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tv   The Last Word With Lawrence O Donnell  MSNBC  December 14, 2015 10:00pm-11:01pm PST

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tons and costs $4 billion, turns out that offers a pretty nice platform for collecting the fisherman. he was taken to a nearby hospital. he's in stable condition. but not exactly the way anyone expected. handy to have that little honey around when you need a hand, right? that does it for us tonight. we will see you again tomorrow. now it's time for "the last word" with lawrence o'donnell. >> do you get out to the theater much? have you seen the big hit "hand to god"? >> no. >> it stars bob saget. guess who is here tonight on this. >> steve: show? >> it's either god or bob saget. >> it's a full house. we've got bob saget. >> and god. >> thank you for letting me do that minor joke. thank you, rachel. all right. the winner of the last republican iowa caucus is now polling at 1% in iowa. and in that same poll donald trump is running far behind his best and only friend in politics.
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oh, and did i mention that bob saget is here? i think i did. >> iowa is so important to me. i'm an evangelical. >> donald trump has trouble in iowa right now. >> i do like ted cruz but not a lot of evangelicals come out of cuba. >> the cruz surge, up 12 points nationally. >> the oil pays him a lot of money. he's got to be for month. >> the monmouth university poll shows senator ted cruz surging into first place. >> i don't think he's qualified to be president. >> why not? >> because i don't think he has the right temperament. >> a lot of our friends here have encouraged me to criticize and attack donald trump. >> ted cruz playing it cool at least in public. >> i'm not interested in doing so. >> the des moines register is the worst. the worst. the worst. no, they're very dishonest. amazing statistic.
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the press is going to have to check it because what do i know? >> for republican presidential candidates winning the iowa caucus is often the emptiest victory of their career. eight years ago mike huckabee won it and is now polling at 3% from the des moines register poll. rick santorum won the iowa caucus four years ago and is polling at 1% now. tonight, the new front-runner in iowa is polling at 31% in the des moines register poll, a full ten points ahead of donald trump with ben carson at 13%. marco rubio, 10%, jeb bush, 6%. a new fox news poll shows a smaller lead for ted cruz. donald trump still holds the lead in national polls but ted cruz is surging there, too. the nbc news/wall street journal poll shows donald trump at 27% and ted cruz now in second place at 22%. with marco rubio in third place
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at 15%. ben carson out at 11%. jeb bush holding fifth place at 7%. here's one of donald trump's favorite lies. >> if somebody hits me i'm going to hit them back so hard. oh. oh. you have no idea. we're going to hit them back ten times harder than they ever -- >> he always pretends that he will only hit people after they've hit him. well, ted cruz still hasn't attacked donald trump but donald trump is now in full attack mode against ted cruz. >> i don't think he has the right temperament. i don't think he's got the right judgment. >> what's wrong with his temperament? >> you look at the way he's dealt with the senate where he goes in there like a -- frankly, like a little bit of a maniac. you're never going to get things done that way.
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>> we are awaiting donald trump's latest stream of consciousness stand up comedian routine in las vegas at a rally. we will bring it to you if it seems he's saying anything newsworthy. joining us now from las vegas hallie jackson, nbc news correspondent, jonathan alter, nbc political analyst and columnist for the daily beast, and joining us professor robert sag get of the kennedy school of government. >> mail order school. >> oh, it's bob saget. >> it is p. >> the actor, comedian, and the star of "hand to god" -- >> one of the stars that you came and saw. thank you. >> i loved it. it might have something to do with why you're here tonight. >> it did. >> you're helping to sell tickets. >> three more weeks but enough about me. >> i want you to begin with a comedian's analysis of donald trump because there's a lot of people out there saying, oh, you know, he's just doing don rickles about. >> well, don rickles is a friend of mine and he insults people and it's sarcastic a lot of times. oh, yeah, you're a genius. mr. trump is obviously just saying you're dumb and you're stupid.
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>> and me means it. >> it is his hook. it is and you're expecting it and it's his branding. and it's getting people's attention because people do sit at home and yell at some people, sit at home and yell at their television set and they that's an idiot, that's a moron, that's an idiot. he is speak for a certain group of people. don rickles who i revere is a comedian and would not roast people in that way. >> right. >> and donald trump was roasted on comedy central. >> when he was making jokes about sinatra, you knew he loved those guys. >> a lot. he grabbed me once by the head, don rickles, not donald trump, we were level with each other and he just whispered in my ear, i don't miss you at all. that's comedy. that's an insult and yet it's not a hurtful thing. but it's not politics, either. >> jonathan, in the insult territory here, here is donald trump thinking there is headway to be made by calling another candidate a maniac, that maniac being ted cruz and reason he's a
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maniac is he doesn't get along with people and he's not nice to people in the senate. >> look. the thing with trump is it doesn't matter what he says. his people are going to love him for it anyway. so the more outrageous the better. they like the political incorrectness, as he calls it. his problem is he's in an arm's race with himself. he has to keep ratcheting it up otherwise people think he's low energy like he called bush. so i think this muslim thing, no muslim immigrants, was partly he had to do something for his own audience, to show his own people that he would keep seeing the outrageous things that make him popular. it's almost like shooting the moon in hearts where you do the opposite of what the game has been until now. so until -- for the last 50 years we've lived in a gaffe environment where you're hurt in politics if you make a gaffe.
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for a while i thought that trump was just gaffe proof. now i realize that gaffes are the fuel of his campaign. this is how he's built this lead is by saying things that are just, you know, completely unacceptable in standard american politics. >> it's possible that he's seen "flash dance" that afternoon and heard the song "you're a maniac" and then ted was on the news and he just got -- >> that's what cruz used. >> exactly. thanks for playing along. >> hallie, by the way, you can completely ignore bob saget because he's not there on your set. >> how could i do that? come on, guys. >> hallie, any other campaign watching the ted cruz surge, any other leading campaign watching the ted cruz surge would consider spending a dollar or two on advertising in iowa and possibly elsewhere, possibly negative advertising against ted cruz, is there any hint out of the trump campaign that they
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might for the first time behave like a real presidential campaign and buy some advertising time? >> listen, ted cruz is already under fire in places like iowa for his position on the renewable fuel standard. but trump so far, he hasn't spent money really he's riding high on earned media because he is covered constantly. he has spent very little, especially compared to the more establishment candidates like jeb bush and chris christie. trump has said if it comes to point where he feels like he needs to spend money, he will. i don't know if taking out at tack ads against ted cruz would necessarily be the right strategy for them. you talk to other campaigns and they point out trump versus cruz is best for marco rubio, for example, and while we're all talking about this potential cage match between trump and cruz and this means we're not talking about other candidates, long term, it may ultimately be beneficial to the establishment. you talk about that "flash dance," just to give you a sense of where ted cruz's head is at mentally, i'm told this is not part of a social elaborate media
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strategy on constructed tweet crafted perfectly for the ultimate viral impact. cruz typed it up and sent it from home and kind of his staff saw it. okay. ted's tweeting now. that's the tweet they're all talking about. that's the tone ted cruz might take, particularly if donald trump continues to be taking the tone he does. cruz might laugh it off. >> so, bob, you've worked iowa. >> yes. i went and built a wall around it. >> there are two bets in iowa right now. >> right. >> donald trump is betting that, you know, the angry and the insult thing will work in iowa. and ted cruz is clearly betting that the nice guy, the nice guy approach will work in iowa. which one would you bet on? >> it's interesting. i do not know. i would bet on -- >> you know what? i didn't think you did. i just gave you a shot at the question. >> i'm the boy with the most information.
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>> iowa is famously the nice state. it's a religious state. super religious. >> take notes. he knows everything. >> i would be amazed if trump won iowa. he doesn't have much of a ground game there. cruz is very well organized. he's much more in tune with the republican electorate in iowa. it doesn't matter that much for trump if he loses iowa. remember, santorum and huckabee are the last two winners of the iowa caucuses and it didn't do them very much good. the big bat is new hampshire and trump's problem there is he's got very high expectations. if he wins narrowly it's almost like a loss, you know. he has to win big now. and i think cruz has to win iowa pretty substantially or he's hurt. you know this, lawrence, the expectations are kicking in now. and we judge these guys by how they measure up to media established expectations. >> cruz feels more like every man than trump for iowa.
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i'm told i look like cruz a little bit. >> on your bad days. >> he looks like joe mccarthy. >> i know. i trust neither of us. >> let's go to what might be the biggest element of the campaign today. rush limbaugh in his big break today with donald trump. this is big. listen to this. >> that's so unlike trump. i mean, that's a huge mistake. but on paper, it's a huge mistake. trump gets away with his mistakes. such is the bond of loyalty that his support base has for him. any of you who are holding out hope that trump is a genuine conservative -- genuine conservative even in the republican field would not go after cruz this way. >> hallie, when do we find out if donald trump has the courage to attack rush limbaugh. >> oh, i thought you were going the ask me about ted cruz and i was going to say tomorrow night. risky move for donald trump. interesting listening to that from rush limbaugh because that
10:12 pm
is an area where potentially you may see trump have an open flank for these other candidates where these candidates don't want to talk about personality. trump will talk about personality all day. the other candidates so far have shied away from that. this is a place where they talk about conservative credentials that they could potentially nudge donald trump on what they would probably call lack of conservative credentials. at least over the long term. many of these candidates have come up in that very conservative base. they've been conservative consistently with the exception of ben carson who openly acknowledges it. potential line of attack i think that you could see trump being vulnerable to if the other candidates decide to step up and take a swing. >> donald trump has gone along with the old campaign tradition of having his doctor release a report on him. this is a pretty short one. like a half pager. bob saget, could you read us literally the last line of dr. harold bornstein's report on donald trump's health. this is the bottom line of the
10:13 pm
letter. what does that say? >> if elected, mr. trump, i can state unequivocally, will be the healthiest individual ever elected to the presidency. and it is signed harold m. bornstein, gynecologist. >> it does not say -- oh, very quickly, the first line, to whom mine concern. >> illiterate doctor. >> you have to spell-check. >> i don't think he examined john adams who lived to be 90 and was nine years younger than trump when he was elected. >> may i give dr. bornstein's phone number? >> you know what, trump tweeted out this letter, the whole thing is out on twitter. anyone who wants to get a doctor who will write a letter like this can now go to dr. bornstein. >> i'm calling him tonight. >> it really is -- hallie jackson, thank you for joining us from vegas and putting up with bob saget. and the name of the play is "hand to god." >> tickets are free. >> tickets cost money.
10:14 pm
you got to pay a little bit. until january 3rd. >> where will you be? >> i'll be in the theater. >> you're doing to come see it. >> he is. >> you guys keep talking. >> hallie, you're invited, also. >> i'll be there. >> when you're in new york, bob saget, "hand to god." coming up, i got some prompter work. we're wait for donald trump's campaign rally to begin in las vegas. we will go to it if it gets interesting. later we're going to have a little trump talk where i try to explain to trump supporters something that their hero is wrong about.
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donald trump will be speaking to an audience in las vegas soon. we will bring you some of that if he seems to be on the verge of bringing you something newsworthy. but first, my favorite tweets of the weekend. i'm on the other side of almost every kind of issue that smug socialist lawrence takes. he's right on this one.
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and that same person tweeted, tis the season to buy a desk. the best thing that smug socialist lawrence does. smug socialist, well, he's at least half right about that. those tweets of course are talking about the k.i.n.d. fund, our partnership with unicef, kids in need of desks, and the fact that i've been using this program for five years to raise money to provide desks in african schools that would otherwise never have desks. and since the last time i updated you on your contributions to the k.i.n.d. fund you have contributed another $85,267 bringing our total since we began the fund to $9,320,368. the desks are made in malawi by factory workers who would probably be unemployed without the k.i.n.d. fund and although we've delivered hundreds of thousands of desks we have long way to go before all the kids in malawi will be sitting at desks. i just love who someone who has me pegged as a smug socialist supports the k.i.n.d. fund.
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what we're doing in malawi schools including funding to help girls stay in school transcends politics. you can go to and contribute to anyone on your christmas list and unicef will send them an acknowledgement of your gift. thank you very much. when heartburn hits fight back fast tums smoothies starts dissolving the instant it touches your tongue and neutralizes stomach acid at the source tum, tum, tum, tum smoothies! only from tums
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his day of coaching begins with knee pain, when... this is brad. hey brad, wanna trade the all day relief of two aleve for six tylenol? what's the catch? there's no catch. you want me to give up my two aleve for six tylenol? no. for my knee pain, nothing beats my aleve. president obama went to the pentagon today for an in-depth strategy discussion about the fight against isis. after that meeting the president said this. >> we are hitting isil harder than ever. coalition aircraft, our fighters, bomber, and drones have been increasing the pace of air strikes. nearly 9,000 as of today. last month in november we dropped more bombs on isil targets than any other month since this campaign started. we're also taking out isil leader, commander, and killers
10:20 pm
one by one. the point is isil leaders can not hide and our next message to them is simple, you are next. >> here's the scorecard that the president presented today. >> in fact, since this summer isil has not had a single successful major offensive operation on the ground in either syria or iraq. so far isil has lost about 40% of the populated areas it once controlled in iraq. and it will lose more. iraqi forces are now fighting their way deeper into ram mahdi. working to encircle fallujah and cut off isil's supply routes into mosul. these are urban area where's isil is entrenched. >> joining us now, hillary mann leverett, former state department middle east specialist under presidents george w. bush and bill clinton. and also joining us, steven
10:21 pm
simon, former middle east adviser to president obama and currently a visiting professor at dartmouth college. hillary, what is your reaction to what the president said today? >> i think that he is doubling down on what i see as a failed strategy, a strategy that embraces militarism and all of its aspects. symbolic aspects by going to the pentagon, surrounding himself with the top brass, dispensing our defense secretariat again to our so-called allies in the persian gulf like saudi arabia, countries that are really part of the problem. and saying essentially telling the american public that this embracing mitt tearism is working and will continue to work. when, in fact, the data just proves the opposite. the number of attacks that isis has been able to perpetrate, their complexity, their geographic scope around the world, the number of recruits, the number of foreign fighters have surged to the battlefield to join isis has increased with his further embrace of militarism. it didn't work under bush. and unfortunately president
10:22 pm
obama, i think, under domestic criticism here has instead of focusing on the diplomatic strategy, has really focused most -- first and foremost on this embrace of militaryism. >> steven simon, in your article that you entitled "why washington's middle east pullback makes sense" you wrote, the administration's unwillingness to use ground forces in iraq or syria constitutes not so much a withdrawal as a correction, an attempt to restore the stability that had endured for several decades thanks to american restraint, not american aggressiveness. you mean this several decades prior to 2001? >> correct. yes. generally the pattern of u.s. involvement in the middle east has not involved the use of military force. there was one exception prior to this gulf war and that was the previous gulf war. but that was conducted very quickly and there was no
10:23 pm
invasion of iraq, occupation of the country no, attempt to change the government. the war aim for the united states in 1991 were quite limited. namely to eject the iraqis from kuwait. but apart from that, the united states has achieved its objectives largely in the middle east without the use of military force, certainly the massive use of military force. i think we've come to see the last decade, nearly decade and a half, as the new normal. and i think that's a dangerous way to conceive of it. it's actually an aberration looking at the long history of u.s. involvement in the middle east, certainly since the end of world war ii. and i think what president obama is doing is actually getting back to what the old normal was, where force was used to the -- to the smallest extent possible consistent with the objectives
10:24 pm
that the u.s. has set. and in this case, the u.s. wants to weaken isis and that's what it's doing. and it's doing it in a way that -- that i think is commensurate with the actual threat that isis poses to u.s. interests. thus, the involvement militarily in the united states is mostly in the air. there's a very small involvement on the ground. it's likely to stay small. i would think. i don't -- i don't see the doubling down that hillary sees here. >> hillary, your response to that. >> well, you know, it's unfortunately i think those who would like to see the obama administration as something more rosy than it is find it hard to read the record as soberly as it should be read. the obama administration took a page out of the playbook creating yet another battleground for isis.
10:25 pm
we have armed, trained, and funded not just syrian fighters in syria but we have sold $75 billion to our so-called allies in the gulf like the saudis and now we have 3,000 saudis fighting on the ground in syria. it may to the be the 100,000 plus troops that president bush sent in to iraq in a strategic catastrophe for the united states, but it's no less catastrophic what obama has turn. he has taken that and instead of having 100,000 conventional soldiers he's done it by the air, he's done it by drone as if middle easterners somehow or muslims around the world are not going to get it, that the united states continues to militarily intervene in their countries. just because the united states does it in some kind of backseat way doesn't make it any less problematic. this even goes far back. we like to tell ourselves that we really didn't get involved in middle east conflicts before
10:26 pm
but, you know, the united states intervention in iran, for example, in 1953 to help overthrow the democratically elected government then came back to bite us pretty hard in the 1979 revolution that brought us the islamic republic of iran. this is something where it's not just president obama, it's not just president bush, this really goes back to i think a determined structural problem in american foreign policy that is really focused on militarism and gaining bigeminy in the middle east. it's now come home to roost. >> steve simon, you've got the last word on this. >> well, isis is a nefarious force in the region. most people don't like it and polls of muslims globally show a serious disgust, i would say, with isis and what it's doing in the region. so isis has made itself a lot of enemies. one of those enemies is the united states.
10:27 pm
and we and a whole range of other countries, 60 countries, if you count, you know, all the cats and dogs, are pretty committed to reducing isis' presence in the region and weakening it. and as it's weakened its ability to inspire attacks overseas will likely diminish. in the meantime, i just really want to emphasize that this effort is being carried out in a pretty smart way. one that entails very targeted use of violence which nobody wants to apply to begin with but where there's no choice, one does. but one does -- one does it as smartly as possible. >> all right. we're going to leave it there for tonight. steven simon and hillary mann leverett, thank you. coming up, good news and bad news in the new poll for hillary clinton and why do pollsters continue to refuse to do one-on-one match-ups of bernie sanders against republican candidates?
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10:32 pm
she beats him by ten points in that poll. but the same poll shows hillary clinton behind marco rubio by three points and behind ben carson by one point. both of those results are within the margin of error, of course. donald trump believes he can campaign against hillary clinton simply by lying about her. >> she talks about me being dangerous. she's killed hundreds of thousands of people with her stupidity. >> what do you mean, she's killed hundred of thousands. >> she was secretary of state. obama was president. the team. two real geniuses. >> joining us now, lauren fox, a reporter, and back was, jonathan alter. we are awaiting the beginning of one of those trump performances in las vegas. we'll see if he says anything worth cutting to or bringing to you on a quick video turn around. lauren, there's donald trump going against hillary clinton,
10:33 pm
but the polls clearly indicate everything that the clinton people have always believed, which is the gift to them would be to run against donald trump. >> certainly. and i think that what we're seeing is that hillary clinton up against one of the more conservative candidates in the republican primary tends to do much better than when she's sort of pitted against someone like marco rubio who is considered more of a moderate candidate. you know, he came in on that tea party wave in 2010 but is now considered more of a moderate candidate than donald trump or than someone like ted cruz who is also falling behind hillary clinton in a match-up poll there. >> jonathan, the nbc poll like most polls refuses to acknowledge the possibility of bernie sanders ever getting the nomination so they don't match him up to republicans. quinnipiac did earlier this month, and bernie sanders scored against the republicans basically the same as hillary clinton. in that particular poll the quinnipiac poll, both bernie sanders and hillary clinton was
10:34 pm
ahead of every republican. >> yeah. i mean, it's amazing when you think about it. it's part of what makes this such a fascinating year. you've got a socialist who in these polls is a plausible, you know, future president were he to get nominated. on the other side you've got somebody like a ted cruz who, okay, he's not leading hillary clinton but he's within striking distance. he's a dark and dangerous figure in our politics, focused on this because of the attention on donald trump. be but if you look at ted cruz' brief career in politics it resembles nothing so much as joseph mccarthy's career and what he says is often untrue like trumps. so if we have a trump/cruz race it's going to be two scorpions in a bottle all of the way to the summer conventions. and, you know, and then, you know, if neither of them or
10:35 pm
rubio or others can get enough delegates for first ballot victory then we really could have a broker convention. and, you know, then i think the assumption then changes because that would be so exciting, that were the republicans to nominate a paul ryan or somebody who is not running right now because none of the delegates are pledged on a second ballot or third or fourth ballot to vote for the person who is running, if we have that and you have, you know, you then have the world's greatest television show. >> yeah. >> and this is of course what you and i have been dreaming about for all of these years of covering politics. someone like karl rove actually believes it's going to happen this time. it's really a possibility because it's getting pretty far along in the process. and usually at this time you can tell romney would eventually be the nominee the last time. we knew mccain would eventually be the nominee. this time we don't know that. and if you got that, i think then hillary really could be in
10:36 pm
trouble. if they -- if they produce a new candidate in a new way. >> and a big surge of excitement. >> huge surge of excitement. >> let's listen to what hillary clinton said about marco rubio. >> now, you know, senator rubio actually helped write the 2013 immigration bill. now he renounces it. they're all moving toward the extreme and away from the rest of america. >> lauren fox, the polls show rubio is the one the clinton campaign should be hoping does not get that nomination. he's actually the toughest one for her to beat in these polls as they stand today. >> certainly. and i think that what we're seeing is that the clinton campaign is very conscious of the fact that marco rubio is a competitor. what you sigh there in that clip is her talking about immigration and we have to remember that some of the key states that she
10:37 pm
is going to need to secure where states like nevada, states like florida, states where, you know, the latino population is going to be very important and she's going to continue to hammer marco rubio if he is eventually the nominee, he supported this 2013 immigration bill, then he didn't. he started to back away from it. as he is sort of moving into the primary he has to kind of consider that he has to be a little bit more to the right on immigration then maybe he would really want to be in a general election when matched up with hillary clinton. >> go ahead, john. >> i was just going to say something that doesn't get talked about enough is that both cruz and rubio are cuban-americans and the mexican-americans and n. a state like nevada, they don't really care very much, you know, about solidarity within the latino community. they're not going to vote for one of these guys just because he's also a latino and there's not very much in common between mexican-americans and cuban-americans much of the time. the other thing that, you know, that rubio really has to watch for is that he sounds very fluid in his answers on foreign policy
10:38 pm
but a lot of what he says is kind of dumb, like saying this was a clash of civilizations. chuck todd just questioned him on this over the weekend. we don't want to be at war with 1.5 billion muslims. he's got a way to go on foreign policy to match hillary. >> lauren fox and jonathan alter, thank you both for joining us. up next, tonight's trump talk, where i will try to explain to donald trump supporters something donald trump is very wrong about. i actually tried this on twitter yesterday with what i would call mixed success. let's see how it goes tonight.  here at the td ameritrade trader group, they work all the time.
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wheall i can think abouthit, is getting relief. only nicorette mini has a patented fast-dissolving formula. it starts to relieve sudden cravings fast. i never know when i'll need relief. that's why i only choose nicorette mini. time for tonight's trump talk. this is where we explain to trump supporters why their hero is wrong about something in a calm, reasoned tone. i can do that, i think, you know, calm and reasonable. now, we're not trying to reach this guy sitting behind donald trump because i just have the feeling that nothing can change
10:42 pm
his mind about anything ever. but yesterday i did have a calm and reasonable twitter chat with ben tech pro about why the trump ban on all muslims entering the united states is unconstitutional. ben began by asking, how could it be unconstitutional to stop immigrants who aren't u.s. citizens from entering temporarily? the temporarily part was actually the easiest to answer. i told ben unconstitutional ideas don't become constitutional just by making them temporary. what makes trump's idea unconstitutional is he wants to regulate visas on the basis of religion. i know many of you trump supporters like ben think we have done this sort of thing in the past. we never have. we've never regulated visas on the basis of religion. we have regulated visas on the basis of country of origin, of the applicant, for the visa. we have used quotas for
10:43 pm
countries in geographic regions. that's constitutional. but we have never had quotas for a religion. we've never had any kind of limitation on visas based on religion. the other point that ben makes in his tweet is that immigrants applying for visas are not u.s. citizens and the constitution applies only to u.s. citizens. well, there are constitutional rights that apply to all people in the united states even someone here on a tourist visa. for example, if a person on a tourist visa is arrested for drunk driving that person has all the same constitutional rights to due process that you do. but, ben is right to think that citizens of other countries outside of the united states who are in those countries applying to enter the united states do not have all the same constitutional rights that american citizens do. that is correct. but the trump muslim ban would be ruled unconstitutional because it does violate the rights of american citizens.
10:44 pm
here's just one example. all americans all have the right to marry anyone they want anywhere in the world and bring that spouse home to the united states. and so trump would allow anyone to bring a catholic bride from ireland into the united states or a jewish husband from israel into the united states or any spouse anywhere in the world into the united states, except a muslim spouse from anywhere. and the american citizen who is denied the right to bring a muslim spouse into the united states would then easily get that muslim ban ruled unconstitutional in court. and i mean easily. that's just one example of how quickly it would be ruled unconstitutional. but in reality it would never be ruled unconstitutional because congress would never ever pass a muslim ban law. and donald trump and many of his followers don't realize this, but banning muslims from the united states is not a presidential power. only congress can regulate who is allowed to enter the united
10:45 pm
states and who is not allowed to enter the united states. trump's muslim ban would never be tested in court even if he was miraculously elected president because the person who controls all legislation in congress has already said that congress would never pass such a law. >> freedom of religion is a fundamental constitutional principle. it's a founding principle of this country. normally i do not comment on what's going on in the presidential election. i will take an exception today. what was proposed yesterday is not what this party stands for and, more importantly, it's not what this country stands for. >> so without ever getting into whether it's a good idea to ban malala yousafzai who won her nobel prize by denying muslim extremism in pakistan to the point that she got shot in the head? all you trump supporters have to know is that the trump muslim ban is unconstitutional and congress will never ever pass a law like that.
10:46 pm
so, if you're still voting for president trump, the muslim ban shouldn't be the reason he gets your vote because the trump muslim ban is just another politician telling you he's going to do something that will never happen. it's the little things in life that make me smile. spending the day with my niece. i don't use super poligrip for hold, because my dentures fit well. before those little pieces would get in between my dentures and my gum and it was uncomfortable. even well fitting dentures let in food particles. just a few dabs of super poligrip free is clinically proven to seal out more food particles so you're more comfortable and confident while you eat. so it's not about keeping my dentures in, it's about keeping the food particles out. try super poligrip free.
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10:50 pm
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10:52 pm
donald trump picked up an endorsement from a union last week, a police union. a member of that union will join me next. marie callender believes that her chicken pot pie is the perfect ingredient for catching up with family. so she takes the time to prepare a perfectly flaky crust made from scratch, and mixes crisp vegetables with all white meat chicken in a delicious gravy. ♪ because marie callender knows that making the perfect dinner isn't easy as pie, but finding someone to enjoy it with...sure is. marie callender's. it's time to savor. and now there's even more to savor with family size pot pies.
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whfight back fastts tums smoothies starts dissolving the instant it touches your tongue and neutralizes stomach acid at the source tum, tum, tum, tum smoothies! only from tums we stand here united today to introduce our candidate for the next president of the united states, donald j. trump.
10:54 pm
>> the new england police benevolent association endorsed trump last thursday and in return for their support donald trump said this. >> one of the first things i do in terms of executive order if i win will be to sign a strong, strong statement that will go out to the country, out to the world that anybody killing a policeman, place policewoman, police officer, anybody killing police officer, death penalty. it's going to happen. okay? we can't let this go. >> joining us now jerry flynn, executive director of the new england police benevolent association. thanks for being here tonight, mr. flynn. when you hear donald trump say he's going to issue an executive order for the death penalty, what is it you think he just said? i mean, you know that a
10:55 pm
president cannot enact a death penalty through an executive order, right? you know that has to be done through legislation. >> lawrence, first of all, thank you for having me thiserning. it's a pleasure to be here. i think what the candidate trump and our executive board met with him stated that he would sign an executive order that would make the killing of a police officer a federal capital offense. and i think that that's similar to what they have with postmen and people who are federal employees. so i think that in this climate, in this day and age where police officers are, you know, open season, the tragedies that have happened across the country, we have people who are marching "kill police officers" when, now. those are reprehensible things that have been to be addressed in this country. and with respect to our candidate, he's the one, the only one that came forward saying he would support that measure.
10:56 pm
>> but, jerry, here's what strikes me about trump. is that it is impossible for the president by executive order to do what you just told me he told you he would do. it is impossible. that can only be done through legislation, through the congress. and so -- and what i'm interested in is when you hear him say things, when you hear him, is it more of a spirit of the thing you're responding to rather than the technical specifics and whether that's a presidential power or a congressional power? >> i think what we've seen over the last eight years or seven years anyways is we had a president who has not had the backs of law enforcement, certainly not had the pack backs of police officers. we had a period of time only a few months ago where we had eight police officers called in a nine-day period. and president was very quiet about that. and here we have -- also, lawrence, we invited all the major candidates and we heard from two, donald trump and jeb bush. and jeb bush to his credit couldn't make it. but i will say this, that none
10:57 pm
of the other people, none of their handlers, nobody from their campaigns in the state of new hampshire where we the are the largest police union in the granite state, not one of them called us to say, oh, yeah, can we come, can we talk. so i think his actions speak louder than his words. >> wow. jerry, that is campaign incompetence, to not meet with a police union, republican candidates not meeting with a police union about a possible endorsement. have you experienced that before with candidates up there? >> we had rudy giuliani there when we endorsed back in 2008 and there were a number of candidates who showed up looking for an endorsement. but these are different trying times. you have people who quite frankly, i think some of these potticians are afraid to come out and say that they are supporting law enforcement. and that's tragic. that's really anarchy at its best. >> jerry, what do you think
10:58 pm
donald trump or any republican candidate, how do you think any republican candidate would be good for unions? >> listen, we're not looking for who -- the new england police benevolent association doesn't stand for pro bowlers association. we're police officers, correctional officers, personnel, we're looking for someone who is going to be a voice of reason to help those of us in a very difficult time in this country where we're having police officers shot and killed, not because of the color of their skin, not because of anything other than wearing a blue uniform with a badge. the two police officers sass nated with that car, one was hispanic, one were asian. both were gunned down in broad daylight. here we have nobody, nobody looking and saying -- the new york city police had to turn their back on the democratic mayor because he wouldn't -- he wouldn't do anything to support
10:59 pm
those people who were working and protecting the city of new york city. that's not a problem, then i beg to differ. >> jerry, you guys didn't endorse anybody last time around because you said mitt romney would not be good for unions. so i just come back to it. is there anything you heard from donald trump that you think would be good for unions? >> again, i worked when the governor was in massachusetts for eight years. i tell you, i've dealt with every governor since mike dukakis and he was the only governor that never came to the table to speak to unions at all. mitt romney is who he is. he's taken companies and reduced them. and donald trump has sat there and, you know, told our members and that's what i care about this point, police officers, i'm
11:00 pm
not the head of the afl-cio. i'm head of the new england police benevolent association. i look after my members to ensure they have the best person to be endorsed. that's what we did collectively as a union. >> jerry flynn, thank you very much for joining us tonight. i really appreciate it. trump at his zenith. let's play "hardball." good evening. i'm chris matthews in washington. can you imagine someone predicting a year ago that on this december, the eve of presidential voting, the poll numbers would stand where they do? suppose i said jeb bush, son and brother of presidents would stand 41% and donald trump, businessman who never held office was down at 3%? you'd say that sounds right.