alert for u.s. citizens, citing increased terrorist threats. the state department is urging vigilance in public places or
2:27 pm
when using transportation, particularly during holidays and at events. state department says the alert will expire on february 24th, 2016. we will have more on this as we get it. meanwhile, it appears the investigation into hillary clinton's e-mail is escalating. political c it was ultimately samuelson who screened clinton's e-mails and designated which ones were work related and which ones were personal. this comes after the blocking of several state department nominees due to outstanding requests for documents regarding another clinton aide, huma abedin. today air force reservist, major bradley podliska formally filed a lawsuit against the house benghazi committee and its
2:28 pm
chairman, republican congressman trey gowdy. the suit alleges that podliska was unlawfully fired from the committee because of reservist duties. it said that they responded by intentionally defaming podliska, making numerous false allegations to multiple news outlets. this is what congressman gowdy had to say about him last month. >> well, it's a damn lie, and that's not a word that i often use. he was a lousy employee. and that was evidenced by the fact that he mishandled classified information and he wouldn't do what his supervisors instructed him to do. >> ari melber joins me now with more details on this new lawsuit. ari, this former staffer, we heard him go public about a month ago. now he's back with a lawsuit. what's in it? >> exactly. he went public and said he had these concerns. today's the first time he put them in writing in federal
2:29 pm
court, saying they discriminated against him because he's a veteran. he alleges they were mad when he had to leave to serve and he said they had this larger dispute over targeting hillary clinton. the defamation goes specifically to what you just heard, trey gowdy's comments about him, about whether he mishandled classified information, he said he didn't. now, i can tell you in the last hour, we've heard for the first time, a direct response from the benghazi committee itself. i want to read that so people have a sense of the response. they say, the committee understands a lawsuit has been filed by bradley podliska, asserting claims pursuant to the congressional accountability act. we disagree strongly with those allegations, further, we reiterate the committee does not discriminate or retaliate based on military service. they say they look in order to responding to the allegations in due course. we're confident once all the
2:30 pm
facts are known, should this case be permitted to proceed, we'll be exonerated. trey gowdy being sued himself for the comments he made outside of the floor or the house. >> that's what i wanted to ask you about, because members of congress have extra protections, is that why he's able to sue by name here? >> it's a great question. part of what congress has done generally, given whistle-blow protections to federal employees, up and down the federal government, except for members of congress. their employees don't have whistle-blower protections. so one of the only reasons he's in court, he's a veteran and suing him personally based on that defamation claim. we'll expect to hear from representative gowdy. >> thank you for the time. >> and we will go to iowa after the break, but first here's the cnbc market wrap. >> thanks, steve. we had stocks ending the day in the red to start the shortened trading week. the dow off by 31 points.
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in just over an hour, donald trump will hold a rally in columbus, ohio. the governor of that state launched a twitter war with the front-runner. governor john kasich is the least of trump's worries on twitter right now, though. trump circulated statistics about race and murder that are not only inaccurate, they source
2:35 pm
an agency that doesn't exist. critics say he's just trying to stoke tension. and it's not just tension with african americans. trump says he saw several people from a new jersey neighborhood with a significant muslim population, cheering during the 9/11 attacks. >> i watched when the world trade center came tumbling down, and i watched in jersey city, new jersey, where thousands and thousands of people were cheering as that building was coming down. >> now, police could not confirm reports like the one trump was talking about. several news outlets called trump's story a tall tale. trump doubled down and he cited this washington post article as evidence. the article using a key word, though. alleged. earlier today i spoke with the reporter who wrote that article back in september of 2001. he told me, quote, we did a lot
2:36 pm
of shoe leather reporting in and around jersey city and talked to a lot of residents and officials for the broader story. much of that has indeed faded from memory. but i do not recall anyone saying there were thousands, or even hundreds of people celebrating. that was not the case as best as i can remember. again, that is the reporter who wrote the article that donald trump is claiming vindicates him on this. trump's story has lit up the campaign trail. ben carson said he's seen the footage himself. >> i saw the film of it, yes. >> in new jersey? >> yes. the news reelz. >> the news coverage from the time of 9/11? >> correct. i think that was an inappropriate response. i don't know if on the basis of that, you can say all muslims are bad people. i really think that would be a stretch. >> marco rubio, on the other hand, says that trump has it wrong and he says the story has been debunked. >> it's not true and there's plenty of fact checks to prove
2:37 pm
it isn't. i've said early in the campaign if all i did all day was respond to everything donald trump said that wasn't true, i wouldn't be able to run my campaign. >> will the conflicting story matter to voters? katy tur is following the trump campaign. i understand you actually heard from donald trump this afternoon. he called you about this story he's been telling about 9/11 in jersey city. can you tell us about what you heard from him? >> well, i put in an official request with the campaign to get him on camera, to get something from the campaign on camera to address the fact that we haven't been able to find any evidence of this video of thousands upon thousands of people, which he's reiterated celebrating in the streets of jersey city. instead i got a phone call directly from mr. trump himself. that's never happened before. so it does indicate some level of stress about this whole incident. he was emphatic about seeing that video. i asked him where he saw it, he said he doesn't remember. it was a long time ago, but to check the local fox 5 in new
2:38 pm
york city. he thinks that's maybe where he saw it. rerepeatedly pointed to "the washington post" saying they confirmed it, that they were talking about tailgate parties in jersey city. i said "the washington post" said there were a number of people detained and that it was allegedly detained. and he said he didn't care. he knows that it was confirmed. and according to him, tailgate parties mean thousands and thousands of people. so donald trump is not backing away from these comments at all. but that is to be expected. he's never really backed away from any comments that have drawn criticism across his campaign. even comments that have been flying in the face of fact. i spoke to a lot of his supporters who are waiting to come into this rally. i asked them what they think of donald trump and whether or not they're bothered by his inaccurate statements and whether they think they matter. and not a single one of them said that they thought it mattered. they said they like him because
2:39 pm
they think he's going to be a strong leader and they think he's going to bring the change to washington that they want. in fact, they blame the liberal media, as they say, on perpetrating lies against donald trump. they repeatedly asked, why don't you ask this about hillary clinton, or about president obama? so there's difficult a party line feeling among his supporters, that it's us versus them. and unfortunately, the media is very much the "them" in this situation. steve? >> it's interesting. so it sounds like at least with his own supporters, donald trump maybe doesn't have as much to worry about with this particular story. at the same time, it was interesting, ben carson sort of standing by donald trump's account of this today. but marco rubio not missing the opportunity to completely distance himself from donald trump on this. so it does seem there are some other republicans at least who see an opening here with what trump has said. >> yeah, what's interesting is that chris christie, the new jersey governor, the attorney general in 2002, during the
2:40 pm
aftermath of these attacks, also didn't really distance himself from these comments. he said that he didn't remember them, but of course he could have forgotten. it was a long time ago. remember, this is chris christie, he tried terror cases in the aftermath of 9/11. and he said it could have happened. he doesn't remember. carson backing up trump's claim. and marco rubio so far the only person saying this is disputed with cold, hard facts. >> and i just want to be clear on this too. from your conversation today, he's basically saying he's punting on the details of this, maybe the local fox affiliate in new york city showed it. maybe that's what i'm thinking of. is there anything else that he's offering or his campaign is offering to confirm his version of events about what happened in september 2001? >> part of his defense is that a number of people, he said hundreds of people have been tweeting him telling him that they saw it too, and that they believe he is right. he said he would get me some
2:41 pm
phone numbers of people to call in order to confirm this story. but i asked over and over again steve. it's a 20-minute conversation, me asking like a broken record, where did you see this video, are you sure you didn't conflate video from gaza, palestinians celebrating after the towers came down? he was adamant, no, he was not conflating the two. he said that he has, quote, the world's best memory and that everybody knows that. >> all right, katy tur, thanks for the time. and an update now on that breaking news we brought you just moments ago. our own andrea mitchell reports that the state department has updated its worldwide caution in the aftermath of paris and other terror attacks. and in advance of the holiday. this does not indicate any credible intelligence of a specific threat. the state department is urging vigilance in public places or when using transportation, particularly during holidays and at events. and the alert is set to expire on february 24th, 2016.
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go long. and time now for the ws, starting with a who. it is vladimir putin, the russian president met with the ayatollah at a gas exporting conference in tehran. he characterized u.s. policy in the middle east as a threat to both iran and to russia and called for closer ties between
2:44 pm
tehran and moscow. today's what. big pharma just got bigger. pfizer and allergan are merging, creating the world's largest drug maker. it's an inversion. pfizer is combining assets with allergan for tax purposes. martin o'malley, bernie sanders and hillary clinton have all come out against the move already. and today's when is 1964. that's when first year michigan -- the first year michigan's john conyers ran for a congressional seat in michigan. he will be doing it now for the 27th time next year. the dean of the house announcing today his re-election bid. this one looks to be a little bit more organized than his last one in 2014, that's when he felt short of the thousand authenticated signatures needed to be named a candidate. it took a federal judge's order to get conyers' name on the
2:45 pm
ballot last year. now to the where -- argentina. a conservative leader sushrged the presidency, ending 12 years of leftist rule in argentina. he promises to return to a free market course and reduce the state's role in the economy. which brings us to another election in the why today. democrat john bel edwards was elected governor of louisiana on saturday, he defeated republican senator david vitter by a 12-point margin. he will succeed bobby jindal and is already stressing a departure from his predecessor. he said expanding medicaid in louisiana is among his highest priorities. louisiana has a long history of unique elections, this one was certainly no different. edwards made the election about character. he highlighted his own military
2:46 pm
background and compared it to vitter's 2007 prostitution scandal. as you can see here in edwards prostitutes over patriots ad. vitter did try a hail mary, attempting to shift the race to the syrian refugee crisis, but it didn't work for him. up next, the how. how the pentagon views isis. stay tuned. you get used to sweaty odors in your car you think it smells fine, but your passengers smell this... eliminate odors you've gone noseblind to for up to 30 days with the febreze car vent clip break out the febreze, and [inhale/exhale mnemonic] breathe happy.
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2:49 pm
tankers. the air strikes follow a "new york times" report that claims the pentagon is expanding an investigation into officials at central command. the article finds that supervisors at centcom made changes to classified assessments regarding the war against isis. arg to the article, quote, supervisors were particularly eager to paint a more optimistic picture of america's role in the conflict than was warranted. here's what president obama said about the allegations. >> i don't know the details of this. what i do know is my expectation, which is the highest fidelity to facts, data, the truth. it's not as if i've been receiving wonderfully rosy, glowing portraits of what's been happening in iraq and syria over the last year and a half. >> and joining us for more from the pentagon is nbc's jim miklaszewski. jim, maybe we could just start
2:50 pm
with what kinds of changes are we talking about here? what kind of alterations or revisions were being made? >> well, steve, officials acknowledge there's an inspector general report from dod, investigation into the allegations that u.s. military officials down at cincom in florida, but nobody can tell us what those allegations are. one official who had privy to that information, look, that information is highly classified. nevertheless the charges are that some intel officials had cooked the books, had actually stacked the deck to make it appear that u.s. military operations were actually more effective against isis in iraq than was actually true. one of the issues that was cited
2:51 pm
was that the u.s. military and u.s. intel community were caught by surprise by the initial invasion from isis initially when they swept into iraq and easily overran the iraqi forces. yet at that time, the u.s. military was not directly involved, but the cia was fully embedded in both syria and iraq. so there are some questions about who missed what before that invasion occurred. >> all right. jim miklazewski at the pentagon, thank you for that. >> you bet. up next, in "the lid" new hampshire republicans aren't sold on donald trump. why is mitt romney in the news again? (exec 1) well, directv beat us in customer satisfaction
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the week mired in controversy hasn't scratched donald trump yet. the latest national poll show trump with double-digit leads over his competition. that comes to a screeching halt in the granite state when you throw mitt romney in the mick. take a look. the 2012 gop nominee and former massachusetts governor takes 31% of the vote in new hampshire if you throw his name in there. he doubles trump's numbers, knocks every other candidate back into single digits. without romney in the mix, trump leads by double digits and marco rubio jumps to the number two position. romney had struggled in the 2012 primary season to solidify his
2:56 pm
conservative credentials. trump faces a similar criticism or did so earlier in the race. he has nonetheless sped past that commentary fairly quickly. romney said several times that he has no plans to jump in the race. i guess you can never say never. joining me are the two people to talk to. this mitt romney poll, name won't go away. how to interpret this? there are two ways much looking at this. maybe it's new hampshire. they know romney from massachusetts. maybe it's residual loyalty to mitt romney, or is this a republican electorate desperately looking for an alternative to trump? >> here's the reality. we are ten weeks away from the new hampshire primary. about 1-5 of the people polled last week said they don't have any idea who they would vote for. the other 80% say they have some
2:57 pm
idea, of that group 1/3 say yeah, i know i said that person, but i'll go with another guy who is not running for president. that shows how unsettled this contest is with just, like you said, ten weeks away. further, if you remove mitt romney, if you remove donald trump, if you take second place, from second place to about seventh is the margin of error in this poll. it's going to be late deciding new hampshire primary. >> jennifer, a couple of weeks ago ben carson was surging in the lead in iowa. evangelicals play a huge role.
2:58 pm
>> early state polls are volatile. rick santorum was in the low single digits four years ago and newt gingrich was in the lead. carson is still at the top the last time we polled. carson was in the lead with trump up there. there is movement with those guys. marco rubio seems to be creeping up a little bit. there is momentum with ted cruise. he got big endorsements. he got steve king who is a very popular republican congressman with conservatives in iowa. there's a lot of chatter about ted cruz. for the first time, he's going around iowa saying ben carson and donald trump can't win. if there is anybody who can get away with saying that and influencing iowa conservatives, it's ted cruz. >> he got that endorsement from steve king. he had such controversial comments on immigration. ted cruz saying tone matters. also saying some in his party, wouldn't name names, but some went too far in many gracious. seems to be trying to pivot away
2:59 pm
from the right. >> yeah. i'm wondering what's happening. we haven't polled since late october. since donald trump called iowans stupid. he said in a debate wages are too high. i think he still has the confidence of the people here. if you ask iowa caucus goers what they like about donald trump, they like somebody who talks big. he makes it sound easy to take the country's problems and just shuffle them away. also there is that magic of not having to take money from special interests. that sits well with iowa caucus goers. i can't tell you who is going to be in the lead the next time we poll. >> if it's not going to be mitt romney, who is the leading contender to be the alternative to trump in new hampshire? >> shaping up to be rubio.
3:00 pm
he has a lot of competition. we'll have to see. >> thanks for joining us. we'll be back tomorrow with more "mtp daily." erica hill picks up our coverage next. right now on msnbc, nerves on edge. security camps up in american cities as millions prepare to hit the road for the busiest travel day of the year. a new poll shows most americans say a terror attack at home is imminent. >> global manhunt. the search intensifies overseas for suspects involved in the paris terror attacks. french police confirm an explosive belt was found today south of paris. chris jansing is with us from the french capital with the latest developments. in politics, politics gone wild as candidates respond to the terror threat at home and overseas. donald trump testing the limits of what he can say all while cementing his position as front-runner in


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